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Any organisation which embraces Jim Murphy, Nadine Dorries, Roger Scruton and Patrick Minford is going to have some fruitcake right wing opinions and be more worthy of ridicule than political debate. So I really couldn’t maintain a straight face when discussing the Henry Jackson Society on Russia Today.

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333 thoughts on “Having Fun on Russia Today

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  • michael norton

    2,000 migrants clash with police, set Bulgaria’s largest refugee center on fire
    This sort of thing is now happening all over Europe.
    Apparently, in the new world of robotics, less people will be needed for mundane and not so mundane jobs, even robotic surgeons – now.
    Robotic farming, robotic car making, robotic trouser making, robotic shoe making.
    Wages have not gone up ( comparatively) in the United Kingdom for one and a half decades, so why would we need even more people on /in our crowded islands?

    • michael norton

      This allowing of millions of migrants, now mainly from Africa, into Europe, cannot be let to continue for long.
      It will crash European society.

    • michael norton

      Wage growth to be worst since World War Two, IFS think-tank warns
      SKY NEWS

      well, what’s to be done.

      Seems intractable.
      People are not really needed any more.

    • michael norton

      From Russia Today


      No Islamist ‘terrorism’ link to attack on French missionaries’ home – official

      An attack on a retirement home for missionaries is not linked to Islamic “terrorism”, French public prosecutor Christophe Barret said on Friday. “There is no link whatsoever with Islamic terrorism,” Barret, who is the public prosecutor for the southern French city of Montpellier, told reporters. Barret added that police were still searching for the man suspected to have carried out Thursday night’s attack on the home, which left one woman dead. He said that police had identified the suspect and were also carrying out searches on a suspicious car found near the scene of the crime, which contained a replica firearm. (Reuters)

      • Tony_0pmoc

        Incidentally, I saw a bit of one? of the live webcasts that was broadcast from someone’s back room (at the Ecuadorian’s embassy??) I thought it was only about 4-8 weeks ago. Julian Assange was definitely there and so was Craig Murray. I don’t think it was as long ago as the BREXIT night – cos I went to bed early – thinking absolutely No Chance – and was up at 7:00 am – completely amazed. Craig Murray turned up late cos of flight delays.

        The video quality was pretty good for a webcast – but the sound – particularly from their guests via TV screen was absolutely dire. It is very easy to get far better sound. All it takes is a few cables – or even a decent microphone.

        Come on – even if you are all still spies (working for God know’s who’s Intelligence Agency) – you really need to improve your Production. I am not claiming be a Sound engineer – but even I could do better than that – with kit I’ve had for years.


    • Tony_0pmoc

      According to The Guardian 14th November 2016 (though you don’t necessarily have to believe it), Assange was interviewed by the Swedish prosecutor for 3 days at the Ecuadorian embassy. I don’t think Craig mentioned it. However, if Sweden subsequently withdrew all charges (as in my view they should), it would make sense from Assange’s point of view that there was no further publicity and that he quietly disappeared after shaving his head, and dying his mustache black (or a more professional disguise).

    • Kief

      Several mysterious deaths? I only know of one but it’s Assanges’ credibility that died and he killed it.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        You are very perceptive, and perhaps faster than me. I followed what Assange was up to even before he went to Sweden. I saw his TED talks and I read The Swedish Newspapers, and The Tweets of The Girls at the time.

        He was in Wandsworth jail at the same time as Anthony John Hill – but Anthony John Hill got very close to Zero publicity and his video was far better.


  • Tony_0pmoc


    You have not made it yet as a “Russian Propaganda” website. Wikileaks has, and even

    These are the sites to consider bookmarking, though some of them are crap, there are loads of omissions, and some of them shouldn’t be there at all as they are quite clearly pro-Clinton and anti-Russian.

    Still not a bad effort from “an independent team of concerned American citizens” ((brainwashed sheep)). Some really good websites have been included.



  • Republicofscotland

    “Margaret Thatcher secretly continued to pursue politically explosive plans to dismantle the welfare state even after ministers thought they had been killed off by a Cabinet revolt, according to newly-released official files.”

