“The Palace… Threatened Us a Million Different Ways”. 316

This leaked off-air recording of ABC News anchor Amy Robach is much more revealing than anything the BBC is going to air about Andrew Saxe Coburg Gotha.

Buckingham Palace has been “threatening” journalists to bury the story for years – which is all very reminiscent of Jimmy Savile, who was of course, ahem, popular at the Palace. Robach also states they were scared of losing interview access to folically challenged William Saxe Coburg Gotha and his underweight wife. She does not explicitly state that was one of the “threats” Buckingham Palace employed, but it does follow directly as her next observation.

Amy Robach very probably realised this “unguarded” moment would get out to the public, and we should be grateful to her for lifting the lid on how the protection of the crimes of the powerful operates, on a global level. Alan Dershowitz, whom Robach mentions, was not only a Lolita Express passenger, he is the celebrity lawyer who defended the CIA‘s use of torture as legally and morally justified. One might speculate on the psychological parallels of torturing the defenceless and inflicting sex on the young.

There is overwhelming evidence that Virginia Roberts Giuffre was trafficked into the UK by Epstein for sex with Prince Andrew. There are flight logs. There is that compromising photo in Ghislaine Maxwell’s flat. Both are entirely consistent with, and strongly corroborate, Virginia’s own testimony. This instance occurred in the UK.

It ought to be a matter of deep national disgrace that neither Ghislaine Maxwell nor “Prince” Andrew has been questioned over by the Metropolitan Police over this sex trafficking. That Virginia was over 16 is not the issue. She was sex trafficked into the UK and not legally adult. Why is there not a massive media clamour for Scotland Yard to investigate?

Amy Robach has the answer to that question.

Hat Tip to projectveritas


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316 thoughts on ““The Palace… Threatened Us a Million Different Ways”.

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    • Ingwe

      And tonight, on ITV, Ms Arcuri dishes the truth about her and Boris. So repellant is he, that I can fully understand, her reluctance to admit to such a display of bad taste.

      • Los

        What happens when #BorisBoy runs out of Royals to throw under a Bus to distract us from his continuing behaviorable problems?

        • giyane


          Obviously he will throw Dominic Cummings under the bus.
          If Sooty can physically remove the hand of his ventriloquist from his woolly clothes and pick him up and throw him .

          Obviously in co-dependent relationships the needy one, i.e. the perv needs the grooming one i.e. the pimp and vice versa in equal measures.
          No good being an evil alt- right mendacious pimping paedophile unless you have a nice soft cuddly furry Sooty like Boris to convey your message from.

          Similarly Andy Pandy was being used and abused by Epstein quite as much as he was being used and abused by Her Royal Highness his mum.

          The church of England and the British monarchy are rotten to the core. God did not delegate His Omniscience and His Ownership of the Day of Judgement to Jesus pbuh nor to bishops of the church, nor to secular gangsters like kings and queens.

          As I have often repeated about criminal behaviour here:
          Laysa ba’ada kufri dhamb.
          They will not be caught for their peccadillos. They will be caught for their denial of the Sovereignty of Allah, which is the really impeachable crime in Islam.

  • Tatyana

    I’ve just watched 2 seasons of the Suits series, stopped at the moment where your current duchess of Sussex demonstrates her underwear and something under it and also her sexual art skills.
    I’m not so much a hypocrite, but for a member of the royal family this is too much, I think.
    In my environment it is believed that if a person is not too smart or not charismatic, then his/her last resort is to go naked and to demonstrate a sexual appeal. It is considered a low trick.

    • Dungroanin

      If Andrew had been allowed to carry on a relationship with his first love – the actress who also acted without clothes on – maybe he wouldn’t have turned into a complete money grubbing, teenage girl loving cripple.

      Same goes for his older brother who ought to have been allowed to marry his first love, first time round.

      As for the third son – he shouldn’t have been forced to marry at all…

      The only one who escaped much of the madness is their sister – but then again she didn’t get sent to the same school – Gordonstone – which is probably the nexus of many of our current afflictions.,.ahem.

  • Frank Waring

    Does your Hat Tip imply that you don’t accept Wikipedia’s characterization of Project Veritas?

  • Nastarana

    For me, an American, the British Royal Family is none of my business. Ms. Maxwell, OTOH, is very much my business. Those girls whom she (allegedly) recruited could have been my daughters. Would I have been smart enough to see through the socialite who was taking an interest in my kid? I would like to think so, but possibly not.

    I want to see La Maxwell indicted. Let her prove her innocence in court. The entire male membership of our legal system has apparently gone Aw, gee, give the kid a break over this socialite who so far as I know has never worked a day in her life. The present administration is supposed to be for the common person, against those entitled leftist snobs, right? So prove it. Indict Maxwell and issue a warrant for her arrest.

