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Physically, it is easy to be a terrorist. Killing unarmed people is never frightfully difficult. It is impossible physically to stop terrorism. I commented years ago that the theatre of security at airports just created a new target; the people densely packed queueing for security at airports. It will always be simple to kill individuals, and if you wish to kill a lot of people at once, there are just so many places where people are crowded together. Planes, trains, buses and coaches, metros, ferries and the associated boarding places of all of those. Cinemas, theatres, supermarkets, concerts, bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, public squares. Lectures, meetings, ceilidhs, churches, mosques, schools, workplaces, tourist attractions. Football matches, firework displays, the boat race, racecourses, carnivals, festivals, beaches, fun fairs, amusement arcades. Commemorations, demonstrations, marches. Cabarets, swimming pools, museums, canteens.

It is impossible physically to prevent all determined terrorist attacks without imposing a level of security which would fundamentally change the very experience of being a human being and the very foundations of human society. The uselessness of it was demonstrated fatuously by Tony Blair sending tanks to Heathrow airport.

But if we cannot physically defend against determined terrorists, what can we do?

Well, the most important thing is, don’t panic. Given how easy it is to kill people physically, the important thing is how extremely difficult it is to do it mentally. In fact terrorism is vanishingly rare. It is so rare there has only been one person killed by terrorists in the mainland United Kingdom in the last decade.

An event like that in Brussels today horrifies and terrifies. But remember, that the same number of people murdered today are killed in Belgium less than every three weeks in traffic accidents, and have been killed at that rate or greater in traffic accidents for over four decades. Over 700 people a year die in traffic accidents in Belgium; twenty times more than have just been killed by terrorists. Of course, the terrorist incident is a big single death toll and more stark because it is a deliberate act of evil. But if you’ve just been mown down by a car, that also is not pretty and you are just as dead.

So panic must be avoided. There is no sense in which the tiny threat of terrorism is a genuine threat to western civilisation – unless we grossly overreact. Old fashioned intelligence work is the best way to counter active intelligence cells. This would be much more effective if it were targeted. The pool of intelligence is far too contaminated with tens of millions of intercepts of harmless people from mass surveillance, and all kinds of dross intelligence fed to us from torture chambers around the world.

Western policy in the Middle East in the last decade has been a grotesque failure by any possible measure. If western states simply stopped inflicting violence and death abroad themselves, it would do much to end the cycle. People are less likely to turn terrorist if they feel they have a worthwhile role in society and something more to live for. It is a truism that alienation of young Muslim men from the societies they live in has motivated several terrorists. That same alienation affects young non-Muslims too, as a generation faces crippling debt, unfulfilling, unprotected and low paid work and an unconsidered life in a society skewed to support the extravagant lifestyles of a tiny minority of the ultra-wealthy. I fear that if society continues the way we are going, political violence of a nihilistic nature will become a more common reaction.

Any response that tries simply to increase physical security and surveillance will entirely miss the point.

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  • Habbabkuk ( drones away!)

    Well, I note with interest that only a couple of sensible contributors have answered my question about “GLADIO”.

    Those other “commenters” who felt able to “answer” (most were of course unable or unwilling) just ranted or diverted.

    I’m not surprised. This shows – if more proof were needed – how intellectually impoverished and dishonest most of the Excellences and their hangers-on are. 🙂

    • lysias

      Max Blumenthal retweets:

      ronnie barkan ‏@ronnie_barkan Mar 23 Israel
      ZioFascists gloating about #Brusselsattack. [there’s plenty more where that came from… ht JohnBrown] #Zionism101
      Rania Khalek, David Sheen, Dan Cohen and 7 others

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    • Habbabkuk (combat apologists for terrorism)

      Another nutty website.

      What Europe’s airports and airlines need is more Israeli-style security measures, not fewer.

      Israeli airports and El Al are the safest in the world.

      And the Israelis have a refreshingly robust way of dealing with the occasional lone terrorist who drives his car at people standing at a bus stop or whtever.

      Mind you, UK measures against terrorism and particularly Islamic terrorism – including legislation – could also serve as an example for the rest of Europe.

      After all, as Craig has said, there has only been one terror-related death in mainland UK in the last decade. 🙂 🙂

  • mike

    It’s a great day for humanity – the Syrian lions are about to retake control of Palmyra.

