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333 thoughts on “Having Fun on Russia Today

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  • michael norton

    Hillary Clinton is now more than two million votes ahead of President-elect Donald Trump in the popular vote count for the US presidential elections, a tally compiled by the Cook Political Report showed Wednesday.

    The Democratic candidate’s 1.5 percent lead in the popular vote makes no difference to the outcome of the November 8 election, which Trump won by taking a majority of electoral votes. Clinton conceded the following day.

    But the former secretary of state’s popular vote lead continues to grow.

    She has received 64,227,373 votes to Trump’s 62,212,752 million, according to the Cook Political Report’s latest tally, which was compiled from official sources.

    The World holds its breath.
    If they let Killary back in and show The Donald the door, there will be blood on the streets in America.
    BREXIT would be done away with and Frau Marine would not get in.
    Geert Wilders would be sent to prison

    ans Syria will not be resolved, the Middle East will keep descending into the pit of despondency.
    War with Russia, again becomes a real possibility.

    • craig Post author

      The popular vote is irrelevant to the result. A few people are quite unnecessarily hysterical. Though I do like the idea of Geert Wilders being in prison, long overdue.

      • Old Mark

        I do like the idea of Geert Wilders being in prison, long overdue.

        Craig- for consistency would you also imprison these ‘mainstream’ Dutch politicians who Wilders reminds the Court have also made insulting remarks about Moroccans ?

        ‘People will never understand that other politicians — especially from government parties — and civil servants who have spoken about Moroccans, Turks and even PVV members, are being left alone and not prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor.

        Like Labour leader Samsom, who said that Moroccan youths have a monopoly on ethnic nuisance.

        Or Labour chairman Spekman, who said Moroccans should be humiliated.

        Or Labour alderman Oudkerk, who spoke about f*cking Moroccans.

        Or Prime Minister Rutte, who said that Turks should get lost.’

        If Wilders, why not Rutte and the rest, mentioned above by Wilders ?

      • Courtenay Barnett

        The whole Hillary majority vote debate is silly and senseless.

        Both Trump and Clinton knew what the ground rules were for the electoral college when they went in.

        Ironically Trump covered his potential loss by persistently calling the system “rigged” throughout the campaign.

        Now that Hillary has lost – it is her turn. Sorry, speak up Hillary – can’t hear you.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          The Democrats supporting Hillary are unwilling to admit that Hitler Light completely fooled them by claiming that the system was totally rigged against him when, in fact, he rigged it completely against her candidacy.

          In short, Hillary’s supporters are more interested in being consistent than the truth, as Jill Stein is trying to establish.

          • Laguerre

            “when, in fact, he rigged it completely against her candidacy.”

            Can you explain how Trump is supposed to have “rigged” the election? He was not placed, as Clinton was, to do that, not being an insider, and indeed widely disliked by the rest of the Republican party.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            Hitler Light had Chris Christie, his chief of staff who managed his campaign, rig it, hacking into automated election machines, getting his Mafia friends to get out the vote in Rust Belt states where his pollsters had identified them, encouraging candidates, especially Johnson and Weld, to run as third part candidates, etc.

            It was Christie’s campaign to be elected and re-elected as Governor of New Jersey writ large, and he was sacked afterwards to keep people like you in the dark about what happened, though Trunp keeps paying him to make sure he doesn’t become another ‘Deep Throat’.

  • Mick McNulty

    This “fake news” meme (and Labour’s Tom Watson recently deployed it), is shaping up to become an organized and well-funded anti-democratic programme to end free speech, alternative news, independent bloggers like Craig and popular news outlets like RT. This is not simply the powers-that-be complaining, it’s their opening moves in a gameplan to shut down all dissent like in all totalitarian societies.

    It started with all that nonsense about how the Brexit side won through lies, but then really took off after Clinton lost to Trump. And John Kirby’s recent statement that he refuses to recognize RT as a media organization like others was an early indicator this new programme is going to get real and deep and menacing. If we’re cowed into silence by this we’re going to end up like the 1930s but under a capital dictatorship employing starvation, forced labour and body-pharming. (How many furrows can one man’s ashes fertilize? They’ll know.)

  • fred

    “The problem with political debate in Scotland is not that people aren’t well informed, it’s that the SNP ensure they’re very well misinformed.”


    “The SNP and their social media mouth-pieces have been so successful with their campaign of misinformation that, whenever GERS figures are debated now, the following points have to be endlessly repeated: there’s no missing whisky duty, there’s no missing export income, the figures aren’t affected by corporate head-office locations, London infrastructure costs aren’t allocated to Scotland and the figures are not guesswork compiled by HM Treasury, they’re qualified National Statistics compiled and published by the Scottish Government”

  • michael norton

    Ukraine’s record on tackling corruption is due to come under scrutiny at a meeting with E.U. leaders on Thursday.

    European Union “Officials” have been urging Ukraine since 2014 to clamp down on corruption and to carry out other reforms.

    But critics say not enough has changed, and President Petro Poroshenko has been accused of backing corrupt “Officials”.

    The Brussels talks with senior European Union “Officials” will focus on the progress of reforms,
    with the promise of visa-free travel for Ukrainians on the table.

    But Ukraine hopes another matter – Russia’s role on Ukrainian territory – will take priority at the meeting.

    A couple of things come out of this:
    when were the people of the European Union democratically asked
    “Do you want the people of The Ukraine to have visa-free movement within the current boundaries of the E.U.?”

    If the people have not been asked this question, there is again a democratic deficit.

    Have the E.U. got any answers yet from the Regime in Ukraine – on what they are doing to reduce corruption?

    Have the E.U. yet come to a settled view on the plebiscite that took place in Crimea held on March 16, 2014?
    Are the E.U. ready to accept that the majority of the residents of The Crimea wish to again be part of Russia?