    • bevin

      ” Let her prove her innocence in court. ‘
      That is not the way it works. First you have to produce evidence that she has committed a crime.. ..maybe you have got the legal system mixed up with lynching.

      • Nastarana

        She has been accused of more than one serious offense, including sex with a minor, by more than one alleged victim. Procuring. Accessory to rape and to human trafficking. You have apparently determined that her accusers can’t be believed because why? It is a “lynching” if she has to appear in court and answer those accusations?

    • Dungroanin

      Mueller of the FBI and his cohorts and DoJ and CIA and the mossad controllers of US politicians said NO.

      The Miami Herald and its Lawyers that got Epstein arrested have all the police investigators facts and how they were and are continued to be stymied.

      It is just another facet of the psychotic Pathocracy that is unravelling faster daily as theit ancient imperial lust fails to hold the empire.

      The US courts and lawyers and non state investigators seem to be the only place where justice can’t be canned – like in the UK.

      Its not just Maxwell, there are all the other facilitators and servants who ought to be persued.

      • Silvertongue

        Prince Andrew traverses the world with at least one of the Metropolitan Police’s Royal Protection Officers. There’s your servant and a police officer to boot.

  • Mist001

    There are TWO women connecting Andrew and Epstein:

    Ghislaine Maxwell AND Sarah Ferguson. We know a little about the first ones activities but absolutely zero about the second. I know she supposedly borrowed money from Epstein at one point but no questions are being asked beyond that. I bet she could tell a tale or two.

    As for Andrew and his interview, I think he’s got away with it. He’s played dumb and came across as slightly ashamed and having seen how the ‘great British public’ seems to behave now, I think the attitude will very much be ‘Oh well, he’s done wrong, he knows he’s done wrong, but everyone deserves a second chance’.

    And off he skips.

  • Ian G Blackwell

    Very interesting tonight that Andrew Windsor mentioned his friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell on more than one occasion and meeting Epstein through her and also seeing her earlier this year. But Emily Maitlis never once brought up the allegations of procurement against Maxwell or pursued any line as to whether he was still friends with her.

    • Redsheepothefamily96

      When you have someone like Emily Maitlis conducting the “interview” it is establishment questioning establishment and put out at a time to distract from actual news. A non event plain and simple I am surprised that anybody who uses this blog even bothered to waste their time watching such scurrilous scripted and rehearsed drivel.

      • Michael

        I don’t watch any news or current affairs programmes on the lying BBC. Others do and I can read their opinions of them.

        • Goodwin

          Do you ever have sex with your wife or do you just rely on others to do it for you and you just read their opinions? I would suggest you try doing it for yourself …

      • Glasshopper

        I agree It’s odd that people who read this blog have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than watch Andrew and Emily engaging in celebrity tittle tattle.

    • Old Mark

      Maitlis never once brought up the allegations of procurement against Maxwell or pursued any line as to whether he was still friends with her.

      Precisely- and if the Prince’s line is that ‘I never met her’ then surely the 3rd person in the notorious photograph must be located and asked, preferably on oath, whether that is really the case..or whether the Prince is throwing out brazen untruths.

  • Mary

    Ref the explanation from the DoY that he doesn’t sweat. I note he managed to get the Falklands hero bit included. I thought that by the end he was looking decidedly clammy.

    Many questions were not asked of him that should have been answered. We have not heard the half of it so far.

    He is an arrogant bastard like his old man and lacking in charm. He even used his daughters as part of his defensive response, namely how he was with them on a particular date and time

    Has he done any deals with the dictator in Azerbaijan lately? Is he still an arms salesman for the UK?

      • Mary

        From an article in the Daily Star about the Pizza Express in Woking being bombarded with reviews.

        ‘In the wake of the interview, a number of Google reviews have appeared online for Pizza Express in Woking.

        Under the reviews for the popular pizza branch, one commenter wrote: “Love this place. I had a cracking pizza in here in 2001. I remember it was 2001 because it was very strange as the guy next to me had an American Hot pizza with extra chillies… not a drop of sweat came off him. Very odd.”

        Another wrote: “Excellent! I remember distinctly, visiting here on the 10th of March 2001. It was delicious and far preferable to drinking with attractive young women in a nightclub (which I don’t do).” ‘



    • Deb O'Nair

      “I thought that by the end he was looking decidedly clammy. ”

      That’s because his 20-year-old “I can’t sweat because I had too much adrenaline when being shot at in my helicopter during the Falklands war” condition turned out to be temporary and has cleared up since the sweaty dancing allegation.

