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I am very proud to say that the trailer is now ready for Nadira’s debut short film, Locked In. It is a searing exposure of the harshness of immigration detention and the injustice of the fast track system. Locking up asylum seekers in the UK, who have suffered torture and abuse in detention in their own countries, is an appalling practice.

Nadira both wrote and produced the film and directed the post-production. The story is based on a number of true incidents including cases in which I was personally involved. Nadira’s research included interviews with asylum seekers, NGO’s, lawyers, journalists and policemen. The film highlights the work of Medical Justice (recently renamed Freedom from Torture), and organisation for which I have explained before I have the highest regard.

The film is being offered to festivals at the moment and will eventually be released online. The film’s website is here. Nadira has made a serious career change into film, and is now writing her first feature and considering a number of offers to direct.

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265 thoughts on “Locked In

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  • Republicofscotland

    Well not one comment from anyone in here, on Gina Miller holding the Tory government to account, over its insidious attempts to force through Brexit under some ancient obscure royal perogative.

    In any other democratic nation Miss Miller would be hailed as a national hero, for standing up to the machinations of this sly elusive government. But not here in the imperial superior minded isolationist Britain, well England and Wales anyway.

    No Miss Miller instead of gratitude for holding the government to account, she has received all manner of threats from beheading to murder to rape. She’s been called a traitor and lambasted by the right wing press.

    I say bravo! Gina Miller, you deserve better.

    • lysias

      Washington Post: Will Marine Le Pen’s changed tone be enough to win over France?:

      Marine Le Pen has taken the lead in the latest poll of French presidential candidates, confirming that she and her right-wing National Front are no longer outsiders. A survey for Le Monde and a unit of Sciences Po showed Le Pen pulling ahead of center-right candidate Francois Fillon in the first round of presidential elections scheduled for April 23. The survey of nearly 16,000 likely voters put her chance of winning at 25 percent to 26 percent vs. 23 percent to 25 percent for Fillon.

      Marine Le Pen at Trump Tower: Only for the food?. Actually, the photos showed her and her three companions only having coffee, not food.

      I heard her interviewed on BBC a few weeks ago. She sounded quite sensible to me.

  • Sharp Ears

    There was a 3 hour long debate on PRISONS today in the HoC. Richard Burgon opened. He is Shadow Justice Secretary and Shadow Lord Chancellor, Truss’s opposite number.

    Throughout, he was jeered at and interrupted by the Tories. Some even thought the problems he was outlining were a laughing matter.

    He raised the subject of prisoners’ suicides which I referred to yesterday on here, in particular that of Dean Saunders.


    A sad and sorry state of affairs yet we have the nerve to criticize the penal systems of other countries.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well it didn’t take long, as Trump carries out drone strikes in Yemen, supposedly attacking al-Qaeda, and we all know who backs them, so it’s more than likely that Trump bombed targets designated by Saudi Arabia, in their neferious quest to control Yemen.

    Trump has also bombed Syria and Iraq, using a similar BS motive.


  • Republicofscotland

    Staying on Trump for a moment, I thought Trump’s exaggerated rhetoric of “building a wall” on the border to stop Mexicans entering the USA was mere populist sabre rattling.

    To my horror it appears Trump is intent on pushing the wall through, not only that, but, Trump also appears be trying to prevent Syrian refugees and Muslims from entering the US.


  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile US Republican senators are pushing to reinstate sanctions against Iran, I’m sure most of us will know at whose behest these senators act for.

    A recent documentary on the BBC (I’m surprise too) showed that the Stuxnet virus was (probably) created by the US, Britian and Israel to sabotage the Iranian nuclear programme.

    The documentary then proceed to suggest that Israel enhanced the virus, allowing it to mutate and infect the web all over the world. It was hoped the mutation would do severe damage to the Iranian nuclear programme, it did but it also did severe damage across the globe, needless to say the US and Britain were pretty peeved at Israel.

    However Iran’s nuclear programme, was said to have been set back a decade, due to the impact of the Stuxnet virus.

    • lysias

      Stuxnet may have resulted in some short-term advantage, but it opened Pandora’s box. Now every nation feels entitled to engage in cyberwarfare.

      It was as foolish as it would have been for Britain to build a lot of submarines in the years before World War One, something Britain had the sense not to do. As a result, Germany entered the war with very few serviceable submarines, and it took many months for Germany to realize that its surface ships were militarily useless and that it had better massively ramp up its submarine production.

