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  • Republicofscotland

    Israeli soldiers murdered dozens of prisoners of war.

    The injured prisoners some badly wounded, were lined up and shot in the back, the vile acts have been covered up.


    Perpetrators very lightly punished.

    I wonder if our resident blood and soil protaganist, will comment on this…eh Fred?

    • michael norton

      AN SNP MP at the centre of an embezzlement investigation is set to buy a £620,000 country castle.

      Chris Law – whose Dundee West constituency covers some of Scotland’s most-deprived communities – made an offer on Inverquharity Castle.

      He was detained by police on Wednesday and quizzed over alleged financial irregularities related to his Spirit of Independence campaign.

      Law has been lining up a swoop on the recently renovated 15th-century property, which is now a family home.

      Chris Law becomes latest SNP MP to be investigated by police over financial dealings after being detained in Dundee

      The castle – in 11.5 acres – would join a portfolio that includes his family home in Dundee, a flat in the city and a flat in Aberdeen.

      The 46-year-old said he wants to turn the castle into a holiday spot for disabled children.
      The business would be run by his partner Kirsty Doig.

      Law has extensive business interests outside his £75,000-a-year job as an MP. He runs The Mortgage Doctors, a mortgage and loan brokering service in Dundee.

      • Muscleguy

        Chris Law was a successful businessman before he became an SNP candidate, thus he is not short of a few quid.

        Heaven forfend that he might use his money to buy a house. He already owns a substantial property in Dundee’s West End which the sale of would doubtless significantly defray the asking price on said castle.

        Or are you suggesting he is paid too much as an MP? he is paid the same as other back bench opposition MPs and if you think an MP’s salary stretches to such piles then you have left reality behind.

        As for this investigation, it is sub judice so be careful, he denies it and is entitled to a presumption of innocence and he has promised the police he can provide documentation to refute the allegation.

        There are dirty tricks campaigns to attempt to discredit the SNP. Michelle Thompson is about to be readmitted with no case to answer. Natalie McGarry seems to be a failure of the SNP vetting procedures, considering many of those elected for the SNP to Westminster would have had little expectation of winning with the record breaking swings that enabled their wins to become reality not predictable, that only one, McGarry, would seem to be a bad apple (subject to a presumption of innocence) is a pretty remarkable record.

        The tragedy of the McGarry case is that she seems to have defrauded our side. The pain of having to call the police on her WFI have expressed shows that. Betrayal by a friend is never nice.

        But if you are relying on Chris Law to be bent your hopes are on a shoogly peg.

        Finally, does a man possibly at risk of sanction for election expenses really going to be buying a big hoose?

    • Ba'al Zevul

      He proabably won’t be able to find it for the strings of irrelevant comments by his chum, MN.

      • michael norton

        SNP parks decision on MP Michelle Thomson
        THE SNP hierarchy has indefinitely postponed a decision on whether to reinstate Michelle Thomson, despite the party’s Westminster group openly backing the idea

        The National Executive Committee (NEC) briefly discussed the Edinburgh West MP’s wish to have the whip restored yesterday,
        an idea endorsed by the SNP’s 54 MPs.

        A spokesman said the matter had been “continued for further consideration”.

        However no date was set, and nor was there a commitment to air it at next month’s NEC. Thomson, 51, a former Business for Scotland campaigner with a £1.5m property empire, was elected in the SNP tsunami of May 2015.

        She resigned the whip four months later after it emerged her former solicitor, Christopher Hales, had been struck off for professional misconduct for his part in 13 of her property deals.

        The Scottish Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal said Hales “must have been aware that there was a possibility that he was facilitating mortgage fraud, whether or not this actually occurred”.

        It also said it “must have been glaringly obvious that something was amiss” with some of the transactions involving Thomson or her business M&F Property Solutions. The police have been investigating the matter for a year although no one has been charged.

        In recent months, Thomson, who now sits as an Independent, has persuaded her former Westminster colleagues to support her return to the party fold.

        In July, she emailed them about her “distress” and loneliness, and denied her firm had targeted “vulnerable people” to snap up homes at knockdown prices.

        But reinstating Thomson would have been controversial for the SNP, especially after a week that saw Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry charged with fraud and Dundee West MP Chris Law quizzed by the police over Indyref campaigning.

        So far 5% of SNP MP’s under police scrutiny

      • Habbabkuk


        You don’t like it when Michael Norton plugs on about the SNP, do you.

        But when you plug on about Mr Tony Blair that’s OK, isn’t it.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          I don’t do it on the live thread, Habb, and it is much easier to ignore me. Though I am glad to see you are aware of my intentionally separate offering (sanctioned by our mutual host). Further, I don’t piss on other commentators legs: if I respond to a comment, it’s just that, and not a diversion into something unrelated. MN’s either a systematic spammer or he can’t be arsed scrolling down for the thread’s comments box like everyone else. Of course, I don’t need to point this out, you can probably work it out for yourself, due to your very high inteligunce (sic). Conclusion – as usual – you and MN are here only to disrupt.

          • Habbabkuk

            Sorry to see that you too interpret dissent as disruption. You, like your fellow Excellences, obviously see Craig’s blog as your own property.


            As for “Further, I don’t piss on other commentators legs: if I respond to a comment, it’s just that..” : you could have fooled me 🙂

    • Alan

      “Israeli soldiers murdered dozens of prisoners of war.”

      Oh do come on, Habba is just going to reply that they are “terrorists”. When are you going to start to work towards a means of accord instead of a means discord?

      And No! I am NOT taking Habbas’ side.

      • fred

        The purpose of his post had nothing to do with Israel it was an attempt to discredit me.

        That’s how the Natzis work, bullying and intimidation, Nationalists are all the same whether SNP or Zionist.

    • Habbabkuk

      I cannot think of any war in the twentieth century where prisoners of war were not killed after surrender without any punishment of those who did the killing.

      French, Germans, British, Belgians, Spanish, etc – and even the Soviets and others you seem to admire so much.

      So what’s so special about the Israelis and, more interestingly, why do you find it important to tell us that less than surprising “news”?

      Admit it – you’re just an Israel hater.

      Not that anyone will be quaking in Jerusalem…. 🙂

      • nevermind

        The allies killed over 300.000 emaciated POW’s returning from the eastern and other fronts in 1945/46. They were already half dead hungry and weak, so they made them dig holes in Flanders and northern France and put them on starvation rations.

        So don’t come over all holy here Habbacrap.

        The evidence is buried in the Red Cross archive’s in Geneva, all other records were shredded and burned by the allies.
        These records are not even available to historians or scientists, but they all know they exist, because such large movements of POW’s were impossible to hide.
        Killing POW’s who merely acted out orders of officers is illegal under the Geneva Conventions.

        • Habbabkuk

          Why do you say I’m coming over “all holy”, Nebelmind?

          I’d say I was just being factual. All armies have been guilty of episodes such as the one described by ELIE.

          And I just wondered why, given the above, ELIE made special mention of the Israeli army and why he seemed to be so excited about it.

