Scottish Independence is Within our Grasp if We Heed the Lesson of Toom Tabard 358

There will never again be a route to Scottish Independence deemed legal by Westminster. 2014 will never be repeated. The UK will never willingly give up a third of its land, most of its fisheries, most of its mineral resources, its most marketable beef, soft fruit and whisky, most of its renewable energy potential, a vital part of its military including its primary nuclear base, its best universities in a number of key fields including life sciences, its ready pool of intellectual and professional talent. Johnson is for once honest when he says keeping the Union together is his top priority. It is the top priority of the entire British establishment.

David Cameron only agreed to the 2014 referendum because he thought the result would humiliate and kill off Scottish nationalism. Support for Independence was at 28% in the polls at the time he agreed. Westminster had the most enormous and horrible shock when support for Independence grew to 45% during the campaign as many people for the first time in their lives heard the real arguments. The Whitehall panic of the last week of the 2014 referendum campaign is not something the British Establishment ever intend to repeat.

There is a charmingly naive argument put forward by some that, if support for Independence can be grown to 60% in the opinion polls, Johnson and Westminster will have to “grant” a referendum. This is the opposite of the truth. If support for Independence is at 60%, the very last thing that the Tories will do is agree a referendum they will lose. Their resistance will be massively hardened. Remember, the Tories could have zero Tory MPs in Scotland and still have a majority of 73 in Westminster. There is no political damage for Johnson in unpopularity in Scotland. In England, his anti-Scots stance is very popular with their Cummings core support base of knuckle-dragging, ill-educated racists.

The “intellectual justification” for this stance was trailed by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on the Marr programme this morning. Irrespective of the wishes of the majority in Scotland, the UK has a duty to stop Scottish Independence, to prevent anarchic secessionist forces being unleashed across Europe; he named Italy, France and Spain.

Westminster will never agree another referendum, and the more we look like winning it, the less they will agree to it.

Nor is there a route to a “legal” referendum through the courts. If a court rules that a consultative referendum is legal under the current Scotland Act (which it might well be), then the Tories will simply pass new legislation at Westminster to make it illegal. They have already done this at Westminster to overturn Scottish parliament decisions, and the UK Supreme Court have already made clear that the Sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament cannot be challenged.

Scotland can become independent, but becoming independent is, without doubt, going to be illegal in terms of UK law – which is to say Westminster law. There will not be a route to Independence agreed with Westminster.

If you believe in Scottish Independence, you believe that the Scottish nation are a “people” within the meaning of the UN Charter, and thus have an inalienable right of self-determination. That means that Westminster has no right, by legislation or by any other means, to prevent the Scottish people from exercising their self-determination.

I am sorry, but this is the fact: If you believe Scotland should only move to Independence in a Westminster-approved process, you do not really believe in Scottish Independence at all.

Which brings us to Nicola Sturgeon. Her much-trumpeted speech on the way forward following Brexit was disgraceful in explicitly stating that any referendum must be held with Westminster agreement, and that any referendum held without Westminster agreement could be “illegal”. She used the words “illegal” and “wildcat” to denigrate the idea of Scotland acting without Westminster permission.

Even the most loyal to Sturgeon of all major Independence bloggers, like James Kelly and Paul Kavanagh, could not support Sturgeon on this point.

What Sturgeon said amounts to an explicit acknowledgement of UK sovereignty over the Scottish people as both legitimate and immutable. She is accepting that the Act of Union did permanently alienate the right of self-determination. Sturgeon should heed the tale of Toom Tabard as to what respect English rulers show to Scottish leaders who accept their authority. Her speech reinforced my view that she really is much too comfortable in her role of colonial governor.

And yet…

When Sturgeon started talking about calling a Constitutional Convention I first scoffed thinking she was merely fulfilling my prediction that her “plan” would be to start yet another talking shop. But then I was astonished when she outlined the potential membership – the elected representatives of Scotland sitting together, constituting MSPs, MPs, (former) MEPs and council leaders.

I have explained at length over the last two years my proposal for a route to Independence that would lead to recognition by the international community. Donald Tusk today confirmed all I have been saying about the enormous sympathy there will be in the EU towards welcoming Scotland back, now the UK has switched status to third country state. [I knew Donald Tusk reasonably well when I was First Secretary of the British Embassy in Warsaw in the 1990s and he was an out of office politician the same age as me. I should like to think I had an effect!]

But the heart of what I was proposing is this, as I put it in December 2018

The Scottish Parliament should then convene a National Assembly of all nationally elected Scottish representatives – MSPs, MPs and MEPs. That National Assembly should declare Independence, appeal to other countries for recognition, reach agreements with the rump UK and organise a confirmatory plebiscite. That is legal, democratic and consistent with normal international practice.

