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Last night the BBC was reporting on the Conservative manifesto. This is a document whose most striking pledge is to fill in some of the potholes in roads that have proliferated due to massive cuts in local authority funding, and to give free hospital car parking to those visiting a terminally ill relative. Just think of the last one. How do you prove your relative is terminally ill? What if there is a chance they might get better? The administration of this system is going to require people to have some form of certificate or token that all hope is now lost. For the car park. The Tories are all heart.

As the News continued, Laura Kuenssberg told us that the battle lines between the parties are now clearly drawn, and the major division is over how much the government “should interfere in the economy”.

Interfere. Not intervene. Not regulate. Interfere. It is a very deliberate choice of word. Let me turn to the Oxford English Dictionary:


1) Prevent from continuing or being carried out properly
2) Handle or adjust without permission
3) Become involved in something without being asked
4) Sexually molest

Words matter. Kuenssberg chose a word with powerful negative connotations and no possible positive meaning, to describe the alternative to the Tories. Kuenssberg talking of government interfering in, rather than intervening in, the economy is in itself a very strong and explicit declaration of Kuenssberg’s belief in an Ayn Rand, “Britannia unchained”, free market, ultra neo-liberal world view. To explicitly frame the choice in the election as between the Tories and “interfering” is just another example of the way the BBC slants their election coverage, permanently.

Now I started to draft an article three days ago, before that particular Kuenssberg propaganda masterclass.

Here is what I wrote as a draft three days ago:

“Maybe I am just unlucky. I have had television news bulletins transport me to hear vox-pops featuring former Labour voters in Dudley who now want to vote Conservative to GET BREXIT DONE. I have seen vox pops in fishing wharves in Peterhead and Grimsby, in dismal cafes in Hartlepool, in bingo halls in Yarmouth, in pubs back in Dudley, on high streets in Wakefield, in a shopping mall in Thurrock, in hardware stores back in bloody Dudley again. The country is full of people who want to GET BREXIT DONE, and who will NEVER VOTE LABOUR AGAIN.

The strange thing is that I have not seen a single vox pop from Richmond, featuring an educated woman who is switching from a lifetime of Tory voting because they have become a far right party and are going to crash the economy with hard Brexit. But there are many people like that in Richmond, and indeed all over London, and throughout much of southern England. They exist but are not worth vox-popping, apparently. Because they are not the broadcasters’ chosen “narrative”.

The BBC, ITN and Sky will doubtless defend the very obviously targeted demographic and destination of their “vox-pops” on the grounds that this is the “narrative” of the election. But that is a self-reinforcing prophecy. The public are relentlessly being told that what ordinary people want is to “GET BREXIT DONE” and to vote Tory. But that is actually only what about 40% of the people want. We just aren’t being shown the other 60% as the broadcasters focus relentlessly on areas with the highest leave vote, and on vox pop subjects with the least possible education.”

While that passage was atill on the stocks, last night, alongside the Kuenssberg analysis, the BBC gave us a vox pop from the Rother Valley that fitted perfectly the above description. It came from a Yorkshire Labour seat that voted Leave. It featured Labour voters who will now vote Conservative. The ladies interviewed were perfectly primed with precisely the main Tory slogans. A lady told us she wanted Boris so we could “get Brexit done and get on with domestic reforms”. Another ex-Labour voter told us she would vote for Boris because “he may not be trustworthy, but I like him”. Trust and likeability are two factors the pollsters regularly measure. It is important for the Tories that voters prioritise likeability over trust, because Johnson’s Trust numbers are appalling. How fortunate that the BBC happened to find a little old lady in the Rother Valley who could express this so succinctly!

Or maybe it is not so surprising. With the mainstream media as such a reliable echo chamber of public slogans, perhaps it is not surprising to find the public just echo them too, as they do in North Korea. The state media in the UK is of course not the only propaganda outlet. Billionaires control 87% of print news media by circulation, and are aggressively Tory for obvious reasons of self-interest.

This leads to the incredible circularity of the “Newspaper Reviews” that take up such a high proportion of broadcast news output. The broadcasters “review” the overwhelmingly right wing print media. And who do they invite to do the reviewing? Why the billionaire employed journalists of the overwhelmingly right wing print media, of course! So we have the surreal experience of watching journalists from the Times and the Spectator telling us how great an article in the Daily Mail is, about how Corbyn is a Russian spy and Scotland not really a country at all.

If that was not bad enough, we then get deluged by “commentators” from “think tanks” which are again billionaire funded, like the Institute of Economic Affairs and scores of others, sometimes with money thrown in from the security services, like the Quilliam Foundation and scores of others. It is a never-ending closed circular loop of propaganda.

The truth is that it largely works. Social media is overwhelmingly sceptical of the government narrative, but we still live in a society where the power of mass broadcasting and even print retains a remarkable amount of influence, particularly on the old and the poorly educated. It is no coincidence that it is precisely the old and the poorly educated that are the targets of Cummings’ “Brexit election” strategy. If it comes off, Kuenssberg and her fellow hacks will have proven that the power of the mainstream media is as yet unbroken.


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997 thoughts on “Interfering with Laura Kuenssberg

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  • Hagar

    Corbyn, and the Labour Party are being smeared because they are going to tax all the “scalping” that is going on every day on the Stock Exchange, by those who gamble on the Stock Exchange every day. You know who has the money to gamble every day on the Stock Exchange.

    When did you last gamble on the Stock Exchange? Never mind every day.

    I have not heard the “sound bite” so far, that will win this election. Get Brexit done, is not it.

