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Hillary Clinton is American, owned by financial interests to whom she is completely in thrall, a rabid neo-conservative warmonger, completely uncritical of Israel and focused for any claim to be progressive entirely on identity politics. Which is also a precise description of today’s Guardian newspaper. The once august and intellectual title is now a shrill cheerleader for far right Blairites and wealthy American feminists.

The Guardian is as unabashed in its support for Clinton as in its support for the Blairites. The stream of “feminist” articles about why it would advance the cause of women to have a deeply corrupt right winger in the White House is steadily growing into a torrent. It is a perfect example of what I wrote of a month ago, the cause of feminism being hijacked to neo-conservative ends.

Bernie Sanders is not perfect – nobody is. But he understands that obscene and still burgeoning wealth inequality is the greatest problem of western society, and that the state framework supporting crazed banking structures is the root cause of this. The support for him is a sign of the inevitable popular reaction to the extreme inequality of society. Sanders is channelling that reaction effectively.

The establishment therefore circles its wagons around Hillary Clinton. The hope is that women can be persuaded it is an act of misogyny simply to stand in her way. The other great establishment hope is that the Democrat party machinery is so strong in black communities, that black Americans can be in effect ordered to vote for a woman who epitomises the system which disadvantages them, rather than an apostle of genuine change in the economic order. I retain hope the establishment may find that black Americans are cleverer than that.

The machinery used to manipulate identity politics – racial and gender – is all that Clinton has. If Clinton beats Sanders, it will be the perfect demonstration of the fact that identity politics has become the enemy of progress in society.

In the field of identity, Bernie Sanders would be the first non-Christian President of the United States. Would that not be wonderful in a country whose politicians feel the need to genuflect to swarms of religious evolution-denying nutters who believe foreign wars are good because they presage the Rapture?

And would it not be great if the first President since Carter not in thrall to Israel were Jewish?

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  • lysias

    The fury Dersh exhibited in video clips I saw where he was reacting last year to the charges that he had participated in Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile crimes also suggested incipient and even perhaps advanced Alzheimer’s to me.

  • fedup

    shows just how demented these pro-Israeli apologists are. And still people believe every word he writes and every sentence he utters.

    As Finkelstein rightly points out the modus operadi of some of the American Jews; they are in locked steps with the establishment. This facet seems to be extended beyond the borders of the US into UK, Europe, and elsewhere too *. Dershowitz is a talentless suck up, kick down character whose books are written around two elements; Anyone who disagrees with the zionists’ policies of genocide, land theft, child abuse, child torture, oppression of Palestinians en mass, they are antisemi…….. Everyone else are antismei….. too but they have not yet come out officially, because they don’t know it yet!!!

    This is the Dershowitz philosophy (if hatred can be classed as a philosophy)!!! Further anyone who notices this facet is an antisemi…… too.

    *As we have witnessed on this blog too, the merry band of keyboard warriors celebrating the Queen’s birthday by opening a bottle of “zionist wine”, or to come out defending the decisions of the government with gusto. That is regardless of whatever the case or the policy maybe. These keyboard warriors have been frowning upon anyone who does not genuflect to their imperatives, and classify such action as antisei…. hatred of the West and all things Western!!!

  • RobG

    If anyone wants a debate, I would venture that this is just more BS…


    It’s bullshit because it doesn’t take into account real/understood quantum physics.

    I quote (from the above link): “The finding completed the scientific arc of prediction, discovery and confirmation: first they calculated what they should be able to detect, then decided what the evidence should look like, and then devised the experiment that clinched the matter.”

    It sounds like a brief from the neo-con play-book, and also the kind of rubbish that the Christian right loons spout in America (they just love dinosaurs!).

    But don’t worry, if it’s in the MSM it must be true…

    I’ve yet to see an ounce of real science from this ‘discovery’.

