Assange Judge’s Husband Runs Security Firm With Ex Head of MI6 1235

“Security Intelligence Consultancy” SC Strategy Ltd has only three directors. One is the husband of the judge in yesterday’s Assange ruling. One is the former Head of MI6, Sir John Scarlett, who is synonymous with crooked security operations and personally wrote the notorious dossier of lies on Iraqi WMD, thus causing the subsequent deaths of millions of people. One is Lord Carlile, who was notably close to protected Establishment paedophiles Greville Janner and Cyril Smith. Is the British Establishment not endlessly fascinating?

The corporate media has published no information about “Lady” Arbuthnot’s background and sinister links at all, despite the fact it is uniformly carrying her jibes at Assange as a major story. There can be no clearer example of the fact that it is the corporate media which, deliberately and systematically, spreads fake news, while bloggers get out the actual facts via social media.

Directors of SC Strategy Ltd from Companies House Register

To anyone to whom British corruption is not axiomatic, it appears pretty rum that the judge in the Assange case is married to a government parliamentarian and close to the security services.

“Lady” Arbuthnot’s Husband

There is some interesting background in the Mirror here. The taxpayer paid £1,200 in restaurant bills for “Lady” Arbuthnot and her husband in one long weekend jaunt to Turkey alone.

If anybody thinks the Assange case had anything to do with justice, they are very mistaken. Please read my analysis of “Lady” Arbuthnot’s judgement here.

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  • reel guid

    The Scottish and Welsh Governments have both introduced bills to protect both countries from the power grab provisions in the Tory EU Withdrawal Bill that would undermine the devolution settlements.

    Game on. We’ll see which unionist MSPs and AMs put the democratic rights of their country before the colonialist demands of their London masters, and which ones don’t.

  • reel guid

    Tory MSP Adam Tomkins tweets that the SNP Government’s Continuity Bill is illegal and that there’s no need for it. He says that the Scottish and UK governments are “within spitting distance of agreement”.

    LOL. He’s just preaching to the dwindling faithful there.

    • Republicofscotland

      His master Colonel Rape Clause Ruth Davidson, was said to be furious over the Continuity bill.

      Meanwhile according LBC, Boris Johnson has just smashed John Bercow’s office window at Westminster with a snowball.

      • reel guid

        Vandalism from a Tory Foreign Secretary. Trying to imagine similar behaviour from previous holders of the office.

        David Owen bending car aerials. Margaret Beckett spraying graffiti at a bus shelter. Lord Carrington setting fire to wheelie bins. Geoffrey Howe knocking the heads off daffodils. Alec Douglas-Home smashing up a phone box.

  • reel guid

    The chief law officer in the Scottish Government, the Lord Advocate has pronounced the Continuity Bill to be legal. But Davidson, Tomkins and Co are saying it’s illegal.

    I wonder who BBC Scotland will believe to be the greater legal expert? Davidson or James Wolffe QC?

    We know the BBC will pretend that it’s Davidson.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    When I first saw this video yesterday, I initially thought that whoever took the video outside, was using a microphone without a windsock, and the noise on the soundtrack was wind. However, I then realised that the noise was actuall bombs falling around British journalist’s Tom Duggan’s home in Damascus. Apparently he has a Syrian wife. The bombs were coming from The British Financed and trained (by The SAS) jihadist headchoppers. It’s very interesting to read Ba’al comments, as a wonderful example of the effect of mainstream media’s propaganda. He is a highly intelligent man, yet even he believes the nonsense he is being fed. Maybe even Gavin Williamson does too. Going to war with Russia, based on American lies, is not a particularly good idea. For one thing, we are certain to lose, even if we survive it.

    “Exclusive: British journalist destroys MSM lies on Syria”

    I can completely understand Ba’al’s point of view. He finds it extremely difficult to believe, that us British, our British Government could be that evil. Unfortunately, all the documented facts prove that at least since 1999, when we bombed the hell out of Yugoslavia, that it is, and yes, I believed the propaganda in 1999 too, but it still didn’t make any sense.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    This lot, are who our British Government, are financing, arming and training using our taxes. In fact Boris Johnson, has very recently switched their funding back on, having stopped it for a couple of months. I assume Boris is doing what he is told, by his American controllers.

    “Who are the US, UK and France trying to protect in Eastern Ghouta?”


    ..”All these factions share the same Takfiri ideology and financial support from Gulf countries. Some of them are directly supported by Western powers. All these factions are responsible for thousands of dead, and tens of thousands of wounded civilians in the city of Damascus. They all rain mortar shells and missiles on Damascus on daily basis and are considered by more than 7 million residents of greater Damascus as the worst terrorists, criminals who deserve to be eradicated with no empathy to terrorists whatsoever.”


