“The Palace… Threatened Us a Million Different Ways”. 316

This leaked off-air recording of ABC News anchor Amy Robach is much more revealing than anything the BBC is going to air about Andrew Saxe Coburg Gotha.

Buckingham Palace has been “threatening” journalists to bury the story for years – which is all very reminiscent of Jimmy Savile, who was of course, ahem, popular at the Palace. Robach also states they were scared of losing interview access to folically challenged William Saxe Coburg Gotha and his underweight wife. She does not explicitly state that was one of the “threats” Buckingham Palace employed, but it does follow directly as her next observation.

Amy Robach very probably realised this “unguarded” moment would get out to the public, and we should be grateful to her for lifting the lid on how the protection of the crimes of the powerful operates, on a global level. Alan Dershowitz, whom Robach mentions, was not only a Lolita Express passenger, he is the celebrity lawyer who defended the CIA‘s use of torture as legally and morally justified. One might speculate on the psychological parallels of torturing the defenceless and inflicting sex on the young.

There is overwhelming evidence that Virginia Roberts Giuffre was trafficked into the UK by Epstein for sex with Prince Andrew. There are flight logs. There is that compromising photo in Ghislaine Maxwell’s flat. Both are entirely consistent with, and strongly corroborate, Virginia’s own testimony. This instance occurred in the UK.

It ought to be a matter of deep national disgrace that neither Ghislaine Maxwell nor “Prince” Andrew has been questioned over by the Metropolitan Police over this sex trafficking. That Virginia was over 16 is not the issue. She was sex trafficked into the UK and not legally adult. Why is there not a massive media clamour for Scotland Yard to investigate?

Amy Robach has the answer to that question.

Hat Tip to projectveritas


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316 thoughts on ““The Palace… Threatened Us a Million Different Ways”.

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  • Courtenay Barnett

    Andrew: A question for you – or – just a couple.

    1. Can you offer any rational explanation as to how this teenager gets all the way across the Atlantic and finds herself in a photograph with you in close quarters?

    2. Is it at all likely that the demonstrated ability of the young lady to provide names and places with whom and of which you are familiar – just might, just might serve well to confirm her veracity?

    Your answer please.

    Answer: “Ah, I simply don’t recall her at all.”

    • Lowered Tone

      The more accurate answer, of course, would be “I have shagged so many and my mind is so addled, I truly haven’t a clue. You DO know they call me ‘Randy Andy. don’t you?” 🙁

    • Tony

      He must have a worse memory than Kurt Waldheim.

      And let us not forget George H.W. Bush who repeatedly claimed that he did not know where he was when President Kennedy was shot.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    Andrew: To court stenographer – after indicating inaccuracy in what should have been a verbatim record of his words.

    “I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever,”

  • Peter

    The video on Youtube has been quickly blocked for downloading although it’s still viewable.

    Most will probably have got there already, but here’s Fox News’ (yes, I know, sorry, but it’s well worth watching) follow-up to the story, which is still downloadable:


  • Old Mark

    At 59 Andrew SCG is far too young to play the doddery old boy/incipient dementia card, as played by Murdoch during Leveson; his ‘having no recollection’ schtick just doesn’t wash at all.

    Apart from collateral damage to the house of Windsor there is little sign that any of the wider questions around the timely and convenient ‘suicide’ of Epstein are being addressed and pursued- most notably the question ‘Where is Ghislaine Maxwell these days ?’ That might have to wait for the civil case Guiffre/Roberts is bringing; her lawyers must subpoena her to account for herself- assuming (perhaps a big ask) she is presently within US jurisdiction.

    • Cascadian

      “his ‘having no recollection’ schtick just doesn’t wash at all.”.

      Don’t be too sure about that, it worked for Oliver North with his “I have no clear recollection of that Sir.” at the Iran Contra hearings. So there is a precedent – but I have no idea if Olly ever knew Epstein.

  • J

    When people say “conspiracies don’t happen because we’d know about them, people would talk” consider the scale of the Epstein blackmail network and its predecessors outlined by Whitney Webb in her articles on the affair. Consider the list of visitors to his island, including two former Presidents and all the names in his address book, a who’s who of movers and shakers. Consider the friends of Ghislaine Maxwell and consider how long she and Epstein were in operation then consider the illuminating episode above.

