Desensitised to Tragedy 347

Islamophobia has become so insidious, so all-pervasive, and so powerful in media culture that there is virtually no concern expressed at the probable killing in a US drone strike of a 12 year old British child, Jojo Jones, whose short life was so spectacularly horrid through absolutely no fault of his own. Child soldiers in conflict are a dreadful problem. I tried in The Catholic Orangemen of Togo to convey the extremely powerful emotions I experienced when faced very directly with those who had seen atrocities and themselves been forced to kill at primary school age.

But nobody in their right mind thinks that the answer to child soldiers is to kill them. If it is correct young Jojo is killed, I mourn him, the childhood he hardly knew and the potential for realising the dreams of normality such children always have.

But Jojo is one of many thousands of children killed by the US in its “war on terror”, including the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is only the dehumanising of Muslims that causes the near total lack of visible western empathy for the nine young kids under 13 killed this year in one US raid in Yemen alone.

All the indications are that it is US doctrine that in targeting terrorists their immediate family are “fair game”. When US citizen, 16 year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, was killed by a drone in Yemen in 2011, the Obama administration claimed it was an accident. It as a peculiar “coincidence” that in another “accident” his eight year old sister Nawar was also killed by the Americans as one of the nine infants killed in the raid just referenced. To kill one young sibling may be a misfortune. To kill two begins to look like carelessness. It amazes me that anybody believes these actions in any way combat terrorism. Rather they inspire it.

The UK does not have the death penalty. We have now also become habituated to execution of citizens by drone with no judicial process. Sally Jones appears to have been a disturbed and deeply misguided individual, but that does not justify her planned and deliberate killing by the US government. There is no evidence she was when killed involved in an any act likely to cause the imminent death of others. But society has become so callous, there is almost no reaction to her death on human rights grounds.

Terrorism is not an existential threat to the UK. It remains the case that it is one of the least likely ways that you might die; far less probable than drowning in your own bath. Our perception of the threat is magnified by the horror of the act and the way the media portray it. Most certainly it is not a threat that justifies abandoning our respect for human rights and the process of law. The standards of society have slipped in terms of respect for the sanctity of life; or at least the sanctity of Muslim life.


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347 thoughts on “Desensitised to Tragedy

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  • Sharp Ears

    Does anyone have news on how the Zieldorf family are since they were deported?

    ‘Jason Zieldorf moved to the Highlands with his wife Christy and their children in 2008 to start a new life.

    However, despite investing about £300,000 in their business while running the lifeline Laggan Stores in the rural village, the Home Office rejected their application to extend their entrepreneur’s visa.

    Officials said they did not fit the required criteria, and the family of seven began their journey back to Canada on Thursday, choosing to move before they could be deported.’

    • Courtenay Barnett

      Surely the authorities could have found a route of legal exemption and/or special consideration via an Executive Order if there were any brains and/or administrative heart in operation.

    • Brianfujisan

      “We didn’t come for the benefits system. We came for our history. We came for the connection,” Jason said. “Canada’s history is here. Canada was made by Britain. It was crafted by the Scots. I actually never felt prouder to be Canadian than when I came to Britain.” – Jason Zielsdorf

      Sharp Ears, And Courtenay..This Shameful Story srtuck steel into my soul..Utterly Disgusting..How the Family’s deportation could not somehow be avoided is bewildering.

      Craig Knew the Family.. I remembered a post of Craig’s on this Sad, sorry tale –

      ” You can find worse acts of Tory cruelty – the cutting of benefits to the terminally ill deemed able to work a few more weeks, for example. But it is hard to conceive of an act of Tory cruelty which is more absolutely pointless than the deportation of the Zielsdorfs. Laggan loses its store, they lose their home and living, and the store/cafe’s employee loses their job. Not to mention the Tory fantasy of leaving the EU and rejoining the British Empire as rather strangely kicking off by deporting Canadians…

      ” Deporting children who have only ever known Scotland is ludicrous. Fairly well the entire community of Laggan has written in support of the Zielsdorfs. Both Jason and Christy have Scottish ancestry.

      ” It is not easy to run a business in the Highlands and Laggan is better for what the Zielsdorfs have done. Local MP Drew Hendry has worked hard for them, but met only unhelpfulness from the Home Office, who have not even given a ministerial meeting promised in response to a parliamentary question.”

  • Emanuel

    The real villains are the controlled media which is still promoting false flags official accounts as true, e.g. 9/11 where only a brain-dead person would believe that solid steel structures can be brought down by air crash compact.

  • JimBob

    The whole “Sally Jones” scenario smacks of psy-op to me. Is there any solid proof that it was not created and run by goons?

    • giyane

      Exactly. And who are the psy-ops experts? The gonks from Tel Aviv who are trying to take Craig to court for stating the bleedin obvious. Goons being the other lot from the banks of the River Thames.

  • Republicofscotland

    Today, 77 years ago, Lluís Companys, President of Catalonia, was executed by Franco after being arrested by the Nazis in France.

