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Britain’s pusillanimous reaction to Trump’s crazed decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change shows the stupidity of believing that Brexit Britain will be a mighty player bestriding the world stage. Britain is about to go down on its knees before Trump to beg for post Brexit trade access to the USA, so is in no position to stand up to him as France, Germany and Italy did yesterday. They issued a powerful joint public statement:

“We deem the momentum generated in Paris in December 2015 irreversible and we firmly believe that the Paris Agreement cannot be renegotiated since it is a vital instrument for our planet, societies and economies. We are convinced that the implementation of the Paris Agreement offers substantial economic opportunities for prosperity and growth in our countries and on a global scale. We therefore reaffirm our strongest commitment to swiftly implement the Paris Agreement, including its climate finance goals and we encourage all our partners to speed up their action to combat climate change.”

By contrast, we are expected to believe that May expressed her “disappointment” to Trump in a private phone call. Given May’s congenital inability to address any subject directly, and the new servility in Britain’s position vis a vis the United States, I think we can all guess how that went.

Britain is now a diplomatic non-entity. We are grovelling around the world for trade access, including the most dreadful displays of obeisance to the Saudis who export the ideology and the funds for terrorist jihadism. We have a buffoon for a Foreign Secretary, who is not regarded abroad with the friendly tolerance which Tory England extends to him because he is posh. We have the disgraced Liam Fox in charge of securing international trade.

I do not hold up the Paris Agreement as perfect or even adequate, but it was a huge stride forward in the international acceptance of man made climate change and the need to address it. Trump’s statement of renunciation yesterday notably failed to make any straightforward acknowledgement of the existence of man made climate change. We have heard much in this election campaign from the Tories criticising Corbyn’s hesitation to commit to launching nuclear weapons to destroy the planet. Yet the Tories are failing to take any kind of action to deter the true threat to our children’s existence.

Welcome to Brexit Britain, a diplomatic irrelevance, scrabbling for an economic niche, utterly devoid of principle.

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230 thoughts on “Brexit Britain, Alone and Ignored

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  • Shatnersrug

    I think there’s a problem with the server trow, I got post deleted that were friendly and of no controversy. WordPress can be a bit clonky that way.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Sorry, Shatnersrug, but my first reply to you has disappeared.

      Anyone is quite out of touch, especially in the covert action fiield. who seriously thinks that Britain is alone these days.

  • Article 13

    Kemp is right – Europe’s ringing statement and May’s groveling plea will both be ignored. If Europeans want to affect PPM, the best way to do it is inhibit the most intensive emitters: the military. Denounce NATO membership and send the US occupiers home. Execute a non-aggression pact with Russia.

  • carthannas

    “We have heard much in this election campaign from the Tories criticising Corbyn’s hesitation to commit to launching nuclear weapons to destroy the planet. Yet the Tories are failing to take any kind of action to deter the true threat to our children’s existence.”

    Very nicely put, Craig. I hope Mr Corbyn makes use of it at the earliest opportunity.

  • Brianfujisan

    The last three years in a row, have seen record breaking temperatures, yet the summer of 2015 was the coldest I have known. I had my heating on even up to the Summer Solstice. Very unnatural, even for Scotland.

    Meanwhile the massive crack in the Antarctic Larsen C ice shelf grew by 11 miles in the past six days..How long now till the remaining 8 miles to crack. then we will have one of the world’s biggest icebergs ever.. A Lot of Pristine Fresh water that.

    Some Commenters were asking what China’s take on the Trump Paris stunt would be.. check here –

    …. ” Perhaps most significantly, the EU and China are not just standing by existing commitments under the Paris Agreement, but are proposing to deepen them. Current Paris pledges do not add up to a pathway that will keep the world to ‘well-below 2-degrees’ of warming: they need to be ratcheted up over time.

    With an obstructive US administration in place, many have worried that momentum for countries to increase this ambition would be lost. Instead, the EU and China have committed to “forge ahead with further policies” and strengthen ambition, to publish new mid-century decarbonisation plans by 2020 and to agree new goals for climate financing for developing countries through until 2025….

    …” This time round, the EU and China are putting forward a different message: global climate action will proceed with or without the Trump administration on board.

    More on this here –

    • J

      Trump didn’t leave the Paris agreement, America left the Paris agreement. Let’s try to de-Trumpify the argument.

      Human caused climate change denial is the official US position and has not changed despite Obama paying lip service to “liberal” sensibilities, there was if anything an expansion of US oil and gas drilling under his leadership.

