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Baghdad-born Tory MP Nadhim Zadawi has become the media poster boy for British opposition to Trump’s egregious immigration freeze, which May has eventually been forced into opposing against all her profound anti-immigrant instincts. Actually, if I ran a country I would be sorely tempted to ban Zadawi from it too. Founder of blatant Tory push-polling organisation YouGove (sic), the creep charged the taxpayer massively for MP’s expenses including thousands of pounds for heated stables at his second home. Being stinking rich and having children at Princeton is the media’s idea of the sort of person who ought not be banned. I suspect there are more deserving cases.

The stinking rich part is apposite because the world’s biggest sponsors of Islamic terrorism are stinking rich, and are strangely not included in the Trump freeze. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are yet again excluded from “action against Islamic terrorism” despite being patently the fons et origo of most of it. Trump’s ban would not exclude Osama Bin Laden or the vast majority of the 9/11 cells, which is almost amusing. The reasons for this do not relate solely to the integration of the wealth of the parasitic Gulf State elite with the wealth of the Western elite and banking system. It also relates, as I explained in my talk on the Middle East on Friday, to official American policy to actually promote Saudi backed terrorist jihadi groups against Iranian-backed mainly Shiite interests in the Middle East.

I am not advocating the ban or extending the ban, but it is also worth pointing out that nearly all the recent Islamic terrorist activities against Western, including Turkish, targets were carried out by people from either Tunisia or Central Asia. Those countries are not included either. So plainly the ban or freeze is not really intended to do what it says on the tin. It should be repeated always that the risk from Islamic terrorism to individuals in the West is extremely small, and has always been well less than 1% of the risk of being killed in a road accident.

The most disgraceful aspect of the ban is the notion that it does not apply to religious minority groups in the named countries, such as Christians, Yazidis and Jews. All the countries named are majority Muslim, so in effect it imposes a religious test. It is a ban plainly targeted by religion and not by nationality, and if the US court system had any integrity would be struck down on that basis. This is reinforced by the fact that other non-religious minorities facing persecution, such as gays, are not excluded from the ban.

Trump has certainly startled the Establishment by the extremely unusual expedient of attempting swiftly to carry out his campaign promises. I was among the many who hoped he would forget some of the crazier ones. Apparently not. But his electoral base will be delighted.

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214 thoughts on “Trump’s Crazy Immigration Freeze

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  • fred

    I don’t think we can blame Theresa May, there is so much wrong we could justifiably blame Theresa May for but this just isn’t one of them.

    And I don’t thin we can blame Donald Trump, let’s face it he didn’t exactly pretend the was going to respect human rights before the election, what he is doing is exactly what he said very loudly he was going to do.

    So who is to blame?

    • Chris Rogers

      Well Fred, when someone needs blaming for anything, regardless where the offence takes place you can trust the MSM and certain section of the Parliamentary Labour Party to blame Jeremy Corbyn, who is not only to blame for Brexit, but now the rise of The Donald – a lack of Opposition you see!!!

  • Anon1

    Carter banned Iranians in ’79
    Obama banned Iraqis in ’11
    Clinton and Obama both proposed building a barrier along the Mexican border.

    Nothing from the liberal media.

    Trump is securing the borders as he was elected to do. Here you have a politician who carries out his promises.

    The greatest immediate threat of terrorism to the US is from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Iraq and Syria are both on the list. Recent terrorist atrocities in Europe have tended to have been carried out by EU citizens of North African descent, not North African immigrants.

    Saudi and Iran will be dealt with at a later date. The problem there is of state-supported terrorism. Trump will deal with this root-cause seperately and severely, unlike Clinton who was/is owned by Saudi. In the meantime he is securing US borders as a priority.

    Trump gets a big thumbs up from me today.

  • Anon1

    “This is reinforced by the fact that other non-religious minorities facing persecution, such as gays, are not excluded from the ban.”

    Muslim migrants know that Western states are more likely to admit persecuted gays, so many Muslim migrants pretend to be gay and persecuted. Just as they have pretended to be children when they are in fact adults, and Syrian when they are not from Syria. This has made a farce of the whole process of admitting “refugees” in Germany and elsewhere, as is well known and documented.

