Daily archives: June 9, 2023

Dangers of AI Revealed as Israeli Bullet Decides to Kill Somebody 226

The Guardian has revealed some of the extraordinary danger of artificial intelligence in a headline that reveals an Israeli bullet decided all by itself to kill somebody.

Despite having no electronic components, the heavy baton round managed to slam itself straight into the face of a 22 year old Palestinian news photographer.

This use of the passive in describing Israeli crimes is absolutely typical of the Guardian, and of the entire mainstream media.

A more naturally expressed and honest headline would have been “Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian journalist in the head for filming demolition of Ramallah homes”.

Note that the word “suspect” also carries a huge amount of weight in the headline.

“Terrorist suspect” is the standard media term to describe any Palestinian civilian who has not been convicted of anything.

Note the failure to acknowledge the destruction also rendered homeless many other families in the block.

Ramallah, of course, is not in the territory which Israel officially claims as part of its state or even under its control.

This reporting style is no accident. Things always just happen to Palestinians. A sentence which starts “Israeli forces shoot” or “Israeli forces bomb” is as rare as hens’ teeth. Gaza however “is shelled” or “is bombed” with remarkable regularity. But it is always “Hamas fire rockets”.

Palestinians being less sophisticated, presumably, their weapons don’t just fire themselves, whereas Israeli weapons apparently do.

The 30 to 1 casualty rate in Israeli/Palestinian conflict doesn’t prevent Israeli attacks always being presented as “clashes” between the two sides, and Israeli action is always a response to “terrorism”.

Israeli violence is 30 times more deadly than Palestinian, against a people almost unarmed.

Yet all Palestinian violence is terrorism. All Israeli violence is heroic self defence.

Remember that, and you might get a job at the Guardian or even working for Keir Starmer.

Deny that, and you are an evil Nazi and need to be cancelled like Roger Waters.

That is how we live today.


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