London Calling 95

London Calling, Alan Knight’s superb documentary on BBC bias during the Independence Referendum, had its first showing to a group in Lanark last week. It was very warmly received and sparked a great deal of discussion.

The plan now is for the documentary to be viewed by groups as a communal experience and basis for meetings and discussion. It really is both interesting and, at times, shocking even to me. Despite having been involved in making it, I was roused to real anger the first time I saw it all through. Local Yes groups can organise meetings to show the film, and if they want I am happy to come along as an accompanying speaker. Alternatively Paul Kavanagh I understand to be willing to do the same. Or you can just have the film and discuss yourselves.

Decent audio-visual systems for showing to a small audience are not as difficult to get hold of at many meeting venues as they used to be, but if any groups are struggling we will find a way to provide equipment as well as the film. Personally I have no problem with preaching to the converted – inspiring the troops and arming them with arguments is important and worthwhile. I am prepared to speak on Independence to pretty well anyone who invites me! I have some very concrete ideas on how to counter BBC bias come Indyref2.

The documentary will be released eventually free on the internet, but the producers are keen to use it first as a part of the popular involvement in debate that was such a feature of the Independence referendum.

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95 thoughts on “London Calling

  • Michelle

    What an excellent idea using it in this way first. It will give the Yessers a reward for their efforts by seeing it first, and for the minded an opportunity to review it and recommend watching; which can only add to their perceived value in their groups and communities, especially in conjunction with group discussion and being presented with ideas on how to overcome the BBC bias.

  • RobG

    Craig, when I saw the title of your post I thought you were going to comment on a Clash album…

    I hope the documentary does well. The Scottish independence referendum certainly woke-up a lot of people with regard to the massive propaganda machine that invades all our lives. Of course there was a similar ‘project fear’ earlier this year with the Brexit stuff (a Brexit, incidentally, that’s been put in the hands of a ‘committee’ and will probably never happen, because Washington will never allow it). We all live in the Matrix, not just the good folks north of the border.

    Those darn twerrorists are coming to get us, so keep on bombing, baby!

      • RobG

        I sincerely hope so, Michael.

        If you recall, I was in favour of Brexit, and explained my reasons why (which was principally, to put up a finger to Washington).

        • Mick McNulty

          Since Blair and electronic voting we’re in the days of vote rigging and not who gets the most votes but who rigs it best. I believe the vote was rigged for Scotland to remain in the Union and will never be convinced otherwise. And I believe the Brexit vote would have been much higher for leaving but that was rigged too. I think voters taking pens was enough to foil the rig and without that they’d have just achieved their Bremain. But nobody’s talking about that.

          We need to get back to 100% paper votes and a paper trail that can be recounted. Talk about the vote don’t mean squat until then, save for the possibilities it opens for mainstream media and politicians to endlessly lie about what isn’t and never was.

          • michael norton

            Mick agree, proper old fashioned voting.
            One voter in each box with a pencil,
            not this noce way of doing it by electronic or proxy or postal or wotever.
            If you can not be bothered to walk down to your local school /community center and stand in a queue for a few minutes to then stand in a booth and secretly mark your cross, why bother?

          • Bhante

            Oh dear! Are you using Clinton’s favourite remotely controled voting boxes over there nowadays? Hard to believe. Are they any less blatant than the US ones?

          • Craig P

            Mick – the only electronic vote we’ve ever had was the last council one – even then it wasn’t the vote that was electronic, just the count – so not sure what you are on about. It is far easier (and proven to have happened in a few cases) to rig postal votes than electronic voting, provided the electronic vote is done in the right way.

  • Bert.

    For the Sassenachs it might be nice to know when it is available on the Internet. An interest in BBCBS is not a privilege of the Scots.


    • AAMVN

      I’m sure Mr Murray will advise us of that in due course.

      It’s a sound strategy to show it to groups and have a discussion plus speakers. If it were made available online straight away many would just watch alone and be appalled in the privacy of their own home which mostly achieves nothing. In a group at least the righteous indignation might give others heart.

      They want Scots to just give up the fight for independence and there is a real danger that will happen.

  • Republicofscotland

    “I was roused to real anger the first time I saw it all through.”


    It’s the natural reaction, knowing that the state propaganda machine lied and duped many into believing Better Togethers tall tales.

