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I am proud to call Chris Law a friend, and I am delighted that the ludicrous police investigation into him has now officially been closed. The rash of daft politically motivated investigations into SNP figures is a peculiar blight on the nation, and the extraordinary length of time the police have taken to examine some totally straightforward cases is inexplicable.

Chris and I both separately spent an awful lot of our own money on campaigning in the Independence referendum. I strongly suspect the basis of the “investigation” was that he modestly downplayed the amount of his own cash he put in to the Spirit of Independence campaign. The “unaccounted donations” alleged never existed, it was always mostly his own cash that funded his fire engine tour.

Meantime, what has happened to the much more real Tory election expenses scandal? Channel 4 were almost alone in covering the massive Tory breaching of expenditure limits. This appears to have gone totally dark.

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  • nevermind

    The exact question has been vexing me for some time, especially since the judgement last week deliberating on the legality of cutting out parliament from the Brexit equation.
    The question of whether an illegitimately self appointed Government, with cases for alleged electoral fraud pending. can write and present acts of Parliament.

    Apart from a nice email that said that they’ll be looking into my questions I have yet to receive any indications that they will answer my questions.

    As it stands I have lost all confidence and interest in a system that is systematically defrauded by the main parties, well documented by the EC itself.

    “My questions to the Electoral Commission this morning. (25.01.17)

    “With police investigation outstanding on the legitimacy of this cheating Government, how do you rank its ability to take and design acts of a Parliament which change the future of this country, when they have been deliberately trying to divert from this fraud.
    Does it really take another lawyer and court to settle this question? when your guidelines, applied with rigour to all other candidates, have been flouted and amount to electoral fraud, a criminal act?

    What do we do with an agency that can’t be impartial and is eroding what little is left of democracy by colluding with the ‘illegitimate’ Government of the day.
    Do we, the public, as well as election agents and election managers, pander to its ( the E.C.’s) status and deliberations alone?
    What reforms would you say are now urgently necessary to stop fraud by parties and its agents?

    yours sincerely”

    • J

      I don’t quite understand how we find ourselves in this mess. Oh, yes I do. Disgusting effluent like this:

      After Brexit there should have been a general election to decide what to do next. With the pig botherer and his cabinet gone, and them elected only through the spectacle of Ed Milliband as the alternative with clear evidence of fraud having occurred. Nobody voted for this current disgrace, they have no mandate. None. Get them out. Get them out now.

      Lions led by donkeys led by f***ing ostriches.

      • J

        A random culling of a random article which speaks to the Guardians directionless, thoughtless, kite flying and it’s author Justin Gest with his head which looks like used a battering ram. For the record I said the day of Brexit that the discussion would centre around perceived racist working class, wouldn’t touch working class sympathy with the Greeks, wouldn’t discuss media blackout on the democratic deficit both in Europe and at home. Wouldn’t reflect, would rather blame. Wouldn’t address it’s own role in disabling and disempowering most of us even as it claims to speak for us, reassuring us that we’re the smartest people in the room and here’s 10 lifestyle tips to enhance our holiday in the Bahamas

        .I was skin and bone a few years ago after a few years sleeping under bridges and behind bingo halls. I see emaciated kids littering the streets in Liverpool and Manchester every time I visit. Instead of questioning perpetual war, those lucky enough to have a decent job queue round the block for Pandora bracelets at Christmas while a retail assistant job garners hundreds of applications and BAE systems set the curriculum at the local high school. I wish that last were a joke.

        Meanwhile we are invited to understand that white working class are fevered with racial tension, as if every newspaper hasn’t been giving Trump and Farage and even creepy clowns 90% more column inches than Bernie or Jeremy.

        What’s wrong with this picture? Precisely everything.

        Get these fools out.

      • giyane


        Lots of things “should have been”. Cameron only had to bother pigs to get selected for office. Once in office his task was to start the war in Syria and destroy Libya for certain vested interests. He now has to be haunted, like Blair , for his stupidity for the rest of his life.

