This Westminster Election IS Indyref2 365

An SNP Scottish majority at Westminster must result in a Declaration of Independence and that must be made clear to voters. Having tried to refuse Indyref2, Theresa May has arrogantly and opportunistically called a Westminster election. It is time to take advantage of her extreme hubris and use her own momentum to make her fall flat on her face.

Independence is obtained by international recognition by other states and not by any specified internal process. As I have stated repeatedly, the large majority of states, including EU states Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia have achieved independence without a referendum as part of the process. Recognition by the UN General Assembly is what brings Independence. Nothing else.

Democratic legitimacy is important but a referendum is not the only way to gain it. Winning an election is a much more established way to gain democratic legitimacy. For Scotland’s MPs to declare Independence following a general election victory in Scotland would be to follow the path by which nations have normally gained Independence. I would prefer, after the June 8 election, a National Assembly to be called consisting of all Scotland’s national representatives – MPs, MSPs and MEPs to make the Declaration of Independence. But Scotland’s Westminster MPs could equally be convened in Edinburgh to do it.

This is a key moment for the SNP. There will never be a time of greater fluidity in the British state; now we must strike to break it up. The SNP can either play Theresa May’s game and fight a defensive election trying to save all those seats and accepting the parameters of the British state as defining the debate. Then if the SNP slips from 56 to 53 of Scotland’s 59 MPs the media will present it as a massive defeat.

Or we can seize this God-given moment and state boldly that a vote for the SNP is a vote for Independence, and campaign on that basis. A simple majority of Scottish MPs should be enough for a mandate – after all a simple majority of UK MPs is enough to give Theresa May vast powers to continue her arrogant style of rule.

We must stay ahead of the game. We must not fight on the enemy’s chosen ground. We can turn this election around and use it to gain our national freedom.

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365 thoughts on “This Westminster Election IS Indyref2

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  • Habbabkuk

    The BBC website reports Mrs Nicola Murrell (known more commonly as Ms Nicola Sturgeon) as saying that the PM’s decision to call a snap general election was “a huge mistake”.

    Now that is quite surprising, isn’t it.

    Surely Mrs Murrell (Ms Sturgeon) should be welcoming the PM’s intention, on the basis that the Tories will lose ground to Mr Jeremy Cor-byn’s revived Labour Party; this in turn will put whoever is the next UK govt in a weaker position when it comes to resisting demands for Scottish independence.

    But no – Ms Sturgeon thinks he PM has made a “huge mistake”.

    Perhaps she is unhappy that there will be a general election in a few weeks?

    Let us see how the SNP votes on the govt. motion.

    • Mike McMonagle

      Any point you were trying to make was shrouded in your strange need to state Nicola Sturgeon’s name differently from the one she chooses to use. What is your issue with Nicola Sturgeon’s name. Is it a religious thing?

      Maybe The Queen should call herself Mrs Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg since she married Philp Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg? … and then up pops “Cor-byn” which convinces me you have issues to resolve there!

    • giyane

      Brilliant absence of irony uptake Habbabkuk.
      Did you buy your Zuccone seeds? You can see how jolly I am.
      Erdogan has been given the kiss of death, praise from Donald Trump.
      Melenchon hits UK headline news, Mrs May announces her exit day.
      What’s the worst a few wild Zuccinis in my garden can do?

  • Sharp Ears

    May has to get 434 votes tomorrow. There are doubts as some Labour MPs are defying the party whip and will not vote. LOL.

    She will not engage in TV debates. Frit Treeza?

    • Habbabkuk

      If some Labour MPs and the SNP vote against a general election on 8th June that will merely prove that they are afraid of what that election might bring.

    • Habbabkuk

      I was always under the impression that Sharp Ears and consorts were against TV debates – has she changed her mind, I wonder?

  • Stu

    The situation in Scotland is simple. We have demanded a referendum and we are waiting. The election will hopefully add some momentum for Indyref2. Carmichael should be a goner, Mundell is under pressure and the Hearts moron is irrelevant but it would still be nice to remove him.

