BBC Quietly Owns Up to Blatant Propaganda Lies 184

Nine months after a massive propaganda campaign based on outright lies, the BBC quietly sneaked out an admission on its website tucked away in “corrections and complaints”. As the BBC went all out to galvanise support for bombing Syria, the meme was pumped out relentlessly that opponents of bombing Syria were evil and violent misogynist thugs, bent on the physical intimidation of MPs. Leading the claims was Stella Creasy MP.

9 months after the propaganda had its effect – run on every news bulletin of every single BBC platform – the BBC published this correction, carried on zero news bulletins of any BBC platform.

Two listeners complained that the programme had inaccurately reported that a peaceful vigil in Walthamstow, in protest against the decision to bomb targets in Syria, had targeted the home of the local MP, Stella Creasy, and had been part of a pattern of intimidation towards Labour MPs who had supported the decision. The claim that the demonstration had targeted Ms Creasy’s home, and the implication that it was intimidatory in nature, originated from a single Facebook posting which later proved to be misleading (the demonstration’s destination was Ms Creasy’s constituency office, which was unoccupied at the time, not her home, and it was peaceful).

The BBC response goes on further and get increasingly mealy-mouthed, the essence of the excuses being “the other media were all doing it and we just joined in.” They also say they did eventually report – across a much more limited spread of news platforms – a more accurate version of events. But they then go on to admit that, even after this, Nick Robinson went on to repeat all the original lies in an aggressive high profile headline news interview with John McDonnell.

Former President of Oxford University Conservatives, Nick Robinson has form as a liar. The new documentary London Calling, forensically examining the appalling BBC bias during the Scottish referendum campaign, calls Robinson out as a liar in claiming on BBC News that Alex Salmond had failed to answer Robinson’s question, where the documentary has the footage of Salmond answering Robinson in great detail. Robinson’s replacement, Laura Kuenssberg, has of course continued the theme of tendentious reporting of fabricated violent intimidation by the left wing.

That the BBC took 18 months to admit to its lies is astonishing, because the information was immediately available, and indeed reported by me at the time. This article includes footage of the peace vigil outside Ms Creasy’s office which led to the BBC story – a vigil of some very nice people led, I kid you not, by the local vicar. In a delightfully circular argument, Ms Creasy complained that my article pointing out that her allegations of intimidation were false, itself was “offensive.”

UPDATE It has been pointed out to me that Stella Creasy did tell the Guardian the report was false that the peaceful demonstration had gone past her house. I apologise (infinitely faster than the BBC) for missing out that info, which I had not come across.

As for the BBC, remember whatever lies they are putting out today are likely to be very quietly disowned about next July.

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  • John Spencer-Davis

    There would seem to be an excellent case for a law requiring the media to print or broadcast corrections of false reporting with the same prominence as the original report. Imagine what a bunch of fools the BBC would look to the public if it did that. And Stella Creasy too.

  • fwl

    This fool has nothing wise to say about Syria and no guesses to make. I will to figure this out more before speaking.

    I came to this site because of a book(Craig’s Murder) and gave from time to time learnt of others worth reading eg Peter Dale Scott. So I hope I’m excused if I recommend the spy novels of Edward Wilson set in the Cold War years and centred on events. They are eye openers but also well nuanced. I think they might do all some good including the gun slingers (not many here), the hopelessly naive (perhaps not many of those here) and also those whose eyes are open, who are cynical and angry and whose anger may take them too far (plenty of those). Don’t stray too far in your cynicism and anger.

  • Claire McNab

    Your article and and analysis are great, except on one point: timing.

    The events discussed happened in December 2015. That its 9 months ago, rather than the 18 months stated above

    • craig Post author


      Thank you, amended. It seems a long way back and I recalled it as December 2014. What an incredible amount has happened in nine months of politics!

      • Republicofscotland


        “(several other less-vociferous commentators were quite happy to share their school details with readers…)?”

        But you weren’t one of them…chutzpah, me thinks. ?

  • Demetrius

    As a chap who has memories of the early 40’s at Bootle and other places and whose parents took in people made homeless, I have an aversion to bombing. A lot of the wrong people are killed and all too often the claimed strategic objectives are not met.