    • nevermind

      Well said Brian, all that lovely water. M<aybe California would like to have it towed to San Diego so it can supply the state during its drought.

      Trumps decision yesterday already has had repercussions and there will be more. If his new deal, he so desperately wants from the international community united behind the Paris agreement, comes to nothing, there is only one measure that would help America feel clean again, without their president even touching a flannel, and that is a total boycott of all US goods around the world.

      Cut US emissions by cutting their production and the demand for their goods and services to nil, being a good old market orientated capitalist society this should have the required effect, such a boycott can have success, one only has to look to what the BDS campaign achieved during the last two years alone.

      No more over salted and or sugar loaded foods from the golden arches or from the smiling colonel with a beard, no more crappy chocolates and products made with GM corn syrup, no more Coca Cola or any of the gassy liquids masquerading as beer.
      And please remove your prime nuclear targets off our soil, shut your listening stations at Menwith Hill and pack up. Move your ancient missiles out of Faslane!

      And don't expend too much energy talking at us at great length, its all hot air Donald, you great oaf.

      • chris moffatt

        California drought? Please try to keep up. It’s torrential rains and mudslides now.

  • Republicofscotland

    Trump has stated on several occasions “America first” he’s promised to protect American industries and jobs. Theresa May probably knows that Britain will come out second best with the EU over Brexit. As no non member can have a good as deal as a member.

    Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Change agreement, is disappointing. In my opinion it’s a sign that Trump want to increase the use of fossil fuels in American industries.

    Britain’s influential position in westerm Europe, is now severely under threat. In my opinion we will miss the EU far more than the EU will miss us.

    That’s why at the end of the negotiations Scotland must hold a second indyref, and remain in or obtain EU membership to protect Scotland.

    Voting no to or in a second indyref, is a vote for austerity, higher prices, huge job losses, the loss of EU funding and a even lower wage economy.

    • Republicofscotland

      Yes I’m sure Soro’s would like to shape the EU to suit, but the EU is in my opinion far to big an entity to cater for one man ‘s desires.

      Soro’s warns the EU over Trump, I wonder would he have been so concerned if Clinton had become POTUS.

      The EU will continue, in my opinion it’s saving grace is its unity and its 500 million plus trading market. Yes it has flaws, corruption, bias etc. But in my opinion it does more good points than bad ones.

      A independent Scotland would thrive in the EU, as at present it virtually has no voice, Westminster currently holds that roll.

    • Ishmael

      Ouch. Sitting all day serving a machine is not good for a person. I did it. “Made it”

      How can anyone think spending a life like that ……

  • Eoghan

    An economic niche, selling space age weapons and gaudy mansions to medieval dictators.

  • J

    The UK can be considered a diplomatic irrelevance according to the argument because it is not in the EU, which is entirely consistent with “the substantial influence the UK exercises” from within. Whether you agree with the argument or not, it is internally consistent. You failed to understand the argument, that’s all.

    • Ian M

      indeed. the desperate trawling of the article to produce a supposed contradiction, without any understanding of the argument, and why it is no such thing, is risible..

    • Habbabkuk

      I think other commenters on this thread have already addressed the question of how much influence the UK has exercised and currently exercises in the EU.

  • Republicofscotland

    16 year old Palestinian girl shot in the stomach by the IDF, after slightly injuring a IDF soldier with a knife.

    She was shot in the stomach, as groups of IDF soldiers stood over her shouting insults. No medical aid is given in the video (no Geneva Convention here I’m afraid regarding the wounded). She lies squirming on the road she later died.

    • defo

      Looks like she was shot running away.
      Stomach ? Shot in the back more like.
      As far as racists go, H’s friends really are in a league of their own.
      World champions. Those chosen ones.

    • Jo

      “No Geneva Convention here”

      Same applies to the guy who was jailed for executing an injured enemy – all filmed – and who then instructed his fellow marines, “This goes nowhere. I just breached the Geneva Convention guys.” He was jailed but then successfully appealed to have the charge changed on the grounds he didn’t know what he was doing! The fact he remembered to warn his fellow marines about the terms of the Geneva Convention he had just broken says otherwise. His wife led a campaign for him and he was hailed the victim while the man he shot was deemed unimportant (along with the Geneva Convention). Obviously if any of our guys gets injured in combat somewhere and an enemy soldier finishes him off, all those Brits who supported Marine A will be equally sympathetic.