  • Anon1

    For the record, 16 states currently refuse entry to Israeli passport holders. They are:

    Saudi Arabia

    Most of these will not even accept entry if you have an Israel stamp in your passport.

        • glenn

          Anon1: “Where were the liberal media when Justin Trudeau refused entry to single male migrants?

          There isn’t a “liberal media” for a start. But some media is not far-right, and there was plenty of mention from them. I suppose you were delighted outraged at the ban, but only because a supposed liberal had implemented it.

          Let me see if I’ve got it straight. If a far-right right administration implements some ban, that’s ok because you can refer to a more left-leaning administration’s ban, even though you’re denouncing them for doing it. Got it.

          I also notice you’re toadying and making excuses for the Saudis again.


        • Anon1

          “There isn’t a “liberal media” for a start.”

          Thanks for the laugh, Glenn.

          I am outraged (and yes, slightly delighted) at the hypocrisy of the liberal media establishment. It’s OK when one of their own does it – it’s an outrage when Trump does it.

          So let’s see if I got this right. It’s OK when a liberal implements some ban. But because you don’t like it when a more right-leaning administration imposes a similar ban, it suddenly becomes an outrage. An outrage that was totally not an outrage before.

          Well done, Glenn. Thanks for clearing that up. ?

        • glenn

          Anon1: “It’s OK when one of their own does it – it’s an outrage when Trump does it.

          Nope, you’re judging liberals by your own sorry standards. Genuine progressives denounced all of Obama’s illiberal actions, and those of his counterparts elsewhere. Not in the far-right rags and white-power websites you were reading, granted.

        • glenn

          A1: “Ah yes, the true and genuine progressives. They denounced it.

          Yes they did. As for the rest of your blather… try and pace yourself a bit. Over half the comments on this thread are yours!

          I know you’re wetting yourself with excitement at having a genuine fascist in charge (at last!), but it’s only been a week, you need to stay the course, and be a faithful servant to Hair Führer [sic] for years. Don’t burn yourself out so quickly.

        • Anon1

          Indeed, but it’s choppy-choppy time in Iraq and most of Sudan. And these days you can only go to Iran on an expensive group tour with an authorised minder watching over you the whole time.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Anon1 January 29, 2017 at 12:02
      Officially, perhaps. But at least Saudi Arabia has a cozy relationship with Israel, which is why Israel has stopped kickking up a fuss about the modern Western weaponry being sold in massive amounts to Saudi.
      Also, of course, Israel has a reputation for ‘forging’ foreign passports, so no probs.
      When I was travelling in the Middle East in 1967, it was common to have two passports, one for travel through all countries except Israel, and another to use for Israel, so no stamps would appear. Of course, all sides were aware of the scam.

    • Habbabkuk

      “Most of these will not even accept entry if you have an Israel stamp in your passport.”

      That is absolutely correct, Anon1.

      Do your respondents have anything to say about that, I wonder?

    • Node

      For the record, 16 states currently refuse entry to Israeli passport holders.

      In your opinion, why do these states refuse entry to Israeli passport holders?

      • Habbabkuk

        For a start, you have misunderstood, Ganglion – Anon! is talking about certain states refusing access to people of any nationality (not Israelis) who have an Israeli entrance stamp in their passport. Even someone like you, for instance.

        And now, to answer the question you should have asked but for getting it wrong : In my opinion, it is because they are illiberal, discriminatory bully-states which hate Israel and are not reconciled to its very existence.

        And now : what’s your opinion, Node? 🙂

      • Habbabkuk

        And easier than getting worked up about the millions of child prostitutes and child labour slaves to whose plight the Indian govt turns a blind eye. Or about the police death squads operating with official sanction in the favellas of Brazilian cities. Or about the antics of South African ANC politicans who attempted to stop the use of effective HiV treatment drugs. Or the use of prison labour and the death penalty in China (but you’ll hear a lot about the use of prison labour and the death penalty in the US).

