Sunak, Cleverly and Shapps Could Be in the Old Bailey Dock for Genocide 142

Expect the UK to intervene on Israel’s side in the South African case against Israel for Genocide at the International Court of Justice. If Israel loses, British ministers, civil servants and military personnal could end up in the dock for genocide – not only in the Hague, but in the UK.

Infamously, UK courts give no force to international treaties even when the UK has ratified them, unless they are specifically incorporated in UK domestic legislation. The Genocide Convention was explicitly incorporated into UK law in 1969 by the Genocide Act. However the Genocide Act was repealed in 2001 and replaced by Section 51 of the International Criminal Court Act.

That is perfectly clear. Article 53 makes plain that this includes ancillary offences, eg aiding and abetting genocide.

What has the UK government done to aid and abet the genocide? It has:

1) Actively encouraged and incited genocide, including by the systematic obstruction of ceasefire resolutions at the UN Security Council;
2) Provided military equipment to Israel, with dozens of flights from RAF Akrotiri to Israel during the course of the genocide itself;
3) Provided communications intelligence to Israel to assist in genocide;
4) Provided aerial surveillance to Israel to assist in genocide.

These are for certain. It is also widely rumoured that UK Special Forces have participated directly in the genocide. That is something the prosecution will have to determine.

There has been a great sense of impunity among the zionist-controlled political classes: they have believed that they were in no danger of any personal retribution for their part in the brutal destruction of thousands and thousands of young children. In fact they felt able to turn the power of the state against anybody protesting that destruction.

There has been no legal jeopardy to anybody supplying, inciting or cheering on Israel’s monstrous atrocities. The jeopardy has all been felt by those opposing the atrocities.

That all changed with South Africa’s reference to the International Court of Justice. A determination of genocide by the International Court of Justice must be respected by the International Criminal Court and it will be impossible even for the odious Karim Khan to avoid bringing prosecutions against the perpetrators. Similarly in the UK, the fact of genocide being legally established, a police investigation will be obliged simply to focus on whether the UK aided and abetted it.

Quite simply, if you ask the police to investigate Sunak for aiding and abetting genocide today, they will laugh at you and say there is no genocide. After an ICJ judgment they can no longer do that.

Now I am not naive. Just as our rulers believe their backs are covered by Karim Khan KC at the International Criminal Court, they believe that their backs are covered in the UK by the provision that any prosecution must be with the consent of the Attorney General. A government therefore has to agree to the prosecution.

I gave evidence at great length to the police inquiry into UK complicity in CIA torture and extraordinary rendition, in which Tony Blair and Jack Straw had so much blood on their hands it would fill swimming pools. There were of course never any prosecutions.

But the world changes over time, and it feels like something has seriously shifted in both the international and domestic order from the open espousal by our ruling classes of the most extreme atrocities, happening again and again and again in plain sight.

Our ruling classes may find they are less fixed in power than they believe. I would not bet on their impunity being permanent. There is a good precedent of participants in the Holocaust being brought to justice many decades later. We may yet see justice, and I believe a good deal sooner than that.


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142 thoughts on “Sunak, Cleverly and Shapps Could Be in the Old Bailey Dock for Genocide

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  • frankywiggles

    Nice one, Craig. Britain’s direct military participation in this Genocide has been shamefully suppressed by our so-called free press. From the start Britain’s role in this vicious ethnic cleansing went far beyond mere propaganda justification by MPs and media. The UK has been supplying weapons, reconnaissance and troops to massacre helpless women and children confined within a shooting gallery.

    It is a repercussion of the removal of Corbyn and any leftwing/democratic input in British politics and media. From 2020 the field became completely clear for the sort of people who deployed unscrupulous antisemitism smears for half a decade. The Tories knew they could participate in a zionist Genocide because there would be only encouragement from the Opposition and complicit silence from liberal media.

    Everything has been sewn up so tight propaganda-wise that there will be genuine popular incredulity if British politicians are indicted for Genocide. Virtually nobody in the country is even aware after 3 long months that Britain has been directly carrying out these savage crimes against the people of Gaza.

  • Sam (in Tiraspol)

    Although I am not Jewish, I lived in Israel for a short time many, many years ago. I remember visiting the Holocaust museum, and I spoke to several survivors on that trip as well. Obviously, it was heart-wrenching.

