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Saturday will be a proud day for our family, after a very difficult year. Winners, Nadira’s first feature film as Producer, will have its World Premiere as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. To be part of the official selection at the world’s oldest film festival is a real achievement, and to be given the Saturday evening slot in Filmhouse 1 is something of a triumph.

The Director is our good friend Hassan Nazer, who lives in Aberdeen. Nadira and Hassan filmed on location in Iran, with the post-production carried out back in Scotland with the support of Screen Scotland and producer Paul Walsh. The film is in Farsi and subtitled. You can see the trailer here.

The film itself operates on different levels. It is a charming story about two children, their incredible find, and the journey that results. You don’t need to know anything about cinematic history to really enjoy it. But if you are a cinema buff, and particularly of Iranian and Italian cinema, there are all kinds of references you will spot. Then, without being in any sense a political film, the background of social conditions is fascinating.

Without giving too much away, the rubbish-picking children are real life rubbish picking children, not actors. The wedding procession is an actual wedding procession: I find some of the cinematography breathtaking in an extraordinary landscape. The film stars Reza Naji, a great of Iranian cinema, who won the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the Berlinale for his role in Song of Sparrows.

Hassan and Nadira’s achievement here as first generation immigrants, and the support they received from Screen Scotland, says something happy about our multi-cultural society. It is good to concentrate on the positive sometimes, and enjoy such moments.

Please do go and see Winners if you are within reach of Edinburgh. Some tickets for the premiere on Saturday 13 August at 20:15 are still available here, and there are plenty of tickets still available for the second screening on Monday 15 August at 13.00 here.

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15 thoughts on “Winners

  • nevermind

    Our heartiest of congratulations to Nadira and her co producers, wow, the Saturday evening slot, that IS special. I will have to see the film at a later date. well done from one immigrant to another.

  • Vivian O’Blivion

    Screen Scotland are taking a real risk helping finance an enterprise even tangentially associated with yer gid self. What’ll happen when wee nippy finds out? The vindictive capacities of yon lot ken nae bounds.

  • Robert Dyson

    That’s cheering news.

    “says something happy about our multi-cultural society”

    I do live with hope.
    Will it be available to watch via computer at some time?

  • Anna Rose

    Hearty congratulations Nadira, a wonderful culmination to a long creative process. I remember well such an interesting lunch with you and your family a few years ago in Edinburgh when, after making some amazing food, you talked of your film (among other things). I’m so glad you and all involved are now gaining the recognition you richly deserve and following some difficult times. Sadly I can’t come to Edinburgh to see your film there but, living in London now, I hope it will come here and I’ll be able to do so.

  • Pigeon English

    Sorry for posting O/T but Now I live in Amsterdam and I have listened to Dundee United chants for at least 8 hours non stop. I did join them for an hour and went home! I honestly hope they go to next stage.!!! I told my son to get us tickets for tomorrow but away (1300) tickets were sold. Now it’s 1 am and they are still singing. My third favorit club in the world!

  • Derek

    Good film. I had to run away as I was off to see Nosferatu at the Cameo, so couldn’t hang around for the Q+A. I was at the end of the row.

  • John Monro

    Good luck with your film, Nadira, and congratulations. A small crack of sunshine among the darkening clouds hanging over us all.

  • Graeme Hood

    Is this likely to be available for purchasing and downloading anytime soon? I am not likely to be near a screening ever.
    Ditto for the Assange Ithaka film. Would love to be able to pay to view.