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I was just talking to an old friend in the European Commission about Scottish Independence. He said within the Commission there would now be overwhelming support for it and for immediate Scottish membership of the EU. He then added “But please can you leave Dr Fox with the English?”.

He was joking, but it led me to think about the loyalties of Unionist politicians. I don’t doubt Dr Fox would stay with the English – there will be no power in prospect for Tories in Scotland.

When asked in an interview during the last Indyref where his loyalty would lie if Independence won, then Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael replied without hesitation that of course he was a Scot and he would be loyal to Scotland. Where, I wonder, would Fluffy Mundell’s loyalties lie? The border is a short hop for him. Colonel Ruthie Davison has always had her eyes on high office at Westminster, and I expect she would be quickly down the A1. As for Labour, I don’t suppose anyone in England especially wants Richard Leonard. To be fair, I suspect Gordon Brown is not going anywhere and would reconcile himself to being the Scot who, in his own mind, saved the World. Wouldn’t it be lovely if J K Rowling upped sticks and went to be closer to her beloved Tony Blair?

With Scotland in the EU and England outside, would Andrew Neil be allowed to “queue jump” and stay as a top Tory at the England and Wales Broadcasting Corporation? Or would he fall victim to a hostile environment? Surely the mighty Laura Kuenssberg would demand a larger field for her snide right wing jibes than her home country?

I offer the “which way would the unionists jump” game to those of you whose minds have been frazzled by the banal spectacle of the results of British hubris, as relayed to us from Westminster all week. The game works much better with a few drams of Caol Ila.

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  • michael norton

    Ever closer union for the Inner Circle of Germany and France.

    France and Germany seal new deal as Cliff Edge Brexit looms

    Yet the people of Germany have not been asked their views of ever closer union with France, neither have the French.
    This is yet another Elite Stitch Up.

    • michael norton

      One of the reasons the British people voted Leave
      was because of ever closer union.

  • Prosdocimus de Beldemandis

    Did the friend in the Commission mention whether the Huns were willing to subsidise Scotland to the extent England does, or was the whole thing just another jockroach fantasy?

  • michael norton

    A group of cross-party MPs consisting of Anna Soubry, Chuka Umunna and Luciana Berger as well as Tory MP Sarah Wollaston told a press conference they had dropped an amendment calling for a second referendum because they did not have enough support. They said the only way it would be voted through Parliament would be if Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn supported their bid. Their comments have sparked fury within the People’s Vote group.

    It is looking more and more likely we are leaving without a deal, even the E.U. now accept it.

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