    But I distinctly remember the schizophrenic feeling of walking around present-day reality and seeing horrific mistreatment of Palestinians and wondering exactly how both things could be reconciled a) we (meaning Jews) were abused and slaughtered and yet also b) we (meaning Jews) are now doing plenty of abusing and slaughtering ourselves.

    Honestly, it nearly split my brain open, this asking for compassion and sympathy on one hand and then inflicting unspeakable cruelty on others at the same time. Later in life, I met plenty of “hardened” criminals and more than a few murderers and never once experienced that level of dichotomy. It’s literally only Zionists who are this bald-faced in their duplicity.

    Long story short, sorry that a lot of people of European origin mistreated and murdered Jews (not just during WW2 but during the long centuries before as well), but there is no more sympathy left for you. Time to pay the piper, you f—king ghouls.

    • nevermind

      Sam, do you believe that follow on generations should be tainted with the mistakes of their father? Should they be feeling guilty for the hundreds of years of persecution by previous generations?

      You could start with the UK’s progrom in 1411, never let the children learn of compassion and reconciliation.

      To your dilemma with the business of infusing such guilt via Holocaust museums, may I suggest to include the struggle and genocide of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine into these museums, by law if it has to be?

    • Laguerre

      It is not schizophrenic for Israelis, or Jews in general, as the scenario of what is happening in Gaza is celebrated by Jews every year in the festival of Purim. Where you will remember it is a celebration of a mythical event wherein the evil vizier Haman threatens to kill the Jews, who escape by appealing to the Persian King Ahasuerus (often identified with Xerxes or Artaxerxes) for an edict which permits them to kill 75,000 of the people of Haman, which is actually carried out. It’s no problem for Israelis to identify what is happening today with the event they celebrate every year.

      • Dr Iain

        Absolutely correct, Laguerre. The Hebrew Bible (broadly the Old Testament) is full of the Hebrews smiting and slaughtering this tribe and the other.

        Indeed the so-called “promised land” itself was acquired and held by the Hebrews through the smiting and slaughter of the indigenous Canaanites.

        The Canaanites were people who lived in the land of Canaan, an area which according to ancient texts may have included parts of modern-day Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

        It is this injunction by a mythical Sky-God to the so-called ‘chosen people’ that created “the biblical land of Israel”. And it is that self-same mythical injunction that drives their present day mythical descendants to smite their way to ‘re-conquer’ the stolen land of Palestine – and to have ambitions to create “Greater Israel” of the lands of Canaan – which includes Palestine, Lebanon Syria and Jordan.

        They started on Lebanon yesterday!

    • Courtenay Francis Raymond Barnett


      “ But I distinctly remember the schizophrenic feeling of walking around present-day reality and seeing horrific mistreatment of Palestinians and wondering exactly how both things could be reconciled a) we (meaning Jews) were abused and slaughtered and yet also b) we (meaning Jews) are now doing plenty of abusing and slaughtering ourselves.”

      Precisely. Which is why I was prompted to put my mind, through legal eyes, to the reality you accurately comment on.

    • Nick

      Hello Sam (in Tiraspol)

      I have never been to Israel and will never go.

      I can imagine the ‘schizophrenic feeling’ that you had.

      I share your sorrow that ‘a lot of people of European origin mistreated and murdered Jews (not just during WW2 but during the long centuries before as well)’.

      I am uncomfortable with ‘but there is no more sympathy left for you. Time to pay the piper, you f—king ghouls.’

      Are you conflating ‘Jews’ with the worst kind of Zionist? Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Jews support inflicting unspeakable cruelties on others. I have a lot of sympathy for all victims of violence and certainly plenty of sympathy left for Jewish people in general, notwithstanding the horror that the State of Israel has unleashed on ordinary Palestinians.

      Your closing comments drift too close to ‘anti-semitic’ for me.

      Yours in good faith.

      • Squeeth

        No, Jews are not zionists, they are antithetical. The zionist f-*king ghouls in Palestine and elsewhere bring contempt upon themselves, not Jews, by their hypocrisy and apostasy, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Two apartheid tyrannies down, one to go.