    Here is a Sound Bite for you. “DO THE ILLOGICAL”.
    Here is another one. FEAR NO FOE”.

    I hope you all get what you want.


  • Michael55

    It really should be a Labour landslide all things considered. It reminds me of the Clinton/Trump Presidential Election. Everyone was saying Clinton was a certainty except what appears to be a few shrewd judges. I even seem to remember the bookmakers who rarely get things wrong had Trump priced up 3/4 times larger than Clinton based on the polls at the time. So if they really wanted Clinton, why was the vote not rigged then. It seems like a tactic trying to make people think why should I vote if the election can be rigged. Personally I don’t think it will work and I am encouraged reading about the hundreds of thousands registering to vote. People don’t want more austerity and what looks like a real nasty bunch of Conservatives. I sense a kind of change similar to what I felt in ’97 where things have reached a breaking point. People really don’t trust Boris more so than is the norm with most politicians. It’s like the Tories have dropped the façade and are just outright arrogant and aloof. I still have in the back of my mind the horrible Theresa May going out the side door at Greenfell. To me that encapsulates what these particular bunch of Tories are all about.

    • Doghouse

      Arrogant and aloof is right – and you can’t get much more than turning up for an election with what is tantamount to an empty manifesto. Never known anything remotely like. The manifesto of the monster loony party was positively crammed by comparison. We’re that nailed on. Like you, I sense a change coming and this tattered and torn AS card is going to bite harder than a steroid reared pit bull. I suspect this has been so over egged beyond eggin that the only people failing to see it for what it is are either unable or unwilling. It’s a sad sad state that a party nigh decade in power has earned no bragging rights and is left with only the dirty finger to point time and time over. Smack someone enough times with a wet fish between the eyes and eventually, he’ll realise he’s being hit with heck – a wet fish! In fact it has been so over egged there’ll be plenty left over for lots and lots of faces. History and people who know him say that Corbyn is not and never has been either racist or AS, quite the opposite and to malign him so is the vilest and lowest of tactics.

    • N_

      Bookmakers mostly don’t care about polls. They set prices according to how much is wagered on each outcome, so as to balance their books and take the same % (the “overround” or “vig”) of how much is bet whatever the result. Which isn’t to say they can’t be manipulated. The website (which shares its cartoonist Marf with the Jewish Chronicle) has been known to talk up longshots.

      A classic case of manipulation of politics-related financial markets was Nigel Farage saying on EUref night that he thought Remain had won. If it hadn’t been politics he might have found himself up in court like Elon Musk.

      The current midprice at the Betfair exchange for the Tories winning most seats is 1.055, implying a probability of 95%. Mental!

      Boris Johnson should be harassed by people dressed as chickens or similar. Labour have the initiative now and need to land a battery of vicious blows. It is practically a certainty that the Tories are going to bang on about immigration in the final stretch. The Tories may well skein anti-anti-Semitism together with Islamophobia.

      Today’s big change is that the Tories have given up on the NHS as “their” issue. They’re running away from it. It’s not like the EUref where the Remain side didn’t say much about the NHS, so the Powellite side could promise that if you voted their way the NHS would receive lots more money. The Labour party created the NHS and they can say a lot about it. The Tories are trying to distract attention from it by talking about anti-Semitism and immigration. They’re also calling Labour liars. Well I don’t think any senior Labour figures have been sacked multiple times from their jobs for telling lies as Boris Johnson has.

    • M.J.

      What makes you think that there will be a Labour landslide, when the opinion polls seem to be stubbornly giving Boris the advantage -unless perhaps the recent revelations of secret talks affecting the NHS with the Americans will galvanise ordinary voters, who till now have been inclined to vote Tory because they want Brexit.
      I’m unable to guess the outcome on Friday 13th with any assurance. Will Boris get a landslide (not because of my vote), or Corbyn (he has some good policies IMHO), or will the Libdems/Greens/SNP become kingmakers in a hung parliament?
      I don’t gamble, but I wonder what bookies’ odds are like.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      Bookies do not price things accurately, they price them to maximise profits.

      Betfair was offering 1.01 for Remain in 2016: you could have turned £100 into £10,000 in under one week. That was because sentiment said Remain were a shoo in so people would back it down to ridiculous odds.

      You would do well to consider links between opinion polls and bookmakers: arbitrageurs could generate risk free profits via a few carefully publicised changes in polling numbers.

      £100m was staked on Brexit on Betfair alone, so do not say these are niche markets….

  • Republicofscotland

    Well there you have it, the British state propaganda machine is substituting Neil for Kuenssberg when Johnson takes up the hot seat. The fix is in the decks stacked the games rigged.

    “This Friday night, Laura Kuenssberg will be interviewing Boris Johnson as part of our Leaders Interview series. This will conclude our Leaders interview series ahead of the General Election on December 12th.”

  • Dungroanin

    Nicely played rope a dope on AS than with two rounds to go come bouncing back left cross on AS and right hook on NHS – taking out bbc, sky … who look stoopid for ignoring the revelation and sticking to script , 3 at a time question taking genius.

    So with 2 weeks to go – over 4 million new registrations it goes down to – duh NHS stupid!

    Clear question for voters what is more important to you a tory Brexit and Trump Trade Deal or OUR NHS.

    Barry, Keir & co come out to show the depth and strength to show it aint just Jezza – the strategy is correct.

    Last 2 rounds – no more rope a dope and dancing butterfly Just a barrage of stings and knockout blow.

    What u say folks?

    Cummings is forced into the open. IDS and Fallon (him???) on LBC. Neil is replaced by Laura to let her soft focus her pet project as the wheels fall of his bus.

