A Peculiar Coincidence 201

Today, Swedish prosecutors were meant to question Julian Assange in the Ecuadorean Embassy, something for which the Assange legal team has been pressing for years. They believe that once this step has been taken, prosecutors will no longer be able to keep from the scrutiny of Swedish courts the fact that there is no viable evidence whatsoever to back up the ludicrous allegations which have been made.

Frustratingly, Swedish prosecutors cancelled the interview last week, with no explanation given. Anyone would think they do not wish the investigation to progress… Then this same day Assange’s internet access is cut, WikiLeaks say by a state actor. To add to this string of coincidence, at the same time Russia Today has its bank accounts frozen by the Royal Bank of Scotland, again without explanation

This series of events are all aimed at those who seek to counter the neo-con narrative pumped out by the state and corporate media. It could be coincidence, but it looks like co-ordinated clampdown to me.

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201 thoughts on “A Peculiar Coincidence

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    • michael norton

      May be “they” Ecuador want him to get out of their building?

      but I suppose you mean who is behind Ecuador wanting J. to get out of that building?

    • Ba'al Zevul

      And Assange’s delayed hearing was, according to this, at Assange’s request:

      A spokesman for Assange said the date change was the result of a scheduling conflict for his legal team, saying in a statement that Ecuador’s attorney general granted the extension “to ensure the presence of Mr. Assange’s attorneys.”


      The frozen bank account issue has some establishment hallmarks, though. Wonder if it was a spiffing wheeze of Boris’s? And will the Russian oligarchs whose financial presence in London is so welcome be looking for laundry facilities elsewhere? Come to that, noises have been made about the morality of our semi-clandestine support for Saudi in Yemen. Saudi bank accounts frozen? Let’s not be bloody absurd.

      • Old Mark

        The frozen bank account issue has some establishment hallmarks, though

        I agree with you there Ba’al, but as El Sid pointed out earlier this evening, RT may have got in the crosshairs of RBS (the owners of Nat West) independently of the Assange connection, namely,with Max Keiser’s reports on their dodgy dealings- in which case RBS/NatWest could have done this off their own bat, and not at HMG’s instigation, or with HMG’s encouragement.

        As the delay in the interview with the Swedish proscecutors appears also to have been at Assange’s request, this post looks like Craig adding 2+2 and making five- but it is his birthday and he therefore is entitled to fly the odd speculative kite in celebration.

  • RobG

    Here’s the latest, from the official Wikileaks Twitter account…

    WikiLeaks ‏@wikileaks 23 minutes ago
    We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange’s internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speechs.


    I would hazard that President Correa, after recent events in south America, no longer has the balls to stand up to Washington; or maybe he’s implicated with Goldman Sachs, et al?

    • RobG

      My apologies, Ba’al Zevul linked to it above (although only to the Twitter Wikileaks page, not to the exact announcement).

  • Babushka

    Not to forget your Date with Destiny 20 Oct Craig.

    “Present in the moment
    Aware of the cycles
    In Harmony with Eternity”
    -Roberto Assagioli

    With very best wishes

  • Cerumol

    From the BBC report about RT: “RT, which is run by the Kremlin, has previously been accused of biased reporting and found in breach of Ofcom regulations. The UK broadcasting regulator criticised a programme in which RT claimed the BBC had “staged” a chemical weapons attack for a news report on Syria. Ofcom ruled that parts of the RT programme were “materially misleading”.”

    This is the RT report referred to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tSBz3ic2bg

    This is what the Ofcom report actually said about the BBC material featured in the RT report:

    “Ofcom has not undertaken an assessment of the accuracy and/or impartiality of the BBC Programmes in reaching this Decision…”


    “..it was not possible or appropriate for Ofcom to attempt to prove or disprove the allegations made [by RT] about the BBC in the Programme.”


    • Old Mark

      Cerumol- thanks for the links; Prof Boyle’s comment in the RT/YouTube clip about Bush the elder in effect resuming Operation Mockingbird in a different guise was very pertinent,

      It would appear that the BBC’s reports tonight, quite rightly mentioning that RT is a state broadcaster and thus prone to spinning in favour of the government that funds it, are overcompensating with their implicit claim of ‘but of course we aren’t like that !’

  • Sharp Ears

    RT is well rid of RBS/Nat|West

    Outages are often reported. There was one at the weekend. Suspect it’s shambolic.

    Will another bank take them is the question?

    Harry Fear has just been speaking live on RT News. Convinced it is part of the anti-Russian rhetoric which is rather stating the obvious.

    Galloway the same.

    Cancellation of RT UK’s bank account ‘crude British state propaganda’ – Galloway (VIDEO)
    Former MP George Galloway has waded into the row over the cancellation of RT UK’s bank accounts by NatWest, dubbing the move “crude British state propaganda.”