        I believe the diagnosis you offered a couple of threads ago was the correct one, actually.

      • Anon1

        Agreed, but I am responding here to the specific question about Muslim states banning Israeli passport holders (as well as non-Isrselis who have visited Israel).

  • nevermind

    Its plain to see that he is not following the money when it comes to terrorism. Nor can we be sure that NATO isn’t behind some of the directions IS has been taking lately.

    Ives Chandelon was assassinated by people who wanted to stop him finding out more about IS/AlQuaeda/Al Nusra funding, and the whole of the MSM played the game, because they are complicit with those who have thrown Europe into turmoil.

    Why should NATO, largely controlled by its largest backer, the US , have an interest to derail Desertec, a sustainable energy project that would run up against the oil and coal interests that run America, why would NATO want to expand into Russia? Because its resources have been a target of jealousy since the 18th. century, by small minded big headed politicians who still live the empirical dream and see nothing in wrecking Europe’s largest and most lucrative consumer markets to gain an advantage.
    Sending millions of Syrians in to Europe, after ensuring that they live in rubble and had not much to hope for at home, was bound to destabilise the EU.

    Thanks to Brexit, a part of this scenario to break Europe, and the tacit support of media and state organs, right wing fanatics are having a field day. France and Germany will get new Governments, the AFD will get into Parliament, but not into Government.
    As for Holland’s answer to Trump, ‘the greatest wall and ocean builder between here and Mexico’ , they might want to look at how fascism was received in their country and why Geert Wilders will be supported by many.
    Holland’s majority support for the Nazis at the beginning of WW2, then it was aimed at Jews, not Muslims as it is today, dwarfed the opposition to AH madness.

    Why should NATO fund terror activities without having some input into the course of action planned?
    Why would the US want to destabilise Europe and break it? Is their country doomed to be ruled by successive military industrial dictators further destabilising the US to the point of civil war, only to get their way at a much bigger war here in Europe?
    The Tory’s are nothing but willing tools, cheats who got into power for the sake of their own kind, to keep their private offshore havens and nest eggs dry and safe, all this talk of wanting to work for all of society is BS.

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Craig
    ‘…I am not advocating the ban or extending the ban, but it is also worth pointing out that nearly all the recent Islamic terrorist activities against Western, including Turkish, targets were carried out by people from either Tunisia or Central Asia….’
    Probably because Trump has never heard of them! I haven’t seen them mentioned in Trump’s main read, ‘Mad’ magazine.

    • Alcyone

      “J. Michael Springmann was the former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the Reagan and former Bush administrations, from September 1987 through March 1989”

      Nice name for a fictional character King?

      At any rate if you followed Trump’s 15 minute inaugural speech, he said from hereon we are only looking forward.

      Btw on “He further claims 11 of the 9/11 hijackers got their visas from the Jeddah Consulate.”, can you highlight this please?

  • michael norton

    Anis Amri = Tunisian – Berlin Christmas Massacre
    Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel = Tunisian – Nice Massacre
    Yet The Scottish Donald has not included Tunisia?

  • Dave

    I agree the ban, even if implemented, makes little operational sense in the defeat of IS, but that’s not its aim. The aim is for it to assist in the political campaign to defeat IS.

    As you say the actual threat from IS in the West is tiny, but the popularised threat from IS by its neo-con handlers is high. So it would be very problematic for Trump to pretend there is no threat, due to it all being an inside job, so he has to go through the appearances of defeating it.

    But the difference between Trump “anti-IS” and neo-con “anti-IS” is he is using the threat to cooperate and make peace with Russia, whereas the neo-cons wanted to use the threat to start WWIII with Russia.

    • michael norton

      Why Does Tunisia Produce So Many Terrorists?
      The experts have long since determined that Tunisia is a disproportionate source of recruits for radical Islamist causes. Despite the country’s relatively small population of 11 million, Tunisians are conspicuously over-represented among the fighters of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. According to recent estimates, 7,000 Tunisians have joined the cause — more than any other country, including much larger ones such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. There are also, according to numerous reports, thousands of Tunisians training and fighting for jihad in Libya, Tunisia’s next-door neighbor, which has a strong Islamic State presence.

