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At 8.30pm tonight I am going to have a streamed live chat with Independence Live, on various subjects including of course Scottish Independence. It is interesting because they are setting it up using Blab, a programme which enables you to appear and join in the conversation. This is experimental for me. I believe that you may need a twitter account to sign in to blab and join in, but that you should be able just to watch on the Independence Live website without signing in. I am investigating if it will be possible to stream it on this site as well.

If we like the technology, I might use it to host a series of chats on this site, where I sit down with a whisky in hand and ruminate, and you can pop up and join in.

Join the Blab!
This is a livestream, Blab interview. If you would like to jump on and join the panel then follow the link below. You will need your Twitter login details to join panel, or you can just observe. https://blab.im/independence-live-craig-murray-interview

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403 thoughts on “Let’s Chat 8.30pm Tonight

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  • RobG

    Habba, there’s a lot I find hard to tolerate about you, but you’ll always get me with a sense of humour.

    But what would our child be like?

    A drunk Nazi?!

  • Republicofscotland

    “I wouldn’t say I was patronising Clark, just suggesting he shouldn’t fall in with the silly little games you and that drunkard RobG keep trying to play with him.

    I’ve said the same to several times on CM, as it happens.

    Re “lurking” on Squonk – well, if you saw my comment there you must have been lurking as well.

    In fact, lurking more than me because I posted on Squonk but you didn’t – you just read and then came to squeal on CM.


    Ah, the vigliant eye speaks.

    “I wouldn’t say I was patronising Clark”


    I suppose modesty prevents you.


    “You knut.”

    “Knut (Norwegian and Swedish), Knud (Danish), or Knútur (Icelandic) is a Scandinavian first name, of which the anglicised form is Cnut citation needed or Canute. In Germany both “Knut” and “Knud” are used. In Spanish and Portuguese Canuto is used which comes from the Latin version Canutus. The name is derived from the Old Norse Knútr meaning “knot”.

    I’ll take that as a compliment shall I?

  • Clark

    RobG, attacking Habbabkuk addresses which problem of humanity?

    Habbabkuk, c’mon, fair doos, RobG posts decent comments before he gets sozzled. If you fail to praise the good stuff you can expect the shit stuff to proliferate.

  • Republicofscotland

    “What do you do for a living?”


    Well we all now know what you do eh.

    “Please reassure me you don’t have anything to do with impressionable young people (eg, teacher).”

    Habb old boy, the very last thing I want to do is reassure you of all people ?

  • Clark

    Knut Jensen is a character in Fred Hoyle’s wonderful short science-fiction The Black Cloud. Knut is a young astronomer who likes his sardines in his cream of tomato soup.

  • Republicofscotland

    “They are as fraudulent as the fantasist who calls himself “Lysias”.”


    The vigliant eye has spoken again, I’m sure Lysais will have something to say about that.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Knut Jensen is a character in Fred Hoyle’s wonderful short science-fiction The Black Cloud. Knut is a young astronomer who likes his sardines in his cream of tomato soup.”


    Sounds delicious Clarke, Knut was also the name of the cute wee polar bear, who made headlines around the world, when his mother rejected him at birth, sadly Knut died in 2011.

    But I’m sure the vigilant eye would’ve seen that, Allan Pinkerton was born in Glasgow.

    Habb may like their motto “We never sleep.”

  • Chris Rogers


    I find it hard that you are down in the dumps again, so try this:

    My business has gone ‘tits’up’, at the same time I was given notice to leave my flat and now face a more than 20% rental increase for an apartment that is 10% smaller than the one I’m now in. Oh and I’m stuck here because I’m not allowed to live in the UK with my wife courtesy of Tory xenophobia.

    Sometimes I want to kill myself. And then I look at my eight year old kid and think it’s a bit daft.

    Now I find myself below the poverty-line in Hong Kong, stuck here because I married the wrong sort and virtually unemployable because of age and the fact the industry I’ve been in for 20 years has been totally disrupted by the internet.

    And then I think of the poor buggers in Syria and other hell holes – so whilst life is now shit, at least I’m alive and can see blue skies from my balcony, well that’s if we don’t have pollution from Shenzhen.

    Now, I can either go mad, kill myself or try and keep a ‘stiff upper lip’, which I do by posting on blogs and reading matters of interest to keep my mind off the shit that surrounds me.

    Next move is God knows, but 50 year olds are not in great demand, particularly those who like speaking their mind.

  • giyane


    The Qur’an calls the Messiah Al Massih, literally the anointed one, son of Mary, pbuh a prophet sent to the recalcitrant children of Isreal.

    In Kurdish, masi means fish, hence the fish code seen on the back of cars.

    He wasn’t killed and resurrected, so Easter is pretty much irrelevant, but it was a good yarn.along with the collective forgiveness of sins.