    In 40 years of democracy all PP & PSOE governments have rejected to nullify Companys military trial, and death sentence.

    What will be the fate of Puigdemont, I wonder?

  • nevermind

    A march against the public sector pay cap in Norwich yesterday was very well attended, close to 600 people must have listened to speeches by unions and by Clive lewis, as well as some cllrs. who thought it mighty be a good idea to turn up.

    When walking past the shopping crowd you could see some in thoughtful silence, some stopped and watched us walking past.
    But there is always one person who’s subjection to slogans shows by their heckling. When asked to join us, he said ‘if you get rid of anti Semitism, he might’.

    Well folks, from the last lobster article posted by Sharp ears you will know that the LfI are still hard at work to spread this meme of anti Semitism in the Labour party, still wanting to reign back and push against the strong aims to rewrite clause 4 and re-present it.
    The continuance of highlighting this meme is supported by the media who also has an interest in keeping JC from becoming PM, but the real reasons for banging on with this sad regurgitation is the loss of control and power over the party, control and power which was gained by wholesale undermining of local representatives aims and objectives, bought with paid flights and ‘courses’ in this that and the other in a rogue state which prefers to run MP’s , rather than try and persuade voters to their divided loyalties.
    These Friends of parties are not only trying to divide their elected representative tasks, or gaining more power and influence over policy and decision making in, or out of Government, they are wholly designed to gain power and influence here and in Europe, with a view to destabilise existing dogma and resolve in favour of a more lenient and supportive view towards its de- humanising practises elsewhere.

    The current existing Iran nuclear deal is one international agreement that is being currently being worked on, a clear conspiracy to destabilise it to enable sanctions and open the door for military action against Iran.

    I’m glad that most of the western world is rejecting such gerrymandering at the highest level and nobody has forgotten the clumsy attempt by the US president in 2000, to secretly give Iran the blueprint for a nuclear device, to create an Iran that has the plans to make a nuclear bomb.
    So folks, the dark forces are still at work behind the backs of our elected representatives and they need as much support as those who speak up about these back door power hungry has been’s with money and connections to regimes that want to control us.

    That is why we need people like Craig speaking out, that is why we all should put out hands in our pocket and give what we can afford. Tony might want his money back with interest, he does not mind were he writes his proof prose, I do, and suspect that many others who read Craigs blog do as well.

    • Sharp Ears

      Well done on your march Nevermind. Sorry about the bystander. On the Iraq war march I was spat at as we were passing the Ritz. We have some nice fellow citizens.

      I can’t remember putting up a link to the Lobster piece but here is the link to the latest edition anyway. The Labour party article is at the bottom.


      • OW ABOUT

        Anyone who takes Robin Ramsey from some bridge seriously is hopelessly out of touch, like James Files assassinated JFK, no mention of the other CIA’s assassinations, led by chief Plumber William King Harvey, taking out Martin Luther King, RFK, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, and former Alabama Governor Gorge Wallace, etc.

        I could go on with my complains about Ramsey but am afaid I would throw up my belated breakfast.

        • Hieroglyph

          I dip in and out of The Lobster. However, Ramsey wrote a blog about how the Clinton’s, which basically said most of the charges against them were just right-wing conspiracy. Some people really do have a blind spot around the Clinton’s, it’s most unseemly.

          Still, he’s usually interesting, and writes well, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too critical.

      • giyane

        ” His book is populated by politicians agreeing to policies they didn’t understand and EU officials imposing policies they knew would fail but from which they were afraid to dissent for fear of damage to their careers.”

        One of the signs of the approach of the Day of Judgement is that people will be appointed to positions of leadership who are unqualified for their roles, while others who are qualified will be rejected.
        Another famous one is that Bedouin Arabs will compete with eachother in building ever taller buildings.

        The one I like most is that it will be harder to find someone who meets their obligations entrusted to them. Amaanat – Trusts. this helps us to understand what is going on in politics. The Tories do not feel any compulsion to serve the interests of the UK population. They therefore take a position in Brexit negotiations that is so completely unacceptable to the EU that progress is impossible. In the meantime they bring many powers that were delegated to the EU, back into government control. Then they tell us that the EU is so intransigent that we the people will have to put up with free movement in order to get free trade, which we all knew anyway.

        In this way, our leaders have used our democratic voice to grab Henry VIII powers from us and our representatives, while simultaneously refusing to address our real concerns, viz why do we have to support thousands of boozing and overweight Bulgarians and Romanians at the taxpayers expense and continually bomb far-off Muslim countries at our expense, for the EU’s strategic global political agenda of US hegemony?

        If you ever wondered why, it’s because the Day of Judgement is getting near.

    • Resident Dissident

      “still wanting to reign back and push against the strong aims to rewrite clause 4 and re-present it.”

      You mean all those recent joiners were lying on their application form and really are infiltrators?

