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Unless the BBC takes firm disciplinary action against Nick Robinson for this, they cannot keep pretending that the UK any longer holds free and fair elections. For a state broadcaster to show this level of venom and bias against the opposition leader is utterly unacceptable.

It is indisputable that Robinson’s history is as a high ranking Conservative Party activist. They dominate BBC News, as a plain matter of fact. They have changed the culture of the BBC so they no longer feel any need to disguise their Tory cheerleading.

This is an Uzbek style election.

267 thoughts on “BBC Bias is Clear and Indisputable

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  • michael norton

    Two Remoaner Conservative M.P.s in talks about defection to Lib Dems as unexpected General Election looms

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a dozen Conservative M.P.’s move ove to Little Timmy.

    Remoaning is nasty

  • patricia irwin

    Nick Robinson should be sacked. It is because of the biased BBC News that the effects of Tory austerity are not known to people in the leafy suburbs. They have been fed lies and this insinuation that Corbyn’s policies have no substance is an absolute lie too.Austerity has increased the national debt and only improved life for the rich while others starve. There are other very successful countries which run policies similar to Corbyn’s and the details have all been supported by academic economists aswell. The BBC was afraid that the Tories would take their licence fee away and so set up this right wing biased news team to placate them but the bias has gone too far.

    • michael norton

      Patricia irwin ,
      maybe you could help me out,
      if people are starving in
      The United Kingdom, why do we spend so much money of overseas aid?
      Thank you in advance.

  • redracam

    Just listened to BBC report on Venezuela – sickening. It is like history does not exist anymore only the events of the past 48 hours. With that time scale you can justify whatever narrative you are pushing.
    Knowing the acts of the right wing opposition since the first election of Hugo Chavez in 1999, the blatant attempts to make the Bolivarian movement falter with coups (most serious attempt in 2002), disrupting food and other supplies to shops, small armed groups causing chaos in small towns and villages and the suburbs of Caracas and violent demonstrations to provoke the police not to mention the steady drip of propoganda from the private media – the BBC still finds place to put the undemocratic adjective on Nicolas Maduro.
    It beggars belief that bias at this level can be allowed to go unchallenged.

  • Kate Shillibeer

    I’ve stopped paying my licence fee to the BBC as I refuse to watch their drivel. Their behaviour towards Scotland is disturbing and full of what used to be their hidden agenda. Not so hidden anymore.

  • Nicholas Castle

    I am unable to watch BBC current affairs programmes, incuding the news any longer, due to obvious bias. Question time should be titled a party political broadcast on behalf of the Conservatives. Newsnight is the same.

    • trevor pemberton

      nicholas i feel the same it is just sickening to watch,dimbleby a vile unapolagetic arogant nasty bit of work under the guise of a decent man which he is not ,the tory bias is obvious and blattant but indorsed by the bbc as in every news report ,nothing democratic about this tory gov 11milloin for 35million didnt vote for them,

    • Sam

      This is rubbish. I have never seen so many left wing people in an audience in my life. My mum once complained about this years ago, and my friend’s son who works in the political field has been in the audience himself and can categorically state that the audience IS cherry picked towards the left.

  • laguerre

    Actually, it’s not only the Tories that the BBC is shilling for. It’s also for Le Pen in the French election. There are endless positive references, endless pieces about whether she will win. You know, she is not even in the lead in the polls for the first round, let alone the decisive second, where the polls, as they stand, are clear she will lose. It is, by the way, Macron in the lead for Sunday’s first round, though not by much.

  • NMac

    Would the BBC dare to discipline Robinson? Over the Corporation’s head is the unspoken, but very real, threat of Tory privatisation. Personally, I stopped watching all BBC news and current affairs programmes some years ago.

  • Mark Cunliffe

    Have you seen his wheedling back peddle on Facebook? My complaint to the BBC was answered with a link to it. Here’s what he says;
    “When I tweeted earlier that people should not be surprised by Jeremy Corbyn’s approach as it was “the story of his life” some read it as being perjorative and evidence of that establishment sneering. I meant no such thing. My point was that
    the Labour leader is doing what he has done for decades and what brought him huge and unexpected success in his party. So no-one should expect him now to change his approach.
    I, on the other hand, will read my tweets twice to check they don’t read as if I mean something I never intended. What’s more I’ll constantly remind myself that this campaign is likely to produce lots of moments where people cry “that’s not fair”.”
    Full link:
    Don’t forget to look at the comments – people see straight through him!