    • Clark

      In other words conspiracies do happen, and we know that because it sometimes does get out, people do talk.

      The chances that something will get out can be expected to increase with the number of parties to the conspiracy, and time.

      What surprises me is the audacity of an operation like this one; that they thought they could keep it forever quiet implies immense hubris, massive overconfidence in their own power structures.

      • J

        “The chances that something will get out can be expected to increase with the number of parties to the conspiracy, and time.”

        As we know, most of this Iceberg remains below surface. There’s no media effort to enquire beyond vague mutterings of ‘paedophile network’ and most certainly no effort to enquire who was being blackmailed, for whom or why.

        “What surprises me is the audacity of an operation like this one; that they thought they could keep it forever quiet…”

        It’s a lot older than Epstein.

  • Dungroanin

    Timing is everything. Will ABC broadcast it? Is that why the beeb has been directed to do it now?

    ‘Newsnight sources said the interview was a result of six months of negotiations with the royal household, with an agreement that there would not be any advance vetting of the questions.
    The interview was conducted on Thursday at Buckingham Palace and the BBC has decided to broadcast a special edition of the show at 9pm on Saturday. It was conducted by the lead Newsnight presenter, Emily Maitlis, who promised it would be “no holds barred”.’

    Six months! During which they decided which ‘unvetted’ questions.

    Suddenly mid election to do the ‘every hold barred’ interview and broadcast as a special on Saturday evening!

    I’m sure it won’t divert from the Labour manifesto at all!

    I have just about had it with ignoring the DS Mockingbird operations in the msm – time to reveal all their narrative controlling works and wonks!

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      The Palace is shit at news management. Choosing THAT room for the Maitlis interview. It hardly speaks of contrition. “You pleb have been granted a Royal audience in the largest room we can find to make you feel and look small and subservient.” I’d want a packed lunch to visit the fireplace.

  • Eleanor

    I think I understand the implicit criticism but is it really necessary to mention Kate’s weight?!

    • glenn_uk

      Someone with such political clout and billions of dollars (with a B) might be able to arrange a conveniently dead body to be substituted with his own live one, a false identification to be made, and a disappearance arranged.

      After all, there are very powerful people with a lot of connections with an interest in keeping Epstein quiet, and not wanting to worry about some time-bomb revelation come out. Epstein was presumably not stupid, and would have taken some precautions against his untimely demise which would benefit others. These precautions might have involved some unwelcome information coming out after his death, were he not still around to actively prevent them.

    • Ian

      Yes, they do, unless you have some actual evidence otherwise, instead of some smartarse conspiracy.

        • pretzelattack

          cause shutting him for good is the cheapest, most convenient solution. this is one of the dumbest of the current conspiracy theories, imo.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Ian November 16, 2019 at 15:33
        You, of course, have ample ‘evidence’ Epstein is dead, in multiple MSM reports.

        • pretzelattack

          the coroner the family hired, who said he was likely murdered. “no man, no problem” makes a lot more sense than any other interpretation.

          • lysias

            That coroner said neither he nor anybody else had done a DNA test to confirm the identity of the corpse. Suspicious, no?

        • Ian

          I don’t have to have evidence, since the coroner has provided it. If you are making wild allegations, which I am not, it is incumbent on you to provide some basis for them. It isn’t my claim. No doubt Epstein is shacked up with Lord Lucan and planned 9/11, and you will say I don’t have evidence to the contrary, so it must be true.

          • lysias

            To judge by the Volker Rutscher mysteries I am now reading, all that is needed to identify a corpse is a statement by someone who knew the person the corpse is supposedly of. I think I remember reading that in Epstein’s case the identification was by Epstein’s brother.

            What reason do we have to believe the brother? Why wasn’t a DNA match done?

  • joel

    The Jeffrey Epstein story was buried with exceeding haste in the US following the “suicide”. Cable news networks that thrive on scandal and sensation have zero interest in pursuing even the madam much less any of Epstein’s high profile co-perpetrators.

