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35 thoughts on “Me, in Doha, Proving I Do Own a Tie

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Quite a nice one too! But your fellow speakers don’t seem to have bothered.

  • giyane

    It doesn’t prove you own it – any more than Bojo owns Cyprus to give to Erdogan or Trump owns Syria to give to Greater Israel.

  • Brianfujisan

    Spent about 50 mins Hunting for a better video..The Arabic Translator you mention is very hard to understand

    There is a video on youtube of Seven hours.. i went through it speedily.. Then again it could be the same translator.. Methinks you Luck on that.. Or Sharp Ears on the case 🙂

    • Sharp Ears

      Suggest one tries to get money into Palestine – West Bank or Gaza – past all the obstacles put up by Israel. Then there’s the rip off in fees and currency rates from the likes of Western Union if one succeeds. UK banks will not carry out transactions.

  • giyane

    Al Jazeera is the mouthpiece of the Muslim Hatehood, which is working with USUKIS to oust all the people and governments of the Middle East and replace them with Muslim-hating ones controlled by the West.
    They are not investigative journalists about Israel. they are insiders, with Israel, in creating the Middle Eastern conflicts. That’s how they know the news , they make it.

    • Alcyone

      Israel hates Iran (the Shias) more than they do the Saudi-Qatar-GCC (the Sunnis) alliance. Why?

      Could one factor be that Saudi Arabia already has The Bomb?

      Further, could the Shias and the Sunnis ever be friends? Not being a student of history, have they ever been for any length of time, obviously not long enough!?

      These are very critical questions, cutely buried, not many are asking? It’ll be very interesting to hear Craig’s informed views. Especially, since the whole blooming world is caught up in this Islamic War?

      I won’t choose sides, just observe the deep and constant clash of ridiculous ideologies?

      Of course ideologies clash at many levels, even every level. Why do we need ideologies? Is it any wonder that Earth is such a massively divided place? (24 minutes of your conflicted life.)

      • laguerre

        Israel prefers allying with absolute dictators. Democracy is too complicated. That’s the main reason.

  • Alcyone

    A.) Me, in Doha, Proving I Do Own a Tie, B.) That you know how to tie it too, and C.) That you Own a Comb Too!

    Well done Craig–looking good and no signs of alcohol withdrawal symptoms too (just for the jumpy ones here: obviously kidding). You once asked ‘why does one need to iron a shirt?’. I know you were being playful, but for all our comrades on here, let me just remind them of the old adage ‘apparel oft proclaims the man’, in other words ‘clothes make the man’.

    But what makes a ‘Gala’ dinner? Certainly not having any women around, apparently. What did you tell those hypocritical, medieval, evil folk? Is the Arabic version fake/twisted?

  • Sharp Ears

    Could I inquire why these two posts have gone into moderation? Craig has written about Israel’s theft of Palestinian resources several times.

    Sharp Ears
    April 24, 2017 at 05:27
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Israel-Europe gas deal sparks criticism
    Palestinians living under occupation will ‘continue to be further brutalised’ by expansion of Israel’s gas industry.
    23rd April 2017

    Sharp Ears
    April 24, 2017 at 05:32
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    and pity the poor Palestinians living in the rubble, literally powerless in many regards.

    Gaza electricity crisis: ‘People are dying daily’

    That is dated 1 January 2016 but nothing has changed.

    • Itsy

      “Craig has written about Israel’s theft of Palestinian resources several times.”

      But not in *this* post?

    • Alcyone

      Very nice one Itsy–very clever indeed. What do you make of Corbyn’s tie? Ironic that Trump and he share the exact same colour preferences.

      But is there any other European, Russian, or even Chinese politician who only ever wears a red tie?

  • Alcyone

    Staying on the subject of the Middle East or more accurately, The Middle World, or even more pointedly, The Muddled World, or getting into the slime, The Muddy World:

    “‘Muslim Majority’ Versus Islamic Nations, Part 2: Sharia Law and Islam as the State Religion”
    In Part 1 of this look at the Islamic world, we examined three nations with Muslim majority populations where the future of religious freedom is in question.

    Next, we will run through the Muslim-majority countries where Islam is the state religion. The nations of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia were all covered in a previous article on President Trump’s executive order to temporarily restrict immigrants and visitors from those points of origin. All name Islam as their official state religion.”

    Should concern *every” body.

    Tried to click into Part 1, but 503 error–if anyone finds it, please post a link.

    Disclaimer: Yes, yes I know the large majority of Muslim people are decent, sweet, ordinary folks and I love them too. Problem is (a) every organised religion leads you up the garden path, (b) practically speaking, it may be very difficult for muslim people to denounce and leave Islam and (c) well we all have to make up our minds of the degree of coercion embedded in Islam.

    • giyane

      ” we all have to make up our minds of the degree of coercion embedded in Islam.”

      nobody has ever ever tried to co-erce me into Islam

      several people have tried to co-erce me into doing things which are opposite to Islam, and they called themselves ‘mullas’.

      I came to the conclusion that they were working on behalf of the enemies of Islam, for money, charisma or power. Then I found they were part of a much larger group called ‘political Islam’ which corresponds roughly to the criminals of the Muslim Brotherhood, sponsored by Doha. When Sheikh Qaradawi visited London’s Central Mosque as a friend of Ken Livingstone , I heard him preach pure Islam. Many are deceived by this façade of knowledge. The key to the problem is in the word political. Islam is truth and politics is lying.
      Ne’er the twain shall meet.

  • Herbie

    They’ve got a new exhilarating feature in The Guardian.

    All the news you need to start your week.

    And it’s written by one of those old children our universities produce at such a rapid rate of knots.

