BBC Bias is Clear and Indisputable 267

Unless the BBC takes firm disciplinary action against Nick Robinson for this, they cannot keep pretending that the UK any longer holds free and fair elections. For a state broadcaster to show this level of venom and bias against the opposition leader is utterly unacceptable.

It is indisputable that Robinson’s history is as a high ranking Conservative Party activist. They dominate BBC News, as a plain matter of fact. They have changed the culture of the BBC so they no longer feel any need to disguise their Tory cheerleading.

This is an Uzbek style election.

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267 thoughts on “BBC Bias is Clear and Indisputable

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  • Chas

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    What is wanted is ‘The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth’. Unfortunately, it is far too common for the BBC to give – ‘The Truth… well a bit of it … That portion of the truth that aligns with the Left agenda…. Nothing that is the truth that does not align with the agenda.’
    We can not accuse the BBC of telling lies, that which is untrue. Unfortunately it is far too common to simply miss out half of the story, a practice that completely changes the understanding of the truth.
    They are fully aware of what they are doing – they have been told often enough. The chance of getting them to change? Impossible.

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