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The mainstream media are making almost no effort today to fit Charlie Rowley’s account of his poisoning into the already ludicrous conspiracy theory being peddled by the government and intelligence agencies.

ITV News gamely inserted the phrase “poisoned by a Russian nerve agent” into their exclusive interview with Charlie Rowley, an interview in which they managed to ask no penetrating questions whatsoever, and of which they only broadcast heavily edited parts. Their own website contains this comment by their journalist Rupert Evelyn:

He said it was unopened, the box it was in was sealed, and that they had to use a knife in order to cut through it.

“That raises the question: if it wasn’t used, is this the only Novichok that exists in this city? And was it the same Novichok used to attack Sergei and Yulia Skripal?

But the information about opening the packet with a knife is not in the linked interview. What Rowley does say in the interview is that the box was still sealed in its cellophane. Presumably it was the cellophane he slit open with a knife.

So how can this fit in to the official government account? Presumably the claim is that Russian agents secretly visited the Skripal house, sprayed novichok on the door handle from this perfume bottle, and then, at an unknown location, disassembled the nozzle from the bottle (Mr Rowley said he had to insert it), then repackaged and re-cellophaned the bottle prior to simply leaving it to be discovered somewhere – presumably somewhere indoors as it still looked new – by Mr Rowley four months later. However it had not been found by anyone else in the interim four months of police, military and security service search.

Frankly, the case for this being the bottle allegedly used to coat the Skripals’ door handle looks wildly improbable. But then the entire government story already looked wildly improbable anyway – to the extent that I literally do not know a single person, even among my more right wing family and friends, who believes it. The reaction of the media, who had shamelessly been promoting the entirely evidence free “the Russians did it” narrative, to Mr Rowley’s extremely awkward piece of news has been to shove it as far as possible down the news agenda and make no real effort to reconcile it.

By his own account, Mr Rowley is not a reliable witness, his memory affected by the “Novichok”. It is not unreasonable to conjecture there may also be other reasons why he is vague about where and how he came into possession of this package of perfume.

The perfume bottle is now in the hands of the Police. Is it not rather strange that they have not published photos of it, to see if it jogs the memory of a member of the public who saw it somewhere in the last four months, or saw somebody with it? The “perpetrators” know what it looks like and already know the police have it, so that would not give away any dangerous information. You might believe the lockdown of the story and control of the narrative is more important to the authorities than solving the crime, which we should not forget is now murder.

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  • Carlyle Moulton

    This set of facts certainly does not fit with the “Scripal Assination Hypothesis” but more with that of “the mad chemically trained poisoner”..

  • Skye Mull

    And so the story continues. Regrettably a lot of people I know still accept the mixed-up official story.
    Then again, George Galloway on RT suggests Ukraine being behind things. They could be behind any stupid story…. just like the pretended and pointless fake journalist murder.

    • Simon Hodges

      As fully paid up Russia haters, Ukraine and/or Soros are always a good bet.

  • Adrian Kent

    Like you I don’t know anyone who believes the ludicrous story – and even the only moderately interested have noticed how many questions go unasked by our ‘famously free press’.

    I’ve been on at Dan Kaszeta, Hamish De Breton Gordon and Phil Ingram on twitter for a while now asking one or any of them for any comment on the hugely unlikely (to the extent of completely impossible) ‘5 hour delayed action’ property and have drawn a complete blank Kaszeta is particularly annoyingly cry-bully on this – he’s happy to offer drive-by abuse on threads he’s not been participating in, but then cries ‘troll’ when he’s asked a simple question. Why anyone takes him seriously is beyond me.

    The closest I got to an answer was Ingram who told me that it was ‘very complex’ and that sometimes I should just accept what I’m being told. Bugger that.

    • Adrian Kent

      An now courtesy of the ITV interview we have direct evidence of Novichok causing very rapid effects when sprayed on a wrist.

      Strangely though, there are no symptoms like those explained by Kaszeta in his recent ‘debunking’ piece on the (laughably titled) Integrity Initiative site. I suppose that the uptake of the agent my differ in aerosol form to skin contact, but then Kaszeta tells us it’s a thick liquid anyway, so how could it be sprayed (yes, I’ve asked him about that on twitter, no he hasn’t replied).