        I firmly believe that certain life choices although they may lead to immediate de-motion by the status quo mob , eventually do lead to new opportunities, some of them considerably better than being labelled as an eager, but convicted war criminal.

        Change has happened in a way that has caught the spy agency the CIA on the blink. Is the purpose of spying not to read the future? How could they not have predicted the backlash to their own support for Islamic terrorism when they were paid to predict?

        Talking of eating one’s own vomit, was it Cameron who ate the pig’s penis or the pig that ate his? I forget. I think he’s hoping to catch dementia so he can forget his stupid life choice.

  • bevin

    Is it possible that the stalling of Police Enquiries into Tory misbehaviour is connected to the institution of (party) politicised Police Commissioners?

    • philw

      The Police Commissioner for Devon (a Tory) is herself under police investigation for electoral expense fraud. She refuses to stand down, despite all urgings, and apparently there is no mechanism to force this. I’m sure it wont be a case of “if you’re nice to us we’ll be nice to you”, will it?

    • giyane

      Ok clever clogs. No=one has ever managed to explain to me why that particular piece of dogma ever took place. Now you’ve explained it – a politically charged investigative force – what can be done to reverse it. Other political parties might see advantages to keeping it in place. Turkeys voting to ban Xmas…

  • Republicofscotland

    Yeah Chris Law is a nice guy, I recall speaking to him in Merkland street Glasgow in 2014, he brought his Green Goddess fire engine right on to the pedestrian precinct.

    As far as I can recall, he received a warm welcome from the public.

    Another nice guy and competent orator (such as yourself) who suffered similar false accusations from the establishment, is Tommy Sheppard MP.

    As for the Tory election expenses scandal, it has been 99 days since Channel 4 reported the alleged misgivings.

    The police have a cut of date of two years, after the 2015 election. Watch as the Tory election expenses scandal is kicked into the long grass, until its time barred.

    Westminster really is the den of sleaze.

  • Sharp Ears

    Reminds me of the Mark Clarke/Lady Pidding/Lord Feldman cover up on the bullying that led to the suicide of Elliott Johnson. The nasty party kicked it into the long grass with the aid of a firm of solicitors who carried out an ‘inquiry’. It never happened, etc.

    They rival Coronation Street or East Enders.
    Tatler Tory’s mistress in Commons party storm: Mark Clarke’s lover sparked outrage by turning up to Gorge Osborne’s cocktail bash
    •Clarke’s lover India Brummitt, 26, sparked outrage by turning up as a guest
    •She attended a cocktail bash in the former Chancellor’s Westminster study
    •One guest shouted at her: ‘You have no right to be here when you are still s******* the disgusting Mark Clarke!’

    Elliott Johnson’s family condemn Tory chairman’s bullying inquiry ‘arrogance’
    Ray Johnson attacks Patrick McLoughlin’s handling of Clifford Chance’s report and demands that it is published in full

  • Alan Campbell

    No comments on the Moslem ban? Thought not. Christ what a Quisling. “But her emails…”

    • Becky Cohen

      I see Theresa May has attempted to disassociate herself from Trump’s actions going so far as to claim that if the ban affects any Britons she will intervene immediately.

      Well, the ban HAS already affected Britons as a woman from Glasgow was denied entry to New York yesterday. Surprise, surprise: Theresa May did diddly squat. Yet another broken promise from our so-called Prime Minister!

      • fred

        I think Theresa May was talking about British citizens with British passports, there isn’t much she can do for foreign nationals.

        It does seem odd that when so much of importance is happening regarding human rights in the world a page five story about a SNP MP takes preference.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ fred January 29, 2017 at 10:08
          So are you assuming she couldn’t have been British if she is a Muslim, as presumably that would be the reason for the ban? Good point, Becky.

          • fred

            No, I am assuming she is an Iranian national with an Iranian passport because that is what it said on the news.

          • Paul Barbara

            Fair enough if that is the case. Becky said ‘a British woman’, so I assumed she had a British passport.