    I don’t think the West has lost in Syria. The neo-cons have lost. i don’t regard myself as being collectively anything by neo-cons, least of all represented. It is rather curious to see the swivel eyed Hillary Clinton and 6 swivel-eyed Tory cabinet ministers like I D-S, continue spinning their legs after they have left the cliff and before the animators choose to drop them to the ground.

    The outcome of the neo-cons losing the war, or rather the reason for it, is that unlike their man-invented religion of collective forgiveness, Islam has a core belief which rejects Tyranny. In the first pages of the Qur;an the J***s are condemned for ejecting their Muslim brothers and sisters from their homes, while Saudis and neo-cons both regard it as a reasonable tool for forcing them to submit to their tyrannical rule.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    The death of Nancy Reagan is a timely reminder of our mortality.

    Speaking of which, it is not generally known that one prominent* public figure from the almost-forgotten Harold Wilson era is still alive – perhaps the only one.

    I refer to Mary Wilson, his wife. She is 100 this year and still well for her age.

    I find that pleasing and wish her several more years.


    *inevitably but very much against her wishes

  • giyane

    Chris Rogers

    Clark is always quickly drawing cartoon land for characters that find themselves in defiance of gravity. He forgets that he is not spider-man, and comes down with his rescued causes when gravity resumes.

    As to your problems, I find myself very unable to function at work so long as swivel-eyed recidivist nutters are subjecting civilian populations to genocide , such as in Afghanistan In 2001, Iraq 2003 to now and Syria for the last five years. I would have gone to China to teach English this summer if my 85 yr old mum had allowed because in Islam escape from fitna /madness is permitted. In fact you can go and live in the jungle or in a village in the valleys where house prices are still down since 2008 in order to avoid confrontation with the creators of the madness.

    As it is, given enough rope, the mad brigade of neo-cons and takfiri murderers have exhausted their credibility on their own. The worst is over and we are now left with mostly practical problems, not the swivelled ones.

    This is not the case of an empire creating its own opposition, this is a question of a civilisation having the popular momentum to survive a take=over bid from its political swivel class, and re-grab the steering wheel.

    I always old my kids , if they were crying, it was because they now felt safe enough to face previously repressed problems.

    I wish you luck with officialdom with your world-class bride.

  • giyane


    You may have forgotten Harold Wilson, but there again, Mrs T thought socialism had been swept away for ever. try saying that on the receiving end of a Chino-Russian cruise missile, my friend.

  • Uphill

    “I’m having a crisis regarding human nature.”

    I’v had lots of them, it’s fine.

    Some issues are (on this blog and beyond)….It’s like going to a certain school, in a certain society, mixing around certain people, most think it’s normal until they travel or something. Culture, people, rubs off.

    Unfortunate there aren’t many society’s that nurture our natural goodness, and many individuals are so gone they work against people following theirs. And western lifestyles close up peoples body’s/self fast (the fear spread by the exploiters doesn’t help this obviously, but they still do it knowingly. 🙁 )

    Find some good tai chi or yoga, get into your body, away from living in ones head, works for me.

    ‘The busy bee has no time for sorrow.’ but I still manage too much.

    Anyone who spends time around or has there own children, and still has an open mind to see, or remembers themselves, knows people are basically good.

  • Chris Rogers


    Yes, I’d say the person referred to in the Article has it worse than me, and to think he fought for Queen and country. And for what may I enquire?

    To be treated as scum by the scum who rule us.

    It’s another reason we need a highly devolved and federal government structure where Scotland, Wales and NI get to decide who lives in their countries and not bloody Westminster.

    Fact remains I don’t care about being poor, but I bloody do care about not being allowed to live in my own country with my own wife and daughter.

    But then the Tories have always been about family and family responsibility – MY ARSE!!!!!!!!!

  • Resident Dissident

    “Speaking of which, it is not generally known that one prominent* public figure from the almost-forgotten Harold Wilson era is still alive – perhaps the only one.”

    Marcia Falkender, Joe Haines, Gerald Kaufmann and Bernard Donoughue are all still around I believe.

  • Uphill

    Ps, I’d also say “regarding it” points to something. Don’t, you can’t know something with thought. It’s experiences more fundamental which give us more faith, or in the best circumstances certainty beyond these every day mental notions. Personally I don’t need faith, even in these dark times.

    It doesn’t mean it’s all going to be good. lot’s is messed up. It’s not good to count on external stuff much.

  • RobG

    Going by recent posts on here, there is something very, very wrong with society.

    The solution is to wake up, and yes, smell the coffee.

    It’s really very simple.

    (and don’t forget to ‘Hug a Habba’)

  • lysias

    I’m sure Lysais will have something to say about that.