    • Njegos

      Yes, although unfortunately the ISIS neanderthals have done a lot of damage to the beautiful ruins. Still, things are moving in the right direction.

      • Habbabkuk (combat apologists for terrorism)

        I agree. They’re as bad as the Taliban destroying pre-Islamic sites, monuments and artifacts in Afghanistan.

    • Habbabkuk (for fact-based, polite, rational and obsession-free posting)

      Barrel bombs away !!

      • bevin

        It must be hard watching your side losing:
        “King Abdullah said UK special forces needed his soldiers’ assistance when operating on the ground in north Africa, explaining “Jordanian slang is similar to Libyan slang”.

        The king also highlighted that British forces had helped in building up a mechanised battalion in southern Syria, headed by a local commander and made up of tribal fighters, to combat Bashar al-Assad’s army, and that his troops were ready with Britain and Kenya to go “over the border” to attack al-Shabaab in Somalia….”

        It could not be clearer. The terrorists are not only armed, paid and trained by NATO, they are also given the protective whitewash of zionist trolls apologising for their actions and, in lockstep with the wahhabis, denigrating the Syrian forces.

        Barrel bombs are nothing compared with the Saudi-NATO campaign against the people of Yemen in which the bombs are British supplied and the targets chosen by British officers.

    • frank tait

      The earliest known use of barrel bombs in their current form was by the Israeli military in 1948. The second known use of barrel bombs was by the US military in Vietnam in the late 1960s. wiki

  • fedup

    Saadi in a; sneak in comment and run attack, goes wild as per his own words; “bluster” ing away and ends with this little gem

    Everything you post on these matters suggests that you are very deep denial. You are not the only one.

    This is the level of the reasoning of this so called “informed” individual whose infantile reasoning is almost fit for a primary school.

    Saadi has come to conclude that suicide bombers and Islam have a correlation! Hence pouring forth his absolute bilge. Evidently he is too busy in the struggle with his own ethnicity, as he blurts out;

    We are not a homogeneous brown mass, to be pitied and seen always as victims.

    Patently apparent of the inner struggles of Saadi who forgets that Kamikaze pilots were the vanguard of the suicide bombers. Also he has not heard this tactic was revived by the Tamils in their struggle, neither of which were Muslims. But that is not of any interest to Saadi he is more interested in Islam bashing. Akin to a teenage son rebelling against his father’s traditions. The animated Saadi as ever resorts to the labels this time he has pulled out of his hat the defunct reactionary political party that was banned in the UK, as the straw man argument to justify his untenable position.

    But hold on here is a clue;

    their supremacism. In Pakistan, the Islanmists are in charge and have been since 1977.

    This is the root of the anxiety that Saadi is reeling against!

    Let’s now evaluate the situation, Pakistan has an illiteracy rate of 78 million souls, who are left high and dry due to the ineffective, corrupt mode of governance that has always been acquiescent to the calls made on her by the Imperial US. Resultant of the rates of illiteracy and the rates of poverty is people are left to fend for themselves, and make do and mend, and attend religious schools that are further influenced by the SIS.

    Added to this mix is the pernicious influence of al saud pederasts that creates an almost hermetically sealed echo chamber for the few powerful feudal overlords and their coterie to guide the readily available mass of souls whose life experiences revolve around the verbal instructions of their set in place religious leaders. Saadi then proceeds to project this on all the Islamic world, in particular onto the inhabitants of the the mid east. Thus the bunkum that he is endlessly spewing without really understanding why?

    Saadi questioning why the oppressed masses of Korean peninsula did not rise up? etc, Fact that he is condoning the oppression of oppressed just does not seem to cross his mind, because he is far too busy with his pet hatred to stop and take stock.

    Fighting ignorance does not begin with oppressing the ignorant and further marginalising them has never crossed the mind of the angry Saadi who is all too ready to lash out at the Muslims because of the failures of Pakistan as a state.

    Pointless to debate any subject with anyone so emotionally ambivalent and mixed up!