      Stuxnet was an incredibly foolish step for a country that depends as much on the Internet as the U.S. does, much more than its potential adversaries.

      • Habbabkuk

        “Stuxnet may have resulted in some short-term advantage, but it opened Pandora’s box. Now every nation feels entitled to engage in cyberwarfare.”

        The above gives the impression that cyber-warfare did not exist before Stuxnet. That impression is of course false.


        For those interested in a more accurate and more nuanced account of WW1 submarine warfare, I would recommend :


    • Habbabkuk

      “Meanwhile US Republican senators are pushing to reinstate sanctions against Iran, I’m sure most of us will know at whose behest these senators act for.”

      Well, I don’t, so tell me.


      “However Iran’s nuclear programme, was said to have been set back a decade, due to the impact of the Stuxnet virus”


      Was that a bad thing? If you think so, would you like to tell readers why?

  • RobG

    Sarah Harrison has been MIA since last September, and now this interview with her has surfaced, from a German broadcaster, apparently done last week…


    It’s a 20 minute interview, and the voice does sound like Harrison, yet the syntax does not sound like her. There’s some things to note here: 1) at the start she continuously runs through the Snowden story, which most listeners will already be familiar with, 2) Harrison talks about Chelsea Manning, and blusters that Assange would willingly be extradited to the US (Assange would never be willingly extradited to the USA), 3) Harrison makes no references whatsoever to Assange’s internet connection being cut-off last October, and all the weird events that surrounded it, 4) Harrison says nothing about why she’s been MIA since then.

    3) and 4) are big questions that the still conscious are asking, so why didn’t Harrison address them?

  • indyref 2 indyref free

    Penelope Fillon is alleged to have received 500 000 euros of French public money for doing nothing much.

    Penelope Fillon is from Wales.

    The French name for Wales is Payes de Galles.

    And Monsieur Fillon it is claimed had decided to Pay de Gal’s allowance out of ….

    I’ll get me coat.

    • RobG

      “Payes de Galles”, the land of Gauls (Wales). Don’t you just love the French language!

      One of my favourites is “le coucher du soleil”, which is the term for sunset, and literally means that the sun lays down to rest.

      I’m sure that Daily Telegraph readers will love all this (even though about 50% of the words they are reading originate from new and old French).

      • glenn

        I’ve found an awful lot of French people have no idea what or where “Payes de Galles” might be… is this the peculiar French amusement at work, whereby they feign bafflement at anything spoken in French if it’s not spoken in the perfect accent of a local? Or is it a more rare phrase than we might have thought?

        Perhaps you explain why they do this, Rob. Every other country I’ve visited (*) has been delighted that some effort is being made to speak their language. France is the only country I know where they pretend they do not understand you, even though you might be speaking French better than they speak it themselves.

        * For Habbakuk, because he’s under the curious impression I’ve never been anywhere outside south Wales, and ought to be mocked for this alt-“fact” of his.

        • Habbabkuk

          “* For Habbakuk, because he’s under the curious impression I’ve never been anywhere outside south Wales,”

          Waddya talkin’ about, Glenn? I distinctly remember once asking you how your European holiday had gone and you replying.

          By the way, to various posters but especially to Indyref2, who kicked off this mini-diversion, it’s the “pays de Galles”and not “payes de Galles”.

          Surprised that neither RobG ( who has lived in France for years) nor “Lysias” (who once presumed to correct my French, LOL) picked up on the mis-spelling.

          • RobG

            It can be spelt either way, depending on the context, although “pays de Galles” is usually most appropriate.

  • Sharp Ears

    Back on topic. Locked up/locked in……

    ‘Prison suicides rise to record level
    3 minutes ago

    A record number of people killed themselves in prisons in England and Wales in 2016, figures show.

    The Ministry of Justice says there were 119 self-inflicted deaths – 29 more than the previous year and the highest number since records began in 1978.

    It also reported a record high of 37,784 self-harm incidents and 25,049 assault incidents.

    The overall number of deaths in custody also reached a record at 354, up by about one-third on the previous year.’


    Is there any concern? Or any plan to improve the prison staffing and management of the UK penal system?

    Or any concern about the decline in children’s health in the UK? This report is a shocking indictment of what is happening now in THIS country, not in France or Germany or the US.

    ‘Child health in UK ‘lagging behind’ among deprived families

    Child health in the UK is lagging behind that of most other European countries, a major report has said.

    It raises particular concerns over rates of obesity, mental health issues and mortality among the young.