    This will be the KO punch

    When she flips it is all over.

    The ONLY way tories win is by ballot stuffing. It has been set up over last 9 years since Electoral Commission privatisation by Con/Lib coalition. Contract with co with peter Lilley. No audit trail.
    Vital this gets attention within next two weeks.
    Postal votes have gone up exponentially from 2 million to 8.5 million at last election. If they gone up more this time…..
    This is serious vote rigging and THEY are doing it in the UK!!
    The dirtiest election ever. The dodgy polls are setting up the excuse.
    The polls are balls – as i showed already.

    No prizes yet. They are rocking, double the effort and chaaaarggge – NO PASARAN!

    • Ken Kenn

      How is this ballot stuffing carried out?

      I have read a lot of stuff from Greg Palast 9used to be on Newsnight a lot in the olden days ) about ballot rigging in the US but that was about a Mr Lopez in New York being took off the voters list because a Mr Lopez already existed in San Fransisco.

      In the US the private sector run the who can vote show.

      i vote by postal ballot from France so surely they would have to alter my cross from Labour to the Tories if it was rigged?

      I don’t get how this can happen.

      By the way in the Scottish referendum I do remember one lad using his mobile to fiilm piles of electoral ballot papers outwith of the counting area.

      I remember it pretty well but nothing was said beyond that.

      I do agree that the PTB will stop Corbyn by any means.

      The BBC are managing Johnson.

      Simple as that for me.

      • Dungroanin

        They register people who don’t normally ever bother to vote and never will – mostly older – as postal voters.

        Then when they don’t return their ballot by post, they fabricate their postal vote with the desired vote and mix it in with real ones, which they also process and the whole lot are delivered into the poll count and added to the ones from the polling stations – voila!

        No audit trail – the same company that sends out the p.v’s, processes them and delivers them to the count!

        I want observers in their offices and a seperate count for the postal votes BEFORE they are added to the main count.

        I would also prefer these not able to go to the polling stations to have their ballots collected from their homes and delivered to the counting house under verified means.

        • Rhys Jaggar

          Obvious checks should be comparing postal votes with non-postal: the two lots should becounted separately to ensure fair play. Pretty damn obvious if postal votes are 20% different to non postal votes.

    • Bayard

      From the Guardian article: “Now, however, it appears that that commitment has been watered down. Earlier this month, days after Gove insisted that the Tories would “absolutely” hold an independent inquiry into Islamophobia before the end of the year, Johnson performed a U-turn. It would instead be a “general investigation into prejudice of all kinds”.”

      Well, you can see where that is heading. AS in the Labour Party anyone?

    • N_

      “Rope a dope with AS” 🙂 Love it! Is Warsi likely to flip?

      There’s the surfacing of the “Russian influence” report too.

      They tried to keep the DIT docs redacted.
      Boris sat on the ISC’s Russian influence report.
      Boris likes non-disclosure agreements.

      A suitable epithet will arise as he staggers.

  • Leonard Young

    It would be interesting to know the religious leanings of the different editors of Radio 4’s “World at One” and “PM at 5 pm”. The former’s entire hour long programme was filled to the rafters with anti semitic allegations, not a SINGLE ONE of which presented any actual evidence. Almost every single printed newspaper led with anti-semitism and Corbyn’s “refusal” to apologise. Yet again, NOT A SINGLE article discussed exactly what the substance of these allegations are. What is certain is that the vast majority of these articles originate from a tiny section of London (Finchley?) and comprise almost entirely of unsubstantiated , un-evidenced, accusations hatched by a tiny group of self-entitled, mainly Tory, pressure groups (AKA board of deputies) and self-entitled supporters of Israel foreign policy who simply object to any criticism of Israel.

    It is become abundantly obvious that both the press and social media commentators are now dead scared of confronting the manufactured nature of the vast majority of these allegations. They are simply too frightened to question these accusations and at least reasonably ask what exactly was said, or done.

    The media spent last week rubbishing Labour’s manifesto on housing, wealth distribution, the NHS and tax, painting any policy that is either fair or reasonable as “communist”. Not satisfied with that shallow excoriation, they have now turned (including the Guardian) to the tried and tested anti-semitic trope. They will try ANYTHING to trash Corbyn. But the fact is that none of Labour’s policies are any more “extreme” or unreasonable than Clement Attlee’s 1945-1951 government.

    I have no optimism regarding the large number of young voters who have recently registered. They and their parents were “Thatcherised”, and “Blairised” long ago. I agree with Craig about the interviews with apparently “independent” commentators, ALL of whom are actually staff members of RIGHT WING pressure groups, lobbyists and Think Tanks.

    During Yesterday’s appalling World At One on Radio 4, NOT ONE SINGLE person, journalist or Vox-pop member of the public spoke in favour of Labour’s manifesto. Every single comment was anti-Corbyn. Every single journalist invited on was a writer on a right wing newspaper of journal.

    • George McI

      Unsubstantiated frothing condemnation has been the hallmark of the “anti-Semitism” circus since the original “confrontation” between Ken Livingstone and John Mann, more precise: the carefully choreographed and filmed verbal mugging of the former by the latter. I first saw this whilst visiting my mother who doesn’t have an internet connection. I was subjected to the most vitriolic denunciations from Mann with no explanation. I could only understand the accusation when I got back home and accessed the internet.

      This combination of hyperbolic moral outrage with no specific content has been the format of all attacks since – right down to last night’s BBC 6 O’clock News. Two Rabbis blast off, Kuenssberg blasts off, concerned Jewish citizens blast off – and lots of stuff about a “precipice we are facing”, “a poison within our society” etc. It sounds as if they are referring to some kind of metaphysical Evil – a bogey man under the bed.