    Some backtracking from the bank now.

    Backtracking from ‘no discussion’? UK bank says it will review closure of RT accounts
    The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) appears to have backtracked from its earlier statement that the looming closure of RT accounts is not up for discussion. In a letter to RT, the bank said the situation is being reviewed and the bank is contacting the customer.

  • Clark

    Apparently, Assange himself asked for a delay:

    Assange asked to defer the judicial proceedings, which were scheduled for 17 October 2016. The request was made by letter, through the Ambassador of Ecuador to the United Kingdom, in which he argued his reasons of guaranteed protection and his own defense. In respect of this requirement and for constitutional guarantees of national and foreign citizens, under Ecuadorian jurisdiction, the Attorney General’s Office decided to set the new date for November 14 at the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

    I take it this IS the official Ecuadorian website?


    • michael norton

      November 8, 2016 USA Election Day

      so J.A. does not feel safe until a week or so has passed from the U.S.A. Election.

  • Sharp Ears

    Never forgetting that the b******s had £45 billion from us, the idiot taxpayers. And we are still paying big time in the form of ‘austerity’.

    RBS sale: Fred Goodwin, the £45bn bailout and years of losses
    The biggest bank bailout in history led to a massive restructuring that, even seven years on, is far from complete

    ‘It was, as Stephen Hester described it, the biggest financial time bomb in history and it needed to be defused. When Hester took over as chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland in October 2008, and as £45bn of taxpayer money was being pumped in to the business, the once proud Edinburgh-based bank was on the brink of an implosion that could have brought down the UK economy with it.

    Its assets were £2.2tn – more than double the size of the economy – and it was running out of cash. Alistair Darling, the chancellor at the time, has described how he was told one day in early October 2008, at the depths of the crisis, that RBS had enough money to keep operating for two or three hours.

    Unlike the queues that formed outside Northern Rock branches a year before, this was a less visible bank run: major banks and companies were withdrawing money from RBS at a ruinous pace. It ended in the biggest bank bailout in history and a massive restructuring that, even seven years on, is far from complete.


    It feels like a century but it was only 8 years ago.

  • John Goss

    RT has been supportive of Assange, but balanced. I do not judge it a coincidence that these two events have emerged almost simultaneously

    Birmingham is a really multicultural city with a long history opposing racism going right back to the Quaker influence of the Cadbury family. (In the early days Cadbury’s used slave labour on their plantations. I mention that before someone else does.) After that blip we have a largely proud history here. Theresa May should come and see how decent people integrate.

    Because of that integration we have lots of banks sometimes with foreign-sounding names.

    Habib Bank UK
    Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd
    Al Rayan Bank
    Bank Of China
    Allied Irish Bank (GB)
    The Bank Of East Asia Ltd

    There are also at least two Pakistan Banks. Most of these are owned or part-owned by their country of origin. I think you can see where I’m going.

    Why does Russia not set up banks abroad? If it owns RT (as many suspect) it would be in its interest to do so. Of course there are dangers. RT might be closed down completely in this free land of ours. Or this government might even close any Russian bank down were it granted permission to operate.

    We may not always hate Russia. I hope not because I have met many Russians who I count as my friends including my former teachers at the Brasshouse Centre and Russian nationals at the Russian Club. Russia has produced some of the greatest figures of literature, musical composition, and the arts in general. In the past life was a struggle for the Russian people but now the country has a developing economy (despite the sanctions) and just as it is emerging as a competitive entity the west seeks any method it can devise to try to cut it down, instead of befriend it. Why? Because Russia is trying to prevent Syria from becoming another failed state brought about by western intervention.

  • fwl

    I hadn’t heard of the Trade in Services Agreement until a few minutes ago. WikiLeaks seem to have it as their last story on 14 October. Wikipedia talks of rumors that it relates to privatisation of banking and healthcare, but gives date of WikiLeaks on this back in the summer. Anyone able to summarise where this is at?

    • RobG

      Good gawd. TISA, along with TTIP, will destroy all worker’s rights in the West, in much the same way that NAFTA did – sorry about all the acronyms.

      At the end of the Second World War there was a major redress in the social order.

      This has now all been pissed down the drain, and now we’re all being jollied along to servitude and the next world war, which will probably be the final war.

      • fwl

        Cheers, it’s the suggestion that TISA relates to the privatisation of health care I find worrying. As to privatisation of banking what does that mean -isn’t it already fully privatised?

  • Ben

    It would seem Ecuador is upset over the Clinton emails.

    Strange. Trump couldn’t fuck them any more than Obama has.

  • Hieroglyph

    I would judge there are two red lines: bankers, and aliens.

    Too much leaking on oligarch bankers, then the ‘other’ plan for Assange will be enacted. We know what this is, and it doesn’t involve show trials.

