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Unfortunately I am in lockdown at home in Edinburgh and cannot get down to Westminster Magistrates Court for Julian Assange’s urgent bail application today. Several hearings ago, Magistrate Baraitser stated pre-emptively that she would not grant bail, before any application had been made. Today’s application will argue that Assange’s ill health puts him at extreme danger from COVID-19, and that prison conditions make it impossible to avoid infection.

The government has stated that it is actively considering releasing some prisoners to reduce prison populations because of COVID-19. That a non-violent remand prisoner, whose current position is an innocent man facing charges in a foreign state, is in the fortress Belmarsh prison is already self-evidently ludicrous.

Both the British Government and Vanessa Baraitser personally came in for extreme criticism from the highly authoritative International Bar Association over both the conditions in which he is being held and over the conduct of his extradition hearing to date. This is from the International Bar Association’s own website:

The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) condemns the reported mistreatment of Julian Assange during his United States extradition trial in February 2020, and urges the government of the United Kingdom to take action to protect him. According to his lawyers, Mr Assange was handcuffed 11 times; stripped naked twice and searched; his case files confiscated after the first day of the hearing; and had his request to sit with his lawyers during the trial, rather than in a dock surrounded by bulletproof glass, denied.

The UK hearing, which began on Monday 24 February 2020 at Woolwich Crown Court in London, UK, will decide whether the WikiLeaks founder, Mr Assange, will be extradited to the US, where he is wanted on 18 charges of attempted hacking and breaches of the 1917 Espionage Act. He faces allegations of collaborating with former US army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to leak classified documents, including exposing alleged war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq. The hearing was adjourned after four days, with proceedings set to resume on 18 May 2020.

IBAHRI Co-Chair, the Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG, commented: ‘The IBAHRI is concerned that the mistreatment of Julian Assange constitutes breaches of his right to a fair trial and protections enshrined in the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, to which the UK is party. It is deeply shocking that as a mature democracy in which the rule of law and the rights of individuals are preserved, the UK Government has been silent and has taken no action to terminate such gross and disproportionate conduct by Crown officials. As well, we are surprised that the presiding judge has reportedly said and done nothing to rebuke the officials and their superiors for such conduct in the case of an accused whose offence is not one of personal violence. Many countries in the world look to Britain as an example in such matters. On this occasion, the example is shocking and excessive. It is reminiscent of the Abu Grahib Prison Scandal which can happen when prison officials are not trained in the basic human rights of detainees and the Nelson Mandela Rules.’

In accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998, which came into force in the UK in October 2000, every person tried in the UK is entitled to a fair trial (Article 6) and freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment (Article 3). Similarly, Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights upholds an individual’s right to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal.

IBAHRI Co-Chair, Anne Ramberg Dr jur hc, commented: ‘The IBAHRI concurs with the widespread concern over the ill-treatment of Mr Assange. He must be afforded equality in access to effective legal representation. With this extradition trial we are witnessing the serious undermining of due process and the rule of law. It is troubling that Mr Assange has complained that he is unable to hear properly what is being said at his trial, and that because he is locked in a glass cage is prevented from communicating freely with his lawyers during the proceedings commensurate with the prosecution.’

A recent report from Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and Inhumane Treatment, presented during the 43rd session of the UN Human Rights Council (24 February – 20 March 2020), argues that the cumulative effects of Mr Assange’s mistreatment over the past decade amount to psychological torture. If Mr Assange was viewed as a victim of psychological torture, his extradition would be illegal under international human rights law.

117 medical doctors, including several world prominent experts in the field, had published a letter in the Lancet warning that Assange’s treatment amounts to torture and that he could die in jail.

Should Assange die in a UK prison, as the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has warned, he will effectively have been tortured to death. Much of that torture will have taken place in a prison medical ward, on doctors’ watch. The medical profession cannot afford to stand silently by, on the wrong side of torture and the wrong side of history, while such a travesty unfolds.

You may recall that I myself concluded that the extraordinary and oppressive treatment of Assange, and the refusal of Baraitser to act to ameliorate it, could only be part of a deliberate policy to cause his death. I could, and can, think of no other possible explanation.

If the authorities now refuse to allow him out on bail during the Covid-19 outbreak, I do not see how anybody can possibly argue there is any intention other than to cause his death.

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This article is entirely free to reproduce and publish, including in translation, and I very much hope people will do so actively. Truth shall set us free.