      • Kit Bee

        It is NOT anti semitic to have ‘no more sympathy left’ . We will decide ourselves where our sympathies go . Thank you.

        I wont be marking any Holocaust Memorial Days until the Zionist murderers operating in GAZA are stopped. Suck it up.

    • Jack

      According to a poll conducted by The Israel Democracy Institute, 83% of Israelis think that Palestinian civilian suffering should not be taken into consideration, or “not so much.”
      Something is horribly rotten in Israel no doubt. Never again….for some ethnic groups that is.

      Speaking on that, remember that one of the most infamous and early massacres by zionist groups of palestinians was the Deir Yassin massacre in 1948 ( .Note the year, 1948. That is just 3 years after Auschwitz was liberated.
      So after mere 3 years the people that was just persecuted began to persecute another ethnic group of people.

  • Brian Sides

    “51 Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes
    (1) It is an offence against the law of England and Wales for a person to commit genocide, a crime against humanity or a war crime.
    (2) This section applies to acts committed—
    (a) in England or Wales, or
    (b) outside the United Kingdom by a United Kingdom national, a United Kingdom resident or a person subject to UK service jurisdiction.”

    I noticed that this seems to exclude Scotland and Ireland As it includes England or Wales then outside the United Kingdom. So not including Scotland and Ireland.
    I wondered if there is any separate legislation for Scotland or Ireland.

    There is this
    “Changes to legislation:
    There are currently no known outstanding effects for the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010, Cross Heading: Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.
    32 Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes: UK residents
    (1) The International Criminal Court (Scotland) Act 2001 (asp 13) is amended as follows.
    (2) After section 8, insert—
    “8A Meaning of “United Kingdom national” and “United Kingdom resident”
    (1) In this Part—
    “United Kingdom national” means—
    (a) a British citizen, a British Overseas Territories citizen, a British National (Overseas) or a British Overseas citizen,”

    As this is appears to be amending the 2010 legislation I don’t know if this has also been repealed.

    “a British National (Overseas)” is significant, as some have been affected in Gaza.

  • Stevie Boy

    I can see the perpetrators getting honours and treasures heaped upon them but I cannot see them ever being prosecuted in a legal court.
    The UK is totally corrupt and we will be expected to do as we’re told while they do as they please. There is only one solution to the current state of the UK and it involves pitchforks, not quoting their ineffectual, fantasy laws whilst they imprison and kill us..

    • Mr Mark Cutts


      May not happen in my lifetime but the world is running away apace at the horrors of The Old World Order.

      It doesn’t take too long in history for ‘New’ to become ‘Old’. As in a New World Order not being New anymore.

      Personally I think the tipping point is past for The West and the desperation is showing in its greatest practitioner the US hence: proxy rather than direct invasions/wars.

      The old saying “If you want a job doing, do it yourself” no longer applies to the US as it is no longer a Great Power, but like a fading ageing boxer still boasting about what it is going to do – but it is not what it was.

      In the more intelligent parts of The Western World this is sinking in – slowly but surely. It may not seem like it in the MSM but they are always miles behind the curve. They never lead – just follow.

  • Jack

    So out of what, 195 nations, only 1 nation have the honesty and humanity in atleast trying to expose what Israel engage in. There must be a movement, the movement and the burden cannot be placed on 1 nation only. Forget about the useless BRIC(S) but where is the Non-alignment movement that was somewhat a vibrant “movement” just until a decade ago? Where are the 22 states from the Arab League? Organization of islamic states/OIC 57 states, where are they? African union 55 states, hello where are you?? All these states that have been targeted by the west and have crticised the hypocrisy of the ICJ and ICC for years because of their cherry picking of crimes to investigate, why are they silent now? These nations have a grand opening now to expose the very hypocrisy by the western led ICJ and ICC, they cannot afford to be passive at this moment. That will be a total loss for them not to mention a total loss for the palestinians. Because South Africa do not need a pat on their back/vocal support, they need other states to actually join in and do the work of collecting information about israeli warcimes for the ICJ because Israel and their western supporters will now work tirelessly trying to make a case for Israel at the ICJ.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:
    When the ICC investigates Israel for fake war crimes – this is pure antisemitism.