    Doubtless this is because any further digging and questions would end access not just to the House of Windsor but also to the White House and the House of Clinton. It has also been suggested it would not be welcomed by the DC intel agencies. Clearly no faction of the US establishment stands to benefit from having the full, true story exposed. So it has been disappeared along with the man himself. Hopefully in time it will surface regardless and all the criminals get their due. But I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Reliably

    Not to downplay the sex trafficking and underage girl stuff but sometimes it seems to overshadow the other big issue with Epstein. Specifically, the money – where did it really come from and where did it really go?

    I can tell you first-hand that there was a time in the early 2000s – say, 2006 or so – that the name ‘Ghislaine Maxwell’ started popping up in certain circles. Specifically, the demimonde of cutting-edge technology and science. Ms Maxwell had glommed on to some people who organize ‘conferences’ in that world (it’s basically a lot of fundraising and grandstanding) and various soirées were organized because ‘Ghislaine Maxwell’s in town.’ Despite the earlier, well-publicized Epstein allegations, the people I knew were mostly unaware of who she was other than she had money.

    And just now I’m reminded of one other occasion on which her presence was noted. She showed up unannounced and unexpected in the company of another luminary in a place in which security was such that this was highly unusual, especially for someone with ties to one particular nation that I won’t mention here. Again, my knowledge of this is first-hand and I can say that the episode still causes some head-scratching when it’s brought up today.

    At the time, there was a definite pattern of cozying up to scientist/technologists and asking to tour their work sites and labs. Epstein, as we know, was doing this too. While Epstein’s activities involved giving money, I don’t know that Maxwell’s did. When the super-rich get private tours and special access to, say, world heritage sites or science installations, it’s an unspoken given that they will also make a donation to that group’s efforts. I wasn’t aware of that happening with Maxwell.

    At the time, it didn’t seem like Maxwell was doing this purely out of her own interests and volition. It looks even less that way now.

    • Ken Kenn

      Interesting stuff.

      I hear that Epstein ” got rich ” by old supposedly astute businessmen giving him money to invest as he saw fit.

      Why would astute businessmen do that?

      Reason: possible blackmail?

      Now he said she said won’t cut it in a blackmail deal.

      There needs to be evidence to blackmail with.

      The question for Amy et al is: Where’s the blackmailing evidence?

      Second question: Who’s got it?

      Third question: How to get it?

      • Rhys Jaggar

        Epstein had wired his island palace so all LolitaExpress travellers getting up to anything Lolitaesque would be on tape. His NYC mansion was the same, probably thesame down in Florida.

        Really the question is where all his tape footage got stored so even billionaires could not break in and wipe it. He needed seriously uncrackable servers if it was stored online.

        • J Galt

          The wonder is that the “old astute businessmen/blackmail victims didn’t have him waxed sooner!

    • wiggins

      My Girlfriend wants to know what happened to her pension….MGN before the fat Jewish fuck “suicided” himself.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Someone posted a link to a YouTube interview between a journalist and an ex-Florida Sheriff who did a Snowdon and fled to Moscow with the hard drive from Epstein’s video surveillance of his Florida mansion. The Moderator pulled the link. Off topic?

    [ Mod: It’s in the discussion forum: Epstein: MI6 afraid Russia has kompromat on Prince Andrew thanks to Mark Dougan. ]

    From the 10 minutes or so I watched, the ex-Sheriff appeared quite plausible. Nothing particularly lurid or sensationalist.

  • Ian

    I wonder who thought it was a good idea for Andrew to go on prime time tv with the Boris Johnstone style defence “I can’t remember”.
    If he really does care about child trafficking I expect some insight from him about how Epstein was able to get away with it, and what he proposes should be done about it, considering that he knows a lot about his inner circle. He could help the prosecution over Maxwell and other tawdry characters. Why do we not expect him to do that, but make it all about him, poor chap who ‘kicks himself every day’ for being caught out. If they really expect sympathy for this man with no known skills or competence they are far more deluded than even the Johnson set – although they are really one and the same.
    Robach mentions Virginia has photos and plenty evidence – I hope they see the light of day, rather than her and her evidence mysteriously disappearing. No doubt Black Cube are on the case.
    Dershowitz was on R4 this morning with a similar ridiculous excuse, that he had no idea what was going on, despite it now being undisputed that Epstein’s circle knew all about his proclivities, and it is obvious that you could not spend any time in his company without being aware of the coterie of young girls. He was quite open about it. It wound be poetic justice for Dersh to be arraigned for it, after the hounding he has given to hundreds of people his employers want smeared and silenced.