  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Endgame Russia: NATO Sprawl Invades Eastern Europe, No More Illusions’:

    ‘In the past, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) justified its militarisation of large swaths of Eastern Europe by pointing to the omnipresent threat of terrorism, or some ‘rogue’ foreign state, inherently understood to be Iran. Today the mask has slipped and it is no longer denied that NATO’s primary target is Russia…..’

    Anyone home? All the signals, and threats are there:
    ‘Syria air strikes: Extra RAF planes to be sent to base as UK prepares for war against Isis’:

    ‘….Returning to Downing Street after attending the opening of international climate change talks in Paris yesterday, the Prime Minister said there was “growing support” across Parliament to join a growing international coalition in Syria.
    “We will be acting with our allies, we will be careful and responsible as we do so, but in my view it’s the right thing to do this to keep our country safe,” he said.
    Mr Cameron has urged MPs to support the military action they rejected two years ago following Francois Hollande’s appeal for increased efforts to combat Isis following the attacks that killed 130 people in Paris….’

    But, we know that the UK are not interested in fighting ISIS, IS or Daesh. So WTF are the RAF going there for?

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Paul Barbara,

      Your link to the Independent was from 2015, and this is what our RAF jets did. I think they’ve given up since The Russians got involved. In fact the Syrians are showing signs, of starting to rebuild some of the cities that have been destroyed by The West and our Terrorist Proxies, since they have been liberated by the Syrian Government Army with the help of The Russians.

      I am totally ashamed that our country has contributed to such appalling devastation (again). If it doesn’t stop, London could soon look like this. This was done with conventional weapons. Russia has nuclear weapons. Why are we threatening to go to war with them? Has our Government gone completely insane?

      “Drone footage reveals scale of destruction in Syrian cities. Published on 26 Feb 2018
      Years of war have left Syrian cities and infrastructure a decimated landscape of flattened buildings and rubble.”


        • Paul Barbara

          @ Kempe February 27, 2018 at 22:35
          There is a difference, you see: the Russians, and particularly the Syrians, have no desire to either kill Syrians, or to destroy Syrian infrastructure.
          But I’m sure even you are aware that the US couldn’t give a tuppenny f**k, the more killed and destroyed, the merrier for them.

        • SA

          The US is notorious for destroying infrastructure deliberately. They did that in Belgrade where they not only destroyed bridges and power stations but even bombed the TV station. The last Iraq war started with the obscene spectacle shown on out TV screens nightly, of what was euphemistically described as shock and awe which was death and destruction to civilians and infrastructure. That was the time when I decided that journalism was dead in the west and stopped watching TV.

          • Kempe

            So you seriously believe that Assad/Putin are fighting a clean war and that the bombed hospitals, destroyed electricity, phone and water networks are not their fault.

            It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

          • SA

            Unlike invaders with vested interest in lucrative reconstruction deals as part of the war booty, leaders of thier own country have the opposite incentive, to preserve the infrastructure. Sometimes however it is impossible to achieve this. But of course you can only see that if you also stop believing that these leaders are killing thier own people for the hell of it as we are constantly told by our Jahidi financing politicians.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Tony_0pmoc February 27, 2018 at 21:37
        Glad you all spotted it; I realised it myself and corrected it, along with how I came to make the mistake. But the correct link is below, of Boris Johnson talking about Britain bombing Assad if credible evidence is found.
        But we have heard all about ‘credible evidence’ before, and where that led.

    • giyane

      ” the Prime Minister said there was “growing support” across Parliament to join a growing international coalition in Syria.
      “We will be acting with our allies, we will be careful and responsible as we do so, but in my view it’s the right thing to do this to keep our country safe,” ”

      Sounds a bit Blairish to me. One wonders why her bete noir Boris stands up in Parliament and supports Al Qaida if she is concerned about keeping this country safe. What she should have said is ” No, I’m not going to eat David Cameron’s vomit, and anyway Boris doesn’t regard it as vomit, he says it’s delicious, fresh, Foreign Office vomit. Some of the best he’s ever tried.

    • Kempe

      ” The RAF is preparing to receive new jets at its base in Cyprus ready for the expected ‘yes’ vote in Parliament tomorrow ”

      A three year old report on something which, in the end, didn’t happen.

      So much for common sense and logic.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Kempe February 27, 2018 at 22:33
        I was in the process of correcting my mistake – our posts crossed.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Paul Barbara February 27, 2018 at 21:08
      Forget the second link in my post above; it was from 2015.
      I was searching for some confirmation from another site that Britain was sending more planes to ‘fight ISIS’, and d when I got the Indy link I didn’t check the date. We all make mistakes! But the increasing threat is still there, and growing.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Paul Barbara February 27, 2018 at 22:37
        Here’s the link I was looking for: even worse than I thought:
        ‘UK Threatens Damascus With Airstrikes if There’s Proof of Chemical Weapons’ Use’:

        ‘…British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has stated that the UK might support airstrikes against the Syrian government if there’s evidence of chemical weapons’ use.
        “If we know that it has happened, and we can demonstrate it, and if there is a proposal for action where the UK could be useful then I think we should seriously consider it,” Johnson told BBC.

