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Contrary to mainstream media fake news, Julian Assange has never been charged with any sexual offence. His status was that he was wanted for questioning. But the questioning by Swedish police and prosecutors took place exactly two months ago in the Ecuadorean Embassy, at length over several days. So he is no longer wanted for questioning, yet is still not charged. The pretence there is any kind of genuine criminal investigation in progress, already transparently thin, is now in shreds.

The Swedish police and prosecutors have had over six years to gather and assess all the evidence. The only missing piece was the further interrogation of Assange, which happened in November. After six years of preparing the jigsaw, they have had two months to slot the last piece into place. Policemen are used to having to prepare a case for charging within days, not months. What is more, the remaining charge (the minor ones having time expired) is a single, extremely simple incident in which there is nothing else left to investigate.

I think we are entitled to conclude that the Swedish prosecutor is behaving in a disgraceful manner.

These are the facts of the incident in question. It is undisputed by anyone that Julian Assange and Sofia Wilen went to bed in Sofia Wilen’s bed and had enjoyable, consensual sex on multiple occasions. What is in dispute is whether, when one of these sex acts commenced, Sofia Wilen was awake, asleep or, as she tweeted to a friend, half-asleep, and therefore whether she was in a position to consent to sex on that occasion.

The statement Julian Assange gave to prosecutors two months ago states:

91. This is false. I was certain “SW” was not asleep. I was also certain she expressly consented to unprotected sex before such intercourse started. This is also evidenced by “SW”’s own text messages. For example, my lawyers refer me to the following text message to her friend:
— 17 August, 08:42 am: JA did not want to use a condom.
92. Then a day later she explicitly texts her friend that she had not, in fact, been asleep.
— 18 August, 06:59 am: I was half asleep.

You can read the full text of Assange’s statement here.

Sofia Wilen did not view what had happened to her as rape and was to text on 20 August 2010 at 14.26 that she “did not want to put any charges on Julian Assange” but that “the police were keen on getting their hands on him” (14:26) and at 22:25 that it was “the police who made up the charges”.

Unsurprisingly on 25 August 2010 the Chief Prosecutor of Stockholm Eva Finne announced that “The conduct alleged disclosed no crime at all and that file (K246314-10) would be closed”.

In Sweden’s extraordinary justice system, a second prosecutor then took up the case, crusading third wave feminist Marianne Ny. For six years, Ny has milked all the political capital possible out of the case while refusing actually to question Assange to move it forward. After the Swedish Supreme Court ordered her to get on with the questioning, she now stands at the Rubicon where she has had more than enough time to try to build credible charges from the situation outlined above, yet plainly no credible prosecution is possible.

The senior international lawyers of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention concluded with good reason that Assange was being illegally detained – and further rejected the appeal by the UK – because there is no real case and no real investigation in progress against Assange. But the mainstream media will never give you any of the flavour or facts outlined above, being interested in nothing but character assassination of Assange who is perceived as a threat to the neo-liberal world order.

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177 thoughts on “Julian Assange Not Charged With Anything

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  • Johnstone

    This anti feminist thread has nothing to do with the real issue of attempted entrapment. Was Assange entrapped or not? The story of what happened in the lead up to the events being discussed here and the background to the accusers is the key to this case and any discussion of ‘sexual ethics’ (in Sweden) and what constitutes rape is pointless. If the woman or women were indeed attempting to entrap Assange then the she/they were partially successful and probably got paid and if they were not attempting to entrap him then the issues of sexual ethics would apply. IMO the assumptions made in this piece mirror those of the Swedish prosecutors and therefore its meaningless.

  • writerman

    What I find interesting is that the two women involved didn’t go to the police and claim that Assange raped them, and one would imagine they would know if they’ed been raped or not. That wasn’t there understanding of what happened between them and Assange. Surely that has to carry some weight, after all they were there.

    Sweden’s ‘rape’ laws and definitions of what constitutes ‘rape’ or sexual assault, of sexual molestation, or sexual harrasment, or sexual misconduct, are incredibly complex, subtle and have been re-defined and broaded over recent years, in order to shift the balance of probability and proof in favour of the female victim. Basically to make it easier to convict more men of sex crimes. This is because, and this is very complex too, Sweden was a country with thousands of sexual attacks or crimes, lots of victims and very few convictions. Sweden the ‘rape capital of the world’? It’s too complex to go into here, but one can challenge the statistical material these assertions are based on, but let’s just accept them as accurate.

    In Sweden lawyers the police and other professionals involved in this area ‘joke’ that things are so complicated and difficult to understand, even for lawyers, that only lawyers and the courts ‘know’ when someone has been raped or sexually molested in some way, ordinary people haven’t got a chance. None of this is funny of course, but it does underline how fiendishly complex the laws and attitudes surrounding this whole area are.

    • michael norton

      Almost certainly J.A. was entrapped.
      This was done to shut him up because of his outflowings of information the American Elite found distasteful.
      The real questions
      should be, which group of persons put these women up to the entrapment.
      Who is behind the present evil Swedish prosecutor.
      Why is Frau Theresa May allowing the United Kingdom to be used as an expensive jailer for J.A.

    • Johnstone

      thanks, your particular perspective here has been helpful and enlightening but if the real issue, which is political and ideological, becomes overlooked because of side issues, that make for good ‘blogging’ material, then we are all wasting our time reading and contributing. IMHO the same applies to the issue of 9/11. Every event post 9/11 needs to be viewed though prism of what happened on that day, even if what really happened and who was responsible may never be known for certain (or at least shown to be a universal truth). When the official narrative is taken as a given because its the ‘official’ narrative then nothing that has happened since that date can be properly understood, nor meanfully discussed.