    • lysias

      Even more incredible, Andrew apparently said in the interview that he stayed in Epstein’s mansion because he thought it was the honorable thing to do.

        • Deb O'Nair

          A multi-millionaire arms salesmen stays at the mansion of a paedophile because it’s the right thing to do. What’s the problem?

    • Michael

      The thing for me with Andrew’s involvement is that because no British government would risk seriously damaging the monarchy then every British government becomes open to blackmail. Even Theresa May would have been and it’s quite obvious she wouldn’t have been personally involved.

      • lysias

        Maybe that helps to explain why the UK government, the BBC, and the rest of the Brit media have become so pro-Israel.

        I used to resort to the BBC to escape the pro-Israel bias of the U.S. media. No longer.

        • Mosaic

          Whitney Webb’s and others’ investigations turn up a very strong indications that Epstein was working for Mossad. Burying the Epstein story means burying the possibility of shining a bright light on this angle. The Zionists could easily be blackmailing everyone into keeping this whole thing under wraps—in fact, they could be blackmailing people into accusing Corbyn of antisemitism. Really there is no end to the possibilities if one accepts that blackmail and Mossad are elements of the Epstein plot.

        • Redsheepothefamily96

          So did I-mind you, at that time the broadcasts on t.v. were in black and white only!

      • Wermer

        I always suspected that May got the job through blackmail. Her previous post had been the Minister of the Home Office, which IIRC controls GCHQ. Get control of that, and then you are the spider in the center of the web. Javid got that job as well, and also suddenly became the indispensable man in Tory cabinets without really showing a lot of competence for the jobs.

        Its hard to imagine that May got the job based on political talent.

    • wiggins

      Are you having a larf? Have you ever read the history of these people? They control every corner of our World…..The Master Race…wiggins

  • Rhys Jaggar

    There will undoubtedly be ‘why just me?’ Attitudes amongst any ‘you can be outed’ Lolita Traveller. Not excusing what DOY appears to have done, but bonking a 17 year old in England was not criminal. Bonking a US minor trafficked out of US to a nation where bonking her is legal sounds less of a crime than doing the trafficking. Definitely wonder why Maxwell is less outable than a British Royal.

    US bonkers bonking underage meat in NYC sounds rather more convictable. Very difficult to argue you can be a Harvard Law Prof without knowing the legal age of consent and not confirming adult status of obviously U25 girls, what? Not to mention an ex President with a 30 year history of extramarital bonking going right back to hotels in Arkansas whilst Governor.

    ‘I am Killary Clinton. My husband has been known by me to be a practicing adulterer for decades. I ran for President in 2016 without checking the allegations as to whether my husband was a pedophile or not because quite frankly who cares about a bit of white trash when my core vote is very black? I came here to tell y’all that nuking Russia is far more important than my husband bonking minors so BACK KILLARY2020 and I will exonerate all you pedophile donors by Presidential pardon! Oh, and Joe, make sure all that Burisma money ends up in my campaign till…..’

    You know how the merry-go-round works…

    • Dungroanin

      “‘I am Killary …”

      Excellent raised a guffaw.

      Think the Alien Queen is nurturing her progeny to be the clean skin dynast.

    • Wermer

      I suspect the Epstein Operation could have procured a fake id showing the girls were just barely legal.

      And since Killary’s core vote was women convinced that electing the correct chromosomes was far more important that Global Nuclear War, I’d suspect Killary was just keeping the “hey girls, I married a total shit of a husband. I bet you can sympathize with that.” card in her back pocket as a backup plan.

      I’d say even Killary isn’t stupid enough to run again, but, then that doesn’t seem to be true in her old age. Since its the Clintons, I suspect they are just shaking down some money. But, there probably has to be a bit of looking at Joe Biden and thinking that as long as they can drag me out on stage I can do better than that. So, who knows? The “We-Want-Nuclear-War-And-We-Want-It-Now” wing of the Democrats still seems very strong, but there is at least resistance to that cause outside the Trump fascists. That’s a small improvement. Well there ain’t no time to wonder why, Whoopee! we’re all gonna die.

