Guardian and STV journos Congratulate Murdoch Lackey on Blatant Lies About Me 230

For anybody who doubts the reactionary single voice the UK media has become, it should be obvious from what you see on the surface, eg the unanimity of attack on Corbyn, the SNP or Assange. But if that doesn’t help, look below the surface.

Ex-Hedge Fund manager, now Murdoch leader writer Oliver Kamm published a disgusting and blatant lie and smear about me. Very quickly, Nick Cohen, Hadley Freeman and Marina Hyde of the Guardian and Stephen Daisley of ITV were popping up sending him personal tweets to congratulate him on it.

Usually it is best to ignore the lies of far right Murdoch employee Oliver Kamm, but there is one lie about me which he has been spreading so assiduously I feel I have to counter it. In Prospect Magazine Kamm states that:

“Craig Murray, a former diplomat who’s imaginatively reinvented himself as a “human rights campaigner,” claims that the charges against Assange are founded on political correctness.”

This is absolutely untrue. I have said no such thing. What I actually said in an interview with Kamm was “Due to a mistaken kind of political correctness the British media refuses to publish all the details of the case.” You can hear it here.

There is a massive difference between saying that the media refuses to publish the facts due to political correctness, and saying that rape itself is a matter of political correctness. I abhor the latter view. As Nadira has asked me to remind you, my partner is herself a rape victim.

In this interview with LBC Oliver Kamm went on to insult and lambast me and say that I claimed that the rape charges were founded on political correctness. I tried to point out that I said no such thing, but LBC had cut me off. LBC later put up the version you hear on that link in which Kamm’s remarks are given in full and my own are edited. But it is very plain indeed that I did not say what Kamm goes on to accuse me of saying.

Kamm then tweeted that I had stated that rape is political correctness. Though this was plainly untrue to anybody who listened to the LBC link which he attached, he started to receive congratulatory messages from his friends on twitter. To anybody who has yet to catch on that the mainstream media functions in collusion, it should come as no surprise to learn that this Murdoch employee received personal tweets attacking me from Nick Cohen, Hadley Freeman and Marina Hyde, all of the Guardian, and from Stephen Daisley of STV.

Rape is an appalling crime. Any sex without consent constitutes rape.

But I do not hold that the truth or falsity of an allegation of rape may not be subject to scrutiny. Anybody who does hold that is handing unchecked power to the state to eliminate opponents. I do think it is deplorable that the British media has not published the detail of the case. Then people could learn this.

Kamm’s reactionary friends can congratulate him all they like. What he is doing is spreading a deliberate lie about me. But it may just lead to a few more people researching what is really happening in the Assange case, and that would be karma.


I contacted Prospect magazine and they have now changed the Kamm article to state what I actually said. It is still of course surrounded by Kamm’s ultra right wing mendacious interpretations, but at least it no longer says that I said something which I did not say. For the rest, Mr Kamm is entitled to spew the vile nonsense he is so well paid for by Murdoch, and his mates at the Guardian love him for.

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  • John Spencer-Davis

    Been trying to tweet (retweet?) this article to Oliver Kamm’s and others’ Twitter accounts, but I haven’t been able to see it come up.

    Not sufficiently versed in Twitter to know if this is because they screen retweets before they are published, or because I’m making errors.

    Kind regards,


  • Squonk


    I’m seeing your tweets show up if I do a twitter search for Craig Murray and then click “Live” to see latest tweets.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Squonk, thank you: feeling a bit foolish as I have now tweeted three times, which seems excessive! Lol never mind. J

  • John Goss

    Yes, I’m afraid you’re going to get this kind of thing. It is hard to know whether the law-courts are so crooked these days whether you would win a libel case. I would like to think yes. However those of us who have recognised the clear movement of western countries towards fascism and the presentation of lies as fact must look towards what happened in other fascist countries to those who dared to speak truth to power.