    London Calling should be shown widely around the country, not just in Scotland but in the rest of the dis-United Kingdom. It should be categorised as cautionary tale, such as believe the BBC at your peril.

    The Westminster government of David Cameron, was complicit, in the fraud, the Treasury and Sir Nicholson Macpherson were supposed to be impartial, they weren’t. The British government along with the majority of it politicians, and numerous toom tabard politicians North of the border, aided and abetted the Ministry of Truth (BBC) in frightening the Scottish public into voting no.

    It’s shocking to think that figures used to decry Scottish independence as a disasterous, were often produced by the OBR, which was created in 2010 by George Osborne. The whole unionist case was a sham, a fraud, a bogus smoke and mirrors fiasco.

    In my opinion the BBC, is, a enemy propaganda machine to Scotland, in a similar way that propaganda leaflets are dropped into enemy territory, so the BBC, broadcasts, negatively, North of the border.

    • michael norton

      Ruth Davidson’s personal poll ratings are outscoring Nicola Sturgeon by a margin of 17 points, new data revealed today.

      The leader of the opposition in Scotland has enjoyed a strong run of support since overhauling Labour to take second place at the Holyrood elections in May.

      The figures will give the Scottish Conservative leader a boost as she takes on Ms Sturgeon’s SNP government and attempts to derail momentum for a second independence referendum in the wake of the UK Brexit vote.

      That’s interesting, seems like the SNP are on a downward slide.

      • JOML

        Scratch beneath the surface and you will find they are comparing apples with pears. Nothing “robust” about the findings at all.

      • Habbabkuk

        It may well be that Mrs Sturgeon’s popularity reached its high water mark at the last United Kingdom general election and that the tide is slowly but surely going out on her.

        After all: the SNP has achieved little if anything at Westminster,various people have been shown to be false gods, there is certain sense of boredom both with the independence issue and with the good lady herself.

        Nor, of course, should one forget the amusingly incoherent position some Scots Nats find themself in when they at the same time call for independence from the UK but insist on remaining in the EU…

        • Republicofscotland


          Well one must try, not all nations can have, a superpower at their back to bale them out, can they now.

          As for the SNP “achieving” anything at Westminster, the golden rule amongst unionist politicians at Westminster is one of not backing the SNP.

          The den of iniquity is a hypocritical cesspit.

        • Clive Scott

          Nothing at all incoherent in wanting to be an independent country that chooses to co-operate with neighbouring independent countries. Its what all independent countries do. The current arrangement is that Scotland is in a subservient abusive relationship with the British state run by the corrupt elites based in the fetid cesspool of Westminster. In 2014 the union was “saved” by the over 65’s. Tick tock. Nicola is easily the best politician in the UK today. Mrs May was a complete disaster as Home Secretary (totally lost count of the number of people in the country; not a single successful prosecution despite umpteen thousand cases of FGM being her two stand out failures from a very long list). Since becoming PM this utterly vacuous and stupid woman has ratified the crazy Chinese/French Hinkley project and the militarily useless Trident renewal.

      • Republicofscotland


        Scotland has only one Tory MP, and he “fluffy”Mundel, held onto his seat by the skin of his teeth. The Tories aren’t popular in Scotland, no matter what the 1000 telephone calls made by Ipsos Mori say.

        Infact Ruth Davidson is so unpopular in Scotland’s largest city, that she fled to another city in Scotland, to try and get re-elected, even then she squeezed in with a 600 majority.

        The unionist press and media can play up Ruth Davidson, all they like, it doesn’t mean a thing.

          • michael norton

            At the last E.U. election UKIP came fourth, behind the SNP, Labour & Conservaties but in front of the Greens and in front of the LibDems.

            If you were naughty and added UKIP votes with Conservative votes, the total would have been second in front of Labour and behind SNP.

          • michael norton

            Sorry, I meant, just in Scotland,
            not in the whole of the United Kingdom where UKIP came first with 4,376,635 votes
            and the most seats.

            That might be a clue as to why we voted for BREXIT

        • michael norton

          Only four areas of Scotland voted strongly for Independence, the rest voted to be stronger together.
          That matey is FACT

    • Bayard

      I think the Andrew Gilligan affair was the final suborning of the BBC into the government’s organ.

