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It is very hard to understand why The Spectator would wish to pay Nick Cohen substantial money to write a column defending Brian Spanner and Stephen Daisley, and claiming the SNP has destroyed free media in Scotland.

To start with the most astonishing, Nick Cohen vociferously denies that “Brian Spanner” is a misogynist. Yet his own article contains a series of appalling tweets from Spanner, sent to Cohen by John Nicolson MP in an effort to make Cohen see sense. They include these tweets:

Margaret Curran: is she a victim of FGM? She is a torn faced cunt.

Mhairi Black is a nasty little fuck.

Poor Roseanna Cunningham. The change really has made her a bitter shovelled old cunt.

Plainly Cohen’s repeated assertion that Spanner is not misogynist is simply a lie. Cohen’s argument – that Spanner could not be misogynist as he is a friend of J K Rowling – is nonsensical. For those who were not already aware of her appalling neo-con politics, Rowling’s friendship with whoever “Spanner” really is might give some worrying indication of Rowling’s character. But it can in no way be said to prove Spanner is not misogynist. I am not sure it is possible to imagine more misogynist material than the above.

Long term readers of this blog will know that Daisley and Cohen are old comrades in arms. Daisley, Cohen, Murdoch attack dog Oliver Kamm and the Guardian’s Hadley Freeman indulged together in a mainstream media anti-Craig Murray hate fest on twitter.

A year ago I published about Daisley:

It is amazing to me that a supposed “journalist” working for a broadcaster would be so completely open about their anti-SNP, unionist, anti-Corbyn and far right agenda. Daisley is only very small beer, a stinking, sweating foot-soldier of the forces of reaction. But if you can stand it, the way the unionist establishment interacts and thinks is revealed very clearly from a study of his twitter feed. Messages are exchanged with Aaronovitch of Murdoch, Nick Cohen of the Guardian, with John McTernan of the Blairites and with J K Rowling of the 1%, and a great many others. The SNP and Corbyn are smugly derided by all. These well-paid state supporters live in a cosy Panglossian paradise and have contempt for anyone who is not “in”.

Cohen’s fury that a member of his neo-con clique should be denigrated, leads him to deny the existence of the most extreme misogyny imaginable. It also leads him to make the laughable assertion that the SNP control the media in Scotland. In Scotland the BBC, STV and 80% of the newspapers are viciously anti-SNP. Plainly that is not enough for Cohen. He hates the SNP for providing an alternative to unionism, he hates Corbyn for providing an alternative to neo-liberalism, and he hates the idea of anybody criticising the neo-con cheerleaders. His pathology is simple enough. But why does the Spectator pay him for it?

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161 thoughts on “The Ugliest Face of Unionism

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    • fred

      Do try to read other things besides wings. Your brainwashing is showing through. There is a wealth of information out there on the internet you don’t have to read just one blog you know. Go on, try it, break through the conditioning.

    • michael norton

      The trial began on Thursday of a teenage German-Moroccan girl accused of stabbing a police officer at a train station in Hanover in February on the orders of so-called Islamic State.

      Identified only as Safia S, the 16-year-old is charged with attempted murder and being an ISIL supporter. Prosecutors say that while in Istanbul en route to Syria, ISIL militants told her to carry out a “martyrdom attack” in Germany.

      Her lawyer has argued that she lacked the capacity to know she was doing wrong.
      RoS perhaps we should let all the “children” in?

  • mark cunliffe

    JK Rowling is just a money grabbing franchise spinning evil who adopts a serene halo for the role of children’s author and important pop cultural figure, whilst happily spouts the establishment’s values via twitter to her flock of impressionable fandom. Her friendship with Spanner reveals just how horrible she really is.

    • michael norton

      Are you saying that because she is friendly with the Browns and is a Labour supporter and not a supporter of the Scottish Nationalist Party?

      • mark cunliffe

        Are you asking me that? I’m sorry for some reason I don’t get notified of replies. If you are, then in which case no, I’m not saying that at all. My thoughts towards the SNP are ambivalent at best, though I do feel overall that Scotland should have its independence. No, what I am saying is that anyone who cites her fictional creations ( of whom there is huge affection from a vast number of impressionable young readers) when discussing a political argument – ie ‘Harry wouldn’t want Corbyn to win’ – is at best deluded and living in her own imagination, and at worst deviously attempting to manipulate the views of young voters with her own opinion. I’m also saying that anyone who champions the notion and believes she is the epitome of an empowered successful woman and yet entertains misogyny from her friends is a hypocrite who may have broken the glass ceiling but has quickly replaced it with an offer from Everest windows.

