Venezuela and Binary Choice 422

When a CIA-backed military coup is attempted by a long term CIA puppet, roared on by John Bolton and backed with the offer of Blackwater mercenaries, in the country with the world’s largest oil reserves, I have no difficulty whatsoever in knowing which side I am on.

Juan Guaido has been groomed for 15 years as a long-term CIA project. His coup attempt yesterday, which so far appears to have stalled, was the culmination of these efforts to return Venezuela’s oil reserves to US hegemony.

It is strange how the urgent installation of liberal democracy by force correlates so often with oil reserves not aligned to the USA, as in Libya, Iraq or Venezuela, while countries with massive oil reserves which permit US military domination and align with the West and Israel can be as undemocratic as they wish, eg Saudi Arabia. Venezuela is an imperfect democracy but it is far, far more of a democracy than Saudi Arabia and with a much better human rights record. The hypocrisy of Western media and politicians is breathtaking.

Hypocrisy and irony are soulmates, and there are multiple levels of irony in seeing the “liberal” commentators who were cheering on an undisguised military coup, then complaining loudly that people are being injured or killed now their side is losing. Yesterday the MSM had no difficulty in calling the attempted coup what anybody with eyes and ears could see it plainly was, an attempted military coup.

Today, miraculously, the MSM line is no coup attempt happened at all, it was just a spontaneous unarmed protest, and it is the evil government of Venezuela which attempts to portray it as a coup. BBC Breakfast this morning had the headline “President Maduro has accused the opposition of mounting a coup attempt”… Yet there is no doubt at all that, as a matter of plain fact, that is what happened.

The MSM today is full of video of water cannons against “protestors” and a horrible video of a military vehicle ramming a group. But it has all been very carefully edited to exclude hours of footage of the same military vehicles being pelted and set alight with molotov cocktails, and shot at. The presentation has been truly shocking.

In any civilised country, attempting to mount a military coup would lead to incarceration for life, and that is what should now happen to Juan Guaido. The attempt by the West to protect their puppet by pretending the failed military coup never happened, must be resisted, if only in the cause of intellectual honesty.

The resort to violence forces binary choice. I have been and am a critic of Maduro in many respects. I believe the constitutional changes to bypass Parliament were wrong, and the indirectly elected Constituent Assembly is not a good form of democracy. Venezuela does have a rampant corruption problem. US sanctions exacerbate but are not the root cause of economic mismanagement. There are human rights failings. But Chavez made revolutionary changes in educating and empowering the poor, and it is a far better governed country for the mass of its population than it would ever be under a US installed CIA puppet regime. Maduro was legitimately elected. The attempt at violence forces a binary choice.

I know which side I am on. It is not Guaido and the CIA.


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422 thoughts on “Venezuela and Binary Choice

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    • Michael McNulty

      And if the CIA have been grooming Guaido since his university days in the US it indicates the plan to take over Venezuela and its oil is quite a few years old, and was planned before anybody including the US could have even known Maduro would be President when the coup went into effect. So whatever they say the blame game came first and the man to blame came after, which goes some way to explain why the sanctions were important to the US, to bring about the conditions in the country for which they could accuse President Whomsoever.

  • Garth Carthy

    Media Lens, in a recent article, has stated that US sanctions imposed on Venezuela in August 2017 have caused around 40,000 deaths according to the Centre for Economic and Policy Research.
    So anyone who pays any attention to the sophist ramblings of Loony would do well to ponder the above fact.
    Even if there is any truth in what Loony says about Venezuela’s murder rate, etc., I would wager that the US has exacerbated that problem with it’s constant interference in Venezuelan affairs.

    • michael norton

      It would be interesting to tot up the number of people who have been killed by the U.S.A. since, say 1900.
      One million, maybe multiple millions, anyone?

    • Loony

      “Sophistry” means a clever, but false argument, with the intention of deceiving.

      My argument was predicated on there being 3.4 million Venezuelan refugees. Either this is accurate or it is not. The estimate, along with the locations of the refugees, comes from the UN, so if it incorrect then the responsibility rests not with me but with the UN.