Or as I put it again two weeks ago:

We should assemble all of Scotland’s MEP’s, MP’s and MSP’s in a National Assembly and declare Independence on the 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, thus emphasising the historical continuity of the Scottish state. The views and laws of London now being irrelevant, we should organise, as an Independent state, our referendum to confirm Independence, to be held in September 2020.

Please do read the articles linked if you have not already done so. They explain how Scotland can legitimately become an Independent nation without regard to UK domestic law.

Now, until Sturgeon’s speech, I had never seen anybody else but me put forward the proposal that the way forward is via an assembly of all MPs, MSPs and MEPs, giving the triple legitimacy of democratic election. Sturgeon has enhanced this by adding council leaders.

There is a huge difference between an assembly – or convention – of elected representatives, and an appointed one of the great and the good. This new assembly proposed by Sturgeon is very different indeed in that respect from the Convention of the same name that helped formulate devolution.

Now I do not think for one moment that Sturgeon has convened this Convention to declare Independence. But an assembly of Scotland’s MPs, MSPs, MEPs and council leaders will have a clear Independence majority numerically and a massive Independence majority intellectually. It will have an extremely strong claim to be a properly representative assembly whose members each have a democratic mandate. The French Revolution was of course similarly precipitated by constitutional innovation convening a National Assembly combining the different Estates, and that Assembly was swept along by fervour to take proto-revolutionary measures which went far beyond the initial positions of any of its members.

The dynamic of a new constitutional body whose members feel they command legitimacy, should not be underestimated. The convening of this body will be a real constitutional innovation. We need to make sure, that like that French National Assembly, they can clearly hear a huge mob outside their windows, demanding radical and speedy change.


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358 thoughts on “Scottish Independence is Within our Grasp if We Heed the Lesson of Toom Tabard

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  • Cubby

    As lying is in the DNA of the Britnats and Johnson is their great leader (liar). I suspect he will do a Trump and just describe what will be pretty much a no deal with the EU as the greatest ever bestest most wonderful trade deal ever in history and give it some made up name like – the great Britain deal. Slap a Union jack on it and the Britnat Brexiteers will go wild with delight.

    I can almost hear the cheers now – Boris Boris Boris

    • Republicofscotland

      Re your post on the previous page, in my opinion we’re beginning to see polls constantly showing independence above the 50% mark. The YouGov and Survation polls show that.

      People who weren’t sure about independence are now realising this prison, I mean union we’re chained to, is not for them. Johnson probably knows this through secret polls commissioned by his government, and that’s why he’s never going to go along with a second democratic indyref.

      He must keep on denying the Scottish people their right to democracy.

    • Tatyana

      “Two of my frieends have never met eachother. Before they spoke I told both of them that the other is a bit deaf. They shouted at each other for a few minutes before they realised that I’m an asshole”. (c) Reddit

  • 6033624

    I agree but worry that not having an overwhelming majority BEFORE doing this will make it’s legitimacy easy to knock. Westminster will say as much to anyone willing to recognise Scotland as an independent state. If it’s around 50% then an argument COULD reasonably be made and, as we know, the rules ARE different for first world countries. As in cases where third world country leaders are prosecuted for war crimes and first world leaders are not, cases where first world countries can ignore judgements made by international courts like that of Chagos Islands, for example.

    But we have run out of democracy, genuinely, now. Johnson’s refusal for IndyRef2 wasn’t based on the Edinburgh Act, it was based on the utterings of a political leader taken out of context during a campaign. VERY weak but when it’s the only side reported, it becomes the truth, which is the other side of the problem, Scotland does not have a free and fair press, it is controlled by those who are not only pro Westminster but are willing to print what they are handed, no journalism here at all folks! The National only preaches to the converted, we’d need already mainstream papers to come across – and that ain’t happening.

    Pro Indy parties have the majority at all levels I think now? Clearly there IS a mandate, our parliament has voted as such two (or is it three) times now. We ARE being pushed into UDI, I think the only question is WHEN not IF. It’s like we are being ‘dared’ to do it, but are they simply baiting a trap? And will the EU act in any way honourably in this respect, or is it just a negotiating tool to get a better deal? Would politicians act in such a way? Yes, of course they would, they WOULD allow us to believe we would be supported and then allow Johnson to know about this all to take it away as soon as they get the deal THEY want from Johnson for fishing rights etc.