    • N_

      I have no optimism regarding the large number of young voters who have recently registered. They and their parents were ‘Thatcherised’, and ‘Blairised’ long ago.

      Some of them were still in nappies when Thatcher resigned.

      The Labour promise to abolish tuition fees hasn’t had its news cycle yet. It will get one.

    • Dungroanin

      The media also spent last week rumning the ‘dead cat’ handy andy panto – because the labour policies were grabbing the agenda.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      Thing is: Radio 4 is not listened to by anyone under 40 really.

      You cannot influence people who do not listen.

  • Tom74

    The advantage Corbyn has is that Labour is a vehicle for broad-based opposition to Johnson – from Remain-inclined centrists to left-wing Leavers. The Tories, on the other hand, must largely rely on a pool of voters who both support Brexit and support the Tories – and I wonder how large that proportion of the electorate is after the last couple of years of both being discredited.
    With political allegiances in such flux, the media in propaganda mode, millions of people registering to vote and likely widespread tactical voting, I’d be wary of reading much into the opinion polls. Voters should assume it will be a close election and choose wisely.

  • Ingwe

    Off topic but can anyone get onto Off-Giardian? I’m getting a message that the URL has changed. Unlikely. Just asking.

  • Jerry

    Corbyn banging on again about how anti-Semitic his party is – what a joke! And, no, Jews are not a race – my grandfather was a Jew, though later renounced his religion – he was white, a Caucasian! Is this really what we need from a political party – to be told that the number one priority in this country is protecting Israel from criticism? I’m certain this comment will get deleted, such is the insanity of this country today – pandering to foreign religions, foreign cultures while burying our own. Whose country? NOT OUR COUNTRY!

    • glenn_uk

      The term “Semite” actually includes Arabs, Ethiopians and so on. Not sure why any one particular creed got to have a monopoly on the term in recent times.

      • Bramble

        It refers to a language. Palestinians speak a Semitic language. But they are less than human, and must not be mentioned on pain of being called anti Semitic.

        • giyane

          Corbyn might have told O’Neil :
          It takes one to know one. Our detestation of Zionist islamophobia is totally correct..
          Corbyn is a wise old hand in this game of poker and knows when to stay silent.

      • Jerry

        glenn, I know the term includes Arabs, etc, but thanks for pointing that out in case others don’t know. As a corollary, a Semite might be a Jew, but not all Jews are Semites. I just can’t be bothered to explain this fact every time I have to deal with this issue. And, anyway, we all know what people mean by “anti-Semitic”. Some people refuse to say “America” because that’s a continent & includes more than the USA, but the term is too embedded in our language now to change.

        One MP, or someone, was called “anti-Semitic” for accusing someone else of being “part of Israel’s propaganda machine”. Chomsky rightly said that these accusations are an insult to the memory of those who died in the Holocaust. And, yes, there was also a Gypsy Holocaust! And, as for a people without a land – try the Kurds! 11,000 dead fighting ISIS and the U.S. gets all the credit.

        Finally, we never see orthodox Jews being interviewed because they’re against the existence of Israel, because they’re obeying their god (God kicked the Jews out of Canaan/Palestine and they’re not meant to be back there). Discovered that myself while waiting for someone in a hotel room – nothing to read, so I read the bible – was an eye-opener! There’s a great video on YouTube with Rabbi Weiss at a protest attacking Israel, saying this is NOT a religious conflict and saying that Zionism is a political movement, Godless in its essence: “watch?v=5uEK7zaMEBg” – “nkusa” “org” is their site.

        • glenn_uk

          Good points there Jerry. There was also the Armenian holocaust, but we don’t talk about that unless Turkey is _really_ out of favour at that moment. The Shoah, as the Israelis call it, was not considered a one-off, but an event – which ought to be visited upon the Palestinians, a concept that has actually been voiced in the Knesset.

          As you say, ultra-orthodox and Hasidic Jews oppose the very notion of a Jewish state. They are opposed to the actual notion of Zionism, yet get away with not being mentioned at all – because ignoring them completely makes the narrative much simpler. Criticising Israel’s destruction of Palestine, and their utterly racist apartheid state on the other hand, is clearly a form of bigotry of the worst sort.

          It would be laughable were it not so sinister, to the extent that anyone not enthusiastically supporting Zionist genocide becomes ipso facto anti-Semitism in itself. And therefore only far-right governments have any legitimacy, and we’ll give a nod and a wink to its own racism, as long as it supports (and sells weapons to!) Israel.

      • Alex Westlake

        The term originated in nineteenth century Germany where practically all the “semites” were Jewish

    • Dungroanin

      Jerry your blind panic made you miss out a word in your opening sentence.

      Panic, yes do, it’s over barr the counting (the votes).

      Friday the 13th unlucky for some…

      • Jerry

        Dungroanin, don’t know what you’re talking about – what word? The election is a farce, that’s all I’m saying – we have BoJo The Clown apologising for being Islamaphobic (Burkas looking like letter boxes comment) and Corbyn apologising for being anti-Semitic. An opinion on something is NOT racism or hatred towards another religion. Burkas are NOT even part of Islam. My opinion is that burkas are sexist and a form of segregation – how can women interact with others if a cloth has been draped over them? Here’s something we weren’t shown on TV: Syrian women burning their burkas after ISIS fled: watch?v=BdXi-HYpjxM

        I’ve no interest in politics as such. I’m non-partisan!