  • bevin

    The Angry Arab put it well yesterday “Trump” he wrote “is America Unplugged.”

    Yes, the country is crazy, but there is nothing new about it. In the past century we’ve seen the Palmer Raids, mass deportations of syndicalists and socialists, the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, Japanese internment, McCarthyism, the banning of the Communist Party, Operation Paperclip, Taft Hartley, which led to the turning of the Trade Union Federation (AFL-CIO) into an instrument of Cold War regime changing, Right to Work laws and incredible amounts of propaganda overwhelming truth and reason in any areas remotely connected with politics or history.

    Anyone wondering why half the population think evolution is a lie and global warming a hoax designed to justify their further exploitation? Or why weird versions of Christianity have millions of fanatical believers?
    The country has been driven mad, and kept mad- it is still widely held on the “left” that Trump is a Putin stooge- by the constant devaluation of truth. Nobody knows what to believe except that you can’t believe what government, or business or the media or the textbooks at school tell you (or alternatively that everything they say is eternally true).
    And I haven’t even mentioned the Klan and the racism which infects everything or the loyalty oaths to capitalism that all must swear. Or the fact that Ayn Rand is read by millions.
    Heaven has withdrawn its mandate. Trump is a sign of the times.

    • Habbabkuk

      ” Or the fact that Ayn Rand is read by millions.”

      I agree that that is deplorable. There would certainly be no place for readers of Ayn Rand in a Trotskyite ideal state.

    • michael norton

      The Arab Spring, kicked off in Tunisia.
      Anyone have any inklings if Amerika was behind that little Charade?

      • Anon1

        The mistake that the West made throughout the so-called Arab Spring was in believing that the opposition to authoritarian secular rule in Arab states was made up of peaceful, tolerant, secular, democracy-loving liberal types just like ourselves. It was true of at least some of the educated, youthful urban opposition, but the reality was/is that the only alternative to Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad et al in any of these states was/is the underlying religious fanaticism and tribal sectarianism that can only be suppressed by brutal, autocratic rule.

        We have almost learned that lesson. It is time to leave the Islamic world well alone and ensure that the Islamic world is kept well apart from the Western one until such a time that it can drag itself kicking and screamin out of the eleventh century.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ michael norton January 29, 2017 at 13:59
        Of course they were! Search ‘Arab Spring + George Soros’ and ‘Arab Spring + USAID’ and ‘Arab Spring + CANVAS’.

    • Aurora

      Save people the bother: the ‘justification’ is: (A) the overwhelming majority of the Muslim world is not affected, an (B) moreover, the “ban” is only for four months while procedures are reviewed, with the exception of Syria for which there is no time limit.

      So Muslims are singled out and banned, just not every Muslim on the planet (yet). And it’s ‘only’ four months, except in one case. After that, who the hell knows?

      Any more pluto-fascist propaganda to spread? Fire away.

  • Sharp Ears

    Good job you were not listening to the Quilliam gentleman, Maajid Nawaz, on LBC earlier. He was citing Zadawi as this upright citizen, Tory MP for Stratford on Avon, etc etc who ‘has done so much for his country and with his twin sons at Princeton’, as one of those banned from the USA.

    ‘done so much for HIMSELF’ I was screaming silently at the radio.

    He was plugging a petition on the UK Gov site to ban Trump from coming to this country on a state visit and also this Owen Jones initiative. God save us all from Owen Jones.

    • Chris Rogers

      Yes, the Social Justice Warriors are out in force on Social Media planning emergency protests all over the place, including 10 Downing Street at 6.00PM Monday. Of course, we know not what they are protesting because – like it or not – Trump has outwitted and out manoeuvred much of the ‘Progressive Left’, or more correctly, the Pussy Hat Wearing Faux Left. And to think, if it were not for the anti-democratic actions of the New Democrats and the propaganda war waged against Sanders by the US MSM, it could have been Bernie in the Whitehouse – well, now the buggers reap what they have sown. Just a shame so many innocents get hurt, but the Prog left cares fuck all for innocents, no money in it you see!

