Profiteering from Death 229

How much of Shell’s record US $40 billion profit was due to the Ukraine war and freezing Russia out of the market?

If you apply the “excess deaths” methodology we became familiar with during covid, comparing profit against a running average of the previous five years, we get a figure of about $25 billion “excess profit”.

This is of course a rough technique, both with deaths as with profits, as neither covid nor the Ukraine war were the sole factor affecting the outcome, and “all other things” are not equal but in some degree variable.

But it is a good indication when a major new factor comes in to play.

If we simply remove Shell’s 2020 accounts, with their US$20 billion covid loss, from the equation as exceptional, we still have a figure of US$15 billion excess profit, arising largely from the war in Ukraine.

Isn’t it good to know that all those people have not died or been maimed in vain? At least Shell are raking it in.

Shell of course are not alone. We will see something similar from all the energy companies, including those that are billing you massive amounts to heat your home. It isn’t costing any more to produce the energy, it is simply vulture predation on market disruption.

Capitalism in theory works in free markets of trade flows. But in practice financial flows are manipulated by states to the benefit of the rich in numerous ways, of which war and sanctions are just the bluntest examples.

The United States blowing up the Nordstream 2 pipeline was a pretty significant state market intervention. Yet when the result of that kind of action is to cause super profits to western energy companies at consumer expense, market intervention to remove that super profit becomes “unhelpful”.

Arms manufacturers are also coining it. To December, investors in merchants of death BAE had seen an increase in value of their investment by 63% in twelve months. Now everybody with a finger in the pie is clamouring to send more tanks and planes to the Ukraine. Money, money, money.

The story is no different at Lockheed Martin etc.

We should also not forget that the military and security services are themselves a vested financial interest. Vastly rising budgets, more career opportunities, more second career jobs in the arms industries and the think tanks that pump out the propaganda for more war, war without end.

I have said this before, but J A Hobson’s short book, Imperialism: A Study contains analysis of how all this works that stands true over a hundred years on, is expressed with clarity, and fundamentally changed how I view the world, when I read it forty years ago.

There is yet more acceleration in the massive transfer of resources to the wealthy. Every world event – Covid, the war in Ukraine – is manipulated by states to increase inequality. Oxfam, who seem the most genuine of the large relief charities (admittedly not a high bar), recently published this:

Billionaires have seen extraordinary increases in their wealth. During the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis years since 2020, $26 trillion (63 percent) of all new wealth was captured by the richest 1 percent, while $16 trillion (37 percent) went to the rest of the world put together. A billionaire gained roughly $1.7 million for every $1 of new global wealth earned by a person in the bottom 90 percent. Billionaire fortunes have increased by $2.7 billion a day. This comes on top of a decade of historic gains —the number and wealth of billionaires having doubled over the last ten years.

In this western world, I am not sure what percentage of ordinary people have to reach what stage of desperation before we see the start of genuine revolt. Should things continue on this trend, we are going to find out eventually.


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229 thoughts on “Profiteering from Death

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  • John Kinsella

    Perhaps the mods will allow one more link to Russkiy State TV?

    In this talk to camera, the charming head of RT tells us (in fact she tells her Russian viewers) that Russia occupied Paris after the failed French attack on Russia – the “War of 1812”.



      • AG

        Of course they did.
        But disguised as Soviet soldiers so that 80 years later it could be revealed and be used against the Russians.
        Didn´t you know that.
        It´s all about careful planning.

        p.s. or as General Patton demanded, we shouldn´t have stopped until Moscow.
        (He already did inspect former SS division in early 1945 to include into his troops. For movie-buffs: “Patton” (1970) still holding-up well)

      • John Kinsella

        Hello PE.

        This video clip confirms that the Putin regime blatantly lies to the Russian people.

        I mean blatantly.

        Not just “the British empire was a force for good” but “British troops occupied Moscow after WW1”.

        A Big Lie.

        Sad to say, many (perhaps most) posters here support the Putin regime.

        Auld tankies….

        Good night,

      • AG

        re: Auschwitz

        I guess they mix it up with another KZ, Dachau, in Southern Germany, not far from the city of Munich, which was indeed liberated by G.I.s

        personal anecdote:

        My 7th grade history teacher´s Dad was among the prisoners of Dachau in 1945 (Social Democrat). The teacher told us how the doctors had made experiments on his Dad via surgery reducing his stomach to reduce calorie consumption on humans.

        This particular man escaped the camp, bumped into US troops of the 7th Army in Bavaria and led them to the camp who liberated it.

        I never checked on the validity of the story but back then it impressed 30 kids.

    • fonso

      What point are you trying to make? The Russians were justified in occupying Paris. The British by contrast had a year earlier sailed across the Atlantic and burned the White House to ashes. A generation after that they sailed to Peking and looted and burned the Summer Palace. Neither act was in retaliation for an invasion of Britain. In between they inflicted the Great Famine on the Irish and propped up the economy of the Slave South. The entire epoch is regarded today as the golden age of British liberalism.

    • Jack

      LOL I sat through the whole video waiting for the claim you alleged she made, as usual it turned out you lied, she did not say Russia occupied Paris. She said they Russian soldiers got to Paris but then left as she literally say at 3:01

      I have no idea why the mods. approve your 247 troll commenting here…

      • John Kinsella

        Hello Jack
        I posted a partial touché above.

        Not many retractions on this thread…

        Of course Mme RT implied to her audience that the Imperial Russian army got to Paris tout seule whereas they were accompanied by the Austrian and Prussian armies.

        That would have spoiled her Russia Uber Alles narrative?

        It’s not what you say but what you leave out.

        After all the Hungarians, Romanians and Italians all penetrated to the gates of Volgograd/Stalingrad.

        (With the help of a few hundred thousand Wehrmacht troops.)

        Good night,

        • John Kinsella

          Double checked the vid.

          Mme RT says that “we” took Paris, “stood there” then left. Stood there is ambiguous.