    • SA

      In a recent PMQ May repeated this accusation of anrisemitism in the Labour Party when cornered on benefits. It works on the assumption that by repeating an untruth several times it somehow becomes a truth. N

  • freddy

    Christian leaders have expressed alarm at the killing of a Coptic Orthodox priest in Egypt’s capital Cairo.
    Father Samaan Shehata was collecting humanitarian aid for his parish in Beni Suef on Thursday when he was chased by a man who stabbed him several times.
    The assailant fled the scene but was reportedly later arrested by police.
    The motive for the attack, which was filmed on CCTV, was not known. However, the minority Coptic community has been targeted repeatedly in recent months.
    More than 100 people have been killed since December in a series of attacks claimed by jihadist militants affiliated to so-called
    Islamic State (IS).

    Let’s hear the Palestinistas condemn this Islamic State violence on Christians.

    • giyane

      I for one totally condemn the Israeli organisation of Islamic state for perpetrating this act of religious hatred against Christians. Has Baghdadi returned to being Shimon Elliott now, or has he been given a new name?

      • freddy

        As, Raqqa, the capitol of the Islamic State Caliphate has fallen,
        as Aleppo has fallen,
        as Palmyra has fallen,
        as Deir ez-Zor has fallen
        and as only eight percent of the land of Syria remains in Islamic State hands,
        the enclave of Islamic State, adjacent to Israeli held Golan
        will “soon” come under scrutiny?

    • nevermind

      Follow the money Freddy, see who is funding IS and ask yourself why not one journalist runs this sad story.

      here is an article from February, when 21 Coptic Christians got killed. I made sure its from a unionist publications, so don’t say Palestinistas/Christians don’t condemn this violence.

      How about trying to answer these questions, you seem to be really interested in IS and its paymasters.

      Why are IS fighters allowed to leave places like Raqqa and Aleppo? why are they not ending up being interrogated in prison camps? Why are IS/Al Quaeda/Al Nusra fighters being treated in I****ls hospitals? Who pays for their treatment?

        • freddy

          The Coalition of the Willing killed between 90 and 106 Syrian Army soldiers and wounded 110 more.
          The United States of America said that the intended target was Islamic State?

          Can we believe this,
          I can not.

          • freddy

            I think this was a “pointer” that the Coalition of the Willing were aiming to protect Islamic State
            by killing Syrian Government forces.

      • Laguerre

        “Why are IS fighters allowed to leave places like Raqqa and Aleppo? ”

        It’s a practical thing. Easier to bus them out to another one of their dwindling safe havens, than force them to fight to the death. The idea is that eventually they will get pushed over the border.

        Aleppo wasn’t Da’ish. Mainly al-Qa’ida/ex-Nusra.

    • Geoffrey

      Many Palestinians are Christians. Why would they need to state the obvious ? And anyway most western Christians just think they are dirty Arab terrorists whatever they say.

  • giyane

    Strange that. Gonk 1 is normally in favour of the malpractises of other gonks, while they tend to leave the malpractises of other goons, i.e. political Islam, alone. Otherwise we might come to the logical conclusion that gonks and goons are in fact the same. Whereas we all know that all gonks are perfect and carefully selected for their inphallability, while goons are the over-stimulated imaginations of the insane. After 30 years of continuous bombardment by the gonk/goon political narrative I think most people are aware that they are the same. But we still have to pretend.

    • giyane

      Pick up the detritus of infantile amusement, paper hats, chocoloate, streamers, and balloons. It is now time for the grown-ups to start threatening to smack Tory bums.

  • Republicofscotland

    Labour’s shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has said his party would work with Conservative MPs to block any prospect of a “no deal” Brexit, saying there was no majority in parliament for crashing out of the EU.

    However, worringly Theresa May and her government are making ready, contigency plans, which includes putting aside £250 million pounds in the event of a no deal scenario, which could see the UK crash out of Europe without a deal.

    “The Transport secretary, Chris Grayling, told the same programme that parliament would have no mechanism to keep the UK in the EU for longer than 30 March 2019, which is when Britain’s membership of the bloc will automatically expire if no deal is reached. “Parliament has already voted for leaving the European Union overwhelmingly,” he said.”

    Does Mr Grayling know something we dont, with regards to any EU deal?

    Just as concerning is this study, which shows the impact of Brexit on the average person, and their finances. Up until now most studies have concentrated on trade and investment.

    The report claims, that even a soft Brexit would damage personal income, I’m inclined to agree.

    • reel guid

      May and her cabinet seem to be influenced by interlinked ultra-free market organisations like the Legatum Foundation and the Heritage Foundation that are trying to bring about a hard brexit.

      • giyane

        reel guid

        One can talk about artists being influenced but how in hell can you talk about an artificially-selected piece of political tripe influencing PM May? Politicians create Quangos to give academic respectability to their own stupid ideas. Not the other way round.

        • reel guid

          These sorts of organisations represent the interests of the 1%. Of course they influence right wing politicians.