        The statement comes a day after the infamous White Helmets NGO claimed that the Syrian government had deployed chlorine gas against the town of Al-Shifoniya in Eastern Ghouta, allegedly killing one child and causing “widespread suffocation” among the local civilians. While being praised by the Western governments, the White Helmets group, also known as the Syrian Civil Defense, has previously been accused of falsifying information about its work in Syria and staging “rescue” attempts in its propaganda videos.

        When asked to comment on the allegations, the Pentagon, however, stated that the US currently sees no evidence of chemical weapons’ use.

        Previously, the same threat was voiced by French President Emmanuel Macron, who stated earlier this month that France would launch strikes if the fact that the Syrian government had used weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against its civilians was proven…..’

        We know damn well that CW’s are going to be used, indeed there were credible reports a day or two ago that chlorine was used; the only problem is, the West’s proxy headchoppers used it before, three lorry loads of chlorine were reported to have crossed into Syria from Turkey a week ago, so it’s ‘gung ho’ for a ‘False Flag’ then hostilities against Assad.

        ‘Boris Johnson: UK should ‘seriously consider’ airstrikes in Syria’:

        Pity the Jackass doesn’t find the shelling of the Humanitarian Corridor’ provided by Syria and Russia to be allowed ‘ go unreprieved (sic), unchecked, unpunished?.’, or Britain’s role in the whole ‘Regime Change Plan’ from at least 2009, well before the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ to be allowed ‘ go unreprieved (sic), unchecked, unpunished?.’

        • SA

          I don’t think Boris has any powers to start a war anywhere. The man has no knowledge of the practical world, makes it up as he goes along. Did you hear him comparing the Irish border with borders between the London boroughs?
          Anyway if you live in the Home Counties you will know if there are military preparations by the increase in the flights of Chinooks from Brize Norton and at the moment there are none.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ SA February 28, 2018 at 06:44
            Of course he doesn’t have the power to start a war, but he certainly has the energy to beat the war drums, when and how he is instructed.
            Here are three articles (notice their dates); yet instead of postponing their plans because the plan had been exposed, the West continued, aware that the MSM would push whatever they were told to push, and further that the great majority of the public would fall for whatever they were told:
            ‘White Helmets Ready for ‘False-Flag’ Chemical Attack in Syria – Report’:
            Dated 20/2/2018

            ‘Breaking: 3 trucks loaded with ‘tons’ of chlorine enter Syria’s Idlib from Turkey – reports
            Dated 20/2/2018

            ‘Chlorine gas’ used in attack in Eastern Ghouta as slaughter continues despite ceasefire, say medics’
            Dated 26/2/2018

            Boris Yeltsin (sorry, Johnson) plays his part, as per script.
            Of course, if he speaks off the cuff sometimes, he can make a colossal mess of it, but even a parrot can repeat what it is taught to say on occasion.
            All so obviously orchestrated.
            Syria is in an unenviable position, with Turkey occupying parts of Syria and attacking the Kurds, Israel sporadically attacking Syria with aircraft, rockets and artillery, and the US ‘Coalition’ occupying illegal bases on Syrian territory, plus of course the hordes of ‘Moderate’ headchopping foreign mercenaries armed, trained and mostly protected by the US and it’s crony ‘Coalition’ War Criminals.
            PLUS, the ever-present CW ‘False Flag’ option.
            If only we had a truly free and investigative media, they could never keep getting away with these heinous crimes.

  • Ben


    It’s futile to present democracy to those who have no conception. They are deletion protective of their pets and quite unapologetic as are their Western counterparts the Donald Trump Bund and Funders.


      • Tony_0pmoc


        I found squonk’s blog very interesting. Not looked or commented there for ages. Glad I’ve got several old car batteries, and dc to ac/dc converters, and several bags of coal. It’s going to get exceedingly cold yet. I knew we were very close to the brink, due to outrageously ridiculous UK Government energy policies. They are even p1ssing off the Russians. That is an extremely stupid idea, as that is where Europe gets most of its gas from.

        I hope you are well. You used to make a lot of sense.


    • Edward


      Nearly fifty million have no health care. The Clinton emails have exposed your democracy. Trump has shown what the end of the pretence of democracy looks like. Mass shootings almost every day of the year. A penal system of legalised slavery and structural racism. Rapidly decreasing life expectancy. Rapid increases in poverty and inequality. Refugees trudge across Europe thanks to your humanitarian bombing. Propaganda, climate denial, lobbying and war. Poison in your taps. Pesticides and herbicides oozing from your GM crops. Your last three presidents have destroyed dozens of cultures in just twenty years. And since 9/11 you spent $8.3 million dollars per hour on war. thousand military bases outside your borders and not a inkling of what to do with all that power except reach for more. Who’s going to argue with Democracy at it’s most exceptional?