          But Russia didn’t “take” Paris.

          The Coalition of Russia, Prussia and Austria did.

          Ho hum…

          Good night.


          • Lysias

            Would it be wrong to say that Russia occupied Berlin in 1945 because there were also Americans, British, and French among the occupiers?

          • Bayard

            First it was a “statement”, now its an” implication”. There is a saying “when you are in a hole…” I’m sure you know the rest.

            I’ve remarked earlier about your weird insistence that the Russian government, uniquely out of the 178 in the world, should be expected to adhere strictly to the truth. It does make you look, how shall we put it, a little unhinged.

  • Pigeon English

    Lately I watch Al Jaazira and read Indy on line.
    Apart the earthquake on Al J was about BP making about 27 Billion profit and make me feel Sorry compared to Shell bastards.
    I did not see much in the Indy about it.
    Yesterday before noon there was a picture of White Helmets helping Earthquake victims.

    • Stevie Boy

      Al Jazeera is effectively the MSM in Arab dress, their news is very suspect. OTOH, some of their programmes on their TV channel are very good and informative. An enigma, or maybe not.

      • Jack

        Stevie Boy

        Yes that is my take on Al Jazeera (English) too, past couple of years it has slowly been drifting to become very similar to western MSM take on things. I reckon the Arabic Al Jazeera channel to be the real deal though.

  • AG

    a little light, some alive pieces of the German Left Party:

    discussion about the party´s position on Russia sanctions and the war is going on:
    (German text however)

    Sarah Wagenknecht, the eminent figure there, however dividing the party membership, has been for years among the most popular politicians in Germany among voters.

    But alas she was not put forward in the elections 2021. No sane person understood that. It´s like shooting one´s own kneecaps. It might have cost them 10% of the possible vote. With a proper party machinery even more.

    It´s not as bad as with Labour. But after what I have learned re: Corbyn I wonder what is going on HERE behind the scenes…

    Andrej Hunko, for those who fancy to read the link above via, has been a member of OSCE Ukraine monitoring team.
    He is one of the few genuine experts in Germany on this issue.

    Still his expertise is being disregarded in his own party by many simply because he is not critical enough of Russia in a way they would wish.
    All he does is putting forward facts about what was going on in Donbas.
    But people just stick their head into the sand.

    • Goose

      Look at the recent Czech presidential election, an actual former army general won, Petr Pavel.

      He previously served as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee from 2015 to 2018. As president-elect he’s set to replace the more Russia sympathetic Miloš Zeman. I’d imagine the US and UK will have long wanted old Miloš gone. I don’t know if there was any interference mind? Let’s face it, with what’s going on next door in Ukraine, the Czech people probably didn’t need much persuading to opt for an ex military man.

      I simply don’t see anything good emerging from the Baltic states and Poland, now Czechia taking an ultra-hawkish position towards Russia. Ditto for Germany. Russia has the capability to end millions of European lives very quickly and destroy cities, as Dresden was destroyed in WW2. Even if we hate this fact, that kind of firepower has to be respected. Nothing good can come from ratcheting up European – Russian tensions with hyper-moral absolutism. And if some smug neocon is driving that from the safety of the US, viewing it all as some great geostrategic game, that’s despicable. Europe shouldn’t simply assume those calling the shots in the US are rational players.

      • Jack


        Yeah Poles, baltics are really the worst, I dont understand why especially the baltic nations are this warmongering, if they are afraid of Russia, perhaps warmongering is not the best way to solve the issue? How has that worked out for them? Are they safer by having this posture? Ridiculous.

        And poles being poles

        Poland ready to take part in creating new world order against Russia, says Polish PM Morawiecki

        • nevermind

          The EsiGoth were always more warring than the Visigoth, Jack, despite the fact that Alaric who was the first to sack Rome gained much importance for his feat.
          He died on the way back being swept away by a flashflood in the Busento river.
          Maybe its genetic.

        • Stevie Boy

          My take is that the Poles are positioning themselves to take western Ukraine back under their wings. Ukraine dissappears and we are left with greater Poland bordering greater Russia. The question is what happens with Transnistria, and maybe Moldova?

          • Pears Morgaine

            Sure, and bring themselves in direct conflict with Russia and NATO wouldn’t help them as it would be an aggressive act by the Poles.

            Poland et al endured 70 years of oppression under Russia who never hesitated to send the tanks in to emphasise their authority. Naturally they fear a return to those days which is why they’ve joined NATO. The threat might be unfounded, who knows, but they feel it’s not worth taking the risk.

          • Laguerre

            I can see you think that it’s always worth going to war to avoid a hypothetical event which might or might not happen.

        • AG

          explain this Polish madness to me.
          I don´t get it.
          Is it the Catholic Church?
          And I just don´t believe that 40 Mio. Poles are all nuts.

          • Stevie Boy

            The problem with Poland is exactly the same problem that all western nations have.
            An incompetent, corrupt government infested with radical forces. Those radical forces will be made up of a mixture of: Fascists, US/CIA/NATO, Woke Brigade, WEF, NGOs, Big Corporates, MIC.
            The people, on the whole, are the same everywhere – mostly decent. It’s their ‘leaders’ that are the problem.

        • Ian Stevenson

          The Baltic states became independent from the Russian Empire at the end of the First world War.
          But they were taken over by Stalin in 1940. Large numbers of people were deported to the Soviet Union and large numbers of Russians were imported. Local culture was suppressed and schools had to teach Russian.
          In the early 1990s they managed to leave the USSR. They found a spectacular way of showing their opinion. They will have seen how Lukashenko rigged elections in Belarus and crushed the widespread protests by force. All of which was openly approved by Putin. Their ‘war mongering’ is a desire to defend their independence and opportunities in the EU. Not become part of an entity where the leader quotes Ivan Ilyin a reactionary philosopher.