        • J

          Politicians are hired to convincingly portray the public reasons they give for the policies they are told to adopt.

  • nevermind

    Desensitised by political policing and Government decree to protect fracking sites. This letter by jenny Jones, Green party, in a response to an 79 yrs old tea lady being dragged away and arrested by police, was printed in the Guardian some days back.

    It is ridiculous that the public who is against fracking are paying taxes to be used to stop the public protesting at this rape of the water supply in North Yorkshire, Kirby Misperton to be precise. The time has come to make a stand, again…..

    “When the police forcibly remove a 79-year-old woman for serving refreshments to fracking protesters, you know they have taken sides (Report, 11 October). Having wasted their time and our money dragging pensioners around, the Lancashire constabulary has asked the Home Office for an extra £3.1m to cover the cost of drafting in police from Somerset and Wales. It is time for the policing operation at New Preston Road to be scaled back, or called off altogether. The police are helping to impose a government decision to frack, which is opposed by local residents at every level of local government. The police should go back to patrolling the streets and arresting criminals, instead of defending corporate interests by harassing the protesters.
    Jenny Jones
    Green party, House of Lords

    • giyane

      Jenny Jones

      You only have to say BSE and all ear-wet wuffians of the Tory creed should crawl back into their shells.
      They might be able to afford bottled water, but I would rather drink my tea, via a teapot, straight out of the ground.

      • fredi

        Here’s a topic that the corporate media doesn’t seem to want to talk about, they prefer to howl in shock about Weinstein, even though Hollywood insiders have known about his predatory addiction to young actresses for at least 20 years. This has all the hallmarks of an agenda 21 kind of diversionary tactic to keep attention away from things that actually matter. Like the west’s support for jihadi terrorists

        Syria War Report – October 11, 2017: US-backed Forces Negotiate With ISIS Over Raqqah City

        • fredi

          Or the truth about a guy who carried out the biggest mass shooting in US history.

          FBI ‘Hand-In-Hand’ With Vegas PD, Begin Damage Control: “There Is No Conspiracy… Nobody Is Attempt to Hide Anything”

          Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department appeared to be visibly shaken when told reporters Friday that he wasn’t attempting to be “subversive” in previous statements he made surrounding details of the October 1 massacre at the Route 91 Music Festival where 58 people lost their lives.

        • giyane

          Negotiating with terrorists.

          It has to be repeated again and again before anybody takes any notice. Ex-President of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani, along with Mulla Krekar of the CIA’s Kurdish Al Qaida signed for Islamic State to leave the Israeli/Saudi terror training camps in Jordan, collect new Toyotas from Erdogan and attack Mosul and later Baghdad and the Yazidi civilian population.

          The thing they are trying to distract you from is a little squabble about Kirkuk, which Barzani took from Baghdad while the daesh were giving Baghdad a hard time. Both of the criminal presidents, Erdogan and Barzani should be hung like Saddam Hussain for their involvement as proxies of USUKIS in ethnic cleansing, Islamist terror and oil theft. Neither should be rewarded for their crimes.

          Fredi is 100% correct in pinpointing this massive diversion from Obama and Trumps’ use of Islamist proxies wreaking havoc in the Middle East. I call for Obama, Trump, Erdogan, Barzani, the royal families of Qatar and Saudi Arabia to be hung for war crimes. Cameron, Hague and Blair can do us the favour of knotting their silk cravats at one end and attaching them to an open window at the other end.

          Mrs May was just the driver. With a 20 year sentence, on good behaviour she can be out in 10.
          By which time Jeremy Corbyn might have got 30 years of illegal war and 38 years of daft economics tidied up a little, especially without the stranglehold of Brussels calling him to heel all the time.

  • Macky

    A relevant tweet & link:

    On this day in 2011, an Obama drone strike killed 16 year-old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, as he ate dinner at an outdoor cafe in Southern Yemen.The drone strike that killed Abdulrahman, a US citizen, also killed his cousin and 5 other civilians. Abdulrahman, was killed just weeks…after a US drone strike killed his father, also an American, who was accused of being in al Qaeda, but was assassinated w/out trial.
    Then last January, a Trump ordered SEAL raid in Yemen killed Abdulrahman’s 8 yr-old American sister Nawar al-Awlaki.

    • fredi



      The US secret service would have known, he obviously wasn’t regarded as a risk, he was a DNC financial sponsor after all.

      Min 7 Obama’s daughter internship for Weinstein.
      Hollywood Has Always Known About Harvey Weinstein

      A ‘Hollywood ‘God’ for the vacuous glitterati

      Harvey Weinstein, the most-thanked man at the Oscars?

      Though this man managed to have a half decent dig at him in 2013, funny..