          • Jerry

            Dungroanin, yes, that’s what I said – Corbyn caves in to the Blairite faction of the Labour Party at every turn! He wrote a lovely letter to Tom Watson (posted on his twitter account), whilst shunning Chris Williamson, a left-wing ally – thrown under the bus of fake anti-Semitism charges:


            But, then, Corbyn has form. He said he would oppose the Snooper’s Charter, then allowed it to pass into law completely unopposed; he said he would oppose the bombing of Syria, then gave Labour MPs a free vote on bombing Syria, spouting crap about how they should “vote with their conscience” – knowing full-well what the result would be and that we were arming terrorists in a futile attempt to overthrow Assad:


            And after so many deaths of disabled & other vulnerable people, instead of going on the attack, one of his shadow DWP ministers said that the Tories were NOT doing enough to get the disabled back into work. Google “atos mirror suicide” and “calumslist” – the guy who set up calumslist is also now dead – murdered by the DWP (page 4 of the site).

            Over 200 Labour MPs either abstained on, or voted for, the “Welfare Reform Bill” that has led to so much suffering and death, including children being orphaned.

            I can’t vote Labour – it’s the exact same party it was under Blair.

            If Corbyn wanted to win this election he should have campaigned on “An Affordable Home For Everyone, So Everyone Can Make A Life For Themselves” – that covers the rich, the poor, everyone inbetween – including renters! – and would have even covered the nationalisation of various utilities.

          • giyane


            Corbyn is surfing the Tory wave and Johnson is surfing the neocon wave.

            I would like to vote for a leader who is making their own wave, not displaying their prowess at riding the distaste tsunamis of others..

            The Burka is a surfer on an atavistic patriarchal and virtually fascist version of Islam called Islamism.
            I don’t want that either.

            What we need is a political leader who addresses climate change instead of posing as Tarzan on a surf board that rides the destruction of our planet.

            With fracking making earthquakes, tuna fish full of mercury and English villages under water, one would’ve thought such a leader would not be so hard to find.

    • Alex Westlake

      Yes Jews are a racial group. Renouncing the religion didn’t save anyone from the cattle trains to Auschwitz

      • Jerry

        Alex, Jews are NOT a racial group – that was Hitler’s definition. On forms asking for your race, you never see “Jew”. My grandfather didn’t live in Germany during WW2 – it was much later and he lived in the UK (though his Jewish “roots” go back to Poland). I never even knew he was a Jew as a kid – again, that’s because Jews are NOT a race – how can a white European Jew belong to the same race as an Arab Jew? – he died when I was 8 or 9.

      • Mr Shigemitsu

        Jews are not a “racial” group; there are Jews from Spain, Jews from Poland, Jews from Iran, Jews from India, Jews from Denmark Jews from China, and Jews from Ethiopia.

        Although Jews don’t tend to proselytise, anyone can convert to Judiasm – how could that possibly happen if Jews were a “racial” group?

  • Mary

    Johnson was filmed leaving GCHQ Bude/Morwenstow today on his visit to Cornwall. Nary a peep about it from the MSM or from the news channels.

    It is another listening station (like RAF Croughton of Sacoolas infamy) monitoring all of our communications and conversations and is linked up to the US security services.

    There were reports about his visit to the hospital in Truro. Read here @ 16.15 what the Labour candidate had to say about conditions at the hospital and health services generally in Cornwall.

  • John Goss

    Taking the dogs for a walk last year I actually saw a youth crop the chain to the gate on the local common. I accosted him telling him I saw what he had done to which I got the response “I’ll kill yer dogs, so I will.” I might be paraphrasing. A few hours later the field was full of caravans.

    Another place where these travelling people used to congregate was the car-park at Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre. The leisure centre erected a gate with an overhead limiting crossbeam. The gate was locked at night. Within a week of this being erected all the windows (and they were large windows) to the swimming pool were smashed in. Of course there is nothing to suggest there is any connection between the two events.

    There are less and less places for travellers to rest these days. I have some sympathy but it is not total because I am not sure travelling folk do much to win public support. Measures being proposed by the Tories though are something out of Mein Kampf.

    We are losing civil liberties at a rate of knots. Vote against the Tories and for Labour (or use your vote wisely to get rid of the current government).

    • Bramble

      It’s human nature. The more hostility people encounter, the more hostile they get. It’s a never ending vicious circle which has been going on since the first nomad encountered the first settled community. Humans are not a nice, kind, forgiving species unless given encouragement to be so.

    • Mighty Drunken

      Travellers attract a lot of hate, some of it deserved, most probably not.
      Either way, to me it makes sense to fund designated sites for them to stay as that would be preferable then them hijacking the local common. Yet the people who hate travellers are the ones who don’t want to fund these site.
      I don’t understand.

      • Pyewacket

        Mighty. In my experience many local authorities are sympathetic to the lack of site provision issues, and some travellers have even acquired land to provide accommodation for traveller families. All to little avail, as local resident householders are more often than not up in arms at the prospect, and furiously lobby their local Councillor(s). The fear of proximity and perceived negative effects on property values is right up there, alongside Nuclear reactors and Waste Incineration plants.

  • N_

    Just because someone is from an area doesn’t mean they understand it well. This is especially so if they’re a Tory a*sehole who hates at least 80% of the population and would rather drink vomit than wait at a bus stop. Sometimes when abroad I have described Britain to foreigners and there have been other British people present whose jaws hit the floor when they hear what I’m saying. In Scotland I once met a retired Yorkshire couple who came from a village only a few miles away from a pit who took the attitude “Yurgh – pits!” They were proud of their ignorance of anything to do with pits despite being from a part from Yorkshire that was in large part defined by coalmining and in which the majority of families belonged to mining or ex-mining communities.