    In England Labour have to go for broke. They clearly had a plan to build a narrative through policy initiatives as Brexit, Austerity and the coming economic meltdown kick in over the next three years. Now it is simply a case of throwing everything at the Tories and seeing what sticks. Labour must say they will revoke Article 50, SAVE the NHS, demand end to Austerity and for good measure i’d throw in an electoral reform proposal just to keep the Tories off balance.

    Corbyn will probably be relieved to stand down after the election if the result is as the ‘experts’ predict. He is an honorable man who has acted with dignity in the face of disgusting attacks from the right and the faux left. The left will need to find another candidate of equal integrity and character. As I said last week we only have to win once to change to the country for decades, they have to win every single time to continue their exploitation. In 2017, 2020, 2022 all that matters is that there is a genuine socialist opposition to take advantage when their greed becomes their downfall.

    • Zebedee

      “The situation in Scotland is simple. We have demanded a referendum and we are waiting”

      So what’s the plan? March south as far as Leicester, argue amongst yourselves, then march back north again? Hasn’t this been done before?

        • Zebedee

          They got as far as Leicester before actually turning back. They started squabbling at Derby.

          Hey Fiona Bruce is the only one who gets my vote on the news at 6 tonight.

      • Stu

        I don’t know why i’m answering such a stupid reply but here you go…..

        We either get the referendum and begin campaigning or build a nasty grievance and use the frustration to suppress any normalization of Toryism.

          • Stu

            “We” in this case is supporters of Scottish independence.

            It definitely excludes pathetic internet trolls obstructing genuine discussions on an obscure and irrelevant internet comment section. Do you think you are somehow making a difference here Habb? Or are you just a perverse little man who gets his kicks annoying people?

      • Charles Russell

        You have got your referendumb or am I missing something, we will see the outcome of the election The Snatzis will lose at least 20 seats problem solved, and don’t start throwing your baby dolls out of the pram, killing two birds with the one stone

    • Paul Wilson

      What team he supports has nothing to do with this many Hearts fans support independence.

  • reel guid

    Edinburgh South is going to be interesting. Ian Murray, as most followers of Scottish politics know, only won there in 2015 with Tory tactical voting as well as some Morningside Tory voters putting up Labour posters in their windows. Since Ian is a staunch Remainer some of the brexiteer Tories in the constituency might not be so keen to help him out this time with their vote. He’s only got a majority of about 2500 over the SNP.

    Added to which is the factor that some of the Edinburgh South Labour voters will not have taken kindly to Murray’s relentless anti-Corbyn posturing in the last year.

    As I say it’s going to be an interesting one.

    • JOML

      It certainly is going to be interesting, reel guid. Orkney will be another, with the electorate there now knowing the full background to Carmichael’s misdemeanour. However, if the SNP are bold in their manifesto, every constituency will be open to all sorts of wheeling and dealing, perhaps turning the election into a referendum and mirroring the complex factors in play in Edinburgh South.

      • reel guid

        Absolutely JOML. It certainly is complex. Mundell probably only won last time because of the Green vote reducing the SNP total. If the Greens could be persuaded this time to give the SNP a clear run Mundell would probably be gone.

        • Republicofscotland

          I’m positively salivating at the thought of the Governer General to Scotland (Fluffy) doing a Mountbatten (as in India) and getting kicked out. ?

          I hope the little treacherous weasel though, doesn’t crawl back in through the back door, like Anas Sarwar or Murdo Fraser.

          • reel guid


            Can you imagine the problem May would have in finding another Scottish Sec. Liam Fox.
            Or possibly even funnier…Alberto Costa.

          • Zebedee

            As I recall, Mountbatten got killed by the IRA and you’re salivating at the thought of somebody else dying the same way? What a sad case you are, RoS! Have you considered seeking medical assistance?

          • fred

            Don’t panic, he’s salivating at the death of Calum Kerr the SNP MP for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk.

            I think they confused it with Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale but I didn’t like to say anything.

          • reel guid


            He was referring to Mountbatten having to leave India after serving as the last Viceroy before independence.