      El Pais is the source for the murder rate in Venezuela. I made no comment at all regarding the cause of all of these murders, but merely noted that they exist. It is you that has chosen to imply nefarious motives to my highlighting this fact – despite the fact that you no evidence to support this smear.

      My sole reason for mentioning these statistics was to counter the argument that the situation in Venezuela was “simple”

      Although you don’t seem interested let me tell you which country has the highest murder rate in the world. It is Honduras. That would be the same Honduras where Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama organized and executed a coup, with the handy side consequence that the Clinton Foundation enriched itself just that little bit more. .

      • pretzelattack

        i don’t see how your stated facts show the situation in venezuela is complicated; after all how many iraqi refugees were displaced by
        the propaganda based invasion by the u.s.?

        • Loony

          In order for your comment to have any meaning at all then you must believe that the situation with regard to Iraq is simple.

          If you believe this then you seemingly hold similar views to Bush and Blair. They too believed that the situation was simple and that a simple illegal invasion would usher in nirvana. These gentlemen seem unable to explain exactly why it has not been possible for Iraq to turn itself into a vibrant, thriving economy and society.

          Maybe not so simple after all.

          • pretzelattack

            i think the illegal and unjustified invasion simply destroyed iraq, creating refugees. i think bush and blair would disagree. you’d like to make it complicated, because you apparently think venezuela needs to be invaded, too.

        • Loony

          The UK seems to be determined to abandon the rule of law as fast as possible.

          No-one knows what this guy did or did not do as he has been afforded no form of due process and according to the government he is not going to get any due process.

          Julian Assange is another person who has been subjected to an arbitrary interpretation of the law. Tommy Robinson appears to occupy a unique status insofar as he can commit crimes but no-one can commit crimes against him.

          You would need to suffer some form of schizophrenia to be ideologically aligned to all 3 individuals. Thus the obsession with identity politics means that when your preferred enemy is denied impartial access to the law then you cheer and applaud. Thus the masters of chaos are able to dismantle the law while at all times being cheered on by a significant segment of the population.

          Such a radically different Modus operandi from that employed by the Nazis.

          • michael norton

            If Gavin has broken the law he should be prosecuted but he can’t be prosecuted because he has not been charged.
            He has not been charged because Mrs. May has said, that is an end to it.
            Can one person stop justice in its tracks?
            The law is supposed to be for everyone, not just the poor.

          • Hieroglyph

            I no longer live in the UK, luckily, but I too am concerned about where it’s headed. Scotland has to leave.

            Also I have often noted that female leaders act in an distinctly authoritarian manner when they get the top job. May is a weak leader, so she acts in an arbitrary and authoritarian manner. Thatcher, Clinton, Pelosi, GIllard, whichever female leader you choose, it’s most often the same patterns of behavior. Why this would be is a moot point. Perhaps the filters, which we know exist, filter out any and all good candidates, so we only see the worst leaders, of both genders. Or perhaps there is an innate authoritarian bent to the majority of women who seek leadership roles. I do not know.

            What’s become clear is that the UK legal system is tiered. The rich can buy their way out, obviously. And those who are accused of political crimes are subject to different rules. Assange and Robinson didn’t even need to bother hiring lawyers, or going into the courtroom – they were already guilty. The decision, quite literally, had already been made, one suspects it wasn’t even the judge who decided; he had received his orders, and complied.

            I’m a little uncertain, personally, on Tommy Robinson. He deserves credit for highlighting grooming gangs, where nobody else did. But he does strike me as a somewhat dubious character – though perhaps I too have been propagandized? Rabbit holes everywhere.

      • Garth Carthy

        My accusation of sophistry is not about the 3.4 million Venezuelan refugees but about the general language and impressions whereby you seem to be trying to excuse the US of blame. If you notice, Craig accepts that the Maduro is far from perfect but rightly accuses the US as being the real culprit exacerbating Venezuela’s problems.

        However, I’m sure you’re probably right when you say that in Honduras, “Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama organized and executed a coup, with the handy side consequence that the Clinton Foundation enriched itself just that little bit more.”