      • defo

        School girl with knife shot running away, and left to bleed out in a densely populated area = Taleban shot, in the heat of battle.

        • Jo

          No. What Marine A did cannot be justified. They KNOW the terms of the GC. He was recorded acknowledging them and showed he knew what he was about to do. Heat of battle my ass! He shamed the military. He also put others at risk if they are injured. Will they just be shot too?

          The reason I mentioned it was to illustrate the double standards that exist…..for that little girl and for the injured enemy Marine A executed.

          • defo

            Agreed Jo. It can’t be justified. But it can be put into context.
            Watch the vid of the IDS surrounding the Palestinian girl lying writhing on the ground. Nasty is an understatement.
            To them, she is less than human.

            “He also put others at risk if they are injured. Will they just be shot too?”
            Well, judging by what the (US & UK sponsored)Mujaheddin did to the Soviet soldiers they took alive, no.
            They’d be skinned, alive. Slowly.
            If you doubt the UK sponsored them, have a swatch at the video of Mrs T addressing the noble savages, as she slung them £2m.

    • Aidworker1

      This is so shocking.

      The problem is incidents like this are happening every day.

      Please BDS

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile a Tory candidate for South Thanet has been charged.

    “Craig Mackinlay, who is running again on 8 June, stands accused under the Representation of the People Act 1983, alongside his election agent Nathan Gray and party activist Marion Little.”

    Theresa May believes the allegations are unfounded.

  • reel guid

    Joan Ryan, defending Enfield North for Labour, has written to the voters in the constituency and told them that there’s no realistic chance of May losing. She asked voters to elect her “whatever your misgivings about the Labour leadership”.

    That’s amazing. To say that about your leader in election literature just a few days before the vote.

    • Republicofscotland

      From James Kelly’s excellent blog.

      It’s another terrrrr-ible afternoon for the Conservative party.

      Britain-wide voting intentions (Ipsos-Mori) :

      Conservatives 45% (-4)
      Labour 40% (+6)
      Liberal Democrats 7% (n/c)
      SNP / Plaid Cymru 3% (-1)
      Greens 2% (-1)
      UKIP 2% (n/c)

      It’s gonnabe close. ?

  • Republicofscotland

    I can’t yet confirm this to be true yet.

    “In a moment of good news for political honesty, The UK Labour Party has confirmed (The Times, paywall) that if it is the largest party after the general election but lacks an overall majority then it will seek an agreement with the Scottish National Party (SNP) to govern the UK.”

    Kezia Dugdale Labour leader in Scotland reiterated in a interview last night with Bernard Ponsonby, that Labour would do NO deals with the SNP at Westminster.

    • reel guid


      I think Corbyn would be telling Kezia to go and play on the swings until the grown ups have sorted out the politics.

      • Republicofscotland

        reel guid.

        This just crossed my mind.

        If Labour are beginning to do well in the polls, will the Tories in Scotland now tactically still vote for them in areas to keep the SNP out? Knowing that they’re vote might now boost Corbyn down South.

        • Shatnersrug

          You won’t here any party that has a potential majority to talk about coalitions – it’s just not politically wise before an election. The best way to get rid of Tories is by putting labour back in charge – and believe me I hate Dugdale and those other Scottish Labour arseholes as much as you – I wish the best politicians were all in the same party (I’m sure they probably do too!) but our system is designed to have a liberal or conservative majority, when universal suffrage became a reality that liberal section of the state infiltrated the labour movement – they were then know as the Labour right – they’re now called Blairites.

          Jeremy Corbyn’s hold on the labour leadership could break the establishment, but if he loses they will come down harder on us than anyone could possibly imagine. We can’t afford to let the Tories in.

        • reel guid


          Some of those Morningside Tory voters in Edinburgh South who tactically voted for Labour’s Ian Murray in 2015 have a dilemma.

          • Shatnersrug

            God you do have the very worst of the labour right in Scotland don’t you? Didn’t Murray shout disgrace as Jeremy Vorbyn for having the temerity to apologise for Blair’s foray into Iraq?

          • defo

            “God you do have the very worst of the labour right in Scotland don’t you? ”
            Yup Bill. And the dimmest.
            See K Dugdale in action, and despair.
            The last ‘leader’ had all the usual blairite credentials. Jim ‘the egg man’ Murphy. HJ society, Friend of I$rael…
            Now coining it in working for Blair in some sort of ass licking position.
            Murray himself is a right warmer, during the Ref he made such a hullaballoo about his office being vandalized, that it made BBC news. Turned out that somebody had put a wee SNP sticker on his door.
            Now he’s openly calling for Lab voters to vote Tory, in the self serving hope (in vain) that the Morningside ladies who lunch will reciprocate, and lend him their votes again to keep out SNP BAD.
            He has the kind of face one could never tire of slapping too. You can see the contempt oozing from his little piggy eyes.