    So we come to Dominic Cummings. Can we picture him sauntering into Tory strategy meetings being “Mr Understands The Northern Mind”? The fact that he talks with a northern accent probably makes Home Counties Tories afraid of him and accepting of whatever he says about the wild incomprehensible lands of the North. He knows how to build a reputation for a nightclub, he knows how to get people to vote against a regional assembly that few really give a toss about one way or the other, and he keeps raving on about “OODA loops” and NASA in the 1960s, but what else does he know? What does he really know about the North? It seems to me that the supposedly cunning plot of using the Brexit Party to win the election for the Tories has gone the same way as the plan to use “The Independent Group for Change” for the same purpose. A similar point could be made about the Liberal Democrats too. They’ll be lucky if they clear 10%. In most of England apart from a few places such as Bath, Richmond and Brighton Pavilion this is Tories versus Labour.

    Let’s hear it for the North of England.

    • Dungroanin

      His departure from Bobo’s camp, probably muttering ‘soft southern cissy’s, if you want a job done you have to do it y’self wayaye, little fishies …’ , is that of a general who knows the enemy have broken through and he’s going to the front to attempt to rally a final ‘ditch’ victory!

      Expect a LOT of Cummings gobbing off and LauraKoftheCIA duetting along in the last two weeks – she is also going to do bobo’s interview instead of Brillo head Neil.

      He has already started Guardian has a report couple hours ago – he wants people to make their friends vote tory!
      Lol. A tory with friends who don’t already vote tory!!???

      They are in a PANIC, Mr Mainwaring!

  • Dave

    It was spun as unprecedented with no scrutiny, but the intervention reveals new heights of madness as in effect he was pitting the Jewish community against the British public who presumably are all “anti-Semitic” if they vote Labour and unsaid deserve what they get. How could a custodian do such a thing, unless under orders from the rogue state where war on humanity is the norm!

  • Peter

    Polls tightening?

    Most certainly – but how much credibility do they have anyways?.

    Two of the last three polls have given a Tory lead of seven points, that’s down from a 11-13 point lead a week ago:

    I’ve seen one analysis, not sure how credible, that views the Yougov poll as giving the Tories only a five point lead:

    Meanwhile election guru (ahem) Dominic Cummings has this to say:

    “You will see many polls in the coming days. Some will say Boris will win. Trust me, as someone who has worked on lots of campaigns, things are MUCH tighter than they seem and there is a very real possibility of a hung parliament.”

    And further to that he added that he had “looked very carefully at the numbers” and predicted Jeremy Corbyn could still become prime minister if the Brexit Party picks up votes in marginal seats. (Quotes courtesy of the Torygraph.)

    He might be odd but he’s not daft.

    • Laguerre

      “He might be odd but he’s not daft.”

      And he might not be telling the truth, rather seeking to influence Tory activists to work harder. His aim, like his master’s, is to win, for purely egotistical reasons.

  • Adrian Evitts

    BBC Radio 4 is shamelessly biassed. I hear Corbyn bashed relentlessly throughout the Today programme, whilst Tory policies are hardly scrutinised. Nick Robinson is completely unrestrained in his mauling of Labour interviewees and appears to relish his rottweiler technique. If the presenters’ political bias was reversed in favour of the left, there would soon be an overwhelming backlash that snuffed it out.

  • Avoidingallwork

    Does anyone know why the Chief Rabbi, as head of the registered charity the Chief Rabbinate Trust is allowed to make a political intervention and yet other charities are gagged by the lobbying act?

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    If the YouGov, MRP analysis was accurate and the LibDems got 13 measly seats, where would that leave the Europhile faction of the State Department?
    Many of the prominent snakes in the grass (Austin, Mann, Watson and Woodcock) have departed Labour. As long as Momentum remains strong, Stephen Kinnock, Rachel Reeves, Liz Kendall and co. must remain sleeper agents.
    So where does that leave the State Department and their $ millions? The BAP retain a strong presence in the media (particularly the BBC) but who do they propagandise for?

  • Peter Close

    New lead story on The Guardian website:

    No mention of any of the antisemitism allegations, which must surely be the most prominent feature of the ‘attack manuals’. Presumably that’s because The Guardian wants to present all of them as fatally undermining Corbyn, and any factual information about any of them would expose the lack of detail, the lack of evidence, and the depth of dishonesty.

    • N_

      The Guardian refers to the use of these smears “on the doorstep”. Nothing about their use on Faecebook, for example using all the voter information that got stolen from Labour in the big cyberhack.

      Strange, because big cyberhacks happened in Australia this year too, and Isaac Levido then won a “surprise” election campaign for the sitting government. Levido is now running the election campaign for the British Tories.

  • frankywiggles

    The Boris Broadcasting Corporation has exhibited further blatant bias and underhand behaviour with its “set” of Andrew Neill interviews. Falsely advertised as a series,, Johnson has been allowed to slip away uninterrogated.
    No doubt something less than coincidence too that a Chief Rabbi was wheeled out the day of Corbyn’s interview to rehearse his bogus smear against Corbyn, without a shred of evidence being demanded from ang journalist.
    The British Establishment patently has nothing to offer ordinary people so has resorted to straightforward deception and character assassination to try and cling onto power.

  • N_

    Tip for Labour on the “billionaire” issue: here is the visual aid that you need: Branko Milanovic’s “elephant graph”, which shows how wealth has accumulated over the past 20 years in the hands of the “ultra”-rich, or “ultra high net worth individuals”, or “billionaires” as they are also known.