    And the lastest attack on Lebanon against palestinians, prove once again that palestinians/syrians/iranians not should but must employ the same tactics against Israel. Use drones against israeli terrorists wherever they are.

      • Jack

        Yes that is why I put the S in between brackets.
        One could also credit to Brazil of course too for their efforts but Russia, China, India is obviously useless when it comes to Israel, feel free to prove me wrong.

  • Greg Park

    “British ministers, civil servants and military personnal could end up in the dock for genocide.”

    The ministers will soon be yesterday’s men, barely remembered by anybody. I would hope the scope of British involvement is expanded to include the next prime minister and his foreign secretary. Few politicians anywhere in the world went as far the human rights lawyer Sir Keir Starmer in declaring it legal and appropriate to cut off food, water, electricity and medical supplies to Gaza. Nobody at all to my knowledge, not even in Israel itself, has ventured as far as David Lammy in desperately seeking to justify the mass slaughter of Palestinians, by claiming that they raped babies.

    In a sane world both these freaks would be in the dock, not about to assume control of a modern nation state.

  • Greg Park

    [ Mod: Posted as a reply to a now-deleted Holocaust denial comment. ]

    No doubt you also deny what is indisputably happening in Gaza right now, in front of your eyes, and Britain’s significant participation in it.

  • David Kerby

    I was a participant in the anti-apartheid movement, including some time spent in the country in 1990 and 1994. Therefore, I am especially proud of South Africa for doing this.

    • Bob (original)


      Very apt: South Africa knows better than most nations about what constitutes an apartheid state.

      And in response, all israel had was an ad hominem attack. Quelle surprise!

      That’s all they’ve got: intimidation and bullying.

      But, most (?) people around the globe can see through it all now…

      • David Kerby

        If I’m not mistaken, “apartheid” is defined in international law, and is regarded by the U.N. as a crime against humanity.

  • Fred Rogers

    [ Mod: Posted as a reply to a now-deleted Holocaust denial comment. ]

    This is the ugliest post I’ve seen on social media in years.

  • Tatyana

    [ Mod: Posted as a reply to a now-deleted Holocaust denial comment. ]

    The UN in its resolutions #60/7 and #61/255 condemns your comment, Sam.
    The criminalisation of Holocaust denial, that is, laws that directly prohibit publicly denying, downplaying, approving or justifying crimes committed by the Nazis, have been adopted in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.
    You can publicly deny the Holocaust or downplay or justify the crimes of the Nazis in the USA, Spain, Denmark, Norway.

  • Peter Mo

    What’s the point of having a monarchy if they don’t warn the government to adhere to the ideals of the nation. Respecting international law is one ideal. King Charles doesn’t need to judge any situation but rather remind politicians of the basics.

    • zoot

      the monarchy supports the extermination of civil society in Gaza as ardently as any other section of the British establishment. there isn’t a shred of evidence that Charles, as head of the armed forces, disapproves of the direct participation of the Army and Royal Air Force.

      he, his son and the Archbishop of Canterbury all spoke out in horror about October 7th while the endless mass extermination of children in Gaza has merited silent approval.

      like it or not, these are the ideals of our nation and of our monarchy. not respect for international law.

      • Bob (original)

        Charles could be sympathetic, if you meet him with carrier bags full of cash, which his lackeys can then deposit with Coutts. No questions asked.

        AML laws only apply to us peasants!

    • Stevie Boy

      “What’s the point of having a monarchy”.
      I didn’t vote for them, some aquatic bint distributing swords is no basis for democracy, …, Enough said !

  • Stevie Boy

    [ Mod: Posted as a reply to a now-deleted Holocaust denial comment. ]

    I agree that there are questions to be answered, but IMO something, let’s call it a holocaust, did happen. Of course, since the end of WW2 the entire History has been hijacked by nefarious groups of which the Israelis, the USA and UK are the prime PR merchants and benefiters.
    We need to question everything, nothing should be off limits, open and honest discussion will enable the truth and the lies to come out. Blanket acceptance of what we are told is not acceptable. Free speech is binary.

