Self-Congratulation Is Unattractive 245

…but I shall do it anyway.

I came today across this statement which I wrote in December 2014 for distribution to SNP members when I was standing for selection as an SNP candidate. I don’t recall anybody else sounding this warning in 2014, and I feel rather proud of my intuition.

I think we have to avoid the trap of managerialism – of being just another political party but a little more competent and fair. We should maintain a firm thrust towards the goal of national freedom…
I want to end the Union, not to run it.
Within the SNP we must guard against success leading us to develop our own careerists. Professional politicians in Westminster have become a parasitic class with interchangeable beliefs, out for themselves. There are too many of them – Special Advisers, research assistants etc. The number of politicians paid for by the taxpayer has quadrupled in 30 years…
I want the dynamic citizen activism we saw in the Yes campaign to lead to a new kind of politics in Scotland. Bubbling up from ordinary folk. And I want that energy from the people to defeat the forces of the mainstream media and the unionists here in the coming election.
Together, we can do it.

Having been nominated to stand for selection in 19 constituencies – without in a single case having initiated it myself – I was of course barred from standing by the central party. What ordinary SNP members in the 2015 selections would have made of this pitch we can never know. I am of course trying again to see what they make of it today. My pitch has not changed.

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245 thoughts on “Self-Congratulation Is Unattractive

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    • Alex McEwan

      You wrote it Craig, well done.
      You summarised my long held fears for the SNP.
      Best wishes for your proposed candidacy; how I would love to see both Alex Salmond and you win seats for the party.
      Best wishes too in the courts. There’s something rotten in the Scottish establishment right now; “Yoonfiltration” the root cause almost certainly.

    • Jim C

      Anyone who claims they are of the “Left” and expects governments to stay small knows nothing of the nature (or history) of collectivism.

      You want the state to do something? Then it will be decided via politics rather than contending suppliers attempting to meet consumer demand by offering competing products. The latter have an incentive to keep costs low. The former do not. In fact, when a capitalist fails to please consumers, they go bankrupt. When a bureaucrat’s department fails, they demand more money from consumers (taxpayers); and usually get it.

    • Ernie Ross

      It’s like everything else, 1st tories took Scotland for granted, then Labour now in 2020 it is the SNP.
      Craig the way things stand right now a certain percentage of SNP MPs & MSPs have been corrupted by the power they weld in Scotland. About time they realised that the people are more important than they are.

  • Tony Little

    I am really not sure what to think about the way the SNP Leadership appears to have developed, especially over the last 6 years. I can only conclude that one (or more) of the following issues are the point:

    1. There is such a small group around the leadership, a form of Group-Think has occurred where no alternative view is considered
    2. External forces have used the First Minister’s professed nervousness about her apparent “imposter syndrome” to manipulate her, and through her influence the rest of the tight group around her
    3. The Leadership have become corrupted by the power they hold as the ONLY serious political option for those of us seeking independence and no longer listen to the ordinary members
    4. Some of the Leadership are not whom they profess to be
    5. The UK’s Security Services have taken over the political direction of the SNP
    6. Identity-political activists joined the membership in 2014/15 (Huge rise in members) and have got themselves into positions of undue influence

    And maybe something else I haven’t thought of. But whatever it is, I feel we are heading for a bad place if strong candidates like Joanna Cherry are actively being undermined by the very organisation that should hold her in high regard.

  • Bruce Hosie

    The sad reality is there is a serious lack of fight within the SNP and gradualism being the accepted norm. That might have worked in New Zealand but it won’t work here because the current leadership of the SNP don’t take powers and make decisions, they don’t challenge the narrative, they ask for permission and as long as we keep asking we are trapped. It’s time to do two things, stop asking for permission and start sharing the information that gets us to the next referendum and what that looks like in detail. It’s time the SNP trusted the yes movement and the people to make the correct choice, not taking the Pete Wishart approach of shutting down the debate because they either don’t have the answers or don’t want independence now but later in their imaginary utopia.

    • Goose

      Gradualism and managerialism are entwined.