      Seth MacFarlane Says Weinstein Oscars Joke Came From ‘A Place Of Anger’

    • Courtenay Barnett

      In response:-

      The whole Weinstein episode coupled with Hillary’s public commentaries about her disgust, can all be summed up in a simple phrase:-
      “Lying hypocrite”.
      Of course with a husband ( is that what Bill Clinton is supposed to be to Hillary?) like Bill and his well-known philandering, how in heaven’s name does Hillary Clinton go public and express her condemnation against Weinstein? Isn’t it that when a person points an accusing finger then there are three fingers pointing back at one’s self?
      Having briefly read the article that you linked to, it seems that it is incomplete. No mention of the Black prostitute in Arkansas who bore Clinton’s child and the young man has openly called for a DNA test to prove Bill’s paternity which he ( Bill) refuses to take.
      Pardon my vulgar language – but to sum it all up – the Clintons are shits both in their personal and political lives!

      • Hieroglyph

        Hillary is a piece of shit. There’s really not much to be added to that. I suppose you could argue that, really, she isn’t a hypocrite, because she’s just a POS, and everything she says is POS-talk, so she isn’t really hiding anything. Whatever, I guess. Mostly, I wish she’s just accept defeat, and STFU. Tragically, she never will. She’s already running for 2020, and such is the debasement of DC, I wouldn’t entirely rule her out.

        Sessions has to indict, and perp-walk her and her odious husband. I don’t think he is able to, nor does he have the cojones. Still, it’s early days, so I could be pleasingly wrong here.

        • Sharp Ears

          She was also implying that Chelsea might go for the job? I think I heard the word ‘dynasty’ mentioned in one of the very many interviews!

          Q. Can I come out from under the duvet now? Has she left the country?

      • glenn_nl

        Just a minute… if some woman’s husband cheats on her, that means she’s not allowed to condemn a sexual predator, a deviant criminal? Surely you’re not going down the road with the Republicans, equating cheating with rape, and then going on to pretend that H. Clinton was somehow complicit in same?

        • joel

          Bill Clinton is not somebody who merely had an affair. Little or nothing distinguishes him from Weinstein. Read the Jacobin article I posted above.

    • giyane

      My wife is low-skilled in this country because she has had to learn English from scratch. What I see happening in offices with Muslim women is that their male superiors deliberately closet them to work in private with them in small offices, because this directly contradicts the etiquettes of Islam and the culture of a modern UK office.

      There is something about being a feminist, or a Muslim, which triggers a certain response from male chauvinists who think that women should be available for sexual harassment. I was sitting in a small office doing a computer health and Safety exam. A female Muslim colleague came in and started work at a nearby computer. Then my boss at Unite Students, Clive Edwards, came in and said to her, ” Hello beautiful “. To which she replied, ” Maybe Anas doesn’t like you calling him that ” viz You cannot possibly have been addressing me like that.
      OK he gets away with it, but just to prove he is the boss, he sacks me for making a joke about the loveliness of the female foreign students. Look, I’m the boss, I can get away with anything. You’re not the boss, you keep your mouth zipped or you get sacked.

      Once the boss has established that a female colleague has no chance of self-defence, no defence from male colleagues , and no defence from female colleagues, he, or she, then knows they can do what they like.
      I’m training my wife in verbal karate. If they ask you to cross the lines of your religion, walk out. You’ll lose your poxy little job, but at least next time this predator will think twice about exercising his power at work in the office.
      BTW, I was so shocked at being sacked I have still not found another job, and I suspect the company has blacklisted me for inappropriate behaviour towards women. It’s happened before. Nobody should imagine this sort of thing only goes on in hotel rooms and plush offices. This is the kafir West. We go to work to get power and sex, and we get paid for doing it. Nice work if you can get it!

  • Republicofscotland

    Sebastian Kurz, is the new Austrian leader, he’s the youngest leader in Europe, at 31 years of age, and possibly the world as well.

    Kurz, centre-right conservative party, claimed victory, with around 31% of the vote. His People’s Party, are said to have gained victory by being tough on immigration.

    His minority government now needs to form a coalition, with either the Social Democrat party, or the far right Freedom party.

    Before the election, Mr Kurz served as Europe’s youngest-ever foreign minister, after he was appointed in 2013 aged just 27.

    There seems to be a bit of trend for young leaders these days, such as in France and Canada, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau, and now Austria.

  • Republicofscotland

    Scottish government, after today’s meeting still unable to consent to Westminster’s EU Withdrawal bill, and will not be able to do so, until the power grab is removed from the bill.

    Though a consensus on some minor matters was reached today.

    Another meeting is due to take place before Christmas.

    Those Brexit fools pretending to run the UK, can’t even agree a deal with the home nation’s (DUP bung aside) governments, let alone that of the EU.

    • Republicofscotland

      French PM in stitches over Juncker’s promise of an “autopsy” of tonight’s dinner with Theresa May

      Poor Mr Junker, imagine having, to have dinner with Theresa May, I hope the poor man, has plenty of cognac or Scotch at hand.

      Maybe Theresa May will be blinded by a fit of coughing again? One things for sure Mr Junker better have the indigestion tablets at hand.