    • Habbabkuk


      “The whole unionist case was a sham, a fraud, a bogus smoke and mirrors fiasco.”

      I suppose that if you’re a unionist you’d say the same about the Scots Nats case, wouldn’t you?


      Interesting to note also that you supported the Office for Budget Responsibility in the past (when its output allowed you to slate the govt) but seem to so do no longer (when its output points in a direction to which you object).

      • Republicofscotland

        “Interesting to note also that you supported the Office for Budget Responsibility in the past (when its output allowed you to slate the govt) but seem to so do no longer (when its output points in a direction to which you object).”



        Well all bets are off with regards to the OBR, now that Osborne had a hand in creating it. We all know that Osborne was a pathetic, and somewhat blundering fool of a Chancellor, probably the worst in living memory.


        “I suppose that if you’re a unionist you’d say the same about the Scots Nats case, wouldn’t you?”

        No, the White Paper laid out specific and indepth details, unlike the Westminster clowns who haven’t a clue over Brexit, and like frightened children, they fled at the first sign of responsibility. Even now many weeks after the Brexit vote, Theresa May and her inept government have nothing substantial to show.

        The White Paper produced by the SNP government, was a masterclass compared to the fag packet Brexit plan mentality, of the Westminster punchinellos.

  • Carol Gilmour

    Excellent Craig. Yes Kelty will be in touch. We may have access to equipment through a local community cinema.

  • Habbabkuk


    Just to understand your position (and your enthusiasm for this documentary) a little better:

    are you of the opinion that had it not been for this alleged BBC bias the people of Scotland would have voted yes for independence?

    • michael norton

      I am sure the good people of Scotland came to their own conclusions if or no they want to break up the United Kingdom.

      I was in Scotland ten days ago and there was nobody at the party who wanted to split the United kingdom, mind you they all had jobs.

      • michael norton

        Support for Scottish independence higher than 2014 First Minister Ms. Nicola Sturgeon.
        Support among Scots for independence is higher than it was almost two years ago when the country rejected leaving the United Kingdom. Just over half (53 per cent) of Scots favour staying in the United Kingdom, with 47 per cent backing independence, a new poll by Kantar TNS has found.

        Read more at:

        So a poll has found support for Scotland breaking up the United Kingdom has tipped in the direction of Independence
        but it is not exactly overwhelming, is it?

    • RobG

      Habba, without at least a half-way informed populace there will never be the very new concept known as ‘democracy’ (I believe it was Eisenhower who called democracy the ‘great new experiment’).

      To take it from your angle, for example, if the public were told the truth about nuclear energy, every single nuke, every single nuclear power plant would be shut-down tomorrow.

      Instead, due to the propaganda, the public (quite unbelievably) put up with cancer rates that continue to go through the roof, not to mention numerous other serious illnesses.

      This mass slaughter is all because of the quest for weapons of mass destruction.

      But I’m sure it all makes perfect sense in your Strangelovian world.

    • fwl

      Because if that were the case they couldn’t have had that strong a conviction and when going independent that is essential. A big % and a lot of commitment (which is part of the Brexit issue because it was a low % and many who voted out are not that committed). All of which is not to say that the BBC ought not to be held to account.

  • Anon1

    Your documentary is a waste of time. You have to accept that the established interests will be against you. If you cannot, then don’t bother coming to the fight.

    We had much more, indeed everything thrown at us during the EU referendum. Do you remember it? The entire mainstream media and political class, big business and corporations. The emergency budgets, the house price slump, the disappearance of the state pension, WW3? Scotland voted to Remain.

    But we overcame it all. Either a majority of Scots don’t want independence, or they are too pussy to vote for it.

    It is time for you to face up to the fact that you lost, and that were you to hold another referendum today, you would lose again.

    • bevin

      “We had much more, indeed everything thrown at us during the EU referendum. Do you remember it? The entire mainstream media and political class, big business and corporations..”
      With the exception, of course, of half the cabinet, the real Establishment and everyone in the country with enough sense to tie his shoelaces.

      It won’t be long before the idiotic campaign for Brexit, despite its beneficent results, takes its place with Dunkirk and the Martello Towers as one of the great myths of English history.

      • Anon1

        The idiotic campaign of which you were a part? Don’t make me look up your speeches.