          As far as you’re concerned, Nebelmind, you should really do something about your English – you do not appear to know the meaning of the expression “to come over all holy”.

          • fred

            “And I just wondered why, given the above, ELIE made special mention of the Israeli army and why he seemed to be so excited about it.”

            He did it so he could stick my name on the end. What other reason would he have?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The biggest butchering of POWs took place on the Sinai during the Six Day War after which Peres almost persuaded LBJ to think that Cairo had done the shooting up of the eavesdropping USS Liberty of the massacre for which he almost nuked Cairo, and refused to prosecute Peres et al. for when he learned otherwise.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Trowbridge H. Ford October 1, 2016 at 19:14
      Not quite! You should read ‘Operation Cyanide’ by Peter Hounam; here is SOME of the info he writes about:
      ‘the day the US nearly nuked cairo: USS liberty, Israel and LBJ’:

      LBJ was one of the worst Presidents of the US (and that’s saying something!); not only was he a Warmonger Extraordinaire, he treacherously plotted with the Mossad to attack the Liberty, which he, through the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ordered to the area. He was foul-mouthed and crude, even with foreign government dignitaries, and even Dennis Healey (himself a Bilderberger) felt sick being in the same room with him.

      • Macky


        “Fuck your parliament and your constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If these two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked good …We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr. Ambassador. If your Prime Minister gives me talk about democracy, parliament and constitution, he, his parliament and his constitution may not last long…”

        Comment to the Greek ambassador to Washington, Alexander Matsas, over the Cyprus issue in June 1964.

        Question is, are the red-neck psycho politicians that the US often produces, really any different to the preened plum-toned psychos that we often produce ?

        • lysias

          The U.S.-supported military coup that brought the colonels (leaders of the Gladio contingent in Greece) to power in Greece happened in 1967.

        • lysias

          The coup in Brazil that dislodged the democratically appointed president, Joao Goulart, and brought a military government to power happened in 1964. JFK, whom Goulart’s government assisted in his successful attempt to avoid war in the Cuban Missile Crisis, would never have approved such a coup. Under LBJ in 1964, American diplomats, including military attache Vernon Walters, supported the coup.

          The coup in Indonesia that deposed Sukarno and led to genocidal violence happened in 1965. Sukarno had paid a state visit to the U.S. under JFK.

          • lysias

            And Obama’s stepfather admitted that he was involved in the genocidal violence in Indonesia in 1965-6. He admitted having killed several people.

            The U.S. State Department and CIA handed over to the Indonesian military lists of Indonesian Communists and others to be killed. Obama’s mother, married to that stepfather, was ostensibly conducting anthropological research for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia at the time. That could very well have been cover for helping to develop the lists.

          • lysias

            A good recent documentary on that genocidal violence in Indonesia is The Act of Killing.

          • lysias

            And Hillary Clinton in effect supported the 2009 coup in Honduras that dislodged the democratically elected president. She continues to support the successors of the illegitimate government that took over after the coup. Early this year, she defended her stand, saying it had prevented violence in Honduras. But in fact the killing squads in Honduras resumed their dirty work after the coup and recently killed a leading peace activist there.

            I wonder what Tim Kaine really thinks of what Hillary did with respect to Honduras, where he spent time as a volunteer.

      • lysias

        Philip Nelson has written a book arguing that LBJ was the mastermind behind the JFK assassination.

        • Paul Barbara

          LBJ was certainly involved in the JFK assassination plot, along with the CIA, FBI, Mafia, Anti-Castro Cubans, Nixon, G H W Bush and others.
          Re Indonesia, I was involved with Tapol in London from about 1983 to around 2000, mainly campaigning over East Timor, but also Indonesia itself, and West Papua.

        • Bhante

          LBJ can’t have been the mastermind, the two are contradictory. Mastermind implies the existence of intelligence. A better word would be conspirator.

        • Habbabkuk

          Lots of “wondering” and “might well have been”s from our Transatlantic Friend again 🙂

          Remarkably non-assertive for a former military man, academic high-flier and outstanding lawyer (allegedly).

      • Mick McNulty

        LBJ was also suspected of ordering the murder of a man called Kinser who was shot multiple times in 1951. The motive was believed to be Johnson’s suspicion that Kinser’s request for a loan was a euphemism for a blackmail payment. Johnson’s sister was in a relationship with Kinsler, and Johnson who was ambitious and ruthless may have feared his career coming to an end.

        • lysias

          The death of LBJ’s sister Josefa is suspicious: Josefa Johnson:

          Josefa Johnson died of a cerebral hemorrhage on 25th December, 1961.Despite state law, no autopsy was conducted. Twenty-three years later the lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to Stephen S. Trott at the U.S. Department of Justice. In the letter Caddy claimed that Billie Sol Estes, Lyndon B. Johnson, Mac Wallace and Cliff Carter had been involved in the murders of several people including Josefa Johnson and John Kinser.

    • Clark

      If we confine the page in a stress position and deprive it of sleep for a month, is it likely to tell us what we want to hear?

    • Ba'al Zevul


      …page not found.

      Searching the site for “CIA torture” doesn’t bring it up.

      …I prefer the fuckup theory, but maybe it never existed* or got pulled. Usual reason for pulling an article is that there’s a legal problem.

      * If I think about it, I can think of reasons why someone would supply innocent punters with a bogus HRW URL.

    • Macky

      I got a little more;

      “But new Human Rights Watch research provides disturbing details about CIA torture techniques that have not been previously disclosed.”

    • YKMN

      WayBack Machine has all the other September 29th HRW pages archived


      but not the “missing one”. . .

      finally, the snippet via Google only refers back to 2 places, a) HRW, who have the page but have it locked down for only ‘authorized access’ and b) to this section of the comments on Craig’s excellent blog.

      Looks to be dodgy to produce new research there HRW, when it isn’t about Rwanda, Bangladesh, Krim, Yemen, Syria etc etc

      • Bhante

        “Looks to be dodgy to produce new research there HRW, when it isn’t about Rwanda, Bangladesh, Krim, Yemen, Syria etc etc”

        That depends who is criticised in the research! If the research criticises the White Helmets it would be even more “dodgy”. Or if it is raising problems with other reports on Syria that could also be “dodgy”.