  • bevin

    “If the Labour Party continues to allow people like Ms Creasy to run as its candidate, then nobody should vote for it.”

    Yes: there is ‘Broad Church’ and then there is dealing with a deliberate and calculated policy of stuffing every potentialLabour seat with lying, immoral careerist automatons. And Stella Creasey, rotten though she is, is far from being the worst of the crop Mandelson sowed.

    A minor aspect of the incident (that didn’t take place), is that it exemplifies the new sensitivity over ‘abuse’ and ‘violence’ (in language). This is a constant theme over at New Labour Truth-formerly known as The Guardian- where all comment contradicting the party line is struck down as “abusive’. Then there is the New Labour machine itself whose, selective, sensitivity over ‘abuse’ is so refined that it has dozens of people working full time to trawl through the social media accounts of those suspected of thought crime.
    The object of it all being to soften us up to the draconian censorship of Free Speech that they regard as essential to the completion of the ‘project’ of turning the population into people reconciled to being governed by others, incompetent and criminal though they may be, without questioning either their actions or motives.

    • Alan

      I was just reading this Bevin, on the topic of New and Old Labour:

      Just a short quote from a long article:

      “The point I’m trying to make here is this; from their early twenties Clarke and Mandelson were already in the Whitehall system, young men on the make; players, albeit minor ones, in the Cold War, Foreign Office game. We might call them premature careerists.

      So: the people round Blair are all linked to the United States or the British foreign policy establishment whose chief aim, since Suez, has been to cuddle up to Uncle Sam. This group’s orientation is overseas; this is the territory of the Foreign Office and its think tank satellites like the Royal Institute for International Affairs.

      And here is the source of the tension between socalled Old and New Labour. For who are the Labour Party’s traditional constituencies? British domestic manufacturing; and British public sector workers. Old Labour is the domestic economy; New Labour is the overseas British economy. In other words, the multinationals, the City of London, and the Foreign Office which represents their interests.”

      • bevin

        Thanks Alan, I had read it before and am glad to have read it again.
        The story of the subversion of the British Labour Party (and much of the TU movement that crumbled so quickly in the face of Thatcherite reaction) by agents of foreign powers-for that is what both the US Embassy/CIA personnel AND the British Security Services are- cannot be too generally known.
        Ramsey is wrong to date this process only back to Suez, it was far more established than that, going back to the war and being consolidated in the years after 1946.
        And the beat goes on: Smith is just the latest and current figurehead for a movement which doesn’t even dissemble much any more. Soon they will get tattoos of the Star Spangled banner on their foreheads to match the ones on their posteriors.
        And, of course the Tories are totally under the control of the US: the two parties, remnants of imperialism, as ready to sacrifice their own country to preserve their influence and privileges as the unlamented Vidkun Quisling was. Nor is there anything new about this: it is no accident that the living standards of the British labouring people plunged as the Empire grew. Imperialism was always as much the enemy of the English as it was of any of the subject peoples. And so it remains, even though the Empire is now decidedly un-British.

    • pies

      I was moderated and had all comments removed for mentioning Craig Murray’s name in a CiF discussion in the Guardian. One has to wonder if Ms Viner has a secret agenda, to completely destroy The Guardian so it can be written off in some huge tax loss accountancy fiddle. She is succeeding incredibly by alienating the core readership with unbalanced and organised almost daily attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership

  • Loony

    That the BBC is an organization dedicated to the creation of a false reality is surely beyond doubt. Their lies are legion and what they do not report is as instructive as the lies they spew forth over the nation.

    Why today is September 11th – the anniversary of a terrorist assault resulting in suffering and death and raising serious questions as to the competency of senior figures in the US administration. From the BBC comes not a single word in remembrance of the assault in Benghazi that resulted in Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador, being sodomized and subsequently murdered. Not a word that a leading current Presidential candidate was inextricably linked to this tragedy.

    The latest attempts at vote rigging in Austria are accorded the same newsworthiness as anti Bull fighting protests in Madrid. The BBC most definitely does not refer to vote rigging – although the current need to rig votes arises as a sole consequence of the last unsuccessful attempt to rig votes – a fact confirmed by the Austrian Courts.