  • Emily

    William Wallace has something he wants to get off his chest, ha ha!?:
    “Buckingham Palace has been “threatening” journalists to bury the story for years – which is all very reminiscent of Jimmy Savile, who was of course, ahem, popular at the Palace. Robach also states they were scared of losing interview access to folically challenged William Saxe Coburg Gotha…”

  • Ros Thorpe

    I’m at a loss to understand why Losing access to William and Kate Middleton who seem extremely full to me, would stop you printing something that would sell millions of copies.

    • Hatuey

      We can assume others were involved in making sure the story didn’t see the light of day. And we can guess there’s intelligence involvement in the background here, with a high probability that honey traps, coercion, and blackmail were the objectives.

    • Redsheepothefamily96

      The content that would sell millions is of interest to the masses and would/should name and shame the very people who dominate that which we are allowed to read. Hence whatever “William and Kate Middleton” might have that would titillate the fancy of a few easily impressed readers, the consequences of allowing the facts of this case to be known are far more damning to a monied minority-of which Andrew is undoubtedly one./

  • giyane

    Imho Queen Victoria was a matriarch and also our Queen. People brought up in patriarchal families where the woman’s prime function is to serve ‘dad’, will never be able to understand the domestic politics of those brought up under matriarch.

    Any family in which the woman’s role is to fend for herself, the women of tinlkers soldiers and sailors, or of slaves or of the Pilgrim Fathers etc will catastrophically disadvantage the male children.

    The abused will abuse in turn and then be held up as reasons justifying the matriarch.
    Craig imho was instilled with the silver spoon of patriarchy. The right to be James Bond. And the James bonds will never fail to misunderstand the persecuted egos of the sons of M atriarchs who constantly have to prove themselves worthy of the air they breathe.

    Prince Andrew or Charles in the eyes of patriarchs are intellectually stymied and would have made good plumbers or builders.
    Bond good; cat-stroking perverts bad.
    Bojo wielding a mop good; Joko trying to help the poor is a communist worm.

    Imho the Queen’ matriarchal politics are to yes threaten the media for exposing her socially and follically challenged male heirs to preserve the title, but to bypass two generations of male heirs and put her great grand daughter on the throne.

    So short and somewhat in jest, Back off you James Bonds and Me Too abusers.
    Britannia is a lady and Boadicca.
    Just mind the scythes on the wheels.

  • thewoodsbeyondthetrees

    PS : There are numerous sites with far more lurid descriptions of the interior of Epstein’s house – shudder.

  • Peter

    Andrew and Epstein – “… the most prolific paedophile this country (US) has ever known”; Royal Family and Savile – the most prolific paedophile this country (UK) has ever known; Charles and Bishop Ball; Mountbatten and Kincora; ???

    Haut de la Garenne, Elm Guest House, North Wales, Kincora ???

    Peters, Righton, Hayman and Morrison, ???

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, ???

    Smoke, fire, ???

    At the macro level our ruling classes think nothing of destroying whole countries (Iraq, Libya, Syria … ), incurring the deaths of hundreds of thousands. What might they be capable of at the micro/individual level?

    I can’t help thinking once again about Dennis Healey’s 1945 comment: “the upper classes in every country are selfish, depraved, dissolute and decadent.”

    In the film 8mm when private detective Nick Cage asks one of the perpetrators why his millionaire client commissioned a snuff movie to watch, his response is – “because he can”.


    • Mary

      Yes indeed. Incidentally what happened to the inquiry into child sexual abuse that T. May late of Downing Street instigated? Too much long grass that needs strimmng?

  • frankywiggles

    Still more evidence the upper class lie without compunction and are devoid of empathy. See also Boris Johnson.

  • SA

    To counter Victoria Roberts’s assertion that he was all sweaty during the encounter, Andy Windsor stated that he had a condition at the time which made him not able To sweat because of him being shot at during the Falkland war and the associated release of adrenaline caused this condition. This appears to be made up. Anhidrosis, the inability to sweat, is a condition with certain causes none of which is related to this. I wonder whether some prominent dermatologist may come out and confirm that this is a fake story.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      See also the witch trial from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “She turned me into a newt ………………. I got better.”

