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One thought on “article-1232703-07708904000005DC-308_468x295

  • steve mcmillan-johnstone

    I quite agree my father born and raised in dundee prior to WW2 service. i was born and raised in south london and spent many an hour in the strangers gallery in parliament from 1967 (when i left school) onwards. I still have many relatives in dundee,Perth & Inverness. Although i live in norwich north now and did vote murray against the ghastly chloe. All of my interest in politics, music,literature & life in general was due to a father from a very poor family born in 1920, and educated for free by monks ( taken into care briefly ) who although he was from the poorest of backgrounds even educated him in latin too. I feel nothing but contempt for this kind of foppish bullying from lord snooty & his pals, I wish he would come and knock on my front door (tee hee ) I would wack him with one of my old broons annuals.

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