    We are being pushed firmly into a corner, one where we would have to ‘come out fighting’ and doing things that would split the Yes Movement (which is very obviously the idea) It’s either a very clever or very stupid idea someone had. And, knowing what politicians are like I’d say it an idea that THEY think is clever but is actually stupid. Like any politically approved moves it thinks only in the short term and does not seek to answer the question for more than the length of the current term of office.

    As someone who was firmly against UDI, I am now being moved (against my will) towards it by the sheer arrogance of our ruling government in Westminster. Unless they give ground this WILL happen..

    • mogabee

      Oh dear N. Just exit the door marked “I don’t know what I’m talking about” asap please.

      I’m exhausted laughing at your comments but pretty sure you have more to give.

  • Philip Bowers Greenhorn

    When we had 56 out of 59 seats seates after the referendum then was the time to walk out when it was obvious that Westminster would ignore whatever we said. We should have said enough is enough and got the next train home and called for a Constitutional Convention. Sadly the worm was not for turning and it looks like it never will. Poor Scotland wuth no Wallace.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • William Habib Steele

    The SNP became by its actions over the past few years The North British Anti-Brexit Party. Even last week Alyn Smyth said that we must stop Brexit to save the UK. (Not a quote but the gist of what he said).

    The English Parliament of the UK has legislated that it is Sovereign. It does not say that it’s sovereign over the whole UK, including Scotland, but that seems to be what is intended. By now claiming that the permission of that Parliament or the English Government of the UK is the best way for Scotland to have a legal referendum, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP mandarins, are acceding to that claim. They are according the Westminster Parliament Sovereignty over the People of Scotland. In spite of citing The Claim of Right, by it’s practise of according Sovereignty to Westminster, it is denying the Sovereignty of the People of Scotland in Scotland. I think they should change the Name from The Scottish National Party to, not the North British Anti-Brexit Party because it’s too late to do that, but to The North British Westminster Sovereignty Party.

    I find myself wondering if the Scottish Government’s seeking a S30O it itself illegal. Under International Law the Westminster Government has no authority in the matter of Scottish independence. Even the Government of the UK says so.

    “5.5 Consistent with this general approach, international law has not treated the legality of
    the act of secession under the internal law of the predecessor State as determining the effect
    of that act on the international plane. In most cases of secession, of course, the predecessor
    States law will not have been complied with: that is true almost as a matter of definition.

    5.6 Nor is compliance with the law of the predecessor State a condition for the declaration
    of independence to be recognised by third States, if other conditions for recognition are
    fulfilled. The conditions do not include compliance with the internal legal requirements of
    the predecessor State. Otherwise the international legality of a secession would be
    predetermined by the very system of internal law called in question by the circumstances in
    which the secession is occurring.

    5.7 For the same reason, the constitutional authority of the seceding entity to proclaim
    independence within the predecessor State is not determinative as a matter of international
    law. In most if not all cases, provincial or regional authorities will lack the constitutional
    authority to secede. The act of secession is not thereby excluded. Moreover, representative
    institutions may legitimately act, and seek to reflect the views of their constituents, beyond
    the scope of already conferred power.” (Viz. REQUEST FOR AN ADVISORY OPINION OF THE

    So, are Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP mandarins actually breaking International Law and acting illegally by seeking their permission to hold a referendum?

    There may be good reasons not to have a referendum, but waiting for Westminster’s permission to have a referendum is not one of them.

    • Brianfujisan

      William Habib Steele

      Well, more food for thought… I need to read that again, but I think you have some fair points.

    • Hatuey

      I’m not sure you could argue that by not seceding anyone is breaking international law, but, looking at the inertia of the SNP under Sturgeon, nobody can justifiably rule out the possibility that they are in some way complicit and in an arrangement of sorts that effectively neutralises the Scottish independence movement.

      • Giyane


        Some descendants of the African Slave Trade have plied the rhetoric of ‘ complicity ‘ in order foment non-acceptance of their inherited history of genocide.
        Nobody likes being accused of complicity in something they were unable to control or resist.

        The rhetoric of complicity is one of Satan’s pathetic little plans . Of course the SNP are not luxuriating in the gravy train of English politics. They are politicians. And their critics are sniping st them from their keyboards.
        Ask Jeremy Corbyn what ot feels like when less than a third of the party you lead, listens.

        With friends like Lisa Nandy and Tom Watson , who needs enemies. The electorate will never accept a divided party. Write it out one thousand times before Assembly tomorrow morning.
        I will not divide my party on my own little pathetic ego trophy.
        I will not divide my party on my own little ego trip.
        I will not divide….

        • Hatuey

          It isn’t my party. If it fragments, it will not be on me. Criticism and the fear of division might propel them in the right direction though. The alternative to radical change, for the SNP and every other party, is steady decline, disillusionment, and abandonment.