  • Blair paterson

    As I understand Willie McRae shot himselve twice in the head and then managed to throw his gun away about a100yards how the hell can anyone believe that I smell a rat why all the secrecy ? Let us here all the facts from those who have suddenly agreed it was suicide

    • Kempe

      The gun had been discharged twice but McRae only had one bullet wound. The other round could’ve been fired at any time between McRae taking possession of the illegal weapon and his death. He may have fired just to make sure it worked, it may have been accidental.

      McRae’s car was removed from the scene before it was realised he’d been shot, a precise record of where it was not recorded and it was not put back in the same position when the investigation resumed. Nobody knows for sure how far the gun was from the car. You may regard that as part of a cover up or as typical bungling by plod. I know what I think is more likely.

      • craig Post author

        The only problem with that is how you shoot yourself in the head inside a car and manage to get the gun outside the car after you are dead. The same people put the car back who removed it in the first place; they were unlikely to be way out of place. And the gun was by a burn, not on the road. Apart from that, obviously nothing to see here.

        • Kempe

          The driver’s window was open, the witnesses who found the car mentioned that, he would’ve either put his elbow outside of the car or rested it on the door to get the right angle. Recoil does the rest.

          Plod have admitted they didn’t place the car back exactly in it’s original position.

          • fred

            Plod didn’t place the car back at all, there would be no reason why they would and no way they could have short of lowering it from a helicopter.

            The car was recovered on the Saturday afternoon and taken to the local garage. When it was found Willie McRae had a bullet wound a forensic officer examined the car at the local garage then it was taken to the police pound in Inverness.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            Recoil does the rest.
            Not with a .22. it doesn’t. Much as I support a sane approach to the case.

        • Republicofscotland

          Special Branch had been following McRae for twenty years.

          “The victor of the Mullwhacher Enquiry, against nuclear dumping there, and joint founder of the “Oystercatcher Movement”, against dumping in Glen Etive, was the nuclear lobby’s most formidable and feared antagonist in Scotland.”

          “Later a handgun (alleged to have belonged to the deceased and to have been fired TWICE) was found, but too far from the car to have fallen from the hand of a suicide or have been thrown by someone who had shot himself.”

          McRae was undoubtedly killed by the security services.

          It claimed that McRae, said not long before his murder, that he said “I’ve got the b*ststrds now.”

          These links if you are interested in Mr McRae’s murder will shine some light as to why he was killed, and by whom.




          • fred

            McRae was shot once, in the right temple and the gun was found in a pool of water under where the driver’s door would have been had the car not been taken away.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford

            Oh, Habby, McRae had become much more of a threat after a generation which Margaret Thatcher would not tolerate.

            Looks like Willie knew about the Royal Navy and John Lehman’s US Navy practicing up in his neighborhood for a NATO showdown with the Soviets, and he thought his fellow SNP colleagues would be interested in the info and photos which his murderer conveniently ran off with after shooting him behind his left ear after he flagged him down on the highway.

          • Republicofscotland


            “It was later cliamed that McRae had committed suicide. However the hand gun McRae owned was lying 60 feet from the car. It had been fired twice and there were no finger prints on it. McRae was not wearing any gloves when he was found.”

            Fred please provide links to other stating one shot thank you.

          • Habbabkuk

            “McRae was undoubtedly killed by the security services.”

            That assertion is garbage, I’m afraid.

            Apart from anything else, could you perhaps explain why it took the security services 2à years “to kill” him (“Special Branch had been following McRae for twenty years.” ) ?

          • Republicofscotland

            “However, the bullet wound in the back of his head was only discovered when his body was being examined at a hospital in Aberdeen, Scotland.

            In fact. two years after his death, Hamish Watt, a former SNP MP and Councillor in Grampian told the Aberdeen Press & Journal that a nurse working at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, where McRae was admitted, told him him that two bullet wounds were found in his brain – a fact that would clearly rule out suicide.”


            Oh look Fred, another account that clearly shows two shots fired. Oh it must more nonsense eh Fred?

          • fred

            Look RoS you believe your second hand hearsay accounts from fictitious nurses if you so desperately need to but I have read the statement from the Lord Advocate which says

            “Mr William McRae died as a result of a single gun shot wound to the head. Post mortem examination showed that the muzzle of the gun had been held firmly against the skin. Ballistics examination established that the bullet had been fired from a .22 revolver which belonged for some considerable time to the late Mr McRae. While there were two fired cartridges in the chamber of the revolver, I must emphasise there was only one shot wound to the head. There were no other bullet injuries and there was no trace of a second spent bullet in or about the car, nor was any damage caused by a bullet to the car.”

            It is here in the link marked “Death of Mr MacRae – Press Release – Lord Advocate’s letter”


          • Republicofscotland

            The Lord Advocate you say?

            Well, Lord Fraser, Lord Boyd and Lord Angiolini, all have played a part in events of recent times, and in my opinion all, have been found wanting, regarding events of which I won’t go into detail.

            The signing off from a Lord Advocate, if those above are anything to go by, is not a endrosement of validity in my opinion, especially in Scotland.

            Another Lord Advocate Mulholland, aided and abetted his predecessors, by denying a FAI into the death of Willie McRae.

            An inquiry has been avoided by multiple Lords Advocate since 1985.

            Not holding an inquiry under these circumstances, makes a mockery of the Scottish judiciary. It also leads many people to believe that our Crown Office lacks the teeth, and/or the inclination to hold UK Security Services to account for their activity on Scottish soil.

          • fred

            I can only argue the facts.

            You will hold your faith as what the facts are but that is what you have, faith not founded in reality.

            The people who started a petition, who hired two ex senior policemen to find evidence, to get a FAI have said that they can find no evidence it was anything more than a suicide. Those are the facts, what you have is your belief

          • Republicofscotland

            “I can only argue the facts.”

            No Fred, you are pushing what you’ve been told, the mere fact that McRae, was under surveillance, should set alarm bells wringing, well it would in anybody else, but not you.

            As usual Fred we’ll disagree, I’ll leave it at that, for now.

      • fred

        No the car wasn’t moved then returned. If you think about about it, it’s easy for a recovery vehicle to pull a car out of boggy land from the road, to pull it back again would be next to impossible.