          • Jack

            Ian Stevenson

            Perhaps because the baltics aided the nazis in their genocidal war against slavs?
            The baltics are following their own reactionary ideas:

            Nazi Waffen SS veterans join ultranationalist march in Latvia
            In Lithunia the same mentality rule
            And in Estonia you find Nazi collaborator monuments

            My point was though, they should stop acting like warmongers if they are scared of Russia, because Russia could probably take all three baltic states just like that so why are they constantly whining? Thus war cannot not be in their interest but seems to act cocky because they believe US will risk nuclear war for them.

            There is for example a clear difference between a more sane state like Finland vs the baltic more or less openly racist attitude to Russia.
            For example Estonia leaders have called for banning russian language in schools and want to ban russian tourists just because they are russian.
            ‘Russian tourists entering Europe pose security threat’ – Estonia’s PM

          • Ian Stevenson

            After the experience of occupation and deportation, it is not surprising some of them joined the Germans to fight the Russians and prevent their return. The Ukrainians did the same because of the Famine due to Stalin’s policies. We were never put in this position.
            It is now almost 80 years ago. All countries have their ‘right wing’ extremists, Not least in Russia. The modern people want to be part of – more or less – democratic Europe, not a reactionary authoritarian regime which does not allow the dissent that we see (e.g. on this blog). It is Russia which started this war and is bombarding cities and the electricity grid. With a neighbour like that, I would be looking for a supportive alliance.

          • Jack

            Ian Stevenson

            You know the baltic states were involved in the jewish extermination, that killing had nothing to do with Soviet at all, stop sucking up for bad behavior.

          • Bayard

            IS, all you have explained is why the Baltic states might be unfriendly towards Russia, not why it is a good idea to antagonise a very powerful neighbour that has already taken over you country once, on the grounds that you are going to be protected by another country a long way away that doesn’t have a good record of keeping its promises. If the US decides the Baltics are not worth going to war with Russia over, they will abandon them in a heartbeat.

  • J Arther Nast

    For anyone interested in the the final years of the Napolionic wars Dominic Lievens book Russia against Napoleon (2009) is a good read. The introduction starts with the sentance “Russia”s defeat of Napoleon is one of the most dramatic stories in European histoty) Lieven clearly shows the crucial role played by Alexander in persuading the understandably reluctant rulers of Prussia and Austria to join the final coalition leading to the defeat of Napolion and the occupation of Paris.

    ‘On theChamps-Elyees the monarchs and Schwarzenberg stopped and reviewed their troops as they marched past.. The parade included the Prussiian Guards and a divisian of Austrian Grenadiers. By universal consent, however, the Russian Guards were the finest looking troops in Europe and it was they who stole the show.”

    During the war of 1813/4 over half a million Rurrian troops crossed Russias borders going west. They were largely fed with food requisitioned from the Poles :85500000 kilo meat, 900000 kilo groats, 340000 litres vodka plus vast amounts of flour as well as oats for the horses. This must have resulted in terrible suffering for the Polish pesantry. As Marx said “The past hangs like a nightmare in the brain of the living”

      • Cornudet

        I must heartily concur. I re-read War and Peace last year, with help from Amazon Audible, and consider this work not only the greatest ever novel but the greatest work of literature. It is like Homer and Thucydides rolled into one

  • J Arter Nast

    + My understanding is that the Russians have been hinting that a Polish takeover of a rump Ukraine would be fine by them.

    • Pears Morgaine

      A ‘carve up’ of Ukraine was suggested by one or two Russian politicians pre-invasion but whether they’re still keen on the idea, who knows? Poland hasn’t shown any interest in the idea anyway.

  • J Arther Nast

    As yet we don’t know what the outcome of the war will be, but if Nato is defeated in Ukraine the question of Polish security will be concentrating minds in Warsaw.

    • Stevie Boy

      I believe the reality is that NATO lost this proxy war a while ago, the problem they now have is how to extricate themselves from this self imposed mess without looking like the idiots they are. Maybe they’ll ramp up the Chinese project and just sliver off to the Pacific and hope no-one notices, ‘Mission Accomplished’.

  • AG

    re: Russiagate

    recommended reading:

    A little while ago the Columbia Journalism Review published a series of 4 pieces on the failing of US journalism.

    Patrick Lawrence is lauding this CJR work here:

    “Patrick Lawrence: The Press Reckoning on Russiagate
    Jeff Gerth’s investigation for The Columbia Journalism Review exposes the dark heart of the news media’s coverage of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections.”

    Lawrence is sometimes too long I guess lacking any authority over at scheerpost who would cut a few things out.
    But he is very good with recounting the old days. Which he is doing here too.

    The CJR direct link:

    The intro of the editor´s note:

    “Seven and a half years ago, journalism began a tortured dance with Donald Trump, the man who would be the country’s forty-fifth president—first dismissing him, then embracing him as a source of ratings and clicks, then going all in on efforts to catalogue Trump as a threat to the country (also a great source of ratings and clicks).

    No narrative did more to shape Trump’s relations with the press than Russiagate. The story, which included the Steele dossier and the Mueller report among other totemic moments, resulted in Pulitzer Prizes as well as embarrassing retractions and damaged careers. For Trump, the press’s pursuit of the Russia story convinced him that any sort of normal relationship with the press was impossible.”

    • AG

      this is funny! I was just about posting it myself. But you were faster. haha!
      Its about 20 minutes old. Is it not?

      Have to read it yet though.

      • U Watt

        Yes, I only had time to skim read it for now. Seems to have been a co-Norwegian-US Navy operation. It’s not clear to me whether Hersh is saying Biden received Scholz’s approval to destroy it in their meeting in the Oval Office.

        • AG

          oh, and the last installment of the Swedish best-selling crime novel series “Wallander” is about this very case Hersh is describing, Ivy Bell, the US covert operation to install a listening device on Russian deep-sea comm-cables during the Cold War.

          • Goose


            Very doubtful… a misdirection perhaps?