  • Jo1964

    I’m hearing that MSM journalists and political figures were provided with a link to the leaked trade negotiation docs over a month ago via twitter @gregoratior, they appear to have sat on this info. Is there any truth to this?

  • Steve

    Beebie headline report today on labour’s strategy shift has a map showing a Scottish constituency voting over 60% leave in 2016. With lies of this magnitude going unchecked (no doubt another ‘mistake’!) this election is going to be the most rigged in my lifetime.

  • craig Post author

    I am in London and have learnt some things which are potentially going to have very serious implications for the election campaign. I do not want to explain further at the minute, but follow the whereabouts of Prince Charles.

      • pretzelattack

        only think a quick search turns up is prince charles apparently ready to take over the day to day duties of being the monarch, whatever those are, due to continuing repercussions from prince andrew’s interview on his relationship with epstein.

        • Vivian O'Blivion

          Nothing in the Official Diary ’till next week.
          Charles has had multiple public appearances with Ephriam Mirvis over the years, as I suppose he might given his roll. Charles is also buddies with Justin Welby and Welby (needlessly?) stepped up to support the erroneous claims of Mirvis. Putting two and two together and making five?

          • Mary

            A mutual admiration society. Mirvis writes:

            ‘We salute His Royal Highness for the numerous manifestations of his friendship, whether it be his patronage of World Jewish Relief or the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust; his work to commemorate the Kindertransport or the opening of a Jewish community centre in Krakow; his presence at the Israel 50 celebrations at St Johns Wood Synagogue and the Israel 70 celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall; his attendance at the funerals of Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres – these are but a few examples of the future Monarch’s sincere affection for our community.

            On the occasion of his 70th birthday, we drink a ‘l’chaim’ to a true friend and wish him many happy and healthy returns.’


          • George McI

            “the erroneous claims of Mirvis”

            The word you’re looking for is surely “fraudulent”

            And I wouldn’t say that Welby’s support was needless. It gave an intended signal that condemnation of Corbyn is “validated” by figures from other religions.

    • Crispa

      From my usually imperfect searching he was in the Solomon Islands on a trip finishing this last Monday pontificating on sustainability?

    • SA

      Of course Trump is also going to be here to celebrate NATO’s 70th.
      3 December 2019
      The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will accompany Her Majesty The Queen at a reception marking the 70th Anniversary of the NATO Alliance at Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA
      Then look at this:
      5 December 2019
      The Prince of Wales will host a reception to celebrate the Jewish Community of the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA.

    • Mary

      P Charles went straight to Sandringham to see his father after landing back from Africa.

      P William said to be on standby.


      • Peter

        And he had been expected to prioritise dealing firmly with Andrew.

        Could/are we about to see the disgusting and disgraceful behaviour of the Establishment meted out to Jeremy Corbyn turn in to something much worse?

        Jeez Craig, you sure know how to set minds racing and tongues wagging, I hope you’re not going to leave us in suspense for too long.

        • Peter

          How about this, an article from yesterday’s National Post of Canada stating that Charles will become King by 2021. The penultimate paragraph may be the relevant one in our current exchanges:

          “The revelations surrounding Andrew have even impacted campaigning for Britain’s parliamentary election, set for Dec. 12. In a televised debate last Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the monarchy was “beyond reproach,” but Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said there were questions to be answered. The debate included a question on whether the monarchy was “fit for purpose,” which is said to have alarmed the royals and led them to act on Andrew.”

          Is it Andrew, public opinion or Jeremy that has scared the horses at the palace?

  • Hatuey

    If Boris wins this election, it will be the most sinister result of any European election since the 1930s.

    This is a sexual predator that makes young girls whom he has slept with sign NDAs.

    This is a man that knowingly conspired in a leaked telephone call to have a journalist attacked and beat up. A journalist.

    There’s a trail of illegitimate children in his wake, not to mention used women (at least one of which seems to have been given about £800 thousand in taxpayer’s money).

    He lies constantly, most recently on selling the NHS but also when he closed down our democratically elected parliament, dragging the government and the queen through the mud with him. Thus, his status as a liar is officially recognised by the courts, on serious issues too.

    The honourable members of the media aren’t discussing that though. They’re discussing a baseless allegation that Corbyn is an antisemite. They demanded that he apologised personally for a crime he didn’t commit, and when he refused they said it was proof of guilt. And like Boris, the BBC has now been caught cheating — editing video to make this lying, criminal pig of a man seem more credible.

    Leaving all those creepy warped bastards aside, what sort of maniacs would vote for a man like that?

    • Republicofscotland

      If Johnson wins it won’t be because he’s a charismatic politician who cares for Joe Public, or even the the UK. No if he wins it will be down to the entire British media demonising his opponents whilst giving Johnson an easy time of it.

      Johnson would need to do something pretty nasty now (He’s probably done so in the past) for the media to turn on him, even then I very much doubt his indiscretion would get airtime, at this point in the GE.

      Big business owns the Tory party, they own the media, they have the funds to dupe the public into thinking Corbyn’s anti-Semitic, and that Sturgeon would pull his strings if Labour got into office.

      The Tories in Scotland have nothing but to repeat no to Scottish independence which is aired constantly by the Tory friendl media. Down South the Tory friendly focuses on demonising Corbyn.

      • Mighty Drunken

        Brexit gives a one time chance to radically change the law, especially on subjects that the EU legislate on like workers rights, product regulations and human rights.
        Gina Millar has an article which point to a part of the Conservative Manifesto, on page 48, the language is rather vague.