  • Geoffrey

    Craig,Oliver Kamm in The Times Thunderer column yesterday talking about RT “Putin’s lie machine” says “among the most monstrous lies was a claim that the BBC staged a chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime” which of course they did as you have previously pointed out in your blog.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    I think you are doing yourself a disservice by repeating other peoples verbal aggression on your blog so prominently. I have no idea what its about, and I do not want to know. Its a complete turn off. You should rise above such mud slinging by others – or you will be dragged down to their level. Whilst I come from a working class culture where where such swear words are used very freely, they are very rarely used in such a direct highly personally aggressive way. Their use is often used in a very friendly way, or when a more appropriate descriptive verb doesn’t immediately spring to mind. In a face to face situation – the intent is almost always understood. The context is critical. It can be meant and taken as a massive compliment to call someone a right cnt – in perhaps that they did something completely appropriate in a specific situation – and you were actually proud of them. The words are not that important. Its the real meaning and intent that is. The situation, body language, etc, etc is criticial to understanding.

    Using such words in a non real world situation like a blog – can easily be completely misunderstood. Check out Adam Curtis’ latest effort that the BBC was only brave enough to put out on iplayer. I’ve not seen it all yet – but the intro is very powerful.

    Adam Curtis – HyperNormalisation
    BBC‎ – 3 days ago
    Welcome to the post-truth world. You know it’s not real. But you accept it as normal.

    Good luck with your Meeting tomorrow.


  • Soothmoother

    I’m not sure why the above comments make this man a misogynist, unless he only directs vile comments at women. If you can prove that he has never tweeted questionable remarks towards men, then I’d be inclined to agree with you. Three tweets as above don’t prove anything other than he’s probably a nasty human being.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      If I called a woman a “torn-faced cunt” and speculated if she were a victim of FGM apparently regarding this as funny it would be reasonable to describe me as a misogynist whether or not I insulted men as well.

  • Eyes Only

    CIA’s Mockingbird recruiting standards have really gone downhill. They used to pay minimal attention to their asset’s interpersonal skills. Cohen’s not even the runt of the litter. Face the overwhelming bathos of international man of mystery Kurt ‘The Jackal’ Eichenwald.

    Don’t laugh. There are large, and mostly unseen, players, engaged in games you don’t recognize, in Eichenwald’s pants.

  • bevin

    It is a generational thing. These people-Nick Cohen, OIliver Kamm, McTernan, Rowling et al, yea even unto Brian Spanner, suddenly feel cheated. The world that they signed up for is beginning to crumble rapidly away. And they had invested everything in the idea that History had ended, that there would be no more booms and busts, that the USA imposed its will, at will and that, by carving out niches for themselves in the vast sprawling media ‘court’ surrounding the Universal Emperor, they had established themselves as surely as the chancers who built the East India Company or made fortunes in the law did, when two centuries ago they founded a hundred Peerages based on landed estates and investments in the Funds.
    They thought that they had arrived, because they thought that their patrons were omnipotent and would rule forever. They felt that they were wise beyond calculation because they had discovered where power was and had squatted so long in its shadow that they had established freehold tenures: pundits, critics, commentators. And that they would never have to fear working again.
    And then History began to rattle in its grave: the Scottish National Party (that lame, sad bunch of losers) actually wiped out the Blairites, who destiny had chosen to rule forever. To add insult to injury Corbyn and old fashioned democratic socialism (that fucking bunch of idiotic sentimentalists! Christ, will they ever grow up and smell the money?) re-appeared suddenly out of the ‘sealed tomb’ into which the magician Mandelson had conjured it. Then China, Russia and Iran successively threw reason away and defied, openly, the Pentagon (which everyone knew was the most powerful force ever assembled in the history of anything, capable of anything it desired, worthy of our trembling respect and unchallengeable forever.)
    Then the EU, in the course of its evolution into the most perfect institution ever conceived by the mind of man, revealed its true nature in Greece and Ireland and then began to fall apart like a cardboard box in a monsoon.
    It was all too much for Brian Spanner and JK Rowling who could see in this tsunami of anarchies the obscurities and neglects of yesteryear emerging again, and so soon after they had come to believe that the world was their oyster and all within fair game for the silver forks in their hands, little insignificant things to be well drenched in Worcester sauce and lemon juice before being swallowed. Just when they were beginning to have fun being haughty towards waiters, too.
    Can you blame them, as they watch the world they knew would last forever fading over the horizon, for feeling embittered? And not least because they are the victims only of their own ignorance and shallowness of mind. They thought that they had invented a new way of looking at the world but it was only old cynicism, without the self deprecating irony that normally accompanies it, and the greed of the parvenu and careerist throughout the ages.