  • Mike McMonagle

    Imagine a government who:

    • Callously deducted £30 a week from invalidity benefits (including army veterans),
    • Removed disabled transport from people who needed it to get on with productive lives,
    • Witnessed the phenomenal rise in Food Banks and undernourished children,
    • Engineered an alarming cut to benefits that saw thousands die as a result
    • Saw a stark rise in homelessness as a result of the above
    • Punished the electorate for the failings of our Banking systems
    • Extended austerity measures way beyond rationale

    The list is endless but you get my drift. So now I ask you this:

    Why would that government then decide that it must keep its Scottish neighbours in the union despite the fact that they claim Scotland is a lame duck requiring financial support? They have suddenly turned from the Nasty Party to the Altruistic Party?

    Of course not. Even the worst figures show Scotland as having a higher GDP per Capita than France. I have even seen figures from Germany 2 years ago showing Scotland as $47,000 per Capita compared to Germany’s £41,000 per Capita. So, according to the doom mongers not only is Scotland too small and skint to go it alone, Germany, France, Spain and Belguim are in trouble too.

    If we were skint we’d be washed up on a beach having been jettisoned as excess ballast. Some honesty is required.

    • Habbabkuk

      Scotland is not skint because it is heavily subsidised by England and Wales at the moment.

      Those subsidies will disappear if and when Scotland gains its independence

      Don’t think that an independent Scotland which remains (or rejoins) the EU is going to be bailed out financially by the EU; that won’t happen.

      • Republicofscotland

        “Scotland is not skint because it is heavily subsidised by England and Wales at the moment.”



        Evidence please, no Westminster reports though, and no guesstimate GERS figures either.

        Or is this another case of Assad, wait and see I told you so nonsense. ?

      • fred

        They honestly believe an EU that happily watched people in Greece fishing round in dustbins for something to eat is going to shower Scots with milk and honey.

        • Republicofscotland


          This right wing Tory government wants a raped woman, to prove she was raped to gain child benefit.

          Under the Tories Britain will become more Dickensian.

          Did you know that poor people during Victorian times who couldn’t afford a chimney sweep, dropped live geese down their chimneys instead. ?

          • fred

            Ludicrous dropping live geese down chimneys, jack russels do a much better job.

            So what is her name this woman Tories want to prove she was raped?

          • Republicofscotland

            I often wonder Fred why you’re squatting in Scotland, when you loathe Scots.

            I mean if our police, NHS and every other sevice is inferior to those of South of the border, it does beg the question why are you here?

            Or is it in reality, you know what side your bread is buttered on as they say?

          • glenn_uk

            RoS: Without wishing to be pedantic, that’s not begging the question. Raising the issue perhaps, but not begging the question.

            “Begging the question” is when the outcome is implicit in the question itself, a form of circular reasoning, as in “So and so is the most brilliant person, he says so in his own book,” or “I know band X is the world’s favourite band because everyone likes them”.

          • fred

            You are the one hates Tories, Liberals, Labour, Unionists, I get on fine with all but Nationalists, the minority.

            So you don’t know her name then, don’t even know if she exists at all.

          • Republicofscotland

            Fred you forget your piss stained Scots sleeping rough in London doorways comment. You might fool one or two in here but not me laddy.

            Yeah I hate the Tories and Labour etc, but I’ve never decried the good people of England.

          • JOML

            Fred, to trivialise the child benefit rape clause in this manner (“So what is her name this woman Tories want to prove she was raped?”) is despicable. Makes me wonder if you fall into the ‘good guy’ or ‘wank’ category, which caused you so much offence last week.

          • fred

            So tell me how big or small the matter is. How many women with two or more children are on benefits raped, don’t report it, conceive as a result, decide they don’t want to terminate and decide they want to claim child benefits?

            How many people are we talking about here?

          • JOML

            Fred, our Tory government introduced this despicable clause, so I presume they will have the statistics you seek. Decent human beings would never deny a child support on the grounds their mother wasn’t raped by their biological father. Would you?

          • fred

            “Decent human beings would never deny a child support on the grounds their mother wasn’t raped by their biological father. Would you?”

            So you think the cap should stand at two children whether a subsequent child was the result of rape ore not then.

