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One thought on “004

  • Mark Golding

    MUSE & MEME:

    Sensitive intelligence information has codewords over and above ‘top secret’..

    Intelligence that describes Al Qaeda (AQ) or attending AQ training camps is mostly untrue or does not exist.

    Most Western aligned governments exaggerate the AQ threat.

    The ‘War on Terror’ is a device or axiom to justify torture or mass surveillance such as ‘Steller Wind’..

    Western governments including Britain seem to be subservient and contained by the CIA.

    The US mission to the United Kingdom consists of the following principal officers:

    Ambassador: Matthew W. Barzun
    Deputy Chief of Mission: Elizabeth L. Dibble
    Minister Counselor for Management: Lawrence Richter
    Counselor for Agricultural Affairs: Stan Phillips
    Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs: John Simmons
    Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs/Consul General: Debra Heien
    Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs: Whitney Baird
    Minister Counselor for Political Affairs: Thomas Williams
    Minister Counselor for Public Affairs: Eric A. Johnson
    Belfast, Northern Ireland Consul General: Daniel James Lawton
    Edinburgh, Scotland Principal Officer: Susan A. Wilson
    Hamilton, Bermuda, Consul General: Mary Ellen Noonan Koenig

    Sir Michael Wood had advised Jack Straw is was NOT legal to go to war with Iraq…

    Pressure for Craig’s removal came from America.

    The Foreign Office MODIFIED internal guidance to diplomats, enabling them to act upon intelligence obtained through torture, even though it would be inadmissible as evidence in a British court.

    US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice publicly defended ‘rendition’ to transport terror suspects between countries.

    Permanent under-secretaries or Whitehall liaison have the ear-marks of the Secret Intelligence Service.

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