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Hillary Clinton is American, owned by financial interests to whom she is completely in thrall, a rabid neo-conservative warmonger, completely uncritical of Israel and focused for any claim to be progressive entirely on identity politics. Which is also a precise description of today’s Guardian newspaper. The once august and intellectual title is now a shrill cheerleader for far right Blairites and wealthy American feminists.

The Guardian is as unabashed in its support for Clinton as in its support for the Blairites. The stream of “feminist” articles about why it would advance the cause of women to have a deeply corrupt right winger in the White House is steadily growing into a torrent. It is a perfect example of what I wrote of a month ago, the cause of feminism being hijacked to neo-conservative ends.

Bernie Sanders is not perfect – nobody is. But he understands that obscene and still burgeoning wealth inequality is the greatest problem of western society, and that the state framework supporting crazed banking structures is the root cause of this. The support for him is a sign of the inevitable popular reaction to the extreme inequality of society. Sanders is channelling that reaction effectively.

The establishment therefore circles its wagons around Hillary Clinton. The hope is that women can be persuaded it is an act of misogyny simply to stand in her way. The other great establishment hope is that the Democrat party machinery is so strong in black communities, that black Americans can be in effect ordered to vote for a woman who epitomises the system which disadvantages them, rather than an apostle of genuine change in the economic order. I retain hope the establishment may find that black Americans are cleverer than that.

The machinery used to manipulate identity politics – racial and gender – is all that Clinton has. If Clinton beats Sanders, it will be the perfect demonstration of the fact that identity politics has become the enemy of progress in society.

In the field of identity, Bernie Sanders would be the first non-Christian President of the United States. Would that not be wonderful in a country whose politicians feel the need to genuflect to swarms of religious evolution-denying nutters who believe foreign wars are good because they presage the Rapture?

And would it not be great if the first President since Carter not in thrall to Israel were Jewish?

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  • Chris Rogers


    Many thanks for the critique and I shall of course try and take your opening points on board, although as you can see i’m certainly biased towards Finkelstein, although given his demeanour he’s probably a bit of a ‘bastard’ to study under, which I mean in a real generous way.

    As for Dershowitz, well words betray me, what can we say, he digs his own grave, continues digging and yet holds prestigious positions in the USA’s elite educational sector.. For the past week I’ve been reviewing many of Finkelstein’s You Tube video’s, the one where he’s interviewed by a Dutch fellow touched me, he really did seem beaten, and yet he continues.

    Further, as you are aware we don’t have much leadership to look unto on the left presently, so perhaps i’m trying to fill a void – having campaigned for Corbyn for the Labour leadership election obviously I’m aware of his shortcomings and only wish we had some giants to slay the beast of neoliberalism and neoconservativism within our midst – Blair made sure that would not happen within Labour and we are paying the price for this – obviously Corbyn’s doing his best and up against it within the PLP.

    Anyhow, many thanks for sharing and again, if I err don’t be afraid to tell me so, this forum is about sharing and learning and should not be a mutual appreciation society, hence its good to disagree and its good to agree – if only a few others could understand that this would be a really wonderful place to inhabit and share opinion.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Chris Rogers
    11/02/16 5:02pm

    Thank you for your comments. I am certainly not bluntly saying I’m right and you are wrong, or vice versa. I think we have differing perspectives from a broad basis of agreement. A pleasure to engage with you.

    Kind regards,


  • Tony M

    Hillary Clinton. IS. The Guardian.

    Interesting articles by Gearóid Ó Colmáin (who!): Coercive Engineered Migration
    (Part 1 and part 7 (the latest) of an 11 part series are linked here, earlier/later parts are linked at the foot of the texts)

    Part 1:

    Part 7:

    It is too vast a work (and incomplete) to digest and comment succinctly or justly. On a superficial skim, there are things I find myself disagreeing with, that jar with previous reading -examples being Solhenitsyn’s still-censored work touching on pre- and post-revolution Russian and Soviet history, about which disinformation abounds and reinforces itself. But it is nitpicking in an obviously sincere and well-researched work, with some eye-opening present-day revelations complementing hair-raising history.

    A must-not read, on pain of being uncomfortably informed.

  • John Goss

    Paul Barbara

    Thanks for sharing the petition.It is taking a while to get going but I think there are a lot of people out there who are aware that Julian Assange is a victim of US politics for his Wikileaks’ revelations.

