That Mythical Pro-Spanish Majority in Catalonia 251

The media constantly pumps out the lie that there is a silent anti-independence majority in Catalonia, which is merely curiously invisible.

Consider this. The highest turnout ever at an election in Catalonia was the 74.9% in the 2015 Regional Election, with 4,130.196 people casting their vote. At Spanish general elections turnout is even lower, at 69%. A minimum of 25.1% of the population never vote at all. Of that 25% who do not vote, some will be dead, or moved away, but most are probably just not civilly engaged.

The trick of the pro-Spanish lobby is to boycott polls on Independence, and then claim that this minimum 25% of the electorate who never vote at all anyway, are anti-Independence and participating in the boycott. In truth there are absolutely no grounds to attribute the minimum 25% habitual non-voters as anti-independence. Particularly the dead ones.

So in fact the 2,044,038 votes cast in favour of Independence on Sunday, that survived the police and could be counted, already amounted to 49.6% of the highest number of votes ever cast in any election in Catalonia. When you add in the hundreds of thousands of votes confiscated by the police, and the voters who were deterred by the terrible violence, there is no doubt whatsoever that Sunday’s referendum would have seen a healthy majority for Independence on any probable turnout figure.

So that is the answer on the “pro-Spanish silent majority”. Many of them are very silent indeed, being dead but still on the register. Most of the others have never voted in their lives. The trick of claiming all non-voters as No voters is, frankly, pathetic. It says a huge amount about the corruption of the corporate media, and in the UK especially the BBC, that they have been pumping out this ridiculous “silent majority” narrative without ever analysing the figures realistically.

Why is the pro-Spanish majority so silent? Because it is a fiction. The very existence of the pro-Independence majority in the Catalan parliament is evidence of that fact. At the Catalan parliamentary elections, pro-Independence parties got 48% and anti-Independence parties got 39%. The other 13% went to parties which are agnostic or divided on the issue. But your career in the mainstream media is dependent on failing to notice such inconvenient fact.


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251 thoughts on “That Mythical Pro-Spanish Majority in Catalonia

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  • Republicofscotland

    The BBC news giving the Spanish who’ve flooded Barcelona today, plenty of airtime to broadcast their views.

    The BBC have certainly nailed their colours to the mast.

    • hyperbola

      The Spanish should send ZionCon lackey Vargas Llosa back to Peru. Remember that this “hero” was all in favor of killing millions in Iraq. He is of pretty much the same “ancestry” as the other anglo-zionist/CIA lackeys.

      Europe’s “Bought Journalists” – Counterpunch
      Not that long ago in Europe, one had to go to a church, a temple or a mosque to imbibe industrial quantities of religious doctrine.

      Since the beginning of the 21st century, however, it has become possible to access it in a great and self-satisfied profusion on the editorial pages of the continent’s “serious” and nominally progressive dailies, papers like The Guardian, El País, La Repubblica, Le Monde, and Suddeutsche Zeitung.

      The particular brand of theology being pushed?

      Neo-Liberal Imperialism, something the faith’s leading clerics—people like Timothy Garton-Ash, Niall Ferguson. Moisés Naim, Mario Vargas Llosa, Hermann Tertsch, Antonio Caño, Joseph Joffe, and that erstwhile philosopher-clown, Bernard Henry-Levi—prefer to describe in terms of “promoting trans-Atlantic partnerships” and creating and maintaining “Open Societies”…….

  • freddy

    Off Topic

    yet another vehicle ramming.

    Patcham teenager deliberately run over by truck
    A 19-year-old man has been seriously injured after he was “deliberately” hit by a truck, which ran over him twice.

    This may have started out as an Islamic State thing
    but it seems to be becoming contagious

  • freddy

    Darling of the liberal left French president Emmanuel Macron telephoned his Spanish counterpart and said he backed him and the “constitutional unity of Spain”.


    I can not understand why the French have allowed themselves to be duped by slippery Macron.

  • AJ Finch

    Hi, Craig, the tails of all your recent articles say that donors have contributed 75,000 pounds to your defence fund. You have been quoting that number for a while now. Has the total really remained fairly static? If it is moving upwards, it would be tremendously encouraging for us donors if we knew how much progress has been made.
    I continue to wish you the best of luck with the case!
    – AJ

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