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Trowbridge H. Ford January 29, 2017 at 14:45
      Sure, I am proud to have preferred Trump to Clinton; if you know what I know about her and her ‘Hubby’, you would have too.
      And I agree, I believe that slogan. certainly NOT criminal, will be kicked into the long grass.
      But now Trump’s got her out of the way (and I sincerely hope he does order an investigation of her), I now join wholeheartedly in opposing Trump.

      • Habbabkuk


        First you “support”** Trump to get rid of Hillary and then once that’s done you dump on Trump.

        You’re a real political whore.


        ** “support” – so to speak, of course. You’re not an American voter and so your “support” is confined to the calm pastures o fUK internet blogs.

    • Chris Rogers

      I very much look forward to Trump honouring his election pledge to prosecute Ms Clinton and lock her up – perhaps then we can get to the truth about the perversion of democracy within the Democrat primaries last year, never mind what actually happened in Libya and Honduras.

  • michael norton

    Wave your pink hat in the air and shout ” Not my president”

    Ms Lohan became a film star aged 11 when she starred in Disney’s The Parent Trap, but her career has been marred in recent years by a series of scandals.

    Rumours began circulating this week the actress may have converted to Islam, after she was spotted in Turkey wearing a hijab.

    Ms Lohan meets eight year old,
    Aleppo’s tweeting girl Bana Alabed.

    Aleppo is now safe, you can go back tweeting 8 year old girl, no longer need to keep tweeting, go back to being a child.

    • Anon1

      Did you see the feminist group on the women’s March against Trump doing the call to prayer and dressing themselves up in stars-and-stripes hijabs? The radical left in America must surely be some of the most screwed up people in existence. Along with our own radical left whonseem to consider them an inspiration.

      • Chris Rogers

        Well I’m on the Left and can only say I’m appalled at the ‘Pussy Hat’ wearing US-based marches/protests against Trump, based on the fact most of these in the larger US coastal cities were hijacked by the New Democrats, who are the last persons I’d want at my shoulder on any protest, less I fear for getting my pocket picked or have them flee promptly the first sign of violence – no money in it you see, and can’t get having blood on the splendid designer outfits can we – such a waste!

    • Paul Barbara

      @ michael norton January 29, 2017 at 15:03
      Bana Alabed was not the tweeter, just the ‘figurehead’ of a Western backed bunch of mercenary cutthroats.
      Do a bit of searching, but basically, use your head. Ever heard of ‘propaganda’?

  • 1234

    “How, though, did the Trump administration choose these seven Muslim-majority countries? The truth is it didn’t: The countries were chosen during Barack Obama’s presidency.

    According to the draft copy of Trump’s executive order, the countries whose citizens are barred entirely from entering the United States is based on a bill that Obama signed into law in December 2015.

        • MJ

          Trump’s presidency is a direct result of Clinton’s criminal attempt to steal the election. If only it had been nipped in the bud before she could steal the nomination!

          • MJ

            It was Clinton’s illegal intervention in the nomination process that did the real damage. You appear to be desperate to shoot the messenger rather than confront the reality.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Trowbridge H. Ford January 29, 2017 at 16:02
          ‘Another awkward fact is Czar Trump conniving with a foreign power to steal the presidential election.’

          Jus’ von l’eel probleme – bit of proof?

        • Chris Rogers

          Would that be Israel or Russia, and the Russia/Putin angle just does not fly I’m afraid, based on one simple fact, the actual records of all votes cast in November and fact many who voted did not endorse either Presidential candidate, whilst others wrote in Sanders as their choice, but fact remains 47% did not cast a vote and you can’t blame all that number on voter suppression or Putin.

  • Republicofscotland

    Watching Donald Trump walk hand in hand with Theresa May, in the Whitehouse, was cringe worthy.