    • Bhante

      In the old days (I’m talking about 15 to 20 years ago) the CIA and MI5/6 had total control over Amnesty International (that is the international office in London which controls everything, as opposed to local branches which were often genuine, but hamstrung by AI International Headquarters). Human Rights Watch by contrast – in my reading – was at that time relatively independent and able to criticise the USA and the UK. Amnesty had genuine activists at the branch level, but the organisation as a whole had been hijacked by the secret services to use as a political weapon against anyone the UKUSA wanted to demonise. It served no other purpose. As far as human rights was concerned it was 100% fake. At least as far as international campaigns were concerned, that is. The whole structure of AI was fixed so that branch offices were forbidden to research or campaign on anything outside their own area unless it was specifically approved by International Headquarters. But International Headquarters was run at the top – and many key regional sections also – by CIA/MI5/MI6 assets, so they could keep any threatening projects off the table. They would also when necessary impose a regional reorganisation to ensure that one of their assets could keep something off the table. HRW, by comparison, used to do some relatively hard hitting (for the time) reports against US and UK and ask awkward questions. Not surprisingly it was only a matter of time before they would be taken over. If you compare their activities today with what they were doing 15-20 years ago, much of what they do today seems to be acting as agents for the UKUSA agenda – which according to my reading at least was not the case (or less so) 20 years ago. I am quite sure they have been heavily infiltrated at top levels and at intermediate levels, to innocculate HRW against UKUSA agenda unfriendly activities and to promote UKUSA agenda friendly activities.

      Even though HRW is self-evidently crippled as a genuine human rights watching organisation, it obviously has thousands of genuine people working for it who are unaware of the UKUSA infiltration and are trying to do a genuine job. The report you found linked to was probably written by such a team of genuine people, but was subsequently blocked by UKUSA assets, using some technical excuse or other. That is my interpretation.

      It would be interesting to see what is being blocked if it eventually gets uncovered, and it would also be interesting to see what other reports are blocked from access. I’ll bet most of them are on Syria and Ukraine, and also on surveillance/terrorism issues!

      • YKMN

        Ta’ muchly for that analysis, it ties up completely with my own professional experience of shall we say ‘rather biased’ “consultants” in many key areas.
        With lots of honest hard working ‘normals’ doing as good work as possible. . .u

  • RobG

    Complete and utter bullshit that’s reaching breathtaking heights…


    The neo-cons are complete and utter psychos who are champing at the bit for World War Three, with apparently no understanding that it will be the last war ever fought, and the end of just about all life on Earth. I mean, for Godsake, look at the present US ambassador to the UN, who should be in a straitjacket…


    I will remind folks who like to inhabit fantasy land that the US involvement in Syria is totally against all international law.

    • Alan

      “it will be the last war ever fought”

      Oh you just have to be joking; as long as there are two competing egos, male or female, there are going to be wars of some kind, and you can whine about it, but it is the way we are, no matter whether you blame evolution, or your favourite deity. It’s a fact of live; just learn to live with it.

    • giyane

      “The war has destabilised neighbouring countries such as Turkey.”

      Curious. I sent a parcel to Kurdistan on Wednesday by lorry through Turkey. The post is still getting through.
      This is pure NATO speak for USUKIS are using Turkey to destabilise the Middle East.

      • Paul Barbara

        The vast majority of the ‘Islamic’ terrorists were trained, armed, equipped with new US-made Toyota trucks fitted with high-power modern weaponry like anti-aircraft machine guns in Turkey, and then escorted to the border and sent into Syria; once there, they received over 2,000 truckloads of arms and provisions from Turkish trucks driving into Syria courtesy of the Turkish MIT.
        But lies are just a minor part of the abominations the NWO Globalists commit.

        • Mick McNulty

          Homegrown organizations like the IRA and ETA never acquired anywhere near the heavy weaponry, transport and funding ISIS have got, and they had several generations and widespread local support in which to do so. ISIS equipment compared to what the IRA and ETA had proves ISIS is a proxy army, and under the face coverings of many you can see they have no beards so they cannot be devout Muslims. Many will be western special forces whose reputations are forever stained.

          Every western politician is complicit in every ISIS atrocity committed such as the beheading of that young boy and the crucifixions of many, and they must all be terrified Russia, China and Iran will get hold of them after losing a world war.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I didn’t really know..she never really told me…

    In absolutely no way was it her fault…she takes 3 friends with her camping at Boomtown Festival near Winchester…and she’s only 25 – and she is there with her mates camping – and there are 60,000 people – and they see this smoke flume in the distance – in the car park – and both my daughter and me independently worked out the odds….

    82 cars destroyed – 60,000 people…

    The chances that one of the 82 was my daughter’s….????

    So she just carried on with the Festival..and then the Next Day – went back to her car and saw THIS


    It looked like a Warzone

    My daughter’s car was one of the 82

    I said – I will pick you up tomorrow – and your brother will come too

    She said no its O.K. Dad – these old hippies have offered us all a lift home in their campervan

    No one was hurt – but she lost her car – through no fault of her own – and all her stuff inside…

    I would just like to say – that I thought The British Insurance Company have acted extremely Professionally…

    And my Daughter has now got another car – almost the same – but 3 years older…

    And she has lost her no – claims bonus…

    So instead of being £200 cheaper..it is now £400 more expensive.. on the renewal..

    It was not my daughter’s fault..She has a completely clean driving record,,,

    And you are penalising her…

    But she and I can negotiate back…

    But they were really good.

    I was impressed.

    My daughter has a way of negotiating these things when she and her mates can’t get home.

    She and The Facebook group she is in are going after The Festival Organiser’s Next.

    The Kids who lost all their stuff in 82 cars didn’t do anything wrong.


  • fwl

    PM clever re EU.

    There will be a vote on leaving EU and so remainers can’t object that parliament hasn’t approved an advisory referendum.

    Tory leavers will presumably vote for the bill.

    Labour remainers will have a dilemma. Either vote for bill and thereby enshrine EU law as post BREXIT UK law (not so bad for the time being from their perspective) or vote against and (assuming some Tories also oppose) trigger a general election.

    Lawyers fears as to what the f**** will the law be are postponed.

    Good for UK negs with EU. Our law will be in harmony.

    A general election could be interesting though if it was essentially labour – remain and tory – leave.

  • michael norton

    The cause of the blast “could have been a gas leak,” the town’s mayor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, told local reporters.

    • Node

      Michael. Here are the statistics for deaths from gas explosion in UK (Sept 1995 to Aug 2013). At what point do you believe ISIS became responsible for some of these explosions?

      95/6 – 11
      96/7 – 5
      97/8- 6
      98/9 – 6
      99/00 -13
      00/1 – 6
      01/2 – 6
      02/3 – 5
      03/4 – 15
      04/5 – 4
      05/6 – 4
      06/7 – 4
      07/8 – 5
      08/9 – 4
      09/10 – 4
      10/11 – 5
      11/12 – 2
      12/13 – 1

      • michael norton

        I certainly believe Islamist inspired people have been causing explosions.
        There was a call a year or so ago from Islamic State for returners from the Levant to Europe to bring TERROR to the streets.
        Some of these explosions have been linked with bottled gas.
        The first one I recall was in Saint Quentin Fallavier.

        ‘Isis’ beheading: Islamist decapitates boss and tries to blow up factory near Lyon
        A suspect has been arrested after the attack in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier

        • michael norton

          The attack occurred on the same day as several other Islamist terrorist attacks, which have subsequently been named the 2015 Ramadan attacks,
          though any relationship between the various incidents is disputed. French authorities believe that Salhi has links with the Islamist terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The attack occurred during heightened public fears over Islamist attacks in France, a few months after the Île-de-France attacks in January 2015, including the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

          Salhi committed suicide in jail in December 2015.