      A colossal failure of vision. A republic destroyed and an empire tottering to it’s close.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ James Joddle February 27, 2018 at 23:47
      Better idea – have the whole shower face a lie detector test!

      • Tony_0pmoc

        Paul Barbara,

        Lying psychopaths, and the brainwashed will have no problems passing a lie detector test. In order to fail a lie detector test, you need to be relatively normal, and feel guilt and emotion when lying.

        Psychopaths have no problem passing such tests when blatantly lying when they know it, because they have no empathy or conscience.

        The brainwashed have no problem passing such tests, because they actually believe the lies, and think they are telling the truth.

        Brainwashing is exceedingly common. Psychology is very powerful, and there is little defence to incessant propaganda, when fed it by multipe sources every day.


        • Paul Barbara

          @ Tony_0pmoc February 28, 2018 at 03:14
          You’re probably right, but it would still be nice to see. I suspect a really good technician could catch the slimeballs out, or at least some of them. Won’t happen, of course.

    • SA

      Neither drug testing nor lie detector tests as suggested by Paul, are appropriate. I think what we need is mandatory psychometric testing of politicians.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    A lot can change in an hour. Looks like my lad will be skiing tomorrow down Box Hill. He should be O.K. he’s got 4WD. About 10 years ago he was out in his soft top sports car with his girlfriend, and in an hour it bucketed it with snow. They couldn’t move, and no one could get to them. I was really worried about them, and just said to him on his mobile. You need to keep running your engine and heater off and on through the night. They decided to leg it at 7:00 am in the morning, and a very kind person in a 4WD gave the kids a lift home.

    London is going to be screwed tomorrow (today). Nothing will work, if it keeps up like this all night.


    • JOML

      Tony, not always wise to keep the engine running if the snow is still falling. Heard of instances where the snow built up around the exhaust, resulting in carbon monoxide being redirected into the car.

  • giyane

    All Tories and all Islamists are liars and mad. As Tony says there is no machine that can detect it because a machine has no soul. A human being does have a soul and a conscience which informs us about right and wrong, the faculty which is absent amongst the right-wing political classes.

  • BrianFujisan

    *Fucking Gas Attacks… MMmm

    I don’t forget the early imeges ..From Syria.. Chained ..made to watch Parents being Killed

    And Lets Not Forget Mother Agnes – Chemical denunciation..

    We are arware How this Evil started

    • giyane

      They could only push Trump’s ‘chemical warfare red line’ buttons because he was new to politics and he told Russia and Syria where he was going to bomb in advance. They can’t pretend Theresa May and Boris Johnson are new to politics, but they might try it on with Gavin Williamson if they can get his dummy out his mouth.
      This old chestnut, Syrian chemical weapons, is the concoction of MI6 boss Alex Younger of the chestnut hair, and he can tell his privy counsellors what line to toe. Boris can compare Eastern Ghoutta with Stratford East, outside the Congestion Zone but May can’t afford to look like a liar or plain stupid while she is trying to persuade us to accept a hard Brexit. “Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

      How delicious. that by throwing a spanner in the works of the UK establishment, by voting for leaving the EU, we have succeeded in castrating MI6. They still lie, but no politician will touch the lie while they are under the microscope of Brexit.

  • James Joddle

    Making Boris Johnson take a lie-detector test is a joke. Publicising the petition to get him drug-tested is what we should be doing. That’s not a joke.

    It’s an open secret in the Westminster bubble that Boris is a heavy cocaine user, making him short-fused, irrational, changeable, and causing him to suffer from the trait that whatever he has decided to focus on at that moment must be the most important thing in the world. No-one takes the prat seriously as Foreign Secretary, and it’s best for everyone that he leaves office fast. He can go to a rehab centre or he can take over from George Osborne at the Standard if Evgeny Lebedev wants him to – it doesn’t matter.

    You can sign the petition here.

    Here is an image they are using. (Can anyone make a better one? Then do it.)

    Don’t forget the scandal that Boris Johnson was involved in with Danielle Fleet. He sued nobody. Why? Because it’s true.

    Don’t forget the “40 Tory names” scandal either, that was covered on this blog.

    He’s on tape planning to get a journalist beaten up too. Why the fuck is this man is office? Listen: if we bring Boris down, we will probably also bring Theresa May down. She appointed him. Even on the current Ireland issue, why did she keep quiet about what wrote? Right. Boris is the weakest link in the cabinet. Bring him down NOW and we’ve got a chance of a general election which can put Labour in power.

    Never mind making funny comments about lie-detectors. This can be for real if we make it.