        The witness just assumed it was there on the Sunday.

        • Republicofscotland

          The time of his death, MacRae had been working to counter plans to dump nuclear waste from the Dounreay Nuclear Power Development Establishment, into the sea.

          Due to his house being burgled on repeated occasions prior to his death, he had taken to carrying a copy of the documents relating to his Dounreay work with him at all times.

          They were not found following his death, and the sole other copy which was kept in his office was stolen when it was burgled, no other items being taken.

          In July 2006 a retired police officer, Iain Fraser, who was working as a private investigator at the time of MacRae’s death claimed that he had been anonymously employed to keep MacRae under surveillance only weeks before he died.

          “In November 2010 Donald Morrison, a former Strathclyde Police officer, alleged that MacRae had been “under surveillance” by both Special Branch and MI5.”

          Willie McRae was killed alright, of that I’ve no doubt.

    • Rob Royston

      My memory tells me that there were papers found some distance from the car as well as the gun that was found. I never seem to read about them in any recent mention of the case.

      • fred

        At the link I gave to the Lord Advocate’s letter there is a link to the police photographs which show the car and all the surrounding countryside. There are no papers on them.

  • Blair paterson

    Thank you for that Fred but I must admit I think Willie McRae and Hilda Murrell David Kelly and Diana were all classed as enemies of the state and were removed by the state I freely admit I have no proofe of this just a gut feeling

    • fred

      What amazes me is the absence of this from the mainstream media. I learnt of it from my local paper, the Caithness Courier and searched on Google to find the article in the Times.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        What amazes me is that the new investigation of the apparent murder of SNP leader and troublemaker Willie McRae is that it has not been put in an such context, as would be the case in any other apparent murder.

        Here the coppers, who we see more about than who Willie was, and what he was up to, are just interested in what the remaining witnesses after 30 years have to say about it, and then again the case is closed, as the Crown Office has maintained throughout.

        For all we know, one of the witnesses could have been the killer, as was the case in Dr. Kelly’s murder when the Hutton inquiry treated the four witnesses similarly who spent the night on a boat on the Thames, near where is body was found, and took off without a trace, once they learned he had finally died. And then it was moved to Harrowdownhill where the coppers finally found it.

        The Brits are a disgrace when it comes to assassinations of Crown troublemakers.

    • Habbabkuk


      Shouldn’t your list have included John Smith (Labour leader), Robin Cook (dissident Labour Foreign Secretary), Lord Janner (alleged paedophile) and Cock Robin?

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Was thinking of the 29 security people sabotaged at the Mull of Kintyre in June 1994, Gareth Williams, Mike Todd, Gundrun Loftus, Steve Rawlings, Saha Litvinenko, Kelly, Steve Hilder etc.

        Round three dozen at least.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          They flew into a stuffed cloud because their radar was fucked. End of.

          Re. Macrae, I knew some Seor Alba types at the time, and the issue of dumping nuclear waste in the Highlands was on the agenda. Macrae was as far as I can gather fairly close to SA, but whether this rather ineffective bunch of balloons constituted a threat to the state is pretty debatable. What was less debatable was the possibility of their links to PIRA. So, given Macrae had some functional role in this, the state may have had a reason for bumping him off. OTOH, again as far as I know, Macrae subscribed to the SNP policy of non-violent change through the ballot box. Motive, then, unestablished.

          What continues to trouble me is the suicide story. Macrae may have had his moods, but he’d set off by all accounts in a good mood, with an untroubling objective. He left no note, as far as we are aware. OTOH he was carrying a pistol – presumably with the intention of using it. Either he was expecting someone to threaten him or he was off to murder someone or he was planning to shoot himself. That’s all that can be deduced…but it’s two plausible alternatives.

          If he had suicidal intent, why there and then? Perhaps he had good reason to kill himself, but wanted to do it in such a way as to involve the Establishment in embarrassment. He certainly succeeded, if that was his aim, and it fits with his style. Otherwise, topping yourself en route to your country refuge, rather than on arrival, would certainly be unusual. He must have known, too, that a .22 LR to the head wouldn’t actually guarantee a quick exit. Maybe he was murdered. By?

          1. The state. For unclear reasons, but it’s worth noting the case of Hilda Murrell.* Remember the nuclear waste aspect. However, the Highland drilling programme didn’t result in any repositories being established, and there may be some other feature of that which is unavailable for scrutiny. That was the SA angle at the time.

          2. Someone else. An Irish republican group, perhaps? In which case, the state was as happy to obscure the matter as if it would have been to sanitise its own job. More questions.

          3. Himself.

          Finally there is the insistence of his relatives that the matter be left where it is. We can speculate about that, too, but failing someone going public, what’s the point?

          I;m keeping an open mind on this one.

          * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilda_Murrell

  • bevin

    The Fake News campaign seems to have started in The Guardian in a series of articles complaining of ‘on-line abuse.’ But its real origins lie in the various legislative attempts to ban such things as ‘racism’ and ‘holocaust denial.’
    it was clear at the time that these laws were suggested that they were very likely to become the thin end of wedges which would end up with the incredible situation in which the biggest retailers of misinformation, lies, half truths, special pleas and false news in history (aka the mass media), forming an industry dedicated to the proposition that they, if they are paid enough to do so they can persuade consumers to believe anything, are now objecting, in essence, to my informing the tiny part of humanity which reads comments on this blog that such is the case.
    As to false news the most obvious contribution that the government could make is to stop financing operations such as White Helmets and dozens of NGOs whose mandate it is to create false images which the MSM then, consciously and deliberately, treat as news.

      • michael norton

        Tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from their homes as wildfires rage through parts of the Israeli city of Haifa.

        Huge flames are being fanned by hot, dry winds in residential areas in the north of the city of about 300,000.

        Fires are also threatening homes near Jerusalem and in the West Bank.

        A minister has said that half of the fires were “apparently arson”, but police have not confirmed that any had been started deliberately.