    • Suhayl Saadi

      Many of the Islamist terrorists are actually highly educated, middle-class, while many others are not. Some have been brought up in the West, others in Muslim countries. Some are in good jobs, others are unemployed petty criminals. Most Pakistanis are poor. Most Pakistanis are not terrorists. The ones who are not infrequently are not poor. There is no specific demographic. The Congo also has very unequal income distribution, largely as a consequence of colonialism/neocolonialism, yet Congolese are not blowing up airports and stations in Europe. The central ideology of martyrdom as we see it today emanates from the Islamist clerical fascist ideology. The fact that other groups – Kamikaze pilots, a few Tamil Tigers – have sacrificed themselves for political reasons does not impact of this central ethos.

      That it has a complex aetiology is not in doubt. Economics plays a part, but it is not the only driver, far from it. That the ideologies disseminated by primarily Saudi Arabia (and others) since at least the mid-1970s has been instrumental is clear. Just follow the money.

      Methinks you do protest too much when I critique Islamism. Why is my critique provoking such a response? Could it be that really, deep down, you are aware that I have a point? You are reacting much as an Islamist might react. It is a fragile ideology – it does not stand up to scrutiny.

      I am Muslim, you have said that you are not – or at least you have not been willing to ‘confirm or deny’ either way. To you, it seems, I am not ‘a good native’. Yet in spite of the fact that I am Muslim and you, it would seem, are not, you think it’s fine to attack me when I critique the postmodern political ideology known variously as Islamic Fundamentalism, Islamism,Jihadism, clerical fascism, etc. This ideology destroys – physically, mentally, spiritually – mainly Muslim people. It often has been in alliance with, even promoted by, the neocolonialist powers. Along with imperialist aggression, Islamism, especially of the variety promoted by Saudi Arabia et al, has destroyed so many countries, millions of people’s lives, in the Middle East and beyond. Yet you seek to defend it, to apologise for its actions. This is not helping Muslim people, either here, i the West or elsewhere. You are not demonstrating solidarity with Muslim people, any more than White Supremacists are demonstrating support for British people.. You simply are propounding support for another Far Right supremacist ideology.

      • fedup

        You are full of shit Saadi! What is the pitiful crap you have plastered above?

        Your infantile reasoning is taking a detour into psychosis, just go back and read the twaddle you have written, digesting it find if you are still not ashamed of it?

        Your contradictory diatribe is an emotional gibberish as that of a teenager racked anxieties trying to make sense out of his world. You start with some are and some are not line, no shit Sherlock there is the day and then there is night too, and with such an illustrious start your argument then nose dives into even lower planes;

        I am Muslim, you have said that you are not – or at least you have not been willing to ‘confirm or deny’ either way. To you, it seems, I am not ‘a good native’

        So what? What kind of bullshit is this line? But as ever the traits of victims Saadi are there, first forward the assumption; I am Muslim, so does it means you are an observant Muslim who prays, fasts, pays alms, …….. or does it mean you were born into a Muslim family and got circumcised and presto you became a Muslim and no more? Simply put an unconscious Muslim of convenience, in name and no more. Then comes the assertion; questioning my religious persuasion and having a pop as to be a “closet Muslim” (just for the next step) and then comes the “Saadi denunciation”; an inverted self immolation in a bid to garner the sympathy of the audience:”I am not ‘a good native’”!!!! Well boohoo.

        This of course is a step in the diatribe that is setting up the scene for the finally “cutting” denouncement, wearing his braces and sliding his thumbs under the said brace throwing his voice; mi lard …… :

        You are not demonstrating solidarity with Muslim people, any more than White Supremacists are demonstrating support for British people.. You simply are propounding support for another Far Right supremacist ideology.

        Wheeeyy I best go and find my wellies to cry into them a bucket after such a “cutting critique”.

        Although Saadi goes on record, about Congolese, not even recognising the extent of the destruction of that land by the colonialists. However concludes by asking; why don’t the Congolese fight as fiercely as their mid eastern counter parts? This spurious line of sophistry is back bone of the Saadi’s “arguments” over and again why don’t such and such do as such and such?

        Fact that being a Muslims of any degree, practising or non practising somehow does not qualify the individual to be an authority on a religion, and or to have an objective understanding of any religion aside. Saadi is caught up between his hatred of his own ethnicity and the need to play to the gallery of “prevent” and the publishers all in a conflation of emotional outburst that is concluding the political struggles of the developing mid eastern countries that have born the brunt of the post colonial policies of crippling sanctions, and propping up of the hand picked vassals put in the charge of these benighted people who happen to be sitting on a huge wealth that is being coveted by their tormentors and oppressors.