    • Mosaic

      Ha ha!
      I like your style.
      A couple of points:

      Of course Killary doesn’t give a s— about her hubby’s bonking.
      I wonder whether they actually ever bonked together (despite chelsea)? hard to imagine.
      But anyhow, on to my next point, which might be kind of a trivia point, but it is said that Epstein and Co actually preferred bonking at the back door of these girls/young women. I don’t recall hearing of any unwanted pregnancies, abortions, etc. but I am not a bonking wonk.

      • Dungroanin

        It was their way of avoiding HIV and other STD’s in their ignorant witch doctory belief system.

        The real story is not Handy Andy – it is the Israeli/US/SIS collection of ‘kompromat’ and dishing up ‘virgins’ as earthly rewards. This is not about covering up kiddy fiddling in the Church for example, or the never starting inquiry into care homes as literal nurseries for kiddy fiddlers.

        How else do they – the Pathocracy- promote and keep on track the psychopaths in politics/media/ non-exec directorships?

        I am suspicious of the accuser and accused and interviewer and broadcaster and the police who as VM have not interviewed Andy or Ghislaine on the TRAFFICKING charges.

        Why not?

  • DiggerUK

    “There is that compromising photo”
    Easily explained, it was photobombed by Thing T. Thing from the Addams family…_

  • Peter Charlton

    Peter Charlton
    24 mins ·
    I know this is a very unpleasant subject. I respect Craig Murray’s integrity and journalistic research skills. This information needs to be available to all who have inquiring minds to form their conclusions. Just because it is unpleasant and outside of our range of possible behavior we can’t reject it, without enquire. It is always possible it is deliberate disinformation designed for a specific purpose, perhaps to cover up something else; however, I would be extremely surprised if Craig Murray has not got his eyes wide open to this possibility. ( As an aside he must be a brave human being as he must be making very powerful enemies)

    • Wermer

      Often, where they wanted us to look is rather revealing in itself.

      The public attention seems to have settled on the Prince as the public scapegoat. He was not the only choice, as I’d imagine that Epstein’s blackmail files were full of interesting names. And who Epstein was sharing this information would also point to some other targets.

      There are two fronts of where out attention is being points. The public one points to the Prince. I suspect Bill Clinton was another name under discussion of who to sacrifice to the public outrage. But apparently it was decided that the Prince could be sacrificed and that he was in a position where he could just retire from public view and live a wealthy and comfortable lifestyle. It appears that they are at least trying to see if sacrificing the Prince can solve their problems.

      The other direction our attention appears to be directed is towards Israel. The internet is certainly full of off-mainstream articles and lots of commentary saying “Hey, look at Israel.”

      I suspect both are deliberate targets designed to draw our attention away from the many others who were connected to Epstein. Never looking where they want you to look is almost always useful advice.

      • Wermer

        I can also at least imagine that the Prince was more convince-able to “take one for the team”, while I can easily imagine the Clintons threatening to shriek “Russian Agent!” at any who publicize Bill’s role in all of this. 🙂

  • Paul Damascene

    One does wonder at Harvey Weinstein’s fall, after so much protection, the #metoo moment, which seems already to be winding down, and already lacks sufficient force to trouble the habitual MSM deference to power. Or to what may be a Mossad / CIA blackmail ring aimed at the most powerful men (I presume always men) in the West. Whitney Webb has a fascinating series at Mintpress along these lines.

    • lysias

      An operative hired by the Israeli investigative outfit Black Cube to spy on Weinstein’s victim/accusers is quoted in Ronan Farrow’s book as saying he was performing a mitvah because it helped Israel. No doubt the same rationale applied to protecting Epstein.

      • Wermer

        But only for so long as Epstein was valuable to Israel. People like Epstein tend to forget that this isn’t always a permanent arrangement.

        And the thing about Epstein was that he was connected to people much more powerful than a former President and a Prince. His financial deals were tied up with the big banks on Wall St. We know nothing about those relationships and how the power worked within, and of course the story is constantly steered away from that angle.

        But, there were people more powerful than a former President, a Prince, or even Israel that, would not have been happy about Epstein talking. We are talking about the real Masters of the World. It might have reached a point where even Israel’s protection would be nearly enough.