        The left played their part but yet again found themselves disappointed with the outcome. Thanks for the votes, anyhow. You can now return to having no influence on anything.

    • fred

      Those campaigning for Brexit did say that if we left Europe the National Health would get an extra £350 million a week though didn’t they? It was a lie, they knew it was a lie when they said it but it was reported by the media and everyone saw it painted on the side of a bus in the media.

    • michael norton

      ROS you might want to tell the children that if Scotland does become Independent that the idea of
      free university education will be out the window.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I would love to see London Calling, and I have never seen the Clash – though I love their song.

    My wife is far more of a film buff than me and she goes to see obscure art films, at tiny little venues.

    However, neither of us have been to any political meetings, except very occasionally..and even then most of the time it was not for political reasons – but social reasons – particularly if they had some good bands on….

    Good luck with it.

    I’m for Independence too – particularly from the EU & the USA..but I quite like the Scottish (prefer The Irish to be honest – I can usually understand them – even when I’m sober).

    I do like Craig Murray, even though I disagree with many of his political views, and he or his moderators delete nearly everything I write.


  • John Goss

    As to BBC bias it has become absolutely ludicrous. I watch it occasionally for a laugh and to get the weather forecast, which is usually about the only thing that’s reasonably accurate. This morning the BBC ran a piece on MPs whose names were accidentally released by a junior for over-criticising the leader of the Labour Party and his credentials to lead. Of course, all decent people know, what a fine speaker and honest man Jeremy Corbyn is, yet these career politicians may well prefer the likes of the charismatic warmonger Tony Blair, or the rather less charismatic Owen Smith (who may be a better person because of his lack of charisma).

    Hitler, Stalin, Pinochet, were all charismatic in their own way. Would it not be better to have honesty, peace (and security) than a charismatic autocrat at the helm? Some opinion pollsters point out how popular a leader Blair was and how popular he was when elected as an example against the electability of Jeremy Corbyn, and this includes the bias of the BBC.

    Its slant on offended MP critics of Corbyn, including the deputy leader Tom Watson, was to give air-space to two of them and just present their opinions, putting forward the meme that Smith was the good guy, and as ever, Corbyn was not electable. It will not be the BBC, or the creatures who attack a good man as not being electable, but the electorate. I shall be campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn.

    • Anon1

      Jeremy Corbyn’s greatest legacy will be to provide the Tories with a large enough majority to push through long-needed and much overdue NHS reform.

      Do you understand what you have done, Mr Goss?

      • RobG

        So, perhaps you can tell us who’s going to vote for the tories at the next general election?

        Even at the last election the tories only managed 25% of the vote, and that was with the entire mainstream media propagandising for them.

        Who’s going to vote for the tories next time round? Will the doctors, the nurses, the teachers, the firefighters, etc, etc. Will that huge number of people who can no longer afford a roof over their head vote for the tories? It goes on and on.

        Anyone who buys into the “the tories will be in power for the next generation” nonsense is falling into the media propaganda.

        Corbyn will walk it, and that’s why you lot are shitting yourselves.

      • John Goss

        Don’t be a fool. If I could collect, and I’m not a gambling man, I would bet you £20 (straight bet, no odds) that Corbyn will romp home in the next General Election. Then I would put the money to the Palestinian cause I cycle for. By the way you queried on another thread whether opposing the killing and maiming of children in Gaza was a cause worth making a contribution.

        You need to go to 14 minutes 50 where Dr Mona explains what previous contributions have been used for (bicycles is one) and you will realise this is not untrustworthy like the Tony Blair foundation, which provides cash with ties and a tax-loophole for the arch war criminal.

        • Anon1

          I didn’t query your belief in your own righteousness, John. I asked what your charity does.

          But why not collect £20 from me? You said Jeremy was the bookies’ favourite to win the next GE.*

          (*still trying not to laugh)

          • John Goss

            “I didn’t query your belief in your own righteousness, John. I asked what your charity does.”

            Did you look?

            P.S. I would take your money off you if I knew who you were.

    • John Goss

      I meant to add that opinion polls do not govern who will be elected in a fair system. Our system is not fair. All MPs have been lobbied by some pressure group, right or left, and they have no doubt made friends and had dinner with people who may have had an agenda on behalf of corporates, international organisations, NGOs and others, not improperly, who I suspect are now exerting more pressure than ever.

      Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there are many (thousands I understand) Corbyn supporters, and a few non-Corbyn supporters, who have been banned from voting due to comments they have made on social media. The BBC does not report this. Would you expect it to?

      Orwellian is an understatement.

      • Anon1

        “I meant to add that opinion polls do not govern who will be elected in a fair system. Our system is not fair.”

        Getting your excuses in early? The fact is the opinion polls now give Tories 41% and Labour 27%. Sure there is a margin for error, but not that much. This is already the most popular sitting government in history thanks to Jeremy. All subsequent policies enacted by a huge Tory majority are no-one’s fault but your own. You made the Labour party unelectable. You are now responsible for the consequences of your actions.

        Are you pleased with your ‘ideological purity’, Mr Goss?

        • John Goss

          No, you deliberately picked up on the wrong message: the least important one, which I suspect is your purpose. The real message, please discuss, is this.

          “Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there are many (thousands I understand) Corbyn supporters, and a few non-Corbyn supporters, who have been banned from voting due to comments they have made on social media. The BBC does not report this. Would you expect it to? “

  • Habbabkuk

    Re visas after a BREXIT.

    As I’ve said before, UK subjects travelling to continental countries (and continentals travelling to the UK) have not required visas to do so since the mid to late 1940s.

    Those who claim the opposite – and those who think that the Schengen agreement has anything to do with visas for EU nationals travelling within the EU – are mistaken.

    Perhaps they are getting visas mixed up with the entry (and exit) stamps which used to be put into UK passports at the entry(and exit) points to continental countries (eg, Calais or Boulogne for France, Basel for Switzerland and so on).

    Doubting Thomases are invited to visit:, where they will find the various texts relating to the abolition of visa requirements for UK subjects and the citizens of continental countries (this does not of course apply as far as the countries under the yoke of the evil Soviet Empire were concerned).

    There is no reason to believe that Brexit will lead to the re-introduction of visas for simple travel/visiting purposes.

    • RobG

      There were no such things as passports before the First World War, and people were quite free to travel wherever they wanted to (although it should be pointed out that in the main only wealthy people were able to do so).

      UK licensing laws were only introduced during WW1, to stop the plebs getting pissed-up, so that they’d continue slaving away in the munitions factories. For King and Country, don’t you know. Over the top, lads…

      Each mega-slaughter over the last century or so has brought in more and more laws and regulations. If there’s anything left of human society after World War Three it will probably make Orwell’s 1984 look like a Butlins holiday camp.

      Over the last decade or so (or to be more accurate, since 9/11) the UK Parliament has passed more laws than during the previous three hundred years of its existence, and the majority of these new laws are detrimental to civil liberties and human rights.

      • Habbabkuk

        “There were no such things as passports before the First World War, and people were quite free to travel wherever they wanted to”

        If you’re using the word “passport” as a lazy way of indicating documentation then I’m not sure that that’s entirely correct, old chap. The Russian Empire, for example, required documentation from foreigners wishing to enter.

      • Habbabkuk

        “UK licensing laws were only introduced during WW1, to stop the plebs getting pissed-up, so that they’d continue slaving away in the munitions factories. For King and Country, don’t you know.”

        The purpose of limiting drinking to the lunchbreak and evenings was to stop absenteeism from munitions factories. For some strange reason the govt felt that munitions production was rather important in wartime (can’t think why..). It therefore did not wish munitions workers to spend their time (and their relatively high wages) in the boozers (hitherto open all day long) instead of at the workplace.

        Fucking spoilsports!!

        Trust you though, Rob, to put in a good word for the piss-heads. 🙂

  • Haemoglobin

    From The Herald today…

    “WHITEHALL insiders have confirmed the plans for a separate Scottish Six programme are dead.

    They referred to the draft BBC charter stressing how the corporation must “contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom,” making clear that if the corporation decided, after making pilots this autumn, to press ahead with a plan for a Scottish Six to replace the current UKwide programme, then this would be in breach of the new charter.

    At Westminster, Karen Bradley, the Culture secretary, made clear that the BBC had to reflect news and the “national mood” across the whole of the UK. ”

    This is as much of the article as I could get, not being a subscriber.

    So, again government exert political pressure on the BBC.