      No doubt some in the SNP have become too comfortable with the status quo, and are thus scared of throwing away their dominance in Scotland. It’s a misplaced fear however, as Labour, Tory and Lib Dem are no longer seen as viable alternatives. Joanna Cherry seems to be trying to indicate the SNP’s obsession with (preventing)Brexit is cover for the leadership’s inaction/avoidance of the independence issue. To be fair though, opposition parties were at one point accusing the SNP of being obsessed with independence, to the exclusion of all else domestic. The appalling Lib Dem, Willie Rennie, and Johnson’s newly announced Tory Peer, Ruth Davidson, cut through suggesting this supposed ‘obsession’ was a hindrance to the SNP’s ability to govern in Scotland, at every given opportunity…and the UK broadcasters gave them many opportunities.

  • Colin Alexander

    Well said, Craig. But, I’m not surprised you never got selected.

    As I’ve said on many occasions: (under Sturgeon) the SNP, are the best British colonial administrators.
    They have made no efforts to re-assert Scottish sovereignty or Scottish independence. They see running the Scotland colony better than British Labour as success. They see winning devolution elections as success. They see having more seats in the Imperial parliament as success.

    I believe in the common sovereignty of the people of Scotland. I believe that Scotland should have a real parliament that serves the sovereign people by representing and exercising that sovereign power. I believe Scotland should not be ruled by the government of another country.

    So, when I look at Sturgeon’s SNP, I see absolute failure.

    Including failure to assert Scotland’s sovereignty. Failure to defend Scotland’s democratic decisions. Failure to deliver on the democratically established sovereign decisions to remain in the EU or have a vote on Scotland dissolving the Union.

    People should make up their own minds about who to vote for. But, I won’t be voting for Sturgeon’s SNP again, no matter how many promises are made of: “Jam Tomorrow” – after the election.

    • Mike Williamson

      What do you mean by “spook trap”? I wasted 0.00000023% of my life trying to imagine what you mean. That’s a full ten seconds

  • Nickle101

    The message should be loud and clear: the SNP apparatus doesn’t want you and what you represent.

    This leaves 2 paths:

    1. Change the SNP from within to become the vehicle that delivers independence
    2. Start a new party that represents ‘citizen activism’ to lead to independence

    The first path will probably not succeed and is a huge waste of energy. These second path is really dependent on the true ‘hunger’ for independence in Scotland.

    Either way, best of luck!!

    • Goose

      But imagine if you’ve got Sturgeon all wrong and the flame burns just as brightly for independence. Who wouldn’t want a legacy of being remembered by history as the person who won back Scotland’s independence?

      I’d be very wary of those trying to split the SNP, especially talk of forming a rival movement, at this point, when the SNP look set to dominate Holyrood elections, with an even more convincingly mandate, piling pressure on Westminster to grant a Section 30. Having two competing pro-independence parties, split only by referendum timing arguments and independence advocacy, tearing strips off each other, would merely serve to delight the unionist opponents of independence.

      Some underplay the fact UDI, or even an advisory referendum carry with them huge risks, real Hail Mary, do or die options. The UK press would present UDI as high treason, and call for arrests; look at the ‘rebellion’ charges against the figureheads of the botched independence attempt in Catalonia. Who could blame Sturgeon for watching that mess unfold and acknowledging the importance of exhausting every political and legal avenue.

      • Carl

        Sturgeon tried to fit up Mr SNP Salmond and have him jailed for sex crimes.

        What would it take for you think SHE was splitting the SNP?

        • Goose

          Not defending Sturgeon, I don’t know what she thinks.

          Outside court, Alex Salmond stated he’d elaborate further at an appropriate time in the future. He’s quite capable of putting his side of things without everyone expressing an opinion and jumping to their own conclusions. Let him speak, then members may wish to act on what he says, or not?

          • Carl

            Yeah, you’re not defending her at all … As for your rules as to when or whether views can be expressed on her role in the Salmond fit-up, are you applying them to the man whose blog you’re posting under?

      • Nickle101

        It is not about splitting the SNP. In fact, it is not about the SNP at all; the SNP is ‘look, the squirrel, over there’.

        A ‘terrible beauty’ of independence will not be born from career politics. It will require something more radical akin to the ‘citizen activism’ of which Craig speaks or upheavals that have been required elsewhere; this is what the establishment really fears. The SNP is paid to prevent this at all cost.

        When you tie citizen activism to career political structures, it will be smothered and still born. Look at the long game the Labour party apparatus played with Corbynism, supported by secret services and the press. Look a Catalonia. The big fluffy pillow of EU bureaucracy and Spanish brutality is doing its best to smother independence there. Do not think Scotland will be any different.

