Sickening Labour 66

You expect the Tories to be stupid. It is their nature, as John Stuart Mill pointed out. But the disruption by New Labour of radical reform of the House of Lords is about career advantage and a total absence of genuine political belief. Which is precisely what Blair brought to New Labour. Tomorrow he makes his Labour Party comeback speech at Highbury – to a closed £120 a ticket dinner. Says it all, really.

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66 thoughts on “Sickening Labour

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  • Komodo

    As always, Private Eye is a mine of information on the morass of corruption behind our democratic facade. Possibly the only working mine left in the UK, indeed. Today it reports on the new Blairite thinktank, Progress, which has published its accounts. Apart from Lord Sainsbury’s £260,000 per annum (the Labour one – the family has all the bases covered), contributors include Bell Pottinger, Sovereign Strategy (also lobbyists) and the European Azerbaijan Society. Ah, memories –
    But there’s much more in the current Eye. If you haven’t, buy it.
    Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in Lord Gnome’s flagship.

  • daniel

    On Friday, I took the tube to Arsenal at 5.30pm to join the demonstration against the sociopath warmonger that consisted of…….wait for it…..Bruce Kent (CND), another CND guy, two people from Stop The War and 22 others. Total 26 people, I counted them.

    So only 26 people and myself out of a London population of about 8 million could be bothered to stand up and be counted. Where were the rest of the 1.5 million who took to the streets nearly a decade ago, I kept asking myself.

    Have we become THAT demoralized in this country?

  • Michael Culver

    In reply to Daniel,Yes I very much fear the country is totally demoralized.Corporate fascism rules here now and the militarising of the Olympics is the ultimate proof, Dow [Bhopal], Coca Cola,Macdonalds, B.P. and Bliar invited by Milibland, arranged doubtless by Genocide Ali,is enough to make most puke.Brian Haw stood in Parliament Sq: shouting against the genocide and torture of Iraq and Afghanistan for 10 years till his death last June.May he rest in peace, meanwhile Barbara Tucker continues the vigil but the scum who rule attempt every trick to remove her,where are the 2 million who marched against the perma tanned sociopath?The Judiciary are as corrupt as Hitler’s,no use looking there for assistance.Where is Cameron’s promised enquiry into torture and when ,if ever, will Chilcott publish and will it be anything but another whitewash? Look up how many countries the U.S.A.has bombed since 1945, none of which had attacked it, and one realises that it is a totally criminal gangster state and we are in lockstep with it.Demoralized, damn right but where to go? None the less whatever happens Craig keep blogging,you are a ray of sanity in these stygian days.

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