    • D_Majestic

      Mine had the same response, Mark. I took it as a coded ‘You complained but you can eff off’ reply. I shall be waiting for my in-depth reply. (He laughed knowingly). And I am not letting this hornet’s nest go untreated.

  • Robert Hogg

    This mans just integrity or lack of , was clearly highlighted when he lied about answers given from Alex Salmond three years ago . How do you get rid of such a snake ?, we need a mongoose of a sort . A protest outside the headquarters down in England just like the YES movement did at Pacific quay to protest the bias shown here in Scotland . Labour supporters ought to do so if only to reign him in for the n x2 six weeks .

  • Dave Lodge

    The BBC have become a joke, they used to be the one source of news you could trust, now they are just the mouthpiece of the Tory party.

    • Euan Gray

      Most Conservatives would see it as having a distinct liberal-left bias, especially in current affairs reporting and programmes such as Question Time.

      The fact that the BBC annoys people on both left and right, each accusing it of bias towards the other, would tend to suggest that on the whole it is fairly balanced.

      • glenn_uk

        “Most Conservatives would see it as having a distinct liberal-left bias…

        Well they would say that, wouldn’t they? But the BBC is stuffed with Tory grandees, stooges and sympathisers. Not “New Labour” types, and most definitely not traditional Labour (i.e. Corbyn) types.

  • Cadogan Enright

    Robinson was even worse in the Scottish referendum and continues to show gross anti-SNP bias as well

    • Peter Barlow

      At least some English viewers now realise the BBC’s approach now.
      During GE17 and Scotref, will they stop to think that it’s not the Beeb being anti-Corbyn, but being pro-hard-right…

  • Sharp Ears

    Reply from BBC Complaints ref Kuennsberg/Daily Politics/
    Wednesday 19th April 2017.

    Wednesday April 19 Daily Politics.
    Laura Kuenssberg said: polls show some Labour policies popular by themselves “but when they come with the Labour label, the Corbyn Label, you get a very different result”

    But a recent Comres poll, specifically testing this idea, had just strikingly found that you do NOT get a very different result. Error due to bias. She knows most polls show Corbyn is not personally popular and by a wishful deduction to fit her rather well known animus she carries forward Theresa Mays policy of relentless personal denigration.

    Andrew Neil will not deny familiarity with the famous Comres poll, unless he admits culpable inexpertise. He did not correct his colleague. Silence when you know better is a form of lying. His other colleague, to be fair, may not know anything at all.


    Thanks for contacting us.

    We appreciate that you feel our coverage of the forthcoming general election has been biased against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. We’ve discussed concerns about our reporting of this story with senior editorial staff at BBC News. To allow us to reply promptly, and to ensure we use our licence fee resources as efficiently as possible, we’re sending this response to everyone. We’re sorry we can’t reply individually, but we hope this will address most of the points raised.

    As part of our detailed analysis of this story we have examined the political challenges facing all the main parties, and questioned their representatives about the issues raised. This has, rightly, included Labour’s performance in opposition. Given the unprecedented events within the Parliamentary Labour Party last summer, when Jeremy Corbyn overwhelmingly lost a no-confidence vote among his own MPs before being re-elected by the wider party, we believe it is entirely legitimate to explore the questions that have been raised about his leadership, including whether this was a factor in the Prime Minister’s decision to call an early election.

    During the campaign we will of course report on and examine the policy platforms of all the main parties, and feature a range of voices from across the political spectrum.

    Thanks again for contacting us.

    Kind Regards

    BBC Complaints Team

  • Laguerre

    Another astounding case today of the BBC (R4) shilling for Marine Le Pen. They said at midday that Le Pen has been joined by a major, serious, party in French politics. So I looked it up in the French press, and it turns out to be Dupont-Aignan, of whom scarcely anyone has heard. He got 4.7% in the first round, which is at least more than some others. And what is more she has offered him the post of prime minister if elected – that means she is not expecting to get other allies more significant. She’s blown her promises on him. This is presented as a major event by the Beeb, not so much in France. Now D-A is being accused of being a traitor in the French media – that is the current story.

  • Gordon Smith

    Diane Abbott, accidentally, gets her figures wrong in an interview about police spending and it becomes a BBC news article.

    Theresa May says at a ‘selective’ public speech, accidentally, that she will ‘end tourism’ in the UK. No mention of this gaffe at all on BBC.