    • Borncynical

      Indeed. I read about anhidrosis as well and the nearest explanation I found was that some ‘nervous disorders’ can cause it, but it didn’t sound plausible to me in Prince Andrew’s case. Coming from the other angle, I also ‘googled’ ‘long-term medical effects of an adrenaline rush”…I’ve been through a number of medical websites covering this and found absolutely zilch about sweating, other than the observation that the initial adrenaline rush can cause excessive sweating. I do wonder how he supposedly discovered this affliction. Dare I ask what he might have been doing which led to him consciously thinking it was strange that he wasn’t sweating. To my knowledge he has certainly never been inclined to sporty activities like his siblings. It sounds to me like a made up story which it is assumed nobody in the press will bother to look into, a la “Novichok, the deadliest nerve agent”. Assuming it is made up, one has to give whoever thought of it a 10/10 mark for imagination and guile.

  • Ros Thorpe

    I watched the car crash interview and was stunned by the sense of entitlement. I earlier read an article in which a spokesperson justified his behaviour saying he doesn’t smoke or drink.

  • judithjns

    Imagine spending your entire life working for and protecting a family of child abusers. Some sick servile people exist in those palaces. Imagine perpetuating and validating the whole system by accepting a ”royal title” from these circuses of freaks. Bizarre. Repulse stuff.

    ‘Lord’ Falconer was quick to contact the police yesterday about voter fraud by the Torys offering peerages. The Met were even quicker opening an investigation. Where is ‘Lord’ Falconer of this trafficking and abuse of minors by the ‘prince’???

    Biggest joke of the whole shit show yesterday was ‘Pnonce’ Andrew stating he was at PizzaExpress. His mind was in overdrive with ”Don’t say Lolita Express, Don’t say Lolita Express, Don’t say Lolita Express, Don’t say Lolita Express”. A whole system of filth.

    • Mary

      Where is Lord Falconer who squelched the required legal inquest for Dr David Kelly by instituting the Hutton inquiry on behalf of his boss, one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

      Whitewash ensued. Dr Kelly lies in the sodden English earth. Many Iraqis lie dead in the bloodied sand of their country but the war criminals like Blair and Straw remain free.

  • Pyewacket

    Many ask where Ghislane Maxwell is now. My guess is she’s sharing a place with Yulia Skripal.

  • Hatuey

    I caught most of Marr’s Interview with Corbyn. The BBC seems to criticise all parties from a really cynical right wing standpoint, even the Tories. The impact of that on society at large and politics in general is to ratchet everything to the right. It’s profound.

    Everybody underestimates the role of the BBC in politics and propaganda. Even those who think they see it for what it is.

    • Republicofscotland

      There are serious allegations that senior Brexit party figures were offered bribes to stand down to allow Tory wins.

      The Metropolitan police are assessing the situation and Brexit party candidate and former Tory Anne Widdecombe said she’d swear on the Bible that she had been approached.

      We must be rid of Westminster and its potential corruption and known corruption and become a independent nation again.


      • Rhys Jaggar

        Trust me your nation has some extremely nasty pieces of work. I was issued with a verbal death threat by a Scot happy to countenance US gangsterism in the Caspian. I have known two self righteous Scots spying inside other peoples homes whilst living in England yet pronouncing SNP leanings.

        Nothing clean and moral about your nation mate….

  • Dumb Unicorn

    I was looking at the Pizza Express Wiki page out of curiosity as I hadn’t realised it was around in the UK as far back as 2001 (apparently it was). There are a few humorous edits from the last day and I was looking at the history to see if there were any others that had been removed. Weirdly though Philip Cross has been vetting the Pizza Express page, not today, but a month ago. Very prescient of him!

    • Dumb Unicorn

      I take it back about Philip Cross not editing Pizza Express today, he’s on it now, removing the humorous edits. He must be busy with all those pages to be vetted today – Prince Andrew, Tramp nightclub, Woking. Just making sure they’re all ‘correct’ and on message.

  • OnlyHalfALooney

    It’s important not to make this all about “the prince and the paedophile”. Is anybody actually surprised that Andrew Windsor/SCB is an arrogant lying self-centered piece of sh..? Or that ‘the Palace” has tried to keep a lid on the whole affair?

    The Epstein story is truly horrific. Epstein and Maxwell went so far as to ask Virgina Roberts Giuffre to have a baby for them. Epstein would impregnate Roberts but the baby would be Maxwell’s. I have no words for such depravity.

    A large part of the elite in the US and UK just let Epstein go about his business. Just like the UK elite allowed Saville to continue savagely raping children. Just like the Vatican allowed members of the clergy to just go on raping little boys. Just like Hollywood let Harvey Weinstein get away with rape and abuse for decades..

    It’s interesting to watch Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” again, knowing what we do about Epstein and his world.
    more thoughts about htis here: https://www.lawliberty.org/2019/10/04/eyes-wide-shut-and-the-moral-bankruptcy-of-the-american-elite/

    Every time we are sickened and shocked but we tell ourselves these things are “just exceptions”. We should be asking ourselves how we can change the system to prevent these serial rapists from getting away with their crimes for decades.