      • Habbabkuk

        “Maybe Theresa May will be blinded by a fit of coughing again?”

        For once I agree with “Republicofscotland” – it’s absolutely hilarious when a politician makes a speech while suffering from a severe cold or sore throat or whatever. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a TV sitcom based on such a theme.

        But, seriously, it’s Mrs May’s own fault, isn’t it; she should have postponed the Conference until she was well again, or, alternatively, got someone to read out her speech for her. Or perhaps not.

  • freddy

    Israeli jets bomb Syrian anti-aircraft battery after spy planes fired at near Lebanon border

    I wonder if the Israelis are going to bomb the Islamic State enclave, adjacent to Israeli held Golan?

    • freddy

      This is peculiar

      “Earlier today, an anti-aircraft missile was launched from Syria towards IDF aircraft during a routine flight over Lebanon. No hits confirmed,” the Israeli Defense Force spokesperson tweeted.

      So, what is an IDF routine light over Lebanon?

      • Laguerre

        Of course the media don’t mention that it’s an illegal intrusion into Lebanese air-space.

        Mind you, the Israelis will have had a severe shock today with the collapse of their carefully nurtured Peshmerga, and the fall of Kirkuk. Another Israeli policy failing. The Israelis of course have been hand in glove with Barzani for decades. There are lots of photos of Barzani with the Israelis.

        The question now is whether the Shi’a army will stop at the KRG border. Personally I think they will. It would be wise not to provoke US air-strikes.

        • giyane

          Wars are not fought on land any more. Troops are entirely expendable, like war games. Decisions about who rules what and where are taken in the safety of major cities and executed from major towns outside the combat zones. Kirkuk was presented for marriage today, in white trusses, by a stout party from Mossad, with Erdogan as best man. Then follows the charade of a wedding party with Erdogan and barzani playing the parts of rival mafia clans. Pathetic.

          What we learn from today is that the US under Obama’s nuclear deal has armed Iran, whose crack troops took over Kirkuk today, with super-weapons and armed the PKK with ancient Soviet-era arms, so that they can all pretend to be fighting for whatever cheap slogans they have been trained to believe in. Yes many people died, and will continue to die in the Middle East, while decisions are made in TelAviv boardrooms.

          Yes those board-rooms where warrants will be issued , or not, for Craig Murray to face bankruptcy, or not. The aggressive theocratic overlay that claims tribal superiority over the entire rest of the world, is cackling as we speak about the tragic loss of life from Zionist driven wars.

        • freddy

          Perhaps the BBC could do an update on the causes of the war in Syria.
          So ordinary people can get it straight. Syrian War – Date 15 March 2011 – present

          Cyprus demarcated its maritime border with Egypt in 2003, and with Lebanon in 2007.
          Cyprus and Israel demarcated their maritime border in 2010.
          Turkey, which does not recognize the border agreements of Cyprus with its neighbors,
          threatened to mobilize its naval forces should Cyprus proceed with plans to begin drilling at Block 12.

        • freddy

          The Evangelos Florakis Navy Base is a Cyprus Navy base, situated near Zygi, between Limassol and Larnaca.

          In open storage on the base were 98 containers of 120 mm, 122 mm, 125 mm, and 160 mm high explosive artillery shells, 7.62 mm shell casings, compressed gunpowder, silver dollar-sized slugs[quantify], primers, and magnesium primers that had been seized by the United States Navy in 2009 after it intercepted a Cypriot-flagged, Russian-owned vessel, Monchegorsk, travelling from Iran to Syria in the Red Sea.
          According to leaked US cables through WikiLeaks, released in 2011, the US through Hillary Clinton exerted pressure on Cyprus to confiscate the shipment.
          The ship was escorted to a Cypriot port and the Cyprus Navy was given responsibility for the explosives, which it moved to the Evangelos Florakis a month later.
          At the time of the incident in 2011, the explosives had apparently been left in the open for over two years. The Cypriot government had declined offers from Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States to remove or dispose of the material, fearing an adverse reaction from Syria.
          The government had instead requested that the UN effect the removal, but claimed that its request had been rejected

        • freddy

          This ties in “nicely” with the main power station of Cyprus ( fifty percent)
          being blown up.
          This power station is now being rebuilt to take gas from Israel

          It is as if there was a plan?

    • Sharp Ears

      Oded Yinon lives.

      ‘When viewed in the current context, the war on Iraq, the 2006 war on Lebanon, the 2011 war on Libya, the ongoing wars on Syria and Iraq, the war on Yemen, the process of regime change in Egypt, must be understood in relation to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East.

      The latter consists in weakening and eventually fracturing neighboring Arab states as part of an Israeli expansionist project. ‘

  • freddy

    THE Israeli air force has attacked a Syrian anti-aircraft battery that Israel said had fired a missile at its planes as they were on a reconnaissance mission over neighbouring Lebanon.

    Not a mention on the BBC?