    • Habbabkuk

      I note that certain commenters have said that they no longer read Mr Cohen because they would feel sick if they did so.

      Not that not reading Mr Cohen stops them from insulting him – I suppose they know what’s in his pieces by using telepathy or other powers not given to us ordinary mortals,

      Be that as it may : I do not feel sick when I skim Bev’s offerings but I do feel as if I’m in the weekly meeting of a local cell of the CPGB (I refer of course to the days when the CPGB still had members): the blinkers, the ossified “thinking”, the jargon, the cliches, the clunking style, the going on and on and on, the sheer ennui…..

      I wonder if any other readers feel the same?

      • Anon1

        “It was all too much for Brian Spanner and JK Rowling who could see in this tsunami of anarchies the obscurities and neglects of yesteryear emerging again, and so soon after they had come to believe that the world was their oyster and all within fair game for the silver forks in their hands, little insignificant things to be well drenched in Worcester sauce and lemon juice before being swallowed. Just when they were beginning to have fun being haughty towards waiters, too.”

        Dear God. If I bought this book at an Airport I would throw it away.

      • mark cunliffe

        You do realise you might meet foreigners at airports, and certainly should you fly to a destination abroad.Or is it OK if they stay in their own country? But wait…you’re not in your own country then either. Argh!

  • michael w

    Craig, I commented on this on the Spectator forum yesterday. I haven’t yet been subjected to the usual retributive anti Scottish abuse. I thought the piece was simply a rehash of a Herald article in August?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Yesterday, as a result of reading Dmitry Orlov’s blog – a man who I have massive respect for – I read his blog every week. This guy know’s how to think and write..even though I don’t always agree…I thought I would revisit my understandings of the origins of oil (which is quite critical to the future of the human race (if we’ve got one))…

    I wrote this on his blog – which he didn’t publish – but that’s O.K. – its his blog.

    “I discovered your blog about 3 years ago, love the way you think and write and especially your cutting sense of humour. About 15 years ago I came across, and for about 5 days was extremely worried about the future for my children (and now grandchildren). Then I came across J.F. Kenney and also remembered some of my physics and maths. That made me feel somewhat better about the future, and I didn’t think it worth betting on the price of oil heading for the stratosphere.

    I wasn’t too impressed with some of the Peak Oiler’s – mainly because they were 100% convinced they were correct – and deleting opposing argument, is not a very scientific way to behave.

    I have always been open to new information, research and evidence and am willing to change my mind on its basis if convincing. I don’t mind admitting that my view may have been wrong. So today as a result of reading your article I thought I would revisit the arguments re the origins of oil.

    I think I found the very best arguments from both sides. One was written by a Ryan Carlyle, BSChE, (engineer at an oil company). If I had just stopped at that point, I might again have become seriously depressed about the future. It’s bad enough as it is, with these complete lunatics in Washington thinking they are in control of anything.

    I then came across a Ron Maimon. He did physics and maths like me – though he is very much cleverer than me. He might even be as clever as you.

    You should read him. Maybe even debate him. He gets deleted a lot. I don’t know why, cos I can’t read what’s been deleted.

    But I was so interested in Ron Maimon, I spent much of the rest of yesterday reading everything I could find he had written on the internet.

    The bloke is a Total Genius and he also has The Very Best Morals…and he’s only 43….Yes I know his Family History.

    He lives in Harlem, New York. He left Israel where he was born, for very sensible reasons.