          It’s funny though that I get told I’m harsh when it comes to the SNP leadership. I’m actually really holding back. There’s a responsibility though, to say things, criticise, agitate, etc. Isn’t that why most of us are here on this website?

    • N_

      The English Parliament of the UK has legislated that it is Sovereign.

      Do you think you retain any credibility when you write things like that?

      • mogabee

        Don’t you know that that is exactly what has happened? Also warned by Carwyn Jones, ex leader of Labour in Wales.

  • Cubby

    I think we need a modern Ragmans Roll (democracy deniers) to be published in Scotland. Stir up the Britnats a bit. The Britnats of course will not sign it but we can of course just print their names on it leave a space for their signatures and publish it.

    E.g. Alister Jack, Jackson Carlaw, Richard Leonard, David Mundell, Ruth Davidson

    I think you get the idea.

    • N_

      Why not wait until Alex Salmond gets locked up in Barlinnie and then burn English flags outside the prison?

      • pete

        What a sensible suggestion, I’ll just get my matches and English flags… hey, wait, and you the guy who thinks Extinction Rebellion is a Steinerist conspiracy, (Rudolph or George, I can’t remember which) Anyway, perhaps you could explain why, for Scotland, Westminster rule is better than Edinburgh rule.

      • Cubby


        I do not have a problem with the Flag of England. It fact it is a very nice and straightforward flag just like the Saltire. You see plenty of them on independence marches. Particularly being flown by English Scots for independence taking part in the marches.

        The Union flag is a different matter that is the flag of the British Empire that created misery around the world including Scotland. You also see a couple of dozen Union flags, not on the march but held by a couple of dozen thugs standing shouting obscenities as the march passes them by.

        In summary decent people flying the flag of England. Thugs flying the flag of a brutal empire – the British Empire.

        • Edward

          “How Slavery Made the Modern Scotland” – The Herald

          “I like to think I live in a modern Scotland that is open-minded, free-thinking, liberal, tolerant, warm and friendly. Scots are loved the world over, but less than five generations ago our ancestors helped create and sustain crimes against humanity on an industrial scale simply to get stinking rich. This is an uncomfortable truth, but hopefully we can now find the courage and dignity to say we are sorry.”

          • Cubby


            You post this without any comment. Why.

            I am well aware of this history so you certainly are not providing me with any further knowledge. Make a point or go away.

            The Herald is a Britnat paper and it certainly should say sorry for all it does is try to run down Scotland just like all the Britnat media.

            So I repeat if you have a point to make – have the courage to do so.

  • Brianfujisan

    I See ‘ The National ‘ have tomorrow’s front page with ” a new poll ” putting support for Independence at 52%..I wonder if that’s James Kelly’s Poll..

    Anyhoo… The Great Actor Brian Cox was great at facing off 4 English talking heads..Well said Brian –

    “People who talk about Scotland really don’t understand it”

    • Hatuey

      He did okay but I thought he could have been more sure-footed towards the bint that wrongly suggested Scotland would be unable to re-join the EU when there’s all sorts of evidence to suggest otherwise. The ferret did an independent fact check on that very issue recently and confirmed joining would be a cake walk.

      • Brianfujisan


        Yes… ‘ The Ferret ‘ are very good..I have been Subscribing to them for almost a year now.. Great Fact checking site.

  • Willie Morrison

    I want independence, but I fear the risk of any early campaign going off at half-cock. Please just give de-facto Prime Minister DoMekon Cummings and puppet BoJo a little more time to cock things up completely. I’m sorry for those who will suffer the consequences, but I’m sure they will, long before the end of this Westminster Parliament…..

    • Hatuey

      Willie, you assume, in other words, that support for independence will increase as Boris’s stock value falls and possibly that Brexit will lead to more misery and questioning of the Union. There’s no evidence that that will happen and there’s a case for saying the opposite will happen.

      People need to remember that we are up against the British state, not Boris or any party. And the British state will chop and change its arguments to suit, adapting to whatever circumstances prevail in the future.

      Now is the time.

  • Cubby

    New Panel base poll 52% yes to Scottish independence – the third in a row with a majority for yes. The same percentage as Brexit.

    Probably going to upset some Labour supporters and N – 35% of those who voted Labour in Dec 2019 will vote Yes, 11% don’t knows and the rest British Nationalists.

    Also a clear majority for the SNP in the 2021 Scot parliament elections.

    As Brexit progresses the majority for independence will only rise.

    So any Britnat stating there is no evidence of a majority for independence is just another lying Britnat – got that N.