          • JOML

            No, Fred, I don’t think child benefit should be capped at all. Compare the cost of child benefit against the cost of renewing trident, the use of which is controlled by the US, then you’ll appreciate that this cap is not necessary.

          • fred

            The cost of Trident comes from the defence budget which we are contracted to be at least 2% of GDP and which IISS estimated at 1.9% of GDP in 2016. If we didn’t spend it in Nuclear weapons which we have never used we would have to spend it on conventional weapons which we have, frequently.

          • JOML

            Fred, I was only suggesting a comparison with the defence budget, not a reallocation of funds. Anyway, Fred, I answered your question about the benefit cap but you didn’t answer my “would you?” question, so I’m unclear as to whether, in my opinion, if you are a “decent human being” or not.

          • fred

            If you think there should be no cap at all then why not just say so instead of arguing about rape clauses and Trident?

            The solution is simple, the Scottish government has the power to raise taxes and the power to top up any benefits they consider are not adequate. You believe the SNP should raise taxes to pay child tax credits for as many children as people on benefits want to have?

          • JOML

            Good deflection, Fred, it’s a Westminster policy. From your responses, I can only assume that you support the clause.

          • fred

            Scotland has the powers to mitigate Westminster’s policies now. I don’t know that I would have strong feelings either way if the SNP decided they would increase income tax to pay child tax credits for people on benefits to have a dozen or more children if that’s what they wanted. From what you said I take it you would support that?

      • JOML

        Heavily subsidised? Don’t tell Teresa or she’ll get rid of Scotland immediately. Unless you are wrong? Also, funny how England and Wales have the cash to heavily subsidise Scotland, when they have to borrow greatly to make ends meet there. Again, unless you are wrong? If you are right, England and Wales should keep their cash and use it to take their NHS off its knees. Just an idea.

        • Republicofscotland

          The Tories cannot afford to get rid of Scotland, why else would they desperately prevaricate over the Scottish economy.

          • michael norton

            The Scottish Donald will do everything within his power
            to stop Scotland leaving
            The United Kingdom.

            he United Kingdom is his other backbone, the Yin to his Yang

            Fives Eyes, Lakenheath, Nuclear abilities,
            you think The Donald will let The United Kingdom collapse,
            he might as well cut his own arms off.

          • JOML

            Michael, I agree with you that the US will take action to stop any bid for independence, but I do not agree with your assessment of the UK’s relationship with the US. The UK has little or no influence over the US, similar to Scotland’s role within the U.K. – hence the reason to get out.

      • Mike McMonagle

        Scotland is not subsidised by England or Wales. Scotland is subsidised by the UK. Just as all constituent parts are subsidised including, of course, England. So we, the rest of the UK subsidise your superior travel networks, your royal family, your palaces, your house of parliament, your house of lords, your military, your civil service (which colludes in the austerity methods wreaked upon the weaker in society) Your corrupt politicians and to our shame we subsidise your DWP.

        Scotland contributes largely to the UK economy but this sort of untruth is not surprising when many of our products are transported to and shipped from England where suddenly (surprise surprise) it becomes an English trade.

        No one uses that “subsidised” argument anymore because it has been exposed.

        • Zebedee

          “So we, the rest of the UK subsidise your superior travel networks, your royal family, your palaces, your house of parliament, your house of lords, your military, your civil service (which colludes in the austerity methods wreaked upon the weaker in society) Your corrupt politicians and to our shame we subsidise your DWP.”

          I would have thought it was more a case of the City doing most of the subsidising.

          • Republicofscotland

            “I would have thought it was more a case of the City doing most of the subsidising.”


            What the square mile (city) that is a law unto itself, don’t be daft laddy.

      • Bayard

        “Scotland is not skint because it is heavily subsidised by England and Wales at the moment.”

        That doesn’t answer the question as to why a government so keen on cutting expenditure wouldn’t be in favour of Scottish independence if it meant they didn’t have to bail them out any more.

    • glenn_uk

      @Mike McMonagle : “I have even seen figures from Germany 2 years ago showing Scotland as $47,000 per Capita compared to Germany’s £41,000 per Capita.