      • COMMINUS

        Have you been to Venezuela? I have . Several times and seen at first hand how Chavez and now Maduro has tried to help the poor and the indigenous tribes in a way that no other politician ever has…

        And that is why for the US venezuela will ultimately prove to be “iraq with trees”

  • Glasshopper

    A Venezuelan friend told me years ago that the situation was disastrous in the country “and now he (Chavez) wants a bus driver to succeed him”. I never heard a good word about the people running Venezuela, but am so cynical about the US i find myself giving them the benefit of the doubt despite having never been to South America. Like most here, iv’e no wish to be on the same side as oiks like John Bolton.

    Even so, the place is a basket case and with it’s huge wealth that cannot be all the fault of the yankees.

      • Glasshopper

        I talk to people who live there rather than listening to windbags on the internet. It gives you a different perspective.

        • Sarge

          Grasshopper, to accept one anti Chavez voice as the be all and end all suggests a certain degree of credulity on your part. Surely you’re aware Chavez and his bus driver successor have been re-elected to power multiple times by the Venezuelan people since the 1990s? (In an electoral system Jimmy Carter describes as “the best in the world.”)


      Yes it can. If all the wealth is held by the top 1% or transferred overseas…

      Why do you think the US is so angry. PDVSA now spends oil revenue on the poor since ot was nationalised by Chavez

      Only our sanctuons are holding venezuela back

  • Rod

    @Borncynical May 2nd 11:02 & @SA May 2nd 16:53

    Thank you for your kind responses. From my posting you will have gathered that I am neither a fan of Mrs May nor Mr Williamson. My primary criticism of Mrs May is that she has attained the highest office in the land and is unworthy of that position as is plain for all to see. To my mind being Prime Minister of this nation requires the intellect of a person who can think ahead and extricate him/herself from any given awkward situation with a degree of plausibility; an attribute she clearly does not possess.

    This prime minister declared to Mr Williamson in a written letter that she must have known would eventually find its way into the public domain and where the wording she chose left her open to censure. As prime minister it is her prerogative to say who will serve in her cabinet and who will not, and that should have been the extent of the basis for Mr Williamson’s dismissal. Instead, she embarked upon an attempted justification for her action which was open to question not only by Mr Williamson, but now by her own parliamentary colleagues and the general public at large.

    Without publicised tangible evidence the nation is asked to believe her account of potentially serious accusations or innuendo against Mr Williamson without providing him with the opportunity of a proper defence thereby denying him the natural justice to which he is entitled and by declaring the matter as now closed.

    Mrs May is totally unable to ‘think on her feet’, she attends meetings only where the audience is hand picked, she is unable to deal with hecklers as evidenced this afternoon when a member of the public asked her when she was going to resign. Her face was a picture as she was totally unprepared for this eventuality.

    This has been the appearance of Mrs May’s premiership since its outset. Slogans like strong and stable or red, white and blue Brexit are inadequate and insufficient to the task of governing this, or any, country; she should know that and if she doesn’t, she has no place as this nations chief minister.

    • Borncynical


      …and thank you for your acknowledgement.

      We are as one in our opinion of Mrs May! What is appalling is that as well as being ‘caught on the hop’ when she should do better at thinking on her feet, she is also ‘caught on the hop’ when she has advance warning and time to plan her strategy. As a former civil servant myself from a London HQ I can only assume that either the standard of advice she receives from civil servants these days has plumbed unimaginable depths or she indulges in completely ignoring any advice she is given. I strongly suspect the latter.

      May’s treatment of Williamson (disregarding the fact that an incompetent prat and liability) is inexcusable. But we shouldn’t be surprised. Her M.O is very much one of evidence-free accusations followed by unconditional closure of the matter. It would be interesting to know what motivates her to behave in this completely unacceptable way. Being seen to be ‘strong’ is one thing, but not at the expense of moral principles and decency.


      • Rod

        J. I have long since abandoned any attempt analyse what makes this lady act in the manner she does. All I can deduce is that her formative years were spent in a relatively closed environment of a God-botherer’s household where she believes that running through a farmer’s wheat field is one of the worst things that could be attributed to her and with no thought of her escalation to the havoc wrought upon this nation by her predecessor.