        This political struggle being played out as a “religious” difference serves to further ensure the oppression of huge masses of human beings, as the current nine wars attest to. Whilst providing the perfect maelstrom in our own countries in the West resulting in erosion of our own used to have liberties (oppression lite) and our communally owned national assets that are rapidly being syphoned off into the ownership of the various oligarchs sponsoring our own politicos.

        This, Saadi does not mind, after all he is all for unequal income distribution so long as he is in the bread and butter damned be the others and future generations, hence his dogged defence of the status quo and denouncement of the political aspirations of swathes of people as religious nutters and vandals out on a jolly!

        The genuflecting Saadi knows no bounds and will come back with some more fresh emotional drivel befitting any run of the mill ever lasting know it all,for certain as his future “contributions” will manifest!

        • Suhayl Saadi

          Fed Up, I think you now no longer really know what you are talking about. Your diatribes have grown increasingly incoherent as you attempt – for some reason – to defend the indefensible. It’s the Muslim equivalent of the pub bore.

          You appear to be trying to defend supremacist Salafism and Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy which, since at least the mid-1970s and certainly since the the Mecca mosque seign of 1979, has entailed projecting supremacist Salafism globally.

          “… so does it means you are an observant Muslim who prays, fasts, pays alms, …….. ” Fed Up

          This is the typical Islamist/Jihadist line. To question whether someone is ‘a real Muslim’. That’s why they feel free to kill at will – they do not regard the people they kill in Syria/Iraq/Libya/Mali/Indonesia/Pakistan as ‘real Muslims’ (even if they are entirely practising, devout, etc.). That question itself, ‘Are you a real Muslim?’ actually is considered a great sin in islam; it is assigning to oneself the role of the deity. But it is what one hears from Hiz-ut-Tahrir and all the other Far Right supremacist groups.

          The White Supremacist right asks, ‘Are you a real indigenous Briton? The clerical fascist Far Right asks, ‘Are you a real Muslim?’ Same mentality. This really does need to be challenged, not pandered to, by the Left in the UK. The Left in Muslims countries challenges it, and then gets murdered for doing so. Is there no solidarity?

          • fedup

            Saadi you need to go to spec savers for an eye test, there again there is nothing to change the jaundiced outlook of a mendacious specimen.

            “… so does it means you are an observant Muslim who prays, fasts, pays alms, …….. ”

            Fed Up

            This is the typical Islamist/Jihadist line. To question whether someone is ‘a real Muslim’. That’s why they feel free to kill at will – they do not regard the people they kill in Syria/Iraq/Libya/Mali/Indonesia/Pakistan as ‘real Muslims’ (even if they are entirely practising, devout, etc.).

            ROFL! Histrionics abound from the CofE version of a Muslim if you will, scurrying to take cover in the smoke screen of the labels (a Saadi speciality). Although the bait and switch argument goes; state the assertion “a real Muslim”*! Followed by the assumption that “real Muslims kill for the sake of fun of it”. Then Saadi is in his comfort zone of denouncing; “a great sin in islam” and the old chestnut “Hiz-ut-Tahrir and all the other Far Right supremacist groups”!

            Note that Saadi is playing to the gallery, in his diatribe that has little to do with addressing the points put to him and everything to do with “prevent”, and the “publisher fraternity”. Genuflecting away and proving his allegiance once again.

            I fear there is a need for crowd funding to make good the expenses on the copious amounts of anti chapping lip balm; for such a sucking up needs a goodly amounts of the aforementioned balm.

            However Saadi finds the need for further denouncements and engages in abundantly pouring forth more labels; “White Supremacist ……. clerical fascist Far Right …. Same mentality ……… Left in Muslims countries challenges it, and then gets murdered for doing so ……” At least we can be assured that such a diatribe getting out of his system hopefully will buy some respite for the poor family pet not getting the order of the boot, so I don’t need to send the two pounds to RSPCA this month, I have already done my bit for the animals in this thread.