    The UK was never perfect – but it used to have some morals. My colleague in Sweden, Professor Marcella Ferrado de Noli, has raised this very same issue and has described some ‘radical feminists’ as being extremely right-wing verging on fascist, who have joined with the Assange prosecution team to push through their own agenda against men. A very perceptive man.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Mr Goss

    “My colleague in Sweden, Professor Marcella Ferrado de Noli, has raised this very same issue..”

    Excuse the personal question (which is not an attempt to divert!) but in which way or sense is the good Professor your “colleague”?

  • John Goss

    “Excuse the personal question (which is not an attempt to divert!) but in which way or sense is the good Professor your “colleague”?”

    These are the among the lies I refer to. It is clearly an attempt to divert. The answer is: mind your own business.

  • Republicofscotland

    Craig it looks like your comment has been deleted from Mr Kamm’s Twitter feed, that was quick.

    I take it you won’t be inline for a Valentines card anytime soon from Mr Kamm?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    07/02/2016 3:06pm

    Remarkable, isn’t it? Craig Murray gives links to all Kamm’s material on his blog. Kamm can’t get Craig’s links off his Twitter feed fast enough.

    Who’s in favour of freedom of speech? And which one thinks he’s Napoleon?

    Kind regards,


  • Uphill

    “But I do not hold that the truth or falsity / may not be subject to scrutiny”

    Nor do they in many cases, if fits there agenda they will do that thing, what’s it called again ? …….O yes,


    They have all had their backbones removed, sadly, and they hide behind notions of defending “rape”, ALLEGATIONS. And in their strange world (even without charges) they present the picture that they don’t defend “rapists” thus propagating the notion he may well be one.

    Just like accusations of being anti Jewish, it’s placing seeds (lies) in the public mind so the issues are sidelined.

    I don’t read the guardian now. Supporting more independent media. Yes these issues should be shown but it’s still often giving them the attention they want, these servant’s to immorality.

    Yes ‘it’s me’…Before any of the Children here feel like pointing it out.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Remarkable, isn’t it? Craig Murray gives links to all Kamm’s material on his blog. Kamm can’t get Craig’s links off his Twitter feed fast enough.

    Who’s in favour of freedom of speech? And which one thinks he’s Napoleon?”


    Yes John, it’s a big ask of Craig to try and show (regarding Assange ) the other facet of the case. Something the media are determined not to do. That’s why the establishement speel spouters are out in force, to decry and discredit.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I used to be an avid listener to LBC and Radio 4, but just like everything else it has become totally corrupted over the last 20 years…

    I see that Telegraph readers are being programmed not to believe opinion polls have any value whatsoever, and believe the result of The Ballot Box. Further proof in my view, that there is no point in voting, because the Result has been pre-decided. If they can do it in the USA – and they do – they can do it here – and they do. With rampant Postal Voting the electoral system is wide open to total corruption….even if the vast majority of electoral officials are of high integrity (which I believe they are).

    I just stumbled across this…This guy is nearly as good as David Dees

    “The Sad Truth: Nauseatingly Profound Illustrations Of What The World Is Turning Into”

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Mr Goss

    Thank you for that clarification but I think most of us understood what you meant

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Dr Marcello (NOT Marcella!) Ferrado de Noli – referred to in posts at 15h01 and 15h06, above – appears to be a distinguished medical doctor. There is a long and interesting article on him in Wikipedia, the summary-beginning of which reads as follows:

    “Marcello Vittorio Ferrada de Noli, is a Swedish – Chilean medicine doktor and Professor Emeritus of Public Health Sciences / Epidemiology. He was formerly Professor of Epidemiology, and of International Health at the University of Gävle; and formerly Chair of the International and Cross-cultural Injury Epidemiology Research Group at the Karolinska Institutet.[1] He earned his PhD in Psychiatry at the Karolinska Institutet and was thereafter Research Fellow and Lecturer in Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. During his stay at Harvard he published most of the innovative[2][3] research below, judged as being a “pioneer contribution to epidemiological research”[4] (Academic awards). He is also known for his activism on Human Rights causes (See below, Swedish Doctors For Human Rights).”

    I am assuming that he is a “colleague” of Mr Goss not in the medical field but because of his involvement in human rights causes.