    If Corbyn made that mistake, it’d be all over the BBC news site. BBC are clearly biased.

  • Septimus Plantpot

    Christian Fraser during a BBC broadcast on the French election: “The coalition in the UK worked rather well.”

  • Bill Baker

    Not quite sure where Craig is coming from. Having just listened to BBC Question Time from Scarborough, I assumed it was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party. How does Dimbleby manage to find such a left wing audience?

  • J F Robertson

    Why would any clear thinking responsible person ever consider voting for Theresa May this is one WEAK WEAK leader conservatives have ever had . Her time at Oxford she never sat the PPE DEGREE OPTED FOR GEOGRAPHY never made the top union had to settle for second best would never enter into direct confrontation as she is refusing today direct confrontation with Jeremy Corban . This is a PM Who can’t stand up for herself and has the adaucity to decry Jeremy Corban a strong well balanced person who can save the UK from the BRINK where as T.M would take us over the brink with devastated consequences . VOTE JEREMY VOTE LABOUR OUR ONLY SALVATION

  • Chris S

    The BBC is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Conservative Party, tell people the moon is made of cheese long enough and it becomes fact for some people. We are living in dark times when the bulk of the media in this country spin lies over and over again.

  • M Gould

    Please note the cover of Theresa Mays speech this morning on The World at One. Minutes of recorded imput from her is in my view a part political broadcast and should be declared as such. The lengthy extract could not be explained in relation to the following item which was not about her speech.

    I find BBC bias distressing because it is unfair, we already have a right wing popular press and the BBC coverage could at least reflect the voting numbers in the previous election. As it could and should reflect the voters views in the referendum. Examples of bias were articulated tenaciously by an earlier speaker on this programme.

  • Minnie Mouse

    What the hell is the BBC doing – it is so left wing and biased it’s unbelievable. On question time tonight ALL of the audience and its questions are totally chosen and labour based – including David Dimbleby who I always thought was neutral!!! How dare they slate Teresa May like this – they will be sorry when the Conservatives win outright – the BBC should be hung for their disgusting attitude!!!

  • Elsie Tyson

    The BBC is a biased left wing concern Corbyn is leading their Labour bias. The BBC audencies are selected on a Labour support bias, why do I have to pay my television licence to a concern who is biased and not interested about any adverse reactions against the Labour Party. This is a free country paying the BBC to misrepresent the British public. We need to rebel and not pay to an institution who are trying to promote their own polictical bias.

  • Elsie Tyson

    The BBC will never convince me that they are not totally left wing Labour supporters. I pay my licence money to them to be bombardered with Labour propergander. Can someone please create a television system where the BBC can be deleted and we can just watch other channels and not pay the licence money. Come on there must be a a communications company out there? Can’t wait not on my own I think??

  • Alison Mitchell

    Tonight’s Leaders’ Debate on BBC1 is further proof of his bias and venom towards Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP in particular

  • Ron Wylie

    The BBC has made a huge mistake if it thinks it can get away with the bias it has shown, it has lost all credibility. If news channels is not truthful then they have become Fox News, was that anything to work towards?, they have shown themselves for what they are and their cosy lifestyle should come to a close, they lost the quality in their productions a good while ago and now they have lost their reputation as a trusted mainstay of honesty and decency. They have a clear political agenda and this simply wont do when a lot of Labour supporters pay their wages. How arrogant.

  • Marie Howard

    Sorry I think election was biased towards labour not conservatives as everything I watched on BBC 1 6.00pm news geared to endorsing labour party. Don’t forget the BBC choose to show their preferential party which was made obvious to be labour. Teresa May was trying to tell voters what the truth was such as letting those pensioners know who can easy afford electric and gas bills they would not receive reductions or students that they should not be entitled to free University fees as per my generation. Unfortunately labour supporters believed the high hopes of that party to be paid for by somebody else other than themselves!!

  • valerie ching

    BBC is biased but it is in the thrall of remainers/big business. News reports since election result have been disgraceful. Destabilising and treacherous comments. You are supposed to report the news not sneering shouting at Theresa may from laura kuenssberg and a succession of people at Sunday politics and news at one giving not news but airtime to self seeking George Osborne that the government won’t last and Theresa may should go. This is not news. The Queen has authorised this parliament now shut up and do your job of reporting news. We don’t want to hear your biased opinions and have to pay for this on the licence fee.

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