    Orwell had much to say on the subject of propaganda and the rewriting of history – but then he was the beneficiary of an elitist education – so who cares about the truths that he committed to the written word. Much better to ignore him because he deliberately came from the “wrong kind of background” and all stand around wondering just how the BBC can be as mendacious as it self evidently is.

    • Phutatorius

      “From the BBC comes not a single word in remembrance of the assault in Benghazi”

      Put down the stick, that horse is long dead. Even that liar Issa couldn’t make anything out of that conspiracy theory.

      • Loony

        I was not talking about dead horses but about a dead US Ambassador. The fact that Mr. Stevens is dead, and that he was sodomized and murdered in Benghazi on September 11th 2012 are all uncontested facts. Consequently I am unsure as to what conspiracy theory you are referring to.

        Thanks to her dissembling and obfuscation it is the case that the exact role of Clinton in this tragedy is unknown. To the extent that she relied upon advice from one Sidney Blumenthal for example is unknown. Any rational observer who paid attention to her testimony in the Benghazi Committee Hearing would surely conclude that all is not as she claims it to be.

        If someone refuses to tell you the whole truth in response to a question then that does not make the questioner a “conspiracy theorist” rather it confirms the respondent as someone who is less than truthful.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well the Ministry of Truth, does love its Orwellians newspeak, black is white right is wrong, and most of all war is peace.

    When it comes to prevaricating or obfuscating, the BBC, is on a level with North Korea’s Central TV, also a state propaganda machine.

  • Reinvestigate 911

    It’s 15 years and counting for the BBC to admit its role in propagating the lies that surround 9/11.
    27 years and counting the BBC to admit its role in propagating the lies that surround Hillsborough
    32 years and counting for the BBC to admit its role in propagating the lies that surround Orgreave

    and I could go on and on. Its role in deliberately misleading people goes far beyond its anti Labour bias

  • Dr Jim

    All mainstream media employ the same tactic
    As long as the headline makes the point they require, job done, then somewhere at the bottom end of the story the truth slips out in a tiny sentence or not at all as they know perfectly well retractions can be printed later under the crossword or a sports story in a non relevant part of an article or if it’s the BBC years can go by before they attend to anything
    The BBC, the only organisation the public are taxed for that investigates itself and always finds itself innocent (mostly)

    “Bile Bile Bile” in big headlines then as you wither and die of old age, the retraction, if you can ever find it will read something like “was found to be inaccurate” but by that time the bewildered have swallowed eaten and digested the lie that was lathered all over them, because a lie is easily delivered when no one can answer back

  • Anon1

    “The new documentary London Calling, forensically examining the appalling BBC bias during the Scottish referendum campaign…”

    It wasn’t half as bad as the BBC bias during the EU referendum campaign. You have to accept that the establishment will throw everything at you. And overcome it. Like we did.

    Your ‘forensic analysis’ is a waste of time. Either a majority of Scots didn’t want independence or they didn’t have the balls to vote for it.

  • John Goss

    There are some newcomers to the Labour Party who may wish to see changes more towards old Labour. No doubt some MPs will be questioned by constituency members about some actions under New Labour that are not in line with socialist principles and Stella Creasy’s constituents may wish to ask questions.

    It is a Tory (not so much old Labour) ploy to manipulate the media towards a set agenda. Theresa May’s government is already making moves for government to have more control over the media, yes more control. Most people are wise. The Scots got there first. They noticed before England that New Labour was closer to Toryism and the SNP closer to old Labour socialism and (despite media wall to wall support for the established parties) voted out Labour.

    Likewise, England woke up and saw an opportunity to get an old Labour MP of principle, Jeremy Corbyn, elected as party leader. Hey, and guess what. You walk into any bookmakers in the country and check who is favourite to become the next prime minister after Theresa May. It is not a Tory. It is not Owen Smith. Even though, and perhaps because, the media have tried the hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn the masses have seen through the misreporting. I predict the Labour Party will have a different look to it by the time of the next election. And there will be thousands of party workers prepared to knock doors and get the message home to those still sleeping through this Orwellian nightmare.

