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At 8.30pm tonight I am going to have a streamed live chat with Independence Live, on various subjects including of course Scottish Independence. It is interesting because they are setting it up using Blab, a programme which enables you to appear and join in the conversation. This is experimental for me. I believe that you may need a twitter account to sign in to blab and join in, but that you should be able just to watch on the Independence Live website without signing in. I am investigating if it will be possible to stream it on this site as well.

If we like the technology, I might use it to host a series of chats on this site, where I sit down with a whisky in hand and ruminate, and you can pop up and join in.

Join the Blab!
This is a livestream, Blab interview. If you would like to jump on and join the panel then follow the link below. You will need your Twitter login details to join panel, or you can just observe. https://blab.im/independence-live-craig-murray-interview

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403 thoughts on “Let’s Chat 8.30pm Tonight

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  • giyane


    Can you pretend that Habahug is a tree for one evening?

    He doesn’t give links, but he is symbiotically interdependent on the bluebell wood flora and fauna..

    No one ever said that a lady’s jewishness was any indicator of her belonging to the swivel class of zionist neo-cons. Except him.

  • Uphill

    “Yes and democratising it would not at all be improving it.”

    I’m not tanking about the perverted modern empty PR version of democracy. But actual Democracy. Ie them not having power..

    People governing there own lives, like socialism. It goes hand in hand.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    These things are not supposed to happen when you are as old as me…and My “Sis” wasn’t there last year – and I don’t think she will be there this year..even though her Mum just lives down the road….

    You see at The Beach Party last year in Spain…the bogs got completely flooded

    so the Girls came back from the Sea…Dripping

    And we are doing it again

    She turned up tonight..I didn’t know where to look

    She says I can’t – of course you can…just get the bus…

    You haven’t seen her yet.

    The Welsh Girl…well – how do you want me to Explain it???

    She Can Sing Too – and there’s nowt of her – little slim thing

    Must be the church choir.


  • Dave Lawton

    “Interesting stuff, but I’ll think you’ll find that ‘cold fusion’ was debunked years ago.”

    Rob Your remarks are typical of a amateur armchair physicist. Have you worked at the
    cutting edge of particle and quantum physics have you Rob? I doubt it.You really don`t have
    a clue do you.You should try reading the latest test results and papers before you make such
    crass statements.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    So far as I am aware, we had never met each other – apart from a couple of other people – out smoking…

    So she asked how old – do you think I am…???

    and I immediately said – this is a game – we have got to be honest here – stop even thinking about being polite…and my friends couldn’t handle it…and they went inside to see the band…

    She got me within a few months – and I got him almost exactly

    The 3 of us were so close at guessing each others ages…and the others who had failed to be honest ..were no longer there (they couldn’t compete).

    So I said to him and her – oh come on – wasn’t that amazing – lets have a group cuddle…(and the three of us did)

    I walked back in the pub – and my wife asked me – what are you laughing about??

    It was too hard to explain.

    Let me introduce you to my new friends I have just met.


  • RobG

    Dave, I’m familiar with most aspects of physics, including nuclear and the quantum world.

    Post some links.

    Persuade me about your case.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I hadn’t even tried her since last August…

    Yes I did keep her going over the Winter..

    just like when we bringing the shopping in from sainsburys – once every Friday

    And Now she is completely Street Legal again

    No one noticed as my wife and I turned up in her

    But She is Really Beautiful

    My Lad – The Driver said – You Car is giving me all these messages

    Its about to run out petrol

    So I didn’t have much money left…

    I had to give him £20 – to put some juice in it.

    I am not selling her

    She is Beautiful – Top of The Range – The Last One Made.

    Designed and Built in ENGLAND.


  • Republicofscotland

    “Speaking of which, it is not generally known that one prominent* public figure from the almost-forgotten Harold Wilson era is still alive – perhaps the only one.”


    Habb oh, vigilant one, I have a very interesting book, written by Harold Wilson, called ” A Prime Minister on Prime Ministers.

    It’s Harold Wilson’s take on a selection of PM’s over the centuries, and a very good read it is too.

  • Uphill

    “quantum physics”

    Terms kind of a contradiction isn’t it.

    What physic ? or more to the point where, or when, depending on what.

    I hear if your not a bit nutty in this field your not very up on “things”.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I am not going to post photos of cars…but I might post a photo of it…

    But its in 3D MPO Format

    My mate – said I grew up in that

    And he wasn’t lying

    what am I supposed to do…

    It is in 3D

    You won’t be able to see it any way…

    and you thought I might have done it easy

    Yes I photographed that too.


  • Tony_0pmoc


    Blimey. you obviously cant plan these things

    I did meet my Swedish mate tonight..hadn’t seen him for ages…

    but I guess to him The Northern Lights – The Aurora Borealis

    it brightens the place up with a bit of colour…when you are 7 years old and have walked home alone – and you are so cold..you want to wee..but just dribbles come out…

    as you open the back door with your key

    and you clear the fireplace of yesterday’s ashes…

    and are screwing up sheets of newspapers…

    and going to the coalshed for coal…

    The coal was delivered by horse and cart in Oldham

    and I still haven’t seen The Northern Lights yet

    I just wanted to get warm – so that I could peel the potatoes..