    One irony – perhaps many at Westminster and at the BBC in London are unaware that BBC Scotland do a better job than they themselves do at propagandising on behalf of unionism.

    I would be very interested in hearing your ideas regarding how to counter unionist bias in another indyref campaign, Craig. That’ll be a tricky one.

    • Anon1

      (I do hope that Craig will not “quietly drop” this matter should it turn out that he was, in fact, admitted entry to the US)

      • Habbabkuk

        A reminder:

        Craig is/was supposed to present the Sam Adams award on 25 September and the World against War events (where CM will speak) start on 23 September – so the clock is running……

        • Sharp Ears

          What a great disappointment this must be for the pair of you.

          ‘After a 16,000 person petition to the State Department and letter writing and lobbying including by Jeremy Corbyn, Roger Waters and Daniel Ellsberg, I have been granted a 10 year US visa. Following my initial refusal of ESTA clearance and the offer then withdrawal of help from the US Embassy in London, it is only fair to say that the staff of the US Consulate in Belfast could not have been more pleasant and helpful, and my “interview” lasted thirty seconds. It is however a disgrace and an insult that the US issues visas in Belfast but not Edinburgh.

          I will be going to Washington in a week to have the great honour to chair the presentation of the Sam Adams Award to John Kiriakou – the CIA agent who blew the whistle on waterboarding, and was jailed for it as part of the disgraceful Obama/Clinton War on Whistleblowers.’

          • Anon1

            Why would it be a disappointment? It was bollocks that Craig was denied entry because of his views, just as it’s bollocks that he has been granted entry because of a petition.

            All that happened was he was flagged, probably because of his visit to Iraq. Nothing to do with the US banning free speech.

  • Andrew Morton

    Perhaps the BBC would be prepared to give it a prime time showing, trailed perhaps by Jackie Bird on Reporting Scotland?

      • Macky

        Hi Brian,

        Well ironically enough, in view of Craig’s ESTA problem, I had a extensive Summer trip to the US, and did intend to comment here how this “Anti-Western/ Anti-US” (as a couple of regular clowns sometimes like to smear me as ! ), greatly enjoyed the experience, especially meeting so many great & friendly people; however when I looked here & tried to catch-up, the same old tired boring clowns were dominating the comments with their cheap & disingenuous nonsense, but what was much worse was that the usual arbitrary& uneven moderating had got even worse, which either by deliberate intent or not, is so frankly off-putting, that like so many others, I simply lost interest in posting here. The absence of many others would indicate that I’m not the only one, soon this Blog will be left with only the kind of commentators that such uneven moderating inevitably results in, ie those here whose interest & purpose here is really not for honest debate carried out in good faith.

        • Phil Ex Frog

          Having comments, which failed no house rule I am aware of, deleted has put me off from the comment section here. Happy days.

  • michael norton

    Berlin Calling

    Bratislava EU meeting: Frau Merkel says bloc in “CRITICAL SITUATION”
    The European Union is in a “critical situation”, the German chancellor has said, as leaders meet in Slovakia to discuss ways to regain trust after the UK’s vote to leave the bloc.

    I wonder if Frau Merkel imagines she is at least partly responsible, several central and Eastern European Nations are intending in forming a block, mostly to keep out refugees but also to refute the German demand for Austerity.

    • michael norton

      Even if the United Freedom Referendum had been flucked and we had voted to stay in the European Union, the fault lines were already opening.
      Mass Islamic migration
      Austerity imposed by Germany, most noticeably on Greece
      The desire to start a European Army
      Ever more Europe
      The failing Eurozone
      On-going State of Emergency in France
      Inability to make trade deals happen
      Mass youth unemployment
      Extreme Largess among the Eurocrats
      Lack of Democracy