    • Tatyana

      [ Mod: Posted as a reply to a reply to a now-deleted Holocaust denial comment. ]

      obviously shows disrespect for the victims of Nazism and the enormous human efforts that were made to ensure that Nuremberg took place and its results were internationally recognized.
      Sam, during World War II, film and photographic equipment already existed. You might want to visit some museums to see evidence of the existence of those parts of human bodies that you cynically describe as being (sorry) in short supply.

  • nevermind

    Thank you Craig for laying out the (sods) law we adhere to others but not ourself.
    Adding to this ‘biblical’ re- incantation of ancient gobbledigook, it looks like Zionist genocide leader Netanyahu will also be responsible for starting ww3 with his desperate actions to keep his own criminal hide out of court.
    ‘Not taken any responsibility’ ! What a cowards answer by Regev, when all points to the Zionist cabal and the IDF being at high alert, jeered up by the blood they have spilled in Gaza, smarting to goad Hezbollah and Al Quds with murder to get the US itself involved.

  • Pears Morgaine

    Eisenhower, Crusade in Europe, page 480.

    “Of all these Displaced Persons the Jews were in the most deplorable condition. For years they had been beaten, starved and tortured. Even food, clothes and decent treatment could not enable them to shake off their hopelessness and apathy. They huddled together… and passively awaited whatever might fall.”

    The decision to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe was taken at the Wannsee Conference on 20th January 1942. The minutes of the meeting, the Wannsee Protocol, survive and were used as evidence at Nuremberg. PDF copy here:-,_20._Januar_1942.pdf&page=1

    For the Holocaust to be a hoax 250,000 – 300,000 fake survivors would have to be recruited and coached, fake death camps built, thousands of photographs and film footage forged and then explain what happened to the missing millions taken from their homes who never returned. Over 90% of Polish Jews were disappeared, they didn’t just vanish into thin air.

    You need to ‘do your own research’ a bit more diligently.

  • Patrick Hertel

    “….Could Be in the Old Bailey Dock for Genocide 24”

    Could, perhaps. Should, most certainly. Will? Ah there’s the rub.

    • Lapsed Agnostic

      I wonder whether they’ll also be in the dock for not practising their archery at least two hours a week of late, Patrick. Granted it has been the festive period, but that’s no excuse.

  • Michael Droy

    Entirely agree.

    What about Ukraine too? 450k dead Ukrainian soldiers and plenty of evidence of men your age and mine being dragged off to the front line with 10 bullets to practice firing. Wounded, ill, one guy with Downes syndrome being sent to the frontline.

    Surely our government is equally complicit in this genocide of Ukrainian troops.

    • Steve

      The British governments arms as well as those of their military attack dogs are red with blood up to their armpits. You would do well to read “The Gray zone” which details British involvement from the Serbian conflict. Perfidious Albion indeed.

  • Reza

    Gaza is exposing everyone and this silence on Britain’s role may be the scariest aspect of all. If they permit an unpopular dying Government to abet genocide you can bet they will be silent to even worse under Starmer, at home and abroad.

    Gaza is exposing everyone.

  • El Dee

    This is a ‘Floyd Moment’ to be sure. The world sees, it sees clearly (perhaps for the first time) and the world is both shocked and revolted. There may be some short term changes before the backlash ensures the status quo continues. But it does point out clearly that despite the will of (I feel) a majority to withdraw support from Israel over this, the leaders of our countries ignore the people and press on.

    PS – the act only applies to England & Wales? What about actions carried out in Scotland and, in particular, Northern Ireland? Am I wrong to assume they are covered by separate legislation or does the UK Government have a loophole to exempt itself for anything it might do in Scotland & Northern Ireland..

    • Pyewacket

      Yes El Dee, the non inclusion of Scotland and Northern Ireland are known as the Migralieve or Paracetamol Option, designed to get rid of persistently chronic headaches. True stories innit !

  • harry law

    Israeli General Doron Almog hid on a plane at Heathrow airport, to avoid a warrant for his arrest by the Metropolitan police, he took off again without departing the plane.

    Tzipi Livni A British court issued an arrest warrant for Israel’s former foreign minister over war crimes allegedly committed in Gaza this year – only to withdraw it when it was discovered that she was not in the UK, it emerged today.