  • Paul Barbara

    @John Goss 5:35 pm Glad you’ve watched the video, which horrific though it is, I can assure you her books are more so.
    Habby can’t imagine the ‘Hildabeast’ molesting Cathy – I hesitate to think what he would say about the claims – stopped from court proceedings through ‘Reasons of National Security’, that Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney also sexually abused and tortured both Cathy and her under-eight year old daughter.
    I have read both her books, and have a CD of 27,000 court and other relevant documents to do with the cases – Mark says they now have over three TONS of documents!
    Re Kelly, they both seem reluctant to talk about her – she has suffered so immensely already, and I suspect they don’t want to risk anything further happening to her, but I did see a snippit some months back that she was engaged – I could find nothing further. I have been in touch with Cathy and Mark, but have not asked recently about Kelly, as I’m sure they would talk about her if they could safely do so.
    Regarding not taking planes or helicopters if you are in the PTB’s ‘bad books’, you can add cars – I don’t know if you’ve heard of ‘Boston Brakes’, but it was devised by the CIA to take over all functions of a car remotely through their onboard computer, steering, braking, even controlling the ignition circuit. That was almost certainly one of the ways (the other was a military disabling strobe light flash) that Princess Di’s car was crashed (though she was effectively polished off in the ambulance, to die as soon as she got in the hospital), and also Michael Hastings’ death crash. The method has been used in the UK as well, with a number of cases around the persecution of Mark Purdey, who went up against the ‘Big Boys’ over the ‘Mad Cow’ issue (here’s a 36 minute video, that was actually filmed by an acquaintance of mine – Mark is now dead, a truly great man, may he ‘Rest in Peace’, God bless his soul:
    ‘What causes BSE, CJD & MS? Organic Farmer Mark Purdey on Organophosphates (2001)’:

  • Tony M

    I can’t agree with RoS and others above, the EU has failed, both the ideal and practice of it are fundamentally flawed. I can see no redeeming qualities in it or reason for its continued blundering existence. Sanctions against Russia not the last straw as being a closed trading block, the EU must by definition become insular with little or no trade or collaboration between the EU behemoth and the far greater rest of the world, it leads to exactly the them and us divide that the pro-EEC stampede of the the so-far right-leaning they’re bent double lobby, the execrable Shirley Williams, Ted Heath and others said would be the result of not staying ‘in’ something we’d never been consulted on entering in the first place. We must join or else well … look at Hitler that’s what happens when you had no EU, we’ll all fall upon one another with axes, for sure. You’re not in our club, you get un-preferential terms, we’ll exploit you and if you think otherwise, we, with our size and power can and will -must ruin and crush you.

    I never was one for Polly Toynbee style wafting over from a Tuscan or wherever this week, villa and voting with a clothes-peg on nose for Blair, Clegg or whoever was the faux-left darling of the moment. Vote with your principles, the EU has been a cock-eyed half-baked outlandish experiment from the get-go, gone forseeably and horribly wrong in every way it possibly could. I’m sorry the SNP commentariat are putting independence supporters in an invidious position of possible contemplation of voting in Cameron’s touted EU referendum with the Tories, the putrid corpse of SLAB and the despicable dire LibDems. Just looking at who and what form the chilling combination that is the pro-EU camp is well scary, it’s a rogue’s gallery of the unspeakably vile, enough to cause anyone measurably sentient to recoil in horror from them and it. Their cause I could never share. If they tell is what’s good for us, you can be sure it will be in reality apallingly bad. The scenario of a leave the EU majority vote on BOTH sides of the border must be considered, and is the result I favour unless a decisive timetabled Scotland only vote on remaining in the EU after independence, is made a firm commitment. The EU has run out of time and of chances, it may not and ought not to be around very much longer, we must the peoples of Europe find a less coercive, less homogenising, less corrupt, less corruptible, less repulsive model of European co-operation than this monstrosity that has been stealthily built under the guises of ‘common markets’ and other obfuscatory cover for a centralising monolithic Franco-German US-puppet not-at-all-super, but wannabe super-state. The newish eastern-european states particularly, always considered a liability have become a positive menace, permanently afflicted with galloping and invariably terminal cases of American dream, dragging us all into peril as permanently stoked ancient animosities and rivalries amongst themselves and towards Russia engulf all, unquenchable groundless contrived hatreds of peoples propagandised out of their senses and wits through generations and lifetimes of calculated manipulation. The EU is just the PR wing of NATO.