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565 thoughts on “Assange Bail Application Today

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  • Tatyana

    someone remind Johnson that Porton Down got a good amount of taxpayers’ money because of the Novichok story. Looks like now that’s an excellent opportunity to work out grants

    • Tatyana

      Oh, recalling that story – I think Mr. Gavin Williamson should insert new locks on the door and stock up with ammo, in anticipation of a possible raid on his famous toilet paper supply 🙂

      • glenn_uk

        If you think this is a “scam”, perhaps you should go to your nearest large hospital, and find out for yourself.

        At least you’ve taken a break from advocating the torture of children – that’s some progress.

        • Loony

          It is definitely a scam – but the exact nature of the scam is not exactly clear.

          It seems like only 10 days ago that Professor Neil Ferguson was advising the government that some 500,000 UK citizens were likely to die from coronavirus. It seems like only yesterday that he revised his opinion to about 20,000 (half of whom are in any event likely to die of other causes in the near term) and that the NHS was unlikely to be overwhelmed.

          It seems like only today that the media either ignored or spun this information as being perfectly reasonable given the actions undertaken by the UK government. Naturally no-one mentions that his original analysis was a scenario based analysis and under EVERY scenario the NHS would be overwhelmed with cases.

          Meanwhile the US has unleashed a $2 trillion money printing scam with overt promises that the money printing is to be undertaken without limit. The British have lowered their interest rates to 0.1% This compares with a floor of 2% for the duration World War 2 – and so presumably the emergency must be far worse that WW2. Naturally no-one ever explains how they know that coronavirus os more dangerous to the world than a global armed conflict.

          Is it not odd that people all too willing to believe that the government is torturing Julian Assange , that the Anglo-American war machine engaged in the mass illegal slaughter of uncounted Iraqi’s, and that President Trump is a manifestation of pure evil also seem to believe that governments are now acting out of pure altruism. They are actively seeking to destroy the entire economy in order to safeguard the public from a virus. A virus with a death rate of likely around 3& – but an actual death rate that governments have conspired to make incalculable.

          Only evil people like President Trump would dare to point out that it is highly probable that more people will die by suicide than as a consequence of the virus. Suicide being a known reaction to economic catastrophe and a known reaction to fear and despair – something that the media is doing its very best to foster and cosset through its unending obsession with virus related deaths.

          • glenn_uk

            You know _why_ Ferguson changed his prediction? Because the government policy completely changed. Didn’t you know that, or are you trying to deceive?

            Trump has said so many flat out wrong, contradictory or utterly false things about Covid-19 from flat out denial to magical thinking. He didn’t even know that people died of seasonal flu – that’s how brilliant your hero is.

            Your other rambling statements don’t appear to be connected to this point.

          • Loony

            The point relates to whether or not the Coronavirus pandemic is a scam.

            I merely pointed to a number of inconsistencies in apparent understanding and policy decisions that flow from this understanding. I would be interested to learn how you, or anyone else, can plausibly believe that the printing of vast amounts of money can have an effect on a virus.

            Despite making blanket but emotive statements designed to convey your impression that there is no scam in operation you appear entirely disinterested in forming any intelligent understanding. Rather your contribution is confined, as it normally is, to making ad-hominem statements against President Trump and smearing and insulting anyone and everyone who refuses to join your in your infinitely expanded 2 minutes of hate against the President.

          • Ian

            What a mix the usual garbled nonsense, straw men and alt-right talking points. Might as well call it the Fox News summary. Best ignore and move on. Plainly someone with a lot of time on his hands, a sneering disdain for anybody outside of the orbit of the bloviating self-styled pseudo intellectual right.

          • SA

            It is to me quite clear that Loony is an agent provocateur of the worst kind. I would ignore him and I will from now on. Rule one just don’t feed the trolls.
            As to Rhys he is just simply misguided and there is nothing more difficult to open than a closed mind. People might start to die in the streets for him to be convinced but even then he might say that it was BBC lies. Fortunately some of those who write here have kept a low profile and have not come up with the stress actors theory.
            In these times these people are dangerous.
            By the way what happened to Loony’s undying admiration for Trump?

          • Rhys Jaggar


            I absolutely do NOT have a closed mind.

            I absolutely do NOT deny that people are dying with CoVid19.

            I absolutely DO deny that we are about to experience the Black Death, Spanish Flu or anything remotely like it.

            I absolutely DO deny that total lock down has any evidentiary proof to being superior to the strategy of South Korea, where life has gone on as normal, testing has been rigorous, as has follow up of those potentially at risk.

            I absolutely DO deny that the threat to human life from CoVid19 is greater than that which happens every year from influenza, cancer, heart disease, alcohol abuse, car crashes, suicide and several other diseases, none of which causes absolute lock down of our economy.