        Hundreds of military reservists have been called up to help battle the three-day outbreak of fires.

        • michael norton


          Russia to send planes to help put out Israeli fires – report

          Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s urgent request for assistance in putting out multiple fires that have been raging in Israel since Thursday, the Jerusalem Post reports. The two leaders discussed the problem by phone, it said. According to the Israeli prime minister’s office, Putin said that Russia would immediately send two planes.

        • Laguerre

          I like the bit in the BBC report.

          “Four Palestinians have been arrested and are due to appear in court on suspicion of starting a bonfire negligently.”

          Classic Israeli response, instant racism. Arrest a Palestinian, if you don’t know anything. That’s the kind of people Habby writes for.

  • Republicofscotland

    So the British government needs, to borrow £122 billion pounds to fill in the Brexit black hole, at the heart of the British economy.

    This kind of self inflicted ineptitude by the British government, must be up there with Greece’s inability to curb its debts. Sky news today kept the national debt on the screen, whilst conducting other news stories for a period of time. According their figures, the debt is now close to £1.7 trillion pounds.

    In a bland and rather underwhelming Autumn Statement, Chancellor Phil Hammond, all but declared a slowing down in growth, a steeper increase in inflation and a much gloomier outlook overall, and we haven’t even triggered Article 50 yet.

    The Autumn Statement, included depressing information on borrowing, with a sharp increase to £68.2 billion, well up on a previous estimate of £55.5 billion.

    Although Labour has faired no better in government, pre-2010, John McDonnell, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, hit the nail on the head in my opinion, when he said.

    “The Autumn Statement is a placeholder, for the abject failure of the last six wasted years.”

    You’d better fasten your seat belts come March next year, or there abouts, that’s when Theresa May intends to trigger Article 50. For in my opinion, we’re in for one hell of a bumpy ride.

    • michael norton

      City of rabid SNP supporters on this piss.
      A man caught driving in Dundee city centre with an “astronomical” breath alcohol reading has been banned from the road for three years.

      A court heard Mark Smith was nearly six times the drink drive limit when he was stopped beside the Overgate Shopping Centre in October.

      His solicitor said the 32-year-old had “no recollection” of driving the vehicle.

      Smith, of Dundee, was also ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work – sober

      Utterly Shockingly irresponsible.

      • fred

        You have to remember that nearly six times the limit in Scotland only equates to three and a half times the limit in England. It sounds “astronomical” because the Scottish government recently lowered the limit before which it would have sounded like just another drunk driver..

        • Habbabkuk

          Fred’s reply is a good example of why his posts perform a most useful function on this blog.

          Firstly, they supply context and the facts that are carefully glossed over by others.

          Secondly, by so doing, he counters the vapourings and deceptions of the ScotsIndies and SNP stooges on here.

          More power to his arm says Habbabkuk.

    • Geoffrey

      I am surprised the subject of the National Debt has been brought up. Long may it continue. Osborne’s target was never achievable,
      Blair/Brown doubled the National Debt between 2000 and 2008 then Osborne doubled it again, and hardly anyone mentioned the subject. Now suddenly everyone is talking about £100 bn extra on the debt ,I wonder why ?

        • Republicofscotland

          Hammond and May, and that utter buffoon, Osborne have and are about to, cause serious damage, to the economies of the Home nations.

          Even a weasel worded acolyte such as yourself can see this, yet you persist in the continuing with your ludicrous paradigm, of backing the British governments actions, I doubt you realise what a laughing stock you’ve become, when you trumpet that particular trope.

          The IFS, has claimed that wages have stagnated for a decade, and that Brexit will only add to the onslaught.

          “The problems we face now – poverty and violence at home, war and destruction abroad – will last only as long as we continue relying on the same politicians who created them in the first place.”

          Believe it or not, the above is a Donald Trump quote.

    • Sharp Ears

      Prospects for the 99% are grim. The 1% who screw us are doing nicely.

      Autumn Statement: Workers’ pay growth prospects dreadful, says IFS
      “Worst decade for [growth in] living standards,” says IFS chief

      The outlook for wages is “dreadful” with the squeeze on pay lasting for more than 10 years, independent economists have said.

      The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said workers would earn less in real wages in 2021 than they did in 2008.

      Other analysis shows the biggest losers between now and 2020 will be lower income families, with the poorest third likely to see incomes drop.


      Are you one of the JAMs that insulting new acronym invented by those that hath to describe those who hath not?

      If you would like a job at the IFS, they have vacancies for Research Economists @ £32,779–£48,046

      • Republicofscotland

        Good post Sharp Ears, the establishment speel spouters in here, don’t or won’t comprehend that May and Co, are clueless when it comes to running a government.

        They stumble on, one fiscal disaster after another, smiling and bellowing that we’re on the right track to a better future. The reality however is much more bleaker, with the steady rise in food banks, child poverty, debt and a whole host of other travesties, including zero-hour contracts, that has left Britain in constant decline.

        Expect a steep drop after Article 50 is triggered.

  • michael norton

    Top European Union beurocrat to cut and run —– back to Germania tp challenge Frau Merkel

    Martin Schulz to run in German election, leaving EU parliament

      • Laguerre

        Instant bigotry from MN. Your friend Nigel Farage was pretty quick about leaving the European scene, when he wanted to get into British politics. The only difference is that Schulz is a German, and not a Brit.

      • Laguerre

        “I wonder if Martin thinks the game is up with the E.U.”

        Only thinking, as opposed to it being definitively proved yesterday and today that Brexit is 100% a disaster for Britain.

        • nevermind

          Seconded Laguerre, Martin Schulz has been in the EU Parliament since 1994 and I think that with his experience and sheer weight of connections would make an excellent minister in the Bundestag.
          You have no reason to badmouth him, he has not called you a limy, but he did rather peel back Nigel’s skin a few times in the EU Parliament.

          When did MN ever do anything for 22 years, maybe he should tell… Wake up and realise that you’ve been had for Brexfast, you and the army of antagoniser’s who voted for this economic self emulation are responsible for our useless politicians taking up this hot and expensive assignment.