    • fredi

      Boris is the weakest link in the cabinet. Bring him down NOW and we’ve got a chance of a general election which can put Labour in power

      You mean replace May with that marxist clown Corbyn? You think that will make this country umm,,er.. ‘better’


      silly boy!

  • Node

    In 2013 the government wanted to bomb Assad but couldn’t get parliamentary backing.
    In 2015, they sent the bombers in to Syria to “protect” Assad from Isis.
    In 2018, they want to bomb Assad again.
    I’d love to hear Johnstone try to justify the UK’s Syria policy over the last 5 years.

    The damage being caused to Syria is not a by-product of the fighting, it is intentional. Israel and the West intend to reduce the country to rubble, like they did to Libya. They will succeed, then move on to Iran.

    Iran knows it’s coming and has had years to prepare, but they won’t be able to stop it, just delay it, make it messier for the West. Their infrastructure will be destroyed – power, water, houses, roads, schools, hospitals, even the air they breath will be poisoned. Millions will die, and the survivors will live in misery.

    The intention isn’t regime change, it’s destruction. Kempe and others will continue justfying it.

    • MJ

      “They will succeed”

      Not so sure about that. It’s pretty desperate stuff, last throw of the dice. We’re already on Plan C. Errors will be made.

      • Node

        We’re on Plan C according to the ridiculous justifications of the British government.
        But we’re actually on Plan A – and it’s going swimmingly so no need to change it – to reduce Syria to a permanently ungovernable hell-hole whose inhabitants are too busy struggling to survive to present a challenge to the Israeli empire.

        • SA

          Node I disagree with you on two accounts. In 2015 we did not send bombers to protect Assad against Isis, we sent bombers to keep our foot in the door and be able to a later stage to bomb Assad as happened in September 2016 when we admitted that we took part in the bombing of the SAA in Tardah mountains ‘by mistake’. The other point is your deep pessimism. The original attempt at regime change has failed several times and we are probably beyond plan C. I think there is a slow realisation that things will not happen the way the US wanted them to be. Lets wait and see.

          • Node


            On the first point, I agree with you. I was stating the UK’s given excuse for getting a foot in the door.

            On the second point, I believe regime change has always been a red herring. It has been a convenient tactic to stir up opposition and enable the West to portray Assad as slaughtering his own people. But I don’t believe it was ever the aim. Remember when Saddam wanted to talk peace but the West preferred instead to destroy Iraq? Regime change can be undone faster than rebuilding a country which has been bombed into the stone age. Permanent removal of a threat to Israel is the goal.

        • MJ

          “it’s going swimmingly so no need to change it – to reduce Syria to a permanently ungovernable hell-hole”

          But that isn’t what’s happened. Syria remains an integral state and is getting stronger. The plan to turn it into Libya mk II has failed and efforts to reverse that failure appear so far to have misfired. In my opinion.

          • Node

            Syria remains an integral state ….
            Yet there are no-go areas for Syrian government troops.

            …. and is getting stronger.
            Really? What I see is day by day, more of Syria is destroyed.

            The plan to turn it into Libya mk II has failed
            …. is continuing

          • MJ

            We’ll see. The real test will be whether Iran can get its gas pipeline built across Iraq and Syria to the Med.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ mike February 28, 2018 at 11:40
      And all down to our lackey presstitute MSM. If they were to print the obvious truth, our governments would not be able to get away with these atrocious War Crimes.

  • reel guid

    No public support from the Labour leadership for the Continuity Bills introduced in the Senedd and Holyrood. Even though it’s a Labour government in Wales that is bringing the legislation.

    Is it going to be Catalonia all over again with Corbyn? Tacitly going along with larger nation right wing authoritarianism in order that small nation nationalism makes no progress. All so Labour can retain hope of making electoral gains in Scotland, which they still see as their entitlement.

    Corbyn thinks the Tories can do his dirty work and scupper the devolution settlement, thereby demoralising Scotland and, he hopes, creating the conditions for his party to recoup their electoral losses in Scotland’s central belt.

    Corbyn wants to force Scotland to a hard exit from the EU. Opposes a second indyref. Pretends he’s not hard brexit with his customs union plan. He’ll stand on the sidelines while the Tories try to trash the devo settlements in Scotland and Wales. Perhaps making a dishonest and insincere token of support to the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people. All the while rubbing his hands in anticipation that Scotland will be demoralised by Tory colonialism and devolution is finished. Then he can move in and win seats to help in his power quest.

    Corbyn and McDonnell are the lowest of the low.

    • Sharp Ears

      Speaking of ‘low’ Reel Guid, I think that should be ‘high’. Have you got your snow shovel at the ready? A depth of 30-40cms of snow is forecast.

      Weird here, in leafless Surrey, there is none but it is very cold with a biting NNEasterly wind.

      • Sharp Ears

        Three men have been arrested. I did wonder if there was a racist element to the tragedy. The mother and sons were from the Indian sub continent and the shop was Polish.