      • Loseb Jughashvili

        If this is the same person as Dan Kaszeta, then he he has no axe to grind and is clearly a totally trustworthy source in debunking all attempts to smear our wonderful security services:

        “Daniel J. Kaszeta

        Managing Director for Strongpoint Security Ltd.

        Daniel Kaszeta has over twenty years of diverse experience in the defense and security sectors with experience in the field of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) issues. He was a member of the US Secret Service as a Senior Physical Security Specialist in the Technical Security Division and in the Chemical/Biological Countermeasures Branch.”

        “Daniel Kaszeta was commissioned as an officer in the US Army Reserve in the Chemical Corps, the branch of the US Army responsible for protection against chemical, biological, and nuclear threats.”

        “In 2002, Mr. Kaszeta transferred to the US Secret Service. He served as Senior Physical Security Specialist in the Technical Security Division. He spent most of his time at the Chemical/Biological Countermeasures Branch, with one year at the Science and Technology Branch. He has also conducted a number of complex advanced team operations, including several in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.
        From 2008 to 2011, Mr Kaszeta worked for Smiths Detection, a leading manufacturer of CBRN detection technology. He was sales manager for Eastern Europe for the security and defense market. Since 2011, He has been an independent consultant in security and CBRN defense at his UK based company, Strongpoint Security. He has published numerous articles and one book. Mr. Kaszeta also works part-time with the International Institute of Non-proliferation Studies as their European lead.”

        Just because he’s an ex US spook, and like so many of these, now has business and financial interests in whipping up anti-Russian sentiments, surely doesn’t mean that he is an unreliable commentator on the Skripal case.

        Does it?

        • Stuart McPherson

          That is just appealing to authority. People may be experts but have axes to grind. What you don’t answer is the flimsiness and the contradictions in the stories over this. Your expert has no answer and as a poster said, he ignores problems in the so called evidence when they are pointed out. No matter how much you rate this person, it’s the logic and reasonableness of the case (and on this there is neither) that’s important, not the guy’s background.

          • Loseb Jughashvili

            George Porter is correct. Sorry it was too oblique for you, Stuart.

            “People may be experts but have axes to grind.”

            And, I might add – money to make.

            Driven by ideology and pecuniary interests, their views are less than worthless.

            That is my point about Kaszeta!

    • Andyoldlabour

      “that sometimes I should just accept what I’m being told. Bugger that.”
      Adrian – unfortunately I think the vast majority of people do just accept what they are being fed.

      • bj

        I think the comments from Craig and several people above indicate that what you say happens to NOT be the case.

    • Loftwork

      Absolutely right about Kaszeta. If you run any of the Theodore Postol analysis at him he simply goes into ad hominem mode – facts and evidence unwanted, apparently. He also denies working for the MOD but someone’s paying for him to live in the UK. And the new narrative? They really don’t care how laughable the plot for this fantasy is, do they? They should hire a scriptwriter from Netflix for added credibility.

  • DiggerUK

    The one question I would have put to Charlie, would be to ask why he left a seriously ill partner in hospital, and went off for a Baptist Church lunch…_

        • N_

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          • Node

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    • Borncynical

      Even more so when we understand that Dawn had undergone CPR for an intensive period of time before even being put in the ambulance so he knew her condition was grave. But no, good old Charlie goes shopping and off to a hog roast! Well of course that’s what you do when someone dear to you is on death’s door.

    • Iain

      If the “Novichock” came as a known brand of Perfume in it’s original unopened packaging wouldn’t there have been be an emergency (nationwide?) product recall and notices on ebay / warnings in newspapers etc by now?

    • Borncynical

      Mary Paul, I think I am right in saying these self-assembly atomisers are purchased empty so the buyer can fill it with a perfume of their own choice. So unless Charlie himself filled it with ‘Novichok’ it is unlikely…now there’s a thought! In this example, ‘Lavender’ gives the impression of a lavender fragrance but, as I read it, it is just the colour of the atomiser.

