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So a tiny independent radio station in Ireland managed to interview Robert Fisk on the ground in Douma, but none of the British mainstream broadcast media today has him on, despite the political fallout from our Syria bombing attacks being the main news story everywhere? Meantime MSM propagandists including Richard Hall (BBC), Dan Hodges (Mail) and Brian Whitaker (Guardian) and many more queue up to denounce Fisk on twitter from their cosy armchairs.

It bears repeating that the information on the alleged gas attacks – which raises great doubt but which Fisk himself does not claim as definitive – is not the most important part of Fisk’s article. The Hell of rule under the jihadists that we in the West are arming, funding, training, “military advising” and giving air support, alongside Saudi Arabia and Israel, is the indisputable and much more important element of Fisk’s report, as is the clear evidence he provides that the White Helmets are part of the jihadist factions.

To return to Scotland, I am sorry I shocked many of those who wish me well with the vehemence of my attack on Ian Blackford and the SNP for accepting MI6′ version of events, together with a renewed expression of my outrage at Nicola Sturgeon for having instantly supported Boris Johnson’s anti-Russian rhetoric over Salisbury without waiting for evidence.

My anger is not synthetic and there is a fundamental point here.

The question is this: whether Scotland wishes to become truly a different kind of state to the UK, or whether it is simply a case of a management buyout of the local NATO franchise. As the UK enters enthusiastically into a new cold war, that question is now a much sharper one.

The UK security services are Scotland’s enemy. The next effort at Independence is not going to look like 2014 – the British Establishment only allowed that because at the outset they did not believe there was a hope in Hell we could win. Now they are rattled. Our next effort at Independence will look much more like Catalonia. All the signs are that the current leadership of the SNP, who are so comfy having little chats with MI6 in their career break from investment banking, or who want to be an inclusive, unionist-friendly “Queen Mum” figure rather than campaign for Independence, do not have the stomach for the fight. What they do have is comfy, very highly paid, billets as a pocket of token opposition and diversity within the United Kingdom.

Nicola buying into the Johnson story of the new cold war is not a small thing. It is huge, momentous, epoch-defining in Scotland. And a fundamental betrayal of her voters.

A Fully Paid Up Member of the British Establishment

In the next street to where I am writing was born the great James Connolly. He wrote:

When it is said that we ought to unite to protect our shores against the ‘foreign enemy’, I confess to be unable to follow that line of reasoning, as I know of no foreign enemy of this country except the British Government

Note the British government are the enemy – not in any way the people of England. Anybody who cannot repeat Connolly’s statement with conviction is only pretending to be part of the Scottish Independence movement, and will falter as soon as Westminster says no.

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  • anthony powell

    Thank you for your view stated. It makes such a nice change to read a different version of recent events regarding Russia and Syria. Differing published views on current events used to be common place once upon a time, but that was before 1984. In my view, the traitors, both Scottish, English, and “in the services” are all for promoting the current set of lies and protecting the criminals. Pan AM flight 103 still needs fixing… it wasn’t Libya btw far as I can see, I know that seems to be a revelation to some.

    • qesc

      The BBC and their ilk are becoming scared, or rather the people who use the BBC are starting to feel the heat.It’s only the deep sleepers that will swallow this type of trash now, although there are still more than enough of them. The direction is changing though thanks in no small part to Craig and the ‘independent journalists’ discredited by the trusted BBC

  • Buz

    It is interesting that the BBC prominently broadcast the concerns of the WHO who received reports about victims of the Douma attack which occurred on 7 April while ignoring the report on the WHO website for the same date. Not sure when the “500 injured” stories were first published. BBC appears to have ignored the report on the WHO website titled
    East Ghouta UPDATE ISSUE 13 covering the period 5th to 12th April .
    This describes an attack on Douma Central Hospital and describes structural damage but DOES NOT MENTION gas or nerve agents.

    “From 6-8 April, renewed and intensive violence was reported in Duma city resulting in many civilian
    deaths and injuries. Reports include sustained airstrikes and shelling on Duma, the killing of civilians, the
    destruction of civilian infrastructure, and attacks against several health facilities:
    o On 7 April, Duma Specialized Hospital (also known as Duma Central Hospital) in East Ghouta,
    was targeted for the second time in two days by an airstrike, resulting in significant structural
    damages. Initial reports showed no casualties. The hospital remains partially open.
    o On 6 April, Duma Obstetric Center in East Ghouta was targeted by an airstrike, resulting in
    structural and medical equipment damages. Initial report showed no casualties. The staff
    resumed their medical duties in the less damaged parts of the facility.
     In East Ghouta, more than 130,000 people are estimated to have left the enclave since 9 March. Of the
    89,683 people who arrived at IDP sites in Rural Damascus, 44,667 people remain in the sites as of 9
    April. In addition, more than 50,000 combatants and their family members were transported to
    northwestern Syria in recent weeks.
     On 8 April, an agreement was reportedly reached in Duma city, where an estimated 78,000 – 150,000 ……….”

    the point is Syrian govt may have committed war crimes but did not use gas on this occasion. If WHO had info on gas use on 7 April they would have said so.

    Apologies if this has already been discussed here .i have made a formal complaint to the BBC Perhaps someone else can read the WHO East GOUTA Update issue 13 and explain.

    • Curly Tops

      The doctors of these hospitals were interviewed where they discussed the lack of chemical weapons victims seen by them on those dates. They don’t mention attacks on the hospitals. I think these WHO reports are, sadly again, repeating the propaganda of the White Helmets, whom one of the doctors interestingly voices an opinion on their training and recruitment.

  • johnny rudkin

    I also think that nicola sturgeon and ian blackford were wrong in supporting theresa may and boris johnstone without any evidence, hearsay and likely is not good enough, they should have kept quiet and not got involved, it was nothing to do with scotland the new independent country, we dont want to start off with enemies, I believe that nicola and ian belonging to the privy council has a lot to do with it, having to swear allegiance to the queen, their allegiance is to the people of scotland.

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