            Thus we can gather that Saadi is a practising Muslim in as much as Edina Monsoon is a follower of fashion. However this does not stop the pontifications of “trust me I am a Muslim” Saadi to denounce the Islamic world for following an organic and home-grown political tack, as opposed to the prescribed and promoted free for the rich political dogma of the US et al that is passed as the “free market economic”.

            Clearly Saadi is far too busy self promoting and propagandising than any potential debate of any sort, furthermore given the conformity of Saadi with the official narrative with the added nuance of “trust me I am Muslim” see my name, and then rip into the Muslims and heaping the same derision by the tonne the Muslim societies.

            Fact that al saud pederasts are not clerics or authorities in Islam yet they set up and sponsor the various “Imams” and further through their NGOs set up the same kinds of “Imams” in the West too, somehow escapes the attention of our own version of Muslim Edina Monsoon! This concept does not seem alien to him because after all the Bishops and Archbishop in UK are chosen by the monarch and see how well we are off?

            Our bishops and Archbishop of Enterprise Oil PLC are pretty busy with marrying Gays and ordaining women (not identity politics at all, at all.), and investing in the various corporates, than nitpicking about the hungry, dispossessed, homeless, ……… etc.

            * Nowhere in my comment that he is responding to, is there an allusion to “real Muslim”, the only real religious people that I know can be found here

        • Suhayl Saadi

          You’re no longer really saying anything of substance, Fed Up. I think this is important. Why are you arguing in support of Far Right Supremacists? This type of attitude is not without consequence.

          For example, any criticism on-line of the assassin of Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab, Pakistan by a Far Right Religious Supremacist brings forth a mountain of direct threats from the fascist’s supporters and from those who would wish to cover, or provide excuses, for him. Taseer was murdered because he openly called for reform of the Blasphemy laws in Pakistan and because he publicly supported a Christian woman sentenced to death under these laws.


          Let’s not jump to conclusions and this is an ongoing criminal case. A man a shopkeeper of Pakistani origin – has just been killed in my city. It has been reported that Police Scotland is treating it as “a religiously prejudiced attack”. Both the man arrested and the dead man are/were Muslims. Shortly before his death, the shopkeeper had posted messages wishing his Christian customers a Happy Easter.


          • fedup

            The temerity of it all, Saadi you are pissing around and finding data that is fitting your jaundiced view of Muslims, all the while discounting anything that is contrary to your neocon belief structure. I have comprehensively outed you, in the above, time and again, and still you hope that no one will read the lengthy exchange and reliant on that alone, you fill in the space with some more denunciations.

            Citing beebeecee as a credible source of news, concerning the Muslims, the same outfit that goes out of it’s way to Muslims bash in any given opportunity. The murder of the shop keeper is being spun to be because he has wished a “happy Easter to all his Christian customers , and his beloved nation”. What kind of bollocks is this?

            “Religiously aggravated” means the chap wished happy Easter, and was killed because of it, does it?

            Saadi you really have issues, with your own ethnicity and the feeble excuses of you rare a Muslim just don’t wash as you manifest hatred of all Muslims and their political systems, that comes across loud and clear from all your comments.

            Your denial is so much so that you have not even understood the developments with the artificial intelligence robot that had to be withdrawn because it had learned racist and sectarian drivel in the time it was sweeping the internet, to the extent that it has been withdrawn! This is an indictment of the current climate of hatred and prejudice that you seem to be happily propagating and have the temerity to turn the tables around to harangue “far right fascist” at all and sundry that call you out for the neo con that you are!

            You are so ready to accept any and all drivel that fits your world view regardless of the veracity of the data that you are suppose to be using in defence of your position!

            Jumping on the band wagon that because he wished a happy Easter to his Christian customers he was murdered!!! Julius Streicher used to be a credible source of news with his Der Stürmer.

        • Suhayl Saadi

          The shopkeeper killed in Glasgow on Thursday may have been a member of the Ahmedi branch of Islam. This group has been under severe persecution in Pakistan by clerical fascists, with murders and terrorist attacks common. Anyone who tries to defend these people is either one of them or is deeply deluded. You now are simply ranting, Fed Up. Meanwhile, it would appear that a member of a religious minority within Islam has been murdered on the streets of Glasgow and the police are treating it as a religious hate crime. If it had been a white supremacist act, there would have been outrage on these boards. instead of which, there appears to be silence. Which exemplifies my point about much of the liberal/ Left being in denial.