    No Israeli planes were hit in the Syrian launch, Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus said, adding that the counter-strike took place two hours later and “incapacitated” the anti-aircraft unit located 30 miles east of Damascus.

    “We know according to our intelligence it was a battery controlled by the Syrian regime and we hold the Syrian regime responsible for the fire,” Lieutenant-Colonel Conricus said.

    May be it is not important enough for the BBC

    or may be they have to run it past someone, before publication?

    • freddy

      Turkey steals Hatay Province from Syria.
      Israel steals The Golan from Syria.
      Turkey invades Idlib Province.
      Israel overflies Syria and Lebanon with apparent impunity but gets the huff if Lebanon or Syria get the huff.

      Just seems that certain entities think Lebanon and Syria should be done out of territory / resorces

      I do not belieive the War in Syria is a CIVIL WAR
      it is a war fought by outsiders on the territory of Syria, yet the U.N. do raise so much as a mouse-squeak

      • Macky

        “the country God instructed “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

        The Zionists seem to prefer that other Biblical quote; “by way of deception thou shalt do war “, which they translate as “With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war”

          • John Goss

            Did you notice how the best answer had fewer likes and much greater dislikes than the better comments below? How does that work? Like MSM mycelia I suppose.

          • giyane

            John Goss
            Thanks for an amazing example of a pithy piece of Divine revelation being twisted by political Muslims [ I take the children of Israel to have been the Muslims of their time ] to mean the opposite of what God actually revealed.

            Something of which Sawdust Arabia should take note, since they appear to be making the same mistake as their predecessors by making takfir of Muslims who happen to be in the way of their Yemeni pipeline.

      • Courtenay Barnett


        “Israel’s Channel 2 said the commanders have made their way to an Islamic State-controlled enclave “close to the border” with Israel. They have set up a training camp to which they have recruited 300 local youths, said the report, which showed footage apparently of the camp and training sessions.”


        A. Since Israel has all this information about the new ISIS camp, it clearly has sufficient information for focused geographical location.

        B. As a former US President once said, or words to effect, ” If you ain’t wid us you are ‘gainst us”.

        C. So, if you ain’t wid the terrorists and are ‘gainst them – then bomb ’em and be rid of the menace.

        Or is that too hard to do – I ask rhetorically.

  • giyane

    The BBC reported events in Kirkuk incorrectly this morning. Yesterday the Kurdish peshmerga woke up to find they had been surrounded by Iraqi and Iranian troops heavily armed with modern weaponry. Fearing capture they engaged fire with the Shi’a whose resistance was soon disappearing. The PKK which have been recently armed by the US with ex-Soviet weaponry are the only forces that could be described as Kurdish militia, but they were not present on this occasion. The Peshmerga were ordered to cease fire and withdraw by their own commanders, i.e. ex president Barzani and Israel. They threw their dead like watermelons into the back of their vehicles and withdrew.

    Why can’t the BBC report accurately? The Kurdish Peshmerga are major members of the international coalition against Islamic State. They are not militia, so what is the BBC’s purpose in insulting them?

    • Laguerre

      The Peshmerga are a militia, they’re not a regular army. If they were, they would be under the orders of the Iraqi command.

      • giyane

        Well. The BBC reported that the Kurdish militia forces did not put up much resistance.
        Being a national army for an autonomous region of Iraq, if what you say is true all Obadi needed to do was phone them up. What I suspect actually happened is that they thought they could take the Peshmerga prisoner by intimidating them with modern weaponry, rather than phoning them up, but they soon realised that their lovely new weapons might end up in the Peshmerga’s hands if they allowed themselves to be subjected to the Peshmerga’s fearless self-defence. So they then decided to phone up President Barzani to plead with him to get them to stop. The results of that phone call will emerge today, if Pres. Barzani’s statement yesterday was correct.

        • giyane

          The result of Obadi’s massacre of 400 Kurdish Peshmerga in Kirkuk was that Baghdad will now take responsibility for the airports and ensure that their revenues go to the Kurdish people instead of Barzani and Talebani families’ pockets and Obadi will pay the salaries of the municipal employees, teachers etc in Sulaimaniyah.

          Sulaimaniyah will not accept the deal, if I know their characters, necause Obadi set an army of Iranian Shi’a against his own Iraqi citizens and they killed 400 of them in Kirkuk. The Iranians who have been fighting alongside the Peshmerga against IS declared that to them the Kurdish were the same as the Daesh!

          That is the nail in the coffin for Iraqi unity. Sulaimaniyah will never agree to be ruled from Baghdad so long as Baghdad murders its own citizens like flies using mercenaries from its neighbours. Sulaimaniyah will not be bought by Baghdad cash. Chief Zionist wanker Barzani refused to listen to Kurdish demands that the referendum be postponed. The reason it was not postponed is that Israel wants to plant its missiles on Kurdish soil for the USUKIS global hegemony NWO.