    • Mist001

      “So any Britnat stating there is no evidence of a majority for independence is just another lying Britnat..”

      So, the Rev on Wings has been saying that for months and your view is that he’s ‘Britnat’ for doing so. No wonder the guy’s pissed off with clowns like you around. Wings has done more for the independence movement than the SNP itself has.

      • Cubby


        Be a good chap and just go away as you promised and stop posting lies. I never said Mr Campbell was a Britnat.

        I did say on many occasions that you were a Britnat and now I can confidently say you are a liar as well.

        It’s a pity when we left the EU it didn’t mean you were cut off from your bunker in France.

        • Loony

          What do you mean “we left the EU”? Surely the English left the EU and forced Scotland to join them in their ill fated voyage into a sea of darkness guided only by the star of xenophobia.

          If you really want independence then surely you can at least keep on message.

          • Cubby

            Hey loony tunes both statements are accurate. If you weren’t such a loony you would see that.

    • N_

      Yes, some polls in the past few days have shown a majority for independence. Funny how some of the Tory pollsters have switched from being colonial tophat-wearing Tory English jingoists to helpful admitters of the destiny-revealing truth of truths.

      Is any Scotnat who denies it a liar, or is it only English people“Britnats” who deny it that are?

      • cubby


        Anyone who denies it – and that includes Britnats,English Nats, Scotnats, Welsh Nats and Irish Nats. But it is Britnats like you who are the main offenders.

        Happy to clarify for you. Please do not repeat your previous lies on this matter.

  • Loony

    Yeah that must be the answer. So much more plausible than the claim by Tommy Robinson that UK prisons are a hotbed of radicalization.

    Naturally given that he has been such a regular inmate of UK prisons any testimony that he may have is obviously worthless – especially when compared to your closely argued case that British intelligence services are beaming nefarious instructions directly into the brains of local rubes.

    • Dave

      Armed police are only meant to be deployed following a call to MPS-Firearms reporting an armed person sighted. This has taken the form of armed police with machine guns being deployed, but on this occasion we are told the suspect was being followed by armed police with hand guns, who shot him dead 60 seconds after stealing a knife and stabbing people! Making the nonsense so obvious only an ‘enemy of the state’ would notice.

  • N_

    Laura Kuenssberg – Laura “I’m hearing that…” Kuenssberg! – boycotts a No.10 briefing because colleagues from other bourgeois media organs weren’t invited… Surely some mistake? Bwahaha! Nobody seems to have a clue what the government’s policy is on relations with the EU anyway. About all we know is that they” be pushing the “EU are trying to tell us what to do” line, sounding for all the world as if they’re the SNP.

    • OnlyHalfALooney

      Johnson’s policy towards the EU seems to be “fart in their general direction”. They’ll be throwing live goats and sheep over the big moat (i.e. Channel) next.

      It will be interesting when they get to the “Run away! Run away!” bit. Perhaps Johnson will turn out a bit like the Black Knight.

      But what exactly is their Holy Grail?

      In any case, all good entertainment when viewed from the European mainland.

    • Republicofscotland

      Yes that’s correct the Scottish media was shunned as well, of course las t year Johnson blocked the National newspaper from one of his press speeches, however no other reporters walked in solidarity with them.

      So I have no sympathy for the anti-Scottish unionist press this time around. Johnson is however taking a leaf out of Trumps book, who has on several occasions hindered or refused entry or questions from certain US media outlets. Most recently he had the entire media corralled at the back of the Whitehouse press conference room, so they couldn’t ask any questions before his preposterous Israel , Palestine two state solution plan was unveiled by him and Netanyahu.

  • N_

    The UK will never willingly give up a third of its land, most of its fisheries, most of its mineral resources, its most marketable beef, soft fruit and whisky, most of its renewable energy potential, a vital part of its military including its primary nuclear base, its best universities in a number of key fields including life sciences, its ready pool of intellectual and professional talent.

    Yes – and when we factor in England’s London’s Tory Westminster’s perennial jealousy of what deep down they know is Scottish superiority (most Oxford and Cambridge fellows can only dream of getting a job in Edinburgh, for example), it’s obvious that England will never recognise the full effect of the 14th century Declaration of Arbroath and that UDI without a vote (which would only be rigged by England London the Tories Westminster is dearly needed.

    • Republicofscotland

      “Yes – and when we factor in England’s London’s Tory Westminster’s perennial jealousy of what deep down they know is Scottish superiority”

      I think you’ll find that its English superiority that’s on show by denying democracy to Scotland.