    “The proposals – drawn up by Whitehall’s think tank the Central Policy Review Staff (CPRS) – were among the most contentious and the most radical to be considered by Mrs Thatcher’s Conservative government during her 11 years in office.”

    “They included scrapping free universal healthcare and requiring people to take out private insurance, charging for education, and ending the annual uprating of benefits in line with inflation, as well as sweeping defence cuts.”

    Wel, I’m sure if Thatcher were alive today, she’d sleep sound in the knowledge that her Tory successors, are doing everything in their power to push forward attacks on the disabled and poor, in this ever increasing Dickensian society, that Westminster appears to be obsessed with.

    Still with wages stagnating to there worst in 70 years, and borrowing up as well, it’s comforting to know at least, we’re in the process of spending billions of pounds on renewing Trident. It’s good to know the British government, has its priorities right.


    • Anon1

      Meanwhile, the highly relevant Scottish government has certainly got its priorities right:

      “Scottish government renames ‘offender’ as ‘person with conviction'”


      People released from Scottish prisons will no longer be referred to as “offenders”, under Scottish government plans.

      The new National Strategy for Criminal Justice said they should be referred to as a “person with convictions” or “person with an offending history”.

      • Republicofscotland

        Yes I think that’s a good idea, trying to reintegrate someone (a person) back into society, possibly after a custodial sentence, isn’t helped in anyway by calling them a offender or ex-offender.

        However those who have committed serious crimes, will still retain their record of convictions, unlike those with minor offences, that will be duly spent.

        • Tony_0pmoc


          I know a guy who was quite clearly guilty. He openly admitted it. He was jailed for 6 months. My wife visited him in jail. After he got discharged from the army, he spent awhile living on a park bench. Then the local authority found him a flat. Its quite a nice flat actually. He started getting his life back together, and about 20 years ago, he was working next door to us – once a week or so as a Gardener. I was working all hours God sends – and my wife asked him if he could do our garden too. He seemed a really nice bloke – though perhaps very slightly brain damaged – yet still very clever – and a great gardener.

          At his local Servicemen’s club – these two kids (as he described them – but obviously over 18) would not stop winding this “old man” up. Now, he is actually very tolerant – but they would not stop. There is only so much verbal aggression such a man can take (and being a gardener and ex SAS – he was obviously still very fit – now in his 40’s)

          About a year after he was released (the kids survived), he needed a hernia operation. We took him to hospital, and afterwards for a week or so, my wife nursed him back to health – in our home with our kids.

          He is back working now.

          Be nice to old soldiers.

          They have been there and done it. They get recruited when they are young teenagers. They are only trying to serve their country. Personally, I think they’d be better off buying a fast motorbike or a guitar..but who knows anything much when you are 16?

          Both my older brother’s joined the Territorial Army. I went Gliding instead.


  • Republicofscotland

    “The British government has waved away criticism of its intervention in Libya in 2011, voiced in the report by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee in September. It argues the involvement helped save civilian lives and weaken extremist militant groups.”

    This is the kind of inane, regressive imeperialistic attitude, that has led to Libya becoming a war torn state. Westminster’s cringe worthy, almost embarrassing actions surrounding Libya, and Iraq for that matter, quite clearly show that, Westminster, is completely devoid of understanding the implications of its warmongering actions.


    This is a prime example as to why Scotland must set Westminster adrift, by voting yes in indyref2.

    • Hieroglyph

      “It argues the involvement helped save civilian lives and weaken extremist militant groups.”

      Parliament is riven with psychotics and degenerates. Anyone who can come out with the above, after the total destruction of Libya, simply isn’t the full shilling.

      I don’t think Mr Corbyn is perfect, and I’m not convinced he’ll ever be PM. But he’s right about Libya, and all these nut cases are horribly, tragically wrong. I strongly suspect around 90% of these wretched nothings are being blackmailed, and the other 10% just enjoy this kind of murder. I’ve never in my life been so cynical about parliament, I used to assume many were well-meaning. I don’t anymore.