        RIP the five who died.

        • giyane

          Sharp Ears
          Many Polish shops are managed by Kurdish people, including one of my extended family.
          The upstairs flats get let. In Kurdistan gas is delivered in bottled form like calor. It’s conceivably possible that there is some cultural misunderstanding about the dangers of mains gas. I myself can’t think of anything else that could make this kind of blast. But the police have asked us not to speculate.

    • Kempe

      Chemtrails…. out of interest is there any barmy conspiracy theory you DON’T subscribe to? Flat earth? Vaccines? Moon landings?

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Kempe February 28, 2018 at 14:12
        I certainly believe vaccines contain poisons (that’s not a theory, it’s a FACT). I have just read a book by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Thimerosol – Let The Science Speak’. He is pro-vaccine, but highly anti mercury in vaccines. You’d do well to read it – might stop your knee-jerk ‘conspiracy theory’ reaction in future.
        And I don’t believe the Yanks sent men to the moon, ever.
        I also know that the West couldn’t give a sh*t about Syrians, or them being killed by Chemical Weapons, and that they have arranged for the headchoppers to receive Chemical Weapons, which they have used in ‘False Flag’ scenarios.
        Any more questions?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Kempe February 28, 2018 at 23:04
          Hmmm, I should have read more widely, already? The link you gave was a blog post by ‘Orac’.
          If you checked, on the very same blog in which his BS appears, it explains who ‘Orac’ is:
          ‘Who is Orac?’:
          ;..Thimerosol was phased out in the 1990s and those vaccines based on attenuated live viruses (such as MMR) never contained it in the first place…’
          MSM most assuredly used to contain mercury, as Thimerosal – this is widely documented.

          ‘…Myth 1: MMR vaccine contains Mercury
          This is a very common misconception, but actually the MMR vaccine has never contained mercury, which is a neurotoxin. The misunderstanding arose because people often confuse vaccines with each other.
          Mercury was used in childhood vaccines against whooping cough, and it was argued that it could be the cause of autism. Mercury is also found, though rarely, in some influenza vaccines. However, there is no link to autism.
          The myth has arisen due to the use of thimerosal, an antimicrobial molecule which contains ethylmercury, but its use in vaccines ended globally in 1990.
          Studies of autism in children show that removal of thimerosal from the vaccination program, had absolutely no effect on the occurrence of autism. If thimerosal was an important factor, then it would have resulted in a sharp drop in the number of autism cases in children vaccinated without thimerosal. This is not the case.
          These kinds of studies have been carried out in many countries, and none have demonstrated a correlation between autism and thimerosal.
          “There is more mercury in a can of mackerel in tomato sauce, than in a vaccination shot,” says Jan Pravsgaard Christensen, professor of infectious immunology at the University of Copenhagen…..’

          Why on earth did I post that, which on the face of it supports your contention?
          Because though it calls it a ‘myth’, it later admits that it contained Thimerosal, which is 50% mercury!
          Maybe next time you suggest I read more widely, you will do better than confront my ‘contentious’ point of view with better than a quirky blogger.

          ‘….Thimerosol was phased out in the 1990s and those vaccines based on attenuated live viruses (such as MMR) never contained it in the first place….’

          Sure they started to phase it out in the 1990’s – but why, if it was so harmless? Just because it had become contentious? Surely that’s not how the CDC and other bodies work, is it?
          As for MMR never having contained it, that really shows you know absolutely sweet FA about the subject.

          As for the Assad’s previous activities, Bashar’s father was certainly a ‘bad ‘un’, but he himself, whilst no saint, has certainly mellowed, and would not be revered by the great majority of Syrians is he was as brutal as you insinuate.
          Who cares more about Syria and the Syrian people, Assad or the Yanks?
          You full well know the answer to that, and to why the Yanks want ‘Regime Change’, and it ain’t ‘Human Rights’ concerns.

  • Ben

    Leister explosion a gas leak?

    Imagine how Jihadists can exploit heating fuels.

    Shall UK ban all such instruments of death?

    Kitchen knives and 18 wheelers must go as well.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This is the link to show how close we are, re energy supplies, being insufficient to meet demand in The UK now. We are very close indeed. If anything goes wrong, re gas supplies, or a nuclear powerstation breaks down, or it gets even colder, or if we have an anti-cyclone with no wind…Then The UK is in Big Trouble. On the Brightside, my Son took his nearly 2 year old Son sledging today, and they both loved it.

    He will probably be skiing tonight, down Box Hill, if it snows a bit more. Nana and Grandad will happily look after his Babies, including the Newborn, who is still incredibly small…but such is life.

    The weather is historically, completely normal for England. Even in the South East.