        • Wermer

          There’s a blog called WallStOnParade that did some fascinating pieces analyzing what could be seen of Epstein’s finances. Epstein also was financial advisor for a charity, which had to be more public in their records, and this blog found some interesting things in there.

          One thing that seems sure. Epstein had access to both money and information from big Wall St. banks that one would have to be very well connected and friendly to obtain.

          Just saying that if a Titan of Wall Street decided they preferred a silent Epstein, then I suspect Israel would just say “Yes, sir.” A small-ish, trade-dependent nation firmly embedded into Wall Street’s economic system would be a very easy target for a Titan of Wall Street who controls and influences many $Trillions. If Israel objected, then within a week several important trade deals all have unexpected financing issues. Israel of course would know this, and would follow the feudal customs of bowing to the more powerful Lord. If they were protecting Epstein, that would be withdrawn.

        • lysias

          You assume Epstein is dead.

          Wouldn’t those powerful people want to be able to assure those who work for them that they will be protected?

          Apparently, there was no DNA test performed on what was alleged to be Epstein’s corpse.

          • pretzelattack

            they can assure all they want, and then whack them. once he got arrested, all bets were off. just go with the simplest, most economical explanation instead of some mission impossible plotline. the extra plot frills don’t really add anything.

          • lysias

            To quote Rocco Lampone in Godfather II: “Difficult. Not impossible.”

            Ironically, Meyer Lansky, the model for Hyman Roth, went on to live a long life and to die a natural death. He was also able to see Godfather II, and complimented Lee Strasberg for his portrayal of Hyman Roth.

  • Mary

    What a stench there is emanating from Buck House but also that being deodorized by Ms Maitlis’s efforts from Portland Place.

    Alan Dershowitz, the Zionist supporter, not only defended the CIA in their torture programme, he caused the loss of Norman Finkelstein’s tenure at de Paul University.

    • JB

      Buck House, you say? Almost as bad as, if not worse than that emanating from Ed Buck’s house of horrors.

  • djm

    “I have no recollection of …………”

    Aren’t these the standard weasel words used by lawyers to prevent incrimination ? Back in the day, as used by Bill & Hiltery ??

  • Jane

    I notice there was a damage limitation interview with Prince Andrew in the Guardian today. He says he felt it was the honourable thing to do to go and stay with Epstein, even if in retrospect he realises it might not have been wise. The trouble is, he more or less said in so many words, he is just too honourable.

    • Redsheepothefamily96

      This is the family who, when the marriage- Charles and Dianna- was going per shaped, called in the paedophile Jimmy Saville to act as arbitrator.
      Now you seem surprised to learn that a facile BBC employee should interview Andrew, in a place of their choosing at a time of their convenience and broadcast through a medium wholly subservient to the ruling classes.

      Obfuscation, prevarication and outright lies is a given in the world in which they live, aided and abetted by a state broadcaster who is bound to uphold these time honoured virtues-at the expense of the majority whoe genuinely seek the truth.

  • michael genner

    I find it strange how having read a lot about this that nobody anywhere seems to have mentioned the Royal Family’s close connection with Saville before he died as well. What are the chances that two of the most brazen paedophiles on both sides of the Atlantic are so close to members of the Royal Family. It really does beg a lot of questions which unfortunately will never likely get answered. I can kind of understand some slimy politicians getting roped into the web but you would think the Royal Family would either be above it all or a bit more discreet or maybe Charles and Andrew really are just not very bright.

    • Wermer

      Well, as an American who’s always liked both English mystery and spy stories, the notion of the English upper class likely to spend time with children under 18 is not exactly shocking. Seems to be a rather recurring theme through English literature.

      On the other hand, its rather surprising that they don’t give them a class in all the resources at their disposal to satisfy their various desires, and probably that they aren’t assigned a permanent minder to arrange things, try to keep them out of trouble, then fix things when they can’t. Throw in British intelligence resources to investigate anyone who gets close to a Royal, and it seems really rather remarkable that this could happen at all.

      Yep, definitely Bad Schools. If you are going to send your young Royals to elite schools, at least make sure they know the basics of what they need to know. Your livelihood, and that of your children, depends on a PR role. Don’t screw it up. Especially when you can already get anything you want, but quietly.