    • nevermind

      So Frau Merkel was responsible for trying to oust Assad? for bombing the place and for training Al Nusra/Al Quaeda and other Wahabi mercenaries with USUK special forces?
      For causing millions to flee to neighbouring countries?
      For bombing Libya and leaving it in chaos, ready for IS to imprison thousands of economic migrants and send them to Europe.
      Was it Frau Merkel, mn, who send off the refugees by the hundreds of thousands? I trust you know the time line, it goes as follows.
      training terrorists and using local dissatisfied people, many young teenagers, in Deeira to rebel, Infiltrating Syria with trained/and armed terrorists to support the FSA and other groups aligned to Saudi Arabia and Quatar. Follow the money
      Then the bombing started with US France and UK bombing a little now and then, just enough to keep the threat alive and to bomb some more.
      Then the picture changed, Russia came in and bombed more IS positions in a month than have been bombed in the previous 4 years by the reluctant USUK forces.
      Civilians meanwhile saw their history destroyed by Saudi paid, European and international camel herders associates, who loved nothing more then to act out all the horrors created lovingly in hundreds of videos these nice people from Eutelsat are allowing to be posted, cutting throats and chuck homosexuals from towers.

      Syrians and refugees are humans too and they want a life, so they started to flee by the thousands from the horrors non of them could stop.

      mn would have shut the borders and watched them being killed, watched them drown some more as they trying to cross into Greece or swim the channel.
      mn also approves of children, almost a third are children, watching sexual abuse around them in the camps, on a daily basis, whilst waiting for Hungary’s border to open, now for the second winter to come.

      Europe needed reform from day one, but those cowards who preferred to snipe rather than get in there and change it, who sat on the fence for 40 years making loud noises, couldn’t be bothered to make it work, far more comfortable to have a solid fencepost up their a….s.

      Why didn’t you open your mouth 40 years ago, mn, when Turks immigrated to Germany by the hundreds of thousands,. to work the dirty jobs and send some money home? What did you say when 30.000 Ugandans came into this country fleeing from Idi Amin?

      you are a poor soul.

        • michael norton

          Now we are getting there:

          A local deputy prosecutor said the violent explosion was apparently caused by a man who used several gas cylinders in an attempt to take his own life for the second time this week.

          “We are in the presence of someone who had suicidal intentions, but at the same time also intended to take perhaps a lot of people with him,” Dijon deputy prosecutor Thierry Bas said on BFM television.

          Police and rescue officers had been to the man’s home and taken him to a hospital after he first tried to kill himself on Wednesday, Bas said.

          The man and another person were seriously injured in Friday’s explosion, while 12 others suffered lesser injuries, Bas said.

          The explosion near a train station caused the three-story building with two-dozen apartments to collapse; however, authorities do not think any people are missing under the rubble.

          Dijon Mayor Francois Rebsamen told the BFM and i-Tele news channels that witnesses described smelling a strong odor of gas before the explosion. He said it was “not an attack.”

          So was this person of the Islamic persuasion?

          • Kempe

            So let me try and get this right; the government (or whoever) stage fake terror attacks to keep us scared but when a real terror attack happens they try to pass it off as a gas explosion?

  • Michael Dean

    The bias displayed by the BBC, which I presume is against the Charter, can this be challenged in the courts? How can the BBC be made to follow its Charter?

    • michael norton

      There seems to be a lot of gas explosions, most of them coming from gas in steel canisters, not mains gas, the officials say straight away that it is not terror, then some time later they claim is was suicide.
      TERROR fears as car “packed with gas cylinders” found outside synagogue in Marseille, FRANCE
      Authorities were called, who confirmed the sighting of gas cylinders and quickly cordoned off the area.
      The incident comes just a week after another car containing gas cylinders was discovered near the Notre Dame cathedral.

    • fred

      The problem with that is the BBC is rather popular with the people in Scotland and it would lose the SNP a lot of votes.

      Of course in these days of digital there is nothing at all to prevent the Scottish government setting up their own broadcasting company. The Nationalist desire to silence anything with the name “British” in it does smack of censorship though.

  • Bhante

    What I don’t understand is why Holyrood cannot (Scottish-)nationalise the BBC, sack the corrupt management en masse, and create a PUBLIC SERVICE SBC in place of the in-Westminster-elites-service BBC? Do Holyrood have no jurisdiction over Scottish broadcasting and Scottish media? Can’t the Scottish courts ban it?

  • Paul Barbara

    Whilst Russia has no intention of attacking the UK, if NATO attacks Russia, then the inhabitants of the UK can do the old ‘duck and cover’ routine; bend down, put their heads between their knees, and kiss their sorry a**es goodbye (and maybe have time to utter a few curses on the Bliars and Camerons, Obamas and Bushes that brought us to such an end).

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