    • Anon1

      Latest ICM poll:

      Tories: 41%
      Labour: 27%

      The most popular sitting government EVER, all thanks to your £3 tramp.

      • Loony

        It is no surprise that Labour are well behind the Conservative Party at the moment. The question is why? Are Labour behind because Jeremy Corbyn is leader, or are they behind because of attempts to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader?

        Corbyn appeals to a lot of people – socialists obviously, but many other people who are disinterested in actual policies but very interested in honesty and integrity.

        Many young people support Corbyn – just like they tried to support Nick Clegg a few years ago – only to find that he sold them out at the first opportunity, For so long as Corbyn refuses to act like a “pragmatic politician” (i.e. sell out his constituents) the more his support is likely to grow and solidify.

        If Corbyn wins the leadership election expect the Labour Party to split – if this happens it will be consistent with the view that the Labour right wing believe that Corbyn could win a General Election.

        • Resident Dissident

          “If Corbyn wins the leadership election expect the Labour Party to split ”

          The bookies are giving 5/4 (ie a 44% chance on 5 or more Labour MPs leaving to form a new party.

          • Resident Dissident

            ” if this happens it will be consistent with the view that the Labour right wing believe that Corbyn could win a General Election”

            Could you please explain – I can think of lots of other reasons.

          • Loony

            If the Labour party splits then there is substantially no prospect of any splinter group winning a General Election – take the SDP as an example.

            If Corbyn is un-electable then that will be proven at a General Election.

            Under either of those scenarios both the Labour Party and current Labour Party politicians remain out of power.

            If Corbyn is electable then that will also be proven at a General Election. In such a circumstance both the Labour Party and Labour Party politicians would gain power.

            Thus out of 3 possible alternatives 2 are guaranteed to keep Labour from power. Therefore any split in the Party will be engineered by people who have an agenda other than gaining power – and that agenda must be to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from gaining power.

        • Habbabkuk


          “If Corbyn wins the leadership election expect the Labour Party to split – if this happens it will be consistent with the view that the Labour right wing believe that Corbyn could win a General Election.”


          Why should that be? It depends on how the Labour Party might split.

          If a majority of Labour MPs believe that a Labour Party under Mr Corbyn would lose the next election, and accordingly split off, Mr Corbyn would be left with something calling itself the Labour Party but which would in essence be a rump party (Labour in 1931 refers). And that rump would certainly not win the election.

          Therefore you might just as easily have said that a split would occur because the Labour right wing does not believe that a Mr Corbyn-led Party would win the next election.

          • Loony

            It does not really matter how it splits. A united Labour Party is much more likely to win an election than any faction that may arise from a split in the Labour Party.

            Assuming this to be true then it follows that any group of individuals who organize any form of secession are more interested in ideology than they are interested in obtaining power.

          • Resident Dissident

            They might just think that they have a better chance in either the short or long term of achieving power without Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters – and they might also preserve their social democratic ideology rather than the sub Leninist ideological mess being promoted by Corbyn and McDonnell.

          • Loony

            Resident Dissident – You are doing it all wrong. No-one cares about “sub Leninist Ideology” or any other kind of ideology. People are fed up with being lied to about substantially everything. They are fed up with endless foreign policy, aggression, fed up with mass immigration, fed up with zero hours contracts, fed up with rising inequality, fed up with special interest groups, and fed up with declining living standards.

            Everywhere they are looking for alternatives. In Poland you have the Law and Justice Party, in Hungary Victor Orban, in Austria vote rigging to prevent the will of the people being given effect, in Germany the Adf, in Italy the 5 Star movement, in France the Front National,in Spain Podemos and Ciudadanos in the US Donald Trump and in the UK Jeremy Corbyn.

            The center cannot hold, and change is afoot. It cannot be stopped and it cannot be controlled. If, in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn, is neutered then some other figure will arise – perhaps someone far less appealing than Corbyn.

            What is occurring now has nothing to do with traditional left right politics and very little to do with actual proposed policies. Thus in the US many Bernie Sanders supporters have switched their support directly to Trump.