    • Yr Hen Gof

      My late father in law served in the Royal Navy WW2, Atlantic and Arctic Convoy escort duty.
      Naval gossip had it that Uncle Louis was a ‘wrong un’.
      Were there links to Kincora?
      Very influential mentor to Charles wasn’t he?

      • CasualObserver

        Andrew Roberts in his book Eminent Churchillians also seems to suggest that Dicky was rather less than he presented himself as. Roberts tells us that his moniker amongst Naval officers was Master Disaster.

  • zoot

    disappointing the great man felt compelled to decisively clear his name in this manner. the allegations were dismissed long ago by buckingham palace. that should have been the end of the matter. but glad he has now ended it once and for all.

    • Republicofscotland

      “great man felt compelled to decisively clear his name in this manner. ”

      Ehh…Surely you’re not referring to Prince Andrew, who was a business ambassador for the UK, charged with bringing business to the UK, but instead he and his ex-wife rented Randy Andy out to feather their own nests.

  • Mary

    The more I see of the excerpts of the interview, the more the word ‘blaggard’ comes to mind to describe the second son of the monarchy.

    This hastens the demise of the Mountbatten Windsor dynasty. Shut it all down, the multiple palaces, the riches within and the fawning hangers on.

    • Wermer

      Well, I’d keep the Palaces as tourist traps, especially for gullible Americans who don’t know their own history and thus who fawn over anything Royal

      • Republicofscotland

        British and American business interests helped overthrow and remove last queen of Hawaii before the US annexed it.

        “Well, I’d keep the Palaces as tourist traps, ”

        The Queen has over 700 rooms in the palace, she and her gold piano were on standby for awhile there, ready to be whisked away to safety if Brexit led to the commoners rioting.

    • wonky

      Stuff ’em into a copter and drop ’em somewhere south of Mogadishu. Oh wait.. too much CIA/MI6 in those dusty corners.
      How about the North Pole this coming winter, then.

  • Alyson

    There is an agenda, I suspect, to shut down the monarchy before Charles starts sending ‘black spider letters’ to Parliament. The Queen always respected Parliamentary sovereignty and observed a ceremonial role, largely with the Commonwealth. A monarch who talks to plants, pays tax voluntarily and hugs hoodies via the Princes Trust is not going to back tax avoiding billionaires over a Jeremy Corbyn led government. As for the endless loop being played of Boris laying a wreath in 2016, if you watched it live you might have observed that Boris was thumbing his nose at the Queen, by being dishevelled and laying his wreath upside down. The proroguing coup would not have been well received, and Prince Philip’s absence may have been to protect him from apoplexy. Corbyn was of course every inch the Prime Minister in waiting, calm, dignified and respectful of the fallen soldiers from two world wars and more recent ones too.

    • Dungroanin


      Come on – the ‘Crown’ does not now or ever done ANYTHING voluntarily. The King/Queen makes NO decision by their very own selfon behalf of the Crown – it did not let fascist loving Edward marry his mistress as it dodn’t let Betty keep her yacht.

      The Queen and no doubt her family, and all their aristo cousins happily took their estates and trust funds OFF-SHORE in schemes devised by Her Majesty’s Government to DEPRIVE HMG of legitimate taxes.

      The death of HMQ will bring to an end the ancient blinkers once and for all. The death of the Queen Mother already reduced many of the loons who would plaster their homes with her likenesses and bought any book or mag which featured her.

      Mugs! There is no need for a genetically diminished pool of humans to keep the planet under their personal control for the next 500 years as they dod fot the last millenia. If Humanity is to evolve.

  • King of Welsh Noir

    ‘The Palace…threatened us in a million different ways. We were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will that we…that also quashed the story.’

    Huh?! They had a story about elite paedophilia and trafficking that it was their moral duty to publish and they didn’t run it because it meant they wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will?

    Am I alone or does anyone else have a problem with that?

    • Wermer

      Welcome to the News business in the age of Capitalism and a poorly educated society.