            If you were responsible the best way of throwing amateur online sleuths off the scent is with a vaguely plausible, but wholly false, attribution.
            This is what Bellingcat exists for imho. Bellingcat is impressive; it’s an intel agency cut-out disguised as an open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering outfit, as Paul Mason revealed. The agencies drip feed it with high quality intelligence and as a result it carries lots of credibility. Its ‘investigations’ are frequently cited by the likes of the BBC, Sky News; the guardian, Times et al. Maybe 80-90% of its investigative reports contain accurate information. But it’s useful for the 10% disinformation that’s thrown into the mix, that serves to misdirect and mislead, the conspiracies that are true and dangerous.

          • AG

            guys, you may make up your own mind, sure, but Hersh is 85 now, no reason for him to pay attention to anything.

            He could as well just retreat. Why not believe him? Because it´s not spectacular enough?

            Usually these things never work like James Bond.
            They are 99% not spectacular (if Le Carré taught us one thing its that).

            It might come across so common. But that´s the entire point of it.
            That´s how military and power mechanism function – routine.

            They wouldn´t have pulled it off without the expertise. Look at it from their POV.
            Any risk for the Biden administration? None. In the current political hysteria this procedure is bullet proof.

            And you know why I believe it? Because it will have zero consequences.

            This story will vanish like all the others.

            They already countered it with the lie that Putin in a telephone call ordered the downing of MH-17 even though there was no real evidence as they also have to admit. But never mind. milking the Russiagate cow.

            Just 1 hour after Hersh had put up his story.

          • U Watt

            Why very doubtful? Norway stood to profit as much as the American gas firms and as Jack points out above it already has.
            As to Bellingcat, he’s one of Hersh’s fiercest antagonists. If you’re suggesting he’s Hersh’s source for this story you need to show your workings.

          • U Watt

            I doubt it will vanish. Certainly not in Germany. What are people going to think when they hear Scholz gave Biden the nod to wreck the German economy?

          • AG

            U Watt

            because this is not about the truth or morale or peace or whatever nonsense.
            This is about power.
            Plain and simple.

            And thus in essence it is a class war.

            Those with the power to wage war do it. The others are watching.

            And since this Germany is still a rich country the critical mass necessary for a real riot is far off.

            In essence not much has yet changed for people here. (is there a riot in Russia?)

            And the “elite” will carefully maneuver to keep it that way.

            I only doubt, they have the skills to do so.

            And as I try to tell everyone: There is no vaccine against a 10 mt hydrogen bomb.

            So eventually we might be at the mercy of Russian statecraft and their skill to not fuck everything up.

          • Goose

            U Watt

            WASHINGTON, Feb 8 (Reuters) – The White House on Wednesday dismissed a blog post by a U.S. investigative journalist alleging the United States was behind explosions of the Nord Stream gas pipelines as “utterly false and complete fiction.”

            With the bitter polarisation in the US. Look for example, at the recent, controversial removal of Adam Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee. Do you really think the White House would lie when the GoP control House Intelligence Committee and so many Republicans are already sceptical of the wisdom of endless funding for Ukraine?

            Sometimes planting misleading info is great of killing a story and issuing a truthful denial. I think the early reports, indicating this as being a US/UK operation, seem more plausible (note: I don’t know) and Norway is simply a red herring.

          • U Watt

            “Do you really think the White House would lie?”

            Is that a serious question?

            “Norway is simply a red herring”

            So you’ve out-thought Seymour Hersh.

          • U Watt

            That’s an over-complicated response. I am saying something this outrageous and significant does not disappear from people’s minds.

          • AG

            U Watt

            I am just too upset.

            But I do really believe it will not reach many people.
            the papers will hardly report. TV not at all.

            So who will tell them?

            Instead it WILL disappear.

          • Goose

            U Watt

            Imho, if it were accurate they’d make no comment. Or say something like this: We don’t want to give credence to baseless conspiracy theories.

            Words matter and they chose to be emphatic : “utterly false and complete fiction.”

            I’m not entirely dismissing the story, who knows?

          • U Watt


            Come on man, remember who we’re talking about here. There are innumerable examples of them issuing such categoric bluster. You need only recall their response to the Hunter Biden laptop story. They have zero compunction and the Republicans certainly won’t call them out on a major terrorist act that benefits their biggest donors.

          • U Watt

            I think with such intense distrust of msm and political elites it will be different with this one. But if they do succeed in hiding something of this size from wide attention then we are finished as supposed liberal democracies.

          • Goose

            U Watt

            I hadn’t read it. I have now:

            “The divers were Navy only, and not members of America’s Special Operations Command, whose covert operations must be reported to Congress and briefed in advance to the Senate and House leadership.”

            Hmm interesting? And the WH comments were actually email responses. Will Congress investigate?

          • Jack


            I feel the same hopelessness, here we have a bombshell claim and western media have seen it but refuse to report it, this is how censorship works and it works because this revelation is already buried.
            It makes me so sad that regular people have no idea about this. Imagine if it was a revelation by Hersh that Russia was behind it – it would be all over, but now? No, not a word. The people in media are sick.

  • Jack


    US behind Nord Stream sabotage – legendary NYT journalist
    Washington ”took out” the Russian gas pipelines, Seymour Hersh has claimed

    This is big, unfortunately it will not be covered in the western msm at all.

    And as many suspected, it was carried out during the BALTOPS 2022 Baltic sea “exercise” that Nato/US carriied out during the summer months.

    This is nothing but a declaration of war against Russia/Germany well the whole of the EU that now depend on US for expensive gas.


  • Goose

    Zelensky getting the star treatment in London.

    Let’s hope for him this isn’t some kind of farewell tour? Though, I suppose if Kyiv looks like falling he’ll be whisked out by his US sponsors.
    You sense the UK political elite almost need this war; allowing them to grandstand and promote our central role in NATO… to feel relevant. That is after the idiotic self-harm that is Brexit. A Brexit made worse by Johnson and the ERG’s inglorious isolationist hard Brexit deal.