        I can quite understand the raising of eyebrows by those who believe her advisors are duff, but Mrs May chose these people herself and in that circumstance, to my mind, the onus for her performance remains squarely at her kitten heels. I believe her dull-witted performance with the heckler is a consequence of her cloistered environment and close circle of like-minded associates. It would have been much better if she had yelled back with the attitude of ‘Oh my God … is that you again Boris ? you drunken sot ! Somebody throw him out, but do up his trouser zip first’. That’s no more in her nature than jiving onto a stage to provide her vetted listening audience with a speech. Whosoever advised her to do that obviously didn’t see her wooden dancing performance some months earlier with the African children.

        She has absolutely no repartee whatsoever, all she has is the venom and snide remarks she spits at Mr Corbyn across the despatch box. I do not despise her personally, I don’t know her personally; but I do despise everything she and her ilk stand for – the sooner they are all removed from office, the better.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    You are ignoring all the weapons that the US covert state has, like causing quakes with subs having sound lasers in the hope that the surface oil installations will be destroyed by shaking or tsunamis, and the laser satellites which are causing power outages all over the country in the hope of the coup forces succeeding.

    • Courtenay Barnett

      23 FEB 2018
      TOP SECRET/20180223
      The Venezuelan Chavista dictatorship staggers as a result of its frequent internal problems; there is a great shortage of foodstuffs, an exhaustion of the sources of foreign currency and a rampant corruption. The international support, won with petrodollars, becomes scarcer each time and the purchasing power of its national currency is in a constant downfall.
      Such scenario is not supposed to change, but the Venezuelan present-day leaders, as they usually do, in their despair to preserve their power, are capable to appeal to new populist measures that perpetuate their positions of privilege; the only mechanism that sustains them obstinate to the struggle to hold on their positions.
      Maduro’s corrupt regimen will collapse but regrettably, the divided opposing forces, legitimate defenders of democracy and the well-being of their people, do not have power enough to put an end to the Venezuelan nightmare and the awakening of theirs beloved nation at a luminous dawn, in which the vision of fortune, true peace and tranquility predominate for their fellow citizens.
      The internal disputes, the supreme particular likings, the corruption similar to the one of their rivals, as well as the scarcity of rooting, do not grant them the opportunity to make the most of this situation and to give the necessary step to overturn the state of penury and precariousness in which the pressure group, that exercises the leftist dictatorship, has submerged the country. We are at the presence of an unprecedented criminal action in Latin America.
      This affects the entire region, there is no respect to international right and local political alternatives are unacceptable.
      Democracy spreads out in America, continent in which radical populism was intended to take over. Argentina, Ecuador and Brazil are examples of it. The rebirth of democracy has the support of the most valuable determinations, and the conditions in the regions run in its favour.
      It is the time for the United States to prove, with concrete actions, that they are implicated in that process, where overthrowing Venezuelan dictatorship will surely mean a continental turning point.
      It is the first opportunity of the Trump Administration to bring forward the vision in reference to security and democracy. Showing its active commitment is crucial, not only for the administration, but also for the continent and for the world.
      The time has come to
      Step to speed up the definite overthrow of Chavismo and the expulsion of its representative:
      Undermining the decadent popular support to Government.
      Encouraging popular dissatisfaction by increasing scarcity and rise in price of the foodstuffs, medicines and other essential goods for the inhabitants. Making more harrowing and painful the scarcities of the main basic merchandises.
      Securing he the present-day dictator’s irreversible deterioration
      Developing actions to encourage the egocentrism and the verbal incontinence of the Dictator, compelling him to fall into mistakes that generate greater distrust and rejection domestically, while continuing to minimize the international significance of his public figure.
      To beseige him, to ridicule him and to pose him as symbol of awkwardness and incompetence. To expose him as a puppet of Cuba. Exacerbating the division among members of the governing group. Revealing the differences in his living conditions with respect to those of his followers, at the same time to incite them to keep on increasing those divergences. Highlighting examples as the ones of Rafael Ramirez from PDVSA and Nelson Mercengtes from gthe BCV.
      Making his government unsustainable, forcing him to claudication, to negotiate or to run away, as other close collaborators have done.
      Making provisions for a back or escaping door, in case he finally chooses to look for a safe port out of his country.
      Increasing the internal instability to a critical level.
      Intensifying the undercapitalizatioin of the country, the leaking out of foreign currency and the deterioration of its monetary base, bringing about the application of new inflationary measures that increase its deterioration and that simultaneously provoke the citizens with less access — who support the present-day rulers — and those who are best positioned, to see their social status threatened or affected. Establishing that the use of bitcoin, Petro, is a key element in the deterioration of the economy, which is an unconstitutional and illegal manipulation of the national currency, useable for money laundering.
      Fully obstructing imports, and at the same time, discouraging potential foreign investors in order to contribute to make more critical the situation of the population — mainly in the sphere of oil, essential for any attempt of recuperation of the national economy.
      Appealing to domestic allies as well as other people inserted from abroad in the national scenario in order to generate protests, riots and insecurity, plunders, thefts, assaults and highjacking of vessels as well as other means of transportation, with the intention of deserting this country in crisis through all borderlands and other possible ways, jeopardizing in such a way the National Security of neighboring frontier nations. Causing victims and holding the Government responsible for them. Magnifying, in front of the world, the humanitarian crisis in which the country has been submitted to.
      Making use of the generalized corruption and the originating profits from their operations with prohibited drugs, to do away with their image in front of the world and their domestic followers.
