Venezuela and Binary Choice 422

When a CIA-backed military coup is attempted by a long term CIA puppet, roared on by John Bolton and backed with the offer of Blackwater mercenaries, in the country with the world’s largest oil reserves, I have no difficulty whatsoever in knowing which side I am on.

Juan Guaido has been groomed for 15 years as a long-term CIA project. His coup attempt yesterday, which so far appears to have stalled, was the culmination of these efforts to return Venezuela’s oil reserves to US hegemony.

It is strange how the urgent installation of liberal democracy by force correlates so often with oil reserves not aligned to the USA, as in Libya, Iraq or Venezuela, while countries with massive oil reserves which permit US military domination and align with the West and Israel can be as undemocratic as they wish, eg Saudi Arabia. Venezuela is an imperfect democracy but it is far, far more of a democracy than Saudi Arabia and with a much better human rights record. The hypocrisy of Western media and politicians is breathtaking.

Hypocrisy and irony are soulmates, and there are multiple levels of irony in seeing the “liberal” commentators who were cheering on an undisguised military coup, then complaining loudly that people are being injured or killed now their side is losing. Yesterday the MSM had no difficulty in calling the attempted coup what anybody with eyes and ears could see it plainly was, an attempted military coup.

Today, miraculously, the MSM line is no coup attempt happened at all, it was just a spontaneous unarmed protest, and it is the evil government of Venezuela which attempts to portray it as a coup. BBC Breakfast this morning had the headline “President Maduro has accused the opposition of mounting a coup attempt”… Yet there is no doubt at all that, as a matter of plain fact, that is what happened.

The MSM today is full of video of water cannons against “protestors” and a horrible video of a military vehicle ramming a group. But it has all been very carefully edited to exclude hours of footage of the same military vehicles being pelted and set alight with molotov cocktails, and shot at. The presentation has been truly shocking.

In any civilised country, attempting to mount a military coup would lead to incarceration for life, and that is what should now happen to Juan Guaido. The attempt by the West to protect their puppet by pretending the failed military coup never happened, must be resisted, if only in the cause of intellectual honesty.

The resort to violence forces binary choice. I have been and am a critic of Maduro in many respects. I believe the constitutional changes to bypass Parliament were wrong, and the indirectly elected Constituent Assembly is not a good form of democracy. Venezuela does have a rampant corruption problem. US sanctions exacerbate but are not the root cause of economic mismanagement. There are human rights failings. But Chavez made revolutionary changes in educating and empowering the poor, and it is a far better governed country for the mass of its population than it would ever be under a US installed CIA puppet regime. Maduro was legitimately elected. The attempt at violence forces a binary choice.

I know which side I am on. It is not Guaido and the CIA.


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422 thoughts on “Venezuela and Binary Choice

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  • Dave

    Wheels within wheels, but even if we agree its all about oil, as opposed to collective punishment beatings for criticising Israel, it appears the aim isn’t to take control of foreign oil, but to wreck foreign oil production to make US and Canada oil profitable to extract, as oil production in all the targeted countries has collapsed, with US now self sufficient in energy.

    • michael norton

      “It’s the economy , Stupid”
      Wars are mostly about economies.
      Napoleon tried to blockade the United Kingdom because we were the greatest economy on Earth but relying on overseas trade/robbery.
      Now it is Oil wars, one day soon it will be Methane Wars, then it will be Water Wars.
      By then we will all be buggered, anyway.

  • michael norton

    Syria has similar Oil Reserves as has the United Kingdom.
    But Syria also has massive Methane Reserves.

    • michael norton

      Just heard on Radio Four that Idlib, Syria, is kicking off and America is very worried it might have to intervene, again to teach Assad the Butcher
      a lesson.
      It is a toss up if they will be teaching Iran another lesson before they teach Syria another lesson.

    • michael norton

      Saudi Arabia oil boats getting knobbled in
      The Gulf of Persia
      it is a mystery?

      • michael norton

        Looks like a war is in the making, U.S.A. tells Americans to get out of Iraq, quick, in case they get caught up in turmoil.

        Limpet mines were used to blow holes in tankers in UAE, say divers examining four sabotaged ships as US and Iran try to calm fears of war after Saudi Arabia claimed explosive-laden drones targeted its oil pipeline in ‘act of terrorism’

        • michael norton

          Things are getting jumpy in
          The Gulf of Persia,
          just been out walking with a friend, his daughter is a teacher in Kuwait, she is coming home at the end of term and not going back, as things are expected to turn nasty, sometime this year.

          Netherlands joins Germany in halting Iraq mission due to security threat.

          “The US is poised for war with Iran,” a leader of the Left Party’s faction in the German parliament, Sahra Wagenknecht, warned. She called on those, “who want to save the international peace and the Iranian nuclear deal,” to “make it clear that they are against these war plans, arbitrary US sanctions and the use of the US military bases in Europe [in a potential war with Iran].”

          • michael norton

            The United Kingdom Home Secretary is “thinking” from banning, “most” British people from going to Syria.

            not sure if we still have special forces in Syria?

            We are now calling Butcher Assad

            President Assad.

            Sajid says he is mainly concerned with people joining terror groups in the North West, meaning the Province of Idlib.

            No mention of The Golan
            or the American bases.

          • michael norton

            EU extends sanctions against Syria by 1 year

            I cannot understand their thinking.
            Syria has been at war for many years, they have suffered terribly, they need help not more restrictions.

          • michael norton

            Yesterday the Americans are again looking into the suggestion Animal Assad is nerve gassing his own people by dropping barrel bombs on them, in the North West of Syria.
            This is the part of Syria that is dominated by the Turks.

          • michael norton

            First question, today, in Prime minister’s questions
            was about Animal Assad Barrel bombing his own people in Idlib Province.
            The questioner asked Mrs. Theresa May if she would lead the World in a new action against Syria.
            Very staged managed and of course
            all nonsense.

            No body asked about the staged Douma “chemical” attack that lead to one hundred Scottish Tomahawk weapons being unleashed on Syria, to teach them a lesson,
            how strange.

          • michael norton

            Turkey has now decided to comply with the U.S.A. and stop importing Iranian Hydrocarbons

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