    Zelensky and Ukraine are far from perfect democratic role models. Dodgy offshore accounts and alleged sums involved the likes of which would make Zahawi blush. A war of words with his predecessor Poroshenko over just who is the most corrupt. A constant slew of laws that attack basic human rights and seemingly deepen the west vs east divisions in Ukraine. A deep hostility to native Russian speakers and Russian cultural symbols in general. It’s hard to admire this guy as some sort of unifying figure. He’s certainly no Nelson Mandela.

    • Stevie Boy

      The UK is in such a mess that the establishment are looking for a major distraction/way out. It was the Falklands/Malvinas war that saved Thatcher’s hide and Libya was good for Cameron. So, the Tories hope that Ukraine can distract and save their slimy skins. Obviously, the problem is that the Defence forces are gutted to such an extent that the UK couldn’t defend itself against the Channel Islands, let alone a serious power.

  • Tatyana

    First, Merkel and Hollande say that the Minsk agreements were fake. Then the Israeli ex-premier says that the peace talks between Putin and Zelensky were thwarted because Biden’s reputation could have suffered. Now there is a new revelation that the US has blown up Nord Stream.
    I get the impression that a secret circle of annual scapegoat draws has decided to hint to Putin that they don’t mind pretending it was a meteor accident.
    I think it’s time for Putin to say some kind of speech and maybe wink twice or something. The fuss with intrigues is already boring, it’s time for Europe and Russia to sit down and talk seriously.

  • Brianfujisan

    What an amazing Piece by Seymour Hersh

    I do find the end sentences Puzzling though –

    ‘ Asked why he thought the Russians failed to respond, he said cynically, “Maybe they want the capability to do the same things the U.S. did.’

    Are we to belive the Russians don’t have this capability ?

    • Pigeon English

      20 meters deep is to deep for Russians but few months ago they did it!

      I am right now watching Al Jazeera and they are at least mentioning the story.
      Now they are talking about “rock star” reception by Westminster and soon
      I guess
      they will show White helmets in rescuing operation of the little girl and saving her(txs God)
      I told you so!!!

      Fucking Earthquake is weaponized and propagandized.

      I am ashamed of the world

    • Crispa

      An interesting observation. But what is the capability that is required? Here we have:
      1. A decision by the Biden regime to put an end to Nor Stream 2 for no other reason than economic jealousy long before Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.
      2, An assembling of the key players who had the power to put a stop to the project, with the USA being the only power with the resources to do that
      3. The commissioning of deep sea diving expertise who could carry out the placing of the explosives needed – a process which could be carried out clandestinely bypassing official scrutiny.
      4. Finding a willing partner in a country subordinate to USA interests in Norway, not least facilitated by the presence of a former PM of Norway as the current head of NATO.
      5. Adding an R&D purpose to the NATO Baltic exercise allowing the USA divers to do their dirty deed.
      6. Waiting for the right time for Norway to drop the sonar devices needed to detonate the explosives that had been placed.
      7. Waiting for no other than Biden himself (possibly read those with Power of Attorney over Biden such as Blinken, Sullivan and Nuland) to press the go button.

      Yes, USA capability results in doing the dirty on Germany, a supposed friend of the USA, deliberately, through its actions raising the gas prices not just there but mine here in the UK as well by an exorbitant amount and causing untold hardship for many people.

    • Goose

      Russia doesn’t have the willing accomplices to participate in and then help cover something like this up. Even if they had the technical smarts to carry it out : partners like Norway, Germany; Denmark and Sweden, no.

      There are probably lots of European leaders who privately dislike the US’s arrogant behaviour, their exceptionalism. Some will know dark secrets that would change US public perceptions of certain Presidents and other secrets. But realistically what can they do? The US’s real power is its soft power and it’s the most important trading partner. Who’d be willing to sacrifice their country, to make an enemy of the US?
      And Let’s face, states like Russia (apologies Tatyana), Belarus; Iran, Syria; N.Korea and China are hardly an enviable club to cosy up with. Even when they’re telling the truth no one in the west will believe them.

      All Europeans can hope for, is that one day the ‘good guys’ regain control in America, they’ve held power in the distant past. Maybe major political change will come about when this largely octogenarian generation departs? I’m sure there are lots of people in the intel agencies, just like Snowden, Annie Machon et al, who know the US/UK doesn’t have to be evil to win, it’s a choice. And that being highly ethical is a more productive, rewarding way of achieving all geostrategic objectives, less stressful too.

  • John Kinsella

    Hello Frank.

    If that is directed at me?

    Should we just accept SH’s account?

    Without corroboration?

    I don’t see any direct evidence in his article.

    What have I missed?


    • Pigeon English

      You are right JK

      All your stories are corroborated! Never , most likely ,highly likely

      claimed , claimed by a MoD etc. !

      • John Kinsella

        Hi PE.

        I often ask tankies to justify their claims. Shouldn’t I?

        I do get it wrong sometimes but retract. (Yesterday.)

        Can you find an example where I quoted the (English?) MoD?

        Enjoy the rest of the day.


    • Frank Hovis

      Hello Kinsellafella,
      Hmmm, let’s see, Should I accept the account of a Pulitzer-Prize winning NYT journalist of unimpeachable integrity, or put my faith in the utterances of a blowhard from darkest Hibernia who is still fighting the original cold war, and didn’t even know that Paris was occupied by the Russians in 1814, and who takes as gospel everything that he sees/reads in the western MSM? Tough one, that.

      I’m willing to speculate that Mr Hersh is able to back up his claims with hard evidence if he needs to – he’s probably picked up a few reliable contacts in his long and distingushed journalistic career.

      You’re welcome,


      • John Kinsella

        Hello Frank.
        That is not very polite. “Kinsellafella”?

        And as for “blowhard from darkest Hibernia”?