  • Republicofscotland

    Speaking of the ugly face of unionism, I see one of Frau May’s chief goose steppers, David Davis, wants to X-ray the teeth of those children, who are to be admitted to the dis-United Kingdom, because Davis feels they may be older than they say they are.

    Well Mr Xenophobe, you’d look older than your age, if you’d went through what some of those unfortunate children, have had to go through.

    Of course Habb, lauded Ungreat Britain for taking those children, and berated, those who didn’t join in in his adulation, I’m dismayed to say that Davis, has taken the goodness out of the act, with his sinister call for dental X-rays.

    Still I’m sure Habb, can agree with me on UNESCO’s fine decision, over the al-Asqa compound, it would appear UNESCO have more gumption that the UN, and I applaud their wonderful and brave, decision.

    I’m confident Habb, will see it that way too.

    • michael norton

      They should not let men in who claim to be children, they’ll be raping girls next RoS

    • michael norton

      London borough council admits immigration has pushed social house waiting time to 50 YEARS

      Well RoS how would you feel if you were on the council housing list for ever, while migrants are housed, make you feel righteous
      but homeless.

      On no, those bastard tories should have built three million extra homes.

      • Republicofscotland


        You can’t have it both ways, those in the South East and indeed, in central London want cheap labour, but they don’t want the cheap labour, renting in their area.

        Of course the rise in immigration isn’t the fault of the immigrants, it’s the fault of Westminster, and its obedient foreign policy in following the US to destroy most of those immigrants who want to come here home nations.

        Ask yourself Norton why has immigration into Europe risen so dramatically? Surely you don’t think it’s by chance do you?

        Europe in particular has made a rod for its own back, by following the war hawk the US, and some EU nations still think they have, a god given right to plunder Africa’s wealth. Of course the consequences of pillaging and murdering in the Middle East and Africa is mass immigration.

        Norton if you’re looking around for someone to blame look no further than Westminster, the Blair’s, the Brown’s and Cameron’s of this world, have caused untold misery and suffering in Africa and the Middle East.

        • michael norton

          But RoS most of the population of the United Kingdom, did not ask for mass immigration into Britain, most of the voters have voted to leave the European Union, at least partially to halt immigration.
          #If you want any more immigrants in Scotland, please take all the little children.

          • Republicofscotland

            “But RoS most of the population of the United Kingdom, did not ask for mass immigration into Britain, ”


            Norton, I despair over you, do you actually think Westminster gives a toss what the public wants?

            Blair and Cameron, and now Frau May, govern, for the affluent, the big donors and the big corporations, not for you and I. War is profitable, displaced immigrants and refugees, are in their eyes just a annoying by product of those wars.

            It will be the taxpayer, that picks up the bills anyway with regards to the refugees/immigrants. You’re being royaly screwed Norton, by your beloved government, and you don’t even see it.

            You are seen as a useful idiot, or if you prefer the term fellow traveller, by the pro-establishment, element.

          • michael norton

            RoS could I ask you for your considered view on why the mass of the voters of the United Kingdom voted BREXIT

            do you consider them all vile racist scum?

    • Sharp Ears

      There is a correction. He is not David Davis, Con MP Haltemprice and Howden. He is David Davies, Con Monmouth South Wales.

    • michael norton

      If the age of the “children” is not to be determined RoS by their teeth, how would you RoS tell the age of the “children”
      If you thought they were actually adults, would you RoS still let them in, even though they had attempted to hoodwink us.
      Thank you in advance for you considered reply

  • Anon1

    News for ‘Sharp Ears’.

    More than two thirds of ‘child refugees’ have turned out to be over 18.

    • Republicofscotland


      45% is not two-thirds.

      “The Home Office statistics revealed that between January 2006 and June 2016, 45 per cent of 11,847 applicants whose ages were checked were not children.

      • Anon1

        From 2006?? This is ages before the alleged refugee crisis began

        The two-thirds are from the LAST YEAR. And it must be much worse than the official figures suggest. We are most probably looking at a situation in which almost all so-called child refugees are in fact adult economic migrants who have destroyed their papers in order to get a foothold in the UK so their families can follow.

        Free benefits, free healthcare, free housing. Pretty fortunate they stumble upon the UK as their first country of refuge, isn’t it?