  • Bert.

    The crime of rape has been plainly and clearly committed here… you can read all about it on WikiLeaks. But the criminal is not Julian Assange… it the US Government who have raped the middle east with their utterly corrupt and illegal wars.

    The slaughter of an estimated 4,000,000 people in the middle east is a rape of monstrous proportions. But no one will arrest george walker bush. Bush came to this country four times. On two occasions I gave West Midlands Police FORCE (they like to call themselves a service – yep, a service to the capitalist establishment) a formal written complaint against george bush and they did nothing. How interesting that when the amerikans would love to get their hands on Assange the police in this country will waste vast amounts of public money waiting outside the Ecuadorian embassy just in case he should step off the premises.

    The police could occupy themselves far more usefully demanding the immediate extradition of george bush.

    Assange answered the questions of the Swedes and was allowed to leave the country by the Swedes in the first place. There was no substantial case against him. Now, it would be virtually impossible to get a conviction against him because all the publicity would undermine a fair trial. Also, why is it that the Swedes will travel to interview other people but refuse to do so in this case: this is something that very definitely tends in the direction of wanting Assange on Swedish territory in order to transfer him to the US.

    Would the Ecuadorians refuse the Swedes the facilities of their London Embassy? I doubt it.

    This is simple, if the demand of the Swedes is genuine then let them visit London and ask whatever questions they have. The insistence upon Assange’s extradition stinks to the high heaven. Any thinking person (obviously this does not include the tory presstitutes) must consider that the behavior of the Swedes is what needs to be questioned. The suspicious circumstances surrounding this matter leave many of us convinced that this singularly to assist the amerikans in getting their hands on Assange.


  • Macky

    @Craig, not sure how much you know about former Hedge Fund dealer turned “lead writer” for the Times Oliver Kamm; this is a man who has cyberstalked the journalist Neil Clark for over a decade because of a bad book review ! This is a man who has lead a smear campaign against MediaLens as being Genocide Belittlers, this is a man who resorts to claiming that Chomsky engages in “crude and dishonest arguments! ! But best of all, this is the intellectual dwarf who was stupid enough to try his smears against Norman Finkelstein, so if you never not seen this before, enjoy ! 😀

  • John Goss

    “Would the Ecuadorians refuse the Swedes the facilities of their London Embassy? I doubt it.”

    Bert, some people have asked if there was any intention of extraditing Julian Assange they could have done so directly from the UK. As Craig points out there has been no cry of rape in this country (or any other country). I blogged on why they did not do extradite him in 2012. The hounding of Assange is purely political and concerned with cable leaks. He is a hero – not a rapist.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    John Goss
    07/02/2015 6:37pm

    Anyone attempting to extradite Julian Assange directly from the UK will have to walk through Gareth Peirce first. I imagine that this is not a small consideration.

    Kind regards,


  • John Goss

    John SD

    True. One of our best lawyers. Don’t know what her views are on 9.. but she has done some super work on Julian Assange and the Lockerbie debacle. As a human rights lawyer I rate her alongside Clive Stafford-Smith. Both great lawyers, but probably lay people to Philip Hammond. 😀

  • fedup

    Macky you have done it again! Thanks.

    This tosser Oli Kamm is an inane wanker as his demeanour in the clip shows. He admits to being a polemicists, now that in the commons vernacular is similar to res diss. These miscreants are not being polemical dissenters of the oligarchs and plutocrats! No Sirry they are the kind of the hounds that are let loose on the Muslims and the immigrants and the weak and defenceless!!!!!

    I don’t know why Craig has even considered to talk to the tosser or to pick up on the tossers musings!!! Every tosspot has an opinion but how is to give any credence to these tosspots’ notions? As Norman Finkelstein put it; “your (kamm’s) opinion is as worthy as the dust on the floor”!!!!

    If there is a point of arguing with a dog that has fouled the pavement, to teach it manners, then there is a point of arguing kamm has misrepresented Craig!!!