        The Salmond saga is a taste of the poison in store for those who are perceived to rock the boat, which the SNP as the willing executioner. I hope Craig is not the next to be made an example of.

      • Cubby


        Scotland is not Catalonia. How many times does this have to be posted. Catalonia is captured by a Spanish constitution ( written) which makes it illegal to leave Spain. There is no treason and no UDI for Scotland. What the UK press call for is irrelevant – some of them wanted to look for Elvis on the dark side of the moon.

        ” Legal avenue ” – exactly what law would be broken in the event of the people of Scotland exercising their legal right to self determination under the Claim of right. This illegal nonsense is just that – nonsense.

        • Nickle101

          Scotland is not Catalonia, but have no illusion, independence will never be given without a struggle. Deep water ports, strategic geography, land, oil and despotic sense of ownership will not be simply ceded. If I am not mistaken doesn’t the queen of England own the sea bed 12 miles out round Britain? I can assure you every dirty trick learned in centuries of British domination and exploitation will be brought to bear on the people of Scotland if they try to break away. Please note I am not saying this to scaremonger, but I think it is naive to think independence simply means walking away.

      • Goose

        If the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs were to leave the PLP, the Blairites, who now dominate Starmer’s ‘opposition-lite’ shadow front bench would likely be rejoicing.

        And you can wager if they did leave to create a new leftwing party, there’d be no high profile/ propaganda value coverage, with the story leading the BBC’s TV news all day, as happened with the Independent Group (Change UK), when Chuka and fellow quitters, left the PLP, under Corbyn. A new party of the left would be lucky to get a mention by those same news outlets.

          • Goose

            Didn’t say I admire him, I most certainly don’t. lol.

            My point was, that when Mr Umunna, Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Gavin Shuker, Ann Coffey and Mike Gapes left the PLP, they were but seven MPs. They were later joined by Tories’ Sarah Wollaston, Heidi Allen and Anna Soubry.

            Their new centrist outfit were given wall-to-wall media coverage; they dominated the BBC TV news and radio, ITV news, Sky news – their speeches – thinly veiled rants against Corbyn, were shown live and without Corbyn or Labour permitted a right of reply.
            Today the Socialist Campaign Group is some 37 strong. If they left Labour to start a new socialist party the same media, including BBC, ITV , Sky would try top strangle such a party at birth, by allowing it no publicity.

  • Willie

    That vetting of candidates has become an absolute sewer of corrupt selection and rejection, today’s decision on whether to ban sitting MPs from standing as MPs could well be something with huge ramifications.

    If successful, it would undoubtedly play to Nicola Sturgeon’s hand since the principal target here is Joanna Cherry, since Joanna would have to resign her Westminster seat to stand for Holyrood under an SNP ticket. But how else could it play out? How would the party rank and file take it? Why now? Would it force an exodus of members, supporters and voters to shift allegiance? Would it say to people we need a new Independence Party and not just a list one? I hope not because as Craig Murray has said before the SNP is an essential part of the independence fight. But that I have to say is only if the SNP are a party committed to independence.

    Rejecting vetting approval to extremely competent applicants like Craig Murray, opening nominations at the shortest possible notice and then affording the shortest possible time for nomination lodgement, the current suspension of vetting in the run up to an election, indeed corrupted vetting decisions with subsequent blocking of appeals, this is the reality of the current SNP under its current leadership.

    And the prosecution of Salmond, Murray, Hirst. All part of the same story, as was the ejection of solid nationalists like Graeme Wardle aka Grouse Beater.

    Yes there is much to change in a party that has become unrecognisable to many of the long term members who are aghast at how the party has turned at a time when independence should be in our grasp. The establishment has indeed manipulated well. But of course the party has allowed the manipulators to put place-men, place-women and place-others into position. That is, and always has been imperial England’s way.

    Anyway, we await the decision on whether sitting MPs are to be barred from standing at next year’s Scottish Parliamentary elections.

    • 6033624

      What you describe reminds me of the dichotomy between rank and file members and the MPs in the Labour Party. The membership overwhelmingly backed Corbyn but the PLP reviled him and attempted to remove him. It’s easier than we’d all like to think for the tail to wag the dog…

      • Loony

        For some impossible to imagine reason you appear to have neglected to complete your argument. Please allow me to help.

