Good Riddance to Tristram Hunt 238

Super-posh Tristram Hunt was famously imposed on his Stoke on Trent constituency – with which his only connection is inheriting a lot of fine porcelain – by the Labour National Executive Committee as a “Mandelson ask”. A number of good local candidates were blocked from standing. A scion of Progress, he was the epitome of the decline of the UK political system into a choice between two groups of Tory, with the New Labour Tories being more right wing than the Conservative Tories.

Hunt always did have a sentimental attachment to supporters of political change, and he wrote about them. He liked them as long as they were Victorian and safely dead, plus with some additional attribute. They had to be literary like Thomas Carlyle, or arty crafty like William Morris, or very rich like Friedrich Engels. Hunt sent himself up as a kind of sanitised E P Thompson, writing romantically laced histories of pioneers of Victorian social progress, only leaving out the oiks of whom he found Thompson unaccountably fond.

Now he has resigned from parliament and will be paid £160,000 a year to potter round the Victoria and Albert looking at arty crafty things. I very much doubt we will see him much at the V&A’s new ghetto in Dundee.

Parliament is well-rid of him. A third rate posh historian and a fourth rate right wing politican.

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  • Sharp Ears

    In another museum

    Art Installation: Paris Museum re-creates Assange’s room at Ecuador Embassy
    Visitors to a new exhibition in Paris can check out Julian Assange’s room at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

    JULIAN Assange is unable to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but visitors to a Paris museum are now able to see where he is living in London thanks to a new exhibition called “Whistleblower” in the Gaité Lyrique, from January 11 to 29.

    The artwork was produced by a Swiss art collective called Mediengruppe Bitnik, who reproduced Assange’s room at the Ecuadorian Embassy down to the finest detail. A treadmill, a dozen cell phones, several cups of tea, a copy of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” the signature mask of the Anonymous group and dozens of folders with titles ranging from “Intelligence Iraq” to “Banking Blockade,” are some of the items in the room.

    The aim of the exhibition is to enable visitors “to feel the contrast between the strict supervision within the walls of the Embassy, and the 20 square meters where the activities of WikiLeaks continue to be felt,” the exhibition’s curator Marie Lechner explained.

    Rather than make “heroes” of whistleblowers, the artists want visitors to question what we think about “the reasons they exist in our society,” and about their important role in disclosing methods of control or manipulation of data. The Swiss art collective were able to reproduce the room thanks to their 2013 project “Delivery for Mr Assange,” in which they posted a parcel addressed to Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.’

    • Alcyone

      Excellent, lateral initiative.

      You also have earned your keep for the day.

      (I’m feeling ill and magnanimous today.)

    • Habbabkuk

      “JULIAN Assange is unable to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London,>>)

      Quite untrue, I’m afraid.

      Mr Assange is able to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy whenever he chooses to do so.

      And should do so forthwith – it is time he stopped sponging on Ecuador, a relatively poor country, after all and face the music for having broken the conditions of his bail.

  • Becky Cohen

    The way things are going perhaps one of his first acquisitions as museum curator will be the rest of the Labour Party;)

    • Shatnersrug

      It’s funny though isn’t it? The worst of the labour part are the younger ones! The older lot are quite egalitarian

    • bevin

      You agree but for different reasons: the Guardian would sooner than anyone win than a Labour candidate approved by the party’s leadership. The Guardian is deliberately sabotaging the Labour Party in any way that it can.
      They are doing so because they fear a socialist party policy which will make continued membership of the anti-democratic, neo-liberal, austerity mongering, imperialist puppet EU impossible. This worries them in a way that the demagogues at UKIP, most of whom just ‘wannabe’ Americans, do not. If the EU survives in Britain the ‘shoyhoys’ in UKIP will be a large part of the reason why.

      • giyane

        Where the political game is so coded as to become comprehensible to ordinary minds, Sham actors. scare crows, shoyhoys, will appear more real politically than the real politicians who playing ultra devious games.

        I often ask myself the question how a Christian nation, every home having a Bible which was frequently read and lectured upon, could have run such a shameful scam as the African Slave Trade. This is the classic example of a nation not condoning the crimes of its political class, but being lied to by those who benefitted from the abuse in the most extreme fashion.

        The crimes were later disguised by Darwin who speculated under the cover of academia that white people were superior to others , who were closer to apes in the evolutionary chain.

        I am ashamed to say that we are in such terrible times today. Unspeakable state crimes, including extraordinary rendition, brainwashing, carpet bombing, proxy war by terrorists, have all been unleashed on innocent civilian Muslim populations by Western governments. The MSM weeping crocodile tears that all this proves that Muslims are sub humans.

        UKIP are the shoy hoys, scarecrows, because in the lack of proof of these state crimes, the public demand answers as to why so many people are so desperate to leave their homes for a better life in the UK. Our terrorist mafia politicians are not going to provide them with the answers. UKIP point the blame at the refugees from our government’s state terrorism.

        Those politicians who refuse to go along with state terror like Jo Cox are assassinated by agents of the state terror system. We live in very dark times, but blogs like this allow a tiny chink of reality to see the light of day. Thanks Craig.

        as happened historically at the time of the Caribbean slave trade, and is happening now in the Middle East

        • bevin

          Maybe Michael can understand that, the reference to Twopenny Trash is worth following. The author was everything that UKIP are not but pretend to be.