          • michael norton

            The attack in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier was one of five Islamist attacks that took place on the same day around the world, including in Tunisia, Kuwait, Somalia, and Syria. These attacks came three days after an audio message by ISIS senior leader Abu Mohammad al-Adnani was released that encouraged militant sympathizers to attack one year after ISIS declared themselves a state, during the month of Ramadan.

        • Alan

          How come you haven’t reported about the Chinese government’s recent vow to exterminate Christianity? Why are you only worried about Isis and gas cylinders?

        • Mick McNulty

          It makes no sense to believe what ISIS claims because ISIS is US, Israel, UK, France, Saudi, Turkey.

      • nevermind

        ban all space heaters, Michael is about.
        Most gas explosions are caused by operator trouble, people too daft to realise that they are playing with highly volatile chemistry when they desire to waste valuable resources, just to sip their capuccino’s on a warm terrace during a cold winters day.

  • Republicofscotland

    So Caithness airports runway has be strengthened, that’s good is it not?

    Well it depends on why it has been reinforced, in this case it’s to allow nuclear waste to fly out to the USA.

    However the runway is over 1000ft short, and jets carrying the waste, need to fly to RAF Lossiemouth, to fuel up properly before heading off to the states.

    So we have nuclear waste flying over Scotland, not once but twice, and one of those flights is undertaken with half filled fuel tanks.

    It says a lot about what Westminster thinks of Scotland, in general, that it allows nuclear waste to be flown twiced, over it.

    The American government, won’t allow nuclear waste to be flown over America, the waste need to land at the nearest airport, and then its carried overland in vehicles.

    Is it any wonder that indyref 2 is on the cards, with Westminster playing fast and loose with Scotland’s future.

    • fred

      So you think they should load weapons grade uranium onto trucks and drive it overland to America?

        • Republicofscotland


          Well the shorter the distance that dangerous materials such as uranium are moved, the less chance of a serious accident has of occuring, in my opinion.

          Also one has to wonder, once on American soil, what becomes of those nuclear materials?

          Does anyone in their right mind, actually believe that the only nation ever to have dropped “the bomb” on civilians, is the right place to send more nuclear materials?

          Not forgetting that under Obama, who has the dubious title of being the POTUS longest at war, he is in full threat mode, towards Russia, over Syria.

          • Alan

            “Also one has to wonder, once on American soil, what becomes of those nuclear materials?”

            Well just guess who actually lost several atomic bombs?


            “In a 1968 plane crash, the US military lost an atom bomb in Greenland’s Arctic ice. But this was no isolated case. Up to 50 nuclear warheads are believed to have gone missing during the Cold War, and not all of them are in unpopulated areas.”

          • Republicofscotland

            Thank you Alan, for that very interesting article, some of those “lost nukes”are supposedly at the bottom of the ocean, how convenient.

            Alan, things no appearing to be what they seem, brought back to me the widespread pictures of ISIS fighters in white trucks, holding their AK47’s with their black flags waving in the background.

            I recalled this about the matter.

            Isn’t it strange that “ISIS” just happens to be pictured along with a convoy of Toyota trucks, that at least appear to be modified the exact same way, special forces has them outfitted before shipping them from the factory in Texas?

            “Despite the fact that the Hilux, from which the Tacoma is descended, is extremely common in the Middle East, the special forces found it to be easier to purchase Tacomas from American dealerships, modify them appropriately, and ship them to their areas.”

            “The gasoline engine used is significantly quieter than the diesel engines used in the HMMWV and some Hilux models. These were modified by eliminating the factory radio, along with almost all exterior lights and door buzzers.”

            ” The front headlights have been modified to work in IR, in order to work with night vision. The engines are unmodified, but the vehicles have been fitted with brush guards, Warn winches, and a rollbar with a machine gun mount.”

            This picture shows the trucks set up as US Special forces would use them, only it’s not US forces in the trucks, or is it?


          • Bhante

            “This picture shows the trucks set up as US Special forces would use them, only it’s not US forces in the trucks, or is it?


            Those ore the US Special Forces, you can tell from the uniform and the flag. That is the US Special Forces alternate uniform and flag. Though, the SAS also have the same alternate uniform and flag, so it could be the British forces in the trucks.

            I read recently that the British have a joint venture company in Jordan manufacturing the trucks for the British ISIS forces. They probably look the same as the US ISIS forces, even though they come from Texas instead of Jordan.

          • Bhante

            “In a 1968 plane crash, the US military lost an atom bomb in Greenland’s Arctic ice. But this was no isolated case. Up to 50 nuclear warheads are believed to have gone missing during the Cold War, and not all of them are in unpopulated areas.”

            The article mentions nuclear weapons illegaly deployed in Vietnam. The US also built a state of the art nuclear reactor in Vietnam right at the end of the war, which was completed just before they pulled out. Rather than hand over a spanking new and fully operational nuclear reactor to the Vietnamese, right at the last minute they installed explosives to try to destroy it. After the Americans had withdrawn to a safe distance they tried to detonate the explosives but none of the explosions went off and it was too late to go back. Maybe the electronics for operating the reactor were removed, but the fuel rods were still there. In any event the Vietnamese had a fully completed nuclear reactor, but for whatever reason were not able to use it (surprised the Russians did not resolve that!)

            It has been confirmed that in the 1990’s a certain Vietnamese General, together with a couple of diplomats and others were offering the plutonium fuel rods for sale to anybody interested. Those actively interested at the time allegedly included Iran, Iraq, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, among others. I think it was virtually confirmed that what was being offered were sawn-off fragments of fuel rods, even though it is reportedly incredibly difficult to saw it because the material is so hard. The local descriptions of the fuel rods – which were called “black gold” because they were so valuable – display a terrifying image of ignorance and apocalyptic handling of very dangerous radioactive material. For example, it was said that it was impossible to transport in a car because when it was loaded into the car the car engine would not start. Which sounds like someone who is carrying this stuff around does not have a very good idea of what it is or how it needs to be handled. I certainly wouldn’t travel in that car, even if it did start! Another experiment involved iron nails, which (if I remember correctly) were described as turning instantly to powder when they were put next to the “black gold”. These were described as the tests to show that the “black gold” was genuine, and everybody who was anybody was recruited to assist in finding potential buyers. This stuff was being offered for sale (marketing, that is) in neighbouring countries, although the actual fuel rods themselves probably never left Vietnam. Most of those directly involved didn’t seem to have any idea what it was.

          • Bhante

            … /cont
            The Americans subsequently confirmed they were aware of specific attempts to sell fragments of the nuclear fuel rods in Cambodia.

      • Republicofscotland

        It should remain in Scotland and be buried deep underground, and monitored regularly into the bargain.

        It however should not be flown to America, to be turned into nuclear weapons, weapons that may end up god knows where.