    Go and see Grimsby if you want..but this is Barnsley just over The Pennines from Oldham when I was a kid…

    It is just so f’kin close..and yes..my wife’s friend – she comes from Grimsby – you wouldn’t think it…you would think like somewhere really posh like Rochdale…

    “Kes (1969)”


    We are going on holiday together again to Spain…

    To a Rock Festival.


  • glenn_uk

    Fwl: “Heard an R4 programme couple of years ago which compared age at death Of 1st ladies with PM wives and then with average life expectancy of citizens and subjects. Conclusion was that US health care at best with the full dollar package as experienced by first ladies gave them far greater life expectancy than our nhs treated PMs wives. Maybe something has changed? NHS improved? Or?

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. Healthcare is always a rationing system, and if you ration it according to the wealth of the recipient, the wealthiest is going to receive better treatment than a system which rationalises healthcare for the greater good of all.

  • Old Mark

    Res Diss

    Your reference to Wilson era figures who are still around mentioned Bernard Donoughue- not only is he still here but his diaries are a wonderful read, and received justified praise even from reviewers not known for their sympathies towards Old Labour-


    BTW I thought Craig seemed to enjoy his interweb interview- but then it looked as if it was streamed from his personal sauna, with single malt on tap!

  • Chris Rogers

    @Uphill 8.26PM Sunday,

    Not too sure why you are so negative towards devolving power structures closer to the people, be this ‘regionalism’ or in the case of the Celtic Fringe, Home Rule or DevMax. As it stands today, most decisions of import are made in Westminster and benefit London and the South East, which is the opposite of how more devolved and federalised political entities work, as by example Germany, which itself is not perfect, but at least you have multiple competing power centres that are more responsive to their actual constituents.

    In the UK Devolution as embraced by Blair was ‘half-baked’ and dispensed via gritted teeth, with most power remaining at a Westminster level, and the power made worse by an electoral system that is well passed its sell by date. The fact remains, geographical entities such as Wales, Yorkshire and Scotland have more in common with each other than they do with the chimps in Westminster/London.

    Nationalism and religion are of little importance to me, quite the reverse the condition of my peers is of great importance. And yet most of the peers I identify with do not have their voices heard because of a governance structure that caters for an elite at the expense of the majority. No system is perfect, but a more devolved system of governance closer to those that policies impact would be preferable to the ‘dictatorship of the elite’ we currently exist under. Indeed, perhaps the Chartists had it right, namely annual elections to ensure our elected officials are responsive to the peoples needs, rather than stuffing their own pockets with coin as we witness today and ‘fuck’ to their constituents – hardly democratic is that.

    In a nutshell, most average persons are capable of rational thought and action if they have a decent understanding of what’s at stake, but its difficult when so many rely on biased messages from most media outlets, as we witnessed with the September 2014 Scottish Independence vote – a process now being played out in the EU vote.

  • Uphill

    Morning Chris, I think you missed my point.

    “Not too sure why you are so negative towards devolving power structures closer to the people”

    I’m not. I just think it’s nonsense that those in power ‘regionally’ would necessarily devolve powers to the people (even if they wanted to)…What makes the Scottish so exemplary that they are going to give power to the people, there not, nobody ever does.

    And the September 2014 Scottish Independence vote wasn’t any real independence as set out, talk about biased messages…

  • Uphill

    As we learned from Greece, you can be in government but not in power, and those in that government are now happy to sit on their hands.

    So you want ‘real’ Independence now do you, ie your own currency within the EU as is?

    Pull the other one.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)



    You may have forgotten Harold Wilson,..”

    I obviously haven’t, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting about his wife, would I.

    THINK, you fool! 🙂

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Resident Dissident

    You are right but I would point out the following:

    1/. U think only Marcia Williams was on the scene fight from the beginning (ie the 1964 Wilson govt) – the rest came onto the scene somewhat later

    and;, following on from that in part,

    2/. I should say that they were somewhat less in the public eye than Mary Wilson.

    You could of course have added Roy Hattersley to your list but I would comment as above.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “I consider being called a fantasist and fraudulent by the particular commenter in question an honor.”

    Not a very original line.

    Must have read it somewhere.


  • Chris Rogers


    Ah, now I see where you are coming from and concur with your sentiment, namely, just displacing power from one ‘corrupt’ centre to another one does not in itself solve anything. And you can see this at play in both Wales and Scotland, each have distinct geographical regions and a dichotomy between said regions – hence the import of a distinct political centre not necessarily being the capitol of each country.

  • Uphill


    Yea, A historical analogy I often think of is feudal city states, local kingdoms. Though not totally analogous to real existing capitalism, modern day, those power structures existed in very small regions.

    In our case they pretend they can but are largely part of lager overriding structures, the realties of witch they don’t even reveal to the public, that’s if they even care to find out themselves. It’s just a job right.

  • Uphill

    btw, I will say that this does not mean governments can’t play a better role. Just that by themselves there is no chance. Greece, Syriza, it was something, some did try. Podemos at least seems more honest about stuff.

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