    • Jo

      I’m sceptical RoS. It’s really not in Corbyn’s best interests to make such a statement right now.

      • fred

        If Corbyn would shit on his own party leader in Scotland just think what he would do to the SNP.

      • Jo

        Remember, the Tories used that poster of Miliband and Salmond? If Corbyn has said this then I think that would be mad after the progress he’s made. It would be a gift for May!

    • Soothmoother

      Eric Joyce – likes a fight! He was like that as a boy and now as a man. Not to mention coining it in with expenses.

  • Loony

    I note that the “powerful joint public statement” made by Germany, Italy and France contained no mention as to the quantum of excess and uncounted emissions that the Germans are solely responsible for via the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

    Similarly people relying on this “powerful” statement seem unable or unwilling to acknowledge the crass hypocrisy and utter lawlessness that routinely emanates from Berlin. Who in their right mind would wish to be associated with such mendacity?

    • ElDinero

      I understand that Volkswagen is part state owned (correct if I am incorrect, by all means), but there’s a pretty large (and obvious) difference between a private company fudging their figures to the detriment of the environment, and a state government making a political decision to the detriment of the environment, to appease their core voters.

      • Loony

        You don’t say what the large and obvious difference is. Let me help.

        The actions undertaken by Volkswagen are illegal and are punishable under the law.
        The actions of the US government in withdrawing from an international agreement are not illegal and are a manifestation of the sovereignty of the United States.

        Of course anyone is free to criticize the lawful actions of the US government. When that someone happens to be the German government then they are guilty of rank hypocrisy in failing to mention their own actions in effectively undermining the very agreement that they now complain is being undermined.

        Even ignoring the illegal (and so far unpunished) actions of Volkswagen it remain the case that German emission levels are rising. Equally it remains the case that German government refuses to provide any reason as to why their emission levels are rising.

        So I say again, who, in their right mind would wish to be associated with such mendacity.

        • Johnny boy

          The actions of the united states are the manifestation of the desires of a few self serving corporations enacted by only one branch of the executive, the branch addressed in the letter. The actions of Germany regarding VW are the actions of a few engineers who have been fired.

          • Loony

            Are you an anarchist?

            The actions of the United States are legal.
            The actions of Volkswagen are illegal. The remedy in law for their illegal actions is not limited to the firing “a few engineers”

            When the Kray twins murdered a man in the Blind Beggar public house the remedy in law was not to fire the bar staff.

        • defo

          Lame effort. I doubt all the excess emissions from VW cars for a year would even come close to matching one days output from the largest US coal fired power stations.

          • Loony

            The can doubt all you want. The point is that along with everyone else you have no idea – because the Germans (the only people that do know) refuse to tell you.

            There are however somethings that can be deduced with a high degree of confidence – for example the real reasons why German emissions are rising and not falling as they should be were Germany to take its obligations under the Paris Agreement seriously.

            The US, as is its right, decides not to remain part of the Paris Agreement is subject to a torrent of criticism which is fair enough.

            Germany is slavishly devoted to being part of an agreement the terms of which it has no intention of abiding by – and no-one says a word.

            Which is more honest, to withdraw from an agreement that you don’t like or to remain part of an agreement the terms of which you refuse to abide by?

    • Kempe

      ” I note that the “powerful joint public statement” made by Germany, Italy and France contained no mention as to the quantum of excess and uncounted emissions that the Germans are solely responsible for via the Volkswagen emissions scandal. ”

      Nor indeed of how the EU caved in under pressure from German car makers and promoted diesel as a cheap way of reducing CO2 emissions whilst the Americans and the Japanese were busy developing hybrids.

  • Ishmael

    “Brexit Britain, Alone and Ignored”

    I rather live a french life, in France. But least we have a better choice than they had.

    • Ishmael

      We’ll fight back, as we are doing. America has totally isolated itself on this. I don’t see how that’s sustainable.

      • Johnny boy

        Backing fossil fuels will be just part of Trump’s actions to make America dirt poor and weak. Some of those who said never to Clinton considered it better to go through the pain of Trump in order to get a Bernie in four years time. The UK may get dragged along with it if we effectively choose America over the EU as a trading partner.