          • Suhayl Saadi

            To clarify (the syntax was a little unclear): Anyone who tries to defend the clerical supremacist persecutors of religious minorities (vis a vis the sustained attacks on Ahmedis, Shias, Christians, etc.) in Pakistan and now, it would appear possibly also in the UK, is either one of the persecutors or else is deluded.

            if an Israeli settler had killed a Palestinian, or a white supremacist murder of a Pakistani shopkeeper, there would have been uproar on these boards – and rightly so. But someone is killed in Glasgow in, the police have suggested, may have been a religiously-motivated attack, and there is… silence. There has been outrage in Scotland, a vigil, a fund set up and so on. But here… ?

            Fed Up, why are you defending Far Right supremacists?

    • glenn_uk

      And the Israelis have a refreshingly robust way of dealing with the occasional lone terrorist who drives his car at people standing at a bus stop or whtever.

      Too right Brian San. That was a disgusting thing to say. The very idea there was a “shoot to kill policy” during the “troubles” with Ireland was outrageous, our government quick to deny it, calling such mentions scurrilous rumour.

      Yet here we have Habbabkuk gleefully praising it. Unbelievable.

  • bevin

    The plot becomes clearer and clearer: as my earlier post showed, King Abdullah of Jordan’s briefing of Congress has been leaked. He makes it clear that he is working with the SAS against Assad:
    “….The king also highlighted that British forces had helped in building up a mechanised battalion in southern Syria, headed by a local commander and made up of tribal fighters, to combat Bashar al-Assad’s army,…”

    And now it is revealed by As’ad AbuKhalil, that those groups in southern Syria are pledging allegiance to ISIS:

    “What is happening on the southern front in Syria: not in the US press
    It looks that even in the southern front, where we are told that Jordan and US have propped up a group of moderate Syrian rebels, many of those groups have been pledging allegiance to ISIS.”

    So, as long suspected, NATO , along with Jordan, is allied with the Syrian branch of the mob that blew up people in Brussels.

  • mike

    Even The Guardian are reporting that, Bevin. Nothing a few SU-34’s can’t take care of.

    • bevin

      “British commandos are providing training to Bahrain’s armed forces on using sniper rifles..”

  • Fredi

    President Obama, Look in the Mirror

    Bob Moriarty
    Mar 25, 2016

    Upon hearing of the deadly attacks by terrorists in Brussels, President Obama was quick to offer his thoughts when he said, “We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, Belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible” for the terrible attacks.

    While on a history-making trip to Cuba for the first time in 100 years, President Obama made it clear that it was time to drop the economic trade embargo on Cuba. The trade embargo was a mistake. It took the US 56 years to admit it.

    Just how long will it take for the United States to admit that our Middle East policy is just as flawed and has resulted in the deaths of tens of millions?

    Early reports say that thirty-one people were killed in Brussels. According to news reports, ISIS claims responsibility. If that is so, perhaps President Obama could start the process of bringing ISIS to justice by refusing to arm and fund them any longer. Perhaps he could insist President Erdogan of Turkey shut off the funding his son does by buying all the oil ISIS steals from Syria and Iraq.

    Harvard University teaches a four-point process for problem determination and solution. Here’s how it works.


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Don’t you love former NSA and CIA Director General Michael Hayden lecturing the Europeans about letting their laws get in the way when it comes to supplying national security!

    He should know as he, by his own account, deliberately let American law get in the way when it came to stopping the suicide bombers on 9/11, helping the killing of around 3,000 people, though you would think he would be most worried about shooting off his mouth in this context.

    • Chris Jones

      Are you admitting that 911 was an inside job then Trowbrige? Or by the very least ‘was allowed’ to happen? Though I believe the alleged suicide bombers is a bit of a red herring designed to misdirect and lead away from the main truth let’s not let that affect the magnitude and significance of what you’re saying; that there was pre knwowledge and an acquiescence to the 911 attacks by the American government and CIA

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Of course, I am not admitting that 9/11 was simply an inside job: it was a series of mistakes, starting with Hayden’s not agreeing to a process which could at least help identify the suicide bombers whom you question the existence of!!

    And it culminated with DCI George Tenet who thought his 15 unarmed agents could subdue the alleged hijackers.