        Corbyn was overwhelmingly popular with the Labour Party membership, and he was indeed reviled by the PLP. None of that prevented Corbyn from making his case to the electorate. The election result revealed that Corbyn and his ideas were of no interest at all to the electorate, and so Corbyn recorded the worst electoral result for the Labour Party in almost a century.

        Naturally differences of opinion between activists and MP’s are considered far more important than the views of the people. It is through such case studies that we can safely conclude that the political classes despise and detest the electorate.

        Sometimes the electorate bites back – but even that changes nothing as the first response is to step up the smearing of the people as being racist bigots or congenitally stupid thus reinforcing the contempt of the political classes for the people.

        Happy days…and then suddenly and for no reason at all people were attracted to an Austrian.

        • John+Deehan

          Hmm, the worst electoral result for Labour in almost a century.” Oh dear, have you been reading the Fraudian ? In the 2019 U.K. GE the democratic socialist Labour Party had approximately 10.3 million votes and lost 59 seats. This of course was after a Tsunami of propaganda unprecedented in modern times with the security services plus the “ centrists and moderates “ giving a helping hand. In the 2010 GE New Labour had about 8.6 million votes and lost 97 seats.

          • Loony

            …and so a sophist enters the ring.

            The Labour party has the fewest number of Parliamentary seats since 1934. 1934 is almost a century ago. The normal way of determining electoral success is by counting the number of seats gained in an election.

            Not even a sophist that despises the people can possibly expect anyone to believe that the Tsunami of propaganda unleashed against Corbyn was “unprecedented in modern times” Arguably Michael Foot suffered worse in the 1983 election. Certainly anything aimed at Corbyn is more like a malfunctioning water pistol of propaganda compared to the unrelenting torrents of venomous hatred directed at President Trump.

          • Goose


            And they studiously avoid mentioning 2017’s GE , 12.87m votes for Labour led by Corbyn, and a 40% vote share – a rise of nearly 10% on 2015. Worth pondering that if the SNP had repeated seat haul of 2015 (56 seats ), in 2017’s GE, Corbyn would’ve become PM. The 13 Scottish Tory MPs who were returned in 2017 are the only reason May’s shaky DUP coalition was even possible.

            That Westminster setback shook the SNP.

          • Goose


            “Certainly anything aimed at Corbyn is more like a malfunctioning water pistol of propaganda compared to the unrelenting torrents of venomous hatred directed at President Trump.”
            I’d agree on that point, but Trump thrives on the abuse from critics and overcomes it, by being equally venomous. That’s how he defeated his Republican rivals to win the nomination in the first place ‘Little Marco(Rubio)’, his attacks on John McCain etc. Trump courts controversy in a way Corbyn never has or will. Trump is too thick skinned for the liberal media to dent him and if he loses in November, it’ll be only because of his handling of the covid crisis rather than because anything the media have thrown at him over the years.

          • Carl

            Loony and Goose

            Corbyn fafed genuine, fanatical opposition, not fake opposition, and all of it was based on lies and smears not truth. He also had no media or billionaire allies. Trump btw is the most thin skinned politician there has ever been.

          • Goose


            ‘Trump is thin skinned.’
            I understand why you’d think that, with his twitter rants. But he’s a bizarre mix, in that he despises his media critics and they despise him back. Even though he retaliates and takes umbrage easily(thin skinned), it’s as though he enjoys throwing insults and the drama of it all, and his base loves his bombast. He’s so combative he’s thick skinned in that he fires back at his critics and seemingly enjoys doing so.

        • SA

          Surely you are not that naive are you? This is the sort of thing written by someone who has no knowledge whatsoever of British politics. But hey ho, there goes.

          • Loony

            What does it reveal?

            Presumably your failure to reveal the revelation means that you don’t know what is being revealed. So all in all a very unrevealing comment from yourself. Or perhaps not:

            …and suddenly for no reason at all…

          • Carl

            What does it reveal? The same thing it always reveals: that you are a fan of the “Austrian”.

  • Cleric

    Satans biggest achievement is to fool us it doesnt exist and interfere in our lives. There are whole sections of society that work to its dictates hiding under blonde highlites and cover of the BBC,etc. The ONLY way its evil can be defeated is with critical spiritual mass in the populace, CM is fighting something way beyond his reach.