        • fred

          We could dig a hole under Holyrood and keep it there I suppose, then it wouldn’t do too much damage if anything goes wrong, might even improve things.

          The geology isn’t right for digging holes here it would still have to be moved.

          • Republicofscotland

            “The geology isn’t right for digging holes here it would still have to be moved.”


            Nonsense, nukes are already stored deep in the mountain at Coulport, in a specifically designed secure location.

          • Republicofscotland

            A puerile response, and a typical anti-independence one to boot.

            That kind of mentality, is widespread in the Westminster bubble, it’s only Scotland so what if there’s a nuclear accident, London will still be safe.

            Again another good reason for independence.

          • Clark

            Fred, that seems rather revealing. It isn’t the SNP you’re opposed to; it’s Scottish self-government itself.

      • Clark

        Some government needs to build a molten salt reactor as a prototype waste digester.

        Britain could and should take the lead. Cancel Trident; a small fraction of its budget would be sufficient to begin development. The obvious site would be Sellafield because there is already so much radioactive waste there. Beyond development the project would pay for itself many times over by generating electricity.

        Why was “weapons grade uranium” introduced to this argument? The risks associated with uranium are small, it’s not very radioactive. “Spent” fuel, otherwise known as actinide waste, is very radioactive and contains many radioisotopes. It’s highly dangerous stuff.

        • Republicofscotland


          Thank you for that comment, I hadn’t heard of a Molten Salt Reactor, even though they’ve been around since the 1950’s (source wiki).

          The (MSR’s) were somewhat sidelined for the Fast Breeder Reactors.

          Here is a fascinating look at Uranium, I thought I’d return the favour. ?

          “The Earth’s uranium (chemical symbol U) was apparently formed in supernovae up to about 6.6 billion years ago”


          • Clark

            Only two MSRs have ever been built, so far as is known. The design was by Alvin Weinberg, who also designed the familiar Pressurised Water Reactor for the US Navy nuclear submarine programme. Weinberg considered his PWR design insufficiently safe to be licensed for civilian applications, and advocated the MSR instead. He called his opponents “the boiler brigade”. He wouldn’t shut up so they sacked him; “Alvin, if you’re so concerned about reactor safety, we think it time you left nuclear power”.

            Russia and France have both developed computer simulations of the MSR for disposal of nuclear waste. The French design was called AMSTER.

        • fred

          But it isn’t spent fuel being shipped to America, it’s more than 90% Uranium 235.

          The ground here isn’t geologically stable it’s not long since it was under a glacier. If they want it in Glasgow they can have it with pleasure otherwise it’s getting shipped to America where they have the facilities to store it and they are giving us uranium to use in medical equipment in exchange.

          • Clark

            Shouldn’t part with it at all; they’ll never give it back and it’d be virtually impossible to replace. To make any more you’d need natural uranium, an enrichment facility, and permission, currently from Westminster, or from the UN after independence I suppose, and you’d probably never get it.

            You can run small reactors on it. It has all sorts of uses for making isotopes and research.

          • fred

            Who are you calling a weasel retard?

            I don’t want weapons grade uranium on my doorstep. If RoS wants it in Glasgow he can have it and if you want it in the South of England you can have it and if America wants it they can have it I don’t want it.

            If that fuckwit Monaghan cared more for his constituents and less about shit stirring there wouldn’t be a problem. Anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size must know that the risk of moving it is infinitely lower than the risk of keeping it here for the next few hundred million years till it’s safe.

          • Clark

            It’s barely more dangerous than lead as it is apart from the risk of theft, and it must be worth a fortune. I’m surprised you want it out of Caithness; you’re usually more rational than this, apart from your anti-Scottish bias. How much of it is there?

          • Clark

            We have a sort of inverted Br’er Rabbit situation here; “Oh, please, please send it to Glasgow, because I hate Glasgow. Send it to the Scottish Parliament, because I hate the Scottish Parliament”.

          • Clark

            Fred, I love your “logic”. Westminster should keep its nuclear weapons (in Scotland), but Scotland should dispose of its nuclear fuel, to the US! Why the hell are you living in a country that you hate, and wish to disadvantage at every turn?

          • fred

            “It’s barely more dangerous than lead as it is apart from the risk of theft”

            Then Monaghan is talking bullshit and there is no problem flying it to America.

          • Clark

            Fred, on a different subject, genuine question; what’s likely to happen to to the price of kerosene in the next month or two?

          • fred

            I don’t know the details of the deal any more than you do no doubt the powers that be consider it a fair one.

            We are sending 700 kilo of highly enriched uranium we don’t need to America where it will be downgraded into isotopes suitable for the treatment of cancer and returned to Europe. America is already in the process of downgrading weapons grade uranium, they have reduced their stockpile from 741 tons to 586 tons.

            I see no problem with the arrangement, turning swords into ploughshares as far as I’m concerned, it’s just a bunch of whinging shit stirring Nationalist arseholes seem to have any objection.

          • Clark

            0.7 tonne! Nice quantity – enough to be highly useful, but not excessive. Quite easy to keep safe and secure.

            Sounds to me like someone’s trying to raise their own popularity by pushing the old “Fear Of All Things Nuclear” button, and the supporters of independence have, predictably, knee-jerked. Westminster probably lays claim to the stuff (I assume it’s at Dounreay), meaning that Holyrood can’t do much anyway.

            Both Westminster and Washington will be very distressed by the prospect of an independent Scotland holding the best part of a tonne of 90% or purer U235. Apart from the potential warheads (which Scotland would almost certainly never build) there’s the potential research, and commercial competition in the lucrative isotopes market.

            But there’s one good sign. That the Powers That Be want it rapidly removed from Scotland shows that they’re still scared Scotland might become independent.

          • Clark

            “Give a country some isotopes and they can use them for their half-life,
            Let them hold pure 235 and they can make them for millennia”

          • Clark

            The argument for disposing of the U235 to the US is like saying that Scotland should send all its (extracted, refined) oil there because it might catch fire and it can be used to power military vehicles.

        • Clark

          U235 shouldn’t be buried; it’s nuclear fuel, not waste. Costs a fortune to make. It’s a valuable asset. I hope the US are paying a decent rate for it.

    • Node

      Speaking as someone whose home is not far from the railway line that they used in 2012 to move 90 rail shipments of nuclear material from Dounreay to Sellafield in Cumbria, great idea.

      Speaking as someone whose home is not far from the flight path from Dounreay to Lossiemouth, shite idea.

      Speaking as someone whose home is (relatively) not far from Dounreay, leaving the stuff in situ is not an option.

      What they should do is not do it in the first place.

  • Republicofscotland

    Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Tory branch office in Scotland has, reignited her war of words with Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary.

    “The Scottish Tory leader, who previously accused Johnson of lacking a plan for life outside the EU, warned she would “make sure he applies himself to the task of Brexit”, suggesting she still does not trust the unpredictable former London Mayor do it unsupervised.”

    “Asked if she took Johnson seriously, Davidson said pointedly: “I take the office of Foreign secretary seriously and I always have.”