        “After Brexit we also need to look at the broader aspects of our constitution: the relationship between the Government, Parliament and the courts; the functioning of the Royal Prerogative; the role of the House of Lords; and access to justice for ordinary people…
        We will ensure that judicial review is available to protect the rights of the individuals against an overbearing state, while ensuring that it is not abused to conduct politics by another means or to create needless delays. ”

        Considering the problems the Conservatives have had with following the law, it looks like they will carve out exemptions for the Executive meaning they will have far more power without Parliament or the Judiciary getting in the way.

        There are other parts, but expect the usual where the security services get even more powers. the media gets less oversight (no more section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013) and those with power can ignore us squirts.

  • Sue Basker

    Apart from its lumping me in with everyone else old (define it) and assuming that that and/or lack of education (define it) impair judgment, I wholly agree with the description in this article the main factors making a mockery of democracy in this country. I’m truly frightened of what will happen, not only to us but to the world as a whole, if we can’t seize power from these oligarchs.

  • Dungroanin

    The revolution is NOT being televised.

    “The revolution WILL put you in the driver’s seat
    The revolution will not be televised ”

    We need our own version of Gill’s phrophecy now!


    “It could be that Mr. Corbyn manages to run the gauntlet and get elected. It’s possible. You should know, we won’t wait for him to do those things to begin to push back. We will do our level best. It’s too risky and too important and too hard once it’s already happened,”.


    Polls are balls …

    How many times does that need repeating?

    They are designed not to understand opinion but to form it.

    They are ADVERTISING.

    We are going to do the real poll in 14 days that is the ONLY poll that counts.


    4million new registrations – last time 2 million.

    Last time overall tory lead 800k – off the top off my head that makes an overall Labour lead of 1.2 million (min) if all new late registrations are Labour inspired and all the 2 million from last time had to register late again.

    If the 4 million are NEW – then overall Labour lead 3.2 million+.(max)

    Either way – Lab Majority.


    If you think its bonkers – why are Cummings and Vote Leave coordinators breaking election law by campaigning at this stage?

    Why is BBC and co breaking law and allowing them?

    Why is the mass media repeating the same illegally coordinated attack lines?

    Bannon is in the country interfering in the UK elections illegally. Farage is being primed.

    They are in blind panic and fighting dirtier and illegally by the hour – balls polls mean NOTHING – time to meet the fuckers in the streets!

    “they are betting against the sense of fairness and love of justice in the British electorate.”

    The REVOLUTION is NOT being televised.

    Mr Murray don’t hold back. (You never have)

    No pasaran!

    • Hatuey

      I’m sure you are trying to be positive and reassuring or something, Dun. I am too. But I am also duty-bound to say that the polls are much more often right than wrong and even when they have been wrong (mostly recently), they haven’t been far away.

      As Craig points out in this very article, the propaganda works. It’s hard to beat when it’s on the scale we are seeing. Most people don’t talk about politics on the level we do — their crude understanding of the world derives almost entirely from what the BBC and tabloids tell them.

      In Scotland, most of us are used to all this and understand it better. We should.

      I genuinely feel sorry for the left and progressives in England, and others who put more effort in when it comes to information sources and politics. But there’s a good chance they are heading for a day that’s as dark as the day we had in 2014, when we realised the propagandists and their lies had won.

      If Boris is PM on Friday the 13th with a majority, it will represent one of the darkest days in British politics ever.

    • N_

      According to US media reports, Pompeo made his remarks during a closed-door meeting with American Jewish leaders, where he was asked if Corbyn ‘is elected, would you be willing to work with us to take on action if life becomes very difficult for Jews in the UK?’

      If Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister, the Zionist lobby will push to increase immigration from Britain to Occupied Palestine. That’s not the only thing they will do, but it’s one of them.

      The idea that life could become “very difficult for Jews” in Britain after a Labour win is a total lie. Why not go the whole hog? Perhaps US special forces can open up corridors to Mildenhall from Stamford Hill and Canvey Island for an exodus on military transport planes to Palestine? Might as well take out Britain’s air defences beforehand just to make sure. What sh*t talk this is!

      Who were these “American Jewish leaders”, by the way? Were they CPMJO?

    • Deb O'Nair

      “Polls are balls… They are designed not to understand opinion but to form it. They are ADVERTISING.”

      But nine out of ten owners said that their cats preferred it – why would they lie?

  • Moosy

    I dont think I have witnessed this level of propaganda against a particular party or an individual anywhere in the West before. I am happy to be corrected.

    We have the state broadcaster, 90% of TV and print essentially working in tandem as the propaganda department of the Tory party.

    • AKAaka

      or worse. The Tory party may just be the useful idiot. If a Blairite were leader of the opposition this may not be necessary because it would be win win without damaging the illusion of democracy. Corbyn is a real threat to this whole racket, and I’m afraid with their ever strengthening power, advances in psyop technology and no one to stop them, we may never see the likes of Corbyn allowed so close again.

      It goes to show just how terrified and desperate they, but and that means we have a real chance here, otherwise why would they bother.

    • Republicofscotland

      “I dont think I have witnessed this level of propaganda against a particular party or an individual anywhere in the West before. I am happy to be corrected.”

      This is run of the mill stuff to folk in Scotland, pre the 2014 Scottish indyref the UK media machine and just about every politician not in the SNP not to mention business folk, foreign dignitaries and even a US president were wheeled out to condemn Scottish independence and Alex Salmond.

      The abuse Corbyn is receiving now is nothing compared to what Salmond received back then, and still is via the duplicitious set up that will see him go to court.

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