      On another note, I do wonder what’s happened to Assange and WL. Some of the allegations around the Clinton foundation, well, lives have been cut short for much less. Recently too, if we are to cast a close eye on the death of Seth Rich.Troubling times.

  • Sharp Ears

    Craig must have run into the late Lord Taylor of Blackburn when he stood for election there against Straw in 2005 (Straw of ‘treating’ the electorate infamy)
    Straw was the MP from 1979 until last year.

    This is dated January 2009

    Profile: Peers in cash row

    The Sunday Times has reported that four peers offered to help make amendments to legislation for up to £120,000. Here are profiles of the peers, who all deny the allegations.

    Lord Taylor, 79, is a former leader of Blackburn Council and a friend of the town’s MP, Justice Secretary Jack Straw. He donated money to the local Labour Party ahead of the 2001 and 2005 elections. He was awarded an OBE in 1969, a CBE in 1974 and became a peer in 1978.

    Lord Taylor worked for BAE systems as a consultant from 1994 to 2005 and has been an adviser to several energy and other businesses since the mid-1990s, including Electronic Data Systems, Experian and Canatxx Energy Ventures. Canatxx donated £3,000 to Mr Straw in 2004 for a dinner to celebrate his 25 years as an MP. The donation was not declared until December last year and Mr Straw recently received a rebuke from the parliamentary commissioner for failing to declare it. Lord Taylor is a non-executive director at Adivision and Eisis, an adviser to BT and president of the Wrens Hotel Group’.

    Lord Taylor was suspended by the Lords, the first suspension for over 350 years. He apologized later. He died today after being hit by a van when he was driving his mobility scooter leaving the Lords last Wednesday.

    He last spoke in the Lords in 2013.

    but was voting up to 8 November.

    Lord Taylor dies after mobility scooter crash
    ‘In 2009 Lord Taylor was suspended from the Lords for six months after allegedly offering to help a business secure favourable changes in legislation for a fee in a newspaper sting operation. It was the first time in 350 years that a peer had been banned in this way.

    He and three other peers were caught speaking to undercover journalists posing as lobbyists and appeared willing to amend a bill in return for cash.’

  • Republicofscotland

    “Footage has emerged of a group of children attacking two police officers in south London, punching them in the face and stamping on one officer’s head after he fell to the ground.”


    It looks pretty well staged to me, no doubt, we’ll be looking at more restrictions to our civil liberties, and I thought France had the monopoly, on fomenting these type of conveniently placed mobile phone clips, it appears not.

    • Sharp Ears

      I hadn’t realized that the ‘report’ was timed to arrive before the EU Parliament debate next week on ‘countering perceived Russian propaganda’.

  • michael norton

    Scottish government renames ‘offender’ as ‘person with conviction’

    Why can’t the Scottish government do something useful
    instead of all this political correctness bollocks?

  • michael norton

    Turkey blames Syria for deadly air strike

    The Turkish army blamed the Syrian government for an air strike on Thursday in northern Syria that killed three soldiers and wounded 10,
    it said in a statement.
    “In the air strike assessed to have been by Syrian government forces, three of our heroic soldiers were killed and 10 soldiers wounded,
    one seriously,” said the statement on its website.
    This is the first time the army has blamed President Bashar al-Assad’s regime for an attack killing Turkish soldiers during Ankara’s three month operation in northern Syria.

    The Turkish military launched the operation – dubbed “Euphrates Shield” – in August supporting Syrian opposition fighters seeking to retake territory from IS in northern Syria with tanks and aerial support.

    • michael norton

      Well, it would seem to me that the Turks have no right to be in Syria.
      Their aim is to destabalize Syria and steal land.

  • mike

    First the Kiev Nazis kidnap two Russian servicemen, and now they’e going to hold missile firing drills OVER Crimea.

    It sure looks as if someone is desperate to provoke a Russian reaction before 20th January…

  • Sharp Ears

    Gideon has picked up £320,000 in speaking fees in the US. Definitely not one of the JAMs.