            I absolutely DO deny that Neil Ferguson changed his predictions for any reason other than that he was being called out as a typical lying charlatan who has done this before, notably with Foot and Mouth and then with SARS. He needed to find a get-out-of-jail-free clause and he has been brutally called out by the head of the US Covid task force.

            I am getting pretty sick and tired of unqualified idiots telling me what I believe.

          • Magic Robot

            The media also ignored – totally – the de-classification of the ‘virus’ by Public Health England and the NHS, and also by The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) from HCID (high consequence infectious disease) status on the 19th March to, well, nothing worse than, well, they did not say.

            Anyway, the usual suspects here are determined (motives unclear) to keep up the hysteria, no matter what. They seem to have a ‘belief’ shall I say?

        • George

          I agree it’s a scam. The USA govt. is broke, something had to happen. Look at the amount of stock that was sold cashed in January. Even the Amazon owner Jeff Bezos cashed in nigh time.
          A good program to watch is today’s Uk column program.

          At least it provided an honest view of the situation.

          Where did the virus come from us military lab ?

          Who are the people being impacted and killed in the USA. Trump supporters.

          I could give so many examples, but that will be for another day.

          • Giyane


            Yes, of course it’s a scam , and of course they can create such a virus anytime.
            What else are places like Porton Down for?
            We are unable to penetrate the vermicious machinations of the neocons’ minds.
            All we know is that the War on Terror was a scam, Islamic State was a scam and the 2007 bank crash was a total scam.

            It’s not YCNMIU, its YCMIU, which is scary.

            When the previous scam merchants start crawling out of the woodwork asking for global government, evacuate immediately.
            Not physically. Just don’t even go there in our limited capacity for evil minds.

            But leaving the psychopaths in power alone, we still have to cope with a new virus,each and everyone of us , except of course the psychopaths in power who had vaccines from day 1.

          • Giyane

            Boris probably knows the best ingredients for making a sore throat, ,I don’t know, Vim and shoe polish , from years of truanting from Eton to go shagging. I went to a public school, I’ve seen it done.

        • Rhys Jaggar

          You are saying that you feel tortured by me, you stupid little boy?

          To explain in language you can understand:

          1. CoVid19 is a real condition, affecting real patients, the vast majority of whom are very old, have pre-existing medical conditions.
          2. Official Government statistics, which you Glenn believe unquestioningly, show that total deaths from all causes in the first 12 weeks of 2020 in the UK are LESS than in 2017 and 2018.
          3. The UK health service has been run down relentlessly for 20 years by accountants focussing solely on the ability to manage the kind of medicine which is regular and predictable, not one-off epidemics.
          4. The number of deaths with CoVid19 present has in no way remotely approached the number of deaths recorded regularly by influenza virus, nor is it remotely at the level of deaths caused by cancer, heart disease, alcohol abuse, smoking and any other number of commonly accepted forms of death. Dying through any of those causes is no less unpleasant than dying with CoVid19, which if you knew the first thing about medicine you would be more than aware of.
          5. There is no evidence that lockdown is producing any more beneficial results in medical terms: go compare Sweden and other Nordic countries. Go look at South Korea and how they are getting on. Rigorous testing of ill people, rigorous isolation of those shown to be harbouring virus and rigorous follow-up to contact those having been in contract with those showing symptoms has proven every bit as effective as putting an entire nation under house arrest.

          Now as you have made false accusations about me, I will offer you the chance to unreservedly withdraw your accusation about me torturing children, the alternative will be me asking Mr Murray to ban you from this site. That would not cause any worry to anyone who contributes here.

          SCAMS are when events are used by authorities to slip through actions utterly unnecessary to handling the event but having long-term loss of liberties for an entire population.

          This SCAM is going to be used by the PTB to try and eliminate all cash transactions (what does that have to do with anything other than mass surveillance of all transactions removing all privacy?); to force all people to have whatever vaccinations any govenrment ever sees fit, with no liability on any manufacturer for killing patients; and to completely crash an economy so thoroughly that it may never recover before 2050.

          If you think crashing an economy will not end up killing people, you are unfit to engage in any debate about politics, young man.

          • Loony

            I would not be prepared to take a bet that you have written in language they can understand.

            However you make some salient points. One certainty from the current situation is the initiation of more money printing. A known consequence of money printing is that it increases wealth inequality. It is odd that those who warn of both the iniquity and dangers of policies designed to exacerbate wealth inequality are derided as “agent provocateurs” and “alt-right trolls”

            It is almost as though the writers of such thoughts think they have something to gain by the economic destruction of the masses. Let us hope that such people do not have the brass neck to claim that they are motivated by compassion for the poor. Their sneering contempt for the already dispossessed and the soon to be dispossessed is plain for all to see. Of course the real joke is that they are themselves members of the ranks of the soon to be dispossessed. Self loathing is not an admirable quality.