    The in-depth report, from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, emphasised that poverty was at the root of many child health problems.

    The report looked at 25 health indicators, including asthma, diabetes and epilepsy, as well as obesity, breastfeeding and mortality, to provide a snapshot of children’s health and wellbeing.

    It says there had been huge improvements in child health in the UK in the past 100 years, but since the mid-1990s “there has been a slowing of progress”.

    This has left the UK falling behind other European nations in a number of league tables.’


    • Habbabkuk

      Was the topic prison suicides?

      Commenters should not try to impose THEIR own particular topic as THE topic of the blog.

      • Sharp Ears

        The heading of the topic was ‘Locked In’ as you well know and about detention which takes In HM Prisons.

        Stop the diversions.

        • Habbabkuk

          Craig’s topic was Nadira’s film about the ” searing exposure of the harshness of immigration detention and the injustice of the fast track system”.

          Not what your post was about : prison suicides and the seemingly unrelated topic of” the decline in children’s health in the UK”.

          Stop high-jacking Craig’s blog.

          • Sharp Ears

            And how many of those detained commit suicide? Please tell us.

            Plesse stop hijacking Craig’s blog yourself. I post infrequently here as compared to your good self.

            Couldn’t you find a more useful purpose in your life then hanging around here making derogatory comments on the posters.

  • michael norton

    As there presently seem to be a couple of Extreme Right wing /slightly right wing candidates, they could split the vote and allow the Scialists to keep the Presidency in France.
    However, one is the “I am staying in the E.U. come what may”
    the other is the ” I am inclined to ditch the Euro, ditch the Schengen Area Agreement, seal French borders and do deals with the United Kingdom, Russia and the U.S.A. and possibly go for a Frexit”

    When Fillon is forced to drop out, there is a better than even chance, his votes will go to Marine, even if only 60% of the voters swap from Fillon to Le Pen
    that might give her = 40 – 50 percent of the votes.

    • Habbabkuk

      How many times, NORTON, must you be told that M Fillon is not “extreme right” but merely “centre right”?

      You’re like a fucking gramophone with a stuck needle!

      • Anon1

        To be fair, everything right of centre is nowadays described as “extreme right”. Norton is just repeating what he has heard in the media.

        • michael norton

          That’s correct Anon1
          I only say what I have read a few minutes before in the Daily Express, I have no attention span and no views of my own
          I am a useful idiot.

          There were over fourteen million idiots who voted Brexit.
          And millions more who voted in The Scottish Donald.
          Millions will vote for Marine Le Pen, all idiots.
          All these idiots are sick of the way the world has been run since the end of the Second World war.
          These millions of idiots want a break with the past.

  • fred

    Health of children in Scotland ‘among worst in Europe’.


    What are the SNP doing about it? Posturing over Brexit, threatening referendums, they are a one trick pony can only thinkk about one thing and children are dying because of it.

    Who will be first to tell us somebody is worse or how it’s somebody else’s fault so they can just look the other way?

    • michael norton

      A One Trick Pony,
      time to learn some new tricks in The Far North.

      When I was at school ( some time ago) they used to keep going on about The Industrial Revolution, how it was mostly achieved in The United Kingdom but for its population, one part shone very bright, that was Scotland.
      For its population, the highest level of discoveries /developments in the world.
      Scotland is loosing its way with the S.N.P. they are like an old pit pony wearing blinkers, a single vision, even if they die before they get to the promised land.
      Take the blinkers off Scotland.
      The S.N.P. are robbing you of life.

      • fred

        Or google till they can find something to say England is worse then wave flags and shout “FREEDOM” while children die.

    • Republicofscotland

      “838 children aged one to nine years died in 2014 across the UK: 761 in England and Wales, 28 in Northern Ireland and 49 in Scotland.”

      “Nearly 1,300 young people aged 10 to 19 years died across the UK in 2014: 1,121 in England and Wales, 57 in Northern Ireland and 113 in Scotland. The majority of these deaths are among 15- to 19-year-olds; the risk of dying for young men is notably higher than for young women.”


      Scotland’s mortality rates through poverty and obesity etc, seem compartively low compared to England, though to listen to the unionist media, and the unionist branch office managers at Holyrood, one would be inclined to think differently.

  • John Goss

    The trailer for “Locked In” has promise of a gripping moving film with an important message. Good luck to the production team. Well done Nadira.