      Not sure if you meant to give the figure in $ for Scotland and £ for Germany, but in any case – how well was it distributed? Average figures like this are meaningless unless the standard deviation is given.

      Put Bill Gates in Wales, and everyone is suddenly $30,000 better off on average. It’s meaningless.

  • Habbabkuk

    “The onus is on the SNP here to be specific in their independence goal in their manifesto, putting all ‘mandate’ issues to bed.” (from JOML)



    Unlike last time round 😉

    • Republicofscotland


      Last time around the SNP produced a detailed White Paper.

      Theresa May and her bungling Brexiteers, on Brexit, drew up their harebrained plan on a fag packet. As far as Brexit goes HMS Brexitania is flying by the seat if its pants. ?

      • JOML

        Hi RoS, I was happy that the SNP covered the referendum issue in their last manifesto. However, they need to make it clear in ‘Janet & John’ terms for some! ?

        • Republicofscotland

          Hi JOML.

          Oh I was thinking Mr Men books, especially for those old codgers asleep in the House, after a sating tax funded four course meal. ?

      • fred

        “Last time around the SNP produced a detailed White Paper.”

        Remind me again how much that detailed White Paper said Scotland would receive in oil revenues.

          • Republicofscotland

            Exactly 100% of something in this case oil revenues is a darn sight better than 8%.

            But your wasting your time with this Philistine. ?

        • Shagpile

          The very same oil revenues which provide 50% of domestic UK fuel needs and contribute 25% of the UKs balance of trade.

      • Zebedee

        “Last time around the SNP produced a detailed White Paper.”

        Made from all those forests they have been chopping down just north of Lockerbie.

        • Republicofscotland

          Actually the whole forest of Fife was used to build the Scottish warship the Great Michael, on the orders of King James IV of Scotland.

          Not be outdone, Henry VIII chopped down a even bigger forest to build his flag ship the Great Harry.

          Still at least the SNP put forward a cohesive plan on the first indyref. May and her bungling Brexiteers are Inspector Clouseau like over Brexit. They haven’t got a clue.

  • K Crosby

    Oh you old romantic! The Snat establishment won’t risk their privileges for a gamble like that….

  • Bruce Moglia

    Bruce Moglia Craig Murray is a seasoned diplomat with a deep understanding of international affairs and he makes a strong point. On the basis that everything but the kitchen sink must be thrown at the Tories this time around what’s wrong with this for starters? They can still use any other ploys they probably would have considered in the first place like referendums but they’d still get a not now response. Could Craig advise if the UN should be advised in advance that this will be an independence result based election or are there any other diplomatic niceties that should be observed? If any smart ass tells me that this is a non-starter I can assure you now that I won’t believe you, so don’t bother.

  • Sharp Ears

    Reaction in ‘Pugin’s Palace’ to the announcement.

    Pete Wishart (Perth and North Perthshire) (SNP)
    I thank the Leader of the House for his short but incendiary statement. Here we were believing that this was not the time for these types of big decisions, and that the core focus of this Government should really be on their hard Brexit. This is one of the most extraordinary U-turns in political history, and the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 has been about the biggest possible waste of this House’s time. The calling of a general election now returns to a Prime Minister, and the interests of party now come before the interests of country. In the coming election, we will ensure that Scotland continues to be fully protected from this Tory Government’s attempt to take our nation off the cliff edge of their hard Brexit and from their obsession with austerity. The Tories might play their petty party political games, knowing that they are up against a woeful and pitiful Labour party, but the Scottish National party will ensure that Scotland is fully protected from the worst of this Government’s clutches.

    Mr Lidington
    The Prime Minister and the party she leads will take to the people the case for the Union of the four nations of our United Kingdom, and our belief that those four nations are better off working together in that unique enduring partnership of the United Kingdom. I say to the hon. Gentleman that the Prime Minister took her decision—a decision that, as she said this morning, she took with considerable reluctance—because it is in the interests of the people of this country. It is in the interests of the entire nation that we have clarity, stability and constancy of purpose as we move forwards.

    • michael norton

      I expect The U.S.A.
      ( The Scottish Donald, remember he was happy to meet Saint Theresa but he had no time for Salmond or Sturgeon),
      will do everything in his power to stop The S. N. P.
      everything because the nukes are based in Scotland.