          • Dom

            Hold on, the conspiracy theory hard men have arrived. The lock/shutdown is an elaborate confidence trick apparently, intended to force people into abandoning cash and having vaccinations. Clear as day to the conspiracy theory hard men cos they’re cleverer than everyone else.

          • Loony

            @Dom – A commonly accepted definition of “conspiracy theory” is a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for an unexplained event”

            I have no idea whether the lockdown is an elaborate confidence trick. I do know that there is conflicting opinions regarding coronavirus from the institutions of Oxford University and Imperial College. Neither Oxford University nor Imperial College would meet most peoples definitions of a “covert but influential organization” Even if that test fails, which it does not, you are still left with the problem that coronavirus is not an unexplained event. Only its root origins and ultimate effects are debatable or unknown. The fact that it exists is not debatable.

            There is no doubt that Central Banks are keen to explore negative interest rates and that in order to do so they must first eliminate cash as a medium of exchange. There is a wide range of “learned papers” on this matter emanating from institutions ranging from universities to central banks to the IMF to the BIS. It is hardly a conspiracy to reference documentary evidence produced by such august institutions.

            Politicians and the media talk almost incessantly about progress toward a vaccine for Coronavirus. It seem logical to assume that should a viable vaccination be produced then there will be a public health imperative to ensure that the public are vaccinated against the virus.

            Based on known facts it would appear impossible to conclude that your comment was made in good faith. Rather what you write does not even rise to the level of tarradiddle, rather it simple smear and innuendo.

        • Magic Robot

          Public Health England’s (PHE) epidemic intelligence activities monitor global HCID (high consequence infectious disease) events. These are published in a monthly summary in the form of a downloadable pdf file. The summaries followed monthly, through 2019, right up to the December bulletin, thus:

          In that issue, the monthly update for December 2019 we have, quote:
          ‘Undiagnosed Disease Events Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. In late December, an outbreak of viral pneumonia of unknown aetiology was identified in Wuhan. Many, but not all cases were linked with a seafood and live animal market in the city (Huanan South China Seafood Market). The cause was subsequently identified as a novel coronavirus. a full update will be provided in the January 2020 summary.’

          No information is given at all as to who, how, where or when the cause became known, and no further bulletins have been publicly issued since!

          But then, a new single webpage format report was issued by the UK government thus:

          ‘Covid-19 has not been an HCID in the UK since the 19th March 2020, when it was declassified by PHE and the NHS, and also by The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) who were also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

          An HCID is defined as:
          an acute infectious disease
          typically has a high case-fatality rate
          may not have effective prophylaxis or treatment
          often difficult to recognise and detect rapidly
          ability to spread in the community and within healthcare settings
          requires an enhanced individual, population and system response to ensure it is managed effectively, efficiently and safely’

          (I suggest anyone accessing the official de-classification notice above, makes a hard copy and show it, or give it, to as many folk as you can.)

          Yet, on the very same day this ‘virus’ was de-classified, Prime Minister Boris Johnson then announced measures unheard of in a supposed ‘democracy’ – ‘lockdowns’, threats, no freedom to work or take recreation. A curfew in all but name, and, if the rest of the world is anything to go by, soon to become martial law.

          This has become a political, not a medical, matter. Please, get the message out.

  • giyane


    Ariel sings

    Where the bee sucks, there suck I:
    In a cowslip’s bell I lie;
    There I couch when owls do cry.
    On the b a t ‘ s back I do fly
    After summer merrily.
    Merrily, merrily shall I live now
    Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.

    William Shakespeare
    A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Oberon “I know a bank where the wild thyme blows, Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows, Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine, With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine.”.
    I think I might be able to change your heartless feelings towards our PM.

    • nevermind

      If he miraculously recovers within two weeks and nurses and doctors are still buying their own protective PPE, whilst testing is still in the 6-10k/day then I believe he deserves Tatyanas ire as much as ours.

      Health and happiness to all, hope the police and firebrigade will also receive PPE.
      Careworkers, doctors and nurses should have priority testing, PM’s come and go.

    • Tatyana

      giyane, I’m evil today 🙂

      “If you’re looking for trouble
      You came to the right place
      If you’re looking for trouble
      Take a look right at my faaaaaaaaace…

      ‘Cause I’m evil, my middle name is misery
      Well I’m evil, so don’t you mess around with me”

      the same play by Shakespeare, Bog King by Alan Cummings in the ‘Strange Magic’ recast

      • Republicofscotland

        Speaking of misery Tatyana, do you think Putin’s new ruse to stay in power, will see him surpass Stalin’s reign?