      There was once a time, back before Reagan and Thatcher, that news organizations had an ethic about going after the news and the business side of the operation didn’t tell them what to do. That was long ago. Now its all about money. Which is capitalism. Do you really doubt that the Royal Interview would have draw higher ratings on that night than this story? Those higher ratings mean higher rates to the advertisers, which means more money for the business. When you create a world where money rules, money is the highest value. When you create a news business which has no journalism ethics but which only chases the money, then this is what you get. Budgets would matter even at the BBC, and certainly ratings. This flows directly from the core values of the society.

      Those who don’t like it need to insist that other things besides money matter, and that schools have all the money they need and the Air Force needs to hold a Bake Sale to buy a new bomber. And thus my salute to Amb. Murray for standing up and saying that rights and human beings matter.

      • Yr Hen Gof

        During the 1926 General Strike the BBC refused trade union leaders and Labour politicians the opportunity to debate their case on the radio.
        I understand that initially Lord Reith stood up to Churchill but backed down when he was threatened with the government taking full control of the BBC. Rather like they have today.
        More recently when MI5 lost interest in vetting BBC staff, the BBC insisted they continue.

        It’s simply impossible to believe that Savile’s activities weren’t known, quite impossible. What still outrages me is that knowing his criminal behaviour, his continued presence at Chequers’ and the palace passed without concern.
        Positively medieval in their staggering arrogance and contempt for the people and our sensibilities.

        • Mosaic

          Well, we all know about hazing and caning and other “dominatrix” type activities of raw power and/or humiliation and degradation that young boys are subjected to in all of Britain’s public schools. “What’s that all about,” one might ask?
          It wouldn’t be all surprising if the boy grew up kinky.
          It does surprise me that the Brits put up with the extraordinary expenditure of the royal family.
          It would not surprise me if the transition from Elizabeth to Charles turns out to be a flop.
          Queen Camilla? Kind of ruins the “magic.”

          • JB

            “What’s that all about,” one might ask?

            It’s all a load of jolly japes, high jinks, and a bloody lark is what it is, old chap.

    • Rose

      KOWN – Well I for one do. A news outfit that succumbs to threats about access to a pair of pointless holes in the air at the expense of shedding light on some dark corners of the world we all inhabit is beneath contempt.

  • Werner

    Dershowitz is interesting because to me he’s a character who has moved from being on the left politically to now being on the right. Ok, its not the first time, its not a new trail. Its long been a path for leftists who were willing to abandon their principles and value to cash in. But, now, one has to wonder how much of a role did blackmail play in that conversion? Did someone go to Dershowitz and give him a choice of either being exposed as being with girls who weren’t 18, or become one of those supposedly effective voices for the right and for the power of big money from a former leftist who has now seen the light? Prison or wealth, Mr. Dershowitz? Its your choice.

    • Mosaic

      I think this is unlikely.
      Actually, most supposed “leftists” are acting more like neocons these days.

  • Republicofscotland

    I’ve been saying for years the cosseted Royals are nothing more than a millstone around the necks of ordinary folk. Theyre a bunch of self-serving debauch state scroungers who never have to face the music because they’re protected.

    • Yr Hen Gof

      Absolutely agree.
      The queen’s sole priority is to protect the family firm and ensure its perpetuity.
      The monarchy sits at the base of an inverted pyramid, supporting and endorsing all the wealth, titles and entitlement; take the monarchy away and the remainder might not collapse but it will feel threatened and less able to defend itself.
      The time Britain moved out of the 16th Century is long overdue.
      Sadly, I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see it, I hope my grandchildren will.

  • Hatuey

    There’s a gaping problem with the story. If Epstein was the blackmailer that they’re suggesting he was, and he had all this stuff on the rich and famous, what happened to that stuff? There’s no way someone managing this sort of scam would do so without insurance. So where is the insurance?

    In other words, where is the stuff he held in reserve as a counter-threat to anyone thinking of popping him off? Surely he’d have a system that activates in his absence so that killing him off would trigger its release…

    The thing that stinks most about the interview with Andrew is the timing. Why now? Is there something coming down the pipe?

    • SA

      What if Epstein is not actually dead?
      What if the compromising material has been secured?
      What if Epstein is a cog?

    • Cascadian

      You could say the same about Assange – my own suspicion is that Assange’s dead man’s switch was that guy, Arjen Kamphuis, who went missing in Norway.

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