    Next year could be considerably colder., and we have no contingency. Our British Government is seriously annoying The Russians, who we get a significant percentage (about 15%) of our gas from. The rest of Europe is much more dependent on Russian energy supplies than we are, but we are all interconnected, and there is absolutely no way, the USA can supply more than a tiny percentage of our energy needs,

    I think The USA is trying to kill most of Europe off, and our incredibly stupid politicians, think the Americans are our friends.

    The Americans want us to go to war with our Russian friends. Europe will be totally frozen then. The Russians will simply turn off all their gas pipelines to us.

    You do not supply your enemy with energy

    These people in control are insane.

    Can someone please complain.


    • Bob Apposite

      “I think The USA is trying to kill most of Europe off”

      Wow, you guys really blame the US for everything, don’t you?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Bob Apposite February 28, 2018 at 23:44
          Because it is the US who have and continue to push sanctions and hostility against Russia – eazy-peezy, you hadn’t tywigged, already?
          Russia is more than happy to trade and sell it’s oil and gas to Europe or anywhere else, it’s the Yanks and their cronies who are intent on confrontation.

  • Goebbels

    The Guardian seems to have pulled out all stops now, its propapoo has reached epic proportions, its all hands on deck and every minion at all levels of reporting in a 3 line whip. Wonder what this urgency is all about? Do they sense Brexit may be overturned after all? Or is there a Saudi ( I daresay they contribute towards its deficit) contingent at risk in Ghouta?

  • mike

    Good point, MJ. Syria gave Qatar the finger for just such a proposal in 2009. This was a major contributory factor to Qatar’s support for the head-choppers at the start of regime-change operations. Or were al Nusra the heart-eaters? I forget! In any case, I’m sure another rebranding will be along shortly. Perhaps they’ll end up being the moderates so desperately sought by the west. It’s difficult to sell the “good rebels” narrative when the crazies are doing all the fighting.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ mike February 28, 2018 at 17:49
      And there is no way Qatar or Saudi Arabia would be funding and arming these mercenary headchoppers if the US didn’t want them to.
      The US has a long record of using murderous mercenary thugs as proxies for ‘Regime Change’ – they armed street gangs in Jamaica to get rid of Manley, the Contra in Nicaragua to get Regime Change there, the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan to first entice Russia in, then to bleed them (though I believe the Mujaheddin were genuine Muslims fighting what they saw as a Godless Soviet Union trampling on the Muslim Afghans), paid and arranged for the training of Fascist thugs in Ukraine, set up the ‘Stay Behind Armies’ after WW II which they then morphed into ‘Gladio’ in Europe, Turkey and even Latin America, and are up to a the same business of using murderous thugs in many African countries to destabilise them. And of course they arranged the ‘Arab Spring’ with all it’s catastrophic results.

  • BrianFujisan

    I think / Fear, that what Node has been saying is Exactly true..

    And here is a Brilliant Interview with

    Dr Marcus Papadopoulos on Sky News Australia about East Ghouta

    ….. “Indded Last week they killed a large number of children, So I think it is quite rich and frankly speaking disraceful that western media is talking about humanitarian em, concern in relation to East Ghouta ”

    … ” You are relying on the white helmets, and no proper legitimate court of law in the World would rely on the white helmets… ”

    • Node

      As you said, Brian, a brilliant interview. The Australian interviewer’s attitude was strange for a Sky journalist, though. She was almost encouraging him; at least letting him speak without interuption. He certainly wouldn’t have been allowed to voice such opinions on British TV. Krishnan Guramurthy or Evan Davis would be shouting over him before he could finish the sentence “The white helmets are a propaganda weapon.”

  • Tony_0pmoc

    To give you an idea of how completely and utterley powerful The German Bundesbank are compared to The Elite European Bereaucrats, compared to The European Politicians (I think I have got The EU Power Structure in order)

    Read Yanis Varoufakis book “And the Weak Suffer What They Must? ”

    I read a lot of books, and am about 2/3rds the way through this…

    Like a good film, it starts slow, but when you get past halfway, it gets really interesting…

    I guess whilst he was writing it the clever bastards, would already have read it, before he finished writing it, by hacking his computer. But it still got published..

    The rest of the stupid incompetant EU bureaucrats (many of them who’m he reckons are somewhere between H1tler , Mussolini and Franco (ie not exactly very nice people)..and the politicians – Will almost certainly not get half way through reading the book, and find out, that they have not only been named, but Yanis Varoufakis, describes in detail absoultely everything he knows about them) (and thinks about them)

    They reckon people like me will never read it…

    He obviously knows The Americans think control the overall system, and actually has some good words for Margaret Thatcher of all people…but

    whilst we “us Anglo/Americans” think we are in control of These European Lunatics…

    He actually EVEN Now gives us a free pass…

    He actually thinks we are better and less evil – than The EU nutters

    That really surprised me. i thought we were far worse, but he says we are better.