    • Ray Raven

      Have you not figured out that the atomiser containers that you refer to (including the 3 pack imagery) are empty vessels; with no ingredients; definitely NOT a well known brand of parfum.
      All well known brands of parfum are in pre-packaged and ‘tamper proof’ – to protect their brand image.

  • Susan Grant

    If the so called nerve agent was found inside a sealed box of perfume (which is doubtful ) then why have the public not been informed of which product it is, & why has it not been withdrawn from all retail outlets?

    • Andyoldlabour

      Susan, that is a logical question and would seem to be a sensible course of action.
      Unfortunately from the very beginning, this case has had little in common with logic, truth or sensibility.

    • Isa

      Because that would imply all types of legal actions from the well known brand and many questions would have to be answered in a court case , which the authors of this farce cannot have .

      If this novichok in a perfume bottle was true , if the whole story was true , they would have indeed advised the public on the brand , advise the brand . They haven’t , because it’s simply a story .

  • Martin Hawes

    If the ‘Novichok’ was in a sealed bottle in a cellophane-wrapped box it would have been protected from light and from contact with air, conditions under which ‘experts’ tell us it could have remained toxic indefinitely. If a person who spilt the well-stored contents of such a bottle onto their skin can not only survive but rapidly regain health, can we possibly believe it was a military grade nerve agent?

    • craig Post author

      Indeed. Not only that he actually sniffed at it to smell it. Astonishingly ineffective “nerve agent”.

      • Simon Hodges

        I recently unblocked a sink with the 99.9% pure concetrated sulphuric acid. I would not carry that scary acid around in a perfume bottle in one of my pockets, let alone one of the deadliest toxins known to man, as they are prone to leakage by design. You could maybe wind some PTFE tape around the screw on head for some additional protection against leakage, but there is no way a spray perfume bottle is a safe toxin delivery ‘system’ and it is certainly not mil-spec. Are we really to believe the Russians are so cheap and incompetent?

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Simon Hodges July 25, 2018 at 10:21
          You are not supposed to use concentrated sulphuric acid to unblock sinks I don’t know what your sink drain pipe is made of, but you presumably have (or had!) a metal plug-hole. And the outside drain pipes are probably metal.
          Use caustic soda, but even that can react with fat to cause an even worse blockage.

          • bj

            Use a water hose + water supply that you can put some pressure on.
            Insert hose in drain and fill the space around it with a soaked rag.
            Then turn open (wide maybe) the water supply.

  • MJ

    Where is the bottle now? Presumably he still has it somewhere. Or did he throw it away again, for someone else to pick up?

    • MightyDrunken

      Thanks, good article. Intriguing how he is very vague about the circumstances of finding it but very precise on assembling the bottle. I wonder if the perfume bottle is an invention of the security services?
      Another thing that bugs me is that in these two novichok incidents, I have only found two references to “frothing mouths”. One for the Skripals, by a male witness and the other from Sam (I think). Though the papers seem unclear if it was Dawn, Charlie, or both. A lot more witnesses appeared to notice “pin-prick” eyes though. Maybe it’s just me.

      • Borncynical

        I have to say, I find these references to ‘pin-prick eyes’ rather dubious. In the normal course of events, does anybody really notice whether someone’s pupils are dilated or reduced in size when they are in an agitated state or frothing at the mouth etc.? And it is very difficult to see what someone’s pupils are doing in the centre of a coloured iris. And, in addition, if a medic shines a torch in someone’s eyes to gauge the reaction, a normal pupil would automatically contract to a ‘pin prick’ anyway – is that what these witnesses are alluding to? It is if the pupil remains dilated that the medics can draw specific conclusions. And the description “pin prick” keeps recurring in eye witness accounts as if, somehow, these witnesses have been subconsciously ‘guided’ in using this expression.

      • Stu

        I think the reason he can’t remember where he supposedly found it is because he was full of heroin.

        • SomePeopleWillBelieveAnything

          Yet he is able to describe the box contents (not the brand though) in clinical detail. “Plastic Moulding”. “3x3inch box at half an inch thick maybe”, is that how heroin addled, memory disabled people speak?