        Is he (Putin) trying to emulate Xi Jingpin, whose now president of China, until further notice.

        As for the Coronavirus, I get the sneaky feeling that the British state media aren’t admitting to the real total in deaths, more so in England. What of Russia and the virus during these difficult and testing times, are there many deaths, or not for that matter, and do you believe the authorities when they tell you a specific number of those who’ve died.

        RT news is rather coy on the figures within Russia, but its pretty clear on the death rates elsewhere.

        I hope you and your family are safe and well.

        • Tatyana

          I think that if Assange, instead of hiding in London, escaped to Russia like Snowden, then perhaps you would also have welcomed Putin to remain in power for as long as possible 🙂 See what the change of leader in Ecuador has done to Assange!

          On the virus we have
          I haven’t seen a refutation of this data anywhere. I think that in the era of the Internet, social networks, Luke Harding and Bellingcat, it would be extremely difficult to hide many deaths in Russia.

          • Republicofscotland

            “then perhaps you would also have welcomed Putin to remain in power for as long as possible ”

            Then it obvious by that statement Tatyana that Russia isn’t a full democracy. Putin is no Cincinnatus, he should have relinquished the power of Russian president by now; that’s what happens in a full democracy.

          • Tatyana

            Republicofscotland, are you religious? I only observed this in religious people. They believe it’s important to follow the ritual despite of the rainy weather relevancy to the situation.
            Putin suggested amendments to the constitution, one of them re. extra presidential terms. We are voting on the amendments April 22. Everyone understands it will give Putin LEGAL base to be re-elected.
            When you say it’s not democracy I feel surprised. What IS democracy then? To change Putin for someone else? Why should we, if we don’t want to? Are you certain that we are obligated to follow the current law from 1991, despite of the people’s preference TODAY? Why?

          • Republicofscotland

            “Republicofscotland, are you religious”

            Not in the slightest.

            “What IS democracy then? To change Putin for someone else?”

            To hold fair and free elections.

            “Why should we, if we don’t want to? ”

            I take it you speak for the 150 million Russian folk then.

          • Tatyana

            So, you’re concerned about fairness and freedom of elections. And you said previously “Putin’s new ruse to stay in power”.
            Ruse is a new english word for me, so I referred to the dictionary and it shows synonyms:

            cunning, trick, stealth, trickery, guile, ruse

            trick, ploy, ruse, stratagem, gimmick, dodge

            Well, frankly speaking, i find your definition stupid and offensive, sorry.
            Stupid, because there’s nothing more democratic than asking the people about their desire, and it is exactly what is proposed by Putin – referendum.
            Offensive, because your definition “Putin’s ruse” hints that we are all just a herd of stupid cattle here in Russia, unable to decide what is better for ourselves.

            Of course, I don’t speak for all Russians, but for a very large and significant part of the population – adult taxpayers with families and domestic income, relatively young to be open to the whole world without communist prejudice, but old enough to compare modern Russia with Soviet union.

            And, quite frankly, when WE in OUR country will vote for OUR future, at that moment I will be least interested in the opinion of the Republic of Scotland, and indeed of any other country.
            It’s called independence. Do you know the meaning of this word?

            independence, freedom, independency, detachment, self-support, self-sufficiency

          • Republicofscotland

            “Of course, I don’t speak for all Russians,”

            Really that’s not the impression I get from that comment.

            “Stupid, because there’s nothing more democratic than asking the people about their desire, and it is exactly what is proposed by Putin ”

            Asking people what they want and delivering it, is two different things.

            “And, quite frankly, when WE in OUR country will vote for OUR future, ”

            Oops looks like I hit a nerve there Tatyana, WE, OUR, no need to be so defensive, I’m not Jens Stolenberg.

            You’re obviously a Putinista, I’ll leave it there.

            Have a great day and stay safe.

          • Tatyana

            You’ve found the word to attach to me, but I’m unable to find it in the dictionaries. Now, I sincerely want to know what meaning do you personally put into the word?

            Obviously, you cannot dispute that I have the right to my own opinion. And obviously you can’t just dislike people who disagree with you. You are not Mary Whitehouse type, I recall.

            So will you now hate me? Despise me? Respect me? Support me? What?

          • Pooh

            Dear Tanya

            If I may…

            ‘Putinista’ is a word your respectable correspondent made up for the occasion. You will not find it in a dictionary. I would translate it straight-forwardly as Путинистка, or, perhaps more adventurously, as Путиница. I would say that in context of your exchange this word is not at all offensive.