    When you compare it to the documentary “White Helmets” which is really better-placed in the fiction category it outshines it by miles. “Locked In” I suspect has been produced on a budget whereas “White Helmets” has been funded by the US/UK governments to discredit Assad. Here is my take on the fantasy world of Oscars and awards in general.


    • Sharp Ears

      Well said. I am glad you pointed out where Hollywood’s interests lie.

      I posted on the TLN the other day about the EU short being nominated for an Oscar. The BBC had the producers of the propaganda lies on their red sofa on BBC Breakfast. The presenters’ script was hilarious. ‘However did you cope in dealing with such distressing images? etc etc’

      • John Goss

        I saw that Sharp Ears. Even if it wasn’t a load of tosh how can a director direct a film when he is not with the crew and still try to take cedit for it. If your name is Orlando von Einsiedel apparently you can.

    • Habbabkuk

      Mr Goss

      ” (Locked In) I suspect has been produced on a budget whereas “White Helmets” has been funded by the US/UK governments to discredit Assad.”

      You might be interested to learn that when I posted a question inquiring how Locked In had been financed and by whom at the beginning of the thread said question was speedily deleted by the duty Mod.

  • michael norton

    The ties between the Clarkes and the Fillons were to grow even tighter with Penelope’s sister wedding Fillon’s younger brother Philippe a few years later.
    It has also been suggested that Penelope was paid one hundred thousand Euros from a French magazine.
    The editor of that magazine has said he has never heard of Penelope.

    • Habbabkuk


      “The editor of that magazine has said he has never heard of Penelope.”

      So why are you rumour-mongering again?

      • michael norton

        “Following the publication … in the Canard Enchaine of a story calling Mrs Penelope Fillon into question, the financial prosecutor’s office today opened a preliminary investigation into misappropriation of public funds, misuse of company assets and concealment of these offences,” a statement said.

        Not exactly ideal if you are hoping to be the candidate of the right for the campaign for President of the Republic of France.

        It does not matter if Fillon is described as slightly right or very right
        what matters is his honesty with the French public and his stance on migration and his stance on the Euro and his stance on the Schengen Area Agreement, and on his willingness, to at least question the place of France in the European Union.

        • Old Mark

          what matters is his honesty with the French public and his stance on migration and his stance on the Euro and his stance on the Schengen Area Agreement, and on his willingness, to at least question the place of France in the European Union.

          Michael- to misquote Meat Loaf & Jim Steinman, 4 out of 5 ain’t bad; Fillon’s broadly Europhile stance will be of importance in deciding how much support he garners, but I doubt if the French electorate will give a flying fart about his alleged dishonesty, given how they voted for the likes of Sarkozy, Chirac, Juppe and others in the full knowledge that none of that estimable band of worthies were exactly as straight as a die.

          • michael norton

            But this is a “bit” like the CLINTON EMAILS LEAK.

            It has come out, just before a presidential election.

            Somebody has it in for fillon, so it is put out that he directed 1/2 million Euros of public money to his woman.
            It has been suggested she has not been seen to be doing anything for this public money.
            All the Fillons have to do is be specific on what services she provided, which ultimately ( in their opinion) was of benefit to the state /public.
            If, they do not come up with a convincing back story
            he is as dead as a dead unchained duck.

        • Habbabkuk

          “It does not matter if Fillon is described as slightly right or very right”

          Not in the greater scheme of things but it might boost your overall credibility a couple of notches if you managed to get it right.

      • michael norton

        Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière Is a bilionaire member of the Bilderberg Group

        he is the main owner of Revue des deux Mondes

  • Anon1

    Oh dear. Labour have put up Gareth Snell, a remainiac who described Brexit as a “massive pile of shit”, as their candidate for Stoke-on-Trent Central, which voted 70% Leave.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile people sleeping rough in England has risen for sixth year in a row.


    Whilst a whopping quarter of a million English people are homeless.


    Nevermind, I’m sure those unfortunate people will take great comfort, in knowning that the faulty missile system known as Trident is to be renewed at the cost of billions of pounds.

      • Republicofscotland

        Well it turns out (yet again) that another unionist bedrock in which the media press and even our Fred, has used on occasion in here simply isnt true.

        The rUK exports far more goods to Scotland than Scotland does to England.

        “The most recent Scottish government figures, not including oil and gas, show Scotland sold £50.5bn in goods and services to the rest of the UK in 2013. The rest of the UK sold £62.7bn in goods and services to Scotland.”