    Students of history would do well to learn that during the Holocaust there was also a war going on too, at the same time. That fact seems to get lost amidst the over-arching narrative of a minority given to playing too often the ruse of crying wolf.

  • RobG

    Sandy, back in the early 20th century (a hundred years ago now) people like Planck, Einstein and Schrödinger showed that classical/Newtonian physics was somewhat flawed.

    A hundred years later the world still remains in total denial of this.

    Go figure.

    Yet our modern computer age works entirely on quantum physics (it’s how computer chips basically work).

  • fedup

    Rob Chck this link out, it is a paper about

    Evidence of Non-local Chemical, Thermal and Gravitational Effects

    Also the brouhaha about the proof seems a bit too much there has been gravitational detectors in operation since 1982. accepted the detector technology may have improved but contending “proof” is a bit …… otiose.

    However given the state of the news with the financial markets collapsing and the war in Syria going south there is a need for good news time, and gravitational waves fits the bill!

    In the other news Erdogan has been threatening the EU with lots more refugees coming its’ way if the EU does not double the money they are offering him, to six billion Euro. Fact that during the last few month thirteen hundred hotels gone bust in Turkey just in the NW region alone!! As well as the problems of internal war with the Kurds that has morphed into a mini Syria with all the warts and pimples of urban warfare (buildings to building) is putting the strain on the already impoverished purse, which ha resulted in Erdogan invading Iraq to get some more free oil and despite the requests/protests of Iraqi government Erdogan seems not to be in hurray to get out of Iraq. Evidently he needs more stuff for the fleet of tankers that his son is said to have bought!


    Then there is the news about the Italian student who has been tortured; his toe nails torn, ears sliced off, his fingers and toes smashed/snapped cigarette burns, on his torso, and finally death by asphyxiation due to the blunt force trauma on the neck Vertebra (broken neck). the poor chaps body then is said to have been thrown on a desert road, but there are reports of he may have been thrown in front of a police station!

    28-year-old Giulio Regeni a post graduate doctoral researcher in Cambridge was there researching the independent trade union movements and trade unionist treatment in Egypt, also under a pseudonym he had written a few unfavourable articles about the torturer in charge of Egypt General Asisi treatment of the trad unionst in that country. Alahram carried an article about the current investigation being akin to investigating an Egyptian nationals’ death, and not a foreign person!!! (ie not a proper investigation, and a whitewash).


    Also this death seems to have gone without much notice;
    Professor Alan Clarke, 52, director of the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute was discovered in a blue and black rubber suit kneeling with his face down.

    Apparently this researcher into cancer took up wearing his rubber suit after his wife was diagnosed with cancer!!!

    Is this another one of those locked holdall in the bath suicide?
    What was he about to do? what was he about to say? Was he intent on helping his wife?

  • RobG

    Tony M, why are you for sanctions against Russia?

    I might have missed something here, because your prose is a bit dense, without any paragraph breaks, which makes it a bit hard to read late at night.

    All I get is a rant against Russia, whilst your own nations are totally raping you.

    You don’t live in Russia (I presume). You live in the West, and look at what your life has become.

    Going to blame it on Putin, are you?

  • RobG

    Fedup, here in France we’re an hour ahead of the UK; ie, it’s now late here.

    I’ll have to peruse your link demain, and will get back to you on it.

    I love all this kind of stuff, because physics is basically the bottom line.