          • Resident Dissident

            I am interested in what people are for and how they plan to achieve it – I don’t think nihilism or hidden agendas are the way to go.

        • Loony

          There could be a resurgence in UKIP support. The most likely catalysts would be a Labour split – allowing them to pick up former Labour votes and/or the Conservatives proceeding too slowly or too incompetently with Brexit – allowing them to pick up more anti EU/anti immigration votes.

          Should UKIP garner increased support then that (more than the Brexit vote) would act as a likely impetus for Scottish Independence and the break up of the UK.

          Depending on circumstances UKIP could lurch markedly to the right – and should that happen the real enablers of such an outcome would be “moderate/centrist” politicians who are currently obsessed with micro aggression and other complete irrelevancies.

      • Bayard

        Polls are not worth the pixels activated to view them. Who gives a toss about whether a poll is accurate or not? The people who are paying for it are only interested in it producing the “right” answer. Bookies, however, try really quite hard to get their odds right, because getting them wrong could lose them money. There is no incentive for anyone to tell a pollster the truth. No-one lies to their bookie, because their bookie hasn’t asked them a question.

        • Loony

          You are living in a more corrupt world than you seem to realize.

          Just before the EU referendum someone placed a £25k bet on remain. This was enough to shift the odds in favor of remain, this shift in odds caused a significant rise in both sterling and the stock market. The £25k losing bet could have been more than recouped by leveraged stock market and currency “bets.”

          The raw data for all opinion polls is adjusted – and there are valid statistical reasons for this. There are also invalid reasons. Hence in the US there has been an effort to reduce the weighting given to “white males without a college degree” This has the effect of lowering the reported support for Trump.

          The media tends not to report things like this – and anyone that raises such issues are smeared and written off as conspiracy theorists – often by “respected establishment figures”

          Bayes Theorum will also act to reduce the statistical probability of a non status quo outcome. Therefore the odds of Brexit or a Trump victory will be lower than may be expected.

          All of these things feed into bookmakers odds. Bookmakers are part of the system and when the system begins to break they are as vulnerable as all other parts of the system.

          In any rapid change there is a delay in people responding to that change, and that opens up opportunity. At the moment it is possible to beat the bookmaker.

      • Resident Dissident

        What this means to those who don’t understand probability is that the bookies think the chances of Corbyn becoming PM are less than half what they were for Ed Miliband in 2011 at the same stage of the last political cycle. So a better conclusion would be that the gambling public have already seen through Jeremy Corbyn – not quite what Mr Goss was trying to say.

        • Anon1

          Hillary Clinton tweeted two days ago:

          “The most important quality in a president and Commander-in-Chief is steadiness—an absolute, rock solid steadiness.”


          • Alcyone

            She tried, as before, to “get away with it”. Nature overpowered her. She is out of touch with her own nature, her own self, her own actuality. The epitome of a hunger for power and glory.

  • Republicofscotland

    I recall the BBC allowing Better Together during the Scottish independence referendum to use its propaganda warehouse in Glasgow, to create a cinema advert extolling the wonders of remaining in the union. Which surely must’ve contravened editorial guidelines?

    Also according to the Scotsman newspaper (a die-hard unionist rag) the BBC appointed Kezia Dugdale (another die-hard unionist) to presenter of a BBC Scotland political programme called “Crossfire” which, discussed Scottish independence, needless to say it was biased, surely that appointment also breached the BBC’s guidelines?

    A report by the Audience Council Scotland, the BBC Trust’s advisory body in Scotland, questioned the impartiality of BBC Scotland in covering the independence referendum in July 2014. A Sunday Times article, also in July 2014, queried the BBC’s approach to the independence referendum, and stated that emails by a senior member of a production company, organising debates for the corporation gave advance notice to the No campaign.

    I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture by now, the machinations of the BBC knows no bounds, to think its World Services broadcasts its propaganda, in 31 languages all over the world, should be a cause for concern.