        However in my opinion, Scotland and the rUK will stil trade if Scotland becomes independent and remains in the EU. It’s not about either or for Scotland, though the rUK, if a deal isn’t secured with the EU 27 nations within the 2 years, may find itself having to use the World Trade Organisation.


        • Republicofscotland

          Re my above comment, it would appear that UK ambassadors aren’t confident of securing a deal with the other 27 EU nations.

          “The ambassador said the government had started looking at its WTO transition in the autumn. Should Britain fail to strike a trade deal with the EU after the end of its two-year exit talks with Brussels, it would have rely on its status as a WTO member in carrying out bilateral trade.”


          One does wonder how many British jobs depend on trade with the EU? I’d say it’s in the millions or there abouts.

        • fred

          If Scotland became independent and stayed in the EU then they would have to do what the EU told them to do, members of a trade block can’t be making deals on their own.

          Now any ideas where Scotland would find the £12.2 billion deficit in their trade with the rest of the UK? If we kept sending £62.7bn south of the border and only getting £50.5bn back eventually all the money will be gone.

    • michael norton

      MSPs have voiced fears Scotland’s police force is “an organisation in crisis” over a £200m financial gap.
      Ministry of Truth

      Is this also the fault of England?

      • Republicofscotland

        Not the good people of England, but their government, the Scottish Police force is the only police force in the UK that pays VAT, which has cost them a minimum of £76 million quid.

        Also if I recall correctly the LibDems still owe Police Scotland a whopping £800,000 pounds for policing their confrence in Glasgow in 2013.

    • Old Mark

      As anyone who knows about homelessness in London will tell you RoS, a lot of the rough sleepers here (and in Brighton & other coastal towns) are Scottish , Irish or (more recently ) Polish.

      Not sure what raw data the Graun is using to get to the quarter million figure but the actual number of households in England & Wales accepted as homeless by local authorities in 2013-14 was 52,270 – if that figure has quadrupled in 2 years I’m a Dutchman.


      The ‘ethnicity & homelessness’ link on the page above doesn’t work, but homeless households in England are disproportionately comprised of non EU immigrant households- as Scotland has far fewer in this disproportionately represented demographic it makes your overall homeless acceptance figures seem more benign than the equivalents south of the border.

      Of course social housing is a better candidate for government funding than our much vaunted (until this week) ‘independent nuclear deterrent’- just how ‘independent’ it is was shown by the fact that the Pentagon disclosed more about the missile malfunction in the summer than did that pathetic arse Fallon- another Scot BTW.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well I take no joy on being the bearer of bad Brexit news, but.

    “The new research, based on three surveys of more than 4,000 firms across the UK, shows that one in three (32 per cent) smaller businesses in the UK are involved in overseas trade as an exporter and/or importer – and that 92 per cent of firms which export trade with the EU single market.”

    “The study also found that one-third (29 per cent) of UK exporting small firms expect their export volumes to decline as a result of Brexit. The research also revealed that one in four (26 per cent) Scottish smaller employers have a non-UK EU citizen on staff.”


    Leaving the EU as I’ve said before will be disasterous.

    • fred

      “Leaving the EU as I’ve said before will be disasterous.”

      Some of us were saying that before the referendum.

      • Republicofscotland

        Ah Fred nice timing this is for you, you may learn a thing or two from it “IF” you open your eyes, but I won’t hold my breath.

        The work of the Scottish government has already been praised but of course ignored by our mainstream media. See this:

        “The report: ‘State of the Nation’: Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, was presented to House of Commons December 2015. Here are some of its key findings”

        “Scotland, for example, has the smallest number of children living in poverty among the constituent nations of the UK, the lowest prevalence of low pay and far more young people from deprived areas going on to higher education.’ (iv)”


        It also highlights that the RCPCH report did not blame or criticise the Scottish government. But the Ministry of Truth in Scotland has twisted the story on their news programme, to make it appear so.

        • fred

          The BBC reported on what the report said about the rest of the UK.


          I don’t live in the rest of the UK, I live in Scotland and want to hear that the Scottish government is taking notice of the findings in the report and taking steps to address them. Not looking around to find someone worse to point at or claiming it’s somebody else’s fault.

    • Loony

      Are you trying to establish yourself as a fake news site.

      Prior to the EU referendum Professor Charles Bean was lauded by the government when he opined that UK GDP would shrink by between 01% and 1% in immediately after any vote to leave the EU. According to Professor Bean people would cut their expenditures immediately and that economic contraction would accelerate.