    Go read James Bamford’s The Shadow Factory. and when I find my copy, I shall add more to refute you loony claims.

  • mike

    “Terrorist flow to Europe is Turkish policy,” says King Abdullah of Jordan in leaked memo.

    If only our state broadcaster would, like, you know, tell us a little about that memo and its FUCKING SIGNIFICANCE.

    How about it guys?

  • fedup

    Evidently the cause of the murder of the shop keeper that was murdered for “wishing a happy Easter to his Christian customers and his beloved nation” has moved onto; he could have been murdered for other reasons!

    Boy the presumption of hatred before the facts are known is a trait of Saadi, that frustrated his bilge not cutting mustard proceeds to reply to himself and close the debate above!!! That is not before ending with a final denunciations;

    Anyone who tries to defend these people is either one of them or is deeply deluded. You now are simply ranting, Fed Up.

    All this time Saadi is busy denouncing and never stops to think or even entertain that the ignorance born out of the illiteracy of seven eight million souls in Pakistan is the basis of the exploitation of these by the relevant reactionary feudal elements in Pakistan in conjunction with the al saud pederasts foisting their brand of the “clerics” on these uneducated people, that is further tacitly and at times actively supported by the US et al, in their latter day version of the great game.

    Accepting this concept would crash the whole world around the Saadi’s ears! That would mean Muslims are not mad, bad, undemocratic, blood thirsty vandals. Saadi having a great problem with comprehension further denounces, by throwing around more labels;

    Anyone who tries to defend the clerical supremacist persecutors of religious minorities …… in Pakistan and now, it would appear possibly also in the UK, is either one of the persecutors or else is deluded.


    Slogans abound Saadi steams ahead, pouring forth the denunciation on the matters that he himself has conjured up in his haste to defend his position. there are no allusions to such chargers anywhere in my forwarded text.

    Considering that Saadi is on record:

    We are not a homogeneous brown mass …….

    On the other hand he himself somehow treats the Muslim masses as homogeneous lump of violent vandals at the beck and call of the “fascist clerics”! Missing in this debate is the fact that Saadi is exhibiting a woefully scant knowledge of Muslim societies, and the constructs thereof.

    To equate the clerics in charge of Daesh platoons as per the al saud supervised appointment, a method that holds true within the lands of Hijaz, and the same al saud pederast promoted arrangements holding valid in Pakistan and Afghanistan as the bin Laden connections indicate. This then to be extended to the other progressive Islamic societies elsewhere can be only through wilful discount at best or plain ignorance of facts on the ground at worst.

    To further start denounce the Muslims for their “needless excessive violence” as Saadi has time and again proceeded to do is a telling trait of hatred and mendacity towards Muslims as a whole and in particular in Pakistan. Denouncing the feudal overlords and the US sponsored reactionary and corrupt governments in Pakistan is not of any interest to Saadi, but denouncing the seventy eight million illiterates citizen of Pakistan whose difficult lives of drudgery, poverty, ignorance, with scant access to schools, hospitals, doctors, and at times even potable water and adequate nutritionally balanced diet, whose only means of making sense out of their plight is found in their devotion to god that is then further hijacked by the likes of al saud pederasts comes all too easy to Saadi.

    Pointless to rock the boat and point the finger at the evils of fractional reserve banking and the fat banksters thereof, who have learned to play the masses against one another and live off the fat of the rendered dead, injured, hungry, destitute, homeless, and remain aloof from any fall outs safe and secure in their gated communities.

    No that is not the done thing, in this latter day Salem and revival of McCarthyism running rampant and without let or hindrance. Saadi is just enjoying the bandwagon of hate and discrimination heaped upon the Muslims, whilst defending the reactionary forces that have brought about the current war of religions, and ethnic and sectarian strife.

    Who organised the vigil for the murdered shopkeeper? How many other Muslims are being racially abused, beat up, murdered and none care about their plight, but this particular shop keeper ticks the right boxes and he is used in this macabre theatre of absurd to reiterate the mindless violent vandals that these Muslims are. Anyone disagreeing is a poopy pants and one of the murderers, and persecutors, so there!!!!

    * Would Saadi denounce the goodly archbishop of the enterprise oil for weighing and saying anti immigration is not racism too? Not on your Nelly!

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