  • Terence Wallis

    I was born in 1942 in Dorset. My experiences have show me that whenever Tory governments rule the roost the quality of life for the majority degrades. Take our roads as an example where each day I see new potholes not there the day before. Social services (and the NHS) follow suit .
    My fellow UKanians put up with it all because they are sheep. I support Scottish independence & wish England could do the same…..

  • Cubby

    A true example of racism is Johnson publishing text saying Scots are vermin who live in a ghetto, and they should be rounded up and placed in camps and exterminated.

    That’s your Britnat UK Prime Minister a man who continually spouts racist comments and is a proven liar

  • Cubby

    During the 2014 Scottish independence referendum Johann Lamont went on TV and boldly declared to all viewers watching that Scots cannot govern themselves it’s just not in their genes. It’s not in their makeup that Scots can govern themselves.

    Who made such racist comments about Scots? Who is Johann Lamont. Johann Lamont still sits in the Scottish parliament to this day as a British Labour in Scotland MSP. Johann Lamont was at the time she made such comments the LEADER of Scottish Labour, as they like to falsely describe themselves, and after resigning as leader went on to say she was in reality just a Scottish branch manager for the British Labour Party.

    Now when Lamont made these truly racist comments, herself Scottish, she was hoping to be elected at some point in the future to be First Minister of Scotland. Yes that’s right someone saying it’s not in Scots genes to be able to govern themselves but she wanted to govern Scotland as the First Minister of Scotlands devolved Parliament. The stupidity of her comments are almost as bad as the racism of her comments. Why would a Scot says such things if she is a Scot. Well no in her mind she is British – a British Nationalist.

    That’s sums up Labour in Scotland rank stupidity, racism and an allegiance to Westminster.

    Did anyone in Labour call out her disgraceful racist remarks – not a word.

    Now that’s racism N. – by a Labour Party leader no less. Most of the Labour MSPs in the Scottish parliament only gets a seat to this day because they are on the party list. A seat for life effectively. Not directly elected in a constituency.

    Anyone still wondering why Labour only have one MP in Scotland out of a possible total of 59.

  • Chic McGregor

    Anyone know who is behind the application for a new ‘Independent Scotland Party’ which is being registered at the Electoral Commission?

  • Republicofscotland

    I’m not a fan of the Matthew Wright radio show, but I was browsing radio channels when I came upon him discussing food standard that the US will impose upon us after a trade deal with Trump.

    Besides virtually no food regulations and meats/chicken washed in chlorine and injected with antibiotics, that we all know are now only partially effective due to over use. We have items such as peanut butter that are allowed to have seven segments of insects within the jars.

    Paprika, in which seven rat or rodent hairs are permitted. Wright went on to discuss UK farmers having to debase their products or for Westminster regulations to change to bring lower food standards into law for UK farmers to compete with US imports within the UK.

    It true what they say that you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone, and EU foods standards will be sorely missed very soon.

  • Cubby

    Britnat Brexiteers are not nationalist- it’s obviously only an accident that they have just created 27 extra borders in Europe for us in Scotland that we did not vote for.

  • Doug

    Johnson’s cowardly administration now banning some journalists from asking awkward questions. England’s Trump mini-me continues his arrogance and ignorance towards those who disagree with him. England is a world-wide laughing stock. Scotland must end the union with England.

  • Republicofscotland

    Looks like Bernie Sanders has been screwed out of his Iowa caucus victory speech, which sets the tone for Democrat nominees.

    No the Russians didn’t do it, not that they did it the first time around either. No it sounds to me as though Sander won Iowa, which sets the tone, and an app glitch has been blamed for the delay. Iowa is mostly made up of white, young liberal people, and in my opinion Sanders would’ve received a majority vote from them.

    The establishment in the US doesn’t want Bernie Sanders anywhere near the Whitehouse.

    • squirrel

      this does look very odd… they are planning to release ‘half’ the results? My guess too is that Bernie has won it convincingly and they are indeed trying to steal his thunder.

      • David

        the allegedly “winning” Dem is apparently former Naval Intelligence, obviously co-incidence, as is the other co-incidence that the amazing Iowa Dem voting app (cost $63K) was built by a company called SHADOW or is it (Obama linked) ACRONYM? (their internet home-pages are in flux, being changed) or is it GROUNDBASE (= Clinton 2016 linked digital team) Gerard Niemira & Krista Davis, now CEO of …..who cares…. transparency is old news.

        final co-incidence (according to L.A.Times) is that Iowa’s allegedly “winning” Dem invested $42K in Shadow/Acronym recently for “software development” and is one of their biggest investors.

        Go Bernie! (did he fund an App that doesn’t ‘quite’ get the right answer?)