    • J Arther Nast

      You remind me of a meeting of the student body at Stirling when this chap rushed on to the platform and declared that” marxism was forged on an anvil in hell”. Brought the house down.

    • Fredi

      Cleric, even as an agnostic I firmly believe that the existence or not of a supernatural entity influencing peoples lives is a moot point. What is abundantly clear to anyone paying attention is that the real power controlling vast swathes of humanity clearly do themselves believe in a ‘darker power’ and have nothing but contempt for followers of all established religions. They show us this all the time with their symbols, they show with a practice has often been described as ‘hidden in plain view’, they identify themselves, their values, and their agenda with depressing consistency.

      Deep down we all know what they want, yes it’s all that ‘conspiracy theory’ nonsense that people have to mock in order to feel they have some vestige of control over their powerless lives.

      The tired old canards like, the complete centralisation of power to form one world government,digital cashless currency, micro chipped population, severe global depopulation,surveillance state, compact cities, trans humanism, eradication of religion (except for demon worship of course) and other such unpleasantaries.

      That’s the plan and by increment it’s most definitely unfolding. Here’s a tiny website, you could call it a voice in the wilderness telling it as it is, documenting their gloating power over the engineered decline of the western world. Really like many of us, just a tiny voice of truth drowned out by the perpetual scream from a lying machine..

    • pete

      Yes it’s difficult to fight evil with only 26 bishops guaranteed seats in the House of Lords. Looking at Craig’s post about the latest leaches to join the gravy train, taking the total to over 800 unelected members, I’m sure you will agree the time has come to abolish the House of Lords, it is a mockery of the concept of democracy.

  • James Cook

    Sorry to say Craig, but you seem to be a slow and particularly difficult learner.

    Not to worry thou, there are plenty out there who re-visit Las Vegas regularly, vote dutifully, listen mindlessly to the BBC and actually believe politicians when their lips are moving.

    The game is rigged, my man………….and your honest, diligent participation in the “system” is required in order for it to work as planned!

  • Rab Alexander

    It has always bothered me that a person of your calibre was barred from standing as an SNP MSP.
    The Angus SNP led by Toom Tabard aka Andrew Welsh were never that fussy when they accepted a drug dealer and all round baddie as a prospective all round bad yin as a candidate for the first parliament.
    Beware the old guard Tartan Tories, stand as AFI in the list. I bet you would win.

  • Wikikettle

    I support Craig and agree with his views on peace and justice. Localism and activism depends on enough people “bothering” to get involved in politics and have empathy not just self interest. I can’t vote for the new “New Labour”. I think the EU and NATO membership is supporting wars and unacceptable. I also think the Euro takes away control of one’s currency and interest rates. Race nationalism is also not my cup of tea. I can’t see the SNP representing working people but I do see them mis using the Scotish flag.

  • 6033624

    Your comments and articles are certainly food for thought. I spent some time thinking after your last article on this subject and realised that the ‘managerialism’ is indeed the enemy of any political party. The Labour movement and Red Clyde came from firebrand speakers giving speeches to groups of those hungry for change they were GENUINE grassroots movements. Labour caused and absolute sea-change in Scottish Politics and made itself the ‘Party of Scotland’ for over half a century. But they fell victim to said managerialism, branches where the only attendees were cliques of people who voted each other into office and did little campaigning on anything to actual voters. The voters felt they had nowhere else to go and voted for them relentlessly rather than with enthusiasm. I remember voting Labour when Blair had become leader. Although I thought him a bit far to the right I thought that the south east of England would like him, he looked and sounded like them and spoke their language, so that was alright then. On reflection that was not ‘alright then’ Still Labour weighed their votes here and in other heartlands, the only changes made were essentially negative in terms of the initial aims of the Labour Movement itself. The beginning of the end for them on reflection.

    Now we see the SNP, having been carried aloft by a genuine groundswell of public opinion and grassroots movement. It is starting to separate off, as you said, and is bound to repeat the mistakes of Labour. It may take just as long but it WILL happen. SNP must ensure it stays connected to those people willing to knock doors (not paid campaigners) and participate in marches, rallies etc, generally be at the frontline where the voters are. I admired Sturgeon during the campaign for the referendum, she went round halls and spoke and actually TOOK QUESTIONS from people – random people, random questions for real. Something that rarely, if ever, happens. I spoke to a unionist I know who saw her speak and was full of admiration, although not persuaded. She felt that Sturgeon, the SNP and the Independence Movement were actually connecting to her personally. We mustn’t lose this, if SNP ends up a fat, lazy party like Labour it will be the end of any thoughts of independence, permanently…

  • Willie

    Rab Alexander @ 14.40.