          The more they dither, the more the economy will fold and we have to thank the MN’s of this world for landing us all in the proverbial.

          • michael norton

            It does not matter a shit to me how badly the U.K. does, financially, I want my country back, i do not need scum like Martin / Juncker to let me know how i should live in England.

          • Habbabkuk

            Speaking of peeling back someone’s skin, I remember with some fondness that famous occasion on which Prime Minister Berlusconi peeled back Mr Schulz’s skin during an EP session.

            Can easily be found on YouTube – Herr Schulz’s discomfort is comedy gold.

        • Anon1

          “Only thinking, as opposed to it being definitively proved yesterday and today that Brexit is 100% a disaster for Britain.”

          Definitively now is it? Not a bunch of sore losers trying to put a downer on Brexit?

          Let’s hear this “definitive proof”.

      • Habbabkuk


        “I wonder if Martin thinks the game is up
        with the E.U.?”

        Exceptionally – una rondine non fà primavera – I shall respond to one of your comments.

        Mr Schulz would rather be Bundeskanzler of Europe’s most powerful and influential country for five years than President of the European Parliament for another year or so. Moreover he thinks his chances of becoming the SPD’s candidate for Bundeskanzler are rather good given the lacklustre nature and lack of any charisma of the other potential SPD candidates.

        So my entirely serious reply to your entirely serious question is : no, Sir.

      • Loony

        michael – I would be surprised if Herr Schultz is sufficiently aware to realize that the game is up.

        Soon now the Italians will deliver another message – no doubt that too will fall on deaf ears.

  • michael norton

    Syria does not want the involvement of Turkey on its land or around its coast or over its skys.
    In the past Syria has taken down a Turkish plane over the Mediterranean Sea.

    At least three TURKISH soldiers have been killed in an air strike in northern SYRIA.

    It happened at around 3am local time during the course of a Turkish-led Syrian rebel operation, according to a statement from the Turkish military.

    Ten soldiers have been wounded, one of them seriously. They have been taken to hospital.

    The only people invited by Syria to help them are the Russians, the Iranians and the Lebanese.
    Not the TURKS.

    When TURKEY shot down a RUSSIAN plane it was Turkish people who slaughtered the aircrew, on the ground, then slipped back into TURKEY.
    Weapons for IS come from TURKEY.
    IS sells oil to TURKEY.

  • Herbie

    It’s quite sad that the US, UK and Europe or at least their current leaders, think that the problem facing them is RT.

    It isn’t really.


    It’s not.

    It’s sad because it means they’re going to take that much longer to face up to reality.

    Reality must be faced, at some time.

    The sooner, the better, for everyone.

  • bevin

    “… I think Willie McRae and Hilda Murrell David Kelly and Diana were all classed as enemies of the state and were removed by the state I freely admit I have no proof of this just a gut feeling.”
    Given that the state in question is not only happy to take responsibility for killing, within the last dozen years, well over a million Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians and others, besides being involved in the secret kidnappings, torture and assassinations, both by death squads and by drones, of many people quite innocent of political or military associations, it is not difficult to conceive of it being responsible for the deaths of the list above and the additions kindly provided by Habbabkuk.
    As to Cock Robin, this was an obvious case of colateral damage and greatly to be regretted.

  • Sharp Ears

    Playacting by the White Helmets exposed.
    White Helmets’ Bizarre “Mannequin Challenge” in Syrian Warzone
    by RT / November 23rd, 2016


    The Murky White Helmets to Receive Right Livelihood Award; Endorsed by the Swedish Institute of Foreign Affairs
    But media have begun to ask questions
    by Jan Oberg / November 23rd, 2016

    It’s a foot in mouth moment for the USUKISNato propaganda machine.

  • Habbabkuk

    O/T but as a point of information:

    The panellists on tonight’s “Question Time” (BBC, 21h45) are as follows : Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, businessman John Timpson and Professor of Economics Mariana Mazzucato.

    Sounds like a balanced panel (note the presence of Mr Cor-byn’s Treasury lead) and a potential good watch. I shall be following the discussions with great interest.

    • Sharp Ears

      Thanks for doing my job.

      John Timpson is the father of Edward who succeeded Gwyneth Dunwoody (Labour) as Con MP for Crewe and Nantwich in 2008 after Gwyneth’s death. The family firm give considerable financial support to him.

      He voted for NHS privatisation, raising tuition fees, for the bedroom tax, for Trident’e replacement, so more of the same old, same old.

      The Timpsons do have a good record of employing ex prisoners and even getting their clothes dry cleaned if they have to attend a job interview.

      Edward was the Childrens’ Minister until July when May appointed him as ‘Minister of State for Vulnerable Children and Families’. Goodness. He’s going to have his work cut out.

      He was also a member of the Joint Committee for Human Rights at one stage.

      • Sharp Ears

        It was broadcast at 22.45 not 21.45 btw.

        It was dire. McConnell was ill and was replaced by Chris Leslie. Who? Farron was as silly as ever. Gauke was cardboard boring. The Italian woman was entertaining and most of what transpired went over the head of the old boy Timpson. Dimblebore (or Rumble Note according to the predictive text here) was same old.

        • Habbabkuk

          “McConnell { sic } was ill”

          Sure he didn’t just chicken out?

          After all, it would have been a rare occasion for his views and intentions to undergo public scrutiny.

      • Habbabkuk

        “Thanks for doing my job.”

        I hadn’t realised that your job on here was to tell us who’s on Question Time every week, but anyway, no thanks required, Sharp Ears.

        I just thought you might forget to tell us about Question Time given the numerous and lengthy other cut-and-pastes you were busy with.

    • Anon1

      ‘IRA John’ should provide some entertainment. His latest line is that a government that borrows £400 million EVERY DAY is an austerity government. A really nasty piece of shit with grandfatherly appeal.

      And Tim Farron, ffs. I mean what opposition is there to the Tories, really?