      Suck it up Suckers.

      • Republicofscotland


        Sturgeon was in California (it too wants independence from the Great Satan) creating trade deals, whilst Theresa May and her superich hedge fund manager husband were wandering around Wales. Deciding will I, won’t I over the GE.

        After independence is gained the nukes will head South, remind me Michael where in the South you stay? They could becoming to a place near you. With a bit of luck that is.

        • michael norton

          U must be brain-dead, if U think The Scottish Donald will let Scotland leave The United Kingdom,
          ever heard of Five Eyes.
          Carry on whistling in the wind.

          • Republicofscotland

            So tell me Norton, just exactly how will Trump and his Argus eyed monster stop Scottish independence.

            If we vote yes, our very own Hermes will stop Argus.

            Though I do hear Trump does a nice bit of chocolate cake, maybe he could tempt us with a bit.

      • JOML

        Michael, I think you’ll find that the whole of the UK are “suckers” on the Nuke front. UK spends £100s of billions on these WMDs, yet control none. If the UK wants to use one, the will need to ask The Donald for permission and ask him to give them one. Who are the suckers again? Laughable to think the press focused on who would or wouldn’t press the ‘button’ when parliament voted to renew Trident – the press should have been highlighting that the UK will not have a ‘button’ to press!

        • JOML

          Should clarify, I don’t want Scotland or the rUK to have a button to press – or pay for others to have a button to press.

        • fred

          Of course Britain has the button to press, it is on a submarine under the sea in the direct control of the captain, he has the key to the safe which contains orders in case of nuclear attack and the launch codes, nobody can interfere.

          • fred

            So how did you think it worked? The people in the submarine found a phone box and rang the POTUS long distance? Those missiles can fire even if every city in America and Britain are glass, they are independent, otherwise they wouldn’t be a deterrent.

  • Oddball

    LOL. You want war with the UK. No way UK will allow Scotland go independence unilaterally. Scottish MPs and ministers would be incredibly divisive to do this without a referendum. What will happen is the UK treasury will still dominate Scottish taxation and government spending and UK government will maintain its rights North of the border. Good luck if the Scots want to go to war. Are Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond war time consigleries? Scotland barely has a military trained fighting age population.

  • Hairy Angus

    On the money Craig, bold decision req, put it in the manifesto of SNP and Greens ” by voting for our party you are agreeing that should we return a majority of Scotlands MP’s to Westminster we will then consider Scotland to be an independent country”

    Job done, contact UN for recognition. (and most EU countries who will enjoy giving us International recognition after Brexit debacle)

    Off we pop

    • michael norton

      Gareth Williams
      Dr. David Kelly

      their own killed.

      Do u think they would not kill Sturgeon to stop Scotland slipping the anchor, think on.

      • morag

        You think that would stop this movement? Harming our FM would be the craziest solution to a non existent problem.

        Take your mad talk away and behave yerself…

        • Republicofscotland

          You’re lucky we need to put up with his crank comments day in day out. ?

      • Republicofscotland


        Have you given any thought to if they bumped Sturgeon off, it might martyr her, and the nation would vote yes. Surely you’re aware that everybody loves a good martyr.

    • JOML

      I shouldn’t think so. Those who have pursued independence have never resorted to the gun. However, you are right in highlighting the risk that some elements of the unionist side would resort to violence, as witnessed in Glasgow after they had won the last referendum. Had they lost, the reaction would likely have been much worse. However, should we stop a democratic process in the face of this risk? It would put out a very damaging message that violence wins the day.

        • JOML

          Who, the SNP or people who want independence in general? Also, what republicans? US, France, Ireland, others? The FM has visited numerous countries to build close trading ties. Do you see this as a negative?

        • Republicofscotland

          Whats your point? why does the British government have close ties with Saudi Arabia?

  • Owen Gallagher

    Craig I think you are right. The SNP must step boldly into the GE and the manifesto must be a majority of SNP MPs mean declaration of UDI. There will not be a better opportunity in our lifetime.