  • Simon Hodges

    There does not seem to have been any real investigation of the Skripal case. For instance, early on the Taxi driver who picked up the daughter from the airport informed the media that he often took Skripal to the airport to get flights for foreign ‘business’ trips. If this man was a retired spy then what were these ‘business’ trips that he kept making? Who was he meeting? What sort of dubious groups was he clearly actively involved with? The police it seems do not appear to be interested in what Skripal was actually doing in the slightest as it obviously doesn’t fit with the narrative they have been charged to deliver.

    Since faking evidence of Saddam’s WMD, intelligence and investigative agencies in the UK have become woefully politicised and induced to only research and accept evidence that meets the criteria of any given political goal.

    • MaryPaul

      Well he wasn’t retired, was he? The Czech and Swedish governments have admitted consulting him, he gave talks to our spooks and according to an interview in the London ES with a shopkeeper near Waterloo station ,( where he bought ,polish sausages on the way to and from his business trips) ,he told him he travelled regularly to Europe and Africa. The C4 documentary by Matt Frei also refers to his regular meetings in Salisbury with a “contact” guessed to be his handler and possibly Pablo Miller. The retired old buffer was simply a front but one the MSM keep pushing.

      • Simon Hodges

        He might well be officially retired but that doesn’t mean he didn’t keep up relationships with the highly dubious criminal characters that are routinely employed by intelligence services. The question for the police should have been to find out who was he working with and to what ends? The police seem to have completely ignored all his recent unofficial activities and instead chosen to focus on the notion of the Russians inexplicably taking him down as part of a decade old grudge. The most laughable explanation I have heard is that Putin supposedly has a grudge against Skripal because he attained a higher rank than him in the KGB! Almost as if actually being a very effective President of Russia was entirely meaningless.

  • Old Goat

    That anyone seriously believes the various stories now in circulation, is, to me, a reflection of the level of the average Briton’s intelligence, these days.

    The gullible electorate appear to swallow anything they’re told by the government and the press, can’t be bothered to look elsewhere for some more pertinent information, and don’t really give a damn, anyway. After all, there’s “Love Island” to occupy their minds.

  • Ishmael

    But it might upset the brainwashing process.

    No British person could be involved in this in any under hand way. Nor did British bankers help fund German bombs dropped on us.

    Your forgetting the narrative, we are all honourable, always victims. How else could we beat the Nazis? …God was on our side.

    This is CLEARLY an attack on our great nation by the Ruskies. We are REFLECTIVELY innocent.

    • Borncynical

      Off topic I know, but you see the same patronising mentality when it comes to official Western judgement of convicted criminals in Russia – they’re all, without exception, ‘political prisoners’ who are entirely innocent of the crimes they have been convicted for.

      • Ishmael


        What the hell are you on about.

        ..Go away, I was just having a lovely dream about escalating war, & species ending nuclear conflict.

        • Borncynical

          Ishmael – ??. On the assumption that you were indeed being ironic in your post, I was agreeing with you!! I too was employing irony to point out the complete hypocrisy and arrogance of the Western powers that be. My reference to ‘patronising mentality’ wasn’t intended as a compliment to Western Governments.

          • Ishmael

            Sorry, my bad.

            Stuff on my mind & wasn’t full awake.

            Do excuse me. I can be pretty crappy sometimes. Carefully read now.

          • Borncynical

            No problem! Thanks for your response and I do understand the pressures many people are under. Glad to get it clarified …I wouldn’t have liked to leave you with the impression I’m a complete moron!

  • Ian

    Still looking forward to your promised look at the alternative explanations, in the hope that you can shed some light on some credible scenarios. I do think, though, we are unlikely to ever get the full story. We have seen the same stonewalling in the David Kelly case and the body in the bag case. A retired spook has already said that you have to accept we will never be told the whole story. That is how they operate.

    • Deb O'Nair

      “shed some light on some credible scenarios.”

      The point of TPTB dis-info operation, where multiple and different versions are circulated, often in direct conflict with each other, is to create a ‘snow storm’ in which any credible scenario get’s totally obscured – debunkers (i.e. TPTB) of a credible alternative scenario now have a bottomless well of contradictions to draw from.