      • Habbabkuk

        Wasn’t Mr John McDonnell one of those raving left-wing nutters around the egregious Ken Livingstone in the latter’s GLC glory days?

  • Habbabkuk


    When you have a quiet moment perhaps you’d care to respond to s suggestion I made yesterday and which you’ve probably overlooked:

    “Just an afterthought, Craig, on your interview – in the form of a suggestion: should you be interviewed again by RT on a similar theme, how about asking the interviewer whether there’s a Russian equivalent to your blog?”

    Russian listeners would know the answer but as someone on here said, RT is for non-Russians, isn’t it, and the answer might interest them.

    (I’m sure RT knows all about your blog otherwise it wouldn’t be asking you for interviews)

    • RobG

      You make absolutely no mention of the Podesta e-mails, published by Wikileaks, which cost Hillary the election. You make absolutely no mention of Thomas Mair, who yesterday was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Jo Cox MP…


      You make absolutely no mention of anything of import; you just constantly pump out ludicrous Establishment propaganda; as do many others on this board (the security service vermin now by far outway ‘normal’ posters).

      I suppose my question to you is one of morality: how low would you stoop just to earn a buck? Do you have a grandmother? or have you already sold her into slavery?

      I won’t even bother asking if you have children; which sort of brings me back to the Podesta e-mails. ‘PizzaGate’, anyone..?

      It’s all ‘fake news’, innit.

      • NotAnonEnough

        Pizzagate makes me ill.
        It is at very least cast iron evidence of Washington DC VIPs entertaining blatant pedosadistic themes in their instagram accounts, art collections, business logos, and on a certain restaurants walls and promotional videos, which have still not quite been expunged from youtube.
        From a core of inexplicably untennable material some of which while posted by public figures, may be illegal to view – a crowd sourced reading of some of these figures emails leaked by wikileaks , revealed nonsensical conversations heavily featuring known pedophile lexicon, and nightmarish implications.

        This is one of the better composed accounts of the repressed scandal surviving online now:

        Julian is also considered missing and wikileaks compromised btw, by a large number of its online followers. Here is an image summary of the believed situation https://i.sli.mg/XL4Ly8

    • RobG

      Oh, and to address the ‘mind-blowing’ point you make, there are loads of anti-establishment blogs in Russia (where the internet is far less censored than in the West… quelle horreur!). The vast majority of readers of Craig’s blog don’t speak Russian, so I’d be wasting my time to give links.

      Meanwhile, in the West, the Presstitutes are now pumping out the ‘fake news’ meme (it’s so laughable I can barely stand up), and the likes of the Guardian are teaching us about “the web we want”, which means the total censorship of the internet.

      All this is egged-on by the army of trolls/criminals/total vermin from the security services, who are entirely funded by the tax payer.

      1789, and all that, is going to be coming to a GCHQ near you sometime soon.

      And I didn’t even get onto the total scam that is the ‘twerrorists’.

    • Old Mark

      When you have a quiet moment perhaps you’d care to respond to s suggestion I made yesterday and which you’ve probably overlooked
      “Just an afterthought, Craig, on your interview – in the form of a suggestion: should you be interviewed again by RT on a similar theme, how about asking the interviewer whether there’s a Russian equivalent to your blog?”


      Craig has written before that he usually stops reading the comments either at page 1 or near the top of page 2.

      He has also ignored my point from yesterday querying his newly coined enthusiasm for the ‘lock’emup’ solution to political dissenters (apropos his remarks about Geert Wilders)- which I hope he only made in jest.

      If however Craig clarifies that he is serious about his enthusiasm for the incarceration for deviant right wingers, in future on opening his blog and reading on the masthead ‘Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist’ I shall probably subconciously add ‘Closet Authoritarian’ to this list of accomplishments.

  • JOML

    Michael Norton’s post earlier, “It does not matter a shit to me how badly the U.K. does, financially, I want my country back, i do not need scum like Martin / Juncker to let me know how i should live in England.”
    Am I to understand that Michael would support any country who wishes self-determination, or is this the preserve of his England? (I was confused with the initial reference to the UK, as though it was one and the same as England…)

      • music stand

        There was no prior agreement by the voters of Scotland that should our choice in the EU referendum be swamped by the choice of the voters of England then we would meekly accept the result. A multi-nation state that wishes to be democratic and fair cannot tolerate a situation whereby the highly populated member nation decides such matters and two of the smaller nations who voted differently are simply told that their choice is irrelevant since it was a collective choice by the amalgamated electorate of the four nations.

        The Scottish voters who chose to remain in the EU and who formed the majority of voters in Scotland did not sign anything to agree that their choice would be nullified if it was swamped by the choice of English and Welsh voters.

        Saying that the indyref1 result justifies Scotland being taken out the EU against our wishes ignores the fact that the No voters in that previous referendum did not sign anything to say they agreed to Scotland’s democratic choice in the future being overruled by a choice of the people of England.

        The fact that Better Together repeatedly used the argument for the 2 years of the indyref campaign that an independent Scotland would not have EU membership only further shows what a mockery of democracy and justice the UK state is.

        Even if things didn’t turn out fantastically well in independent Scotland it would still be a huge improvement on the corrupt, racist racket that is the UK failed state.

    • michael norton

      If Scotland were to hold a second, a third
      or even a fourth, once in a lifetime referendum on leaving the rest of the United Kingdom
      and the majority wish to go.
      I wish then luck.

    • michael norton

      From the Gatestone Institute, the final court statement of Freedom Party Geert Wilders:

      Mr. President, Members of the Court,

      When I decided to address you here today, by making a final statement in this trial against freedom of speech, many people reacted by telling me it is useless. That you, the court, have already written the sentencing verdict a while ago. That everything indicates that you have already convicted me. And perhaps that is true. Nevertheless, here I am. Because I never give up. And I have a message for you and the Netherlands.

      For centuries, the Netherlands are a symbol of freedom.