  • baronesssamedi

    Agreed but SNP may feel that presenting the election as a ‘mandate for Independence’ would “frighten the horses” and lower their vote.

    • michael norton

      The International Monetary Fund has revised up its United Kingdom growth forecast for the second time in three months after admitting that the performance of the economy since the Brexit vote last year had been stronger than expected.

      In its half-yearly World Economic Outlook, the IMF said it now envisaged the British economy expanding by 2% in 2017 – making it the second fastest-growing advanced economy after the US..

      It noted that growth had “remained solid in the United Kingdom, where spending proved resilient in the aftermath of the June 2016 referendum in favour of leaving the European Union [Brexit]”.

      Yet according to the broken record of RoS
      Brexit is a disaster.

  • michael norton

    If the S. N. P. lunatics march into Westminster to declare Independence, without first assuring more than half the voters in Scotland are with them, they will be shown up as the tossers they are.

  • Alcyone

    Craig, “Or we can seize this God-given moment” etc., did Al Jazeera tell you that, or did you hear it directly from Gabriel?

  • A. P. Dallas

    I like. It used to be SNP policy, but the referendum idea was forced on us years ago. I cannot remember why the party conceded on the issue.

      • RobG

        I dunno, you tell me who of all these ridiculous egits don’t go along with all the ridiculous wars?

        The twerrorists are coming to get yer.

        And if you really are stupid enough to believe that, than you are stupid enough to swallow everything the vermin feed you.

  • Ally

    I like. It used to be SNP policy, but the referendum idea was forced on us years ago. I cannot remember why the party conceded on the issue.

  • Ally

    I like. Once SNP policy, but the referendum idea was forced on us years ago. I cannot remember why the party conceded issue.

  • Sharp Ears

    No show without You Know Who.

    Tony Blair could work alongside Lib Dems in anti-Brexit election campaign
    ‘Unique circumstances demand a unique response’, Mr Blair said

    ‘The political situation is unprecedented and dangerous’, Tony Blair said PA

    Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said voters should pick candidates from whichever party is prepared to hold Theresa May’s Government to account over Brexit.

    He said “unique circumstances demand a unique response” and that “this should cross party lines”, with many speculating he will campaign alongside the Liberal Democrats ahead of the June 8 vote.

    According to The Telegraph, Senior Liberal Democrats have “confirmed” Mr Blair “could” join forces with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron to campaign against Brexit at the 2017 general election.

    [Attorney General ‘intervenes to block prosecution of Blair over Iraq’
    Tony Blair puts on bizarre Italian accent on TV talk show Unspun
    Alastair Campbell on the mythologies of the Blair years
    Tony Blair’s decisions are what gave us Brexit and Isis]

    Mr Farron has positioned his party as “your chance to change the direction of your country … if you want to avoid a disastrous hard Brexit”.

    Mr Blair, who won three general elections as leader of the Labour Party, said in a statement on Tuesday: “There has to be a way of ensuring that voters can put candidates for Parliament under sustained pressure to say whether they would vote against a deal which does not deliver the same benefits as we enjoy with the single market or against no deal if that transpires to be as damaging as many fear; and that they are prepared to hold the Government properly to account in the interests of the country.

    “The political situation the country faces is unprecedented and dangerous. We risk a Parliament which is lop-sided in its make-up; which has a big Tory majority — in part delivered not because of the intrinsic merits of Brexit or the Tories themselves but because of the state of Labour; where they will claim a mandate to take us wherever they will; when we desperately need representatives who will at least keep an open mind.

    “This requires the electorate in every constituency to know where the candidates stand; and the mobilisation of the thousands in each constituency to make it clear that for them this issue counts when it comes to their vote.”‘

    He is desperate to get his foot in the door.

  • Brian Hill

    I began leafleting for the SNP in the 60s, as a mere 14 year old. We were told then that the way to Independence was winning half the seats at a General Election plus 1.

    Westminster has too much control over the Referendum Process, Going back to ‘basics’ as Craig suggests would be far more productive.