  • glenn_uk

    Chris Rogers: “Are you referring to Liberal’s as in the Liberal Party, or liberals as in the case of general liberalism whereby person preach one thing, but when it actually comes to defending it usually head for the exit. I think most Guardian writers call themselves liberals, that is allegedly tolerant and open minded, but as you and i am aware nothing could be further from the case. For myself I’ve never referred to myself as a liberal, I’m a socialist imbued with a sense of social justice who’d desire an egalitarian society where all really are equal, as such no need for feminism or political correctness or any of the other shit they espouse. I teach my daughter she is the equal of everyone and everyone is equal to her regardless of any physical differences – although it’s a tough one given the amount of conditioning she has from her female peers.”

    Actually, I was asking you what _you_ meant by liberals (with a small ‘l’, as you stated it).

    Of course a lot of them state one thing and practice another, which is very common practice among almost all people who proclaim virtues – the religious are particularly guilty in this regard. Look at these filthy American Republicans, who never stop banging on about the precious fetus, and their huge regard for the sanctity of life (being such hugely committed Christians, an’ all). Yet when Flint, Michigan gets lead poisoning because of their own cheapskate policies (having imposed a highly undemocratic “emergency manager”), they don’t give a flying frig about the fetus all of a sudden – the very living thing that will be most damaged by lead poisoning.

    Anyway, socialist is better than a mere liberal in my view. But a liberal perspective is not to be sneered at, just because a good number of self-declared liberals fail to uphold their stated values. There are more than enough “champagne socialists” around, after all.

  • Tony M

    It’s your eyes or reading comprehension RobG. If you cannot follow without reduction to buzzwords, catchphrases, slogans and bullet points to make it easy for you, then it is regrettable that your decline has set in, I will try to help you with areas where you may have difficulty, though within certain limits. Sanctions against Russia are absurd and disgusting. But sanctions against Russia or anyone are not just a reaction to the contrived recent heightened drama, MH-17 (which now the Dutch now concede was brought down by the regular Ukrainian forces) and/or serial capitulation of the EU to US diktat and whims, even when disastrous and harmful, are but inevitable consequences of erecting trade barriers between the EU and any non-EU country, the EU by definition must seek to isolate itself and its subordinate former nation states from the rest of the world. Wholly illusory barriers which never at all existed in the first place between European nations in matters of trade were said to be eliminated, but in respect to the non-EU world, the EU has become by design, by its implicit nature, a fortress. Preferential treatment within is purely comparative, it must mean detrimental in dealing with those without. The whole idea of a closed trading block, an internal market, is protection, which was very much touted and proclaimed as something ‘joining’ the EEC would eliminate as they said it led to war, alone in isolation, no other causes being considered relevant. The EU already had in place ‘sanctions’ in less explicit form against the entire rest of the world including Russia already, that is the whole bloody idea of the EU in the first place, ratcheting them up against Russia or indeed everywhere else not in the EU, is the direction even the ‘ideal’ perfect model healthy jolly EU must move in, before we even consider what the present worst case swollen tumerous growth, the far from ideal reality the EU has become, might do or is doing. Sanction of some sort to the prejudice of the non-EU world is the very raison d’être of the EU, it is the defining objective and policy, everything else beside that is mere window-dressing. It’s not their weapon of last resort, its the constant background noise of the EU, economic terrorism is the heart and soul and muscle of the EU beast.


  • glenn_uk

    Tony M: No need to be insulting to RobG – his mild suggestion was clear enough.

    Everyone has limited time, and with an almost infinite amount of stuff to read it would be nice if correspondents would make life a little easier.

    Seeing a massive block of text is off-putting. Breaking up your points into paragraphs surely isn’t beyond you, and would probably multiply your reader numbers by several factors. Nearly 400 words in one block is taking the piss – if you actually expect anyone to bother reading it, why make life difficult?