    As to the video, I will take a look at it. I’ve been out most of the day. I certainly don’t take Habbabkuk’s view that the Clintons are nice people. The famous video of Hillary “We came, we saw, he died” and the evil laugh shows she is totally lacking in morals. Anybody who defends the Clintons did not finish their toytown education. 🙂

  • Republicofscotland

    “look at Italy first and Greece before even looking at how the Commission, ECB and ECB Finance ministers treated Greece – the facts are their, the Italian Constitution and electoral system was usurped by Brussels, whilst Cyprus was effectively butchered. I know several insiders, one of whom being a former Finance Minister and their accounts make uneasy reading, which is why I’ll probably vote for the UK to exit the EU in its present guise, which is most undemocratic and a cheerleader for neoliberalism, not the Social Europe that Delors wanted. My personal view is, because of Treaty obligation, a No vote would entail an existential threat to the EU and a No vote does not mean we’ll leave, but the EU only acts when its existence is under threat, and that comes from the mouth of a leading EU advocate who so happens to also be the second in command of the ECB. Interesting times indeed, just a shame the MSM, including The Guardian fails to report on any of this, too busy pushing neoliberal feminist agenda’s and anti-Russian propaganda.”


    Chris, I agree with most of your comment above, the only way I differ, is on remaining in the EU, not because I see the EU as a champion of democracy or fairness, its not. If ever a organisation needed reformed it’s the European Union.

    No for me the Brexit vote hopefully will lead to a second Scottish independence referendum, and ergo independence from Westminster. True Scotland voting to stay in the EU has it’s down sides Ireland, Portugal and Spain, can vouch for that with their recent financial difficulties and huge repayments and high unemployement.

    But independence will allow Scotland to at least by pass Westminster, and deal directly with the EU.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    John Goss
    10/02/16 11:29pm

    Happy to sign your petition, John. I suppose it is impossible to change it now? I think it would be good to point out exactly why the opinion of the Working Group is legally binding on the UK, but I will do that as a comment if necessary.

    Very sadly, a majority of the UK public polled do not accept the UN decision:


    “Kristinn Hrafnsson, the WikiLeaks spokesman, said that UK public opinion had been shaped by attacks on Assange and the UN finding by officials and the press.

    He said: “The opinion is not surprising when the UK government calls the UN’s finding “ridiculous” and the press almost unanimously attacks it. The Guardian rejected it editorially on Friday morning, even before the UN arguments in the case where announced.”

    “What is surprising is that the determination to deprive Mr Assange of justice runs so deep, that parties are willing to undermine and attempt to destroy, the credibility of UN mechanisms, instrumental in international battle for human rights.””

    Kind regards,


  • glenn_uk

    Chris Rogers 15:47 “…. Now try explaining all this to the middle class non-entity feminists who pontificate on The Guardian and elsewhere – they make my blood boil with their political agenda;s and yet they care not one fucking iota for working class women, that i can assure you, which is why I don’t like bloody liberals.

    I appreciate your sentiment up to a point, but what the blue blazes has any of your rant got to do with liberals? You think those self-satisfied, overpaid, pampered, mutually congratulating, smug non-entities who pontificate in supposedly right-on journals like the once mighty Guardian and Independent are “liberals” in any meaningful sense of the word?

  • John Goss

    Thanks John Spencer-Davis, by all means leave a comment. I did ask if any of Craig’s readers and commenters had anything to add. I actually think it would be better having been raised by a group rather than an individual. The press have been appalling over this. The Guardian has been particularly bad overall, especially since they were happy to release the Wikileaks cables initially.

    No wonder the word ‘presstitutes’ has come into general parlance. 🙂

  • Chris Rogers


    i actually supported the “YES” camp in the INDYREF not because I wanted to see Scotland leave the UK, but because I believed that a ‘yes’ vote would have led to massive constitutional change in this Country, namely a federal structure suitable for the 21st Century. As with the EU establishment, our own Establishment will only make meaningful concessions if an existential threat to the Union actually existed, and ‘m not only talking about a federal structure but the introduction of full blown proportional representation and massive devolution of powers to outside London.

    Alas, it did not happen, but if the Scots want out, who can blame them and i only wish my fellow countrymen had as much gumption as the Scots – Westminster/London rule being a disaster.