        I’ll forgive you blowhard as vulgar abuse but “darkest Hibernia” is unnecessary and unkind.

        Compared with the former DDR where many tankies still lurk, Ireland is a haven of liberty.

        I did correct my comment re the Russkiy joint invasion of Paris with Prussia and Austria.

        (What, I wonder did those three absolute monarchies have in common? Maybe a detestation of Liberty.)

        I could say not well bread but you might not get the reference?

        You say that “I’m willing to speculate that Mr Hersh is able to back up his claims with hard evidence if he needs to”.

        He does need to.

        Good evening,

        • Frank Hovis

          Not very nice being called names is it? Might I suggest you think twice about calling people things like “tankie” and “Putinbot” in future?
          And of course I got the reference – I used my loaf!
          Although I prefer Allinson’s wholemeal myself.

  • Tatyana

    May I ?

    Hello Frank

    Seymour Hersh confirms that the Putin regime …

    … tankies

    … cronies

    … Vlad

    … Russkiy troops

    … unprovoked invasion

    I mean blatantly!

    Good night,

    Integrity Initiative

  • Pears Morgaine

    ” Vox’s Max Fisher wrote that “Hersh has appeared increasingly to have gone off the rails. His stories, often alleging vast and shadowy conspiracies, have made startling — and often internally inconsistent — accusations, based on little or no proof beyond a handful of anonymous “officials” ”

    Will that do?

    Oh and how does Liz Trusses’ (alleged) SMS fit in?

    • AG

      @Pears Morgaine

      none of this is proof. It is an opinion about a man. Thats all.

      Until there is compelling counterevidence the story stands.
      You may draw your own conclusions.

      I understand that people wished for more real names. But that is not in the cards.

      Surprisingly Russiagate in contrast with holes as big as a German tank was well received by the media.

      In contrast this one is DOA. With or without Hersh.
      THAT differece should worry us.

      How come power has replaced truth.

    • Bayard

      ” “Hersh has appeared increasingly to have gone off the rails. ”

      Presuming “staying on the rails” means sticking to the official MSM narrative, Mr Hersh has, indeed, gone a long way off them.

      “His stories, often alleging vast and shadowy conspiracies, have made startling — and often internally inconsistent — accusations, based on little or no proof beyond a handful of anonymous “officials” ”

      Completely unlike anything produced by any Western government recently. Skripal affair, anyone?

  • john

    The nominal head of Ukraine’s “Profiteering from Death” club made a surprise visit to this sceptered isle today,
    received a fawning reception from MP’s, had an audience with King Chuck, and extracted a promise of jet fighter training for Ukrainian pilots, whose MIGs no longer exist, and who have no NATO planes.

    Meanwhile according to last month’s World Economic Outlook from IMF,
    “Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to weigh on economic activity.”
    and economic outlook projections, % year on year are, inter alia:
    2023- Russia: 0.3 UK: minus 0.6
    2024- Russia: 2.1 UK: 0.9
    Ukraine ?? who knows

    Clown world.

  • Pigeon English

    Hello Tatyana

    Your English is much better than mine but I take a liberty to tell you that asshole is ( I believe) Americanism but arsehole is British!

  • John Kinsella

    Hello Frank Hovis.

    You said ” Might I suggest you think twice about calling people things like “tankie” and “Putinbot” in future?”

    I have never called anyone here “tankie” or “Putinbot”.

    I have referred to tankies in the plural all right.

    But I don’t recall applying the term to individual posters here

    And Frank, “tankie” is a political comment while “blowhard from darkest Hibernia” is a personal and ethnic insult.

    In my opinion, on a political discussion forum, political comments are ok while personal and ethnic insults are not.

    But I don’t run the forum.

    Good night.


    [ Mod: A timely reminder. From the moderation rules for commenters:
    Fair Play
    Play the ball, not the man. Address arguments, not people. Do not impugn the motives of others. No taunting.

    In particular, insinuations that an opponent is serving as a shill – i.e. posting on behalf of other agents or agencies – are not welcome here. As CM elaborated during a heated debate:
    Will EVERYBODY please tackle the arguments commenters make, and not refer to their motives for making them – which you cannot know – or that people are paid, or their personality traits, or somebody else. What interests me is the arguments people put. I think most of the imputations made on all sides are probably inaccurate, but even if they were accurate they are irrelevant. A man or woman may be a one-eyed former contract killer with a cocaine habit in the pay of the state of Israel, but may still make an argument that is absolutely correct. Please address the argument, not the person. Posts which fail to do this will be deleted when seen.

    The foregoing exchange about the “usual suspects” has been removed. Kindly respect the conventions of reasonable discourse. ]

    • Tatyana

      Sad to say, many (perhaps most) posters here support the Putin regime.

      Auld tankies….

      Good night,

      I have referred to tankies in the plural all right.

      But I don’t recall applying the term to individual posters here…”

      That is, applying the term to many (perhaps most) posters here is fine. OK.
      We need to remember this wisdom. This is probably a surefire way to gain the trust of people and a desire to communicate.

      That’s a great plan, John. That’s fuckin’ ingenious, if I understand it correctly. It’s a Swiss fuckin’ watch

      • John Kinsella

        Hello Tatyana.

        Is tankie such a terrible word?

        I’m surprised that you used the f word but it seems to be permitted on this forum?

        An Irish politics forum that I post on allows fvck and similar euphemisms but not the full unexpurgated f word.

        Maybe good to reserve the full word for neo Nazis and such human scum? Not posters like you and me?

        I suppose that it is useful to express anger?

        All the best,

        • El Duderino

          “I’m surprised that you used the f word … I suppose that it is useful to express anger?”

          It’s a fuckin’ quote, man. Lighten up….

          “That’s a great plan, Walter. That’s fuckin’ ingenious, if I understand it correctly. It’s a Swiss fuckin’ watch.”