    Having said all that, I largely agree with what you write. Then again, I only skim it, given the appalling format 😉

  • RobG

    Standard troll practice is to post huge blocks of text.

    These people are boring a-holes, and they are all going to be held to account in court.

    I hope the a-holes/trolls understand this.

    You are vermin, total vermin.

  • Tony M

    No you don’t agree I think at all Glenn, largely or otherwise.

    You’re Mr Pollyanna Pro-EU consistently, but won’t as can’t argue so constructively as unluckily your/the-pro-EU case such as it is, is a proven dead-loss. Typical sanctimonious hand-wringing just won’t cut it (you’re so The Guardian too) so resort to typographical nitpicking –and by all means fill your boots. I also skim everything you write out of long habit (and Clark too) as well as everything from the more recrudescent trolls, for whom you’re quite willing to deputise in their stead and try hold the line.


  • glenn_uk

    Tony M: Thanks for taking my advice, your post was just about of readable size.

    Perhaps you have me confused with someone else, because my inclination (stated right here) has been leaning against staying in the EU. Don’t let that get in the way of your prejudice, needless to say.

    I’m “The Guardian too”?

    You think I’m landed gentry or something, you idiot? Comprehensive school educated – quite a rough one at that – on the cheap side of a not terribly well off city – that’s my background.

    The same for all your other silly assumptions. But just keep lashing out – how’s that working out for you?

  • Macky

    Since I’ve been awoken at this ungodly hour, this Bog is going to profit (or suffer !) from my free time ! 🙂

    JSD; “Finkelstein also strikes me as personally quite a bit more combative, rude and aggressive than Chomsky – understandably enough, to be sure, but again not necessarily great qualities for intellectual leadership.”

    Well I disagree; Chomsky, rather like Tony Benn, and even Jeremy Corbyn, all suffer(ed) from being too “Gentlemanly”, and in the modern political arena this undoubtedly perceived as a weakness, which is ruthlessly exploited to such a degree that such ultra polite people are rendered politically ineffectual where it most counts, that is in the debating arena of Public Opinion. On the other hand, people like Finkelstein, and George Galloway, who don’t pull their punches when dealing with their unscrupulous foes, not only forcefully deny their enemies cheap & easy points, but by giving better or as good than they get, they both add credibility to their positions, and inspire others to do the same & fight for what they believe in. Nobody is ever going to forget Galloway’s appearance at the US Senate Committee, and in the Public Mind he successfully banished to oblivion all those smearing allegations of corruption. It’s almost like a basic law of instinctive survival, the need to fight fire with fire by having some fire in your own belly, because trying to play by one set of rules, whilst your opponents don’t have any rules, is a no win situation; you only have to consider the trolls on this very blog, trying to engage in an honest debate with any of them is a futile waste of time as they don’t respect the rules for an honest debate, because there no need for them to do so, indeed following any good faith debating rules in totally incompatible with why they are here.

    Yes you can rightly state that people like Chomsky & Benn have still managed to inspire millions, but that’s really like preaching to the Church Choir or the already half-converted, to win mass Public Opinion you need to impress, reach, convince & inspire those who are indifferent at best, and who are only swayed with taking the fight to the enemy type confrontational politics & stinging sound-bites attacks, because rightly or wrong, this is what it takes nowadays.

  • Macky

    Tony M; “Students of history would do well to learn that during the Holocaust there was also a war going on too”

    Indeed, as the Turks used the cover of WW1 in order to commit the Armenian Genocide; wars as per their inherent nature foster such mass exterminations, mass murders and atrocities, which is why wars of aggression are rightly deemed to be “the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

  • Chris Rogers

    @Macky 6.06,

    Good post and I too share your opinion, what’s needed more than anything now on the Left is street fighters, those who are willing to face down opponents and give them a good drubbing. Its all fair and square being nice, but politics is regrettably a grubby business and the Tories excel at grubbiness, as do many pro-Israeli apologists. The Right, and by extension Zionists, utilise attack dog tactics to close down dialogue and deflect valid criticism, as such its necessary to be combative if you desire to get your point acres and get the better of your opponent. Its all well and good being gentlemanly, urbane and academic, but regrettably when dealing with the likes of Kamm and the neoconservative feminist bloc at The Guardian, you actually require a baseball bat and a willingness to use it metaphorically speaking.