    Ruth who still hasn’t apologised for the xenophobic slur on Christian Allard, and Johnson, who has openly insulted just about every ambassador in the EU and beyond, are in my opinion, birds of a feather.

    • Republicofscotland

      It is very interesting to note, that as, Syrian’s aided by Russian support drive the Western backed terrorist factions (posing as moderates) out of Aleppo, the Western rhetoric has been pumped up to maximum.

      We’ve had Kerry, Carter and Obama and Johnson and May along with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault all condemn, Assad and Putin.

      Throw in Sky and the BBC’s relentless propaganda, which includes the words “barrel bombs” in just about every bulletin, and you soon realise, that Nato’s overlord the US, and its minions are slowly but surely being pushed out of Syria.

      Qatar’s gas pipeline will have to wait a bit longer, it could even be superceded in the future by a Syrian gas pipeline, who knows?

        • michael norton

          I expect Syria will become part of Russia, probably it will be the only “long term” option for peace
          but could Russia finance it.
          The U.S.A. Still has Russia, Belarus & Syria on its black list.
          Have Cuba and Iran now been freed from the U.S.A. blacklist?

      • Bhante

        I sincerely hope they WON’t be driven OUT of Aleppo and thereby allowed to escape! I hope not only that all the terrorists (including the White Helmets terrorists) who survive will be taken prisoner (and preferably be held in Siberia safely out of reach of the Western powers) but also that they secure incriminating documentary and digital evidence, of which I am sure there must be masses lying around in Aleppo. It might be that incriminating evidence of false flag terrorism in Europe could be found, even.

        Russia and China / BRICS ought to set up an international False Flag and Terrorism Court with jurisdiction to handle all false flag and terrorism cases, and invite third world countries to become members. A bit like the ICC but unhindered by the USUK agenda.

        This article came out today, I can recommend taking a look:

        Why American Military Doctrine Is Doomed for Failure

        That – together with the real prospect of the Russians finding ultra-incriminating evidence in Aleppo against both the US and the UK and French – might well explain why the Americans and British and French are in such a panic.

        The gist of the above article – which is written in a very understating style – is that the US and Military-Industrial-Complex have been caught with their pants down as far as weapons technology is concerned, in that Russia and China have developed far more powerful and effective technology at a tiny fraction of the price, which effectively neutralise most of the threat the US is able to make against them. As a result the US is (since 2013) forced to use bullshit to intimidate other countries into doing what they want, but actually they know that they can no longer carry out their threats because Russia and China have superior technology. They called Russia’s bluff, and Russia pulled out the Joker! Because they can’t use conventional forces to achieve their objectives, the US/UK now use terrorists instead.

        The article puts a whole new context behind the cool-headed and far-sighted statesmanship of Putin.

        • Republicofscotland

          Thank you Bhante for the link to that article, it was very informative, it would appear, that the Great Satan (consecutive US governments) have underestimated the fire power, of the likes of China and Russia.

          Nor have they properly adapted to modern warfare, they like their obedient minion the dis-United Kingdom, are building extremely expensive aircraft carriers, that cannot approach a potential enemies shore, due to new generation missilies that can hit aircraft carriers, in international waters.

          Add to that, that the likes of Syria, Russia and China and Iran, have well developed surface to air defences, and modern fighter jets. It then become apparent why Nato’s overlord the US can’t quite break Syria down.

          The final nail in the coffin for the Great Satan, appears to be Russia’s ability to fire Kalib missilies from small fast moving corvettes, of which Russia is currently producing them, as fast as they produced the T34 tank during WWII.

          The dis-United Kingdom is way behind, and poses no real threat (as a single fighting force) remarkably its still producing huge cash guzzling aircraft carriers, that can be sunk realitively cheaply, using missilies fired, whilst the aircraft carriers are still in international waters.

          The dis-United Kingdom’s problems are further compounded by the fact it doesn’t possess any aircraft that can launch from a aircraft carrier.

          • lysias

            The U.S. did as well with its weapons in World War Two because then the smartest people went into science and engineering, which led to the development of effective weapons.

            Now they go into finance and work in Wall Street, which is if anything militarily (and even economically) counterproductive.

        • Habbabkuk


          Just to inform you that I have appointed you a full member of the Egregiousness of Excellences.

          Amoung the criteria for appointment are admiration of President Putin, mendacity and sheer loopiness – all areas in which I have given you high marks.


  • Becky Cohen

    Surprised you delivered a talk at ‘The American University’, Craig: I thought you boycotted ‘rogue states’ that steal land off the indigenous populations so foreigners can settle there?;)

    • Anon1

      Murray was banned from entering the US for the devastating power of his critique of US foreign policy. It was only after a massive People’s campaign on social media that the US State Department performed an embarrassing climbdown and was forced to allow the great human rights campaigner and dissident to land on American soil.

      As the cheering throngs of crowds received him at Dulles International Airport, the mood was one of intense jubilation, recalling the release of Nelson Mandela and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Murray waved from the steps of his aircraft before addressing the American people. Here, in the “land of the free”, freedom of speech had at last prevailed… etc.

      • Republicofscotland


        You and Habb, have been pretty quiet, have both of you been celebrating Israeli New Year ? (Rosh Hashanah).

      • Habbabkuk


        I was going to write that such a ceremony could never take place in any of the squalid states so beloved of the Excellences on here (Russia, Syria, Venezuela, etc…) and that if it could then someone like Craig would never be allowed to attend

        but then I thought

        Is it a…. conspiracy of some sort?

        What do you think?

        • Alan

          “Is it a…. conspiracy of some sort?”

          No! There are no conspiracies of any kind, after all, you told us so, many times.

    • Habbabkuk

      With respect, Mr Scorgie, you might need to brush up on the meaning of “conspiracy theory”, 🙂

      • Alan

        “you might need to brush up on the meaning of “conspiracy theory”,

        It is something which only exists in the tormented mind of somebody such as yourself Habba. We, on the other hand, only deal in truth.

  • RobG

    Pedro Sánchez, the Socialist Party leader in Spain, has resigned. Here’s a brief but quite accurate summary of the present state of Spanish politics from Javier Moreno Zacarés…


    Also, the Saker’s take on the latest developments happening in the nightmare that is Syria…


    An unelected lunatic called Theresa May made a speech today at the Conservative Party conference. Theresa May is totally complicit in the murder and mayhem that’s occurring in Syria; and by definition anyone who votes for these psychos is also totally complicit.

    Bring on the next UK general election.

    • RobG

      So you believe in Father Christmas?

      It’s a nice but somewhat abstract concept.

      Despite what Theresa *psycho* May has been saying today, there will be a general election sometime soon, and the only way you’ll get a real Brexit is if you vote for Saint Jeremy.

      I will remind you that Corbyn is the only high profile politician who has called for article 50 to be invoked immediately.

      The Conservatives, on the otherhand, have set up a ‘committee’ to handle Brexit; ie, it’s never going to happen, much like the enquiry into the Westminster child sex abuse scandal.