    But I’ve got a few chapters to read yet…he might not have named all our evil bastards, or no one’s read it yet. It is a fascinating book.

    It is an education

    Go for The Hard Cover. You will want to read it again. £4.71 new – just offered to me by Amazon. I paid 4 times that much, but Amazon will know I have got it. You may have to pay a higher price, because you haven’t got one.


    • Paul Barbara

      @ Tony_0pmoc February 28, 2018 at 20:52
      Job done! Check it again – £4.71 no longer – next one £7 – odd.
      A Greek Cypriot friend of mine has recommended his books to me before, so I’ve taken the plunge.
      By the way, do you or anyone else on here know any English/German speakers who are (A) Anti-Establishment and (B) Willing and able to translate a book from German to English? Fee to be arranged, but it is for a very good cause.

        • Node

          @Paul & KKC The mods know your email addresses. They have been willing to facilitate an address swap in the past, when asked.

  • Paul Barbara

    Talk about hypocrisy! The US, I*rae*, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and virtually everyone and there aunties are arming the headchoppers, and they want to single out Iran because the Houthis have used Iranian weapons?
    ‘Russia Vetoes U.N. Resolution to Pressure Iran Over Yemen Missiles’:

    Thank God for Russia.
    And it was a British proposed Resolution! Amazing they had time, I would have thought they had enough to do assisting Daesh and arming the Saudi War Criminals to the gunnels, and other mendacious diabolical chicanery.

    • Sharp Ears

      Ms Lyse Doucet (the warmongers’ mouthpiece) was going large on that yesterday. She was embedded with the Saudi military. YCNMIU.

      She included a reference to the Iranians supplying the Houthis.

      ‘Yemen ‘a battleground for regional powers’
      The United Nations says conditions in Yemen are “catastrophic” after three years of conflict.
      Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, remain in control of large parts of the country, including the capital Sana’a.
      Fighting them are forces loyal to the former president – who are being backed by Saudi airstrikes and a naval blockade.’
      Lyse Doucet reports.

      She always sounds so caring!

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity issue memorandum to Trump on war with Iran’:
    ‘Intel Vets Tell Trump Iran Is Not Top Terror Sponsor’:

    A veritable Who’s Who’ of high-level ex-Intel folk are desperately trying to stop the drive to war based on outright lies.
    They tried, unsuccessfully, to stop G W Bush bring on the 2003 Iraq War.
    Let’s pray they succeed with this attempt to stop the growing menaces towards Iran.
    Iran hasn’t started a war or attacked another country (except in self defense) for almost 200 years, unlike the US, where it seems to be the national sport second only to baseball.

  • Paul Barbara

    Welcome to the REAL ‘White Helmets’, and the REAL ‘barrel bombs’ (aka ‘Hell Cannons’):

    Top left-hand corner is a ‘Hell Cannon’, with a ‘Barrel Bomb’ (gas cylinder full of explosives and shrapnel).
    These, as well as ordinary mortars, howitzers and rockets, are what the ‘Moderate Rebels’ bombard civilians in government-held towns, but also Rebel-held territory, in order to blame Syria for ‘dropping’ ‘barrel bombs’.

  • nevermind

    Off topic information, in the absence of any news coming out as to Assange’s release/move to?? or from anyone dealing with him.

    Italy’s GE could change the nature of Europe’s southern parts. The Lega wants to challenge the EU and pledges to clean Ventimiglia of immigrants, haven’t we heard this before. Europe’s right wing political parties are increasingly sounding like Trump.

    I’m not sure whether Italy will choose Grillo before Salvini, with Forza Italia, Bunga bunga et al and his money men also vying for attention.

    Italy has over 10% unemployment and that is what makes the election unpredictable, imho.

    A possible/well groomed replacement for Mutti Merkel is Frau Kramp- Karrenbauer, the current chief secretary of the CDU/CSU. As you would expect from a scientists, gender balance does not come into it, just merit.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ nevermind March 1, 2018 at 11:09
      One suspects that P2 (ostensibly dismantled) will have a powerful role in this.

      • reel guid

        When you say “all parties” I take it you mean all parties in the legal sense of the term.

        There’s only one political party in question here.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ reel guid March 1, 2018 at 15:31
          Yes, I meant it in the legal sense. The Councillors who OK’d it, and the firm that got the contracts.

  • Sharp Ears

    It’s a crying shame!

    The Scottish Conservative conference has been cancelled
    Ruth Davidson said the decision to cancel the Aberdeen event was made “reluctantly”.

    Sky News website.

    • Republicofscotland

      For years Aberdeen has been the city of boom on oil and gas, yet neither Major nor Thatcher invested in its infrastructure.

      Fastforward to today, and the Tories can’t reach the city due to bad weather. The Brexit impact asessments show Aberdeen will be really badly hit by Brexit. No doubt Davidson will blame the SNP, and the media will back her.

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