Mysterious Deaths of Uzbek Refugees in the US

From The Congress of Democratic Uzbekistan (CDU)

Uzbek Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that the next group of Uzbek citizens, who fled the country after the Andijan events in May 2005, made a request to the Uzbek embassy in the USA to render assistance to

return home. All of these refugees have been staying in Boyce, Idaho.

At the same time the mysterious death of two Uzbek refugees in Idaho has raised suspicion and concern.

According to Akram Mahmedov living in Idaho (1444 W Jacksnipe Dr Meridian, ID 83642 ; Ph. #:208-895-0206 ; 208-713-4659), a 29 year old Uzbek citizen Alimjan Sabirov (Olimjon Sobirov, Garden city, ID) died on August 1, 2006. Doctors announced his death as suspicious for he had mysteriously died in his sleep, especially because Mr. Sabirov was a healthy individual.

A month later on September 2, 2006 Mr. Sabirov’s close friend Zahidjan Mahmedov (1429 Siver Salmon, Meridian, ID 83642) also died in the similar suspicious manner at the age of 29.

The Uzbek government and the embassy of Uzbekistan in Washington DC have a political interest in the return of Andijan refugees. Mr. Sabirov and Mr. Mahmedov have been trying to reveal this motive to the refugees by reasoning with them to stay. They attempted to inform

the Andijan refugees that Uzbek dictatorial regime is torturing and killing innocent people.

Furthermore Mr. Mahmedov’s brother Akram Mahmedov gave several interviews to the radio Liberty/RFE/RL, wrote articles and petitions on this issue.

The Congress of Democratic Uzbekistan is urging you to cover these mysterious deaths, due to the more than 60 refugees return to Uzbekistan next week.

Sincerely Jahangir Mamatov,

Chairman of the Democratic Uzbekistan

[email protected]


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