      • michael norton

        The woman is not from Glasgow.
        She may currently be studying at Glasgow.
        She is from Iran.

        get your story straight

        • michael norton

          I see no way of claiming this Iranian woman is Scottish.

          she only seems to have lived in the United Kingdom for thirteen months.

          Hamaseh graduated with honours from the University of Pisa (Italy), Faculty of Veterinary Science in 2012. After graduation, she received a grant for a research project in veterinary ultrasound locoregional anaesthesia at the University of Pisa and in April 2016 she was awarded her PhD. During her PhD, she completed a one-year veterinary anaesthesia training program at Tierspital at the University of Bern (Switzerland). Hamaseh joined the University of Glasgow as a resident in Veterinary Anaesthesia in November 2015 and is studying towards her European Diploma in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia.

          • Jo

            So what?

            She was only intending to pass through the US to get a connecting flight and was prevented from doing so. That’s outrageous! She wouldn’t even have been leaving the airport.

            Whether she’s Scottish or not doesn’t come into it.

          • michael norton

            Ms. Hamaseh Tayari was born in Iran, growing up and studying in Italy.
            Only recently has she been studying in Glasgow.
            Ministry of Truth
            A spokesman for the University of Glasgow said: “We were extremely concerned at the difficulties which one of our postgraduate students encountered on trying to return to the UK via the United States after holidaying in Costa Rica.

            So even the University of Glasgow are not claiming this woman is Scottish, she is currently a post graduate student, who will presumably return to wherever she calls home, when she finally is done with studying.

            But is it really up to Theresa May to go to the wire for this Iranian woman?

  • Node

    You see, there you go again. I’ve got you on the ropes so you try to divert the dialogue into a slanging match. You can have that insight for free.

  • Thomas Kerr

    There is simply no way to react to the liberal left, such as your good self. What offends me most about people like you, is that you opine with such absolute certainty that you are ( a ) the only one who knows what is right or wrong and ( b ) everyone who would disagree with you will be categorised or boxed, in simple terms, called a ” name “. You think the police wasted time carrying out an investigation into your ” friend ” Chris Law? Really? There is a clear suspicion of wrongdoing and yet BECAUSE he is an SNP supporter, and a supporter of independence, like you, he should be exempt from investigation? Are you serious? Surely an investigation which, if you believe it, CLEARS him, is advantageous? Do you REALLY want to be selective in who the police may or may not investigate? I don’t know why I am surprised at your stance. You and your disappointed supporters only want to see one side of the independence debate, but what about the situation(s) in George Square, Glasgow AFTER you lost? What about the vocal and physical intimidation that was being launched quite vehemently at people celebrating THEIR vote in remaining in the UK? Remember, the majority? No, THAT will mean less than nothing to you. Well, sir, it mattered to me as I watched and filmed the deplorable behaviour of Mrs Sturgeons rabid Yellowshirts, AND the police standing by as THEY watched and ignored the threats and intimidation. You appear to want democracy, freedom of opinion, freedom of speech ONLY when it suits YOUR points of view. Is that not fascism, sir? I think so.

    • Clark

      Odd. I was in Glasgow in 2014 during the referendum. That troubled weekend, I sat with a friend as she read sadly from her Facebook account, reports of a drunken Unionist mob marauding about Glasgow, taunting, provoking and vandalising as they went. Particularly odd since my friend was a Rangers supporter from a family with a tradition of service in the armed forces, so her Facebook feed was quite pro-Union. She was appalled by the behaviour.

    • JOML

      It would be interesting to see your film footage, particularly as your version of events is totally different to other footage I’ve seen. Are you able to share?

  • Muscleguy

    BTW it should be noted that a testament to Craig’s commitment to the cause that on the day in question in that interview he was unwell. I met him at RIC Dundee’s stall just before he had to go off to that interview and told him to look after himself. He gave more than money to the cause of Scottish Independence.

    Look after yourself Craig.

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