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11 thoughts on “The 4.45pm link


    It’s time the West finished propping up Israel and assisted where possible in FAIR negotiations! I’ll be amazed if this happens because of the Americans and their vested interests.

  • Abe Rene

    Turkey has recalled its ambassador and threatened to send further relief with the support of the Turkish Navy. If so, the blockade of Gaza could be significantly eased in the near future. If Hamas adopts more or less the position of the PLO after it abandoned the idea of destroying Israel, we may yet see the blockade collapse like the Berlin wall, perhaps on the Egyptian side to begin with. I would like to read about young Gazans enjoying life instead of building rockets.

  • writerman

    Isn’t Isreal guilty of a blatant act of international terrorism here? If a Muslim terrorist group had attacked an Israeli or American ship in the same manner our socalled free press would be up in arms over another terrorist atrocity, and our bombers would likely already be in the skies and on their way to retaliate, as force is the only language the terrorists understand.

    Yet Israel as a western nation and partner, is regarded differently, the rules change when it’s us doing the killing and the blood shed isn’t perceived as ours, or worthy enough. Our hypocracy and double-standards is appalling, but not surprising. Historically it’s our normal reaction and the essence of our imperialist mindset. Violence and agression is in our imperial DNA. And then we claim to be shocked and horrified when people resist and attempt to fight back and make us pay a price in blood for a change.

    And looking at the BBC’s website is nausiating. Paul Reynolds – what a prick. How these people suck all the life and meaning out of the english language is amazing. Words are castrated and concepts turned inside out. Murder and slaughter are magically transformed into accidental deaths in confused and chaotic situation. An act of state terrorism turns into an incident or an action where lives are regretably lost, lives are lost and no one is apparently responsible. To prostitute language like that isn’t an art, it’s a crime.

    Turkey is a member of NATO. Israel has attacked a ship belonging to a NATO country, killing its citizens, and then kidnapping hundreds of others and taking them by force to Israel.

    Surely Turkey is within its rights to demand a forthright response from NATO to this unprovoked Israeli agression aimed at a NATO member state? What about the NATO doctrine of collective defense and the idea that an attack on one member state is an attack on all of NATO and requires a collective reponse? Or is all that, like so much else, just the usual bullshit?

  • amk

    Writerman: a terrorist is a person with a bomb but not a plane from which to drop it (source unknown). People wearing a nation’s uniform are (arbitrarily) never called terrorists.

    Good point about an act of war against a NATO member.

    I’ve linked Glenn “Glennzilla” Greenwald here a few times, and Craig has been linking him recently. Naturally I take credit for introducing Craig to Glenn.

  • NomadUK

    ‘…Or is all that, like so much else, just the usual bullshit?’


  • Cide Hamete Benengeli

    Nice try, Larry.

    You can improve your excellent research skills further by googling “Mavi Marmara”. You’ll find more footage of people fighting back with (shock! horror!) chairs and poles. Also videos with (gasp!) sound, from the ship itself.

  • david

    Craig, what really gets me is that you can contemplate belonging to a party that tolerates a Friends of Israel faction amongst its office bearers.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Cide Hamete Benengeli, I’m perfectly willing to admit that there is video footage showing different points of view.

  • ingo

    You must be tired from all the arm twisting last nigh Larry, go have a rest before MV Rachel Corrie comes into ‘reach’.

    It is to be seen whether Turkey will sent a frigatte to make sure that MV Rachel Corries international shipping rights are secure and safe.

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