    I’ve never really been into UFO-ology. Potential sightings are made; the military deny everything. The military will always deny everything. This could, of course, be because they are correct, and there are no proper alien UFO’s. However, if WL did have something interesting, the ‘other’ plan will come into effect, I’ve no doubt.

    Anyway, the crackdown emanates from Mordor USA. Perhaps they’ve seen a few odd Trump polls, or feeling the heat from Putin, but it’s election time, and nothing is left to chance. Clinton’s presidency will be fairly brutal stuff, and the brutality has started early.

    • RobG

      Fractional-reserve banking is rather jolly. It’s what rules everyone’s life in the West. It means that private banks are allowed to create money out of thin air and charge interest on it.

      Welcome to the lunatic asylum.

      Those who don’t subscribe to the lunatic asylum – Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc – get ‘humanitarian intervention’.

      Keep taking the pills.

      Big pharma makes a fortune out of it.

      • michael norton

        After the revelations about poor workmanship on some Reactor pressure vessels out of the plant Areva Creusot, five nuclear reactors will be stopped for inspection. These reactors are at Fessenheim, Gravelines and Tricastin Civaux.

        According to Le Figaro and Challenges, EDF will announce the closure of five nuclear reactors at the request of the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). This follows revelations about the workmanship of some tanks out of the plant Areva Creusot (Saône-et-Loire).
        At Fessenheim, Gravelines and Tricastin Civaux

        Two of the reactors are located in the central Tricastin (Drôme), the others being at Fessenheim (Haut-Rhin), Gravelines (Nord) and Civaux (Vienne). They are part of the 18 reactors that ASN had placed under surveillance after revelations.

        13 other reactors had already been halted under the order of the ASN. In Challenges, EDF states that among these 13 reactors, six have already been reconnected to the network. The checks and obtaining the ASN green light to restart last 3 months.

  • michael norton

    FRANCE in very deep doo doo
    PSA Peugeot Citroen plans to cut more than 2,000 jobs, around 3 percent of its workforce, in France next year through a combination of early retirements and voluntary buyouts, France Info radio reported on Monday, citing internal documents.

    Since emerging in 2014 from a brush with bankruptcy and a government-backed bailout, PSA has pledged to cut labour costs, inventory and model line-ups to restore profitability.

    The management said in the internal documents that uncertainty over BREXIT and falling sales of diesel vehicles mean PSA must be “cautious”, according to France Info.

    • michael norton

      MUCH of French infrastructure is either state owned or bailed out by the State.
      80% plus of their Nuclear power industries are owned /bankrolled by the state.
      AREVA is essentially bankrupt – barely kept on life-support by EDF who are also state owned and instructed by the state to keep AREVA beating -just long enough to get the very gullible Frau May to sign a megga-deal-Hinkley Point C.
      EU’s Vestager says no concerns about France’s Alstom train deal -no concerns?
      Isn’t the concern, that they they are about to lay-off their workers?

      The year long state of emergency in France must be straining them finacially to the wall?

      • michael norton

        If France can hang on a bit longer, it has the total collapse of the Euro
        to look forward to.

    • RobG

      Michael, some might say that what’s going on in France at the moment is the biggest civil rights battle in modern history.

      In the UK, you live in a police state, and the foremost vassal of the American empire.

      Don’t you cringe when you see politicians of all stripes bowing down to Washington?

      • michael norton

        We locals call it Airstrip One

        had a cycle ride around Greenham Common, on Saturday.

      • Old Mark

        I know you live in France Rob, but how do you square the comparative scores as ‘police states’ you attach to the UK and France with the views of the residents of the Calais jungle, who clearly think precisely the opposite, namely that in France the police are heavy handed, have too much leeway, and fire off tear gas at the drop of a hat, whereas the English police are, by comparison, a bunch of pc pussies ?

        (Their opinions about the relative ease of dealing with the police, as clandestine residents, clearly being a big influence on the actions they are taking, and on their collective decision not to seek asylum in France- a perfectly safe and suitable country for them to lodge an asylum claims ?)

    • michael norton

      U.S.A. activities near Lampertheim, GERMANY
      Near Lampertheim, the American foreign broadcasting service Radio Free Europe runs a shortwave transmission facility, and US troops run a United States Army and USAF base, Coleman Barracks, in neighbouring Mannheim-Sandhofen. Furthermore, American soldiers also train at a shooting range in the Lampertheim woods

      Some social media users accused BASF of silencing the situation by commenting on the company’s Facebook posts: “Typical BASF, I live here and have to smell the stench. They do nothing bad and sweep incidents under the carpet. The company must protect residents from such poison attacks.”


      • michael norton

        So, although confusing, it would seem that BASF have had eXplosions at two different sites in Germany, although a few miles apart
        on one day,

        • michael norton

          At least two people died and six were severely injured on Monday in an explosion and fire at chemicals maker BASF’s biggest production site in Germany, the company said.