      Promoting fatigue inside the members of the PSUV, inciting the annoyance and nonconformity among themselves, for them to break noisily away from the line of the Government; for them to refuse the measures and restrictions which also affect them, inciting the rising of internal politic factions, which divides it in its schism, making it as weak as the the opposition is. Creating frictions between the PSUV and “Somos Venezuela”.
      Structuring a plan to get the profuse desertion of the most qualified professionals from the country, in order “to leave it with no professionals at all”, which will aggravate even more the internal situation and along these lines putting the blame on of Government.
      Using the army officers as an alternative of definite solution.
      Continuing hardening the conditions inside the Armed Forces to carry out a coup d’etat before concluding 2018, if the crisis does not make the dictatorship to collapse or the dictator does not decide to move aside.
      Continuing setting fire to the common frontier with Colombia. Multiplying the traffic of fuel and other goods. The movement of paramilitaries, armed raids and drug trafficking. Provoking armed incidents with the Venezuelan frontier security forces.
      Recruiting paramilitaries mainly in the campsites of refugees in Cucuta, La Guajira and the north of Santander, areas largely populated by Colombian citizens who emigrated to Venezuela and now return, run away from the regimen to intensify the destabilizing activities in the common frontier between both countries. Making use of the empty space left by the FARC, the belligerency of the ELN and the activities in the area of the Gulf Clan.
      Preparing the involvement of allied forces in support of the Venezuelan army officers or to control the internal crisis, in the event they delay too much in taking the initiative.
      Establishing a speedy time line that prevents the Dictator to continue winning control on the internal scenario. If it’s necessary, act before the elections stipulated for next April.
      Getting the support of the allied authorities of friendly countries (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Guyana).
      Organizing the provisioning, relief of troops, medical and logistic support from Panama. Making good use of the facilities of electronic surveillance and signals intelligence, the hospitals and its deployed endowments in Danen, the equipped airdromes for the Colombian Plan, as well as the landing fields of the old-time military bases of Howard and Albrook, as well as the one belonging to “Rio Halo”. In addition, the Humanitarian Regional Center of the United Nations, designed for situations of catastrophes and humanitarian emergency, which has an aerial landing field and its own warehouses.
      Moving on the basification of combat airplanes and choppers, armored conveyances, intelligence positions, and special military and logistics units (police and military district attorneys and prisons).
      Developing the military operation under international flag, patronized by the Conference of American Armies, under the protection of the OAS and the supervision, in the legal and media context, of the Secretary General Luis Almagro. Declaring the necessity that the continental commandment be strengthened to act, using the instrument of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, in order to avoid the democratic rupture.
      Binding Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Panama to the contribution of greater number of troops, to make use of their geographic proximity and experience in operations in forest regions. Strengthening their international condition with the presence of combat units from the United States of America and the other named countries, under the command of a Joint General Staff led by the USA.
      Using the facilities at Panamanian territory for the rear guard and the capacities of Argentina for the securing of the ports and the maritime positions.
      Leaning on Brazil and Guyana to make use of the migratory situation that we intend to encourage in the border with Guyana.
      Coordinating the support to Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, Aruba, Curacao, Trinidad and Tabago and other States in front of the flow of Venezuelan immigrants in the event of the crisis. Promoting international participation in this effort, as part of the multilateral operation with contribution of the States, Non-Profit Organizations and international bodies. Supplying the adequate logistic, intelligence, surveillance and control support.
      Anticipating, specially, the most vulnerable points in Arauca, Puerto Carreno and Ininda, Maicao, Barranquilla and Sincelejo, in Colombia, and Roramia, Manaos and Boa Vista, in Brazil.
      Information Strategie
      Silencing the symbolic presence of Chavez-representative of unit and popular support-, and in the other way around, keeping the harassment to the Dictator as the only responsible of the crisis in which he has submerged the nation.
      Holding the Dictator and his closer followers responsible, in the first place, for the prevailing crisis due to his inability to find the way out that the Venezuelans are in need of.
      Intensifying the media denouncement about the cubanization of Venezuela.
      Outstandingly intensifying the denouncement toward Maduro’s regimen, considering him:
      A criminal
      A illegitimate
      A thief of the wealth of the Venezuelan people
      Someone who plunders the national treasury to carry out his evasion
      Highlighting the incompetence of the mechanisms of integration created by the regimens of Cuba and Venezuela, specially the ALBA and PETROCARIBE, in order to tackle the situation of the country and their inability to find solutions to the problems that the citizens are facing.
      Increasing, inside the country and through the mass media established abroad, the dissemination of designed messages based on testimonies and publications originated in the country, making use of all the possible capacities, including the social networks.
      Claiming, through that mass media, the need to put an end to this situation because of its unsustainable essence.
      Justifying and assuring through violent means the international backup to the deposal of the dictatorship, displaying an extensive dissemination, inside the country and to the entire world, through all the open means and the capacities of the psychological war of the US ARMY.
      Assuring that the disclosed images and reports of the military actions are approved by the General Staff to prevent their manipulation and use by the enemy.
      The United States should entirely back up the OAS, strengthening the image of the OAS and other multilateral institutions for the inter-American system, as instruments for the solution to the regional problems.
      Promoting the request of the the dispatch of a UNO military force for the imposition of peace, once Nicolas Maduro’s corrupt dictatorship is defeated.
      K.W. TIDD
      Admiral, USN