  • Ishmael

    Is this just using the climate change issue to campaign for “indipendence” …climate teaches us a lot more than that. So jumping off the back of a few that don’t represent the many to say look this is Britain, let’s leave, seems a bit wrong to me.

    Is Scotland alone more likely to be able to influence America?

    • Ishmael

      The whole thing is awfully ironic, the first thing one does after independence? Struggle to find links again because they are part of us. Make us who we are.

  • Loony

    What would be a powerful statement from the German government would be a statement recognizing the all encompassing criminality of major German enterprises.

    Whilst the activities of Volkswagen are germane to emissions levels – more general criminality raises the question as to why anyone should pay any attention to any German government pronouncement.

    Today in Chicago an employee of Deutsche Bank pled guilty to a fraud conspiracy relating to the rigging of markets in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

    Helpfully Bloomberg also provides a brief recapitulation of the bewildering number of some of the other crimes admitted to by Deutsche Bank.

    Can it really be that the Germans are not only content for the US to provide them with free military protection but they now also want the US to provide them with free legal protection. What kind of country keeps demanding more and more free stuff and then criticizes the very people that are providing them with all this free stuff.

    • JOML

      Well, at least the Germans aren’t stupid enough to pay the US £200b+ to produce and ‘hold’ new trident missiles on their behalf – for military protection that might not be necessary, should the US stay at home.

      • Loony

        Stupidity is not a crime.

        The referenced actions of both Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank are crimes.

        • JOML

          Stupidity is a crime, when £200b+ could be used save lives rather than destroy lives.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Had a splendid endorsement of Corbyn’s chances through the door today from the local Conservative parliamentary candidate.

    “Think Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister is never going to happen?”
    “SHOCK WIN: STUNNING TRUMP WIN 1. President Trump”
    “SHOCK WIN: CORBYN WAS 200-1 OUTSIDER 3. Jeremy Corbyn Voted Labour Leader”

    I’m very pleased that the local Conservatives are talking Corbyn up in this way. Gives me hope for humanity.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Theresa May has reportedly refused to take part in a series of local radio interviews in the run up to the general election.

    The prime minister is also said to have cancelled interviews with regional political editors at the BBC.

    A member of staff at the corporation, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted Guardian columnist, Owen Jones with the news via email.

    They said leaders of other parties had agreed to be interviewed and staff had been told not to comment publicly about the prime minister’s withdrawal.”

    If this is true, it’s a quite remarkable stance for a British prime minister to take. God help us all when the even tougher Brexit negotiations come a calling.

  • Dave

    Dumping the climate change faith science is another benefit of Brexit. Re-open the coal mines and rebuild a heavy manufacturing sector.

    • nevermind

      For whom Dave, not much coal needed these days, with efficient photo voltaic s, wind power, tidal power, sea currents, long ignored will some heavy engineering/manufacturing, a vast potential all around the coast and potentially cheaper than nuclear.
      Most repetitive jobs will be done by robots soon, fully automatic warehousing is here.
      Is all this digging for coal you’re proposing a preparation for the next years to come? some sort of emergency measure?

      This is very disturbing news, Sharp ears, maybe her neighbour can call round and see if Theresa is alright, stressed , or depressed, we all know how hard it is to getting heard when you need help and everyone around you is asking uncomfortable questions.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Now, after all that stuff last week about Corbyn and the IRA.

    It emerges that the report “into revenue streams for extremist [jihadi] groups operating in the UK” commissioned by David Cameron in 2015 with its findings to be shown to the then Home Secretary, Theresa May, “is thought to focus on Saudi Arabia, which has repeatedly been highlighted by European leaders as a funding source for Islamist jihadis”. The Home Office has admitted that the report “may never be published”, and has called the contents “very sensitive”.

    Well, we don’t know what is in this report, and according to the Home Office it’s good for us all never to find out. However, if it were the case that the British ally Saudi Arabia, visited by May in April 2017, is funding extremist jihadi groups in the UK, wouldn’t it be electorally significant that the Prime Minister was consorting with such people right now, today, as contrasted with the publicity given to Corbyn’s activities that go back decades? J

  • Republicofscotland

    May versus Corbyn, on Sky news now, live from York. Theresa May’s first up.

  • Irena Ewa Smith

    Sadly too true! Trump is a dumb idiot and Theresa Mayhem a despot! May they live happily together in La la Land!! While we just die in the planet they killed!

