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5 thoughts on “I Feel Much Safer Now

  • joe90

    It won't be long before the US catches up with Osama's camel-herder I expect – his eminence grise, so I've heard.

    Great blog (I visit whenever I'm on the web), great book and, most unfortunately, I won't be able to go see your lovely wife over in Auld Reekie's Fesitival Craig.

    However, if she is still about she may want to join in the demonstration, pencilled in for the Sunday 2pm, in support of getting the Edinburgh to Gaza medical aid mission into Gaza, currently stuck at the Rafah crosspoint.

    The Scottish First Minister has been in the newspaper headlines on IV in support of helping get this medical aid into the Israeli warsaw ghetto of Gaza –

    Scottish medical supplies across Europe to Gaza: End the Siege

    Scottish Television Headlines

    05 Aug 2008

    For lots more info, please see the dedicated Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign webpage here –

    Scottish medical supplies across Europe to Gaza: End the Siege

    Imagine that Craig, instead of smashing innocent defenceless Gazans in the face, and turning up in the Knesset to give speeches in praise of a gang of racist war criminal ethnic cleansers, as Prime Minister Broon does –

    – our own Scottish First Minister and Scottish Parliament, actually want to help Gazans, and help Linda and Kahlil get their medical into the starving victims inside suffering collective punishment inside their western made hell-hole!

    all the best Craig!

  • tinalouise

    It is getting to be beyond a joke seeing through the myths and illusions foisted on us in the name of a war on terror that is based on lies and manipulation.

    This 'conviction' is like free fodder for humour and not news that can make us feel safe in our beds.

    If the results of all this weren't so devastating to lives, honour, justice and truth – it would be funny.

  • Amir

    Shutting down dissidents

    In regards to your posting on Tom Feeley and attempts to shut down his anti-war website ( ), I would like to add that already in New York, all HHC hospitals are blocking his website while at the same time the website of JINSA and alike are not blocked. I testify to the truth of this statement from my own experience back in 2006-2007.

    This make me think of your experience with the gas explosion and harrasment back in 2007.

    Yours sincerely

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