          • Tatyana

            Oh, thank you, Pooh. I’m not ‘Putinista’, because my approval is for Putin’s work, but not for him personally.
            I’m rather “the-right-man-in-the-right-place-ista”.
            I’ve got some experience in hiring people to work for me and I know sometimes that is extremely hard. Also, we are obligated to interview people whom job center sends. Many of those openly ask to ‘decline job application’, so that they continue getting welfare payments and stay ‘jobless’.
            Also, when I find one employee who is skilled and really interested to work, I stick to him.
            That’s the story of my mother. She started as junior lab staff at the milk processing plant and by the retirement age she was key employee. The new administration valued her so much, that created new position, smth like ‘consultant’, especially to let her stay and work there.
            So, no, I’m not Putinista. I’m “good-leader-stay-ista”.

        • SA

          Look where your democracy is leading you. Boris the piffle Johnson is your PM. Hang your head in shame and stop knocking down Putin.
          You personally were relentless in your attack on Corbyn. Rejoice.

          • Tatyana

            I believe that democracy is to have the leader that the people want. Is not it? Remember that Putin is supported by most Russians.
            C’mon, we have a cool president, why would we want to change him? It works, don’t fix it.

          • SA

            My comment was aimed at RoS not you. I fully agree with you re Putin. He is doing a fantastic job, why risk getting someone else?

          • Republicofscotland

            “Boris the piffle Johnson is your PM.”

            Not at all, he’s England’s PM a foreign nation to me. Corbyn though better than Johnson, is also a politican of a foreign country, both are irrelevant to me.

          • SA

            Is that country of yours a real country or a virtual country?
            (RoS you don’t have to answer, just a wind up).
            But as an aside I hear the viceroy to the province of Scotland from Westminster has also been struck with the virus,

          • Pooh

            March 28, 2020 at 05:58

            “I believe that democracy is to have the leader that the people want. Is not it?”

            It certainly is.

            “Remember that Putin is supported by most Russians.”

            Indubitably so.

            “C’mon, we have a cool president, why would we want to change him?”

            You have indeed, and he is the envy of the West, just look at them pathetic clowns we have here. Wait and see what RoS will be saying when Scotland gets free Russian help. Who knows, he might reject it – better dead than red.

            Walk safe and free, Tanya. I can’t.

      • Giyane


        I was also being multiply horrible. In the play as you know Oberon gets some magic flower juice squeezed into his partner Titania’s eyes. The magic makes her fall passionately in live with …. Bottom a simpleton actor with a donkey’s head on. Donkeys being famously well endowed. Sorry if I’ve got the story wrong.
        Could I get some flower magic to make you fall in love with our PM?
        Some jokes are better left unexplained ..

        • Tatyana


          The trouble with your PM is so great, that the magic of some weed is not enough, I’m afraid. One needs stronger drugs to fall in love with him.
          Of course, if he pulled the donkey’s head on, it could help a little bit. At least that would cover his lying eyes.

          Highly likely.

          • Rhys Jaggar

            Tatyana, there is something I have noticed over 30 years of being an adult male and it is that women of different nations see males in very different ways.

            Women in the UK swoon over Boris Johnson, we will never know the true figures, but his serial adultery has been with at least a dozen women. Yet people like you from Russia are left unmoved.

            The other way around: for whatever reason, women from foreign lands always seemed to like me more than English women. I have no understanding of the reasons why, but it included women from France, Poland, the US, Spain and Germany.

            Must be something to do with different social values in different countries I guess.

        • Tatyana

          You can also anchor your hopes on the help of Covid, btw.

          Diarrhea is said to be one of the symptoms. The virus may squeeze a lot of crap out of him.
          Isn’t it great that there will be less sh*t in your PM? It would incredibly increase his chances of getting love.

          • Rhys Jaggar

            He already has a pregnant partner presumably giving him love.

            And she apparently loved him when the shit was still fully inside of him…

          • Pooh

            March 28, 2020 at 11:47

            Yes, Tatyana, our Blondie is слабок на передок if you know what I mean. In English it would be something like ‘afflicted with a frontal weakness’ or perhaps ‘frontally liberated’.

  • U Watt

    People have been gaslit into thinking Assange is some arch criminal whose death in prison would be well deserved. Ask them to explain why and they will flounder.

    • James

      No they haven’t. I don’t know anybody who likes what is going on with Assange – I only know of such people through newspapers.

      I note, with interest, that Jeremy Corbyn didn’t emphasise the importance of this issue during the general election campaign. I think this was a big mistake and I wonder why.

      • U Watt

        If I recall correctly Corbyn was the only politician who made anything of the way Assange was being treated. Yet you are singling him out for criticism. I wonder why, hmmm.