    When we look at some of the lefts past leaders, think Ernest Bevin, he did not back off with his language or his anger. Not only was he a good orator, he knew what he was talking about and stated it in a way his constituency could understand. Corbyn is being bettered, or gives the appearance of being better because he appears weak, despite real anger and a deep desire for meaningful change, and despite facts being on his side. Had Corbyn, like Chomsky, had a more combative streak within him his arguments would come over stronger and people may take more note. When dealing with the likes of Cameron, Osborne et.al, best too rip their throats out, which ultimately is the only language these greedy buggers understand.

  • Resident Dissident

    “It’s almost like a basic law of instinctive survival, the need to fight fire with fire by having some fire in your own belly, because trying to play by one set of rules, whilst your opponents don’t have any rules, is a no win situation; you only have to consider the trolls on this very blog, trying to engage in an honest debate with any of them is a futile waste of time as they don’t respect the rules for an honest debate, because there no need for them to do so, indeed following any good faith debating rules in totally incompatible with why they are here.”

    Its a good job Macky has no sense of irony or self awareness.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Macky 12/02/16 6:06am
    Chris Rogers 12/02/16 6:57am

    Shrug. I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one. Firstly, you are not making a distinction between intellectual leadership and political leadership. Neither Chomsky nor Finkelstein are in the business of persuading people to vote for them. However, I am not sure you can point to George Galloway, for example, as being an unqualified success in that way, whereas Benn was almost never out of Parliament.

    In my opinion, for every person you gain who perceives you as being a combative leader, you will lose at least one who perceives you as being a nasty piece of work. I also think you underestimate the willingness of the average person to listen to someone who is regarded as being reasonable. I am also instinctively distrustful of demagoguery, personally; I am much more interested in someone who has a clear commitment to democratic decision-making than I am in someone who relies on less pleasant aspects of their character to achieve a position of leadership.

    I am not all that sure that comparing, say, Corbyn and Galloway is particularly useful, but I think Corbyn gives a much better impression of integrity than Galloway does. I think ultimately you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

    Kind regards,


  • John Goss

    “I think ultimately you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

    Some definitely choose that method. Otherwise Julian Assange would be a free man. 🙂

  • Habbabkuk (Are you a person of interest?)

    Paul Barbara

    “I hesitate to think what he {ie, Habbabkuk}would say about the claims – stopped from court proceedings through ‘Reasons of National Security’, that Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney also sexually abused and tortured both Cathy and her under-eight year old daughter.”

    You obviously don’t know me very well, Barbara.

    I would say those claims are poppycock.

    And that you need urgent treatment if you believe them.

  • Habbabkuk (Are you a person of interest?)

    “I don’t know if you’ve heard of ‘Boston Brakes’, but it was devised by the CIA to take over all functions of a car remotely through their onboard computer, steering, braking, even controlling the ignition circuit. That was almost certainly one of the ways (the other was a military disabling strobe light flash) that Princess Di’s car was crashed (though she was effectively polished off in the ambulance, to die as soon as she got in the hospital)”

    Wow – a two-pronged conspiracy! Not only was her car crashed but they also finished her off in the ambulance! 🙂

    I really wonder why the Mods allow junk like this through. If I were a Mod I’d simply delete it on the grounds that I wouldn’t wish Craig’s blog turned into a playground for nutters.

  • Habbabkuk (Are you a person of interest?)

    I suspect that the US will survive long after Mr Paul Craig Roberts has turned into dust and a few bones.

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