      • Vivian O'Blivion

        Spot on. With the JFK assassination, there were any number of false threads prepared and left just below the surface for a well intentioned citizen to find and promulgate as the “true version of events”, all to distract from the real conspiracy. If in doubt stick with the intuitive. Oswald was obviously the “patsy” he claimed to be, Porton Down is someway or other at the centre of this Kafkaesque plot.

        • lysias

          Likewise with the much more recent event that we’re only supposed to discuss here on a thread that has been shut down.

  • farpoint

    I’m convinced the convolutions and contradictions that permeate the whole novichok saga have been deliberately calculated to confound anyone seeking the thread of (inconvenient) truth that exists somewhere in this massive shoal of red herrings.

  • Isa

    I Posted this in the older thread but repeating it here as well .

    Who gave evidence in private to the judge in the Litvinenko case ? Christopher Steel

    Who is responsible for the dossier ( now proved incorrect ) stating Russia bribed FIFA for the the World Cup? Christopher Steele

    Who is responsible for the golden shower dossier ? Steele

    Who allegedly worked with Pablo who is Skripal’s handler ? Christopher Steel .

    This man keeps popping up as a common denominator .

  • Neil McCaughan

    It’s a curious thing that “Skripal” and “Squirrel” even look alike on the page

    “Oh look! a skripal!”

  • ian richards

    Charlie says when he got it on his hands it was oily so he washed it off immidiately but that Dawn did not wash it off. If it was oily why would she leave it on?

    The ITN reporter said Dawn would have had no reason to think it was not perfume – but it was apparently oily and oderless – not properties usually associated with perfume

    • Michael McNulty

      People struck by nerve agent don’t get released from hospital they get buried. So whatever killed Dawn Sturgess it wasn’t nerve agent or Charley Rowley wouldn’t have survived contact with it. She really has been murdered. By the British state. And I still haven’t seen any proof of life for the Skripals; the video by Yulia could have been pre-recorded just like the 7/7 patsy leader, or she could have been killed after.

      • Igor P.P.

        Charlie: “It had an oily substance and it smelled it and it didn’t smell of perfume”. No mention of ammonia, but clearly not odorless.

        • SomePeopleWillBelieveAnything

          “Novichok victim Dawn Sturgess died after spraying nerve poison that smelled of ammonia from a perfume bottle onto both wrists, her boyfriend reveals” (Daily Mail)

  • Alyson

    They are trying hard to keep us to the old script. Russia bad; allies good. Unfortunately too many of us doubt that our allies have friendly intentions towards us. This is what makes the situation so risky. Public opinion against Trump is rattling sabres. Respect for Palestinian human rights challenges the Arab Spring narrative of the west knows best. And Europe is woefully unprepared for this change from the supremacy of NATO. PredaTory capitalism has a narrow focus which flies in the face of democracy. This is not the time to go it alone

  • Hatuey

    Craig, am I missing something here? You know that nothing (zilch) conclusive will ever be reached on any story that involves the security services. Not one facet of this story can assumed to be factual. You know that. You know it better than any of us.

    And wth all that’s going on the world… Jesus.

    • Ishmael

      Maybe not their story, but the THE story has plenty of available facts & information.
      & You think it’s best to ignore this…. none issue? & Let them spout whatever BS to the public, unquestioned.

      You must think (against all evidence) they are competent? …When did this happen? Nobody alerted me.

      Actually we know plenty about what the “security” “services” have done.

      • Ishmael

        We’d be living in FAR worse circumstance now if we took your attitude. I mean hay, it’s only democracy right, no biggie.

        ..You don’t need to see his identification. These aren’t the droids your looking for. Move along.

        • Hatuey

          There are many varying definitions of what democracy actual means. In one definition, it means propaganda and a variety of devices are used to induce and control people as an alternative to threats and violence.

          In that sense, this whole thing could be a deliberate distraction designed to keep susceptible types occupied as other more important stories unfold. That’s how it seems to me.

          And I repeat, for the fiftieth time, nobody here will ever know what really happened here. Even those who have devoted so many months of their lives on the topic admit that.