    May has refused to condemn Trump’s ban on refugees, and entry to the US from citizens from seven countries.

    Trump said, a free and independent Britain is a blessing to the world, as if the EU was some kind of evil reich.

    Theresa May has already conceded that the NHS, will NOT be exempt from the US trade talks. This sounds ominious for those who cannot afford private medical care in the near future.

    US farmers are biting at the bit, to sell US beef to Britian which is pumped full of hormones and banned in the EU. US chicken carcasses are chlorinated, and would not meet EU standards, add to that 70% of American crops that will probably be exported to Britian are GM crops, which are not allowed in Europe, and you can plainly see where this is going.

    British farmer will inevitably need to debase their products to match those unhealthy American imports. On top of this a whole range of EU regulations regarding food standards and the use of pesticides, will be swept aside, as will environmental regulations.

    Britain will be flooded with cheap unregulated American foods, our farmers will suffer, our NHS will be privatised, because May will need to concede to Trump to secure a trade deal.

    I haven’t even started on workers rights which, in America are far inferior to those of the EU, which are currently used in the UK.

      • Republicofscotland

        So we should debase our whole economy because of this incident? And a few others like it, meanwhile the majority of immigrants/refugees are law abiding citizens, want to work and pay taxes.

        Leaving the EU will be disastrous for the people of Britian, the US (ISDS) Investor State Dispute Settlement lawyers acting on behalf of US companies will tear Britain’s economy apart.

        Don’t forget they’ll be no help from the EU, we’ll be on our own.

          • Harry Vimes

            People should always be careful what they wish for.

            It does not take a great deal of analysis to figure out that the day will come when those who take this view will be belly aching like mardy arsed five year olds as the inevitable consequences of the choices they have foisted upon both themselves and the rest of us come home to roost. When that day comes, and it will, they will neither deserve nor get any sympathy, help or understanding from those their egotistical ignorance has dragged down with them.

            Tick tock…..

      • Laguerre

        Well, of course the local police would round up the nearest immigrant. That’s par for the course. Haven’t you got anything better than the lowest quality of journalism in Britain, and from the beginning of December? There must be more news since then, and less tabloid. Another round of the “refugee” kicking the woman down the stairs, which turned out to be not that at all.

    • mickc

      The UK already imports food not produced to UK standards. British agriculture is dead…but it is the UK government and consumer which has killed it.

      • Harry Vimes

        Sorry to break this news but given that the UK single market has been a member of the larger EU single market for around four decades ( and will remain so until the process of triggering Article 50 is concluded) we are not, and have not for some time, been operating under any UK food regulations as the regulations are EU based and Common accross the single Market. That’s why it was called the Common Market. Common regulations across the entire single market in which all businesses were operating to a set of common standards (rather than a plethora of differing standards) which for them produced efficiency in their operation and offered Consumers the necessary regulatory protections.

        One wonders if it ever will sink in or whether we are doomed to perpetually educate pork?

  • Aurora

    “So plainly the ban or freeze is not really intended to do what it says on the tin.”
    Just look at the ingredients on the tin: racism, demagoguery, white supremacy, (nominal) Christian extremism, KKK-appeasement. All as specified.

    “I was among the many who hoped he would forget some of the crazier ones. Apparently not.”
    That was apparent from his track history, Another important behavioural pattern worth noting here is Trump’s delight in acting first, getting sued and then counter-suing. So we quite safely imagine the same replicated now as president: ludicrous and savage actions (banning Muslims, shutting down science, building huge pointless walls) being challenged in the court – and challenged by leglislation with a compliant Republican congress (and supreme court) down the line.

  • Republicofscotland

    The timing could not have been worse, as we commemorated Holocaust day, on Friday, to remember those who died from oppression, such as Anne Frank, and to those we opened our bordes up to to save them from Nazi persecution, Donald Trump the US president set in motion a executive order to ban Muslims (and it is that very thing) from seven countries from entering the US.

    We don’t want them here said Trump during the signing ceremony at the Pentagon, supposedly aiming his comment at terrorists, when in reality it was a far more wider ranging comment.