          Two people are still missing, BASF said.

          The explosion occurred on a supply line connecting a harbor and a tank depot on the Ludwigshafen site at around 1120 local time (0920 GMT), according to BASF, the world’s biggest chemicals company.
          A fire that broke out following the blast sent up plumes of smoke for hours, prompting BASF and the city of Ludwigshafen to urge residents in the surrounding area to avoid going outside and to keep their windows and doors shut.

          Measurements taken in the area so far have indicated no risk from toxic fumes, BASF said.

          “We deeply regret that employees died and several people were injured. Our sympathy is with the affected people and their families,” the Ludwigshafen site’s chief, Uwe Liebelt, said in a statement.

          The company said it was unclear so far what caused the explosion. BASF also said it could not say what financial impact the explosion might have.

          It shut down 14 facilities, including its two steam crackers, large units that make basic chemical components, for safety reasons and because the supply of raw materials was disrupted by the blast.

          The Ludwigshafen site, around 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Frankfurt, is the world’s largest chemical complex, covering an area of 10 square kilometers (four square miles) and employing 39,000 workers, according to BASF. It is located on the Rhine river and receives many of its raw materials by ship.
          The harbor at which the explosion occurred is a terminal for combustible fluids such as naphtha and methanol that are important for BASF’s supply of raw materials.

          News of the explosion came less than two hours after BASF said four people were injured in a gas explosion at its Lampertheim facility, a plant near Ludwigshafen that makes additives for plastics.

          (Reporting by Jans Hack and Maria Sheahan; Editing by Larry King and Jane Merriman)

          Now excuse me for being a little doubtful about the initial story of NOT TERROR

          • nevermind

            The explosion was caused by propylene and ethylene catching fire, two very volatile chemicals that form the basis to many products, this was followed by an explosion that killed two people, so far.

            No sinister notes, as yet the fire brigade can’t reach all of the site but there are 160 professional and volunteer firemen at work sorting it all out.

            nothing to do with terror or refugees!

          • michael norton

            But Nevermind, eXplosions at two different BASF sites, a few miles apart, on the same morning – just co-incidence

            both economically very, very economically challenging for BASF

            no bells ringing yet?

            Islamists are being squeezed in Syria and Iraq and one and a third million people pour into Germany
            some have instructions to blow up gas facilities in Christendom.

  • giyane

    Theresa May, former Tory whip, has a particular predilection with state enforcement of policy.
    What this Miss Dominatrix gets up to at Chequers with Phillip Hammond at Chequers would make Jimmy Savile blush.

    • Old Mark

      Giyane-I hope one of the PM’s ‘aides’ is reading this; and decides to sue the arse off you.

      See you in Court sucker!

    • michael norton

      A Peculiar Coincidence

      Nevermind perhaps you could tell us what are the chances of two BASF plants blowing up a couple of hours apart,
      on different, near-by sites,
      without human intervention?

      Be pleased to hear your view.

      • michael norton

        That is like a secret husband being found suicided on the same day,
        that his wife/ex-wife died in a hail of bullets with her new family on the other side of the Atlantc.
        Pure co-incidence – al-Hilli mystery

      • nevermind

        No I can’t as yet, but if you want to find terrorist amongst our midst, or wonder why Iraq has refused to allow the Turks to take part in the Mosul action, read this report on our strongest ally in the ME, Turkey.

        You know, the country Cameron wanted inside the EU, but which is not going to get access after this two faced gamble, so typically Turkish. Business is business they say.


        • michael norton

          An explosion at a chemical plant in western Germany on October 17 killed two, with another man confirmed missing. The blast happened at BASF’s main site in Ludwigshafen at around 11.30am during work on a pipeline transporting chemicals and flammable liquids to the plant’s northern harbour on the river Rhine, the company said.

          At a news conference on October 18, BASF told journalists that the two people known to have died in the explosion were both members of BASF’s own fire brigade. They were responding to a minor fire near the site’s river harbour when the pipeline exploded.

          One other person is still missing following the blast and six of the 25 people injured are still in intensive care, Ludwigshafen city official Dieter Feid said at the news conference.

          “Things are not looking good for some of them,” he said.

          The resulting blaze took160 firefighters and emergency workers 10 hours to extinguish and forced BASF to shut down more than 20 facilities, including its two steam crackers which produce the basic hydrocarbon chemicals such as propylene and ethylene used to manufacture a wide range of plastics and other chemicals.

          TV footage showed flames rising high into the air from the blast site and a massive column of black smoke. Residents in Ludwigshafen and neighbouring Mannheim were asked to remain inside and keep their doors and windows closed. Children were also kept inside at nurseries and schools, with local residents reporting breathing difficulties, according to the Rheinpfalz newspaper.