    Quite agree with your concern that an individual like Craig was previously rejected by vetting for being a suitable candidate, and in fact I’m sure that there are some in the current leadership who would not want him in the proverbial Lucky Bag.

    But there are many who would in an instant have Craig Murray as a candidate for election as an MSP. So fair play to him. He has given notice of his request and the SNPs compliance manager should, if he is impartial, respond appropriately.

    If Craig passes vetting then we’ll and good. He would be a fine candidate, a fine MSP and he would add much to the party and the cause. We need people like him.

    If however, and for whatever reason he is rejected for vetting, or rejected at vetting, then that is a signal to the membership and beyond about what the party has become. Hopefully he is accepted, hopefully he does become a candidate, hopefully he gets selected and elected, because what our independence movement needs is a committed SNP taking a majority of as many constituency seats at the next election with an equally committed Independence list party to maximise the parliamentary numbers.

    That the clown George Galloway has ventured onto the pages of the press proclaiming that he will start a pan unionism party, all independence supporters ought now to be actively attuned to the dynamics of a twin party approach.

    These are interesting and formative times in our nations continuing struggle to regain its sovereignty and its democratic right to choose. And choose our people will. Make no mistake about that. We’ve had a long fight and we are now at the position when we can win. And we will win!

    • Wikikettle

      Willie, its worth examining and debating George Galloways (and his new Workers Party ) points against Independence rather than just dismissing him as a clown. He of all politicians has bravely spoken out against injustice and given many a platform to Craig.

      • Willie

        Wikikettle, I do not dismiss Galloway as a clown in a purely pejorative way but do so because he is about the biggest flip flop opportunist that anyone has ever seen.

        A troubadour worthy of the circus he appears to have no ideological compass other than his prospect of election. Scotland united will never be divided he once chanted. Now it is the absolute belief in the Union with England exiting Europe. And all this from a previous self proclaimed internationalist who now alights with the most right wing Tories imaginable.

        Yes, pejorative I may be about Galloway, but he’s a high wire clown and I wouldn’t trust the two face as far as I could throw him.

      • Penguin

        Galloway has exactly 0 (ZERO!) points against Scottish independence. Every single one also applies to his beloved Oirland.

        How much did he embezzle from War on Want all those years ago? Seems the man has never stopped collecting money from credulous followers.

      • frankywiggles

        All George Galloway can promise Scots is permanent rule by English Tories and Blairites. That’s who his Alliance for Unity is with. Them and the billionaire press, integrity initiative and the orange horde.

  • Gill McArthur

    I find myself VERY disappointed and suspicious as to why the SNP would not grab you to be part of their team. The road to independence will be an arduous one as the hurdles thrown at us by Westminster backed by America will be many.

  • Loony

    So, you are advocating a “dynamic citizen activism” and wonder what the SNP will think of that message.

    The leadership of the SNP, in common with all other major political parties everywhere, actively despise and detest the citizenry that they seek to rule over. With this obvious fact in mind it is indeed difficult to speculate as to how your message will be received by the leadership of the SNP.

    • Wikikettle

      It would be good for Parliament to have both Craig and George as Independent MP’s to speak truth to power. Not under the control and whip of bought and sold parties, as the SNP has become.

        • Goose

          He [Galloway] caused a fair degree of ministerial discomfort during his time at Westminster with his fiery interventions on foreign policy and Israel’s activities.

          The fact his views on Scottish independence seem to be at odds with his other views, shouldn’t detract from the fact he is a fine orator when he wants to be.

  • Stevie Boy

    “… parasitic class with interchangeable beliefs, out for themselves …” – definition of the modern politician in the ‘free world’.