      Think about that, creatures like Theresa May covering up for their paedo chums.

      These vermin should be in jail, not running the country.

  • nevermind

    Happy birthday Wikileaks, its 10 years old. An Interview by der Spiegel with Julian Assange.

    SPIEGEL: Would WikiLeaks publish material about corruption in the Russian leadership?

    Assange: Yes. In fact we have already published more than 650,000 documents on Russia and President Vladimir Putin, most of which was critical. A number of highly critical books were written using this material, like “The Mafia State” by the Guardian journalist Luke Harding. The documents have also gone on to be used in a number of significant litigations, including the Yukos case.


      • nevermind

        ‘Hurricane Mathew dumps Guantanamo inmates on MN’s door mat’

        ‘I helped Obama finally enact his promise after many years of trying,’ said the octogenarian computer buff, ‘I was just repeating another horrible story of a French gas explosion to the infidels on Craig Murray’s blog, when I heard the thuds outside’ …..for more of this story, please give us your shekels……

  • RobG

    For those who may have missed the psycho on today’s Marr Show…


    Unless you want to listen to all the rollocks, start watching this at 25 minutes: May’s mask slips for just a second or two as Marr does the outro.

    This is the prime minister of the UK.

    You should be worried; very worried.

          • michael norton

            I bet Shirley was sitting just behind Anthony Blair and Dave Cameron,
            all yesterday’s people.

          • Sharp Ears

            ‘In 1990, the Tories were re-elected to run Westminster council, increasing their majority from four to 38.

            In 1996, the District Auditor concluded the policy had been illegal, found Council leader Dame Shirley Porter guilty of “wilful misconduct” and she and her deputy David Weeks were held liable to repay £36.1m lost in trying to fix the election.

            A 2007 auditor’s report said they had recovered “substantially all of Dame Shirley’s personal wealth” – she claimed she was only worth around £300,000 – and further action would not be cost effective.

            But an investigation established she was in control of assets worth at least £20m.

            The council agreed to let her off £30m, agreeing to settle for just £12m.

            Dame Shirley, who went into exile in Tel Aviv in the aftermath of the scandal, returned to London in 2006 and bought a Mayfair flat, worth £1.5m.’

            That is how she got away with it. Friends in high places.

            More detail on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirley_Porter
            Homes for votes scandal
            Court cases and surcharge
            Final agreement

            Very philanthropic of course towards charities in Israel.

    • lysias

      Hillary is just as corrupt as Trump, and more of a warmonger.

      Myself, I’m voting for Jill Stein, which unfortunately few people have the sense to do.

      The media were greatly upset about the hacked emails of the Democratic National Committee, but they seem glad about the illegally obtained tax information about Trump. They’re shamefully and obviously biased.

      • Habbabkuk

        Yes, Lysias, you’ve already told us that – at least twice.

        And you’ve also told us you’ve made considerable donations to her cause, so you don’t need to repeat that again in the days to come.

  • Habbabkuk

    Some people on here – both real Scots Nats and the fakers – appear to object to Michael Norton’s frequent posts about the SNP, various of its personalities and supporters and the way devolved Scotland is currently governed.

    For my part, I find his posts usually revealing and pertinent.

    Nor do I object to their frequency, which actually compares quite favorably to the frequency of posts from the like of ELIE, Rob, Alan and a few others.

    Keep up the good work, Norton – after all, the founder of this blog was/is a dissident as well!

    • michael norton


      Thank you very much for your praise.
      It is “quite” strange,
      that those who are most prolific/vocal in full song about the SNP
      can never see/hear any wrong.
      Yet is is clear that all parties have perverts/fraudsters/drunkards/womanisers/charlatans/liars

      • michael norton

        The Labour Party has both the Nonce Finder General ( Fat Boy)
        and also members who are of the |
        Nonce persuasion.

        but all political parties have bad apples.
        So, it is hardly a surprize, that the expanding SNP party,
        have turned up some surprizes, since the REFERENDUM WHICH THEY LOST

        • michael norton

          Guess which party leader was reported as having made this statement
          “It is bad form to bite another fellows pillow”

      • RobG

        This afternoon a wheel blew out on a caravan being towed on the A303. The caravan swerved all over the road but thankfully it was brought to a halt without any injuries.

        The driver towing the caravan was named as Mr Allah Mohammed.

        A COBRA meeting was immediately convened and the SAS were put on standby. There are now endless news specials on SKY and the BBC. They are reporting that the Home Secretary will bring in new laws to designate caravans as ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and all of south west England has been put in lockdown amidst a massive police presence.

        You can fill in the rest…

        But this is real: it’s happening right now!

      • Alan

        “It is “quite” strange,”

        “Strange” is rather a tame word to use for Habba. How about “peculiar” or even “downright weird”?

      • Habbabkuk

        Norton ( 20h36 )

        That is absolutely correct. I think my repeated warning “Do not go a-whorin’ after false gods” is very apposite in this case.

        You will no doubt recall Craig’s experience when he attempted to become a SNP candidate….

        Of course, one should see many of the posts from a handful of “commenters” are merely idle provocations and/or venting.

        • Edward

          Almost every post you have ever made is a prime example of one or more of your own complaints. Projection?

    • RobG

      Habba, don’t try to rope me in on this, because although I say good luck to Scottish people who want independence, I can speak only as a Londoner born and bred who now lives in France.

      Oh yes, France…


      No need to report me to the DGSE, because they’ll all soon be on trial, along with criminals like Hollande and Sarkozy.

      Cue the next false flag, so that they can extend the state of emergency, which was originally only going to last for 12 days, but has now been legalised for well over a year and looks set to continue.

      Strange how this never ending state of emergency coincides exactly with the biggest civil unrest in French history.

      Strange how this state of emergency hasn’t actually prevented any ‘terrorist attacks’, nor lead to any mass arrests of ‘terrorists’, but instead has led to the arrest of large numbers of union and civil rights activists, all of which have been held in custody under emergency powers without due process.

    • Alan

      “Nor do I object to their frequency, which actually compares quite favorably to the frequency of posts from the like of ELIE, Rob, Alan and a few others.”

      As you are not Craig Murray, and not head moderator, despite your broken promises to become so, you have no right to object to anything posted here.

      And Habba, why are you spelling “favourably” the American way? See-eye-ay? 🙂

    • Ba'al Zevul

      For my part, I find his posts usually revealing and pertinent.

      A rare true statement from Habba. Given the vacuousness of his own offerings, and the allegation by MN that the Daily Express ‘encapsulates’ his own opinions, there is no reason whatever to doubt it.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Iran has rejected outright the demand of Germany’s economy minister that it recognize Israel as a precondition for full normalization of ties between Berlin and Tehran.”

    “Ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Germany are based on mutual respect and interests, and no precondition would be acceptable in this regard,” Bahram Qasemi, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, said on Saturday, according to the official Iranian news outlet Press TV.”