          BASF said initial tests for contamination recorded “no elevated readings”. Local police warned motorists in the area to avoid the towns of Oppau, Edigheim and Pfingstweide.

          The BASF plant is the world’s biggest chemical complex covering an area of ten square kilometres and employing 39,000 workers.

          News of the explosion on October 17 came less than two hours after BASF said four people were injured in a gas explosion at its Lampertheim facility, a plant near Ludwigshafen that makes additives for plastics.

      • nevermind

        Michael you seem somewhat obsessed with trying to find links between refugees and or immigrants in France/Germany/ Belgium etc. and incidents of any kind.

        Just as the Buncefield fire here this incident will be investigated and then you can tell us all what was responsible.

        • michael norton

          Shooting has been reported in the town of Dueren in northwest GERMANY.
          German media report that there is a “heavy police presence” at the scene, adding that the Old Town has been closed off.

          The shooting occurred at a hairdressing salon, DPA reports, citing police. There has been “at least one shot,” a police spokeswoman told journalists, adding that it’s still unclear if there are any casualties.

          Germany’s Focus magazine reports that a man has barricaded himself in an apartment located not far from the shooting scene, and that he may have taken at least one person hostage.

  • Andrew Charnley

    I am a Brit living abroad and I felt that the Curtain had come down in the UK when I heard and watched the news on the above matters. RT was extraordinary in its broadcast service. Exemplary in professionalism, but for me it shows which side of a propaganda Curtain I now live. Yet if someone had told me 15-20-years ago that I would have a stronger reliance in a Russian based News Network than the BBC or possibly CNN, and similar news media service providers, I would have considered the person at odds with logic and common sense.

    But there it is the BBC, CNN and most of the main stream news networks are owned and manipulated by ‘six not so good men’, who are part of the so called one percent, it seems, and between them are the six who own the whole of the western press and media services.

    We all know the real reason the UK Government reacted as it has via its owned bank is becasue the UK puppet of America is, as is America too, discovering the public have seen the veil – witnessed crass statements of hypocrisy coming out of the mouths of our politicians and their ‘city friends’ and have rejected them having preferred Russian news programs broadcast by RT to the obvious Propagandist BBC and similar cronies. We are all very sick to the back teeth of all of them. The system is past its sell by date for sure. All of my peer group and business associates feel exactly the same.

  • Jemand

    My goodness, people are so stupid.

    The Americans forced this on Ecuador to frustrate Assange’s release of more devastating emails that will incriminate that revolting warmonger, Hillary Clinton. Her campaign is in a precarious state now that those 33,000 ‘deleted’ emails are due for imminent release.

    ‘Investors’ in The Clinton Foundation, having been assured of a certain Clinton win, simply will not tolerate Assange’s derailment of the Clinton gravy train.

    • glenn_uk

      People are indeed stupid, and it’s very good of you to demonstrate the point so effectively.

      Clinton’s “campaign is in a precarious state” indeed? Wow, let’s take a look:


      It seems Clinton only has a 87.4% chance of winning, nearly 7 points up in the polls. If that’s what you call “disarray”, I’m sure they can only hope for more of it.

      Great analysis there Jemand – I can hardly wait for your next pronouncement.

      • michael norton

        I think if the actual video exists and it is released before November, she is dead in the water.

        • michael norton

          If the Reactor Pressure Vessels Ends that were cast in AREVA workshops in Le Creusot, in France
          are below specification and a Nuclear Industry in France has been falsifying documents
          and if no EPR has yet been built that actually works,
          why has Frau May just signed with FRANCE the deal for the £18b Hinkley Point C?

          • michael norton

            On the face of it, it is utter maddness.
            It is mad on environmental grounds.
            It is mad on the grounds of public safety.
            It is mad on the grounds of economics.

            So what is good about the deal?
            Answers on a postcard please.

        • glenn_uk

          Michael, do you actually not understand the difference between an anonymous accusation against Bill Clinton (who is not running for President), and not only true accusations – with witnesses – but actual tape recordings of the perpetrator Trump bragging about his molestation of women?

          Trump IS running for President, btw.

          Is this the sort of standards of journalism you find acceptable? No wonder you read the Express!

          • Jemand

            Glenn, your support for warmonger Clinton over stupid braggard Trump is telling of your low moral character.

            You see, dummy, Trump just talked about some sleazy shit. Hillary, however, instigated military action that *killed* people. Can YOU see the difference?

            As for Bill fucking some poor 13-yr old girl – we don’t know the truth. But if evidence surfaces, Clinton will be a lame duck.

            So, think about it, smart guy. US’s First ‘Gentleman’ exposed as a stat rapist. Do you want me to join the dots for you?

          • glenn_uk

            Jemand, I support the neo-con over a completely out of control fascist. Doubtless that makes you annoyed, because we all know you’re a bit of a racist to say the least.