    I consider being called a fantasist and fraudulent by the particular commenter in question an honor. Now, if he were to compliment me, I would be wondering where I had gone wrong.

  • fedup

    if he were to compliment me, I would be wondering where I had gone wrong.

    More to the point, any eventuality as dreadful as the outcome outlined above would only indicate one fact; you have crossed over to the dark side and have become a troll that is only worthy of one retort by all and sundry frequenting this blog; Piss off!!

    Hence given that you are subject to the ire of the known loser and brown nose of repute with an attitude then you can safely be assured that you have not crossed over!!

    BTW who do you think is likely to kick start the WWIII Trump or Hillary?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    The important thing is to be nice, eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, and British animals – who I sometimes photograph in the Countryside – sometimes even alone – whilst my wife decides to do something else

    Don’t do Project Fear – don’t be afraid to walk the Streets of London alone…and do not eat American GMO shiite.

    He was a white – almost certainly a very cold English man..

    He had been holding this sign for hours – Car wash this way – Turn Left…

    And she was warm and well dressed – and I saw this girl – give him some money – maybe a quid – I don’t know the amount

    She is a Muslim Girl dressed up to the nines – I don’t know if he ever saw her face…but it brought a tear to my eye.

    She is probably skint too – but she wasn’t trying to sell the Big Issue this afternoon. She was trying to be nice to This poor English Man.


  • lysias

    BTW who do you think is likely to kick start the WWIII Trump or Hillary?

    Definitely Hillary. With Trump the more urgent question is whether he would try to become a dictator.

    I don’t intend to vote for either. If Sanders doesn’t get the Dem nomination, I will definitely vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

  • Uphill

    @Chris Rogers

    “about family and family responsibility – MY ARSE!!!!!!!!!”

    Too true…..

    But there is no such thing as “Scotland, Wales and NI” or England. It is a makeup of different social relations, the significant devisions are within each.

    Giving more powers to regions is not at all necessarily democratising it.

  • giyane

    Vicarious redemption is the phrase I’ve been searching for. The Blair thing stated that he would take personal responsibility for his decision to attack Iraq. Islamic State being one of the many scapegoats the swivel-eyed neo=cons have created in order to deflect responsibility from their own violence and greed. Their support for the violence of Al Qaida was purely in order to create the illusion that Islam is intrinsically violent so that they can continue raping the country and stealing the oil.

    Vicarious redemption of sins is a falsity propagated by Christianity in order to divert attention from being held to account for the harm created by their political lying and colonial theft.

    Similarly Saudi racism seeks a theological justification for retaining tribal power.

    Our own civil war put paid to the absolute falsities of the Roman Catholic religion and the civil war in Syria will put paid to the absolute falsities of saudi Takfirism – Takfirism is a smokescreen for racism.

    There is no politician in the universe who would not swap sides if he or she saw an opportunity of personal gain. Politicians are just vapid e-fags, vicariously lining their pockets for promoting and shilling ideas they do not believe in.

    That is why the 30 years of the West’s war on Islam and the Arab war on Islam have now cresulted in failure. Neither Western Carpet bombing of Afghans, nor Saudi terror in Libya and the Middle east will ever succeed in destroying Islam.

    Why would the West want to destroy countries like Pakistan which are yearning for Western civilisation? Why would Saudi Arabia want to destroy countries like Syria which are yearning for Islam?

    Because neither the west nor the Saudi Arabs can bear to see others benefit from their own ideas, without some franchising payment or loyalty tax being levied on ideas they want to preserve exclusively for themselves.

    neo-cons don’t own the copyright to freedom of ideas, any more that muftis own Islam.
    but it is taking a little time for that message to sink in.

  • lysias

    Jill Stein is both a woman and a Jew (although one very critical of Israel), be it noted. I already voted for her the last time, in 2012.

  • fwl

    Heard an R4 programme couple of years ago which compared age at death Of 1st ladies with PM wives and then with average life expectancy of citizens and subjects. Conclusion was that US health care at best with the full dollar package as experienced by first ladies gave them far greater life expectancy than our nhs treated PMs wives. Maybe something has changed? NHS improved? Or?

  • giyane


    “Giving more powers to regions is not at all necessarily democratising it.”

    Yes and democratising it would not at all be improving it.

    Ask any ba’athist if nationalism has helped iraq, and ask them the same question about so called democracy.

    Nationalism => racism. Democracy => best liars go to power.

    Plus sha change, plus sh’est la fucking shame chose, n’est ce pas?

  • Uphill

    “Politicians are just vapid e-fags, vicariously lining their pockets for promoting and shilling ideas they do not believe in.”

    O come on giyane, there are one or two (sadly literally) who are better than this.

    Anyone would think your generalizing to fit a pre-desposed idealogical leaning. I know the felling but it’s nonsense.

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