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There is a very extraordinary meme which Blairites keep raising in the Commons debate, that it is “abusive” or “undemocratic” for Labour MPs to face deselection by their members.

In the SNP, there is never any automatic reselection for anybody. You are selected for one term and have to be renominated for another term, where you can be opposed. Indeed deselection happens quite often in the SNP without drawing any comment at all. If the members aren’t happy with your performance, they will get in someone else.

It is remarkable that Labour MPs feel that they should have a job for life, whether the constituency members are happy with your performance or not. If Labour party members decide they do not want an extreme right winger like Stella Creasy or John Mann to represent them, why is it “undemocratic” to get rid of them at the end of the term for which they are elected? Individuals do not own the party, and nobody is stopping them from running as independent candidates or joining the Conservative Party.

This goes to the heart of the Blairite cause. It is apparently not “undemocratic” for them to take legal advice on whether they can keep Jeremy Corbyn’s name off the ballot in a future membership ballot. It is not “undemocratic” to discuss deselecting the Leader, but it is a heinous offence against democracy to consider deselecting an MP. The odious Blairites are the most self-centred, selfish and indeed sociopathic group ever to have a serious presence in the UK parliament.

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  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Sociopathic’ says it all (though I am thinking of bringing a new term in, ‘Sociopathetic’).
    I haven’t checked the voting list yet, I’ll do that tomorrow, having just come home from a visit to a Lords public meeting on the renewal of the BBC’s charter (I sat through a boring load of bs, before getting the first ‘question’ in, and saying the Charter should be removed from the BBC, because they were a corrupt, perverted, lying propaganda tool; I was interrupted by a panel member or perhaps Chair who said: @says who?’. I said me; the evidence proves it. I then tried to give some evidence re Jane Standley saying that Building 7 had come down (on 9/11) when it was observable still standing behind her; it didn’t collapse for another 20 minutes) and which he tried to shut me up; I then went on to TRY to speak about Jimmy Savile; again, he tried to shut me up, and two security guys started moving towards me, so I shut up, put my coat on and left. I had intended to bring up BBC coverage of Syria, Libya etc, but it was obvious I would not be allowed to. A lady sitting next to me gave me a smile,; one the other side of me averted her gaze. I then popped over to the Demo opposite, for a short while, repaired to a pub and came home, via another local pub. The Lord’s panel clearly had no intention of listening or responding to what I said and wanted to say.
    Now, essence of what I checked Craig’s blog out for: I have some really great info re Syria.
    I only became aware of this in the early hours of yesterday morning; it’s a real pity it wasn’t about a week or so ago, as it is real ‘game changing’ info: check out ‘The Dirty War on Syria’ + Global Research,
    I spent several hours yesterday morning pumping out emails to all and sundry with the info (including a number of MP’s).

  • fred

    Interesting Tom Watson voted in favour, not only because he is deputy leader but also because his constituency has a greater share of Muslim voters than most. In fact looking through the list of Labour MPs who backed the government it seems to be comprised mainly of those in areas with large ethnic populations.

    Now a word from Jeremy Corbyn.

  • glenn_uk

    Laguerre: “Some months ago, I was wondering whether the Saudi programme of construction of mosques worldwide, with Wahhabi imams, was not at the heart of the problem.

    The Majority Report ( mentioned something about back in the Summer (from memory, so please excuse me if it’s a bit disjointed):

    We don’t know for sure what the views of neo-cons are, but we can see what they write.

    Academically circulated books have been written, such as “The rise of the Vulcans”, which are cited in defining neo-cons – read what Max Boot says, as a neo-con, if you read what Paul Wolfawitz, Doug Fife, Richard Pearl, they describe how the American way of life is the ultimate, and they espouse intervening in other countries militarily to spread these ideals.

    This is all intellectual cover about a problem with Islam writ large. It implies there is something intrinsically wrong with any country not given to Christian fascism, pretty much, and not only do they need saving (we are humanitarians, after all!), but they are a existential threat.

    They want to make out the majority of the 1.6 Billion Muslims (or at least a plurality) support ISIS and radical Wahhabism. It ignores the fact there is a real problem in Muslim countries, where you have a rich oligarchy or a dictatorship, using religion as an important element to keep power. It’s through fundamentalist, extremist movements that attacks the followers of different sects or leaders, and this is why Madrases were set up in Pakistan, getting followers to attack the soviet union in Afghanistan. The CIA _built_ Osama Bin Laden’s operation, with Saudi money.

  • Bah !

    This was another con like the Leveson inquiry, Hammond is already talking of bombing for at least one year, this vote has just been a front for regime change. We can expect a change of focus to bombing Damascus instead of Raqqa in the not too distant future. But they will have to hurry, Obama effectively has only 10 months in power left.

    BTW-who were the 11 labour abstainees?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Apparently some of The Evidence is Banned.