            The lessor of two evils might be evil, but it’s all relative – as surely anyone but the most politically naive would understand.

            You also seem to think that Bill Clinton is running for President – perhaps the surname is confusing you? All the same, scurrilous accusations by some anonymous coward is not worth the mention by anyone with integrity. So it is no surprise to find your giving it a weighty mention.

          • Jemand

            Oh, that old ‘racist’ slur. Getting a bit long in the tooth that one.

            Anyway, this video is something for others, not shameless hypocrites like you

            DNC consultant & Huffington Post writer engages in voter fraud – Go Hillary

          • Hieroglyph

            If the battleship Clinton has not been sunk by now, it never will be. How she a) continues to be in the race, b) isn’t under arrest is a mystery to this poster. The accusations against her alone – and we may ignore her creepy husband, for now – would have destroyed an ordinary battleship. Clearly this one is made of stern stuff.

            Well, when your expectation is zero, it’s possible to be pleasantly surprised. If Clinton manages to avoid escalating tensions with Russia, and at least attempts to deal with the economic crisis in the US, then I will reluctantly accept that it’s not all bad, and give her some credit for her steely balls, if nothing else. But I suspect even this low bar is beyond her. No, I am imaging 4 years of chaos, and possible impeachment. We will see.

          • glenn_uk

            @Jemand: No answer, I see. Withdraw and blow smoke with bad grace, as is your standard procedure.

            @ Hieroglyph: I have no particular liking for La Clinton. However, if we’re to be honest, let’s look at the facts. Considering there are literally millions of people out there with Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS), which features largely among the Republicans, teabaggers, fascists and various other nutjobs in the US – why have they failed to land a significant score against her yet?

            There have been a huge number of enquiries – Clinton has to be the most investigated politician in the history of the world. Her husband comes in second. Why is this feeble nonsense about emails and so on the best anyone can come up with?

            Of course, there’s the _promise_ of all sorts of hideous truths (Jemand is pleasuring himself at that prospect even as I type), but there has never been anything of significance. Yet the rumours and slurs come thicker and faster than ever.

            Why do you suppose that is? It couldn’t be that vast right-wing conspiracy at work, surely?

          • Jemand

            Glenn, what pleasures me is seeing you make a fool of yourself with puerile taunts & insults. You have form for being a snarky churl. Keep it up 🙂

  • mike

    What’s this? The BBC are being…nice to Mrs Assad. Well, stone the bleedin’ crows.


    What’s going on here?

    Are we talking de-escalation – an acceptance of “facts on the ground”? (thanks, Bibi, for that characteristically candid expression of realpolitik)

    Well, Obama also said this, today: “We think that Russia is a large, important country with a military that is second only to ours and has to be a part of the solution on the world stage rather than part of the problem.”

    Which is fine and dandy; Mr O is doing his best as CinC of a runaway war machine. I get that. But Mr O is also out of a job come inauguration day, and the woman who might replace him has a more…muscular attitude towards Syria. There might be a few wrinkles along the way for the human race if her handlers get all excited, that’s all I’m saying. You get the picture: New job; new office; you wanna shoot some bad guys. We’ve all been there.

    By the way, Theresa, tell Boris to take up croquet or knitting. How’s his coffee intake?

    Recommend some yoga lessons. A little prayer won’t hurt.

    But, whatever you do, get him to stop talking about no-fly zones in Syria. Keep him on stuff he knows more about. Try particle physics.

  • mike

    Indeed it has, Jemand. But the neocons want it all.

    They want it ALL.

    Do you understand that?

    • Herbie

      There was this idea at one time that perhaps the Russians had too much.

      Like 10,000 miles by 2,000 miles of virgin land, too much. Sixty per cent of world resources, in nearly everything, too much.

      For such a small population, huddled mostly to Europe, those vast lands to the east barely under control, and they’re kinda closer to China and Japan, who could develop them, and rather sharpish.

      If you’re an accountant, makes sense.

  • Joanne Gray

    I live in the United States and this is the year I have finally had my eyes opened to the fact that our elections here are totally rigged. That’s bad enough but our News media is also totally in the tank for Hillary Clinton. The people are not being told the truth–worse CNN announced that it is illegal for us to possess (i.e., read) Wikileaks because only they can report what is in them. We are supposed to let them be our eyes and only portal to the truth. I kid you not! Hopefully no one is so stupid as to believe CNN. I agree with your post and I know that John Kerry, Obama, and most importantly Hillary and their billionaire owners are behind the war against Wikileaks. They are trying to frame him (adding to their earlier Swedish frame) and they are getting desperate. Their bought and paid for press has tried to ignore the leaks, hide them but it’s becoming impossible at this point to keep doing that. Assange keeps it coming. I truly fear for his safety because, I truly believe, there isn’t a line those in power in the US won’t cross to stop his on going revealing of their crimes. Enough has been revealed but the News hasn’t reported them–yet. But time is on our side–I hope.