      UK GDP figures for Q4 2016 show a 0.6% increase in GDP.

      • michael norton


        It is quite good news that the Economy of the United Kingdom
        is quietly ticking along.
        There have been sixteen continuous quarters of gentle growth.
        During these four years we have gone through the Scottish Referendum, the Brexit Referendum, a general election, we have moved from a coalition to a single party government and our long term prim minister stood down, because he lost the vote on Brexit and a new Prime minister was seamlessly moved into harness. Yet barely a blip on our economy.

  • michael norton

    *Breaking Old Labour in a shambles*

    Brexit: Labour tensions as Article 50 bill published

    Tulip Siddiq said she “cannot reconcile myself to the front bench position”.

    Jeremy Corbyn has imposed a three-line whip on his MPs telling them to back the newly-published bill.

  • Habbabkuk

    It is interesting to note that if one works on the basis of population sizes, Scotland is very fairly represented at Westminster with over 50 MPs and in fact over-represented on the UK Supreme Court with 2 judges out of 12.

    Moreover, the government of Scotland has been devolved in a number of very important areas.

    It is accordingly incorrect to say that Scotland’s voice in matters of policy and law is inexistant or unheard.

  • Republicofscotland

    Trump’s stance on Palestine is becoming clearer by the day. As he freezes Obama’s last day as POTUS $200 million dollar handout to Palestine.


    Meanwhile Trump looks like reactivating (if they were ever decommissioned in the first place) US secretive “black sites” where all manner of torture including waterboarding takes place.


    The UK was one of 14 European countries listed as “collaborators” in extraordinary rendition, with regards to aiding the US.

    Remarkably Police Scotland are still investigating that those illegal flights landed in Scotland, to refuel.

  • Habbabkuk

    On truthful posting and the need for apology.

    A couple of days ago a certain regular commenter – I shall not name him – posted two comments which I believe were untruthful.

    The first concerned the short-lived episode of the vans which were sent out by the then Home Secretary. The claim was that those vans carried a message urging refugees to “Go Home”. I demonstrated that the vans were in fact targetting illegal immigrants and not refugees.

    The second made a rather more serious accusation, namely of ” the post-war forced repatriation [ presumably by the UK govt/armed forces ] of Poles who fought for Britain to certain death under the Soviets”. Here, I pointed out that whereas there did occur a forced repatriation of Russians who had fought against the Soviets (eg, elements of the so-called Vlasov army) there was no such forced repatriation of Poles who had fought in the Polish armies of the West”.

    Now, if the commenter concerned felt that my rebuttals were inaccurate then he should have said so and explained why they were inaccurate and why his original assertions were in fact correct.

    If, on the other hand, that commenter’s claims were simple mistakes made inadvertently, he should have had the honesty (and the courtesy) to own up and say so.

    The fact that neither occurred is, in my opinion, both surprising and worrying.

  • michael norton

    Unlikely to be the wife of candidate Fillon, who devised this scam.
    More likely to be a special adviser of the future President of the Republic of France
    Francois Fillon.

  • choose independence

    At PMQs the other day Theresa May, when asked directly if powers over Scottish agriculture and fisheries would be transferred to Holyrood from Brussels, gave no assurance at all. Yet the Scotland Act passed by Westminster clearly states that these are to be devolved matters should they be taken back from Brussels.

    This refusal to defend Scotland’s interests, even when enshrined in Westminster legislation, can be added to the Supreme Court’s ruling that Scotland can be completely ignored over Brexit. This gives a clear picture of how Scotland’s aspirations will be trashed by the new boorish British state after it leaves the EU.

    Independence is now the only sane option for Scotland, as battalions of former No voters are starting to realise.

    • michael norton

      Well now you know.
      If you do not like it, have another once in a lifetime referendum, just cut out the childish squealing.

  • Sharp Ears

    ‘The producers of this short, investigative documentary have taken the highly unusual step of releasing the entire film independently a) because crucial elements of the asylum accommodation issue are being overlooked by the mainstream media & parliamentary inquiries b) in direct recognition of those who had the courage to speak out, despite a culture of intimidation being created around the reporting of appalling conditions.’

    The Asylum Market – Vimeo – 25 mins
    The opening shot is a graphic of G4S’s logo and the words ‘Securing the Market’.

    Brass Moustache is an independent, multi-award winning film company based in Soho, London. Drawing on a pool of singular artistic and technical skill we produce unique, first class film across all formats.

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