        • James

          Because I was disappointed. Corbyn was the only one who made anything of it – and I was expecting more – but it turned out to be half hearted – it was not a central issue.

          In general, I was disappointed with Corbyn’s campaign – his campaign against May was genuinely much better than his campaign against Johnson.

          I think that Corbyn’s basic problem is that he wasn’t allowed to be Corbyn.

          We don’t expect anything from the Tories – I was expecting something from Corbyn – but it didn’t materialise.

          • SA

            I fully agree James. Corbyn’s wings were clipped. He is a modest man full of integrity and principles, rare in politics but had no support in parliament but much support from party members. It is sad that he was so badly treated by his own party and I am now seriously considering weather that party is now worth supporting any more.

      • Rhys Jaggar

        The fact is that whatever Corbyn had highlighted or emphasised, the media was going to trash him. The orders came from the USA, just remember what Pompeo said about it all.

  • Ilya G Poimandres

    Ignoring all of the wars etc, the Assange case, again, neatly fits into the UK interpretation of terrorism, as found in the Terrorism Act (2000).

    1.b) is satisfied because the Assange case intimidates the public
    1.a) because 2.a), “serious violence against a person”, is true in the case of Assange, as you write.

    Now, according to section 15 3.a) of the same act , in providing money to the UK Government, one is guilty of terrorism.

    It is time for us to write to our terrorist government and stop paying taxes.

    • Mark Russell

      Indeed. I haven’t paid a penny in UK income tax since 2003 on that very basis. Not that it makes much difference now.

      • Ilya G Poimandres

        I am writing my letter to the Home Secretary now, have a young kid, so have been on the fence about it for a while.

        I think if this were done publicly and en masse, well they’d set their dogs on us, just like on Assange, but their pockets is all they care about, so maybe it would be worth something!

      • glenn_uk

        I’m sure the NHS and social services, schools and fire departments are all grateful that you pay no tax at all.

        Hey, just let everyone else pick up the slack.

        Do you really think government will cut back on war and oppression because of a lack of tax revenue? They’ll keep meals-on-wheels going, but abandon war – is that what you think? Or will services to the poorest be the first to go. You tell me.

    • SA

      This is all distorted thinking. One must distinguish between the country and the government. Only a fraction of taxes you pay go to these activities so in withdrawing your taxes you should also understand you are withdrawing your citizens’ rights. Should billionaires not wish to pay their taxes because they don’t want money to go to welfare? But maybe you, and Mark Russell think the same way as Amazon and Starbuck’s.
      As for Mark. Should the inland revenue investigate?

      • Ilya G Poimandres

        OK so we agree that government acts wrongly with its dreams of Empire. How would you suggest we change them?

        Vote them out within representative democracy? But it is just evolutionary autocracy, the citizen has no direct right to change the law.

        Revolution and semi-direct democracy and neutrality afterwards? Sure, but there would be many dead, like with not funding the state.

        The society is in a ditch and it has to get out. We can present different ways, but all will get us dirty to some extent. The welfare state saves lives, but the state overall also kills lives. There is no win for everyone in the short run, but the long run would be much better without Empire.

        • SA

          I agree with you in general terms. But we are stuck with a system. As Craig wrote a while ago, the state has monopoly on violence. We can either change the system through revolution or we can try to change it democratically. But half hearted withdrawing your taxes, unless a large number of people do it in a co-ordinated way, will only get you in jail.
          If you accuse someone with something, in this case the state with terrorism, you would have to take them to court and use the verdict to get your redress. I am not sure you will get far.
          Ideally not one person or a group of ideologues should govern, even by ‘democratic’ elections. We get into the totally ridiculous position we are in in UK where Boris Johnston is virtually an absolute ruler and there is no opposition whatsoever. The only balance against this is if you have coalitions, which is a regular feature of European democracies and in which everyone one hopefully has a voice. But that is why I do not think our democracy in UK is a true democracy.

    • Tom Welsh

      “It is time for us to write to our terrorist government and stop paying taxes”.

      Unfortunately, just because it is a terrorist government neither of those acts will accomplish anything you would like.

      Writing to the government would have the same effect as writing to ISIS to complain.

      Stopping payment of taxes would have the same effect as refusing to pay taxes to ISIS. In the end you will be killed. (Unless you give in and pay at some point).

    • SA

      The government and its non-elected advisors say do as I say not as I do, we are above the law even in matters that concern infectious disease.

  • Brianfujisan

    I see SA has Mentioned the Lancet a couple of times

    March 27, 2020 at 10:17

    So here is Richard Horton of the Lancet Laying into the UK Gov over Delayed 11 weeks on Last night’s QT..Well said Richard.. I hear There was a Vile sight of Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Clapping outside No 10 last Night For NHS Staff.. Makes one want to Scream.