    • Jemand

      Joanne, propagandists are everywhere. Some get paid, others (eg Glenn) get a warm feeling as they defend and propagate their odious ideologies. These creeps have no sense of decency, no hope for humanity. They feed off of us to sate their greed, vanity & egos. We need to wake up to their tricks and rebuff every effort they make to bring us to heel.

      Assange has leaked many emails that expose the rot in the DNC. While Trump has upset the Republican status quo, Wikileaks have exposed how the Clintons have damned the Democrats to a level of corruption unseen in US politics since Watergate. I’m not sure if the US system can be reformed. With so much money washing through the corridors of power, the best that might be expected is a return to the days of Reagan – as bad as they were.

    • michael norton

      A further sixty other officers assembled in front of Paris’s Saint-Louis Hospital, where an officer who was seriously injured in a Molotov cocktail attack in Viry-Châtillon, outside Paris, on October 8 is being treated. That attack, which has exacerbated officers’ anger, saw four of their colleagues injured, including two seriously, as a group of about 10 people broke two police cars’ windows and set the vehicles alight while attempting to trap the officers inside.

      • michael norton

        Belgium says ‘not involved’ in airstrike on Syrian village

        Russia has accused Belgium, which is a member of the US-led coalition allegedly fighting militants in Syria, of killing six civilians in airstrikes in the Aleppo region. “Six people were killed and four people injured… as a result of bombing that destroyed two homes” in the village of Hassadjek early on Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding that two of Belgium’s F-16s were identified in the area at that time, while there were no Russian or Syrian air force planes there. Belgian Defense Ministry spokeswoman Laurence Mortier denied that the country’s air force was active in the area at the time, AFP reported. On Wednesday, Belgian Defense Minister Steven Vandeput tweeted that “Belgium is not involved in Aleppo strike,” describing the accusations as “Russian disinformation,” Sputnik said.

  • michael norton

    GERMANY: 4 police wounded in raid on anti-gov’t extremist

    German police say four officers have been shot and wounded during a raid in which they had planned to confiscate the weapons of an anti-government extremist. Police said that the 49-year-old man in the Bavarian town of Georgensgmuend legally possessed weapons but that officers had planned to seize them due to his “unreliability.” They say that the man immediately opened fire and four officers were wounded, some of them seriously. He was arrested. Police said the man was a member of the Reich Citizens’ Movement, an extremist group that refuses to acknowledge the authority of the post-war Federal Republic of Germany. (AP)

    • michael norton

      Seems like FRANCE, BELGIUM and GERMANY
      all all hot-beds of seething resentment
      mainly against the incumbent governments.

  • Alisha D

    Some days ago Craig Murray shared his theories on the latest developments in the Assange case in a short post called “A Peculiar Coincidence”.

    “Frustratingly, Swedish prosecutors cancelled the interview last week, with no explanation given. Anyone would think they do not wish the investigation to progress… Then this same day Assange’s internet access is cut, WikiLeaks say by a state actor. To add to this string of coincidence, at the same time Russia Today has its bank accounts frozen by the Royal Bank of Scotland, again without explanation.

    This series of events are all aimed at those who seek to counter the neo-con narrative pumped out by the state and corporate media. It could be coincidence, but it looks like co-ordinated clampdown to me.”

    “A coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances which have no apparent causal connection with each other. The perception of remarkable coincidences may lead to supernatural, occult, or paranormal claims.”

    The facts are:
    A spokesman for Assange said the date change was the result of a scheduling conflict for his legal team, saying in a statement that Ecuador’s attorney general granted the extension “to ensure the presence of Mr. Assange’s attorneys.”

    Ecuador cut Assange’s internet access. The explanation: “The Government of Ecuador respects the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states. It does not interfere in external electoral processes, nor does it favor any particular candidate.”

    According to Margarita Simonyan, Russia Today’s editor-in-chief, “RT’s assets were not frozen and can still be withdrawn from the accounts. The National Westminster Bank has informed RT UK that it will no longer have the broadcaster among its clients.”

    To Craig Murray “it looks like co-ordinated clampdown”. If this is a supernatural, occult, or paranormal claim we don’t know yet.

    It is no peculiar coincidence Craig Murray gets it all wrong. Søren Kierkegaard made it clear a long time ago:

    “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”



  • Dude Swheatie of the Kilburn Unemployed

    Craig writes of Assange’s Internet activity and Russia Today’s bank a/c being frozen on the same day, and conculdes:

    “This series of events are all aimed at those who seek to counter the neo-con narrative pumped out by the state and corporate media. It could be coincidence, but it looks like co-ordinated clampdown to me.”