          –The Big Lebowski (1998)

          “I love you, but sooner or later, you’re going to have to face the fact you’re a goddamn moron.”


      • Bayard

        “Sad to say, many (perhaps most) posters here support the Putin regime.”

        Sad to say too many posters on here are locked in a dualistic mindset where not supporting one side means supporting the other. The alternative to being “with us” is not necessarily being “against us”. Geopolitics are not a football match.

        • John Kinsella

          Hi Bayard.

          I see very few posts here criticising the Putin regime, condemning its invasion of Ukraine and demanding immediate withdrawal and reparations.

          Maybe I missed them?

          On the other hand there are very many posts excusing the regime and its murderous war.

          Do you disagree?

          All the best,


          • Natasha

            The invitation to “disagree” is deeply biased and fatally misreads history:

            1. “regime” definition: mainly disapproving a particular government or a system or method of government: The old corrupt, totalitarian regime was overthrown.

            2. “invasion” incorrect see UN resolution 2202 e.g.

            3. “demanding” “excusing” = bully tactics.

            4. “murderous war” = blame the victim.

            History: Prior to the Ukraine being granted independence, NATO provided the USSR assurances that it would not move a thumbs breadth to the East. The Ukraine agreed to eliminate WMDs from it’s territory, to treat all it’s citizens equally and to lease the Crimea, Russia’s principle naval base back to Russia in a long term arrangement.

            In 1997, the EU agreed that no security arrangements would be made which might jeopardize the interests of any group in favor of another. Subsequent to the US inspired and enabled 2014 coup, overthrowing the democratically elected pro-Russian government of the Ukraine, all of these commitments were violated or threatened. Despite this, Russia offered a new comprehensive security agreement with NATO, only to see it spurned with contempt in December 2021. In order to “weaken Russia” the US planned a war, the cost of which it would not bear. Invasion of the Autonomous regions of the Donetsk Basin (the Donbas), which had been under attack since 2014, was scheduled for March 6, 2022.
            Which brings us to the grounds for the current “Special Military Operation”.

            First, Russia did not “invade the Ukraine”. Russia entered an Article 51 regional security agreement with the DPR and LPR after they declared independence from Ukraine. Russia preemptively went to the assistance of these republics which were under intensive artillery bombardment prior to a NATO supported attack on them by the Ukraine and by so doing prevented the massive human cost and refugee crisis this would have produced. The Crimean, LPR, DPR and two other regions (so far, there will probably be more) have held referenda using precisely the same basis as the US took in Kosova, where they have voted, to become members of the Russian Confederation of Independent States, and Russia has accepted these requests.

            Second, Putin represents Russia. He does not determine what Russia does. That’s up to the parliament and security council. Putin and the Russian parliament are democratically elected, and Putin is more popular in Russia than any recent Western leader has been in their own country.

            Third, security guarantees, including the undertaking that NATO would not expand one inch or a thumbs breadth to the East, were given to Russia which have been abrogated. Russia regards this an existential threat over which it will fight. Meaning that these concerns will now be resolved, diplomatically or otherwise.

            Fourth, the Ukraine voted to remain in the CIS. This seems to have been forgotten, but will likely be corrected by holding regional referenda for most of the Ukraine before the current Special Operation is finalized.

            Fifth, had any component of the USSR or Warsaw Pact not undertaken to relinquish nuclear weapons, they would not be independent today.

            Sixth, should any country adjoining Russia threaten to obtain (as the Ukraine did) or attempt to obtain, recreate or host nuclear weapons (as Germany does), Russia would regard this as an existential threat and take appropriate steps required to mitigate the risk, whether diplomatic, military economic or some combination. This puts Poland and Romania, hosting US missiles, and all the border states hosting NATO forces, on notice.

            Seventh, you seem to have missed the point that Zaluzhny explicitly stated that with the requested supplies, which would make the Ukraine better armed than any other NATO country, that he could resist (but not beat) Russia, but that he did not expect these supplies, and without them Ukraine will collapse as soon as Russia wants them to (not too quickly as they are still demilitarizing and denazifying the Ukraine), and depending on the cost, which depends on how soon the Ukraine surrenders, Russia may decide to liberate Southern Ukraine, leaving the rump state landlocked.

            Eighth, nuclear war is not survivable. 100 medium scale weapons detonated over cities will have the same impact on current species as the End-Permian Extinction had, but with added radioactivity. That extinction event eliminated 57% of biological families, 83% of genera, 81% of marine species and 70% of terrestrial vertebrate species. Humans, as the apex or keystone species and so uniquely dependent on the well-being of the underlying ecosystem would not survive this, so it is probably a bad idea to wish for it.

            Ninth, Russia having gained the ability to preempt a US nuclear attack, and the ability to defeat the combined NATO forces, made diplomatic overtures to NATO and particularly the US requesting that it’s security concerns be addressed. This request was summarily dismissed with contempt by the collective West.

            Tenth, Russia has acted and is acting in the Ukraine, which, as I pointed out from the beginning, will surrender despite NATO training, support and equipment.
            Eleventh, Russia will ensure that it’s security concerns are addressed, whether diplomatically (a position they have repeatedly offered, but which will now be more challenging, due to the bad faith exhibited by it’s erstwhile ‘partners’ and build-up of distrust), or through military action.

            Twelfth, from the above, there are only three possible outcomes to the current unstable European situation. Diplomatic negotiations to satisfy Russia’s security concerns, conventional war to enforce Russia’s security concerns after defeating any and all perceived threats, or the extinction of most life on Earth, including all humans.

            Thirteenth, China and the rest of the world are fully aware that they are in the USA’s sights, and that Russia is granting them a temporary reprieve. As such, in a more general war China and other parties are likely to engage on Russia’s behalf.