  • michael norton

    Mr.Boris Johnson was reported to have told a fringe event at the Scottish Conservative conference in September that he did not want to see Ms. Nicola Sturgeon “anywhere near” the climate summit as it was the United Kingdom government that had brought it to Glasgow rather than the SNP.

    • Cubby

      Michael Norton

      No doubt the coward Johnson ( The PM who hid in a fridge) will sneak in via a back door.

      He may have thought the welcome he got in Edinburgh last year was unpleasant. He ain’t seen anything yet – the weegies will let him know how welcome he is in Glasgow. He won’t be rushing back.

      • David

        I was looking for the bit where she (Clare O’Neill) allegedly said,
        for those dealing with Boris Johnson, “get his promises in writing
        before believing them”…or was it Rachel J. who said that of her Bro?

        it does have this relevant section
        I am told by COP unit sources that budgets (which I do not see) are
        ballooning, the team and the Scottish government are in an
        extraordinary state of stand-off and that you are considering
        re-locating the event to an English location. I had asked if you would
        consider resetting your relationship with the First Minister – putting
        aside the devolution battle for the sake of this vastly more important
        agenda. I understand you declined in salty terms

        found it in the ES

        She told the R4 Toady show: ” My advice to anybody to whom Boris is
        making promises – whether its voters, world leaders, ministers,
        employees or indeed family members – is… ‘Get it in writing, get a
        lawyer to look at it and make sure the money is in the bank’.

        …..independence? get over it!

        • Cubby


          Not aware Johnson ever promised to deliver Scottish independence.

          He has indicated that he thinks Scots are vermin and need to be exterminated.

  • Cubby

    Year 2019

    Geoffrey Cox Tory MP, Attorney General

    “Every sovereign state has the right to withdraw from a treaty if that treaty is not anymore compatible with its interests”.

    Mark Francois Tory MP

    “This is the 21st century and you cannot hold a nation captive against their will”.

    Year 2020

    Boris Johnson and Alister Jackboot – you ain’t going anywhere Scotland you belong to us.

    So are Tories hypocrites or liars or both.

  • Doug

    “Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear she plans to attend the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow despite Tory leader Boris Johnson saying he doesn’t want Scotland’s First Minister at the event.

    The summit is expected to attract some 90,000 people, including around 200 world leaders, to Scotland when it is held between November 9 and 19.

    The SNP leader said she had attended three previous COPs, adding: “I fully intend to be in Glasgow, my home city, and to play my part in making it a success for Scotland, the UK and the world.”

    Good. Time tae get inaboot.

    • nevermind

      Its discusting to see the Government trying to interfere in COP26, immensely self satisfied with their control of press and narrative, riding on a rightwing public surf that belives the notion of ‘taking back control’ , so ghastly visible in a Norwich towerblock, they are glory hunters who do not care one iota about manmade climate change, they want to sun themselves bybeing seen to be in charge of this international conference.

      I would not be surprised if the Johnson Hitler coop in cabinet, he did support Eubgenics as well, was to move it to England by organising a public torch march or an immigrant hunt to underline their craving for attention.

  • Fwl

    Any Elliots, Grahams, Nixons or other descendants of border reivers here? If so how do you see future ops along a EU / Scottish border? Promising prospects for a revival of the old businesses?

  • Cubby

    PROPAGANDA BY OMISSION coming direct to every home in Scotland from Propaganda Quay in Glasgow

    BBC Reporting Scotland and STV News both chose to ignore the recent 52% Yes poll for independence in their early evening shows. The third poll in quick succession showing a majority for independence. When you consider all the items they did report on ( some pretty trivial stuff ) in what world do they think they should ignore these polls – the world of the British Nationalists of course.

    They can hardly broadcast these polls and at the same time host Britnat politicians still insisting there is no demand for independence can they!!!

    Last year when there was another poll showing 52% for independence the BBC claimed that they only comment on 3 successive polls indicating the same result ( that was a lie as they have commented on individual polls in the past). So now there are 3 successive polls they break their own made up rules by not broadcasting anything.

    As I have said before – Britnats lie and they lie all the time about nearly everything.

  • Hatuey

    At the moment there’s no route to independence. SNP fans don’t understand this, despite it being so obvious.

    SNP: “Independence is only possible with the UK Government’s approval and a section 30.”
    UK GOV: “Okay, we agree with that…”
    SNP: “Can we have a section 30 and a referendum?”
    UK GOV: “No.”

    So, you’re right, Buffalo. It’s just some sort of weird hobby, I guess.