  • Alcyone

    BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton ‘rushed from 9/11 memorial service following medical episode’
    Democratic presidential candidate was abruptly led away from service
    Witnesses say she appeared to faint as she got into a van
    Reports suggest her ‘knees buckled’ and she stumbled off a curb

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Alcyone

      When somebody had y’day linked an article about Clinton’s health and doctor’s reports etc, the first instinct was to dismiss it as desperately malicious. The second thought, however was: no smoke without fire.

      My deeper insight into this very flawed woman however is, why honestly would this woman be driven at this age to take a shot at this Presidency, when she has been First Lady, has a very comfortable life, surely not short of the odd bob or two, why would she want to take on such a huge challenge?

      Let’s also not forget that when she stepped down as Secy of State, the official reason she gave of her stepping down was that was very “tired”.

      Anyway, I hope there is some truth to this story so that people who are not completely sworn to this hyper-ambitious woman, will take a step back and think twice about voting for this Evil.

    • michael norton

      Mrs Clinton’s personal doctor Lisa Bardack said last month she was “in excellent health and fit to serve as president of the United States”.

      • Old Mark

        Mick- I saw the clip of Hillary’s knees buckling on both BBC and ITN bulletins last night. Both channels claimed ‘heat exhaustion’ as the probable cause of Hillarys palpable disorientation.

        Here is a link to what the weather conditions actually were in New York yesterday-

        A temp of under 30C and humidity levels of less than 50% are most unlikely to induce ‘heat exhaustion’ in any person in reasonable health. Indeed conditions in London this Tuesday are forecast to be slightly hotter and more humid than NYC was yesterday; so if the MSM excuses for Hillary’s near collapse are true, you can expect commuters to be dropping like ninepins at the capital’s bus stops in a couple of days time

    • RobG

      Mick, thanks for the link.

      What we are witnessing, in very stark terms, is the death of any kind of democracy.

      The evil scum who run this planet want their puppet Hillary as the next US president, even if she is a corpse.

      The public are so dumbed-down thesedays that they probably wouldn’t even notice if the next US president is dead, and egged-on by the presstitutes will hatefully march off to World War Three.

      Beam me up, Scotty…

      • glenn

        John, this is a “claim”, not “medical expertise”.

        I don’t usually look at youtube “evidence” that someone puts forward but – out of respect to a decent person like yourself – I did so in this case, and wish I hadn’t bothered. It’s all about “claims”, supposed “leaks”, testimony of “experts” who’ve never examined this patient. Any medical person giving such testimony without massive qualifiers is an outright fraud, as in this case.

        Obviously, the ALT-RIGHT movement have leapt all over this – I’m surprised to see you acting as a foot soldier for these rancid Nazis.

        Take a look at something actually from Clinton’s doctor instead:

        • Old Mark

          Glenn- the elderly are indeed more likely to get pneumonia than the general population. A number of other groups are more ‘at risk’ than others,including those whose immune systems are weakened by other health issues-

          The ‘heat exhaustion’ excuse trotted out earlier was never going to stick once details of the actual conditions in NYC yesterday- partly cloudy weather, cooling NW breeze, and moderate (by Washington summer standards especially) temperatures & humidity, were widely accessible.

          • glenn

            Her last position was Secretary of State – the same sort of thing as our Foreign Secretary.

            It’s a curious honorary, keeping the title after leaving high office, which is rather peculiar to America. For instance, they’d still refer to Jimmy Carter as “President Carter” despite it being 36 years since he did the job.

          • Alcyone

            I have no quarrel with that — I believe it is diplomatic-speak. I would, however, have a problem if it ever came to her being called President Clinton.

          • glenn

            There are more mischievous “opinions” out there than one could shake a stick at, all of which happily benefit the other candidate, the fascist Trump.

            I still don’t quite see why you want to work for Trump, helping him by spreading these lies.

          • michael norton

            I expect Donald Trump is shitting himself.
            If Clinton has to be dragged away from her candidacy because of failing health,
            the Donald if going to be stuffed, Clinton is his biggest asset.

      • Resident Dissident

        For a self professed socialist you do seem to have a preference for right wingers such as Putin, Trump, Assad etc.

      • Rob

        This speculation could be cleared up if her doctor put out a statement to the effect that her patient does not have any diagnosed or suspected degenerative neurological condition. Given the age of both major candidates, they should be forthcoming about any health issues.