    Tzipi Livni, a member of the war cabinet during Operation Cast Lead, had been due to address a meeting in London on Sunday but cancelled her attendance in advance. The Guardian has established that Westminster magistrates’ court issued the warrant at the request of lawyers acting for some of the Palestinian victims of the fighting but it was later dropped.

    The Law was later changed to allow her to attend meetings regarding foreign affair between Israel and UK.

    Tony Blair was accused of the war crime of aggression years ago.

    Tony Blair prosecution over Iraq war blocked by judges
    High court rules that there is no crime of aggression in English law under which former PM could be charged.

    All very interesting, it would be nice to have a good lawyer explain these I think it was Danial Machover LPHR who dealt with the Almog and Livni prosecutions.

  • Urban Fox

    They played the exact same role in the Saudi war in Yemen.

    The KSA couldn’t maintain advanced military equipment & logistics, without foreign helpers and mercenaries.

    All that aside from the weapon sales and kickbacks.

  • Republicofscotland

    Excellent article Craig aiding and abetting in a genocide should see those in the UK that sanctioned this stand trial.

    Here there’s a good breakdown of Israeli warcrimes against the oppressed Palestinians.

    And in both these links we see that the tide might be turning against the Zionists as both Turkey and France back South Africa’s genocide case at the ICJ.

    • Coldish

      RoS: the Ken Roth link states that “The French ambassador to the United Nations says that France will support the International Court of Justice’s decision on South Africa’s genocide case against Israel regardless of the outcome.” This is not quite the same as supporting SA’s case.

  • Baron

    This is long, but excellent and comprehensive, it would be hard to disprove any of the claims made in the video, the destruction of life and property in Gaza is being carried out with genocidal intent resulting in actual genocide, it by far exceeds Israel’s right and duty to respond proportionately to the Oct 7 attack by Hamas, whether anyone will ever be punished for it is questionable, Israel isn’t Bosnia, more to the point, Bosnia didn’t have the luxury of the backing by the Americans:

  • Johnny Oh45

    It is reassuring that a proud nation state has utilised the mechanism available within the framework of international law to seek to investigate/prosecute Israel for genocide and as a corollary any other nation state [UK] that has aided in this crime.

    For those who like poetry there is a poem ” Moon over Gaza” posted on an earlier blog by Craig on the 24th December “What Have We Learned”. The poem was posted on 29th December at 22:59

  • Neil

    Al Jazeera has today (Wed 3 Jan 2024) published an “explainer” article in which it warns that the ICJ case “might take years, but it could add weight to growing international calls for Israel to stop the war”.

    It reports that a hearing has been set for 11-12 January, and that South Africa’s submission asks the Court to “ugently declare” that Israel has broken international law since 7th October.

    As an “explainer”, it includes a useful summary of South Africa’s case, and the general background. Worth reading.

  • SleepingDog

    Presumably the British Establishment are schooled in the Classics so as to learn to avoid the decline and fall of their own Empire by avoiding what the Romans supposedly got wrong (as opposed to what wrongs they did, genocide of Gauls etc). In those narratives, there is usually some mention (however hypocritical) of civic virtue, whose loss theoretically precipitates downfall, but I have no idea if there is even a limp pretence of embodying this today by our genocide-cheering political leaders/would-be supervillains. Let us suppose they believe (partly from familiarity with the desecretisation pipeline) that the end is nigh. Would they behave any differently from what we observe today?

  • Anthony

    It is devoutly to be hoped that justice will be served on these people. 

    The British are a vital cog in Netanyahu’s genocidal war machine and are working very closely with Israeli intelligence. This enchanting ‘special relationship’ also flows the other way. There is a galling amount of Israeli influence in key British industries and in institutions like the NHS. 

    Lowkey exposes Britain’s role in the Gaza genocide and the tight bond that has been forged between Britain and apartheid Israel in this revelatory interview.

    • Stevie Boy

      The British are a vital cog in ALL western genocidal wars: iraq, libya, syria, yemen, africa, ukraine, as well as gaza. Where there is death and destruction there are the brits.
      Not in my name, you bastards !

      • Anthony

        Yes, consistently one of the most nefarious actors on the world stage. Also now at the fore in trying to provoke China into WW3. Should we really be surprised that Britain is intimately aligned with apartheid Israel and helping it massacre innocent people?

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