    Richard H – on QT –

      • Giyane


        Its very fortunate that algorithms could supply us with a massive majority government at exactly the same time that the algorithm bankers could provide us with zillions of extra pounds.

        Just think what a disaster it would have been if humans had voted for Corbyn, and the banks told him they’d go bust if funds were printed to cover the cover 19 virus.

        We really do live in the best of all possible worlds.
        Don’t we children?

  • David

    People/bots whatever have tried to say here that SARS-CoV-2’s not a relevant emergency, because effects “kill people – particularly the elderly” are similar to seasonal flu, which ‘apparently’ does the same. That’s a very superficial argument.

    In Italy, this season’s COVID-19 death rate is currently “51” fifty-one hospital doctors passed in 3 weeks. That’s not ‘flu.

    stay at home

    • Magic Robot

      Nice to know the ‘virus’ politely observes political boundaries, and does not go berserk in Germany, for instance.
      It’s like it thinks for itself.
      Can you explain how a ‘virus’ thinks for itself?

      • SA

        It is the Germans who have been doing the thinking, unlike some here. I will leave you to do some research and ask Google why the Germans have been better with Covid-19? When you have done your homework, would you please kindly come back and tell us?

  • Mary

    Investigation after prisoner found dead in cell at Belmarsh
    Liridon Saliuka, 29, died after a dispute over whether he should be classified as disabled

    Owen Bowcott Legal affairs correspondent Wed 8 Jan 2020 1

    Liridon Saliuka. Photograph

    A remand prisoner has been found dead in his cell at HMP Belmarsh after a dispute over whether he should have been classified as disabled.

    Liridon Saliuka, who was born in Kosovo and held a British passport, was found reportedly unresponsive in house block 4 of the high-security prison in the early evening of 2 January.

    The Prison Service confirmed he had died. The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman is investigating.

    • Mary

      There are many links relating to his death but there are no reports on an inquest or investigation.

      His sister tweeted:

      Dita Saliuka
      Mar 26
      Replying to @HackneyAbbott
      Thank you for being the only MP to raise this! My brother died at @hmpbelmarsh on 2nd Jan and we still don’t have answers! Please don’t let another family suffer like mine. All lives matter.

  • Mary

    About turn! by the Donald.

    He issues orders to General Motors to make ventilators but cannot stop himself insulting their CEO Mary Barra. What made him so confrontational? He’s like a spoilt child.

    Coronavirus: Trump orders ‘time-wasting’ General Motors to make ventilators
    28 March 2020

    It probably makes him feel secure having the line of stooges behind him.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      Whether she is dead or not?

      MI5/6 have long-established procedures for ‘killing’ people off to allow them a new life with a new identity somewhere else on earth.

  • grafter

    Craig, has this virus infected your computer ? A refocusing on events is required. Comments here are decending into the headless chicken variety.

  • The Imprisonment of Julian Assange

    Disregarding for a moment the secondary American dimension, it seems to me that what is at stake with Wikileaks is the United Kingdom’s own need for secrecy.

    The massive police presence around the Ecuador embassy made that clear.
    No one in power can/could risk information leaking to Julian Assange.
    His principles are as they are and he would publish openly.

    What if he received leaks from officers who worked in ‘Operation Midland’ or ‘Operation Ore’ or other massively public-funded, failed police investigations into paedophilia in high places?
    What if he received information about terror incidents in the UK? What if he received documentation concerning mass shootings – Huntingdon, Cumberland, Dunblane – presently inaccessible under 100 year long D-Laws?

    What if he received the UK’s War Logs in Afghanistan?
    Mr. James Savile’s relationship to Broadmoor Hospital?
    Secretive Off-shore banking in Jersey?

    It is but pure conjecture on my part.
    The fact remains that it is the UK that has held Assange prisoner for the last 10 years in the United Kingdom.
    Not the Americans.

    • Macky

      I’ve made the point before that the UK Deep State wants Assange to be made an example of, just as much as the US Deep State does; focusing just on the US, misses the UK proactive measures devised & enforced on this side of the Pond against Assange.

  • DunGroanin

    Iran released Nazanine with ankle tag for safety sake.

    Baritser and Westminster Magistrate doesn’t consider the same for unconvicted remand prisoner.

    Iran should throw her back in Jail until Julian is given same consideration (but being actually anciently civilised peoples – they would not consider such a barbarity)

    • Kempe

      ” being actually anciently civilised peoples – they would not consider such a barbarity ”

      If that were true they’d never have locked her up in the first place.

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