    • Old Mark


      I stayed in the vicinity c1980- it has changed a fair bit since then (I get reports from a friend who has family connections there). It was virtually 100% white working class back then, and there were working coalmines in the surrounding area. Of the ‘five towns’ Hanley was always a bit posher, and a small cohort of Keele Uni academics who preferred urban living to a rural idyll in outlying villages gave that town a slightly bohemian feel. Immigrants (apart from the occasional foreign academic) were virtually non existent across the whole conurbation- that was a fact distinguishing greater Stoke from the west Midlands, Nottingham, and Leicester, all of which had seen the impact of immigration from the commonwealth in the 60s & 70s. Now if anything the immigrant descended population (mainly Bangladeshi in origin) is higher in the Stoke area than in Nottingham.

      The closure of the pits and the offshoring of much of the potteries industry have hit the place really hard. Tristram Hunt and twenty first century Stoke were always an odd couple, to put it mildly.

    • michael norton

      President elect The Scottish Donald has been interviewd for the Times by none other than the knifer Gove.
      The Donald told the knifer that under OBOMBA the U.K. was going to be at the back of the line.
      However The Donald has told Gove, we will be much nearer the front.

      • giyane

        That’s what Pharaoh told his magicians when they prepared their magic to compete with Moses’ rod. You will be closest to power. He ended up at the bottom of the dead sea, and the magicians ended up repenting for their sins and hopefully being admitted to heaven.

        I suspect we will be wishing for Obama when Trump starts. Is he going to drain the neo-con swamp when he himself is a leech from that corrupt environment?

  • John Goss

    If you live in Stoke-on-Trent and I come knocking on your door it is because I believe there is a better way. I shall of course be supporting Jeremy Corbyn and whoever is standing on behalf of the Labour Party. Please welcome my views because I believe we have reached a stage where it is almost impossible to tell what is real and what is fiction. This review is my evaluation of La La Land (aka Tinseltown) a new film ‘starring’ Emma Stone.

  • Dave

    The problem is some people are paralysed by the word “racist” and its difficult to see Labour progress unless it can deal with this problem, because no one will listen to anything Labour say, if they lose all credibility by saying “immigration is too low”, in fear or belief that its racist to close the door.

    • michael norton

      Dave, I think you have hit one of the LARGE IMPEDIMENTS
      to Old Labour re-gaining a Parliamentary working majority.
      They still do not get it.
      1) The working class a fed up with being swamped by immigrants.
      This is one of the reasons they are flocking to UKIP.

      I believe that The Scottish Tony Blair and the Scottish Gordon Brown, actively sought massive immigration
      because they thought the grateful immigrants would vote New Labour on block.
      You reap what you sow.
      2) Another reason the voters are pissed off with Labour, is the de-industrialization of the United Kingdom.
      3) Another reason is the outsourcing of jobs.
      4) Four New Labour Wars.
      5) Lies such as weapons of mass destruction.
      6) ever tighter integration into the hated E.U.

    • Dave Lawton

      You can get accused of being racist these days by performing ancient English customs.

      “The celebration used to be mainly for apple trees but in Long Itchington plums were the focus of the ceremonies.
      The Warwick based dancers dressed in old fashioned costumes and painted their faces black.The black make up is a tradition which goes back to the days when rural labourers didn’t want their land owning bosses to recognise them and punish them for drinking, dancing and having a good time.The group is named for a plum cider made from the Warwickshire drooper plum.”

      • Old Mark

        Dave L

        One of the reasons for Wilders’ increased support in the Netherlands is the insolent criticism by recent immigrants, acting as if they own the place, of the centuries old Swart Piet tradition- the ‘helper’ to St Niklaas who is traditionally played in blackface.

  • Joshua Alby

    I have always thought he was a Tory spy,just like Harriet Hardwoman,cousin of The Queen,David Cameron and Boris Johnson ( BoJo of The FO )

  • michael norton

    The autopsy performed on Monday in Grenoble on the body of Geoffrey Bellir made its findings. The young soldier of the 93rd RAM of Varces died with a single blow of knife carried in full heart.

    The deadly brawl was held Saturday night near the station of Chambéry. The suspected murderer, a homeless person, is still being sought by the police. If the direct witness of the altercation, a friend of the victim, explained to have separated a first time the two men, the circumstances and especially the reason for the fight are still unknown. A priori, the two men did not know each other. It is possible that alcohol, present among the protagonists, has aggravated the situation.

    The announcement of the death of the young 24-year-old Chambérien created a deep emotion among his friends of the capoeira or dance of the MJC. The latter think to organize a march in remembrance of “Piment”, its nickname in the association.

    What complete rubbish.

    A mountain soldier, who has served in the desert, killing Jihadists, is brought back to Chambery to hunt for Jihadists, in his home city, the city that Francois Hollande was in on the same day that the most wanted Jihadist in Europe is waltzing through Chambery, has his ribs broken and is stabbed to death by a homeless man, and killed.
    They are unable to find the homeless man.
    Pathetic nonsense.

  • michael norton

    Ukip plot crush Old Labour BEGINS as leader Paul Nuttall launches MP bid in ‘Brexit CAPITAL’

    UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has confirmed he will stand in the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election vowing to support the “Brexit capital” in a bid to seat the seat away from Old Labour. The vote is being helf following the rsignation of departing Labour MP Tristram Hunt, and is to take place on 23 February.

    It should be easy Paul.

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