  • Justin+Fayre

    Like you Craig, I could if I wasn’t so modest, claim to be a ‘Cassandra’.
    On the 14/7 /2014, I wrote this.
    Actually it was a case of heeding the warnings of certain enlightened folk in the Yes Camp, checking out the links quoted at the end of the article, putting 2+2 together and coming up with a ‘satirical piece’.
    So using the same logic why is the role of Peter Murrell, Chairman of the SNP and the husband of Nicola, not coming under greater scrutiny.
    If you argue the case that Cummings is a maciavellian type in the court of Boris then surely a similar case can be made against Murrell.
    It’s all to do with money and power.

    • Robert graham

      Well recommended, under which heading is it placed, Fact or Fiction? Difficult to choose in my opinion, but my preference is Fact. Who knows what’s in store with lunatics in charge? We ain’t, I believe, seen nothing yet.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Perhaps you could do what Martin Bell did in Tatton all those years ago and stand against the most corrupt SNP MSP in the land, running on a ticket obviously nationalist in nature but calling yourself something different? I am not sufficiently au fait with SNP politics to know who that miscreant might be, but I am sure that you will be perfectly aware of where to stand….

    Calling yourself the REAL SNP would probably be a bit provocative, but it would certainly leave no-one in any doubt as to where your allegiances lay…

    • Mary

      You refer to Martin Bell, the ‘man in the white suit’, the uncle of Oliver Kamm.*

      Bell won Tatton but left no trace of his time there. He was succeeded there by Osborne! He followed the Independents and the Greens. Seems to have had multiple political affiliations. Following a spell at UNICEF, seems to have disappeared without trace.

      * Kamm has been a consistent supporter of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the foreign policies of his government.[10]According to John Lloyd in 2005, Kamm views Blair’s policies “as the expression of true social-democratic values”.
      At its launch in 2005, Kamm subscribed to the founding principles of the Henry Jackson Society and was an initial signatory.
      In 2006 Oliver Kamm wrote a blog post titled “The Islamphobia Scam” in which he said “if any reader wishes to nominate me [for an “Islamophobia” award] and I am successful, you can be sure I’ll turn up to collect the award and express my reasons for pride in it.

      He states that he is a friend and admirer of Israel ‘whose pluralist ethos will be fulfilled when there is an eventual two-state solution with a sovereign Palestine’. Kamm has been an opponent of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. He told Liam Hoare writing for The Forward magazine in September 2015, that “the left has incorporated the attitudes of the nativist far-right. Corbyn’s alliances with reactionary, misogynistic, theocratic, and anti-Semitic movements bear out what we’ve said”‘ Wikipedia

    • fwl

      the i party for independent nationalist lower case with the inference that the other independence party is more of a Microsoft affair, or

      the ii party as in just say aye aye the independent independence party, or insolent independent with a two finger logo.

      Just chipping in – although I support Britain remaining one country for better or worse – more devolution, support for all Celtic languages, but not nationalism. In may ways the old English cultural superiority has gone down the plug hole and this is for eg brilliantly illustrated in Beeb’s brilliant Michael Sheen and David Tenant (McDonald) mini-series Staged. Charismatic mercurial Welshman, charming Scot and an Englishman lacking in identity and confidence.

  • Robert Graham

    If I were of a Machiavellian nature subtle changes recently , The Tory leader going, The Labour leader about to be pushed, Wullie who cares , Ruthless put the boot in elevated to the House of Lords, shortly to surface in The Edinburgh Hub , the Hub being short for Bawjaws alternate government in Scotland bypassing Holyrood and Democracy at the same time , I believe the Union is on the move and the Actors are being placed in position ,
    I mean by the Union on the move, There is collusion at work on the Union side ,it’s not been mentioned before but the nature of questions in Holyrood gives the game away , the Coordinated way the questions are put are not just by chance they are acting in unison and backed by the media.
    What’s the Catalyst that links these individual barely noticed moves , why the changes and the Venomous attacks at the mere mention of setting up a List Party to remove Unionist MSPs and kick the SNP up the arse these attacks are divided equally between unionist parties and the SNP , does this move by mostly disgruntled independence supporters endangering this cosy setup raise more sinister questions, who is pulling the strings

  • Republicofscotland

    A Laocoon or Cassandra warning, that wasn’t heeded, but how could we know for sure, we couldn’t. I guess we should’ve known that the longer a party stays in government, the more chance there is for this to happen. The hierarchy of the SNP are no Solon of Athens.