  • Robert Dunthorne

    The BBC is biased against Jeremy Corbyn following the Traingate affair. Newsnight & the Today program had two people talking about and it and ridiculing Corbyn with no redress. Channel 4 News gives a more balanced view.

        • YKMN

          The act that is being scrapped it seems, or perhaps scrapied for those who remember mad sheep, is simply the connection to this mob:

          Tristement, it’s in a Brexit-lingo, translating quickly ” created by the treaty signed in London on 5th May 1949 , the court of human rights came into being when 8 nations ratified it. There follows a list of proposed eminent judges nominated, who will be chosen by the European Parliament”
          The first president of the ECtHR was British, Lord McNair.

          Why would a brexited UK want to withdraw from ECtHR?

          Derogating opinions like this?:
          “Protocol No. 13 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, concerning the abolition of the death penalty in all circumstances;
          This Protocol is banning the death penalty in all circumstances, including for crimes committed in times of war and imminent threat of war.
          No derogation or reservation is allowed to Protocol No. 13.”

          but it might be derogated in the future for those with an iPad and no BBC licence, or perhaps a spare bedroom?

  • fred

    “Nine months”

    The page is dated the 8th of July so that would be seven months.

    I’ve found reference to it on a forum dated 14th July.

  • RobG

    Craig said: “9 months after the propaganda had its effect – run on every news bulletin of every single BBC platform – the BBC published this correction, carried on zero news bulletins of any BBC platform”.

    I know you’re using the past tense here to highlight a particular incidence of news reporting, but if you take the Syria conflict as a whole the lies and propaganda are relentless. This from a few days ago…

    And of course we also recently had the war propaganda about that poor little boy in an ambulance, which Truthstream Media did a pretty good job of de-bunking…

  • Alcyone

    What are the bookies odds on Hillary and Trump? Yesterday and today after her episode?

    Personally, I think Hillary is History. The ‘episode’ has nailed it. 9/11, it’ll be easy to remember the day she lost it.

    • RobG

      I wouldn’t lay money on that, Alcyone. Remember that Bush Jnr became president – after a totally rigged election – and became a proxy for Cheyney & Co. We all know what happened next (I’m trying to avoid today’s 15th anniversary of 9/11).

    • lysias

      Don’t discount the possibility that the Dems replace Hillary with Kaine or Biden at the head of their ticket.

  • Habbabkuk

    It’s the name of the game!

    Entryism into the Labour Party to get Mr Corbyn elected leader – good!

    Entryism into the Labour Party to get Mr Corbyn booted out of the leadership – bad!

  • Republicofscotland

    “Labour is likely to be hit hardest by changes to parliamentary boundaries, potentially losing 30 seats altogether.”

    “Two hundreds Labour seats could be affected by plans to cut the number of Westminster constituencies, new analysis has found.”

    “The boundary review will see the number of MPs in the Commons reduced from 650 to 600.”

    “Analysis by election expert and Tory peer Lord Hayward indicated that Labour will “suffer most” as a result of the proposals – leading to claims of “gerrymandering” from the Opposition.”

    “The boundary review, set to come into effect in time for the 2020 general election, is an attempt to reduce the size of the Commons and create seats with similar numbers of constituents.”

    Corbyn, if he survives the onslaught, won’t have his troubles to seek. Even if Corbyn does prevail in the contest, I doubt very much the Blairites will work with him, in a constructive manner, they will hinder and oppose him at every turn, which will effectively incapacitate Labour, making its ability to oppose the Tories, a ineffective one.

    Corbyn does have a lot of support, but, what good will that do, in the short to medium term, if other Labour parliamentarians try and block his decisions. The Tory party will benefit greatly, if Corbyn wins the leadership contest, if Smith wins, the Tories still benefit, it’s a win win situation for May.

    The SNP, should be reclassed as the “official” opposition at Westminster, until Labour gets it act together.

    • MJ

      “Corbyn does have a lot of support, but, what good will that do, in the short to medium term, if other Labour parliamentarians try and block his decisions”

      This year’s party conference may be a significant one. If it determines that constituency parties can once again deselect MPs before the next election then we may be surprised how many suddenly see the error of their ways and promise to buck their ideas up.