    Number 1 Rule – Don’t argue with The Moderator – he is doing the same kind of job like most of venues in London Town. He has got to decide whether to you let you in even if you are with some pretty girls dressed up to the eyeballs – and I am out of my head on Afghan Black

    They wouldn’t let us into Stringfellow’s – well they wouldn’t let me in…

    and the nice thing about that is that the oretty girls didn’t go in without me…

    We went to the Empire in Leicester Square…(I saw Saturday Night Fever There in 1976 on my Motorbike – and Dropped it..It was very Heavy)

    We should have no problem here…look smart and don’t smile – well just a bit

    We actually got in…and I thought where am I – about 1983.

    I didn’t do posh regularly on a Saturday night.

    20 mins from Forest Hill where My Mum was Born and We Lived.

    Our Children were born there. Forest Hill, London.


  • RobG

    3 Dec, 2015 – 1:16 am

    A troll will never address any issue directly; that’s their job.

    So, Fred, if you are genuine, perhaps I can ask you why we are going to carry out airstrikes in Syria which will put us directly up against the Russians?

    They talked about it for 10 hours today in the UK Parliament, yet none of the venerable members could ask this question.

    Do we live in North Korea?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This time it won’t work..The Russians will Shoot you Guys Down..I’m just Saying

    I was going to post a video of Motorhead – Bomber..but instead I will post one of the songs I really loved in a mate’s car when I was about 20…

    I had already seen Hawkwind Live..and I recognised it

    “Lost Johnny”

    Recorded about 1974 – I saw it played live first

    Lemmy wrote it and sung it before he got fired from Hawkwind for being a naughty boy.


  • Jives

    C****,abysmally weak warmongering c****..

    Then again who is really surprised?

    You aint allowed to be an MP unless you were groomed and blackmailable by the CIA from quite possibly your Common Entrance exam or your first term at Uni.

    Oink! Mr.Cameron innit?

  • Jives

    Hilary Benn??

    Pffft!…turned years ago just waiting for his spook controlled moment.

    Its all controlled opposition.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    Don’t feel bad about the result today – We Tried Our Best No War…

    If these complete lunatics in control want to blow up the world…then there is nothing more we can do about it..

    Just don’t do what they tell you to do…agree..but just don’t do it…oh sometime later..yes its all in the plans – (Yes..Now Please Go Away)

    Re 1976 – It was a Suzuki GS750 motorcycle – I went by myself from Lasham. I did drop it in Leicester Square and I did Pick it Up..and ride back to the bunkhouse in Lasham (he didn’t half snore)

    I wasn’t doing any drugs.’just adrenaline’ learning to fly with Sir Derek Piggott

    He will be 93 this month – and his niece told me…a couple of years ago that he was over his hip replacement and he was still flying.


  • Tony_0pmoc


    According To The Daily Mirror – they have already taken off.

    “Syria airstrikes: RAF jets pictured taking off from Cyprus just hours after MPs vote to bomb ISIS”

    You are very brave lads – how long do you think The Russians are going to put up with This Nonsense?

    You have agreed it with them haven’t you?..not the Americans – you need to agree it with The Russians.


  • Mochyn69

    4.32am GMT04:32
    Here’s the latest news wrap on this morning’s development:

    Britain has carried out its first airstrikes in Syria, hours after MPs voted overwhelmingly to authorise military action.

    RAF Tornado jets were seen taking off from the Akrotiri base in Cyprus and the Ministry of Defence later confirmed that they had carried out the “first offensive operation over Syria and have conducted strikes”.

    The four RAF jets carry a range of munitions including Paveway IV guided bombs and precision-guided Brimstone missiles. Defence officials refused to be drawn on the targets of their mission.

    Read the full story here

    The full story that is, apart from the most important aspect of the story, the targets of the mission. The Grauniad excelling itself on unintended irony.


  • Ken2

    SNP MP’s were not deselected they were voted out. There were few SNP MP’s at Westminster. The most at one point was 11. The Unionists told constant lies about Scotland . They used secrecy and lies, and illegally used the Official Secrets to milk Scotland dry of it’s wealth, it’s resources and it’s people. People had to emigrate to get a job. Thatcher illegally and secretly took all Scotland’s wealth and spent it on London S/E. Canary Wharf, Tilbury Docks etc. Creating jobs in the south while Scotland got deprived and it’s budget cut. The papers were realised last year. ‘This must be kept secret’ written on it. Her Tories Minsters like Lang, Forsyth etc knew and obliged to line their own pockets with public money and favours. Scotland became deprived and poorer. Thatcher cancelled a pipe line wasting the equivalent of £Billions if Gas. One of her Ministers resigned.

    ‘Loads of money’ London boomed on Scottish Oil revenues. They even created the Myth that Scotland was subsidised while they were milking Scotland dry. Westminster doesn’t give a damn about Scotland because they don’t need Scotland votes. Outvoted 10 to 1. Holyrood has changed things and given Scotland the administration Scotland needs to prosper and to go for Independence. All it needs is the fiscal framework, the setting up a tax system. This is being done.