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        Thanks, Courteney, the most important part of the plan is what is implied by stating the need of upsetting the stability of the Maduro regime, besieging it so much that he flees to Cuba. etc., the most vital secrets

        Also note that Admiral K. W, Tiidd retired from the US Southern Command in November last year after forty years of service. Implementing his plan is now someone else’s job.

      • Sharp Ears

        One of the Mad Men. The naval equivalent of Strangelove, nearing the end of his ‘service’ planning a last fling. Son of an admiral and with a brother who is another.
        Note the Atlantic Council membership. What evil.

        These warmongers should all be locked up and the keys thrown away.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Sharp Ears May 5, 2019 at 11:33
          ‘Mad Men’ seem to be America’s forte:
          ‘US to deploy aircraft carrier in ‘clear message’ to Iran’:

          ‘Iran will be held accountable for attacks on American interests, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said after the US announced it would deploy an aircraft carrier and bomber task force to the Middle East.
          Speaking to reporters on Monday on board a plane to Finland, Mr Pompeo said the deployment was “something we’ve been working on for a little while”…..’

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Sharp Ears May 4, 2019 at 19:14
      Let’s hope history repeats itself.
      You know what happened to Pompeii.

  • A Hamilton

    Your graphic showing how much oil is left in the world is highly misleading.For example, the figure for Saudi Arabia is thought to refer to the original oil in place rather than current reserves.

