Why I Love Scotland – and Despair of my Once-Loved England 159

In general I deplore violence. But I do know that if a braying Etonian bully wandered round this country telling people how to dress, it would be very bad for their health. As someone who lived almost half of my life in England, I cannot understand the right wing intolerance, xenophobia and contempt for liberty that now characterises that nation.

And I cannot understand the degree of cringing servility that causes English people to want to be ruled – and told how to dress – by this.


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159 thoughts on “Why I Love Scotland – and Despair of my Once-Loved England

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  • nevermind, Elliot Johnson bullied by Tory peers?

    Indeed Ben, the march is unstoppable and its only a matter of time before the chancellor here succumbs to the tax lure.

    I do not see the difference between medical and recreational, it is a barrier that has to be broken down.

  • Njegos

    Words of his defense counsel:

    “This is a young and very able man who has hopes for the future,” she added. “He was able to have this opportunity [to seek help] and this was something Andrew sought for himself, by himself.”

    Yes. No doubt he will lead the Tory Party one day.

  • nevermind, Elliot Johnson bullied by Tory peers?

    Taken it upon myself to leave a missive on the Conservative party FB site, asking what they intend to do about Elliott Johnson who committed suicide under their auspices, one of their young enthusiastic campaigners. he complained to Lord Feldman and others about his handling.

    Now Nick Boles had the audacity to complain to the public that Elliotts parents were hounding Lord Feldmann, disgusting, he should apologise on his bleeding knees.

    The split Conservative party is desperately trying to keep this out of the courts, god knows what the police is doing.
    Tatler Tory Mark Clark is still a member of the party, despite long standing complaints about him going back to 2008.


    This from last nights Newsnight.

    “Lord Feldman’s account of what he knew about Mark Clarke is now contradicted both by one of his own MPs and a Conservative activist. It would be very curious if anyone thought that was not an important story worth reporting.”

    Mr. Johnsons solicitors advised that there are grounds for prosecuting the party for ‘neglecting their duty of care’

  • craigmurray.org.uk

    Many off topic comments have been deleted from the “New Low for the International Criminal Court” thread, and from the “Eric Lubbock” obituary thread when it was the most recent. Threads remain open on which comments concerning Westminster politics, Zionism, neoconservatisn, propaganda, Scottish independence, the EU referendum, Tories and privilege would be on topic.

    African politics gets little coverage generally. Please do not divert that thread just because is is the most recent.

  • Lynn Anderson

    Like you Craig, I too despair of the escalating madness that appears to be gripping many of our friends and family in England.

    The rise of UKIP and the re-election of one of the psychopathic Tory governments since the 19th century fills me with horror.

    What has happened to their compassion, their reason, their pride?

    No good can come of this.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Seems to me to love part of some larger entity, and despair of the rest, whether one is talking about the UK, USA, or the EU, is simply cherry-picking of the worst sort as it is just adopting a comfort blanket approach to a most screwed up world.

    And I am returning to the States tomorrow, having had a most pleasant visit to Cambodia, of all places, while staying with my nephew in Thailand.

  • Exexpat

    This is brilliant.

    At least three people have been stabbed in a brawl between Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members and counter-protesters in Anaheim, California, US police said.
    Thirteen people, both KKK members and rival demonstrators, were arrested.
    The violence broke out when several Klan members arrived at a local park for a rally and were attacked by counter-protesters, according to police.

    Another witness, Brian Levin, said after helping a Klansman away from the crowd, he asked him: “How does it feel that your life was just saved by a Jewish man?”
    “Thank you,” the man replied, according to Mr Levin.


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