    All logged plus some freebies like helicopter flights to attend a Tory dinner in Glos and another Tory function in Ripon. That’s a good use of fossil fuel. NOT.

    He has spoken once in the HoC since getting the boot from Treeza and that was to support Hammond the other day.

    • michael norton

      “Last month’s study from the Ipsos research company revealed the FRENCH
      are more pessimistic about the future of their country than anyone else in the whole world.
      A total of 88 percent of respondents said the country was heading down the wrong path.
      They considered terrorism to be the “most worrying topic” in France, followed by unemployment, taxes, and poverty/social inequality.”

      Basically is will not get better, while it is shackled to the dying corpse of the undemocratic European Union

      • Habbabkuk

        Meaningless, Norton.

        I was reading just the other day that an opinion poll taken sometime during the second Chirac Presidency had 80% of the interviewees saying that they were “personally very happy” while at the same time believing that most of their fellow citizens were “very unhappy”.

  • Habbabkuk

    Someone mentioned Mr Julian Assange further up the page, hence this question:

    Does anyone know whether his interview with Swedish justice officials (in the Ecuadorian Embassy, of course) has finally taken place?

    Or has it been “postponed” again? 🙂

  • RobG

    I’ll get on to what’s happening in France in a bit.

    In the meantime, yesterday Wikileaks released the ‘Yemen files’…


    … which could be interesting; but as usual it’s a massive dump of leaked documents (in this instance from the US embassy in Yemen) and it takes time to go through it all.

    People are still sifting through the previous massive dump of Podesta e-mails, which amongst other things showed that Bernie Sanders was diddled out of being the Democrat presidential candidate, that Hillary Clinton is aware that ISIS is funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that the Clinton Foundation (which is still the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation) is totally corrupt, and that there’s satanism and pedophilia in high levels of the American establishment.

    It’s why the MSM are now pumping out all this rollocks about ‘fake news’, and are shoving at us poor, crying football people who have been sexually abused; to try and cover-up/distract attention from the real meat that came out from Wikileaks (which lost Hillary the election).

    We don’t call them ‘Presstitutes’ for nothing.

  • FranzB

    Saw this article about a Harwell nuclear scientist who measured the polonium in Litvinenko’s body, Apparently this scientist committed suicide by stabbing himself to death. The post mortem was carried out by the same home office pathologist who carried out the post mortem on David Kelly.


    • michael norton

      Do people actually kill themselves by stabbing themselves to death, sounds a tad suspicious.
      Between 1982 and 1990, a cluster of strange and often grisly deaths amongst scientists and computer experts working in Britain’s high-tech defence industry baffled investigators.

      Many of the deaths were so bizarre they left coroners unable to determine their cause. Others were judged to be suicides and accidents despite clear evidence to the contrary.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Of course, if there was any substance in some unusual deaths, why no mention of what SADI was attempting, and might have been so demanding on individuals that they might have indeed killed themselves?

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Certainly has all the hallmarks. Scientists characteristically top themselves by conducting a protracted assault on their body with two knives, don’t they? The article seems to suggest that a US government project on plutonium radiotoxicity was discussed at a Russian conference. Did RT, the voice of unalloyed truth, report this?

      /Filed for future reference.

      • michael norton

        Milligan was found dead in his flat in Black Lion Lane, Chiswick, London, by his secretary Vera Taggart on 7 February 1994.
        Milligan had failed to appear in the House of Commons as expected, and so Taggart went to look for him.
        Milligan’s corpse was naked except for a pair of stockings and suspenders, with an electrical flex tied around his neck and a black bin liner over his head, with an orange in his mouth.
        The coroner concluded that he had died in the early hours of 7 February.
        The pathologists report into Milligan’s death discounted the possibility of murder, lending weight to the belief that he died accidentally, as a result of autoerotic asphyxiation. No drugs or alcohol were found in his blood, and no substances were found to have contributed to his death.

        Perfectly normal.

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