            The only sane choice is clear. To make whatever concessions are required to prevent the rest of Europe from deindustrialization and hardship, and to avoid ending up like the Ukraine after 8 years of civil war. Even more critically, even if conventional war cannot be avoided, to avoid thermonuclear war (and the red lines, e.g. biological warfare for which the UK and US have been illegally preparing, that could lead to thermonuclear war), because that means the extinction of most extant life.

          • Bayard

            “Do you disagree?”

            No, of course I don’t, because, it appears that, to you, any comment that isn’t “criticising the Putin regime, condemning its invasion of Ukraine and demanding immediate withdrawal and reparations” is “excusing the regime and its murderous war.” Unlike you, I don’t see comments critical of the USA’s role in the conflict as supporting Russia, but on the other hand, if you allow that people might make comments criticising the Biden regime simply because they think the Biden regime is acting contrary to the interests of ordinary Americans and Europeans and not simply because they support Russia, you have to allow that they might actually be right and not simply be spouting propaganda.

  • nevermind

    Good night sweetheart, good night good night,
    you might be wrong or right,
    not being everywhere and on time,
    can confuse even the sublime, who judge or rule
    wanting to look tremendously cool.
    Peace will falter on the altar of free speech,
    discern us in categories, were we are born, the type of skin, ideas that rewrite history, forelorn
    And all for mammon, overfed desires of a few,
    while unamed many have no food or shoes.

    But hush, dont speak too loud, avert your eyes in disgust, but beeeee quiet to the judge,
    dont explain why and what you do,
    cause he wields the kudgel of rightousness, puts you away, as an example.
    Only when all are in accord can this damned equation change,
    rejoice, hope will always be our happy companion, trust that you will get a say, to sway war into peace
    Bad decisions, althought a print on many minds, can disolve into a sweet that feeds all.
    Traditions were never there to be lost. Rejoice

  • zoot

    State of the Union. A Chinese balloon is a massive violation of US sovereignty … says the guy who blew up Germany’s critical infrastructure.

  • AG

    5 remarks on Seymour Hersh:

    1) Would SH have published the same piece 20 year ago still working as a free-lancer given the rule of “2 independent sources” as minimum for any investigative piece to be published? If he truly has only 1 source here?

    (I think Kit Klarenberg on MoA did not point that out. Instead he himself was arguing merely based on new assumptions.)

    2) No witness with information fit for a prosecution like in Abu Ghraib will emerge. The consequences of proof in front of a court would be tremendous. The one reason why German government chose silence. And will keep to it. The government did say that the internal info on the sabotage were of so far-reaching implications that the government decided it would be safer not to reveal. This will be the case for at least 30 years.

    3) The fact that no whistleblower will emerge is one success from how Assenge, Manning, Snowden at al. were treated and humiliated by the state security agencies. The warning worked. Especially regarding the media. Not necessarily the individual whistleblower. But no one will protect you because no one will bring your story. Or vice-versa. (think the ending of “Three Days of the Condor”)

    4) I repeat myself here: Russiagate was a hoax all along. So was the Douma case and the MH-17 case. Media loved it. Now they smear over SHs story just like in the case of Vietnam. This is about power not about the truth. Media decides what is true and what is not. It´s not about quality of reporting.

    5) Norwegian narrative makes sense. One of the strengths of the piece (in the broad public no one did count them in).

    Besides: Consider the politics around the Stoltenberg clan. Stoltenberg Senior was MoD and MoFA. Later his son Stoltenberg Jr. who we have the pleasure to see every day became leader of the Labour Party. He did to Norwegian Labour what TB did to British Labour. This is also the most likely way of both Stoltenbergs ending up with the CIA. As Hersh I believe is stating somewhere.

  • Tatyana

    thank you, I made a topic in the discussion forum. Am I allowed to invite people there to see it and to discuss? Also, if there are any restrictions re. the Daily Beast, like do not mention their name, or their connection with any agencies, please instruct me.

    [ Mod: Thank you, Tatyana.

    I’ve changed the title, because “Friendly warning for the posters of this website” is too unspecific and alarmist. Topic titles should mention the subject of the discussion – ideally in noun form, to facilitate open debate. As there are several subjects mentioned, without a singular focus on any of them, I’ve retitled it “The Daily Beast, Gonzo journalism and the Integrity Initiative”. The new URL is:

    You’re welcome to post an invitation under Craig’s new article – Sy Hersh and The Way We Live Now – to which it is more directly relevant.

    There are no restrictions on criticising the Daily Beast, the Integrity Initiative, the Atlantic Council, or Julia Davis. No media entity exerts control over Craig Murray or his moderators, and we have never been contacted by any of them. Anyway, if they did have a problem with anything posted on this blog, they are very welcome to complain about it – and see their complaint made public.

    Thank you for your co-operation. ]

    • Tatyana

      I actually did not assume that this site is controlled by someone, but it is quite obvious that someone monitors it and tries to influence the course of discussions.
      Thanks for your clarifications. I trust this site, I trust the moderation team. I just don’t want my amateur Sherlock Housewife investigations to harm the site or any of the contributors. So, please take my request for clarification as a precaution, not as a suspicion.
      Thanks for the great work you do!

  • Goose

    Western media accusing UN Secretary General of pushing Kremlin ‘talking points’ after he used a speech to highlight the dangers of escalation and a ‘wider European war,’ and with it the risks of possible use of nuclear weapons.

    No fan of António Guterres, as he was obviously chosen for his capacity to ignore western hypocrisy and selective acknowledgement of human rights abuses – limited to countries that have poor diplomatic relations with the US. But what is it coming to when even his motives are questioned by these large western media outfits. Europe’s largest multimedia publisher, ‘Axel Springer Publishing House’s’ own history and rise is as sketchy as hell, with its close links to the CIA :

    Imagine, had this propagandising, brainwashing western media and today’s internet(social media) existed in the Cuban Missile Crisis ; 16–29 October 1962. With a bunch of people attacking those warning of the risks of nuclear confrontation, dismissing them as fearmongering mouthpieces of the Kremlin. Would the world still exist?

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