    For a bigger picture about the Epstein network, see Whitney Webb’s series on:

    Here is an interview with Ari Ben-Menashe in which he claims that Epstein and Maxwell worked for Israeli intelligence. He sounds plausible, but it is worth noting that he has a rather “colourful” past, including a brief connection with Paul le Roux. Not that this automatically disqualifies his story.

    And then there is the curious story of John Mark Dougan. Personally, I don’t know what to make of it.

    And all the time the powers that be are drugging Julian Assange and keeping him in a maximum security prison normally reserved for dangerous and violent criminals. Assange’s “crime”: revealing secrets the elite don’t want you and me to know.

    • Hatuey

      Good stuff, half loony, but what is it you find curious about Dougan and what is it you don’t get? His story seems pretty straightforward; a sort of modern day Serpico who won the trust of others and ended up involved in something bigger and darker than he expected. It happens.

    • Old Mod Jon

      I seem to recall that Wales is a right-wing anarchist anyway, in the vein of Ayn Rand, so the odds that he would vote Labour would have been pretty small. I suspect he is in the category of right-wingers who would misuse racism claims in order to further his political objectives.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Fascinating stuff. Again Craig Murray is on the case.

    Prince Andrew – what a complete and utter total moron. He is single handedly destroying The Royal Family, none of who’m I had that much respect for, except Princess Diana. How on earth, did she put up with such a horrible family for so long? Who made the decision to kill her?

    RIP The Royal Family.


  • Mary

    The Heil gets round to the story by quoting Piers Morgan. This was included in the piece – ‘Former diplomat Craig Murray, who was the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002 to 2004, was slightly less than diplomatic in his response to the royal’s interview, saying he suspected the only grain of truth it contained was the comment that Andrew never pays for drinks.’

    They show the Queen attending church this morning as if everything is normal within her family. Also that Gosling has left her £50m in his will for a new royal yacht. YCNMIU. I think he was a bit out of touch on the cost of new royal yachts.


    He got hold of bomb sites post WW11 and charged people to park their cars on them.

  • Old Mod Jon

    Looks like someone up-thread has already spotted that Project Veritas is a source that may be worth being wary of. A quick scan of their stories (and comments BTL) seems to indicate they are pushing right-wing talking points (anti-abortion and anti-environmentalism) under the guise of investigative reporting. While their free-speech rhetoric is laudable, their committed opposition to CNN and other mainstream media outlets may not realise that they are opposing people on their own side.

    • glenn_uk

      I would have mentioned in the first place that Project “Veritas” is extremely dubious as a source…. but perhaps not everyone follows US politics that closely.

      One of the first “scoops” was to get Acorn shut down. Acorn was concerned with the welfare of those living in very poor black neighbourhoods, and encouraged them to register to vote.

      A right-wing stooge called James O’ Keefe pretended to be a pimp, and strolled into an Acorn office to fit them up as enabling prostitutes and drug taking. Acorn called the authorities with O’ Keefe out of the picture, but that didn’t stop him lying and pretending this was what Acord was all about. Acorn has subsequently been shut down, because Republicans were delighted to go along with the ruse and deny them funding.

      • Herbie

        “I would have mentioned in the first place that Project “Veritas” is extremely dubious as a source…. but perhaps not everyone follows US politics that closely.”

        This is absolutely correct.

        US utube is crawling with those pretending to be one thing but in reality working to another game.

        They’re fake Conservatives, That has quite a history in the US.

        CNN and the rest are fake Leftists.

        I mean, is Trump for real.

  • Alyson

    Andy suggested that the photo might be doctored as his dress code would not put him in that location. Looking at the photo perhaps her outline does not put her at that location. He was thoroughly grilled though, and perhaps naively it seems, felt it was some kind of therapy for him. Is he really that dumb? Living always in the company of well vetted servants might blinker him to the purposes of those who surround him outside the protected Royal circle, but we are only shown that Andrew seemed to think that the constructive professional relationships which Epstein had facilitated, were appreciated, but had to be regrettably brought to an end, because he must uphold an untarnished brand, and he was aware that Epstein was a tarnished brand. Ghislaine however must be tarnished too.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    One reason I think Craig is right that she is likely deliberately to have recorded this for leaking is she says, “freakin'” instead of “fuckin'”. If she’d genuinely beleived she was not being recorded, she would have saud, “fuckin'”. You only say, “freakin'” if you think you’re speaking in the media in the public domain. She also is far too coherent and linear. When people are taliking to one another in normal life, they are not so linear. No matter. The fact is, it’s out! Good.

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