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11 thoughts on “Brown Plan For Youth Unemployment

  • Abe Rene

    First rule to kneeling interns: you may look but not touch, or they are authorised to kick you where it hurts.

  • Jason

    They told me that this was an opportunity that could really open doors for me, not that I would really be opening doors for others.


  • Jason

    Who knows? I’m preparing for the National Security elections of 2015, where the leadership debate is three silhouettes voiced by actors.

  • Pietr Mendelshon

    Yes, yes. We don’t mind a little bit of fun.

    But don’t forget we’re watching you all the time, recording what you say, and more importantly what you don’t say.

    And we know where you live.

  • Tom Welsh

    If that isn’t a Private Eye cover, I don’t know what is. How many speech bubbles could YOU think of to go with it???

  • Suhayl Saadi

    It’s like a scene from ‘The Office. The hilarity resides in the banality.

    These lads – the doorposts – will go far.

    “What d’you mean, I’m a doormat? I’m not a Doormat, that’s a different (temporary) job, one for very flat people. I am what is known as a Door Operative Conduit Facilitator. Full time. On a permanent contract. With 42 days paid holiday annually and biannual 360 degree appraisal. There are superb career prospects and many, many shiny shoes in which I can gaze at my visage and wonder what might have been if only… if only I’d been a shoemaker in Taiwan.”

  • Suhayl Saadi

    These are fire-doors; you’re not allowed to wedge them open in case there is a fire. And unlike Keats, PM’s PA’s are not allowed to either push or pull doors – there is a 0.000000000001% risk that they might develop Work-related Upper Limb Disorder – and so, in the wondrous C21st, two elegantly-dressed wallies have to go down on their hands-and-knees, doff their caps and do their bit for Queen and Country.

  • Apostate

    We need a caption competition on this one.

    I think the picture is emblematic of what Labour through its long history has done for the workers-brought them to their knees!

    These two obsequious grovellers probably got all their GCSEs,A level and degrees with top grades.

    They also got taken for a ride!


    Along with the episode where Gordon met the Elvis impersonator in Corby the picture really will serve forever more as Labour’s epitaph.

    When they rig the results on 6th May they’ll make it look like Labour’s vote held up.In reality it will have collapsed.

    No small wonder.Voting for National Insurance and income tax rises is like turkeys voting for Xmas!

    Mind you it’s impossible to underestimate the political acumen of the British public.

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