    Human rights activist claim that Trump is rolling out a form of religious persecution, one would find it hard to disagree with that trail of thought.

  • Sharp Ears

    If Theresa has returned home, she is probably in her slipper bath right now having a good soak in Lysol to counteract all the contamination she picked up in Washington and Ankara.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Sharp Ears January 29, 2017 at 16:42
      Yeh, right. She’s as bad, but cleverer at disguising it. Cozying up to Israel and Saudi Arabia, relishing the destruction of the NHS, reneging on the child abuse investigation promises (whilst still ostensibly following her promises, she just makes sure the investigation goes nowhere, fast).
      The big pity is Trump didn’t tempt her to stay in the States, for some, ANY, reason – she ain’t wanted here, dead or alive.

  • K Crosby

    Evening Craig, just watched some of

    and wondered if you refer to the British regime or May regime for the same reason you use “Assad regime”?

    May I suggest that when you invite questions, you make it clear that a question isn’t the same as a speech? If a question can’t be asked in fewer than twenty words, it isn’t worth asking.

  • Brianfujisan

    I was watching some of the Airport Protests Last night.. Protests outside 16 airports..

    Shocking that the airports So Quickly, Blindly, Enforce Trumpets Orders.

    Well done US District Judge Ann Donnelly For standing up to Trump.and wrote in her decision.

    “There is imminent danger that, absent the stay of removal, there will be substantial and irreparable injury to refugees, visa-holders, and other individuals from nations subject to the January 27, 2017, Executive Order,” the ruling said.

    Also there is the Petition..Going on Half a Million Signatures Already –

    Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

    • Anon1

      Lol. A petition to stop the President of the United States visiting Britain. Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous? It’s just the same petition junkies virtue-signalling to one another. Total waste of time.

      • fred

        No it isn’t a petition to stop him entering Britain, he would still be able to come here as President of the United States on official business.

        The petition is to stop it being an official state visit. It would prevent a lot of embarrassment all round.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Brianfujisan January 29, 2017 at 17:54
      There were perhaps a million and a half of us in London on the streets in March 2003, but the government didn’t take a blind bit of notice. Their illegal war on Iraq, based on lies, went forth (and is still being waged, by Western proxy mercenaries).
      I’ll sign the petition, just for the craic.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Brianfujisan January 29, 2017 at 17:54
      Blimmey! That petition is going up like a calculator on Viagra!
      It’s already over 525,000. You can watch the numbers flying up as you watch.

      • Brianfujisan


        I hear you Re the seeming ( and Actual futility ) when the huge London March Failed to prevent Bliars Already sold out War..And because Blairtes Got away with Iraq, The Cameron War Criminals did the same to Libya… And becase War Criminal Cameron / Blairites Got away with Destroying Libya.. On they went to Destroy Syria..Sickening

        Thanks for Plumping to sign the Petition Regardless..

        it’s at over 560.000 Signatures already..i have never seen the number race so fast.

      • Sharp Ears

        Mr Guest will be popular with the jobsworths who run the Gov.UK Petitions website/office. NOT.

        Man who started anti-Trump petition says he did it ‘to save the Queen from having to shake President’s hand’
        Exclusive: Graham Guest tells The Independent he thinks it would be ‘incongruous’ to see Trump alongside the Queen – but he might ‘get on well with Prince Philip’
        3 hours ago|

        Graham Guest says Prime Minister Theresa May was ‘reasonably dignified’ in her dealings with US President Donald Trump Getty Images

        A man from Leeds who started a viral petition to have Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK cancelled says he did so because he did not want the Queen to have to shake the new President’s hand.

        Graham Guest, 42, told The Independent he set up the petition, which was signed more than 300,000 times in just a few hours, to deny Mr Trump the opportunity to “bask in the Queen’s reflective glory”.

        Initially, Mr Guest said, he was not concerned about Mr Trump coming to the UK in his capacity as US President – he just did not want him to meet and embarrass the 90-year-old monarch, given his track record of “misogyny and vulgarity”.