    The above are but two forms of ‘capital’ for use against the ‘neo-con narrative pumped out by the state and corporate media.’ Other forms of ‘capital’ that pinpoint the unjust practices of the Department for Work & Pensions and its privatised associates include the results of tribunals that find in favour of the claimant. Benefits & Work Publishing news item Virtual abolition of PIP, DLA and ESA appeal tribunals as we know them states:

    “The government is poised to bring an end to the shaming success rates at benefits appeals, but they will do so by nobbling the appeals system rather than by improving decision making.

    “In the future many more appeals will be “on the papers” where success rates are drastically lower, hearings that do take place will be on the phone or via Skype type links and most appeals will be decided by a solicitor (often retired) sitting alone, without a medical wing member or a disability wing member….”

    More of the ‘nuts and bolts’ at the Guardian website under the heading Will disability benefits appeals become less fair?. See also Kilburn Unemployed blog post Ministry of Justice ‘consultation’ agenda and questions further denial of justice. The MoJ ‘consultation’ is deadlined for Thursday 27 October. Let us add to public knowledge of this ‘consultation’ for which there are bound to be paid respondents among the corporate lobbyists set to profit from privatisation of the welfare state.

    Neo-con government deserves all the bad true publicity it can get, and the economically vulnerable in the UK want more justice, not less.

  • Paul Barbara

    Another Whistleblower gets (temporarily) silenced, this time by Twitter:

    ‘After releasing two viral videos over the last two days, Project Veritas Founder and President James O’Keefe is no longer allowed to access his Twitter account. According to Twitter, he is blocked from accessing his account for twelve hours, at which point they reserve the right to make him pass additional hurdles to access his account.

    On Tuesday, O’Keefe released a video which shows Manhattan Democratic Election Commissioner Alan Schulkin admitting that voter fraud does indeed exist.

    On Wednesday, O’Keefe released a video which shows a male Hillary Clinton staffer stating: “To be fired I would have to grab Emma’s [female coworker] ass twice and she would have to complain about it, I would have to sexually harass someone.”

    The second video also showed the campaign worker stating that he could rip up Republican voter registration forms and not be reprimanded.

    O’Keefe received an email from Twitter at 7:59 PM EST on October 12, 2016 stating the following:

    Hi James O’Keefe,
    Your account @JamesOKeefeIII has been locked.

    Please go to Twitter now to fix the issue with your account.

    Following the link provided by Twitter only took O’Keefe to their rules page but didn’t offer any additional helpful information.


  • michael norton

    NEW YORK — Speaking publicly for the first time in a Breitbart News video exclusive interview, a former local television news reporter from Arkansas claims she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton on three separate occasions in 1980.

    Leslie Millwee says that on two of the alleged occasions, Clinton groped her while he rubbed himself against her and reached climax.

  • michael norton

    A Peculiar Coincidence
    Terrorists shell humanitarian corridor with mortars as civilians near Aleppo try to flee – reports
    Islamist militants have shelled a ‘humanitarian corridor’ set up to allow civilians to escape from the eastern Aleppo, RIA Novosti reported. The shelling came amid a ceasefire declared the by Syrian military and Russian Air Force.

    The Peculiar Coincidence, is that the American/Belgium/French/British/Jordanian/Isra888/Saudi/Turkish overlords of war
    have forgotten to tell their “Moderates” that there is currently a ceasefire.

    • michael norton

      A Peculiar Coincidence

      Al-Nusra Front & allies sabotage humanitarian aid delivery efforts to east Aleppo – Lavrov

      Militants from Al-Nusra Front (now Jabhat Fateh al-Sham) and Ahrar ash-Sham terrorist groups are sabotaging UN efforts, supported by Damascus and Moscow, to deliver humanitarian aid to eastern Aleppo, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday.

      “Both Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham, along other organizations cooperating with them, are ultimately sabotaging UN efforts to restore the delivery of humanitarian assistance to eastern Aleppo, [carried out] with [Russia’s] support and the support of the Syrian government,” Lavrov told the press on Friday. “[They] explicitly shell those routes through which such humanitarian aid can be delivered.”

      Lavrov said that according to Russian intelligence, all the groups which have been operating in Aleppo are “one way or another under the command” of Al-Nusra Front, “which controls eastern Aleppo.”

      It is quite a coincidence, that yesterday Frau May stepped up the anti-Russian rhetoric to a really silly level, yet no mention of the horrors of Yemen?

  • michael norton

    German Chancellor Frau Angela Merkel said after the summit that the European Empire “cannot accept these inhuman bombardments
    by the Syrian / Russian forces”.

    “If this kind of violation continues, of course we will envisage all available measures in order to react to this,”
    she told a press conference.

    However, on consideration the E.U. has decided not to up the anti on sanctions against Russia, because it is hurting certain members of the E.U.
    How principled of the E.U.

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