      When one says Netherlands, one says freedom. And that is also true, perhaps especially, for those who have a different opinion than the establishment, the opposition. And our most important freedom is freedom of speech.

      We, Dutch, say whatever is close to our hearts. And that is precisely what makes our country great. Freedom of speech is our pride.

      It would seem strange, that in the new Europe, some restrictions have been removed, homosexuals can now marry, porn is everywhere, money is cheap to borrow, how ever freedom of learning real news is reducing, freedom of free talking, freedom of thinking, these are the most fundamental freedoms, yet they are slipping away from us, in Europe, perhaps one of the reasons in the United Kingdom we voted for BREXIT.

  • J

    Hi Craig, I’m hearing a lot of wild rumours about Assange being either dead or delivered over to the Americans. Do you know if he’s okay? Is it possible to for you to find out?

  • Sharp Ears

    It’s Thanksgiving Day of course.

    National Genocide Day – Paul Edwards

    ‘Santayana asserted that those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it, but what can one say of a nation which intentionally subverts that learning? America has worked so hard, so long at deceiving its people with Exceptionalist tripe that in the gross dissonance between Obama’s words and deeds, one sees it no longer distinguishes truth from falsehood.

    Most grimly, sadly, disgracefully, at this moment, with the nation about to celebrate again the vulgar fantasy the idea of “Thanksgiving” evokes, we face the odious fact that the American genocide, in its large outlines, is not over. At Standing Rock, battle-armed, SWAT-rigged police deploy dogs, clubs, guns and water cannon in subzero weather against native people defending their water and life, in the interests of Big Oil and its dirty profits.

    Jefferson said, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.”’

    ‘I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land.”
    — Jon Stewart

  • Sharp Ears

    The chair of the Charity Commission is William Shawcross. He declares a past HJS trusteeship.

    William Shawcross, Chairman

    Current work • Freelance Writer
    Current unpaid work • None
    Recent former paid work • Freelance Writer
    Current trusteeships • None
    Former trusteeships
    • Response
    • Henry Jackson Society
    • Anglo-Israel Association
    • Wiener Library
    Other (current) • None


    • Sharp Ears

      Same old.

      ‘She met Wilbur L. Ross Jr., an investment banker, at a party given by Terry Allen Kramer, a Broadway producer, in 1995, in the months before her first husband, John W. Geary II, died. Mr. Ross, a bankruptcy specialist working for the Rothschild family, was so adept at getting his way that he was known as a troubled company’s “worst nightmare.”

      Mr. Ross had left the Rothschilds for a more lucrative career as an investor in the assets of bankrupt companies. He also had become an influential industrialist. (A billionaire, Mr. Ross now controls one-fifth of the country’s steel production and has interests in textiles and coal. Business columnists and friends sometimes compare his influence to J. P. Morgan’s.’

      NY Times Oct 2004

      ‘As of August 2014, Forbes magazine lists Ross as one of the world’s billionaires with a net worth of $2.9 billion. He is currently being vetted for Secretary of Commerce by the incoming Trump Administration’
      Only age 78!

      • fwl

        Apparently Ross kicked off on CNBC the opposition to Obama’s proposal back in 2009 to provide emergency mortgage help to millions facing foreclosure. Rick Santelli ran with it more sensationally asking who wanted to pay their neighbour’s mortgage and went onto say that there was going to be A Chicago tea party. The rest is history.

        Interesting clips on you tube by Lee Fang about the Koch brothers including an interview with David Koch in which DK says that although there are some extremists in the Tea Party most of them are average folk like me and you. And he is worth circa 40B.

        I haven’t seen Charles Koch interviewed. He seems to be the ultimate yang force whose sees resistance in government and regulation. Sometimes though yang and yin have got to get it together. Maybe that’s happened CK yang machine has married the mother source of all regulation – the government. Maybe I’m being too hippy for some of you.

  • Loony

    Here is an example of the British state in action.

    In example 1 the British state sanctions the arrest under the Terrorism Act of a British couple who tried to send their son in Syria money to purchase new eye glasses


    In example number 2 the British state allows its own benefits system to be used to directly fund terrorists


    No member of the British state is (or will be) arrested under the Terrorism Act – and the media can be absolutely relied upon to never point out the glaring inconsistencies in the application of the law.

    • Itsy

      I took out the word “from” and the colon, from the search box. Just left in “CraigMurrayOrg” – and I got all the tweets from Craig.

      • Squonk

        If you are a follower you will see the profile page. If you are not a follower you won’t. If you click on the profile you see the list of tweets because you are now viewing the profile page but if you don’t click on you don’t see tweets. If you are not logged in to twitter you see nothing. Or that’s what I am seeing anyway. Another example is if I search for Sikunder Burnes I see other people’s tweets mentioning it but not a single one of Craig’s own!

    • Julian Cobbett

      Same for me from Chrome, (mobile) if I use Twitter app get nothing till I click on the title bar… Different behaviour when I use an alternative account name.

      • Squonk

        Strange.If I do that I only get a list of other people who mentioned @CraigMurrayOrg but not tweets from Craig. Other people mentioned on twitter that they are not getting notifications from Crag. Tweets show up to followers but are not searchable currently on twitter desktop version. At least not for me.

      • Squonk

        Oops mixed up the replies to the tweets above.

        Basically it appears that for most people Craig’s tweets are being filtered out of search results. His profile is still visible though. If on a desktop try opening a private window and search for Sikunder Burnes to see what I mean. If some people are seeing results I’m trying to figure out the difference.

  • fwl

    I’ve been ranting away about the Koch brothers. I’ve watched the Charles Koch interview on ABC. You gotta give home some credit. He can talk straight and well. Not a hard kicking interview, but he looks like a man, who could take opposition on. He candidly states that Koch Industries has trippled in size because of crony capitalism, welfare for the wealthy and because he sees two tier America as a society that benefits him not the start up entrepreneur. He sees society as giving him tax breaks because he is wealthy and he sees regulation as not so bad for him as for the start up.