  • Hieroglyph

    Of course, Trump doesn’t believe in man made climate change, nor do many of his supporters. So withdrawing from the Paris agreement is, in this context, perfectly reasonable. On Infowars, they argue consistently that climate change is a hoax, invented by the Chinese to destroy the US economy. That view is pretty common, it seems, in red state land. In fact, it’s pretty common in Canberra politics too, where the current Government is filled with deniers.

    Climate change science is a complex beast, and I am no expert. I take the view though that if 99% of scientists argue that the facts prove that man made climate change is real, then we must be concerned. I do understand that science can be corrupted and that big dollars are involved, so we must remain sceptical in the true sense of the word. Apparently the carbon trading stuff was invented by execs from Enron – which should set of all sorts of alarms. And to understand Trump, we have to understand the battle between globalism and nationalism, and it’s this battle that is taking place, right now. Trump thinks it’s a bad deal for the US, simple as that. And he’s probably right, on that score at least. I’ve never understood why we have to have these essentially unenforceable international deals. Australia could reduce it’s carbon emissions massively – and should – all by itself, with enough political will. Don’t need a deal for that. Just need lots of land and lots of solar power – dead easy.

    I’m personally embarrassed by ‘the left’ just now (apart from Corbyn). Supporting that massive crook, Clinton, and constantly whining about identity issues is just sad. I mean, what’s with that pronoun thing? We have to refer to people by a pronoun? That’s just plain stupid, and makes me fee old. Meanwhile, the right are making all sorts of gains, whilst idiots troop up to protest for Clinton. The entire democratic party is corrupt to the very marrow, and many of the leadership may soon end up in jail. Fuck them. They hate all their supporters anyway.

    • J

      “…and that big dollars are involved…”

      Strange that your scepticism doesn’t reach toward the Koch brothers and the propaganda their dollars buy, the effect of which is a known quantity. Look up their contribution to climate scepticism.

      Free-market is an oxymoron.

        • J

          I couldn’t give a flying f*ck about him but it’s quite intriguing that you pipe up again. What’s your interest in having establishment puppets in power if you’re so anxious for change?

          • Loony

            What is intriguing is your disparaging of Guy McPherson. What could explain that beyond the fact that you are pushing an agenda and that anything not supportive of that agenda must be ignored or ridiculed.

            If this analysis is wrong then why not explain exactly how the Paris agreement would, if its terms were adhered to by all parties, do anything at all to counter or slow global warming.

            I have no interest in establishment puppets and remain hopeful that Trump is radically different. The opprobrium he draws from vested interests provides reasons to be hopeful. I support all efforts to smash the globalists EU project and the UK provides some hope in this regard, although many of the levers of power in the UK continue to be held by globalist 5th columnists.

            If the EU can be smashed and if Trump can remain in power then it is possible that NATO too could be destroyed. It is possible that the globalists themselves can help in these aims as their global criminal conspiracy to rig all markets and to flood the world with bogus money is manifestly unsustainable in the long run. This scam is hollowing out the foundations of substantially every aspect of every society. Scaling back the military. with the necessity of the MAGA meme to rebuild domestic industry, all in the context of a smaller overall economy would likely lead to a more radical reduction in aggregate emissions than anything contained in the Paris Agreement.

            Because I live in the real world and pay attention to real facts and real statistics I recognize that these ideals represent something of a long shot and that the chances for success are not high. They are however infinitely higher than the chances of success under the Paris Agreement – an agreement that was manifestly designed to do the opposite of what its supporters claimed.

      • Hieroglyph

        I distrust the Koch bros as much as any man. And I know that well-funded corporate bodies promote climate scepticism, because it’s in their interests to do so. Perhaps remiss of me not to say so, but it’s also kinda obvious, didn’t think I needed to.

        • J

          “…because it’s in their interests to do so”.

          There is a larger point that it shouldn’t naturally be sway. There’s no way for the grandchildren of these f*cks to outrun the problems they’re creating now, if they had a regard beyond their power games, if they saw their children as having a real existence outside themselves, they couldn’t see but see renewable energy as a massive opportunity for investment. That they don’t is perhaps my point. Their culture is fundamentally broken in all the ways that culture has been useful for millennia.

          We may now be in a situation where human culture is so skewed it is selecting for negative survival value.

  • Colleen Stove

    Nothing but utter contempt for T. May and the Tories for not standing up with our European counterparts to Donald Trump.

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