  • Doug Scorgie

    michael Norton
    September 11, 2016 at 17:04

    “That’s like saying Islam is the religion of peace.”


    Yes, just like the Israeli IDF is the most moral army in the world.

  • Alcyone

    Corbyn faces criticism for correctly calling the facts as they are:

    Now here’s a man with grey hair who genuinely has wisdom. Hats off to him for standing up for the truth in this twisted world that we live in. May the Universe give him his expression. We desperately need to change course if we are going to ever reach the next level beyond the Type Zero Global Civilisation that we are.

    Who the fuck doesn’t see that

    A. We did not need to invade the whole country of Afghanistan to get the scalp of one man that we wanted to, and

    B. That invading Iraq was the hugest mistake of the 21st century coming very early into it. Changing not just the course of the 21st Century but also the remainder of the 3rd millennium

    Corbyn speaking like a prophet:

  • RobG

    I’ll beat Michael to it on this one…

    … which is about a 15-year-old – repeat: 15-year-old – ‘terrorist’. I will say again that the terrorist furor reached a peak in July, then, in the West, mysteriously completely stopped during August. Now we’re out of the holiday season it’s all being ramped up again: fear, fear, fear!

    God knows what these total traitors and cretins in the security services will do if there are attacks by real terrorists.

  • Sarah Tyrer

    Actually Creasy said it didn’t go past her house, in all the photographs it’s in Orford road labour office, so it was a demonstration peaceful that protested outside the official building/office of the Labour Party MP in the seat. What could be more normal or democratic.

  • Rob

    Very strange headline item on BBC R4 ‘World this Weekend’ at 1pm today (11/9/16).
    Despite the major crisis in the NHS, Mrs May bringing back secondary modern schools (hanging and flogging next week) and the never ending misery of Syria + Brexit in all its hideous glory – the lead item was……foot stamping by some “businessman” called Michael Foster (apparently he’s a big Labour Party donor) over his suspension from the party.

    Now who gives a **** about Mr Foster’s tantrums unless you are a BBC editor wanting any old rubbish to throw at Corbyn?

  • bevin

    Putting all partisan feeling aside for a moment: it is a testament to the underlying sense of conmmunity in British politics that every Tory here is deeply worried that Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, will lose the next General election.
    Were they the sort of partisans to be found in, say US politics, they would be campaigning vigorously for Jeremy, so certain are they that he would lead Labour to disaster.
    But no.
    They put country before party to the extent of putting the party they hate before the one they love.
    And thus, instead of sitting back and watching Labour self destruct they fight desperately to ensure that the Blairites and their selected champion, whose name escapes me for the moment succeed in keeping Labour, the flag bearer of British radicalism, alive and in fighting form.
    Well done HabbaAnon1 and Resident Dissident, you are a credit to the public purse! Tears are coursing down faces everywhere.

    • RobG

      Bevin, Corbyn will walk the next general election, which is why the Establishment are shitting themselves (which is very amusing to watch). This means, I’m afraid, that Corbyn will probably be assassinated.

      • Bayard

        Rob, did you as I did, on Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader, immediately think of “A Very British Coup”?

    • Resident Dissident

      I am not and never have been a Tory. I am and have been a Labour Party member for nearly 40 years. I am deeply worried that Labour will lose the next election, in part because it’s leader is Corbyn and as result ordinary working people will have to face the consequences of another 5 years of the Tories

      You have no understanding of whatsoever what is meant by partisan feeling since all you can do is stir up hatred of both your home and your adopted country – Orwell was so right in this about how Bolsheviks and Leninists such as your self do not understand patriotism. You also demonstrate yet again how Leninist’s greatest hatred is for social democracy. You also fail to understand that it was that syphilitic old scrote who started the Gulag and the KGB and laid the ground for the untold misery of millions within the Soviet Union, and for whom you are prepared to offer repeated lies and apologia, in the name of your narrow and failed ideology. You don’t give a damn about anyone’s tears – for your sort the ends always justify the means.

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