  • Davie Allan

    I concur in your doubts over the difference between the rank and file, and those of the officer class who are managing things for us plebs, obviously in secret. I suspect that a lot of the officer/managerial apparatchiks would enjoy the status quo to continue, into a future without end. I do not trust the present incumbents. I notice the original enquiry into the conduct of the investigation into Mr Salmond’s alleged crimes was callapsed. Why? Apparently the court required a view of all e-mails in and out of the F.M.,s office. Instead of refusing the court(Illegal thing to do), the case was surrendered. Now, what puzzles me. If the Chief Civil Servant in Scotland, who oversaw the investigation. Now admitted to be an improper one. Why is she still in post? Is this because, as the late Lyndon Johnstone said. “I’d sooner have her in the tent, pissing out.”

    • Justin Fayre

      NS’s parents are teachers. NS herself is an ex solicitor of dubious talent. NS’s husband is a ruthless manipulator who is the puppetmaster. NS herself has blossomed into a skilled actress and ardent feminist.
      Add to the mix the rather strange clique of Yousef, Sarwar and Anwar then throw in the young PC Twitter zombies with the flowers and GIFs and you have the perfect storm.
      An administration run by glorified HR zealots for the benefit of lawyers and teachers.
      After 45 years I’ve had it. I’m away to join the Foreign Legion (or mebbe the Orange Order)

  • Giyane

    The whole point about an empire is that it is absolutely always too large to govern directly. It always has to govern indirectly through levels of its local administration who are given immense differential privileges compared with the crushed underlings of the vanquished vassal state.

    This is the way of the world and anybody rehearsing its fundamental principles will naturally incur the wrath of the imperial arseholes themselves , but more especially the ingratiated and engrovelled trolls who administer the colossus for them. Doesn’t matter if it is A.D. 14 or A.D. 2014 , when the prevailing Empire uses the tools of corruption and bribery to get the local big bums to devolvedly oppress the local populations, the prophecy comes to pass that ” within one generation this whole spanking new temple will be pulled down stone by stone”.

    The underlying truth is that when empires resort to deviousness because they have civilised themselves out of the will to engage in fighting, they are already on their last legs anyway. Our darling integrity illicitive has refrained from commissioning any terror false flags with which to submit their yokels to gladio trauma, during the covid lockdown. Why?

    Quite simply because the sheeple
    are tamely following government initiatives for their own survival and so the opposition to the colonial prostitutes who we call local politicians is temporarily subdued.

    But believe you me as soon as Craig’s tin hat is lifted on a stick above the mounds of earthworks, the SS snipers will fill it with bullet holes. Britain is a failed Empire surviving by doing dirty work for the US like a retired SAS providing security for a billionaire conman.

    One thing is absolutely sure, China and its communist legacy of manufacture will survive this virus a million times better than Rishi Sunak’s dog food QE. In fact the boiled intestine flavoured , just add water, stinky fare we have been served called furlough, will soon cause insurrection in the ranks.

    We will demand answers to the simple question, why if the empire has known about the severity of the risk of coronavirus for 30 years and funded extendive research on them has it just carried on flattening its Mediterranean neighbours for Israel, instead of attending to the known and deadly threat to ourselves.

    Why indeed? Because the Empire has reached its zenith and has disintegrated into rotten flesh on white bones. Vultures peck and flutter, jackals howl. The mighty British Empire will relinquish its trophy of Scotland very soon, if and only if the terror that Britain leashed on Northern Ireland , when it comes to Scotland, is understood for what it is, the last stand of a dying empire as it sinks into oblivion in the desert sands.

    • Giyane


      It’s eid today. The Housa Lords must have a few half skirt half trouser toilets for the new Scottish entrant , entrantesses and can’t remember or can’t make minds. We wear both anyway.
      Happy Eid.

      • Mary

        Eid Mubarak Giyane.

        ‘Eid Mubarak! The second Eid in the Islamic calendar is here, meaning prayers and festivities for families in Birmingham, across the UK and around the world.

        Eid al-Adha – ‘festival of the sacrifice’ – is also known as Eid ul Adha, Greater Eid, Bakra Eid, Qurbani Eid and other names, depending on location and tradition.

        In 2020, it will be on Friday, July 31, and will be a very different Eid from previous years.’

  • John Thomson

    Go for it, things are going to get a lot worse and you will provide a calm, measured and knowledgeable voice. All the best

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