  • Resident Dissident

    I’m afraid Craig is losing touch with reality if he thinks that 3 years after one referendum to stay in the UK that you can decide to leave without a majority decision in another referendum – I suspect that the Scots people are likely to believe that they have the democratic mandate for that question not the politicians.

  • RobG

    The reason why we have all this ramped- up stuff about North Korea is because South Korea is about to give uncle Sam the finger.

    The South Korean presidential election is taking place in early May.

    I will remind people that Moon Jae-in is currently ahead in the opinion polls…

    Moon Jae-in wants the re-unification of North and South Korea.

    Uncle Sam will ensure that there will be the usual bloodbath.

  • reel guid

    Breaking News as Norton would say.

    Tomorrow’s cover of The National to carry the story that the Greens are prepared not to contest the DCT seat so as to give the SNP every chance to beat Mundell!

    • Zebedee

      Thanks reel guid for this:

      Hey, feel free to read on:

      The first serious effort to incorporate the nation we now know as Scotland into England was made by William the Conqueror. Undoubtedly angered by the Scottish king Malcolm Canmore’s marriage to Margaret, sister of Edgar Atheling who many saw as the rightful King of England, and provoked by Malcolm’s raids on Northern England, William marched north in 1072 and forced Canmore to sign the Treaty of Abernethy. No copy of it exists, but it allegedly contained Malcom’s acceptance of William as overlord.

      For several centuries afterwards, various English kings asserted that overlordship, most notably Edward I, known as Longshanks. He was asked to adjudicate the succession to the Scottish crown in the 1290s, a dispute which led directly to Bannockburn and the eventual English acknowledgement of Scottish independence under Robert the Bruce.

      Fast forward to Henry VIII, who wanted to unite the crowns of Scotland and England under his son Edward VI in the mid-16th century. The plan came to fruition only after the death of Henry’s daughter Elizabeth in 1603, when it was James VI and I who joined the kingdoms of Scotland and England in his personal union.

      It could be argued that from then on, the unity of Scotland and England under a single parliament and political system was inevitable, not least because successive Stuart monarchs wanted it. Yet it took more than a century to bring about, largely because neither country’s politicians really wanted it at first.

      The first real suggestion of parliamentary union was made as early as 1607, just four years after the Union of the Crowns. It was the English Parliament that kicked that idea into touch with alacrity.

      Further promotion of full union took place in the 1640s when the Scottish Parliament wanted a sort of federal union — again rejected by the English — and the idea continued to raise its head through the following decades….

      Hey, need we read any further; it was the Scots who worked so hard to form the Union, not the English slaves of the Norman Overlords.

  • Sandra Bennett

    I and many more would wish for that, her speech about the Snap Election isn’t a surprise, many of Scotland’s population are aware of the No Mandate Unelected PM. Her whole attitude beggars belief…. she looks down on the Scots and her sidekick Davidson aids and abets her. The sooner we are Independent the better.

    • fred

      They criticise her for being unelected and not having a mandate then they criticise her for trying to get elected and get a mandate.

      Ain’t no pleasing some people.

    • Zebedee

      Why do you Scots continually whine about ” the No Mandate Unelected PM”?

      Where you complaining so loudly when Gormless Gordon, the one who gave away the gold in the BoE, but was never elected; just given power by Bliar?

      Oh, did we forget that? Oh do we suffer brain damage that interferes with our memories of the past then years?


  • michael norton

    Theresa May called snap general election to ‘DESTROY’ Nicola Sturgeon
    SAINT THERESA MAY’S decision to call a snap election will not only tighten her grip on power in No 10 but demolish once and for all
    Ms. Nicola Sturgeon’s ceaseless calls for a second Scottish independence referendum.
    Just minutes after the Prime Minster announced her bid for a June 8 General Election it emerged that the move was a clear bid to take on the SNP and snuff out the distracting demands for the so-called IndyRef2.

    It is understood that Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative Leader, personally helped persuade the Prime Minister that she could cause real damage to Miss Sturgeon north of the border by calling a snap poll and making it a “referendum on another referendum”.

    If the SNP loses seats in Westminster it would seriously undermine Miss Sturgeon’s claim to have a mandate to run Scotland, where her party has no overall majority.

    Good show.

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