    • michael norton

      There is always more oil than was first discovered.
      There is a stunning amount of Methane in the World, massive new fields keep being found, even little Israel has found it floats on gas.
      Egypt is set to be a very big producer of Methane, one of the reasons the Muslim Brotherhood have been proscribed and a West friendly dictator allowed to take firm control.
      Ships can be made to run well on Methane.
      Oil will eventually loose its pre-eminence.

    • michael norton

      Vietnam has double the oil reserves of the United Kingdom.
      Oil has been known about in the United Kingdom for over a century.
      The U.K. has been known to have huge coal reserves for centuries, perhaps coal and oil go together?
      Vietnam has huge coal reserves.

      A very good question David Smith.

  • Dave

    Wheels within wheels, but even if we agree its all about oil, as opposed to collective punishment beatings for criticising Israel, it appears the aim isn’t to take control of foreign oil, but to wreck foreign oil production to make US and Canada oil profitable to extract, as oil production in all the targeted countries has collapsed, with US now self sufficient in energy.

    • michael norton

      “It’s the economy , Stupid”
      Wars are mostly about economies.
      Napoleon tried to blockade the United Kingdom because we were the greatest economy on Earth but relying on overseas trade/robbery.
      Now it is Oil wars, one day soon it will be Methane Wars, then it will be Water Wars.
      By then we will all be buggered, anyway.

  • michael norton

    Syria has similar Oil Reserves as has the United Kingdom.
    But Syria also has massive Methane Reserves.

    • michael norton

      Just heard on Radio Four that Idlib, Syria, is kicking off and America is very worried it might have to intervene, again to teach Assad the Butcher
      a lesson.
      It is a toss up if they will be teaching Iran another lesson before they teach Syria another lesson.

      • michael norton

        Looks like a war is in the making, U.S.A. tells Americans to get out of Iraq, quick, in case they get caught up in turmoil.

        Limpet mines were used to blow holes in tankers in UAE, say divers examining four sabotaged ships as US and Iran try to calm fears of war after Saudi Arabia claimed explosive-laden drones targeted its oil pipeline in ‘act of terrorism’

        • michael norton

          Things are getting jumpy in
          The Gulf of Persia,
          just been out walking with a friend, his daughter is a teacher in Kuwait, she is coming home at the end of term and not going back, as things are expected to turn nasty, sometime this year.

          Netherlands joins Germany in halting Iraq mission due to security threat.

          “The US is poised for war with Iran,” a leader of the Left Party’s faction in the German parliament, Sahra Wagenknecht, warned. She called on those, “who want to save the international peace and the Iranian nuclear deal,” to “make it clear that they are against these war plans, arbitrary US sanctions and the use of the US military bases in Europe [in a potential war with Iran].”

          • michael norton

            The United Kingdom Home Secretary is “thinking” from banning, “most” British people from going to Syria.

            not sure if we still have special forces in Syria?

            We are now calling Butcher Assad

            President Assad.

            Sajid says he is mainly concerned with people joining terror groups in the North West, meaning the Province of Idlib.

            No mention of The Golan
            or the American bases.

          • michael norton

            EU extends sanctions against Syria by 1 year

            I cannot understand their thinking.
            Syria has been at war for many years, they have suffered terribly, they need help not more restrictions.

          • michael norton

            Yesterday the Americans are again looking into the suggestion Animal Assad is nerve gassing his own people by dropping barrel bombs on them, in the North West of Syria.
            This is the part of Syria that is dominated by the Turks.

          • michael norton

            First question, today, in Prime minister’s questions
            was about Animal Assad Barrel bombing his own people in Idlib Province.
            The questioner asked Mrs. Theresa May if she would lead the World in a new action against Syria.
            Very staged managed and of course
            all nonsense.

            No body asked about the staged Douma “chemical” attack that lead to one hundred Scottish Tomahawk weapons being unleashed on Syria, to teach them a lesson,
            how strange.

          • michael norton

            Turkey has now decided to comply with the U.S.A. and stop importing Iranian Hydrocarbons

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