    Mark Golding says he has been twice removed from kamm’s blog, now Mark is not a troll by any measure to see his comments are removed are telling of an obtuse wanker who does not like to hear anything other than the echo of it’s own brainfarts!

  • John Spencer-Davis

    What was it Oliver Kamm implied about Craig being completely absorbed by his own ego (Napoleon Bonaparte, etc)?

    Someone is keeping a very close eye on Kamm’s Wikipedia page. His opinions on Assange went up on it on the very same day they were published in Prospect magazine.

    Wonder if he might be editing the page himself?

    Kind regards,


  • Njegos

    Craig – Oliver Kamm is a piece of scum and a smear merchant. He once called Norman Finkelstein a “pseudo-historian” and Howard Zinn a “gullible ignoramus”. Being Kamm’s target, needless to say, is a badge of honour.

    I have a good example of how low he will stoop. Years ago I exchanged terse emails with him. He accused me of spreading anti-semitism because I described the US Congress as AIPAC-funded puppets, which they are of course.

    Kamm, needless to say, is a neocon to the last drop of his blood. You will never see him criticise Israel brutality. When the Israel commando goons executed innocent people on the Mavi Marmara, he wept bucket loads – for the impact it would have on (get the sick bucket ready) the IDF’s longstanding and well-deserved reputation as the most moral army in the world.

    Kamm is the classic laptop bombadier, delighted to watch others die for his beliefs as his unflinching support for the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan amply demonstrated. Like most cowards, he loves to talk tough and enjoys vicarious camraderie with people such as Paul Tibbets, the man who dropped Enola Gay on Hiroshima.

    Incidentally, Tibbets was so proud of that “achievement” that he re-enacted the event in 1976 prompting a US govt. apology Japan. Tibbets claimed that he never lost any sleep over Hiroshima. Kamm’s values to a tee – bomb, slaughter and never apologise.

    The worst, however, is that he is a leader writer of the once proud publication known as The Times. He and his side-kick David Aaronovitch (another brave humanitarian warrior who chooses to fight thousands of miles from the battlefield) have dragged The Times squarely into the sewer.

    As for Assange, Kamm is really clutching at straws. Here is what John Pilger has to say about the case:


    Enter Claes Borgstrom, a high profile politician in the Social Democratic Party then standing as a candidate in Sweden’s imminent general election. Within days of the chief prosecutor’s dismissal of the case, Borgstrom, a lawyer, announced to the media that he was representing the two women and had sought a different prosecutor in the city of Gothenberg. This was Marianne Ny, whom Borgstrom knew well, personally and politically.

    On 30 August, Assange attended a police station in Stockholm voluntarily and answered all the questions put to him. He understood that was the end of the matter. Two days later, Ny announced she was re-opening the case. Borgstrom was asked by a Swedish reporter why the case was proceeding when it had already been dismissed, citing one of the women as saying she had not been raped. He replied, “Ah, but she is not a lawyer.” Assange’s Australian barrister, James Catlin, responded, “This is a laughing stock… it’s as if they make it up as they go along.”

    Shove it good and hard, Kamm.

  • Njegos

    Macky –

    “But best of all, this is the intellectual dwarf who was stupid enough to try his smears against Norman Finkelstein, so if you never not seen this before, enjoy ! ?”

    Agreed! It was a beautiful moment. Finkelstein tossed him into the dustbin where he belongs.

  • Macky

    JSD; “Wonder if he might be editing the page himself?”

    You are not the first to wonder about that;

    For what it’s worth, I can confirm direct personal experience of what a pathetic loser Kamm really is; before the Times Paywall, he wrote a nasty hit-piece on George Galloway, protraying him as a Saddam lover etc. I posted a comment stating that Galloway was virtually the only MP that was protesting against Saddam at the time the UK were selling arms to him; Kamm then challenged me to provide evidence for this, which I did my looking up old Hansard records, & quotes from other MPs who mentioned that Galloway was the only MP that they could ever remember turning up to protests demos against Saddam; I duly submitted all this info, but it was never allowed to be posted.

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