    There is a lot of this talk on the right about a level playing field. The DeVos co used to have all of their sales force as self employed. It can sound romantic. IT contractors and consultants might prefer daily rate to permie status, but there are a lot who are in a zero hours hell. It’s true that regulation makes start up tough. It favours the national or internationals, but what this most reminds me is of the gap between hedgies / quants like Renaissance genius players and spread betting suckers. The suckers are delighted to be allowed into the game, but they nearly all lose. Read Reminiscences of a Stock Operator for an early (20 example with ite margin bucket shops. Should we have EU regulations to protect suckers, or should the sheep be allowed to play with the wolves? The odd sheep will metamorphorsize into a wolf and wolves have to eat. If you don’t let the sheep play with the wolves the sheep get even dumber.

    So that’s how I see what Charles Koch is saying. He says 2 tier America and I heat Wolf and sheep.

    Maybe if asked he would admit. He candidly states his group raised 300m last year and put 50m into politics and was expecting to raise 400m this year and out 200m into politics. He denies backing any republican individual candidates and says only Bernie calls it like it is – a 2 tier society, but he obviously is at opposites to Bernie on what to do about it. He agrees money should come out of politics and the is why he puts it in!

    Basically he wants less politics, less regulation, less tax and ni tax breaks especially for the wealthy, but if they are there he will take them. He says regulation helps him cos it keeps competition out and deregulation hurts him cos it allows competition in.

    Now you don’t have to read Dark Money to learn all the court cases, mercury and pipe leaks environmental pollution cases to figure out your response. To be suspicious you just have to visualise charming wolf in sheep’s clothing welcoming the sheep so they can all compete together. Some but very few sheep are going to be mountain goats and make it. Most will be eaten. Is it romantic or is it survival of the fittest?

    Anyway, he is the smart and formidable one.

  • fwl

    Ok my final post and I shall now shut up until December.

    Some have said that we each have a wolf and a sheep within us and we must learn to keep both alive.

    Happy thanksgiving.

      • michael norton

        You might have garnered the impression that the majority of the British electorate hate the conservative party.
        Also they denegrated Nigel Farage ,
        also The Donald, it is like they are living in an alternative Universe.

        • michael norton

          I f most voters voted the LibDems down, most voters voted for UKIP/LEAVE
          how come the audience of BBC question time wildly clap everything Little Tim Farron says?

          Are we living in an an aleternative universe or is it just the BBC?

          • RobG

            The BBC is an alternate reality that UK citizens have to pay for under threat of imprisonment.

            I know, I’m stating the obvious.

    • J

      Would you care to spell it out for us. We’re obviously too stupid to ‘get it.’ Perhaps the idea of people fulfilling the demands of the ruling ideology, owning stupid shit they neither want nor need is somehow the fault of the poor, when in fact Anon it is your fault. And everyone like you. Do the world a favour and educate yourself.

  • Sharp Ears

    Amber Rudd wants to keep this under wraps. Why?

    ‘Russian whistleblower inquest: Government wins secrecy ruling
    23 November 2016

    The inquest will look at whether Alexander Perepilichnyy died of natural causes or was unlawfully killed

    Sensitive material will not be disclosed at an inquest into the death of a Russian whistleblower after the home secretary won a High Court order.

    Amber Rudd argued revealing secret documents at the inquest in Surrey would damage public interest.

    The inquest will have to decide whether Alexander Perepilichnyy died of natural causes or was unlawfully killed.

    He collapsed outside his Weybridge home in 2012. Traces of a chemical linked to plant poison were found in his stomach.

    Claims have been made at pre-inquest hearings that he could have been deliberately killed for helping to uncover a major fraud.

    The claims have come from financial firms Hermitage Capital Management and Legal & General. ‘


    The inquest opened in 2014, but has been hit by a series of delays.

    There have been 12 pre-inquest reviews and about 5,000 pages of documents gathered.

    One hearing heard Mr Perepilichny’s death had parallels with the murder of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.

    A full hearing is expected to take place in March.


  • Sharp Ears

    Just some of today’s headlines are listed below. What is wrong with this country.

    Metropolitan Police sex abuse case ‘failings put children at risk’

    Football sex abuse claims: Two more ex-players speak out

    Football sex abuse: ‘Hundreds may have suffered’, says Paul Stewart

    Abuse inquiry handled assault claim badly, say MPs

    Former child abuse inquiry chief ‘disgraceful’

    What is wrong with this country? Promises were made to the victims that they would receive justice. It has not happened so far and there is no sign that it will ever be given. Why?

    The Shirley Oaks survivors have left the IICSA inquiry.

    ‘The Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) has pulled out out of the Home Office’s independent inquiry into historical sexual abuse.

    SOSA, which represents more than 600 victims of sexual abuse – the largest group involved in the inquiry – said it had lost confidence in the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), which has been beset by multiple resignations since it was set up in 2014.

    In its preliminary evidence to the inquiry, the group said more than 600 children had suffered abuse “on an industrial scale” at the former children’s home in Shirley Oaks, which was then run by Lambeth Council.

    Prime Minister Theresa May said earlier this week that she had absolute confidence in the IICSA’s leadership, after its FOURTH chair Professor Alexis Jay – a former social worker – was announced.’


    • Sharp Ears

      ‘No child shall be harmed’ is my maxim.

      Yet –

      ‘Inspectors found 277 of 384 child sexual abuse cases had been poorly handled by the force

      Children in London are being put at risk because of “serious failings” in the way the Met Police deals with child sexual abuse, inspectors have found.

      HM Inspectorate of Constabulary found 75% of cases were dealt with “inadequately” or needing improvement.

      It said there was an “indefensible” lack of leadership in child protection, with no single officer in charge.

      The Met apologised for any failures but London’s mayor described the situation as “unacceptable”.

      The force’s assistant commissioner Martin Hewitt said the safety of youngsters was a priority but added that child protection “often involves complex social problems which cannot be solved by police alone”.



      Sadiq Khan is setting up an inquiry. So that’s OK then.

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