          Tell me. If your government organised sedition in its neighbouring country, resulting in bombing, murder and terror to be committed both in the neighbour country and your own, would you tolerate it. Well that is what the UK government did in Ireland and that is what Barzani has done in Iraq. He and the arseholes from Political Islam, working for Israel and USUKIS, signed for the Daesh to come to Mosul. He, and they should be summoned to the International Court of Justice and tried, along with Obama and David Cameron,for murder and genocide.

          If the international community of mafia crooks known as USUKIS do not desist from destroying the Middle and Far East for colonial hegemony, I guarantee that Russia and China will destroy
          them , even if it takes nuclear weapons to do it.

          If Barzani ever shows his face in public again in Kurdistan he will be lynched.

      • Alex Westlake

        Actually they’re at least two militias. The forces “defending” Kirkuk were from the PUK, not the KDP. Also it would appear that the forces which took Kirkuk were largely from the Hashd al-Sha’abi militia which takes its orders from Tehran

        • Republicofscotland

          As for the Kurdish people’s self determination, yes why not, they deserve a nation of their own. I’ve read Israel is desperate to see the birth of a new Kurdish state.

          Israel will be funding and backing the Kurds in the hope, that an alliance can be made between them and another non-Arab state in the region.

          No doubt if the regional players become more aggressive, Little Satan (Israel), will call on the assistance of the Great Satan America to intervene.

          • Habbabkuk

            You are among the very few on here who appear to favour the creation of a Kurdish state and I applaud that stance. After all, the Kurds are a nation, are they not (just as the Scots are).

  • freddy

    It seems a little strange, that spokespersons for the Israeli Regime, refer to Syria as a Regime.
    So what is the actual difference between a government and a Regime.

    Would Zimbabwe be a Regime but South Africa be a government.

    Would Spain be a government but Catalonia a Regime.

    Would Bangladesh be a government but Burma be a Regime?

    • giyane

      It would seem that it depends on how they are changed. In the UK whichever party you vote for there is never any change in policy. Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose. Therefore we may conclude that the UK has a regime.

    • Habbabkuk


      I think that countries of a fundamentally non-democratic character which do not observe the rule of law merit the designation of “régime”.

      You could apply that essay at a definition to the various examples you offered.

    • Robert Crawford

      Happy birthday Craig. And many of them.

      One year closer to Scottish Independence.


  • J

    Strange times for Europe. In addition to the last month of headlines, stories and narratives, the mask has fallen off completely:

    Maltese journalist who led Panama Papers corruption investigation killed in car blast

    TfL bans ads displaying Palestinian objections to Balfour declaration

    • Radar O’Reilly

      and the University of Bristol is alleged to be an unsupervised daily slurper of the UK’s bulk-personal-datasets. ycnmiu.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      It’s surely a coincidence that my favourite Tony visited the arguably corrupt Maltese PM Muscat in August. And Caruna was apparently on Muscat’s case…

  • Republicofscotland

    Well thank you kindly Habb, for your concern over reel guid and myself, (Do I detect a hint of sarcasm) regarding our welfare, I cannot vouch for reel guid, though I hope he/shes well, but I’m fine.

    Sadly as you say several people lost their lives in Ireland, when Ophelia struck.

    Ophelia, in Scotland anyway is nothjng to a real hurricane that hit Scotland in 1968, known as Hurricane Low Q, but locally knoen across Scotland as the “big blaw.”

    Some 20 to 30 people died and winds around 118mp to 125pm, battered Scotland Tiree saw some of the strongest gusts.

  • reel guid

    The Scottish Labour leadership election is getting unpleasant. Leonard supporters are questioning a large increase in membership, with groups of newcomers appearing to share the same e-mail address. Sarwar supporters are countering by accusing Leonard supporters of racism and not wanting to see new members from ethnic minorities.

  • reel guid

    Sanchez and Cuixart, the detained leaders of two of the largest Catalan independence associations, have been denied bail by a judge.

  • Brianfujisan

    Happy Birthday Craig..I left a wee gift on the court case Fund, Hope thats going well.

    The storm didn’t come to anything on the Clyde, bit windy…Not much of an Excuse to go down the coast for a wee bit of Storm Chasin…
    Rip the 3 souls Lost at the hands of Nature in Ireland

        • freddy

          Supervising ceasefire and disengagement agreement

          From early March 1974, the situation in the Israel-Syria sector became increasingly unstable, and firing intensified. The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) was established on 31 May 1974 by Security Council resolution 350 (1974) PDF Document, following the agreed disengagement of the Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan.

          Since then, UNDOF has remained in the area to maintain the ceasefire between the Israeli and Syrian forces and to supervise the implementation of the disengagement agreement.

          So, why do not UNDOF stop Israel from bombing Syria?

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Don’t you look? Is***l bombs Assad’s forces, and his allies Hizb’ullah. Not IS. IS is safe enough from Is***l (barring that ol’ collateral damage) as long as it doesn’t attack it…and IS has quite enough on its plate right now without inviting a shitstorm.

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