        If only as many people (heading for 1m soon) were concerned about important domestic matters such as the destruction of OUR NHS.

        • Chris Rogers

          Well, the Queen does not utilise the NHS, she actually has her own doctors, but the SJW seem to get dafter by the minute, so now we have a Monarchist wishing to prevent the Queen dirtying her hands by being seen with Trump – wonder what Ms Mayhem will have to say about all this, particularly given she sanctioned the ‘Wagons of Hate’ van campaign in the Summer of 2014!

          Apart from that, I concur 100%, the World has indeed gone barmy this past week.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Chris Rogers January 29, 2017 at 19:35
            ‘…the World has indeed gone barmy this past week….’ ??

            You imply it was sane before?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Sharp Ears January 29, 2017 at 19:13
          ‘..If only as many people (heading for 1m soon) were concerned about important domestic matters such as the destruction of OUR NHS….’
          Sure, I agree, and made a similar comment to the women’s march against Trump last Saturday week. I also asked how many would be there if Clinton had one, and a couple of people answered ‘none’. But that’s because they don’t know the truth about the Clinton’s.
          I hope the massive petition reaches 2 million +; put a prick in Trump’s ego!

        • Habbabkuk

          “If only as many people (heading for 1m soon) were concerned about important domestic matters such as the destruction of OUR NHS.

          Yes, curious, isn’t it.

          Perhaps it’s because most people do not share the view that the NHS is being “destroyed”?

          Other explanations welcome, of course.

    • Republicofscotland

      Good article Rob, one just has to look at Britain’s stance during the persecution of the Biafrans.

      More recently, the West’s support of Saudi Arabia’s appalling attacks on Yemen stands out. It’s worth noting that before the blockade on imports to Yemen (mostly foods were imported) that Yemen a poor nation, imported around 90% of its food.

      Today there are 24.4 million people in Yemen, a (2011 census showed that over 40% of the population is under 15 years of age. Most will be hungry, a humanitarian crisis is looming in Yemen.

      • Habbabkuk

        Those who feel that the Biafrans were persecuted for wanting to split from Federal Nigeria and set up their own state would presumably support the Kurds who wish to split away from Turkey, Iran and Syria in order to form their own state.

        Any thoughts, RoS?

    • michael norton

      They should get the German water cannons that Boris got, second hand and spray those pink pussy mad hatters off the streets of London, into the gutter, where they belong.

  • Hieroglyph

    Personally, I agree with Galloway. People are losing their minds over a temporary travel ban. It’s a 30 day temporary ban, whilst vetting procedures are reviewed. Now, one may not agree this is necessary, but it was a campaign promise, and presumably once the vetting is reviewed we’ll see a stricter policy, but not a total ban.

    It’s worth recalling that the US is arming headchoppers and lunatics. Are any of them getting visas to return to the US? Galloway also points out that the UK has it’s own visa issues with Syria. I should note, Australia can hardly complain too loudly when we’ve literally been putting children in gulags, and young muslim men get arrested when they return from Syria. It’s amazing what people would accept from Obama, and probably Clinton, but won’t coz Trump. I don’t think Trump is perfect, and he strikes me as the guy who likes to make decisions, but doesn’t really think them all through, but if the MSM hates him, he can’t be all bad.

  • Aurora

    Guardian: “The ban is believed to have been drafted by an ideologically-driven group around Donald Trump without consultation with the justice, state, defence or homeland security departments.”

    So Steve Bannon basically. Vote Trump, get Bannon. He’s basically running the show.

  • Sharp Ears

    Zahawi employs (we pay them) four parliamentary assistants. Matthew Clark Parliamentary Liaison, Elected Technologies (technology).
    Dafydd Jones None.
    Katie Payne None.
    Charlee Evans None.

    I don’t know whether the first is employed or seconded.

    This is the company mentioned against his name.

    His Register of Interests for the last quarter. Dubai and Bahrain feature.

    Vast sums of secondary income and a property portfolio recorded.

    In the historic record, there is a visit to Israel 5 years ago under the auspices of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

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