    As a staunch pro-European I’m appalled at the lack of progress under Blair or the Coalition with regards democratic and meaningful reforms of the EU, most notably the Commission and European Parliament – indeed all the Tories can do is piss our EU allies off. But lets not forget only a handful of EU members are net contributors and we happen to be one, and I’m afraid at the end of the day the buggers in charge only understand issues if they are monetary, that is money issues. As it stands today the EU is the polar opposite of what Delors fought for when President, Barrosa and Juncker being staunch neoliberals and the UK crammed a neoliberal agenda down the EU’s throat as well – just look at some of Browns many utterances on the issue of market reforms, which means deregulation, one of the three hallmarks of neoliberalism as detailed by William Black.

    At this juncture in time the Commission is negotiating two supposedly free trade agreements with the USA, neither of which has anything to do with free trade, and wether we are in or out of the EU the Tories would sign both trade agreements, which are anathema to democracy and parliamentary sovereignty – many of the EU electorate being opposed to these. And yet our voices are ignored.

    As stated, and having discussed at length with one of Jaques Delors most senior advisors, he also led the Wilson governments EEEC negotiations, in his opinion a No vote does not mean ‘No’ to Europe, rather before new treaties were enacted, such an existential threat may lead to some reforms that benefit all Europe, not just its elite and its corporations. Of course the Tories will not fight for this.

    Cameron’s stance on our EU membership has been a joke, its all theatre and therefore meaningless – but a wise electorate should only vote yes to full on EU membership if the social dimension and democratic reform are at the heart of any change. I’ve had enough of neoliberalism and the destruction of our commons and presently both Westminster and the Commission are a threat to the integrity of Europe and a peaceful Europe where we can share responsibilities and celebrate our national differences – making us all paupers does not achieve that ambition. Its brinkmanship, its a dangerous game, but change must come or we are all buggered.

  • John Goss

    Have you noticed it says John Goss started this petition 5 days ago. Absolute nonsense. It was last night I posted it. However, I did start writing it 5 days ago.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    John Goss
    11/05/16 6:26pm

    Yes, John, sorry, I did see that but then I thought you were sending it to Wikileaks for them to take over.

    Now duly signed with comment.

    Kind regards,


  • Chris Rogers

    @Glenn UK,

    Are you referring to Liberal’s as in the Liberal Party, or liberals as in the case of general liberalism whereby person preach one thing, but when it actually comes to defending it usually head for the exit. I think most Guardian writers call themselves liberals, that is allegedly tolerant and open minded, but as you and i am aware nothing could be further from the case. For myself I’ve never referred to myself as a liberal, I’m a socialist imbued with a sense of social justice who’d desire an egalitarian society where all really are equal, as such no need for feminism or political correctness or any of the other shit they espouse. I teach my daughter she is the equal of everyone and everyone is equal to her regardless of any physical differences – although it’s a tough one given the amount of conditioning she has from her female peers.

    But get your point about many of The Guardian’s leading writers, most really are neocons and neoliberals happy to do their masters bidding in return for coin – zero real principles whatsoever. And they believe they are our betters. My bloody arse!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Rogers

    @ John Goss,

    The Guardian poll of the UN and its findings on JA is proof positive of the power and influence modern media has over the masses – Goebbels would be proud. However, it would be interesting how the Posters framed the question to come to their conclusions.

    That said, I remember in my media studies for a Sociology course I was undertaking, back in the days before the Internet, investigating the power of our then print media and broadcasting systems, it was thought at the time whilst it had an influence said influence was not as great as some would like to believe. I don’t think that would stand today, if only because media ownership is so concentrated and plurality of though and opinion seems almost non-existent, apart from outliers one finds on the Internet, in which case as far as being informed goes we actually constitute the 1%, the rest are just being led by the nose. Even speaking to my father, who’s now in his late 70’s its hard to change his opinion of any given considering his only media exposure is the Daily Mirror and what’s outvoted as News on Freeview – my parents having little idea what the internet is despite me installing computers, wireless routers and the like, But we have social conditioning and social engineering now on a massive scale – God you even have posters at CIF congratulating the Government for imposing new contracts on Junior Doctors – you go figure!!!!

  • John Goss

    “Now duly signed with comment.”

    Thanks John. I think the comment adds value to the petition. The number of signatures did not go up. I wonder how that works?