    Of course it is easy to understand why Iran, fully rejects the existence of a oppressive military apartheid state.

    • nevermind

      why should the German economic minister do the bidding for Zionist nationalists?
      Sigmar Gabriel called Israel and Apartheid state, so why should he want to do their bidding?
      Another small point, such a demand would not come from him but from a head of state, and its bad diplomacy, especially when you are already in Tehran.

      a non nonsensical story, I do not believe it, I think its made up out of spite to Gabriels previous comments and a back hand move to stop Germany trading with Iran.
      He will be told by industry what to do, the Times of Israel is not one of them I think.

    • Mick McNulty

      I read there is nothing in international law stating a country has a right to exist. It is not like an individual’s right to life. You either like the country or you don’t but then again, if you steal a country and brutally terrorize its population to claim you own it that might put you in a unique position to ask.

      You can’t claim you own the land because some bronze-age wizard in the sky said so in a book, especially one written by men long dead who weren’t even your own ancestors. If that book proves it then J M Barrie proved fairies are real in Peter Pan. He used magic too.

      • Mick McNulty

        That’s not to say I don’t believe in the supernatural because after a few bad frights I do. I just don’t believe in the bible. I think the pagans were closer to the truth. That’s why the early Church killed them.

        • Habbabkuk

          Ah, another conspiracy theory – the pagans were killed because they were “closer to the truth”.

          As a matter of interest, which truth was that? Do elucidate.

          Are you a druid?

          • Edward

            Actually if it didn’t happen by accident it would have been necessary to begin deliberately desecrating pagan sacred space in order to make use of tree’s as a resource for just one example. Cutting down whole forests would have been difficult for the druids while the increasing spread of agricultural land due to new techniques such as the plough alongside the beginnings of cities required resources which were sacred to a variety of pagan religions. The top down authoritarian love bombing of Christianity was the perfect vehicle for this transition, simplifying the pantheon of stories and archetypes by replacing them with one linear though confused narrative which was itself a syncretic porridge of earlier ideas. Hence Constantine adopting Christianity as the state religion.

  • Republicofscotland

    As one butcher is laid to rest (Peres) well according to Robert Fisk he was.


    The Electronic Intifada, sums up a whole year of butchery by the oppressive apartheid state, that Iran will not recognise, as existing.


  • RobG

    Republicofscotland & Co, I’m interested in your take on the political revolution that’s now happening in England and Wales. I should add that this political revolution first started in Scotland with the referendum lies and then the 2015 general election, in which the SNP won a gobsmacking 56 of the 59 seats north of the border.

    There’s never been anything remotely like that in modern British politics, but of course those in the Establishment/Westminster bubble were unable to see it.

    Now we have ‘Jez we can’, a massive political resurgence south of the border.

    I suppose my question is: how’s this going to effect politics in Scotland? I mean, with a real socialist Labour Party on the rise how will this effect the SNP vote in Scotland?

    • Paul Barbara

      Guess we’ll have to wait and see: one suspects there’s enough heavy-weight probs that should be addressed first, like WWIII NWO machinations in Syria.

    • Republicofscotland

      “I suppose my question is: how’s this going to effect politics in Scotland? I mean, with a real socialist Labour Party on the rise how will this effect the SNP vote in Scotland?”



      Yes, you are correct, in a sense, that Scotland set the standard for change, beginning in Scotland, Plaid Cymru and the Greens in England opened up the debate even further across the border.

      As for Jeremy Corbyn, if he can hold the party together, I can see no reason why he can’t become PM. The Labour leader ( by the way Keir Hardie who founded the Labour party did so, with independence in mind for Scots) has so far kept to the left of centre, and in my opinion, he’d be good for the working man and woman.

      As for Labour in Scotland, they’re finished, no one trusts them anymore, they don’t really have any good policies or ideas, its as if they have been instructed by London, to attack everything the SNP says or does, and it shows.

      The voters have noticed this, and have voted accordingly, (post 2007) no matter what the Express or Habbs little puppets say, the SNP are in the eyes of Scots doing a good job. But that doesn’t make them perfect in any way, and I do disgree with some policies, and of course any SNP MSP or MP who’s caught and prosecuted for theft or fraud, deserves to be booted out of the party for good.

      That goes for the parties, North and South of the border, Corbyn is of course against Scottish independence, but I hope he does well South of the border, with so much uncertainty in the form of the inane Tory Brexit, that will cost residents of the dis-United Kingdom dearly in the long run.

      • Sharp Ears

        He’s slipping. He hasn’t reported the Kardashian robbery yet. Incredibly Sky News are leading on it.

        • Why be ordinary?

          The Kardashian robbery is an obvious false flag designed to allow the continuation of the state of emergency in France. Death no longer shocks, so they had to dial up the media frenzy with something else.

          US intervention in Syria is clearly a response to Mrs Assad favoring Louboutin over Jimmy Choo

    • Phil Ex Frog

      Hilariously off script. “I’m not cutting you off cause I’m colluding” said the presenter cutting off a caller accusing the media of colluding.

      I recall Greg Philo a few years back encouraging people to use phone ins to circumnavigate media bias.

      • YKMN

        I listened live to AnyQ’s AnyAnswers as I was driving around. Anita & her editor were certainly slightly more open to alternative points of view this week than normal on the BBC. It was however already noticed on this thread that they were reporting an alternative view of the Syria conflict this week on other Beeb programs. Correct me if I’m wrong, Habbs, but could this be the one week per decade when the impartiality & balance of the Beeb output is being subject to some sort of metrics? Is a real university, a real ofcom prof doing a study for this particular seven days, then come next week it’ll be back to ‘powerful state broadcaster mode’ dunno?!

        (it certainly says summat when people actually notice balanced, factual reporting, and comment on the difference from SNAFU situation-normal. . .)

  • michael norton

    MSPs are to examine the payments received by election returning officers in Scotland.

    There have been calls for reform of the system, which often sees highly-paid council chiefs get extra payments of tens of thousands of pounds.

    Holyrood’s local government committee is to examine how the payments are made and how appropriate they are.

    Convener Bob Doris said there was “understandable public concern” about the sums being paid out.

    Returning officers have been in high demand in recent years, with Scotland going to the polls for five elections and referendums across three years.

    It is estimated that almost £500,000 was shared between the 32 returning officers inside a matter of weeks in 2016, due to the Holyrood election and the EU referendum.

    Mr Doris said the total sum may stretch to £1m over two years when the 2015 general election is taken into account.

    So if Scotland goes for Indeyref2 how much more public money will be squandered?

  • Clydebuilt

    BBC Radio Scotland 9am News “Mike Russell Scotland’s So Called Brexit Minister”

    BBC Radio Scotland 10am News. The title given was so long winded I didn’t take it down ……. Basically I Think it ment Scotland’s Brexit Minister,

    So they probably got a phone call of complaint from the Government, and this was their cheeky response.
    Akin to refusing to call ISIL…. Daesh…..because that was Alex Salmond’s suggestion.

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