          So, please explain to me how 100 people indulging in 4 months of ludicrous speculation on a subject that will never be fully understood advances your definition of democracy? If you refuse to answer this simple question, as I have answered yours, I will dismiss you and your comments out of hand forever more.

          • ishmael

            1. That’s not any definition. And I’m quite aware what things go on that aran’t.

            2. The reason I’m aware what goes on (to the extent i do) is people like Craig & Wikileaks, ..& history etc.

            3. Your whole premise is wrong. & I hope you do. Goodbye.

    • dkws

      The point is, Hatuey, the government has made a direct allegation against Russia on the back of this whole episode, and were backed by the majority of our elected representatives. There has also been a distinct lack of inquisitiveness from our mainstream media. You can hardly blame Craig and all those on this forum for initiating, and continuing lines of inquiry, regardless of whether there will ever be a satisfactory ‘conclusion’ to the debate. The narrative seems to be: “Russia bad”, and -as you say- “with all that’s going on in the world”, is that true?

      • Hatuey

        The “Russia bad” record has been playing for a few years, getting louder and louder as we go. If this Skripal story is a facet of that, and that is the part we absolutely don’t and will never know, then, at best, it’s a very small and insignificant facet of it.

        If Russo-Anglo relations are what you think this all comes down to, propaganda, false flags, or whatever, and you think that’s important, well you should be devoting the next few months to the Trump-Putin meeting and the prospect of improved relations rather than this trivial nonsense.

        Nothing that happens in backward Brexit Britain is ever going to be important enough to hinder the US and Russian juggernauts if they set a course for peace and rapprochement. And it looks like that’s what we can expect.

        • bj

          ‘Trivial nonsense’, and yet you keep posting long slabs of text.

          I feel another lambasting imminent from you, for all the silly others here, after you will again go in hiding for two weeks, after which you will again make another comeback, yet even more aloof than the previous time.

          • Hatuey

            Being aloof on here is possibly the biggest compliment you could give me. As for my record of posting sometimes more than others, the often lengthy gaps between my comments, etc., I could of course explain that quite easily, if I wanted to. Suffice to say that I have a role in the world that makes demands of me.

            As for the long slabs of text, I honestly doubt that I have ever spent more than 5 minutes typing a comment on here. I type fast. To give you an insight, since you’re clearly interested, I’m one of the few people on here who actually makes a living from typing (and talking).

            Now for the lambasting part. The utter junk I have read on here in regards to the Salisbury nerve agent incident, assuming there was a nerve agent incident, has been so bad at times that I’ve blushed. I could provide examples but it would make it look like I was attacking people on a personal level.

  • Andyoldlabour

    At the end of the day, we are like chess players, playing a game against a pigeon. We move and the pigeon is facing checkmate, so what does the pigeon do?
    It flaps its wings, knocking over all the pieces, shits on the board and flies away.
    Anyone who questions the government/media shit, faces the Gavin Williamson retort – “shut up and go away”.
    What have we become?
    How will this all end?

    • Capella

      A player who upsets the board is deemed to have forfeited the game.
      (Rules of Chess)

  • Chris

    The narrative has been made up ‘on the hoof’ and is designed to conflict internally so sleuths keep trying to make sense of nonsense. The true story will be far from what MSM spins. My money is still on the use of drones flying from and loaded at Porton Down using binary chemistry and striking in an open space after careful surveillance from overhead.

  • fredi

    to the extent that I literally do not know a single person, even among my more right wing family and friends, who believes it.

    lol! Finally some common ground between the Illuminati engineered left/right chasm.

  • Werner

    Just for a moment…
    And just theoreticaly…

    Who ever the “perpetrators” were, they might have had more than just one pack of poison.
    They did not use this one. It was a leftover. They dumped it. It was found…

    • MJ

      Why should we assume they contained the same substance? Perhaps this new one was “military grade” because it actually killed someone while the first one, which killed no-one, was merely civilian grade.

      • MaryPaul

        I agree with the possibility of more than one supply, disguised as perfume, as I said on a previous thread, easy to bring in in your luggage. And spraying it on the Skripals shortly before they were found, fits the park bench scenario. But accing to latest “info” leaked, the Russian responsible for the assassination attempt on the Skripals fled back to Russia immediately afterwards.