  • Macky

    “imposing new contracts” ! More oxymoronisms from the morons in power ! The degradation of words & language is an inherent trait of dishonesty & hypocrisy.

  • Chris Rogers


    I did not vote for the buggers that’s for sure, but 36% of those who cast a vote did. I wonder if they are happy with the outcome given the lies they were fed and operation “FEAR” about the SNP ruling England if Miliband got in. I’d hang my head in shame if i ever voted Tory.

  • John Goss

    Chris Rogers, I know exactly what you’re saying. Also there were watchdogs in your student days keeping an eye on media bias in this country. There was a whole section devoted to media watch at Bradford University which may have been part of the peace studies course there. It may still be going on somewhere but I hear nothing of it these days in the god old UK.

    This though is from Norway, whoich at the same time its government is lying (distorting the truth) about Norway’s NATO bombing of Libya at least two academics there are challenging the nonsense. It is a research paper and although longer than some articles is an important document of the war criminality of NATO countries.


  • RobG

    Chris, RE junior doctors (a misleading term because it includes all doctors below the Consultant level, which is the majority of doctors) here’s the latest from the BMA…


    The doctors haven’t done a very good job of explaining their cause, in my humble opinion. One particular strand of this is that the Hunt says that doctors will get a 13% pay rise for weekend work under the new contract. That’s true, “under the new contract”, but the new contract brings in flat hours pay for all seven days of the week, whereas before doctors would get time and a half and double time for weekend work (as did most workers before the fascist state came in). Time and a half should be a 50% pay rise under a new flat rate contract, and double time should be a 100% pay rise.

    And of course there’s lots of other issues here.

  • John Goss

    “whoich” I quite like that. Has anybody else experience the problem of, as is the case here, highlighting the ‘o’ in who and overtyping with ‘ich’ which should have left which? As you can see it didn’t. Just interested.

  • Chris Rogers


    The tragedy of all this is that the supposed ‘junior doctors’, who are in fact far from Juniors already operate a 24/7 NHS and most work extremely long hours – what the government is offering not only amounts to more hours on duty for less actual take home pay, but by forcing already overworked doctors to work more hours they are endangering patient lives and opening up a pandora’s box of potential medical negligence claims, depleting further the NHSs resources. Indeed, lets be blunt, given many of those impacted by these now imposed changes are likely to now emigrate – their skills are after all in great demand, it then gives the Tories another excuse to privatise fully health provision on the US model. That is the end game, I’m not sure how this impacts Scotland and wales, but we already have a lack of doctors and are unprepared to train anymore doctors via our medical schools.

    I support the doctors and I support the NHS – where’s bloody Nye Bevan when you need him.

    Bastards, utter Bastards these Tories are, and New labour were no better in all honesty. Again if you vote for lying, greedy scum what more do you expect?

  • Chris Rogers


    Dershowitz is suffering from an acute late stage form of Zionism, it rots your brain and turns you into an incomprehensible zombie – look at the geezers face on You Tube when Finkelstein produces Dershowitz’s book and takes it apart line by line sub-editing all mistakes, and they were legion – remarkable stuff, but shows just how demented these pro-Israeli apologists are. And still people believe every word he writes and every sentence he utters. The man should be in jail.

  • Macky

    Chris Rogers; “The man should be in jail”

    That reminds me, wasn’t Dershowitz named as one of the abusers in the Epstein Child Sex case; I wonder how he’s doing in that.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    11/02/16 7:43pm

    All Dershowitz’s texts are like that. I have seen quite a few of them. He seems totally illiterate.

    Kind regards,


  • John Goss

    “Great link, but following it I came across this terrific resource on Assange:”

    Yes, Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli has put a great team of experts together with Swedish Doctors for Human Rights. As in this country it is against the mainstream grain. The US has control of all these economies. Without the collapse of the Petro-dollar there can be no fresh start in the world.

  • Alcyone

    There is also this rather poignant article here that Arbed had linked in the old thread still snaking its way out of the stalemate:
    Santiago O’Donnell: Christmas with Assange

    Perhaps the moderators could link to that thread in the ” Still Discussing ” section above.

    With Assange having climbed out of base camp, I suspect that some momentum will build. One thing has become clear: it’s in nobodies interest to remain in limbo. But then fact is stranger than fiction, and certainly more gripping.

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