  • Henry Visconti

    It was clear from the outset that Assange’s only crime was “having red-faced the U.S.” my friend stood guarantee bail for Julian and although he had businesses and properties in the U.S. he faced having his visa removed and a ban to enter. Luckily he was able, with the help of another nation to sidestep such an occurrence, however, this was of no help to Julian Assange who is, de facto, in a state of imprisonment. A collusion/illusion created by the U.K. Sweden and the U.S. As anything published on the W.W.W. the minute it is out there it is in the public domain, therefore, it would be impossible to charge a person with any crime unless it were possible to pinpoint the original postee. The distributor cannot be held responsible. So, bearing this in mind, what is the crime that the U.S. wishes to charge Julian Assange with? He is not a U.S. citizen, that rules out treason, any diffusion of “sensitive material” does not benefit one Country to the detriment of another, so that’s spying off the list. The request by the U.S. for his extradition has no formal charges contained in its brief. I don’t see the problem. I think he should be made ambassador to the U.N. given a Diplomatic passport and the U.S. should be issued against for malicious judicial harassement along with its cohorts.

  • michael norton

    FRANCE goes bonkers
    It sounds far-fetched at best: holding a Mideast peace conference without Israelis, Palestinians or the incoming U.S. government.

    But the French organizers say that’s the whole point. They want Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to see that most of the world wants a two-state solution and is fed up with decades of conflict.

    With chances for a Mideast peace deal lower than in years – perhaps a generation – French President Francois Hollande figures there’s nothing to lose.

    French diplomats fear that Trump will unleash new tensions in the region by condoning settlements on land claimed by the Palestinians and potentially moving the U.S. Embassy to contested Jerusalem.

    So more than 70 foreign ministers and other top envoys are gathering Sunday in Paris to urge the establishment of a Palestinian state.

    Hollande is yesterdays President.
    They can’t stop interfering in the Middle East.

  • michael norton

    US Secretary of State John Kerry will attend a Middle East peace conference in Paris on Sunday, in a move likely to dismay an already angry Israel.

    What a waste of breath

  • Linda

    He didn’t do anything wrong, to anyone. The woman obviously wanted sex with Assange numerous times, as in her quotes.
    She even said that in Sweden it’s normal to talk to a cop about sex, and not wearing a condom, as in the states obviously, it’s not normal to talk to cops about your sex life.

  • michael norton

    State of Emergency – forever
    More than 800 police recruits have been welcomed to their new jobs in France, as part of efforts to boost security after recent terrorist attacks.

    The officers are part of an intake of 4,600 recruited last year.

    The government says over the past five years police recruitment has increased tenfold.

    Also, an increasing number of people are showing interest in joining France’s security forces.

    The army says following attacks in 2015 it has been receiving 1500 applications a day, compared to 500 a day before the attacks.

    So with The State of Emergency and all these extra police officers, how come Anis Amri, the Berlin Truck Attacker was able to amble round France, for days?

    • Juan M. Gonzalez

      That is, according to the US government, there is no need for Assange’s extradition.

      • michael norton

        When is the Swede prosecutor going to come to a “final” choice,
        drop it or keep going until Julian is behind bars in solitary in the land of the Swedes.
        If they do get him back in Sweden, they can’t let him communicate with others , because he knows the dirt on them.

    • Alcyone

      Assange is moving the pieces on the chess board that he can, even while he’s in the centre of a stalemate. Its not checkmate time, yet.

  • Juan M. Gonzalez

    The stunning fact is that Julian Assange is no more no less than a persecuted journalist, awarded the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, and the Walkley Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism, among many other awards.

    Chelsea Manning first contacted The Washington Post and The New York Times, but they were not insterested. Then decided to publish the Iraq and Afghan War logs through Assange’s WikiLeaks. And the rest is history.

    As Assange said, Woodward and Bernstein, the Washington Post’s journalists for the Watergate case, who were in contact with whistleblower Deep Throat in the 1970s, would have been prosecuted today.

    After all these years, it seems Assange is not yet charged in Sweden. However, in the US…

    The government against a journalist, Julian Assange. Unbelievable:

  • michael norton

    Julian Assange, still not charged with any crime?
    Three men have been arrested in Uppsala, Sweden over suspicions of gang rape. Local media report police were alerted after being tipped off that the crime was being streamed on Facebook.

    The crime allegedly took place early Sunday morning, with the police reportedly receiving a tip-off around 9:00am.

    Aftonbladet daily spoke to some of the members of the closed Facebook group in which the “aggravated rape” was reportedly broadcast live. Witnesses said the girl being gang-raped was close to unconscious at the time.
    One of them, Lovisa, 22, says she came upon the page by accident while chatting online. What she saw shocked her, she said.

    “Two guys pushing down a girl on the bed… I first thought it was a poorly-orchestrated joke. But it was not.”

    According to Lovisa, there were 200 people watching the video at one point, before the police suddenly arrived on the scene and the video stopped, followed by sounds of commotion in the room. The police questioned the men before taking them to the station, she said.

    “It’s screwed, totally sick,” another member of the closed group told Expressen. “How can you do such a thing to a girl? And how can you do it live…?”
    It was not immediately clear how these members had received an invitation to the closed group.

    The apartment is being examined by forensics specialists and the crime scene is closed off. Police spokesman Ivan Aslund told Aftonbladet the police will maintain “full confidentiality” at this time, declining to confirm anything further than the arrest over gang-rape suspicions.

    Probably just as well Julian is still in the embassy in london
    he can’t be blamed for this one.

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