        Charlie says he found the perfume a couple of days before they used it but cannot remember where or. when. Where had it been for the last 4 months? Surely not under a tree in the park or it would hardly be in a fit state to give it to girlfriend as a gift. And not in his apartment, which was a new build.

    • Ray Raven

      Just like why Irish whiskey is triple distilled ?

      To be sure, to be sure, to be sure.

      Additional sample bottles to locate then.

    • Agent Green

      But it clearly wasn’t a nerve agent, or at least nothing approaching a military grade one. Far too many people have survived contact for it to be a Novichok.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    What exactly is the chain of responsibility and command for the “investigative” process?
    Press statements are still being handled by Wiltshire Police.

    Deputy Cief Constable, Paul Millls of Wiltshire Police stated that they are involved in a “multifaceted investigation”. Multifaceted, really?
    The spooks, Metropolitan Police and several Cabinet Ministers have clearly stated that it was the Ruskies wot dun it.
    Sound to me like someone is about to get slapped down and told to “get with the program Jethrow”.

  • Keith Fletcher

    The fact he seems convinced it was in a sealed box, implies this was not the bottle used for the Skripal poisoning. So there must have been at least two different methods of applying the Novichock by whoever planned this. So finding this bottle does not mean there are not more forms of applying the nerve agent still lying around anywhere within a very wide radius of Salisbury. And the fact he managed to get some spilt on his hands by assembling the spray device, sounds like it was a highly dangerous method for any would be assassin to use. Whatever the truth, it is likely to be very worrying for everyone living within a very wide radius of Salisbury. I just hope that this is the one and only time this ever happens.

  • Philw

    The poison did not come FROM Russia, it was on its way TO Russia from Porton Down. Yulia was the courier. From there it would have been intended to be passed to ISIS affiliates, either for use in Russia during the upcoming World Cup, or taken by Chechen groups to Syria for use in a false flag operation (the propaganda value of the OPCW finding a ‘Russian’ nerve agent apparently used by the Syrian government is easy to imagine).

    The Skripals did not believe the story they were told about what Yulia was to carry and opened the package, causing leakage.

    Charlie took a package from Boscombe Down to the Skripals. But there was more than one package. The worry must be that there are more secreted somewhere.

    Obviously I dont have access to privileged information and this scenario, like everyone else’s, is a Sherlock Holmes type attempt to deduce what happened. However, I think it is obvious that the government is attempting to cover up, and liars often directly invert the truth. Also it does not posit any masterminds, just almighty cock-up.

    • Deb O'Nair

      Running along with your theory, the couple in the CCTV footage (who bare a striking physical resemblance to Sturgess and Rowley) were the couriers and the bottles were in the red bag. Sturgess/Rowley (if they were the couriers) may have kept one of the bottles back for whatever reason. For that Sturgess was ‘topped’ and Rowley is now saying whatever he’s been told to say (“I can’t remember where I found the bottle”) because he’s mixed up in some ‘heavy shit’ and fearful for his life.

    • Kempe

      ” this scenario, like everyone else’s, is a Sherlock Holmes type attempt to deduce what happened ”

      No it’s a complete flight of fantasy for which there is zero evidence.

      • Borncynical

        Kempe, so, in other words, it’s no different from what the Government is expecting us to believe!

    • lissnup

      I rather like the logical simplicity of your deduction, Philw. It fits very well with both Dawn’s ex and Charlie’s brother working at Boscombe down. It could also explain why that fateful day’s CCTV footage of the Skripals is not being shown, if Sergei was seen acting in a manner that appears to be retrieving a package, for example from a public toilet in Queen Elizabeth Gardens. However, I’m still not personally convinced that the Skripals were the people found on the bench.

  • Kremlin Troll Swatter

    Putin shill, shills for Putin. Give it up Craig, everyone knows what your game is mate.

    • teganjovanka

      Hard to see the target Sergei then, do you see him as a big user of ladies perfume?

  • Robyn

    Right, we’ve seen and heard from Charlie, now can we see and hear from Sergei and Yulia.

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