    Someone suggested there was a psychological explanation, i.e. the Scots were afraid on some level, sort of institutionalised. I think it’s more likely down to stupidity than fear myself because there’s really nothing to fear, just the usual imagined paper tigers. The UK couldn’t and wouldn’t do a thing if Scotland declared UDI and you’d need to be stupid to believe otherwise.

    • Cubby


      While I agree with a lot of your post. You really need to get a grip calling it a weird hobby. It’s an insulting comment to the nation of Scotland. Think again.

      • Hatuey

        Cubby, I’m not out to flatter or to deceive. I understand that people struggle with honesty these days. I’m not a nationalist, not in any tribe, not an SNP member, and therefore under no obligation to be economical with any truths.

        • Cubby


          “Not a nationalist”

          So you don’t live in country anywhere. Live on the moon do you? A person without a nation – sad that.

  • N_

    There will never again be a route to Scottish Independence deemed legal by Westminster.

    Why not? Can’t you convince enough Scots to vote for independence? How come? Are your ideas and arguments rubbish? Or is there something wrong with your market that causes them not to want to buy what you’re selling? (Perhaps they don’t care about a 14th century landowners’ declaration written in Latin?) No – the explanation is always that foreigners are stopping you, stopping Scotland from reaching its holy destiny. It’s all foreigners’ fault, and only a “branch office” of a foreign organisation would suggest otherwise.

    This blog has completely lost it!

    The key point for outside observers to recognise, which is obvious to anybody who knows Scotland, is that the use of Brexit as a “reason” for independence derives solely from the deeply unpleasant culture of “supporting whoever is playing against England”, dressed in political clothing. Never mind that 80% of Scottish exports go to other places in Britain, and therefore it is patently obvious that the most important country for Scotland to trade with would be Rump Britain, not Hungary or Germany or Norway or Iceland. Never mind that the “mineral wealth” mostly goes for transport fuel. That’s Scottish oil, that is – greener than green! Never mind that everyone with a brain cell laughs at this kind of craziness, or at least they will laugh at it until windows start getting bricked. Never mind any facts whatsoever. The assumptions are those of racial and cultural superiority, nationalistic destiny, and hatred of the English.

    The sad fact is that if you divide support for the right, far right, and nationalists by support for the left in Scotland you get a number around 4, whereas both in England and in Wales you arrive at a figure of about 1.5. Goodbye from me to this blog.

    • Edward

      Also, few seem to remember that the SNP used to be a Eurosceptic party. It’s all about defining themselves in opposition to ‘Westminster’, even if that means adopting the absurd position of professing Scottish independence as a tiny nation in the clutches of the EU.

      • Cubby


        I am sure you used to be a baby at some time pishing yourself. You seem to be excelling at posting – so what posts.


        The people of Scotland voted by 62% to remain in the EU. It’s about the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland not Westminster. Wrong Edward.

        The UK is a tiny nation in relation to China. So what.

        The wealthiest nations in the world are predominantly small nations and generally the happiest.

        • Vivian O'Blivion

          A widnae get yer hopes up. He’ll come up with another Lyndon LaRouche inspired conspiracy theory that “just demands an audience”. He’ll be back.

    • Calamity

      “There will never again be a route to Scottish Independence deemed legal by Westminster.” How can you possibly just ignore the last four words of that sentence? Ignoring the context of other arguments does not make yours more credible.

      Westminster will never deem Scottish independence legal, because it wants sovereignty over Scotland. That’s the bottom line. Law has no real bearing on the matter.

    • Cubby


      No apology for your falsehoods. More lies in your posts (80%). You don’t like the truth being spelled out to you N.

      When going gets tough N gets going.

      Bye I will not miss your lies and misrepresentations just another typical Britnat.

  • OnlyHalfALooney

    The UK is entering uncharted political waters with Johnson’s talk ‘of “suspending” the European Convention on Human Rights. This would in fact mean “suspending” membership of the Council of Europe. It would mean that Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Albania, Georgia and even Azerbaijan are signatories to the ECHR, while the UK is not.

    Previously Johnson proposed changing the High Court and interfering with the separation of executive and judicial powers.

    Johnson may see Churchill as his inspiration, but Churchill was, by and large, a genuine democrat who also saw the purpose of international law and organisations. There was also never a need to ask Churchill how many children he had.

    I was afraid that Johnson would be a grave threat to UK democracy and the rule of law. It was laughed off by many here. But perhaps some people might like to open their eyes. Alarms bells should be ringing.

    Craig is right, the “New Tories” (i.e. “Singapore on the Thames” crackpots) will never grant Scotland independence. It is a very grave predicament indeed. The UK is no longer a pillar of the international law system, it is becoming a rogue nation.I feel very sorry for the Scottish people.

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