    Scotland voted Labour to keep the Tories out. Labour were as bad. Lying and cheating telling lies. The hidden McCronevReport. Preventing Devolution in any way they could fixing the vote etc. Just like they did at the Ref. telling a pack of lies to line their own pockets. The Internet has caught them out. People have organised and Scotland will be Independent very soon. Every Unionist politician will be voted out in Scotland. Good bye and good riddance. Scotland will have it’s own powerful government.

    This Westminster farce will just bring it closer. Get the Nukes and Jets off Scottish soil, dumped here without permission while Scotland pays the price for the illegal wars and the rest of the UK deficits. As soon as Scotland gets tax raising powers, the tax evading No voters can pay for the Westminster deficit, for the illegal wars and Westminster ilegal actions. Then they will vote YES.

    Osbourne has been trying to ruin Scotland’s economy. To stop people voting YES in the Referendum. The
    usual Tory tactics. Oil tax illegally at 75% while the price has halved. Thousand are losing their jobs because people voted No. Enough people are now starting to recognise the failure of Westminster. This illegal war vote will bring it even closer. The majority are sickness by it. It just shows how out of touch Westminster is to the voters and the divisions within.

  • Tony M

    Ball-bearing factories at Schweinfurt … again.

    Or just empty desert, like the US have been doing, when they can’t find any civilians or Syrian government forces, power stations, schools or hospitals.

  • Tony M

    UK uses old planes for kamikaze runs over Syria.

    They’d have had to clear the targets with the US military (not the President, he does not control them or the spook agencies), when they should be co-operating with the Syrian Government and Russia and the Kurds who aren’t helping Turkey and Israel to steal Iraqi and Syrian oil, and others, so as not to endanger US/UK/Israeli special forces gone native with ISIS/Daesh, Turkish/Saudi/Israeli assets, the Kurds who are helping Turkey and Israel to steal Iraqi and Syrian oil, and so many other parties, that if they were even targetting Da’esh or whoever at all they would have known what was coming and cleared out long before. You could say operational security was breached. What is the altitude limit of the US-sourced shoulder-launched MANPADS Da’esh took delivery of, what was in the latest re-supply air-drops the USAF made to their alleged ‘enemy’ Da’esh?

  • Mary

    Paul Barbara I feel humbled by your brave action yesterday. You are to be commended for standing up and for speaking out. You are speaking truth to power. Thank you.

  • Mark Golding

    Γειά σου Jimmy.

    The 70,000 on the ground in Syria was a secret. The undisclosed portion was the covert large number of Gemini type craft leaving Cyprus to Syria. The ‘secret’ sneak-in will get air-cover from RAF Tornados? or gun-ships – Yes? – perfect.

    It seems Russia will need boots on the ground or are they aid-workers tagged by GPS? Russia will need to be occupied while this ruse unfolds so watch out for ‘IS’ in Leningrad.

    Putin Knows all this of course.

  • YouKnowMyName

    the powerful state media machine has revealed that the targets for the first 6 paveway’s were an ISIS controlled Oil installation, all ordnance was delivered tho’ the second wave returned with some undropped pointy things

    one of the few and the brave was interviewed and he wittered on bravely for minutes, they are prepared for anything that ISIS ИГИЛ Dae’sh can throw at them, but nobody but nobody all morning mentioned the bear in the room, they were chattering about Obama’s pleasure this – the coalition agrees that – but did the RAF ask Putin for permission to fly?

  • Mary

    Did anyone know that a mirror debate went on in the Lords yesterday? A waste of time. Desultory.

    Not many attended so not many £300 packets were handed out! How do they get paid btw? Cash in hand? Payment to their bank accounts?

    Earl Howe responded for HMG. He is now Minister of State for Defence. He used to be Minister of State for NHS Privatisation.

    3.38pm to 9.17pm. Windbags.


    Do not read a paper or watch the news channels today. It’s solidly war porn.

  • Mary

    Thanks for the photos Brian. This country loves memorials to the fallen in wars and the leaders love blood.

    There are thousands and thousands of them.

    Lutyens the architect designed this one
    and 43 others for the WW1 bloodbath.

    Also the Cenotaph.

    and strangely shaped ones in Surrey. Elongated crosses.

  • Tony M

    Youknowmyname: Can it be verified? US TV showed Russian bombing of oil facilities and claimed it was one of their own (US) operations, not that England’s state broadcaster the BBC would do anything like that. Given that Syria and Russia had the potential to blow every one of them out of the sky with ease, and showing their notable restraint didn’t, they must have co-ordinated with Russia although they would deny it until blue in the face, than admit their unwanted and ineffectual regime-change machinations have had a bloody great spanner in the works and this action is nothing more than a neo-con lackey’s PR job to fend off the electoral lynch mob stalking them down to their lair.

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