        • Old Mark


          ‘Unaccompanied Child Asylum Seekers’ are also entitled to free education up until age 24- yet another pull factor that morons like RoS ignore when emoting about the residents of the Calais Jungle- hardly any of whom will end up in his dreary wind and rainswept neck of the UK woods.

  • RobG

    The attack dogs come in, as usual (*yawn*).

    Perhaps the likes of Habba and Anon1 can explain to me the merits of Hillary Clinton, and why they are so defensive of someone who is a proven war criminal and totally corrupt?

    (sorry to distract from the really important spates that take place on Twitter)

    • michael norton

      If the Americans had not ordered their new pets the FRENCH to STOP building and selling two new aircraft carriers to the pesy Russians, there would now be a three carrier fleet slinking through the North Sea to blast the Turkish “moderates”

      • michael norton

        During the Syrian Civil War (2011-Present), Syrian Turkmen have been involved in military actions against Syrian government forces and have looked to Turkey for support and protection.
        These are the “moderates” who topped the Russian ejected flight crew, after the Turks had shot down the Russian aircraft flying over “Turkey”
        that bit of Syria which was stolen by Turkey from Syria.
        Turkey intends to steal even more of Syria, if it can get away with it.

      • RobG

        I am totally bored with the criminals at GCHQ.

        I’ve been warning you oiks for a long time now that a reckoning is coming (ie, you are all going to be put on trial).

        Best of luck with explaining why you are not total traitors to my country.

        • Republicofscotland

          And you, would quite easily have that information at hand in the Denison barracks, wouldn’t you?

          Still you don’t really need many aircraft carriers, when you have a large fleet of naval Corvettes, (Steregushchy class) which are capable of launching Kalibr missilies.

          • Kempe

            Russia currently has four Steregushchy class corvettes in commission with another one working up. Four more are building with the first two expected to be commissioned in 2018. By no measure is this a large fleet.

            They might look good on paper but their small size means they are more vulnerable to bad weather and have limited endurance.

  • lysias

    And World War Three edges ever closer. Zero Hedge: Russia Is Deploying The Largest Naval Force Since The Cold War For Syria: NATO Diplomat:

    Just moments ago we reported that in the latest escalation involving Syria, the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov was now sailing past Norway on its way to Syria, where it is expected to arrive in just under 2 weeks. As part of the carrier naval group, Russia also deployed an escort of seven other Russian ships, which we dubbed the “most powerful Russian naval task force to sail in northern Europe since 2014” according to Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reports.

    It turns out it was more than this and as Reuters reported second ago, citing a NATO diplomat, Russia is in fact deploying the largest naval force since end of Cold War to reinforce its Syria campaign.


    That would be in addition to significant components of the Russian Black Sea fleet that are already there.

      • lysias

        I recall reading about such plans for the Admiral Kuznetsov at the time, and an aircraft carrier in transit has to be accompanied by other ships making up its carrier group, but I do not remember the reports then saying anything about the Baltic Sea Fleet.

    • lysias

      I should also mention that the Russian Caspian Sea Fleet has also in recent weeks been launching missiles against targets in Syria.

    • Kempe

      Putin must be experiencing some real problems in Syria if he’s prepared to leave his northern flank exposed like this. I doubt the Baltic fleet has recovered from the recent “purging” of it’s senior officers either.

      • michael norton

        I expect the Russian battle fleet is going to surround Cyprus, as this is where “control” for the Syrian War is situated.

        • michael norton

          The War of ( Assad) Syria is being coordinated from somewhere, I guess it is the British owned FIVE EYES center in CYPRUS.
          This is likely to be surrounded by the Russia Battle Fleet.
          U.S.A. / France/ U.K. / Turkey /Saudi Arabia have brought us to the brink of war with Russia.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        He’s laid down enough diplomatic smoke to be reasonably certain he’s not going to be bothered in the Baltic, and he’s backed up his defences (/offences) behind the Baltic states. And he really, really wants his Mediterranean base. Now is the time, while nothing he can do looks all that much worse than what RT can make of Mosul.

  • Andy

    I think Cohen is a neo-con/fascist. A type of hybrid. But luckily he’s stuck in the print media and his audience are all middle aged white bigots/racists/ fascists. They aren’t going to be out on the streets breaking windows.