    Not worth reading, apart from the unintentional humour.

    Here we go:

    “Relief in Europe as Macron secures lead over Le Pen”

    No reasoning why this might be the case. It just is, you see, in the hard-wired mind.

    Anyway, there’s also this, with a straight face:

    “Truth and beauty – “Organic” beauty products might not be all they seem. The Soil Association has warned consumers that some cosmetic companies have been pouring more money into marketing than they spend on making sure their products are environmentally-friendly and toxin-free. There are no legal standards for the use of the terms organic or natural on beauty products, which means a face cream, shampoo and make-up can be labelled as such even if it contains virtually no organic or natural ingredients.”

    Funny, innit.

    And they don’t even know.

    There was a time when writers for a national newspaper had to have just a little capacity for intellectual reflection.

    Not now.

    Dopes are much preferred.

    Who else would market such shit, and expect it to be bought:

    • Alcyone

      At the risk of indulging you in your forum-sliding exercise, what’s wrong ith the bit about the organic beauty products? I think it is a highly intelligent warning.

      • Herbie

        “Political beauty products might not be all they seem”

        Specially when they’re thieving banking bastards, and the banking backed Guardian don’t like to talk about what total cunts they are.

        Will you be needing more assistance madam, or can I just leave you to figure out the rest for yourself.

        • Alcyone

          Take a good look at yourself Mr Herbivore, in the mirror. So much anger, on a Monday morning!

          ‘National newspaper’ etc., it isn’t as if they owe you anything is there? How arrogant of you to think that who you call the ‘peeps’ can’t figure things out for themselves!

          • Herbie

            “How arrogant of you to think that who you call the ‘peeps’ can’t figure things out for themselves!”


            You can’t.

            Had to ask.

            I answered.

            And got no thanks.

            Cheeky bugger.

          • Herbie


            Five inches, you say.

            I’d say, two to three max.

            I mean, look on the bright side.

            You can get away with an extremely short skimpy kilt.

  • nevermind

    Dohahaha, the last resting place of globalisation, the place were ex ambassadors wear ties to stop any blatant attempts to shove money down one’s throat, the plce that loves IS, conspiracies and Hareems.

    You were obviously travelling and having to sleep and eat, but you were not prepared to have your words recorded in a language many of us understand and are now having to rely on an impartial interpreter to do the job. we wait to listen to a gala dinner speech, well, some will be, I’m off to the dentist.

    I’m sure Habby, our wordly twister, will not be as pleased as the damaged cult mad alcy here who is shoving their twisted mysticism down our throats, whilst praying that they are not collared by other ‘ideologies’.

  • Ruth

    I’m quite surprised you went to Doha for surely the Qatari government has been heavily involved in supporting the Islamist/MB in Libya, who
    in their turn have armed and funded the terrorists in Benghazi killing hundreds of innocent men, women and little kids.

    • John Goss

      Yes, I agree Ruth. But I suppose if Liberals don’t make their presence felt this slave-state might never change. I am interested to hear how Craig, who has been openly critical of Qatar, directed his talk.

      Interestingly yesterday I read an article in the Duran, an interview with a journalist I admire, Robert Fisk. (There are a handful left who I admire).

      Among other enlightened remarks he said:

      “I have a good friend that is a Saudi journalist. When he came to Egypt with his family, his wife was sitting at the table. When I went to his home in Riyadh, his wife was kept in the background. I never saw her. He is a nice guy. So is his family, by the way. I am not bringing him into the story. But I am just saying that you have this: once a Saudi is at home he is not the guy you meet in Washington.”

      I realise this is not Qatar but I am sure it could equally apply. But without people like Fisk speaking out about the inequities they will only continue.

  • John Goss

    Very smart. I can see you’re wearing a tie but can’t see if you’re wearing a kilt. Or is that forbidden in Qatar? 🙂

    • craig Post author


      I did not have my kilt because I had to got to and from Accra and my kilt is in Edinburgh.

      As I recall it my speech was largely about Imperialist exploitation of the Sunni/Shia divide, and the closing line was “If you find yourself in an alliance, even if only de facto or temporary, with a state which practices apartheid against people of you own race and your own religion, then you have mistaken your own interest.”

      • Alcyone

        Read mine at 07h31:

        “Further, could the Shias and the Sunnis ever be friends? Not being a student of history, have they ever been for any length of time, obviously not long enough!?

        These are very critical questions, cutely buried, not many are asking? It’ll be very interesting to hear Craig’s informed views. Especially, since the whole blooming world is caught up in this Islamic War?”

        And I don’t speak Arabic, and my Ears are not Sharp enough to hear you under their breath of translation.

        More later no doubt.

        • giyane

          There are any countries in the world where the inhabitants see no distinction between Muslim and Christian ( former Yugoslavia ), or between Sunni and Shi’a ( Iraqi Kurdistan ). In Yugoslavia USUKIS used Al Qaida to divide and rule and in Iraq this conflict was artificially induced by General Betrayus alternately blowing up the populated market places and mosques of each and blaming it on eachother.
          The Afghans have been subjected to this for centuries as part of the Great Game against Russia.

      • Bhante

        @ craig Post author April 24, 2017 at 09:45

        That’s probably why you can’t find a video in English, Craig. If one is ever found, perhaps an arabic speaker can compare with the translation. It would be interesting to see what the key message of the arabic translation is! Translation can distort no end!

      • giyane

        Those were very brave words to utter in the earshot of the saudi criminal government who overlook all of the indiscretions of their Sunni males with their Indonesian maids, but when they catch their Shi’a females travelling in a car with someone not her immediate male family, arrange for her to be gang-raped by 11 criminals freshly fetched from prisons.

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