    • fred

      But it took an English journalist to stand up for freedom of the press in Scotland because if a Scottish journalist had tried it they would have been out of a job.

      • keaton

        It’s true. The Scottish press, from the Mail and the Express to the Scotsman and the Telegraph, is wall-to-wall with nothing but the most gushing praise for the Nats and their works. It’s sickening how terrified they are of even slightly upsetting Bute House.

      • keaton

        It’s true. The Scottish press, from the Mail and the Express to the Scotsman and the Telegraph, is wall-to-wall with nothing but the most gushing praise for the Nats and their works. It’s sickening how terrified they are of even slightly upsetting Bute House.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    “You will notice that at no point could Nicolson bring himself to withdraw a false claim, even when the evidence was in front of his eyes.”

    Yes, Mr. Cohen. Like saying this Spanner isn’t a misogynist in the same article in which you print his observation “Margaret Curran. Is she a victim of FGM? She is a torn-faced cunt.” Were you born with the skill of making yourself look like an utter moron, or did you have to practise?

    • fred

      I think you are missing the point John.

      Do you think a reporter should be gagged on the`request of a politician because somebody else said the word “cunt”?

      • Iain

        The only person missing the point would appear to be you.

        Where is this “request” you talk off? Please feel free to post a link to your evidence.

        Hearing a dyed in the wool Unionist like you squealing and attempting to defend the “free press” from SNP influence and control is beyond parody.

        Perhaps you should, you know “..go on, try it, break through the conditioning”.

        • fred

          Peter Wisheart and John Nicolson have confirmed they spoke directly to STV bosses about Steven Daisley just before he was taken off writing the opinion piece on the STV web site.

          They aren’t denying it.

          • John Munro

            Nicolson, Wishart, The SNP as a party and STV all stated that there was no request to censor or remove Daisley. Daisley still works for STV and published his last contribution a couple of days ago.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        No, I do see his point. I just think it’s hysterical that Cohen talks about sticking to false claims when the counter evidence is right in front of you, when there is a glaring example of it in his own article.

  • gerald connelly

    No need to search too far into the reason why they pay him. It could be because he’s a cunt that works for them. Please note that as one who was brought up in Shettleston, in the east-end of Glasgow, we learned that the word cunt was used as non-derogatory term to describe an individual, almost always male, or a bunch of cunts, again male, which was used to describe males in the plural. Rarely was insult implied.
    I feel therefor that the cunts at the Spectator hold the cunt in high esteem, which is why they feel the need to pay the Bastard.

  • Christian Wright

    Floridly psychotic. It is seldom one encounters this degree of paranoid delusion outside a clinical setting. The evidence from his polemic strongly suggests Mr Cohen is certifiable. One can only hope those who truly care for him will stage an intervention.

    . . . ‘Course it could also be explained as naught but deliberately engineered click bait. In which case the laugh is on us,

  • Sharp Ears

    [ Mod: Caught in spam-filter ]

    The estimable John Hilley writes:

    Thursday, 20 October 2016

    SNP Friends of Peace in the Middle East is a pro-Isr*el front group
    A new pro-Isr*el front group is seeking to exert its influence within the SNP.

    SNP Friends of Peace in the Middle East claim to be promoting ‘common dialogue’ towards a ‘two state solution’.

    But behind the seemingly all-inclusive title and benign facade, it’s really a Zionist advocacy group formed through Glasgow Friends of Isr*el and Sammy Stein, a leading figure within both bodies.

    Contrary to their ‘pro-peace’ and ‘pro-Palestinian’ claims, each of these groups is dedicated to upholding Israel’s occupation, colonial settlements and apartheid state.

    The manoeuvring of those behind SNP Friends for Peace in the Middle East has been ably reported by Michael Gray at the social media news site Common Space. This includes leaked emails revealing support from the Isr*eli consular in Scotland, despite the group claiming to have no particular alignment with the state of Israel.

    As detailed at Common Space, Stein, a former-serving soldier in the IDF, gained the backing of wealthy SNP associate Joe Goldblatt to help establish the organisation through a floor stall at the recent SNP conference. Behind the smooth promotion, it’s a brand exercise in disguising Israel’s crimes. A Je*ish community leader has even denounced it as an ‘Isr*el front group’.


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